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Table of contents: trimester 1: Monsoon ..................................04 trimester 2: winter .....................................31 trimester 3: spring ......................................62

A note from the editors: “Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalteed, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer.� - E.M. Foster, Howards End Ms. Shrestha found the previous quote and we thought it was cool. We wondered if we could try to create a deep enough meaning about society and freedom then maybe we could get away with it. We, in fact, did not. What we did, actually, was work hard. Enjoy the Yearbook. - Akshaya and Alisa

Trimester 1

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IndiaN Independence










Class of 2020 presents

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ANTarctic Langurs





Friendship Day


Dear Dr Long, Your leadership and words of encouragement have meant a lot to me. I’m very grateful for the opportunities you have given me. Thanks for helping me to identify my skills and strengths during all the time I worked with you. Your advice will surely benefit me to chart my future at Woodstock! I canot measure your contribution in my life by counting the promotions and perks. The value you have added to my career with your inspirational guidance is actually priceless. I would like to thank you for being a wonderful boss. Goodbye and all the best for your new journey ahead… -Sandeep You have been the most inspiring Head of School I have ever worked for, and the most fun! I have worked for you now for 8 years at the time of writing, and have enjoyed every minute and been challenged constantly! I have learnt a lot from you and your style of management and have enjoyed being your “aide-de-camp” to quote you. I have been alternately tortured by your constant teasing, and inspired by the beautiful vision and thoughts you so easily express on a daily basis. You are irreplaceable for me and I’ll miss you hugely! -Upasini Patiently you mentor & lead We will miss you, Dr Long! Woodstock has flourished under your leadership. Your inspiring ShaRing wIsdom & meeting each need educational vision and your transformative leadership style has made this hillside a happier Support aNd adviCe willIngly you supply and more purpose-filled place. Thank you for your humour, your storytelling, and your wise On you the Staff and Pupils cAn reLy counsel. You and Sue live lives of generosity and compassion – and we will be sure to pass it on! We will miss you Dr. Long!! -Ethan -Vimmi The great thing about Dr Long is that he always asks why we are doing what we do as a school! There has to be a philosophical purpose to our actions. Nothing is done in a vacuum. This has certainly helped me to ask why I should do things and how my words and actions might bring life and meaning to the community. I am hugely grateful for his vision which brought me to this hillside and has strengthened my belief that education has the power to change the world! On top of this is the generosity and warmth that Dr Long and Sue Long bring through the way that they open their house to so many inside and outside this community. -Simon Paul Jlo, It’s been real knowing you. The energy you radiate has made woodstock what it is today. no matter the day or time it would be impossible to see you without a smile on your face. seeing it dissapear is one of the biggest setbacks woodstock will ever have. No matter where you go or what you do next, remember the community that will stand behind you no matter what. - The Yearbook Team


Leadership Jonathan long jeffrey Doerfler ethan van drunen

sanjeev puri

ajay mark

simon paul

Robert smith

mou maiti

nazneen nagarwalla

Renee Bowling richard davies 18

ECP Afsana Alexander

Charles Beavan

Adalynn Musick

Tashya Nima

Sebastian Plonka

Paul Santos

Jago Sharma-Ferguson

Laken Van Drunen

KG Rianna George

Leah Kapur

Aleksia Luukkonen

Rehaan Santram

Cecilia Silva-Diaz Rodriguez 19

Grade 1 Samiksha Bowling

Nicholas Carter

Sharon Fernandes

Vaibhavi Thapliyal

Haven Tillemans

Wilder Van Drunen

Nitya Pun

Grade 2


Vihaan Bhandari

Shravani Bowling

Christopher Carter

Zara Kapur

Jasper Raymond

Ellora Sharma-Ferguson

Natalie Florensa

Grade 3 Zoe Belbin

Islay Davies

Henry Delaney

Abhiroop Roy

Shreyansh Seth

Grade 4 Yash Butani

Enoch Daniel

Manuela Silva-Diaz Rodriguez

Ipsita Thomas

Cameron Davies

Vedika Negi


Grade 5 Preston Belbin

Jalori Mathias


Krish Bhandari

John Bissell

Kaizaad Irani

Grade Rishit Agarwal

Diya Bubber

Aadil Ameer Challawala

Simran Jakhwal

Kritvi Kalani

Kritin Kalani

Sakshi Kanoria

Myra Khurana

Kashvi Khurana

Shriya Kohli

Gia Kumar

Akim Mahajan

Reyna Mehta

Sofya Mehta

Kekhrielhoukho Mehta

Arin Puri

Devyani Rathore



Sasiwipa Sasivimonpan

Yash Shankar

Caleb Sharma-Ferguson

Anaahat Tung Not Pictured: Jay Anderson, Manan Gulati, Nirbaan Gill, Juhyung Park


Vir Sinha

Grade Vidhi Agarwal

Abhinav Agrawal

Sebastian Bharat

Mishika Chauhan

Aarya Chiripal

Sunwoo Chung

Krittika Garg

Misha Gupta

Tiara Jain

Yedam Jo

Vanya Kalaan

Agrim Kalia

Rohan Kapadia

Kenisha Kapoor

Mayra Kapoor

Samaira Kapur

Pema Khampa




Rinzing Khampa

Thitaree Kitithaveekiat

Anaiya Kohli

Arjun Kulshrestha Asano

Ilgyu Lee

Theo Maddison

Gianna Mago

Manya Maheshwari

Nischay Mehta

Sakurako Mishima

Thujonguzo Nienu

Tenzin Kuendrub Norbu

Sangjun Park

Rehaan Passi

Eve Raggett

Nalin Ratan

Jahan Samji

Tara Sareen

Lakshya Sharma

Ruhbani Sodhi

Riya Srivastav

Pratham Trivedi

Not Pictured: Petra Anderson, Krishna Passi, Siddhant Rathi, Jaiveer Singh, Aishanya Tiwari


Grade Kushagra Agrawal

Aryan Amatya

Kiara Anand

Alhana Babar

Nakshatra Bajaj

Jayant Basnyat

Sylvia Belbin

Parth Chheda

Sumaira Chopra

Eeshan Chugh

Nitya Dalmia

Naina Digvijay Singh

Reyansh Garg

Tanvi Garg

Ansh Garodia

Rohan George

Ashmit Goel



Yashvarya Goyal

Saim Hajini

Golden Hubbard

Adhiraj Kapoor

Jihoon Kim

Arnav Kumar

Gursimar Kumar

Vitchawong Laohabutr

Uma Maddison

Sanaya Mehta

Kesochie Mero

Arin Mittal

Rushita Paladugu

Cory Pleasance

Anamika Seth

Shreya Seth

Shivratan Singh

Viraj Singhania

Shivom Sood

Shlok Tumuluru


Gazal Valvani

Ruhani Verma

Sehar Windlass

Not Pictured: Aditya Bajoria, Amaan Bubber, Meher John, Neil Mehra





Cameron Scott (Kristin School)

Havana Pick (Kirsten School)

Boipelo Morobe (Prestige College)


L-R: Alexandria Gaylard-Ralfe, Francois Hay, Christopher Coetzee, Ashley Cairncross, Jessica Hall (Oakhill School)

L-R: Grace Le Monnier, Thomas Voyvodic (Scotch College, Adelaide)

Trimester 2




Sadie 36


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WS Top 10 1. Sicko Mode

Travis Scott


J. Cole

3. A Lot

21 Savage Post Malone, Swalee

4. Sunflower 5. Mo Bamba 6. Shallow

Shack Wes Lady Gaga, Bradley C...

7. Talk 8. Thotiana 9. Best Part (Ft. H.E.R.) 10. Old Town Road

Middle Child 38

J. Cole

Khalid, Disclosure Blueface Daniel Ceasar, H.E.R. Lil Nas X

YB Editors

Playlist Astroworld






i am > i was












Famous Cryp






Old Town Road



Spider-man into the... MUDBOY A Star is Born Soundt...



Win Mumby RAWR






Once On This Island





Christmas Plays


Andrzej Plonka

Venna Mendrez

jonathan long



you :(

Most Quotable.jpg

Staff superlatives 48

kirsten Pike John Robertson

e v e t S

luukk onen

Tarun Seth



Passage 2D Art Club · a glimpse of indian culture & hindi language · a glimpse of japanese culture & language · amnesty international · art club · aural training- for abrsm students · av crew · badminton · basics of cooking · basketball · bead jewelry making · board games · cfi-design an app · cfi science · cfi- “equality & international Development” · chamber choir · chamber music & form analysis · chess club · christian · youth club · cooking healthy & tasty for boys · cricket · crochet & sewing · cross country · dance · delicious vegetarian cuisine · development and outreach student team · eco warriors · fall drama · football · friendship club · fun cooking in dorms · healyhy living · iayp · india club · infinity mathematical · journalism · karate for girls · knitting for children from underprivileged homes · korean language for beginners · lego wedo · mgvs kaplani school · micro banking · multi cuisine cooking · muppet thrills · nasa- space settlement · pottery and sculpture · reading time · robotics and interactive programming · robotics jr · rock climbing · running club · samvedna · sanathan dharam school · short fiction writing club · squash · stage crew for concerts · stop motion · strategy games · sweets for health · table tennis · tennis · the art of story telling · ushering team · vishwa vidya · woman’s self help group · woodshop · world scholar club · yearbook · zone 56 · zumba


Community Engagement

Director: Sanjaya Mark Volunteer: Varuna Gracy Singh Intern: Ruth Davidson




Fall Junior Girls Team Spring Junior Girls Team

Fall Senior Girls Team Spring Senior Girls Team

junior boys Team 54

Senior Boys Team


Fall Senior Girls Team Spring Senior Girls Team

sub-junior Boys Team

junior Boys Team

Senior boys Team


sub-junior badminton teaM

junior badminton team

Senior badminton team 56

Cross Country TEAM

SENIOR table tennis TEAM

squash TEAM


Junior Band

Advanced Band Beginning Band


Chamber Choir


Inter orchestra

Junior orchestra

adVANCED orchestra


Beginning orchestra


Top Row (L-R): Daeyoung Kim, Zohal Haidari, Archita Aggarwal, Hakyung Yi, Visakuo Tsurho, Faisal Qadir, Emma Karas, Tanishq Daniel, Ved Maddison. Middle Row (L-R): Abdul Ansari, Muzhgan Noori, Jinju Park, Yehyang Jang, Siwon Park, Hyenjin Park, Dorinda Hardage, Tenzin Takhla, Kritin Garg, Khushi Agrawal. Front Row (L-R): Yongbean Chung, Jigmet Angmo, Diya Singh, Meher Datta, Raphaelle Morzadec, Parvati Murakoshi, Malswamsangi Ralte, Alisa Husain. Squat Row (L-R): Chimmi Selden, Karsten Shaw


Top Row (L-R): Ismail El Ainain, Swapnil Jhajharia, Dhrubhagat Singh, Yehyang Jang, Chanon Charuchinda, Karsten Shaw Front Row (L-R): Raphaelle Morzadec, Emma Karas, Radha Laplamool, Hakyung Yi.






Midlands & Hostel Dorm Presidents Alteridge & Ridgewood DOrm Presidents Pankhuri Poddar, Chowang Takhla

Taruna Kakkar, Aadil Khurana

Secretary General & Treasurer

Academic Delegate

Ved Maddison, Ahaan Nyaar

NHS Presidents

Chimmi Selden, Karsten Shaw

Neel Mukhija

Honor Counil President Emma Karas


SEMESTER-LONG SAC Aryan Balani, Apoorv Garg



Yehyang Jang, Akshaya Pradhan

MENU Diya Nandini Seth, Shreya Kulshrestha




CLASS GOVERNORS 9 Tawishi dogra, Raghav Agarwal

Meto Seldon, Pavut Sasivimonpan


Armaan Dube, Archita AGgarwal



12 Arpit Singh, Drystee Giri


Trimester 3





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Outdoor Learning WeekEND



















T -A-





design drama

L-R: Vandana Sharma, Curran Russell, Carlos Izquierdo Tobias, Venna Mendrez

L-R: Ruben Pinzon, Jeffrey Santos, Rajneesh Daniel, Dinesh Ayyappan

L-R: John Robertson, Vandana Sharma, Anjali Sharma


art L-R: Adam Hubbard, Genevieve Mathieu, Nanda Kumar


L-R: Maria Rodriguez, John Robertson, Brigitte Concessio-Loyal, Taeyeong Jun, Ritu Seth, Mohammad Yousuf Ansari, Loubna Tanji, Carlos Izquierdo, Amrita John


Top, L-R: Ritika Roy, Tesal Sangma, Leaf Elhai Bottom, L-R: Andrew Plonka, Kirsten Pike, Kailash Mani, Catherine de Swardt

L-R: Anjali Sharma, Susan Long, Dylan Bach, Jane Paul

learning support


L-R: Sangeeta Bhandari, Varsha Joab, Sheila D’souza, Tanya Gurung, Jane Paul, Shubhra Luukkonnen, Sunita Panwar, Lindsey Alexander


early years


Academic Staff music

math L-R: Amita Singh, Ruben Pinzon, Dinesh Ayyappan, Tarun Seth, Reeta Menghani, Nikola Guscic

L-R: Amitavo Roy, Swati Roy, Gordon Singh, Aloke Maiti, Daniel Musick, Ravi Arthur, Kelli Horton, Eileen O’Neall, Alex Heetland, Altamash Ansari


PE L-R: Ajay Negi, Balbir Singh, Rakesh Rawat, Monish John, Steve Luukkonen, Venna Mendrez, Arjun Kumar.

Top, L-R: Nishtha Daniel, Andeep Kaur, Susan Datt, Mou Maiti. Bottom, L-R: Sunil Tonk, Christine & Stephen Anderson, Robin Carter, Darab Nagarwalla, Vinod Tonk. Not pictured: Louise duToit, Tony Hyde, Mayukh Banik.

social studies Top, L-R: Ed Beavan, Arundhati Sharma, Vandana Sharma-Ferguson, Chandeen Santos Bottom, L-R: Jonathan Long, Prateek Santram, Peter Kvietok, Nikola Guscic, Sonali Garg, Simon Paul




counseling L-R: Renee Bowling, Catherine de Swardt, Swati Shrestha, Fabiola Shaw, Binu Thomas

L-R: Tanu Pathak, Nawneet Kumar, Enosh Thomas, Nyima Douglas

L-R: Anil Bhandari, Sarah Khan, Nilesh Talaulicar, Edna Dass

uy office

L-R: Sunil Baloni, Eric Roberts, Rekha Verma

travel office

L-R: Tara Menon-Puri, Lauri Coulter, Arjun Puri, Monica Roberts

L-R: Marcus Shaw, Kiran Singh, Andrew Das



L-R: Esther Arthur, Madhu Bhargava, Rahima Thomas, Subhashini Timothy



Top (L-R): Ritesh Farmer, Prashant Singh, Sanjeev Rawat. Bottom (L-R): Gurdeep Grover, Arpana Fernandes, Aakanksha Joshi, Nidhi Rawat, Shailesh Garg. Not pictured: Shadab Begum, Jitendra Singh.


admin Staff

L-R: Ajay Negi

human resources

ict L-R: Shubhpriya Thapliyal, Sareena Pun, Shivani Agarwal, Ravinder Singh

L-R: Bharat Mathur, Bhaskar Bahugna, Shailender Bhandari, Gyan Dev Singh, Arvind Singh, Anil Jain, Mahendra Singh, Brijesh Tyagi. Not pictured: Dharmendra Bhandari

Principal’s office

my office L-R: Sunil Kumar, Sonal Talaulicar

L-R: Upasini Purushothaman, Vimmi Dang Negi, Sandeep Rawat


Cfi L-R: Amy Seefeldt and the CFI Interns

L-R: Arjun Puri, Aastha Bhakhri , Will Ferguson




DORM Parents

L-R: Aditya Manral, Priya Rollins, Mijung Park, Ronita Daniel, Prarthana Singh.

L-R: Sondeep Peters, Rachna Peters, Pholkan Lukhu, Huten Laldailova.



L-R: Jerusha Missal, Tsering Malik, Monish John, Amrita John, Deborrah Mondle.

L-R: Taeyeong Jun, Aaron Shangne, Suman Mitra, Praveen Jelaji, Shaheena Jelaji.

L-R: Vijay, Mahipal, Kamal, Sunil.



L-R: Rajiv Mahar, Ramkesh, Surender Kumar, Suman Devi.



DORM EMployees

L-R: Kusum, Sumitra, Rajkumar.


L-R: Vinod Panwar, Gopal, Ankul. Not pictured: Manni.

Health Center

L-R (Back): Kuldeep Bhandari, Praveen Kumar. L-R (Front): Ram Bharose.

L-R (Back): Gaurav Gangola, K. Krishnan Kutty, Akshay Shah, Sophia Akoijam, Pravesh Chand, Ramesh Chand. L-R (Front): Ravinder Singh, Nandini Kumar, Akanksha Masih.

Hanifl center

L-R: Dechen Wangmo, Ruth Kalsang, Bormani Devi, Jachin Velavan, Tenzin Lhakyi, Alice Singh.

employees food services

mailroom L-R: Vinod Kumar, Birinder Singh.



L-R (Back): Bhawani, Rajkumar, Rahul, Gulab, Sandeep, Amit Thakur, Anup, Umesh, Praven, Ketan Swami, Jitu, Jagmohan, Vikram, Amit, Ramesh, Ashok, Gautam, Neeraj. L-R (Middle): Manoj. L-R (Front): Bhagat, Sujit, Vikas, Surender, Vinod. Not pictured: Abdul, Mohan, Rajeev, Ramesh.

L-R: Sanjeev, Lalchand Sood, Sunil Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Deveshwari, Dalip Kumar, Anil Bhandari.

L-R: Manmohan Singh

L-R: Vinod, Birma, Kailash.

middle years

upper yearS

L-R (Top): Dhyan Singh, Firoz Khan, Sushil Banjari. L-R (Middle): Vijay Pal Pori, Birindra P, Purushrotam Kharola, Jai Chand. L-R (Bottom): Beer Singh, Dinesh Gupta.





Advait Agarwal

Raghav Agarwal

Vansh Agarwal

Darsh Aggarwal

Parineeta Aggarwal

Ira Ahuja

Keya Ali

Manya Anand

Pritha Anand

Saniya Bajaria

Sindhur Bansal

Nayantara Batra

Nysa Bhatia

Sukhmanpreet Bhatia

Jack Carter

Siqi Chen

Raymond Chirwa

Luke D’Souza

Sarahna Daliya

Amaanat Dhindsa

Tawishi Dogra

Jigme Kinley Dorjee

Shaista Duggal

Kai Fujita

Aaryan Gupta

Reya Gupta

Riya Gupta

Sentirenla Jamir

Kwanghyun Jo

Anishka Joab

Taruna Kakkar

Gyeongmin Kang

Vir Kanwar

Rahul Kapadia

Arya Karwa

Bikram Key-Si

Dhruv Khanpara



Aadil Khurana

Nin Kirdniyom

Panupak Kitithaveekiat

Swastik Kunwar

Avi Lad

David Laldina

Patsin Larpcharoentavee

Lemoni Larsen Matsumoto

Jordan Lobo

Neil Mahajan

Rohan Maity

Avik Majumdar

Mehar Mehta

Roohani Mehta

Lidoweii Mero

Maanasa Muppala

Tenzin Namgyal Norbu

Rewa Nyangmi

Mahima Peters

Nithila Ragu

Aaryaman Rathore

Amar Rathore

Joyia Raymond

Samichi Rungta

Vyan Sachdeva

Rajveer Saharan

Pavut Sasivimonpan

Meto Seldon

Aaman Shah

Syna Sharma

Kashvi Sikka

Ishpuneet Singh

Puttaraksa Sripongtanakul

Jae-Kyung Sung

Mesalenuo Tsurho

Yondhen Tshering Tuladhar

Keerat Uppal

Xinyue Wang

Kalsang Yangchen

Not pictured: Sara Bissell


Grade Faadumo Adam

Savya Agarwal

Kanav Agarwalla

Archita Aggarwal

Anchal Agrawal

Nupur Agrawal

Zabihullah Akbar

Doaa Althawr

Jigmet Angmo

Saif Ansari

Shoaib Ansari

Abidan Aryal

Aadya Aryal

Janyarat Asasaraporn

Aviva Balani

Lily Belbin

Amer Beri



Haeun Cho

Arhaan Chopra

Armaan Dube

Abhiraj Gill

Warris Godara

Aadya Goel

Madhav Goyal

Gyungchae Han

Paloma Hubbard

Divija Jain

Seongchan Jeong

Seongmin Jeong

Chhaya Jindal

Adit Joshi

Yash Kedia

Aaryaman Khanna

Sunkwan Kim

Kyutae Kyung

Anjoli Lahiri

Tenzin Yonden Lama



Hye Kyo Lee

Annika Loyal

Garv Mandan

Juweeriya Maxamed

James Mc Gough

Muhim Mohamed

Mukhtar Mohamed

Mayar Mohammed

Amani Mohan

Kangmin Nam

Singye Norbu

Jinju Park

Siwon Park

Gauri Pasbola

Victor Pashuk

Kahini Patel

Janvi Poddar

Mihika Poddar

Ritvik Pothapragada

Azfar Rahim

Akshaj Rajbhandari

Sachin Rijal

Colorado Rose

Saga Saleh

Keya Sanghavi

Aditya Sareen

Aliciah Serbastian

Uma Sherpa

Suryansh Singh

Kuhu Singh

Mannat Singh

Shivam Singhal

Simon Sookias

Araan Suares

Aaliya Sukhanandan

Jiten Taneja

Sapna Tayal

Nirvigna Thapa

Aryan Vahi

Umreen Werner-Ahmed


Kungdiangbou Wijunamai

Dana Woo

Not pictured: Shubh Arya, Ishaan Mehra, Youngseo Noh, Janav Singh, Nishant Velavan, Jinho Yoon, Syed Daanish Zaheer


Grade Priyansha Agarwal

Anirudh Aggarwal

Mario Aji

Rhea Ali

Arina Amatya

Veer Arya

Tala Bagh

Ryan Bajaj

Armaan Batra

Siddharth Bhandari

Yuvraj Bhatia

Chanon Charuchinda

Yuvraj Cheema

Sunggon Cho

Jiwon Chun

Yongbean Chung

Aditi Deswal




Knema Gardner

Shivaansh Garg

Palden Gonsar

Diva Goyal

Rajat Gupta

Tashi Gyamtsho

Zohal Haidari

Dheer Jasani

Swapnil Jhajharia

Mohit Jhawar

Da Eun Joo

William Joseph

Amul Kakkar

Giju Kim

MinJae Kim

Riya Kohli

Kyumin Kyung

Tsering Lachungpa

Abiral Lamsal

Phasin Laplamool

Radha Laplamool

Da-Eun Lee

Huijeong Lee

Seoyoung Lee

Yoojin Lee

Jia Loomba

Joshua Lyndem

Markhamsan Lyndem

Nalin Mahajan

Nitya Mahajan

Aarti Malhotra

Rohan Mathias

Saira Mehra

Abhick Mehrra

Kayan Mehta

Suhana Mehta

Natalie Menon

Delilah Meyer

Muskan Negi

Archi Nokrek



Muzhgan Noori

Rak Ogan

Vinayak Pandey

Chittish Pasbola

Vikentiy Pashuk

Aviva Philip

Rishabh Poddar

Tara Puri

Arushi Ramesh

Gauri Ratan

Kiara Reaven

Shyla Robinson

Carlos Rodrigues

Damin Roo

Frizia Rounak

Syma Sahu

Aryan Samji

Kittapa Sasivimonpan

Navya Sethi

Zorawar Sethi

Pooja Shankar

Swastika Sharma

Harsh Shyamdasani

Dhurubhagat Singh

Saahir Sultan

Jigya Talwar

Harssh Tanwar

Visakuo Tsurho

Joanna Victor

Rigpea Wangchuk

Won Yang

Hakyung Yi

Not pictured: Mikko Aoki, Micah Hardage, William Raggett, Samarvir Rathore






Tanishq Daniel I’ll have a Coke

Aniket Singh Icy Fire

Drystee Giri Beautiful words of Indian men

Meher Datta Thank you.

Talitha Moses Not the prophet

Ruke Lukas Ogan Melvin’s Mental Health Club

Aarushi Vardhan Subscribe to PewDiePie!

Mubaraq Mehta “Yes, I’m growing it back.”

Shantanu Singh HS Over

Khush Patel Keepin’ it classy

Jaideep Grover A big *sigh*

Rohan Menezes

Hala Alnajar I need white sneakers

Matthew Tharappel Soli Deo Gloria

WS Sanjana Singh Local Geek *cries*

Ngoc Ngo I need a Vietnamese

Anika Suares Because I can

Nawara Alaboud ...

Shibani Anand I’m not creative

Yehun Son HEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naphon Laplamool ?????

Hassakol Panaspraipong Girlfriends are overrated...

Samuel Lee It is what it is

Shruti Kapoor I love Tanushri and Riya

Tanushri Warrier Skulls, roses, and dance


Ismail Elainain Apoptosis got me

19 Abdul Ansari Onwards and Upwards

Diksha Singh Don’t take things too seriously

Fiza Bakshi

“I am surprised you graduated” - Mom

Saksham Basu On

Mehek Sajnani It’s too big!

Rishika Garg Ew! That’s disgusting.

Disha Thakkar He’s so small.

Liah Bergerson Don’t call me Lila

Raphael Lila Morzadec Don’t call me Liah

Hyunyoung Kim Finally, I did it.

Faisal Qadir Belay

Dorinda Hardage Belay




Emma Karas On

Shreya Kulshrestha Siah, shut up.

Diya Nandini Seth You’re such a booji-booji-boo.



Anvi Lohia Kal Ho Na Ho


Daeyoung Kim Climbing

Manasvi Khanna Climb on ;)

Hyenjin Cho Merely a stop en route

Siah Woo Learned to be a psycho

Chimmi Yeshey Selden I miss Abhey

Malsawmsangi Ralte Sorry, I was zoning out.

Ansh Vora Lights out. All slept.

Jaydeep Bajwa Decade or a minute

Apoorv Garg Let’s make brownies

Yehyang Jang

How does Moses make coffee?

Abhay Tiku Let’s go buy milk

Harshvardhan Garg

Happy to know it’s hard to say goodbye!

Ahaan Nayar Roll up your problems

Rachel Solomon 1 of 3 like me

Parvati Murakoshi

Akshaya Pradhan Hebrews it

Kritin Garg

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Aryan Balani BE HUMBLE.

Tsezin Norbu No, I’m not Tenzin

Daniel Swarup

Vaibhav Jain Milk is bae

Shaurya Bhansali Thank you Aniket.

Tshering Dorji

Only took 113,880 hours for a paper and a handshake

Sahil Raisuddin Everyday is cheat day

Iqbal Zaheer Thank you Mr. Puri!

Diya Singh All We Have Is Now

Shubham Tibrewala The story never ends

Adyan Husain They call me Kadri

Khushi Agrawal She is my lobster

Pankhuri Poddar I’m her lobster

Arpit Singh

Sahil Jacob Wat, when’s the deadline?

Don’t follow your dreams, follow @arpit.vj

Ved Maddison

Neel Mukhija “0 Honour Council Offences”

Alisa Husain

I’m Yearbook Editor, I can do what I want; the word limit does not apply to me.

Janak Singh Lil Pump is a God. ESSKEETIT!

Karsten Shaw Did I clear my search history?

Drake Drake’s a “Kurse”

Tenzin Dorjee Nepali “JIGGY LIKE A$AP”

Leonardo DiCaprio Rose could’ve moved over smh

Karma Kelsang Dondhen “Let me told you a story.”

Steve Carrell No God, Please No!

Tenzin Chowang Taklha Three-step process

Sasuke Uchiha I don’t particularly like anything

Jinhwan Lee I’m related to Bruce

Kyrie Irving Haha man I’m dead

Tenzin Sherap Nepali IT G MA

Bruce Lee Having no limitation as limitation


Jordan Belfort Sell me this pen.

Tenzin Yugyel Norbu AURA

Paulo Dybala Do you Dybalamask?

Detsen Rinchhen 12 tardies = 0 EMDs




107 Page 4: Matthew, Saksham, Kritin, Siri, Ved, Tanishq, Shantanu, Adyan, Sanjana, Vaibhav, Shruti, Aarushi, Hasumi, Faisal

Page 3: Naphon, Nandini, Alisa, Ahaan, Anika, Sahil R, Dorjee, Dorinda, Ismail, Chowang, Shaurya, Jaydeep, Samuel, Mehar, Shreya. Risika, Rohan, Nawara. Harsh,Riya, Yehun, Arpit, Diya, Sangi, Hassakol

Page 2: Mubaraq, Hyenjijn, Drystee, Daniel, Lukas, Ngoc, Abdul, Fiza, Liah, Neel, Akshaya, Manasvi, Tanushri, Sherap, Mehak, Jaideep, Diksha, Iqbal, Abhay, Disha, Hyunyoung, Detsen, Lila,

Page 1: Khushi, Rachel, Aniket, Apoorv, Emma, Daeyoung, Ansh, Anvi, Janak, Pankhuri, Khush, Sahil MJ, Red, Balani, Keldo, Karsten, Shubham, Yehyang, Yugyel, Talitha, Siah, Shibani, Chimmi, Jin, Hala

Advisor To Ved, Fiza, Ismail, Diksha, Arpit, Nandini, Manasvi, Siah, Daeyoung, Ansh, Adyan, Sahil and Jaydeep About 18 months ago I was asked to take over as Homeroom Head for the Class of 2019. I also got a new advisee group in the bargain. I was rather apprehensive of being in charge of a new group of students (that too of the largest group of advisees in the grade) just 6 months after I had first become an advisor. A few awkward facetimes later when we had our first advisor night, I was extremely nervous. But when all of you entered our house, the way that all of you just made it your own home, it felt natural to have you as part of our family. Every student in Imperium is special to me, but you all have managed to integrate your lives with ours. From showing you stern eyes when some of you (regularly) come late for assembly, to having serious talks about discipline, to being collectively outraged at Siah’s unfiltered commentary, I have felt a very real collection with each one of you. I know that each one of you has a busy life ahead and I might not even see some of you for a few years, But please know that you have a home wherever we may be. Prateek, Sarah, Rehaan and Kabeer


It’s been wonderful long four years and I enjoyed every moments with you guys either it is facetime, advisor nights or in class nights. It’s good to see how all of my young advisees become responsible young adults and make wise decisions in academics and in Woodstock life. I still remember it’s been four long years but seems like few days back the same group I got in gr-9 and later join by Anika and Matthew in gr-11 to get the full shape. It’s extremely enjoyable to see Tenzin’s smiling face, the innocent face of Hyunyoung, Akshaya, Shaurya and YeHyang over the years. Our moonlight walk over the chakkar and fearsome face of Aniket, Shruti and Red are still fresh in my memory. Vaibhav shows wonderful organizing skill as he was the main guy organize most of our advisor nights over the years and Anika always coming up with ideas. Matthew always wants to discuss more on classical music as a musician it’s been wonderful to spend time with him. For me it’s memorable due to each and every member of this advisor group contributed to their class and to school some ways. I hope they will cherished every moment when they left behind the school life of Woodstock. I wish them all success in life and hope to see all of them in their reunion after 10 years. Pray to God’s blessings to all of my advisees. - Aloke Maiti


Messages My dearest Advisees, It seems like yesterday when we sat in the Alter Ridge Dining room introducing ourselves. Pankhuri, Aarushi, Tanishq, Balani, Yugyel, Khush, Hyenjin we have been together for 4 years. and those of you who joined later Saksham, Sanjana, Hala, Faisal, Shantanu and of course Nathan. It’s been a great being on this journey with you. I am going to miss the advisor times, whining and complaing about teachers, teasing Saksham. Playing games during Advisor nights especially Life, Monopoly, Catan, UNO and the cheating that went on. There’s so much that can be said here about each one of you but then it would go beyond the stipulated 200 words. Suffice it to say that it has been a joy and a privilege for me to be your advisor. It has been a privilege to watch each one of you grow into confident, capable young men and women. I will miss each one of you, I wish you the best for the future. Follow your dreams don’t ever give up on life when the going gets tough the tough get going. God be with you.

TO THE CLASS OF 2019 It has been my privilege to be your co-homeroom head the last two years. Thank you for being such a great class. You have done well now go forth and conquer the world. MAY THE ROAD rise up to meet you. MAY THE WIND be always at your back. MAY THE SUN shine warm upon your faces; MAY THE RAINS fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again MAY GOD HOLD YOU in the palm of His Hand -Traditional Gaelic Blessing

Dear Keldo, Diya, Samuel, Dori, Karsten, Mubaraq, Shubham, Rachel, Drystee, Risika, and Sherap, It’s only been a few short months that we’ve been with you, but what a pleasure it’s been getting to know you! You are ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and we’re cheering for you. Don’t forget to come back and visit! – Mr. Russell & Ms. Kelli

Congratulations seniors!! I am so proud of your hard work, dedication, and commitment finishing your last year at Woodstock. What an amazing accomplishment! I wish you all the best with your future adventures after Woodstock. I look forward to hearing about all your amazing accomplishments! – Ms. Koester 109

Dear Advisor Group, OK, we have one last Kokology game to play. However, you cannot answer until after you graduate. And I cannot reveal answers until 2029 (at the earliest). Weird, I know, but maybe this is my way of saying, Hope to see you again. Here’s the set-up: The flowers you wore to JSB are faded, some faces in this yearbook look unfamiliar, and most of the things you learned in English 10 vanished from your memory as soon as you turned in your final empathic response. But some memories from high school stay fresh in everyone’s minds forever. So now, think back to your high school graduation ceremony. (Remember: answer this in the future, not now.) Which of the following images stands out most clearly in your mind? 1. The face of Dr. Long handing out diplomas and shaking hands. 2. The banner reading “Congratulations Class of 2019.” 3. The playing of the graduation march. 4. The rows of students standing proudly (and crying) on the ramp. Trust me, you’ll remember one of these more clearly than the others. I’ll let you know what it means at your 10-year reunion (hope I’m invited). The answer might not be as funny as which musical instrument you prefer or how many strawberries you would eat or what you scream when on a rollercoaster ride. But it’s an indication of what you value. Trust me, I’ll remember you all for a long time. How can I not? While I was watching you grow these past three years, you were also watching my family grow. You held Lex a week after he was born and made Christmas cookies with Sebastian. In a big way, you were a big part of our family. Hopefully, we were a small but important part of your time here. Take care. Enjoy life. Sincerely, The Plonka family

Hearty congratulations to Apoorv, Harshvardhan, Alisa, Sahil, Jinhwan, Anvi, Ngo, Ruke, Riya, Tenzin Chowang and Tanushri on their graduating from Woodstock! It has been a most satisfying and enjoyable journey for us as we traveled with you as Advisors through your years in high school. We are proud of the lovely individuals into which each one of you has blossomed. Please stay in touch and know that you will be welcome in our home whenever you wish to visit us. This Irish blessing is especially for you: May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand. Ajay and Sanjaya Mark


Congratulations everyone on graduating – you made it! It’s been great to see you grow up into fine young people since I first taught most of you in Grade 9. I’ve particularly enjoyed our profound and meaningful discussions at breakfast every Tuesday – I will miss that Ahaan – I’ll miss your bear hugs. So funny to remember you at Sunday School way back with your bow tie in Grade 5! It’s gone so fast! Khushi – Thanks for being an awesome School President. Great job! Detsen – please be on time for graduation! See you in Bhutan! Lila – C’etait vraiment chouette de te connaitre et de discuter plein de choses dans la classe de la politique. Tu es une fille genial! Bonne continuation, que Dieu te benisse, et est-ce qu’il y une cabine telephonique pres d’ici?! Disha – please sit with the advisor group in homeroom otherwise I’ll mark you absent Yehun – God bless you in the future wherever you end up. Don’t game too much! Talitha – I always enjoyed your singing over the years. God bless for the future. Abhay – Aap kaa yatra safal ho! Jaideep – All the very best for the future. Perhaps you’ll end up running Cozy Corner one day like your namesake Nigel Mustapha – We’re still waiting for you! Best wishes to you back there in Azerbaijan, and your brother Keith. All the very best in this next chapter of your life. Blessings, Mr Beavan

My dear wonderful advisees, Kritin, Meher, Emma, Shibani, Nawara, Hassakol, Abdul, Iqbal, Malsawmsangi, Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin!!! It’s almost time for the scholars you know to move their tassels from one side to another and look to the future. I can’t believe it’s already end of year and you guys are graduating (KUDOS!!!) Most of you had already been here for years before and all of you welcomed me in, thank you for accepting me into your group so warmly this year. It’s been a great pleasure and privilege being your advisor this year. I have learned a lot of things from you guys and I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. My best wishes to whole class of 2019, I praise you for your efforts, and send good wishes too, for a future filled with happiness and your fondest dreams come true. With loads of love and care :) Ms. Amita



nandini.seth173: Nicest Senior



t.dorjee.n: Best Smile ahaan2308

ahaan2308: Scariest Senior yugs_norbs

yugs_norbs: Best Glow Up



talithamomo: Saltiest Senior




Nobody: Keldo: Let me told you a story.

keldo_30_: Most likely to become a meme

harshvgarg: Most likely to fall asleep anywhere


neelmukhija: Most likely to trip at Graduation ved.maddison

ved.maddison: Most likely to slide into those DMs


keepingupwithkritin: Most School Spirit



Mummy and Appa: Thank you for helping me and supporting me through it all. All my love to you both. Singye: Don’t get caught up in small stuff cause, in the end, none of it will matter. Thanks for always being by my side love you, my dear sister. Sangi: No doubt I’m going to miss you the most. Couldn’t have gotten through everything without you by my side. Rachel: All those hugs you gave me during the last few days definitely made me happier and I’m going to miss them! Yehyang: My dear Chinguuu, please stop oversleeping haha. There was never a time I thought you weren’t there for me. Saranghaeyo to the moon and back. Hasumi: Happy to have someone who understands how I feel. I’ll miss you, Hasumi! Matane! Red: Thankful for the good times I’ve had with you. Good luck in Australia! I’ll definitely see you at home. Keep in touch. Bball girls/Mr. L: You guys taught me what family was all about and I’ll never forget the amount of support and love you guys showed me. Kittapa/Radha/Minjae: My favorite juniors! Never change, you guys are some of the nicest people I know! Balani: Been my BFF since day 1. Know that even though I’m mean and annoy you a lot, it’s my way of showing love to ya. Kritin: Ever so grateful for all that you do for me, always here for you Arpit: Will you stop threatening to punch me every time you see my bootiful face? Gonna miss you armpit! Harsh: Stop whining ya? Thank you for making me happy for the last 6 years Ahaan: Thank you for teaching me how to drive in Goa, luckily we didn’t die. Jin: I knew we’d be bffs ever since that weird shuffling dance. Gonna miss you namsachin! Dorjee: Grandpa, I’ll never forget the time you said “majestic.” Chowang: OTP if you know what I mean. Glad to have someone who has the same spice tolerance as me. Yugyel: Gonna pray you meet iu someday. Thank you for all the times you took care of me. And try to decrease the size of your ego, it’s a little bit big. Just a bit. → After 5 years, we finally talked properly in the last year. Glad I did though. Keep in touch. I’ll miss you guys. Karsten: You always know what to say to make me laugh. Please learn how to naturally smile. Keldo: I’m grateful for the time I spent with you. Take care Chimmi: My dubhi/ kpop sister, don’t know what I’m gonna do without your loud voice that makes me laugh 24/7. Let’s go to a Blackpink concert together one day. See you at home Nandini: Sweetest and nicest person I know! Ved: I hope you find someone who likes Billie Eilish as much as you do (not my sister plz). Sherap: I had fun beating you at TT, glad I got to know you. Shaurya/Akshaya: Good luck in the military smarty pants. Abhay/SMJ: Stop bullying a nice girl like me. Sahil/Ismail: still don’t want to be your “daughter” or whatever. Imperium: Good luck in all that comes your way. Thank you for the best 6 years of my life. Until next time


하나님: 여기 있는 시간 동안 버틸수 있도록 해주셔서 감사합니다. 엄빠: 항상 응원해주시고 내 편들어줘서 감사하고 사랑해요. 언니보다 더

언니같고 사랑스러운 예서/ 예준: 조언같지 않은 조언들 고마워. Ms. Praths: I’ll always remember your “no-jeera” paranthas. Mrs. Bowling: Thank you for your

support during my low times. Mr. Roy: You’ll always be my violin teacher. 선우/일규/지훈: 내가 밥 많이 못해줘서 미안. 한국 가면 밥 사줄게. 여친 많이 사귀어ㅋ. 민/ 찬: My fav twins. 민 바욜린 연습 그만해도돼 충분히 잘해. 찬 허세좀 그만부려ㅡ. 진주: 너 같은 동생 있어서 I’m a lucky person. 내가 언닌데 너한테 투정 부려서 미안하 고 고마워. 우리 귀여운 진주 언니가 넘 보고싶을거야ㅠ. 하은: 너처럼 매력적이고 진실된 사람 만날수 있어서 감사해. 필요한거 있음 언제든지 말해. Kahini: My pretty little minion, don’t miss me too much in MUN. 용빈: 이 이쁜 누나 보고싶어도 참아ㅋ.ㅜ Swap: I’ll teach you how to hike indoors. Cheema: Now the Sr. Lounge is all yours. Radha/ Kittapa: Thanks for all the b-day gifts every year. I’m sorry for not being able to give you guys more. You’ll always be my fav Thais. 희정: 이제 방 탄 덕질 누구랑 하냐ㅜ 보고싶을거야. 대주: 언니가 힘들때 항상 옆에 못 있어줬지만 이제부터라도 옆에 있어줄게. 민재쓰: 이제 대학 가면 너가 내 방에 놀러도 못올거고 허전해 서 어뜨케ㅠ I’m so fortunate to have you. Ahaan: Stop calling me shorty, shorty. Harsh: I’ll miss your nice scent. Sahil R.: I’ll miss our deep talks. 예훈: 키는 너가 커도 내가 평생 누나야. Shubham: Let’s go shopping together in Forest Essentials. Arpit: Hi Arpit, I’ll miss how we always awkwardly say hi to each other. Yugyel: Thanks for GOA. Come to Korea, I’ll treat you. Shaurya: I’ll miss you, TT Beast. Sherap: I’m sad that I won’t be seeing you anymore in math and EVS. See you in Korea hopefully. Akshaya: We have the best jokes. I mean, mine’s better than yours. Keldo: Thanks for dealing with such an annoying person like me. Don’t forget, you’re as annoying as me. I’ll miss you. 이진환: 철좀 들어ㅋㅋ. 안그렇게 생겼지만 든든하고 내가 rely 할수 있었던 것 같아. I’m always your 누나 mentally. 대영: 나 항상 기분 좋게 만들어줘서 고마워. 그리고 thanks for listening to my rants. 서울에서 보자. Abhay: I wish I could be there for you like you were there for me. And I WISH we had a PROPER pic together—stop acting pricey. LY. MR. Maiti and Minions: I have some of the best memories in school with you guys. Hasumi: I hope you have fun in college. N/ Kiara: By the next time we meet, I’ll beat you 10-0. Aarushi: Is it too late for us to go back to our racist days? Sem class: Once sem people, forever sem people. Alisa: Will never forget our 7th grade memories. Diya: I envy how you’re always so chill. Emma: You’ll finally be done seeing me in all of your classes. 시아: 너한텐 내가 항상 솔직하게 내 의견을 표현할수있어서 좋아. 변하지마. Shreya: You weirdo, I can never forget the BIO project that we fought about and Chims/ Nands making everything awkward whenever we were together. Lila: Stop acting sexy, it’s not working. JK. You’re my sexiest French. Rachel: You give out a positive energy that I always look up to. You make me happy. LY. 현영: 항상 옆에 있어줘서 고맙고 나도 너한테 중요한 존재였음 좋겠다. 00쓰. 나 한국 에서 아싸되면 너가 구해줘ㅋㅋ. 따랑해. Red: Thanks for listening to me and being on my side when stuff happened. I’m grateful for having you in my life. Nands Mands: My Oojee-boojee-boo, I’ll miss all the names you call me. You are such a sweetie-pie Anz: I’ll never forget the college days. I’m so happy for you. Just wait for 4 years, and we can start our college counseling company. Thanks for cheering me up always. Love. Sangi: I will remember the first time we met (what an embarrassing memory). I can’t explain how much I value you. You’re the first one I opened up to completely and one of the main reasons I am what I am RN. 현진: 너 앞이면 내가 무장해제돼—책임져. 우리 나중에 같이 하기로 한것들 약속 까먹지마. 넌 나한텐 아주 특별한 존재야. I’m always here for you. tha랑해. Chims: IDK where to start. You’re so precious to me. You’re someone I can act comfortable with, I can be crazy and weird with. You’re the energizer in my life. Siri: I could stand strong during my downs because of you. Becoming friends with you is the one of the best from all the decisions I made in my life. Imperium: Thank you for providing me with the best memories in high school. I LOVE YOU ALL



お母さん、 お父さん、 ここまで大切に育ててくれてありがとう。色々なチャン スを与えてくれてありがとう。 これからも色々迷惑をかけるかもしれないけれど、 よろしくお願いします。 兄ちゃん、 くっちゃん、 こんな妹、姉だけどこれからもよろしく Sangi

- I’ll miss your laugh which made everyone laugh and the warm and big heart you have. Siri - I love your sweetness, kindness, and the craziness in our room. “Land of Positivity” Remember? Yehyang - I am going to miss your lame lame jokes which were actually very funny, and the bright smile of yours! Red - Thank you soo much for taking care of me in many many occasions. Rachel - I love your acceptingness and the power of making people have bright smiles. Aarushi - I will not forget the weird movies that we watched together, and all the celebrity crushes we had. Rishika - My cute math tutor and a great advisor!! Let’s watch India’s next top model! Emma - I loved making pancakes and having our family brunches! Also, the many many “truth or truther” we played!! Nandini - My sweet personal counselor •I loved cooking and talking about weird spiritual things with you. Drystee - I’ll miss your openness, and all the late night talks we had. Alisa - My dear husband! It’s been 5 years! Anika - I loved talking about the environmental things and working with you for the internship:) Kritin - hello Goku!! Let’s meet in tenkai. Daniel - Thank you so much for helping me with a lot of things!! I’ll miss the saxophone sound on Tuesdays. Shubham - I hope you remember this! We will laugh about it for another 20 years. Akshaya - Let’s have a family reunion for sure!! I’m sorry for the tree incident..Jinhwan - OM SHANTI SHANTI. Thank you for the pink sweatshirt! I”ll never forget it! Ismail - My big cute brother! Thank you for protecting me! SMJ - Thank you so much for calling me Parvati and annoying me with Honey and Bunny.Karsten I’ll try not to overthink, thank you for the tips! Keldo - Hi otouto! Thanks for listening to my weird problems and giving me pretty good advices. Dorjee - It was really nice talking to you and you are very cool. Chowang - I am really happy that I got to talk to you. アムル - 色々話

ch Ra


Ye h




i Siri Red Hasu



Anu, Apa: Thank you for the love and support you have given us and all the sacrifices you have made for us, I am grateful to have you in my life. I love you. Ma Ride or Dies(Siri, Hasumi, Yehyang, Rachel and Red): Life at Woodstock would have been dull without the jokes and laughter. Y’all don’t know how much I love you guys. Dina: I don’t know how you’re going to live without me Ma Bros (Apoorv, Batman, AHAAN, Yugilicious, Chowmein, Hershey, DAB, Tenzin Dorjee Nepali, Balani, Cutieee, Bharpit, Sherap, Karsten, Neel, Vedikens, Kellsboii, Janak): Through the good times and the bad, I’m happy to have met you guys. Ismail, Sahil: Habibi Le, Habibi Le, Habibi Lelelelelele. Best gay dads on Earth. Periodth. Khushi Nagrawal: I cherished every second I had with you. Shubham: Always there for me when I needed hand cream, thank you for everything. Ansh: Don’t fall asleep during lectures in college. Chimmi: Funny how we always end up talking about boys when we were “preparing” for tests. Daeyoung: “Puppy Love” by Paul Anka. Aniket, Abhay, Tanishq, Daniel, Sahil MJ: I would’ve droped the class if not for you guys. Diya: Twilight movie on a Sunday morning reminds me of you. Alisa: My 1D, Ed, 5SOS and “sad” songs partner. Kittapa, Huijeong, Minjae: I don’t know how you guys kept up with my craziness, I will miss you guys loads Radha, Saira, Muzghan, Pooja, Delilah, Aadya, Singye, Gauri, Jinju, Uma, CC, Maanasa: My favourite part of Bball was the gossip sessions after practice. You guys taught me how to love and I am grateful to be in a team with you guys. Nandini: Share your wisdom, how are you so sweet? Rishika: Sax..ophone, I would have been less confused in Chem and Bio without you Khush: Ken doll, you’re a math genius and dw you’re just like Do Kyung-Seok. Yehun: “Did you do the chem homework?” I have learnt that the answer will always be no. Shaurya: Thanks for appreciating how I dress Visakuo: I ate chips and candy yesterday...oops. Cheema: I know you’re going to miss annoying me. Kayan: Can’t believe you decided to keep it the hair. Akshaj: Everybody look to the left, everybody look to the right. You’ll always be my fav Yongbean: Stay cute and I hope my braces come off before yours Mr. L: Times have been rough but you have supported me and helped me in every way you could and I could never thank you enough for it. I will miss you. Imperium: Wherever life leads you, may you find love and happiness along the way. I will see you again




Dad&Mom- Thanks for everything! Love you Guys!Mr.Jeff- I’m very Thankful to have been a part of your team.Thank you for having my back throughout thick and thin. I’ll really miss you.Mr.Huten- Motay you better have a girlfriend, when I come back. Don’t forget about me,I’ll miss your sweet heart. Balani- Balu, I always know behind the back of my head that I have Balani on my side.Remember you wanted to beat me up with a cricket bat when I first joined but know I feel like we have a bond that’s even greater than brothers. You may insult me on a daily basis but I take it as words of love rather getting hurt by them!Yugyel- Ata Yugiii, You know I always got your back no matter what. I’ll bring the chair for you no matter who it is:)Love ya.!Sherap- “Tapey” I don’t even know what this word still means but I’ll always remember it because you said it.My Boyfriend! I’ll miss ya.Detsen- Ata Detsi, I remember fourth grade you were just an innocent timid kid that I was really close to now you’re a beast.You better not ignore me in Bhutan.XO Arpit- Arpaaaa,From the first time you came to my room and said bro I need a girlfriend I knew we were meant to be besties.Even though you constantly make fun of me I’ll never stop loving you.Harsh- “Hey’ I’m Harsh Garg” Like I always say you fall in love too easily bro. From the night I came over to your house with Arpit till today is something I’ll cherish forever.Love you bro.Ahaan- Nayuuuuu! I don’t know what it is, but whenever I have a bad day, all I need to do is see your smile on your face and it lightens up my mood, no joke.BTW she’s MINE!Abhay- Our late night talks for hours is something that I loved doing with you. You may have a very thick wall but I know you are very emotional from the inside.Please don’t buy me.Kritin- Mr.School Pres, Maybe it was the things we had in common or the same girls that we both liked:)both something made us really good friends,and I will really cherish our friendship.Karsten- That white friend I had in highschool that everyone found funny. JK. You’re like a brother to me. Imma miss all our deep talks.Janak- “I’m Janak from Jabalpur” Stand up comedy? I hope you don’t die from STD’s.Chowang- My Takhla Bro,From my first day in Woodstock you’ve been a brother to me.Dorjee- My second boyfriend, You mean a lot to me. All our memories together is something I’ll never forget. Even though you stole MVP from me I still love you.Rachel- My white MALE bestie:) everything about you is just admirable. You’re always so energetic and lively, never change.Bajwa-You already know how much you mean to me. You may act like you have no emotions but I know you bottle them up inside and it really scares me.Red -Ashimmm, I never thought I would become this close to you.I hope you’ll cook for me in Bhutan as well XO.Siri- Thanks for some of the best memories. It’s been G! XO Mannat- I never expected to get this close to you but your personality is just so amazing I had to make you my daughter:) Mukhtar- “Gauri”, You emotional idiot, stop overthinking everything. You know how much you mean to me. I’ll see you in the NBA.#BALLBRO Nemo- “Ailay tawko phutai dinsu”. Yonden- Mero Bhai, hope you keep the family reputation high. Ved- Veddd, You make my day everyday. You have a very sweet heart.If You’re still single after 40, I call DIBS!Chimmi‘Num’ Just remember I always got your back. Love you.Yehyang- Noona, this smaller brother of yours is going to miss your hugs and scoldings and intense advice . .Hasumi- Onechan, you are the most unique human being. Btw If you don’t succeed as a counselor you can always come work for me:)Sahil “Murgiiii, Phasli Re Phasliii” I’ll never forget your fatass. You and I move like two peas in a pod, Even though you like copying everything I do.Ansh- Loraaa, Stop drinking too much you might just kill yourself. Jinhwan: My japanese friend that shall never forget about me because of that scar you have, sorry about that. All love! Imperium: Love all of ya!



*MIC DROP* Keldo Out!

JI��W �

First, thanks to the man above for everything. Mom&Dad: Thanks for sending me to Woodstock. Yehun: You will always be one of my favorite memories in HS. Sam&Buzz&Naphon: I hope you guys socialize more!! People should know that you guys are fun to talk to. Adyan: Don’t let one rejection take over your life. Sherap: Kherangi gi bhumo gi dongba mogi chocho nashing thongi du. BTW, you are short. Yugyel: Your ego is too high. IU is mine. Detsen: Tashi Delek. We “out here” bro. Stop using violence. Akshaya: Make sure your head doesn’t crack you egg. Rohan: You were a great roommate. Ismail: You are so strong yet you don’t hit people for no reason like Sahil. I love that. Ansh: Balram. Vaibhav: Hire me when Bubby tech becomes bigger than Apple. Iqbal: You suck at Fifa. Neel: Naunu/Neeli/Neenu. Ved: Stop being a slave. Show people that you are better than that you 6′6″ginger. Janak: Wish we had talked more bro. Abhay: Stop buying people to flex on me. Keldo: Jadhaaa your lips are out of this world bro. You are dumber than people think you are. Arpit: Sick swag hauhauhau. Jaydeep: You are too cute. Apoorv: I will miss your high pitched voice. Balani: Abe there’s that nose man. Ahaan: I don’t owe you money. Harsh: Let’s keep our promises on being the richest man in our countries. Kritin: You are the Putin of Woodstock. Mubaraq/Tanishq: Better give me a ticket for the concert you guys will host. Dorjee: Thanks for teaching me fashion. You gotta stop pinching people. Chowang: You are the biggest snake I have ever known. Don’t do that in college.ལ་ Sahil: You owe everyone a treat in Llamas. SMJ: You are a turtle. Lukas: What do you mean. Daeyoung: You are a nice Dongseng. Let’s talk more. Daniel: You suck at CS:GO. Shaurya: Biology is the real science. Karsten: You love Tibetans a little too much. Juniors: Time flies when you are a senior. Make the most of it. Siri: Let’s keep our friendship that you forcefully started in 7th grade. Sangi: Those talks we used to have in music practices were the best. Yehyang: You are too fun to make fun of. Hasumi: Om shanti shanti. Red: I love making puns out of your name. Rachel: You are one of the funniest person to talk to lol. Also, I’ll break your high score. Tanushri: Keep dancing. Khushi: I’m glad we talked more, especially in calc class. Chimmi: You should cook for me more. Emma: It was glad being your stand partner. I wish we had talked more outside the class though. Delilah: I wish you came to Woodstock earlier. Still, thanks for being part of my life and making my last year here much more meaningful. No matter what happens in the future, you will always be in my heart. I love you �

Apa and Mummy Thank you for always pushing me to be better and always giving me your best, I’d be lost without you guys. Love you more than you know it. Mr. Jeff Thank you for investing endless amounts of time into taking care of me. I’ll miss you Papa J Namgyal and Jigme Take care of each other, don’t get competitive amongst yourselves, and enjoy having relatives you can always count on. Take good care of Kuendrub. Kuendrub My number one fan! I’ll miss seeing you every day tsagay have fun in school. Take care of Acho Namgyal and Acho Jigme. Detsen What are you going to do without me? Hahaha, thanks for always being there I know you’ll miss me so you don’t have to say it. See you around. Keldo You’re one of the most real bros I’ve had. You’ve influenced me in soo many ways without realizing. Don’t sell yourself short you’re better than you know. Tshokey Surprise! You made it to my senior will consider yourself lucky. Thanks for everything my number one zandey. Balani This “something” man. I’m glad we started talking as much as we do. Stop acting mean everyone knows you’re a sweetheart. Neel I’m gonna miss our post workout meals and our spicy gossip seshes. You’ve always been too nice man thanks for that. Siri and Sangi Oh god your lives are gonna be miserable without me. I said I’d write something nice but . . . just kidding you guys have been too sweet IDK how you’ve tolerated me but thanks for that and always being soo fun. Janak Stay cool dawggg don’t drop the hype. Stay weird. Chimmi Don’t miss me too much. Thanks for listening to me whine every day. Don’t change. Dorjee We had a crazy run bro take care of yourself. AOMG Sherap GD!!!! Hahaha, you’re just too cool man. IDK how you manage to keep that swag on 24/7. Thanks for always letting me steal your clothes. Jin Hwan you crazy idiot. Don’t get into fights because of that temper of yours but if you ever do call me. Ahaan and Harsh My party bros! It’s always a good time with you guys lets keep it that way. Akshaya Humpty, you’ve been too kind, I’ll miss messing with Desten with you. Show the world what eggs can do. Chowang I’ll miss balling together man. Keep grinding, you’re up to something and it’s something good. Karsten I’ll miss our study hall talks. We gotta go biking together someday!

D e t s e n

Apa and Mummy Thanks for everything. I’m sorry I’m not as good as Ashim. Ashim Best sister I could ever ask for. YugyelKeldoSiriRedchimmi Woodstock’s best Dubi Squad to ever graduate Akshaya Sorry I made the egg yolks go viral. Please don’t die in the army so I can see what a buff egg looks like.Jinhwan don’t rage and get into fights in college please, you’re very fat and weak and I won’t be there to save you. AdyanAtifAbdulAdilAbidanAkul will miss the presence of God/undertaker. P.S I still have a 100% win rate against you at your game. Sherap number#2 (sorry) hypebeast in skool. Silent ladykiller. Aesthetic god. Its about time _ _ _ _ accepts you. Aniket Sssssss… Just kidding, you need to eat more and start working out. Get buff and get rid of those chicken legs. I’ll send you food from Bhutan if you want Vaibhav In 10 years I wanna see bubbyTech as one of the top companies. Iqbal/Beast Drummer - English class is way more entertaining with you. Also, you need to stop with those sneaky stink bombs. Ved Nicest guy I’ve seen who never gets angry Janak DJ Janfam if I ever need help with disses I’ll be coming to you Neel First person I’ve seen who actually follows a strict diet. Next time I see you I want to see your drawing on your stomach become what you drew. I’ll remember your neverending love for HC (faking your sickness to go there) Ismail Strongest person I’ve ever met, looks scary but is actually very nice Abhay Congrats! Arpit You should be grateful that Khenrab, Jonathan, and I changed your haircut :D. Jaydeep I need to see AD in Michigan’s 1st team Apoorv You’re straight up the smartest person I’ve met. USC got damn lucky they got you Balani I’ll remember all those small entertaining fights we’ve had, I’ll meet you in the future again to give you my condolences Harsh Still remember when Vice captain used to wreck me in ball Ahaan keep flexin them biceps Mr. Bodybuilder Kritin First roommate and first friend in WS. Thanks for saving me from Balani. Dorjee number#1 hypebeast in skool. Fashion god. Chowang biggest bully in WS. Too cool for the rest of us Lukas I need to see you do windmill, 360s and other dunks the next time I see you. SamuelYehun I need to see you two in some pro e-sports team with that all those years of experience, Samuel you’re lucky you have God’s guidance. MubarakTanishq/SkrillexDiplo I want tickets to your lit concerts Shaurya First person I’ve seen someone with so much passion for physics/mathematics. Expecting something huge from you. Daniel The next biggest computer scientist. Idk how you’re doing this for life. This complicated crap is too easy for you. Rohan I can still leak that video and send it to Dartmouth Ansh Please do things in moderation in life. Sahilraiz We have to go to domas in our next reunion and have some burritos. SahilMJ You’ll still be in that no streak snap Daeyoung Too good at rock climbing. You should go for american ninja warrior next. Jaideep I’m too broke to say anything to you Karsten Dorms was more fun with you there. Shubham Thanks for spraying the room freshner when I was locked in. PaldenRigpea You guys are damn nice. Take care of the younger grades and please don’t get in trouble. Study hard and take care. Visakuo Thank you for helping me reach where I am today. You’re a BEAST and a damn good trainer. We’re lucky you’re doing it for free. Mukhtar I still have videos of you becoming a chimpanzee :). SiddharthRohanRishabhYondenJitenKayanWarrisJigmeNamgyalVansh #bringithome. Kuendrub Keep balling you’re already so good. You’ll be the future MVP of WS Mr. Beavan Thanks for being such a great advisor, I’ll make sure to never get a tardy again. To younger grades Cherish your time at Woodstock. I remember seniors saying how time flies by fast every year and was sick of hearing the same thing. But now I realize what they meant by that. Once you hit twelfth-grade you notice how your school life is coming to an end. I still remember everything from eighth grade and wouldn’t mind going through all of it again. So again - make memories with friends, build long-lasting friendships, and stay away from all the drama. Everyone more detail in grad cards.

Y u g y e l


ALISA HUSAIN Babba & Mamma: I love and appreciate you both. Thanks for everything. Adyan: Sup, bro? Mr. & Mrs. Mark: Thank you so much for always being there and looking out for me. I couldn’t have asked for better advisors. Ms. Prarthana: I don’t even wanna think about leaving you because I’m going to miss you so much. Mr. Russell: Working with you during drama was some of my best time here. Stay weird. Ms. Seefeldt: I’ve learned a lot from you and for that I’ll always be thankful. Ms. Pike: Thank you so much for always listening to my rants. I’ll miss you. Kaisa (Ms. Pike, make sure she reads this when she’s older): I love you, little fluff ball. I hope you don’t forget me. Ms. Upasini: You know you’re absolutely amazing, right? Mamta Ji. Don’t kill me. Mr. L: You don’t even know how much I’m going to miss spending time with you during lunch and basically talking about nothing and everything. Ms. Shrestha: I feel like we’re the same fan-girl at heart. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Nandini, Hyenjin, Yehyang, Disha: Ayeee, AP Capstone. Manasvi, Dori, Emma, Lila: You girls stay cool, okay? Lukas, Jinwhan, SMJ, Harsh, Apoorv, Tanushri, Riya, Anvi, Ngoc: lol even though we never really talked a lot, I’m still going to miss our Advisor Group. Stay in touch. Chowang: I don’t know what’s so funny about hitting me on the head. Saksham: Bro, there is so much gossip we need to discuss. Faisal: No, I’m not going hiking. Stay in touch, please. Akshaya: I can’t believe we actually did it. I’ll miss you. Shyla & Knema: You guys have fun next year, all right? Veer: I can’t even go two days without you IDK what’s gonna happen to me. Ilysm. Daniel: You’re the conservative to my liberal. Hasumi: I’ll miss you, beautiful. Deayoung: Please don’t forget me, cause I won’t forget you. Shubham: My BFFFL. I’ll miss you, bro. Diya: Friends now, friends forever, right? Thank you for the best six years of my life. Khushi: I don’t think I’ll ever know a friendship as sincere as ours. You’re extraordinary, and please stay that way. Pankhuri: I love you and I never imagined I’ll ever have someone as amazing as you. I’m so lucky. Yearbook Team: GUYS WE DID THIS. Woodstock: Thanks for *literally* everything. Imperium: I love you all even though we can’t ever agree on anything. Thank you.

DIYA SINGH Mom / Dad: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be in this school, Thank you for being my biggest supporters through everything, thank you for the LOVE and support I get on a daily basis from you. Naina: Make the most of your time left here in Woodstock it goes by fast. Ground Floor Family: Thank You Sarahna: Chotu and Meri jaan. Thank you for the best last year in WS and make the most of your time here. It hurts to leave a best friend behind but you are always with me wherever I go. I LOVE YOU. #1 Football Team: KILL IT IN THE NEXT SEASON, and thank you. Mannat, Kahini, Hauen, Jigmet: You guys better behave, and don’t miss me too much. Alisa: What a journey we have been on. From starting out as roommates and ending as best friends. Because of you I seem to have the best aim in throwing pillows and have the amazing ability to open the curtains. See you soon, Alisa. Khushi: Tushiiiiii, it’s never the end with you, the amount of jokes we have together seem to make everything worth it. Thank you for everything travel buddy. I’ll see you on the same side. I love you. Pankhuri: You make everything better with just a little smile. Thank you for all that you have done for me, from our gossip session to our sentimental session it was all worth it. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m always a call or text away. I love you. Shubham: 6 years have passed and i’m grateful for what we have accomplished, thank you for being by my side through it all, thank you for making me laugh even when i didn’t want to. I love you. Mr. L: Smile ... JAZZ HANDS! Ms. Prarthana: Thank you for being my constant support and guidance through my time here. I love you and i’m gonna miss you so much. SH group (Yugyel, Karsten, Grover): Thank you for the best study halls and for all the gossip sessions. Imperium: “Good friends are like stars, you 120 can’t always see them but you know they’re always there.” THANK YOU.

KHUSHI AGRAWAL Everyone back home: thank you for your endless, unconditional support. Always. Bhaiya: stop making fun of me maybe? Abhinav: make the most of your time here; it goes by fast. 50yc: I want to be two old dog ladies in a purple house with a yellow frame on our door and an endless supply of Eterna and candles — because I have never been more grateful for a stomach ache. Alisa: I Legolas you, to Domas and back, a thousand times over. Diya: all we need is a flight together with a box of Pringles. DUCK FACE. Daniel: I still hold you to your rakhi. Sahil: all I really need is a Mudcup hot chocolate and a Chaar wai-wai with you to make my day. Shubham: puchka buddies for life. Yours truly, Mt. Everest. Risika: I will pick up the phone to discuss poop with you anytime, any day. Pinky promise, no crosses. Manna Mummy: you can stop worrying about me you know? Disha (my iancé): vacuum cleaners and drawers. Mehek: Four More Shots Please! Shruti: Alter Ridge was one heck of a chapter, boo <3 Sangi: this is seven years late, but, it’s not she who denied it, supplied it either :) Emma/ Aarushi: I’m sorry for setting the standard for a roommate so high ;) Kritin: couldn’t have wished for a better partner in crime. Tanishq: I can never have an ice cream sandwich alone now. Pineapple my friend on wheels. Ismail/Sahil/Abhay: you guys know too much. Fofa: [][][]. Victoria: keep being the you that inspires me every day. Veer: keep slaying it in lyfe. Navya: take a moment and look at all that you have accomplished; and there’s more yet to come. Reya: you are a hidden gem. Priynasha/Arina: take care of this place. Kuhu, Saja, Syma: y’all need to teach me your moves. Drama kids: take care of our beloved Parker Hall. GAIL squad: Where’s Jia? Mrs. Roberts: thanks for always thawing my hands. Ms. Praths: from midnight hunger to moustaches, thanks for always having a solution. Ms. Maya/ Mrs. Yaman/Mrs. Tamminen/Mrs. E/Mrs. Malik: you all are the reason I can confidently (almost) ”adult” now. Mr./Mrs. J: thank you for setting the foundation for WS for me. Ms. C: your office is my favourite room on campus. To anyone not mentioned above: blame the word limit. WS: you gave me a ticket to travel the world. Thanks. Imperium: you have been the best people to have shared my journey with. Thank you for throwing me at every swerve and catching me at every fall. Love you all.

PANKHURI PODDAR Mom and Dad: thanks for forcing me to stay here even when I didn’t feel like it. Bhaiya: birthday treat at Llama’s please. Now for the people at Woodstock. Alisa: C*nd*m and physics sitting on a tree. My love for you is twice the size of your book towers combined, bebo. 50 yc: you know that thing with the snow and the health centre, that was the best thing that happened to me. And don’t forget to turn the lights off. Daniel: listennn, I love you, you love me, we’re a fatty family. Rishika: “you’re the brown to my poop.” Diya: see you after school and I’ll run down to practice with you. Shubham: you were my first and last date for all Banquets. Tanishq: thanks for always having a rod to clean up my mess. Aniket: I promise this time we will make our plans come true. Harsh: you’re the best couch anyone can ask for. Ved: Heart, broken heart. Thumbs up, thumbs sideways, thumbs down. Arpit: thanks for always listening to me. Ahaan: thanks for always saving me a seat and the trips to buzz after StuCo. Dorjee: I like your Spotify more than I like you. Shaurya: you better keep making me rings. Drystee and Tali: thanks for all the fun times in the big room. Manasvi: puchka, please! Riya: Ranchi buddies. Aarushi and Shruti: Chittiyan Kalaiyan Priyansha: Thanks for being the little sister I never had. Veer: I love you, boo. Fofa: drive to me. Right now! Mrs. Roberts: these 4 years wouldn’t have been bearable without you. Ms. Prarthana/Ms Maya: thanks for being my second moms. Ms. Priya: thanks for always having your door open for me. Ms. C: thanks for always being my safe place. GAIL squad: I found Jia XD 121 Advisor Group: I love everyone minus Saksham. Imperium: I can’t thank you guys enough for what you all have done for me. I love you


Mum, Pa, and Shivi, thanks for being there. Chimmi, if I could choose one person to fight with over the smallest things, I’d choose you. Because we always end up laughing afterwards. Thank you for taking care of me when I was dying physically, emotionally, or mentally. Even though you get cake on my jacket, paint on my hoodie, and period on my pants (that I had to wash off), I still love you. And no matter how many of my personal belongings you ruin, nothing will ever change that. Nandini, honestly, we are the perfect power couple. There isn’t anybody else I would rather go through everything we went through than you. Thank you for being super nice to me even when I didn’t reciprocate it. You make me a better person. I love you. Hyenjin, from being awkward little weirdos in Hindi class three years ago to killing each other in the taxi in Delhi, I didn’t know what it meant to love and hate someone at the same time until I met you. You were my first friend at Woodstock and will always be my true wife. I love you. Siah, you’re not dumb. You are probably the most straight-forward person I’ve ever met, which I absolutely love. I love doing dumb things with you. I love you. Fix your eating habits. Anvi, thank you for all the college help. I don’t know where I’d be without you. To all the apartment people -- you are my family and I wish we could always live together like one. <3

Daeyong, Manasvi, Dori, and Faisal, thanks for the hiking memories. Daeyong and Manasvi, thanks for the piggy-back rides. You guys are the best. Yehang, you kind of scared me in grade 10 but now that I know you better, I always think of you as a little pink bunny. Lila, thanks for letting me crash at your places in Delhi and Goa (and hopefully Paris soon). Red, thank you for taking care of Chimmi and me in Bhutan. Siri, thanks for being so kind and caring and yet so strong. Adhyan, thanks for secretly being super sweet and making me laugh intentionally and unintentionally. And for lending me clothes in Goa. Ismail and Ahaan, thanks for making me laugh. Aarushi, no matter what happened between us, I am still grateful for our hilarious memories as roommates.

Anvi Mom and Dad: Can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for catering to my whims even when I don’t deserve it. Everything worthwhile in my life is for you and because of you. To the rest of my family)— There are (hundreds of us and I can’t possibly write about everyone but this is for all of you — thank you for being so consistently supportive and kind. I love you all. Now on to my dear woodstockers — Hyenjin— Cutie, I am certain that you will be the editor-in-chief of a superlative newspaper one day. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you have lined up in life <3 . Chimmi— You are one of the coolest and weirdest people ever, I’ll miss you so much. Nandini— You are so calm so sweet and I love you so much <3 . Shreya— My will-page buddy, I am amazed by the extent of your artistic talent. Even though you may not want to believe it, you’re actually nice. <3. Siah— You’re beautiful, kind, and your makeup skills are profoundly perfect. <3 Yehyang— you’re so talented and amazing. I’ll miss you so much. Meher—it was awesome knowing you, go save the fish.<3 Manasvi— K3G with you is so much fun, who will dance to bollywood with me in Uni? <3 Khushi,Alisa, Pankhuri, Diya– Y’all are so nice.<3 LilaandHyunyoung– you’re so smart and sweet. <3 Emma– MUNs are so great with you.<3 Siri, Sangi, Red– you’re all really sweet. I was under a severe time-crunch, so if you expected to be here but aren’t, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you and I am deeply apologetic. To my teachers – Mr & Mrs. Mark, Mrs. Pike, Mr. Tobias, Ms. Melanie, Dr. Garg, Mr. Nandu, Mr. Seth, Ms. Last, Mr. Beaven, Dr. Long– Thank you for being so supportive and wonderful. Juniors – check grad cards! Here’s an excerpt from a poem from the New Yorkerthat expresses everything I want to say. Let’s pour [the sunlight] back into starter beds or leave it on the sill for neighbors orfor later/A grassy smell in the kitchen/Lidocaine floats/the fringed tulips in a crease and that’s the morning / There’s so much to look forward to/ Big bowls of cereal/A tonal shift in the fertilizer/Later automatic ramen and a Coke/You can start anywhere it doesn’t really matter/Flowers on the tablebreathe sugar/The skylight in the dosage doesn’t.



Mum and Babs- Thank you for making me who I am and giving me so much more then I deserve in terms of everything from love to experiences to joy. Namz- Thank you for being the cutest sister ever, love you so much. Nana Nani, Dadu Dadi Ma (and the rest of our crazy, wonderful family)Thank you for giving me so much love, support and happiness. Chimmi- Thank you for being my literal rock. It was one of the luckiest days of my life when I got you as a roommate in 9th grade and everyday since then your positivity, love and just your personality have been a gift that I will never be able to repay. Shreya- Thank you for being a crazy weirdo but at the same time being so compassionate and caring. Anvi- Thank you for being adorable and always making me laugh so much. HyenjinThank you for unapologetically being your strong self and making me feel like I can be strong too. Siah- Thank you for being a true joy to be around and being so brave in your weird but amazing way. Yehyang- Thank you for always laughing and being so full of life you loveable weirdo. Hasumi -Thank you for our amazing long deep conversations, they are something always I look forward to. DiyaThank you for being yourself always, from Sri Ram to now you have been an inspiration. Liah- Thank you for the amount of love you give off, its amazing that that love has not changed since second grade in SBS. Mehek- Thank you for always making fun of me and my delicious hot chocolate, you are such a brave trouper. Hyunyong- Thank you for being so solid and mature Riya- Thank you for the comforting psychological talks. Rishika- Thank you for being so generous and sweet Anika- Thank you for being so passionate about everything you do. Aarushi- Thank you for all the wonderful memories, I miss our laughs so much. Samuel- Thank you for the great deep philosophical talks in art. DaeyongThank you for doing exactly what made you happy, it is so wonderful. Manasvi, Dori- Thank you for making it so easy for me to be be around you, I hope we are ‘friends’ now :) Khushi, Disha- Thank you both for being so inspiring, the time we did spend was so so precious to me and it made me feel so warm. Siri, Sangi, Red- Thank you for being such darlings , always. Tanushri, Shruti, Ismail- Thank you for being so positive and happy. Emma, Alisa- Thank you for your intelligence and enthusiasm. Meher, Sanjana, Shibani- Thank you for being such sweetie pies. Pankhuri, Drystee, Talitha- Thank you for the great spider and slender man talks in the apartment. Nawara, Ngoc, Hala, Lila- Thank you guys for the great laughs, cooking conversations and debates, I really cherish them. Day Care babiesThank you for always making my day with you smile and hugs. Advises- Thank you for putting up with my dietary needs. AP Biology (including Ms Datt of course)- Thank you for being able to make me laugh and cry at the same time I will miss our wails and the great support you gave me. Teachers- Thank you for all the enthusiasm, support and knowledge, I would have been in a very different place without you. Imperium- Thank you for being such a warm and supportive group of people, I will miss all of you so much. Woodstock- Thank you for a beautiful journey.

똥예향 You’ve seen me in my rawest self. It’s because you are so authentic (and lame). Chimmi, I found you after vainly chasing after popularity. When I first started getting close to you I knew I wanted you to be my friend because you were so unapologetically yourself, sometimes to a fault, jk. Shreya, you used to be such a quiet loner when I approached you randomly in Hindi class. I’d never imagined you’d be so crazy. I love shocking people with our audacity to be so weird. I’ll always be on your side despite our overwhelming emotions.Nandini, there’s a warmth in you that I would crave in the cold city, and I will miss you pulling my cheeks. Anvi, you’re so weird. You’re at times the Indian version of me; you’re so lame but I love your jokes, I will miss fooling around with you. Siah, I think there has never been a person that I’ve been as frustrated as I’ve been with you. But also, I’ve never met someone I’m still friends with after being so frustrated. I hated you for getting us stuck at a railway st. at 2 a.m and your heater but they’re such dumb memories now.Dori, deep talks that last for hours is our thing. Don’t forget we need to travel together.Manasvi, you care for everyone so much, it frightens me -- that you would lose it one day running around taking care of people. Please take care of yourself first. EWC, I am so proud of our EWC. Swap I’m trusting you; it’s on you now. Thank you Mrs. Shaw and Catherine, and Mr. Jeff in helping us make this a reality. Lila Dimsum, My self-esteem is basically comprised up of your compliments. Please keep commenting on my Instagram posts. Thanks, ok, bye. Jkjk. You’re soo…. French. I love you. I can’t write seriously about you, idk why, even though I really care for you. Let’s just go to Europe already. 형, When I can’t deal with life you’re one of the top people on my list to turn to. Ever since you told me about your early days at Woodstock, I’ve felt really comfortable with you. Being a complete wack in front of you is second nature. Mrs. Pike, I love your eccentric nature and how understanding you are. I guess literature does make you empathetic.You’re someone I’d like to be like in the future. I love you, Haven and Kaisa. Ms. Seefeldt, I look up to your educational philosophy. I have learnt so much because of you, you’ve made learning a lot more interesting than I ever thought it could be. Daeyoung Kim, I remember our friendship started during an unexpected conversation during AW 10th grade. I’d miss our memories: flying to Korea, fighting with you in AP Seminar, and Goa ofcourse. Dartmouth, I love hanging out with you because I can tease you. Just laugh at yourself if you really want it to stop. But don’t, because I want to keep teasing you. Faisal and Saksham, I am indebted to you since your help from Friendship peak. Mr. Plonka and TheWoodstocker team, thanks for all your hard work; it wouldn’t be what it is now without you. I’m so proud of us. Thank you so much Mr. Plonka for being so dedicated to whatever it is that you do, whether it be journalism, english class, or editing my apps. Mr. Nanda and Mr. Hubbard, you guys have helped me in my artistic journey enormously in your own way. Thank you. From the people who have left, I would also like to mention a few wonderfully caring people, Yaeyin, Chiriki, Mrs. Yaman, Ms. Dunn, Mrs. Swanson, who all have left a lasting influence on me. Faadumo, Youngseo, Vicky, I’ll miss you guys too. Koreans, meet me in Korea. Faadumo, you’re such an inspiration.



Siah To my trustworthy sister Dana, I will miss you so much. I am sorry for being a bad sister, I have been hurting you a lot. Honestly, I don’t understand how you can still smile to me, say that you love me, always care about me, still try to listen to my words, and share your stories with me instead of planning to murder me in this mountain. You have surprised me in many ways. I wish I could have spent more time with you, eating food and sharing stories. Please call me when you have a hard time, I will do my best to help you. I am still there for you. Hope you can learn a lot not only in academics, but most importantly, in yourself. Also, please help to keep the youngest one in our family on the right track. If she comes to Woodstock, I am sure she will be more stressed than you because she has never been completely independent. I believe that you will be a nice sister like you did. Thank you for everything. I love you more than you think. Good luck in Woodstock, make your life sexy! 우리 예쁜 송아야, 언니 졸업해! 언니랑 떨어져있으니까 많이 보고 싶었 지? 너도 금방 언니 처럼 졸업도 할껀데, 힘들지 않도 록 지금부터 뭐든지 노력하면서 하루하루를 보냈으면 좋겠어. 네가 노력한 만큼 결과가 나오지 않을 수도 있 지만, 게의치 말고 꾸준히 한두번 더 도전하면 엄청난 차이가 보일꺼야. 언니는 송아가 안한거 뿐이지, 못하 는건 절대 아니라고 믿어. 책도 많이 읽고, 성격 좋은 친구 많이 사귀어. 우드스탁 오면 단아 언니가 많이 도 와줄꺼야. 단아 언니 말 잘듣고, 열심히 스스로 너의 인 생을 만들어가봐. 언니도 너한테 틈틈히 전화해서 도와 줄께. 언니가 많이 사랑해 송아야. 화이팅.

To all the People I love,

사랑하는 엄마 아빠, 세 자매 중에서 제일 철 없이 속 썩이던 큰 딸이 드디어 우드스탁에서 졸업하네요. 이 학교에서 느끼고 배운 점이 셀 수 없이 많은데, 제일 크 게 와닿았던건 가족의 소중함이였어요. 그 전에는 힘들 때 혼자 감당 하고 이겨낼 수 있을거라고 큰 소리 쳤지만, 12학년되니까 말이 많이 달라지네요. 힘들 때마다 혼자 있고 싶어했던 난데, 엄마 아빠가 유일 하게 보고싶었어요. 바빠서 얼굴 몇 초, 목소리 몇 초 밖에 보고 들을 수 없었을때도 많았는데, 저한테는 충분히 큰 힘이 되었어요. 제가 보 고 싶은 마음에 전화했지만 되려 제가 엄마 아빠께 못되게 굴었던 때가 기억나네요. 근데 저를 너무 잘 아시는 엄마 아빠여서 제가 애처럼 말 도 안 되는 소리하고, 이유 없이 짜증내고, 한 없이 눈물 보일 수 있었던 거 같아요. 그때마다, 한결같이 좋은 말 해주고, 위로 해주고, 때로는 억 지로라도 웃겨주셔서 감사합니다. 눈물 잘 안 보이는 저지만, 이제 엄 마 아빠의 웃음소리, 또는 목소리만 들어도 가슴이 메이고 눈물이 저절 로 나네요. 저한테 부모님이라는 이유를 넘어서 한 없이 엄청난 희생 하시고, 잘 한것도 없는데 혼내키기는 커녕 계속 날 믿어주면서 용기주 시고, 이런게 미련한 희생 같았어서 가끔 밉고 화났던거 같아요. 근데 이래서 제가 저의 한계에 더 도전하고 열심히 했었어요. 정말 엄마 아 빠 없이 졸업 못 했을거예요. 대학 다니면서 엄마 아빠 곁에 있고 싶어 요. 엄마 아빠가 좋아하는 여행도 틈틈히 같이 가고, 맛있는 것도 많이 사드리고, 옆에서 건강도 열심히 챙겨 드릴게요. 제 곁에 건강하게 오 래오래 계셔주세요. 진짜 많이 사랑해요. Hey guys, We are leaving!Let’s not be sad because true friends are meant to meet each other again no matter what. when you have hard time, believe that life is sexy: As long as you don’t stop, as much as you feel sad at the moment, you will be much happier in the future. Everything will be worth it. I will miss every part of the Woodstock - except dress code, I will miss our Goa trip, Friendship peak, Woodstock nature, Woodstock teachers, Woodstock menu, my 5 times of SAT and 7 times of TOEFL exams and more. But for the most is you guys: Hyenjin, Shreya, Chimmi, Nandini, Anvi, Tanushri, Chiriki, Shruti, Riya, Lila, Dori, Manasvi, Siri, Red, Sangi, Yehyang, Hyunyoung, Drystee, talitha, Hasumi, Disha, Liah, Hala, Fiza, Emma, Daeyoung, Faisal, Rohan, Ismail, Ved, Lukas, Chowang, Shubham, Saksham, Ahaan, Keldo. Seoyoung, Damin, Hakyung, Tara, Tashi, Saja, Youngseo, Faadumo, Anjoli, Huijeong, Swapnil, Anirudh, Mikko, Youngbean, Cheema. Let’s keep in touch so that one day at least we can recognize each other on the street. Post on Instagram, update your life. Hope I can meet you guys soon. Come to my wedding if I have one with my sexy husband.


Ama and Apa: I love you guys so much. Thank you for always putting me first and Thank you for loving me sooo much that I always end up becoming like a 5 year old. You guys have really been the best. Chisel: My pretty little sister, you are one of a kind. You are always there to support me and you always make me feel good. Thank you for being like an older sister to me that I never had. I love you more than anyone on this planet.

Woodstock, please stay the same.


Nandini: without you I wouldn’t have survived Woodstock Shreya: without you I wouldn’t have learned to be myself Hyenjin: without you I wouldn’t have learned how to speak for myself Anvi: without you I wouldn’t have had the courage to be confident Siah: without you I wouldn’t have learned how to be sexy jk you taught me to be free. Without all of you guys I won’t have know how to live the way I’m living now and I’m really happy right now. I love you guys so much and you guys are the best. Thank you for being here next to me. Siri: you are sooooo sincere Sangi: you are soooo confident Yehyang: you are soooo strong Husami: you are soooo niceRed: you are soooo supportive and understanding Rachel: you are soooo cheerful. You guys are the nicest, soooo sweet and you guys always make me feel sooo confident about the stuff I do and you guys are always so positive. Thank you.Aarushi: You are really hard working I hope you get what you are running after. What ever we had I’ll always cherish it. Thank you for being a good friend when we were. Kritin: sorry for not tying Rakhi this year but I really didn’t buy any for anyone. You will always be my Doctor. You were the nicest guy when I first came to Woodstock and you still are. Thank you.Harsh: You always make me feel so special. I’m sorry for not making you feel the same. But thank you for the past two years you have been sooo good to me. You are the best. Ahaan: Without you I wouldn’t have been so happy the past year. You do annoy me a lot but you gotta know that you are so loveable and cute and sweet. You are the best. Dae: I will always be here to listen to you. You are so dedicated to what you love and you inspire me. Thank you for always pushing me to do my best. Faisal: disappointed in me much. You are so good in being yourself and this will take you further than anyone. Thank you for being such a caring person to everyone.Karsten: You actually work even though you say you don’t. You are really nice and honest. Thank you for listing to me when I had problems and Thank you for being the best co-president, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. Dorjee: Just saying you are really CUTE! But you are more then that. You really make me feel good. Thank you for always telling me that I am good the way I am and I think you should know that you are good the way you are, too. Keldo: I am sooo glad that we became friends again. You always make everyone around you laugh and that is the best quality that you have. Thank you for being such a supportive and caring brother. I love you. Sherap: I love the way you write. You are a really easy to talk to and you are so sassy but at the same time nice. Thank you for just being here. Jin: STOP acting mean Ik you are really nice inside. You are Goodlooking and you have to know that. Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone the most. Yugeee: the best friend everrrrrr. I’m sooooooo glad that we became close. You are really mean to me but Idc because when others are mean to me you are always there to support me. Thank you for being so honest about everything. I love you. My Weirdo,Abhay Tiku: I am so glad that I walked into micro late that day. You are such a Penguin. Thank you for taking care of me and loving me sooo much. You have really been the best friend I could ever have for the past two years and the past 50 days have been the best. I love you, Abhay. I’ll miss you a lot. Muzghan and Zohal: You guys have really pushed me to do the best. I’ll always be one call away. Tell me anything. I love you guys a lot. Thank you for being the best people in my life. DOn’t forget me. Tshring: You are really sweet. You always ask me if I want food or anything and that makes me really happy. Thank you for being here and talking to Me. Tashi: I don’t even know where to start. You have grown sooo much. Ik we have had our differences but I really thank you for being there for me and always telling me to do my best. I love you a lot and I will always be there for you. CC: My little cutie. I am so proud of you. You really push yourself to do the best. I get irritated at you sometimes but I still love you. Thank you for making my days happier. Tavishi: You are going to be a really good basketball player and I know this because you and I started at the same time. I have seen you grow sooo much and now you are way better then me. Just believe in yourself. Thank you for being there for me all the time. Riya: You always make me smile. You are so cheerful and nice that you make my day become so much better. Keerat: I am so glad that you were my co- captain. You are so mature for your age and that is soo good. Take care of Tavishi. Thank you for being there for the basketball team when I wasn’t. Inter-team: Kashvi, Mahima, Nysa, Ira, Saniya, Maanasa, Mesa, Tavishi, Riya, Keerat, Zohal, Thank you guys for being the best team. I really loved all of your support and love. Thank you guys for being there all the time, really. I felt really good with you guys. Shlok: You are such a cute kid. I love you. You know you are sooo nice. Thank you for making my days so cheerful. Anamika: You are soo nice. I hope you get what you want. All the best. Imperium: The best people I have know. Thank you for making the four years of my life so special. Woodstock: It’s been a bumpy ride but thank you for all the experiences. Teachers: Thank you for pushing me through thick and thin and making me who I am today.




Mom, Dad, Kirti, Stud, Boozo, Rover & Blaze: I love you! Mr L: I’m going to miss our talks and our DRAMA GETAWAY SESSIONS so much! You’ve been my biggest support in WS. A big thank you!! Mr & Mrs Mark: it was such a pleasure to be in your advisory group! You two have been big support! A big big thank you! Shubham: You are one crazy manchild! Thank you for all the memories, I will always remember United Nators Head-cautions and will miss making you lose in UNO *evil laugh* Fofa: “GOD” (yuck) thank you for making the first half of WS life fun for me. Thank you for all the memories, stay the way you are. Tanushri: Hi Tunzifish, my forever dance buddy and personal photographer, thanks for all the good memories. I’ll miss you, bro. Shruti: Shrutz Kaputs! I don't know why I call you that. Honestly, you’ve got a big big heart! You’ve been like a younger sister to me. I love how sassy you can be. Thank you for everything, I’ll miss you roomie! Ismail: ESAMOO! My bhai, you'll always be my bhai. I’ll miss being a Mexican with you. Thanks for everything bro.Talitha: Moose Ass!! So many great memories in the attic room, freezing to death & being called the same person. Me <3 you! Diya: DIYA JI! You're literally me from another mother, just a taller version. I'll miss having chai tea with you, I love you! #diarrhoea Alisa: Alisa Ji, you’ve never failed to make me laugh, thanks for that! Advisor wouldn't have been the same without you! Pankhuri: Pankhs! I’ll miss you, bro, see you soon in Ranchi though. Keep in touch I love you! #RanchiganggangLOL Mehek & Disha: My beauties, thank you for always listening and being there! Ill miss screaming your names every time I’d see you in the hallways. #VOV Tanishq: Kem cho? From us not liking each other to us being best buddies in English class. Heres to all our group work together! It was fun:) Abhay, SMJ & Sahil: It was great knowing you guys & it was fun! Aniket: Indian History wouldn’t have been the same without you! Thanks for all the memories! Jaideep: We speak broken Punjabi, but can bhangra our way out! Thanks for all the fun times. Lukas: *shoots* Keep singing Punjabi songs! I’ll miss you! IMPERIUM: You guys are amazing & I’m going to miss us!

I Q B A L Ved- Our first conversation ended with me yelling at you and telling you to get out of my room. I think you remember that. I hated you. A few weeks later, however, we started talking more and I had never met anybody with the same attitude as you. So kind, positive, and funny. I am so glad we got so close and were roommates for so many semesters. You are one in a billion. Neel- I didn’t think anybody had good taste in football teams in our grade until you told me you support Manchester United. I liked you instantly. You have always been so approachable and easy to talk to. You stuck by my side, even in eight grade :) And for that my friend, I can’t thank you enough. Looking back at it now, it just shows me what an amazing, true, real, person you really are. Janak- Where do I start. I don’t know how many hours of laughter we’ve shared. And I don’t know how many hours of silence we’ve shared. When you can share uncomfortable silence you know you have found somebody special (PF). I am so glad we have the same sense of juvenile humour and I have always been so comfortable expressing myself around you. Please do not change Janak (but stop listening to terrible music). All Three of You- When I had to repeat the seventh standard words cannot express how anxious I was. I think about it now. My god how happy I am. I found the three of you. I am so glad we’ve been roommates for so many years and have shared so many memories that I can never forget. Whenever I have been in a bad situation I have always been comfortable to talk to anyone of you. All of us met each other in the seventh, and been together till the twelfth. I love it. Ansh- We have had our fair share of hilarious memories being roommates in the eleventh and twelfth. You are such an open and loving guy. Stay the same. Rohan- I have never seen you angry. Your smile is so loving and chipper. Ismail- My big brother. You are the easiest person to talk to and I love our conversations. Yugyel- I hate you for scoring that free kick on me, but it was a beautiful one. Some of your one-liners are gold and make me laugh so hard. Stay funny!Detsen- I absolutely love your vibe. We have laughed together so many times and I love hanging out with you. Akshaya- I felt so safe knowing that you were my defender in goalathon. The real saves have always been made by you. You are such a fun guy. Sherap- Hands down the coolest and most nonchalant person I know. Adyan- My gaming brother. People in our grade despise gamers, but our friendship started because of it. I am so glad we were roommates in twelfth grade and got close. Abhay- When I get stressed with work I only think about you. I know there’s a guy out there who gives zero f…. Apoorv- Talking to you about our similar interests is a pleasure. Something just clicks and I can talk about whatever it is for hours with you. Ahaan and Harsh- I’ll never forget that one night when we talked for hours and watched the sun rise in Ridgewood. Kritin- There is no way I am going to be able to forget some of those hilarious moments in band throughout the years! Jaydeep- I heard that people born on the 30th of July are the nicest and most chilled out individuals. That applies to you, not me :(Dorjee- My five star skiller. Playing with you is ajoy, playing against you is a pain. Don’t lose the optimistic attitude I love about you. Chowang- By far the most versatile football player I know. Please stop scoring against me. Mubaraq- I can’t thank you enough for all the jamming sessions. The chemistry was unreal and something I’ll never forget. What a musician you are, never stop. Karsten- Easy to talk to, easy to laugh with, so approachable, and so funny. I am so happy we got close. Stop ditching me! Jin- Keep talking back to teachers brother. I love it. Balani- Pol and Gov would not be the same without you. Your vibe makes the class so enjoyable. Arpit- We had some insane moments being roommates in eighth grade and I had some hilarious memories with you that semester. Keldo- Dai! You are a competent and intimidating athlete. Keep drumming ;) Aniket- Please stop skipping meals. Shaurya- When you talk to Lucy, let me know.Vaibhav- Your knowledge about technology is insane and I don’t know how many times you have helped me with my laptop and phone. Stay nice!! Tanishq, Daniel, Shubham, Lukas- Practicing and playing with you guys was a joy. Sahil and Sahil- One of you is lame XD Khush- You wait and see, we will be free again.


Tanushri SHRUTI

Mom and dad- I love you so much and I am so grateful for both of you. Ruchi, Ashu, Taaru- I love you more than anything in the entire world. I will always be there for y’all no matter what. Keya, Kuhu, Shibo, Paloma, Mehar - I love you all so much. Thank you for everything Saja- you are an amazing dancer and person. Love you Cheema, Abhick- you guys make me laugh and i appreciate you kids. I’ll miss you so much. Nalin, Visakuo, Dheer, Josey, Bhatia, Aviva, Priyansha, Seoyoung, Veer-. I love you kids. Liah- Thanks for everything. I love you. Shruti, Ismail, Shubham, Riya- I love each one of you so much and I actually have no idea how i would have survived school without y’all. Chiriki, Nandini, Tarini, Siah, Liz, Hyenjin- I love you guys so much. I don’t know what I would do without y’all. Tiku,SMJ and Golu- grateful for all of you forever, thank you for all the entertainment. Nandini- thank you for being so sweet and caring. I’ll miss you. Chowang, JIn- I am so grateful for you guys always being there for me and being really important people to me in my life. Nathan- I miss you so much. Thank you for all the memories and the fun football games. Vaibhav- Thank you for always being there. Jaideep- thanks for everything. Will miss you Mehek- Love you. Thanks for the great memories Tanishq, Mubaraq, Lukas, Aniket- Thanks for everything and all the fun memories. Drama team- Thank you so much to every cast and crew member of Once On This Island. Y’all really helped me overcome my fear. Imperium- my woodstock family. I love each one of you so much. Y’all really did make me the person I am today. I am going to miss each one of you so much. I would like to thank my mom and dad for sending to Woodstock in 2013. When I used to live in my zone and my own bubble. You both gave me an opportunity to live life beyond and live through new experiences. I love you so much and I will be always grateful to have you in my life. Sumit, Riya, Roshni,Satvik, Disha, Deepti: thank you for being there for my entire journey of woodstock. I would like to thank Shubham, Riya, Tanushri, Ismail for being there for me in my ups and downs. You helped me overcome my every problem and always managed to make sure that I have a solution. Kate, Nandini and Ran: You have been there for me when I needed you the most. I miss you guys so much. Visakuo: I will miss you so much. Thank you for always being there for me and listening through my deep conversations to weird conversations about random people. I don’t know how I will survive in college without annoying you… Nalin: I am going to miss our lame jokes, and our coffee dates. You made me smile even when it was the hardest thing to do. Thank you so much. Arina: I think i gave you enough tips on how to survive 12th grade. Thank You for being a wonderful junior. Always stay the same and don’t forget me… Khushi, Alisa, Diya,Pankhuri: I will miss our late night chats and our little made up stories. Thank you for making me smile. Abhay,Sahil,SMJ, thank you for being there with me in our fun times. Jaideep: you are amazing, you are a really fun person to be around. I had a great time with you in Jaipur and lhama’s. Vaibhav: I had a great time being your friend. Let’s chill in Delhi and you better call me and I promise I will answer your call this time. Talitha: You have been a great friend. I will miss those funny nights, I will miss you roasting people and having fun in Khan Market. I hope we still meet in Delhi...Lol i don’t wanna explain what we will do. Chimmi, Nandini, Shreya, Aarushi, Siah, Rishika: Thank You for everything. Imperium : I will truly miss you all and you guys helped me become a strong individual. Guys never change and I hope you have a great future.


Mama & Dad: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock. My life would be completely different if you hadn’t sent me here. I wouldn’t be who I am today if you hadn’t sent me here. Mr & Mrs Peters: You've been our dorm parents for 6 years now, and I have to say no one could’ve done a better job that you guys. You’ve watched us grow from dumb kids to who we are today. You were always my parents away from home. Harsh: Harf Bhaiya I hope you grow a pair and stop falling for girls so easily, jk you deserve the world bro. That night in 9th grade changed it all between us and I’m glad you’ve been such a huge part of my life. Ahaan: I’m only writing this so you don’t feel bad I didn’t write you one. I’ve known you since 6th grade, you’ve gone from being a cute kid to a buff and scary bully. Hopefully we’ll have three more years together, we’ve been on a lot of crazy trips and made a lot of memories and there’s more to come. Kritin: I’ve never felt deprived of a older brother cuz you were always there for me, I love you bro. Ved: You’ve never failed to make me laugh and I love you for that. I’ll never forget our Ridgewood memories. Abhay: Abhay Yaar, I wish you lived in Dubai, we would’ve done some crazy things there too. I’ll never forget the times we’d roast Ismail and the Sahil’s, and the hours we chilled in your room the first semester. Keldo: We’ve had some messed up moments. There used to be a time when I would say “bro even I want a girl,” now you’re generally the one saying that. I’m glad we roomed the final semester. We’ve laughed together, played ball together, gotten pissed at each other, but through it all you’ve always been my brother and you’ll always be my brother. I love you bro. Bajwa: Cutie!!! I’ve never said it but I think the only reason I wear track pants almost everyday now is cuz of you. I’ll miss the late night Oreo and milk snacks chowang, you and I would have. Balani: Balla bro I think the only change you’ve had over the years is that you’ve reduced eating maggi now. Also you suck at Indian music I’m better. Apoorv: I can’t even imagine what I would do in Ghaziabad without you. I’ll never forget that divali week, we went all out. You’ve always been a part of everything I’ve done this year. I’ll miss all the late nights we’ve chilled together. We’ve got a lot more to do in Delhi. Neel: No matter how much you deny it, I’m the better tabla player. Akshaya: My first roommate in WS. I’ll miss you bro, we should’ve roomed once more just for the fun of it. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!! Janak: You’re the most entertaining guy I know. Our room first semester was damn fun, I’ll miss annoying Harsh with you. Ansh: Lauroo, although you were weird when you first came, I’m glad we became close this year. I’ll remember all our late night talks. Yugyel: I’ll miss bunking Indian music and talking to Maiti about the most random things. Take care. Shaurya: We had a crazy Indian History trip. I’ll never forget that Luggage Room night and ding dong ditching at JW Marriott. Sahil: My Saudi jihadi. You’re the cutest volleyball ever. Hopefully someday you pay us back for that Llamas bet. Please don’t ever get abs you’re cute like this. SMJ: Hopefully now you’ve learnt how to copy things correctly. Red: I'll miss your food chef. When we meet in Bhutan you better cook. Sangi: Scariest Senior, thank god I don’t have to deal with your sassiness anymore, jk, I might just miss it. Siri:You’re so annoyyyiiinnnggg. You’re welcome for helping you in EVS. Rachel: Thank you for making my senior year so memorable, this year would’ve been so different if you weren’t a part of it. Tbh you were the biggest part of it. Take care. Abhik, Sethi & Cheema: You guys are and always will be my younger brothers. Take care of each other, especially Sethi he’ll manage to do something dumb for sure. Most of all enjoy your senior year and make the most out of it. Yonden & MK: Keep balling you beasts. You guys better bring it home for us. Nemo: You’re one of the craziest and funniest 10 year olds I’ve ever met. I hope you hit puberty soon. Chopu: You’re something else to watch playing football. Keep playing and bring something back home. Akshaj: I wish you were here the first semester, we would’ve chilled a lot more. I’ll miss all the late nights we’ve chilled. As annoying as you’ve been, I gotta say I’ll miss a lot bro. Gauri: You need to learn how to cook, I won’t be there to cook for you anymore. I’ll miss your annoying presence around me. You’ll always be my younger sister. Take care. Sherap: You’re the cutest sexiest man alive. I’d say you’re the better Nepali. Math will never be the same now, idk how we survived this year. Yehyang: Hi Yehyang!! You’re one of the most cheerful people I’ve ever met, please never change. Imperium: Thank you for the best years of my life.

I am so grateful to God for sending me to this school and bringing the right people in my life. Mom and Dad: You instilled in me a love for education and the importance of learning through experience. Through your example I have learned about hard work, dedication and faith. That last one which has been especially important during my time here. I thank you for your trust in me and allowing me the opportunity to be responsible and independent. I love you both and could never write enough words to thank you for all that you have done for me. But I can say thank you for Woodstock, I would never have had the courage nor the opportunity to come here without your support. Thank you. S6 (Siri, Sangi, Yehang, Hasumi and Red): There's a saying that goes “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,” Well if that's true then Hasumi you have made me kind. Sangi, you have made me nearly pass out from laughter, and also diligent. Siri you made me strong. Yehang you made me happy and light. And Red, my roomie for life, you made me persevere and accept. I am proud to know all of you and spend what feels like forever with people who made me a better version of myself. Thank you. I love you guys. My basketball girls: Continue to be strong and supportive to one another. Don’t wear the jersey for yourself but for the girls that surround you on the court and the bench. Thank you for making my last season of basketball so memorable, and so hard to say goodbye to. Chowang, Sherap, Dorjee, Karsten and Jinhwan: bio bud, art gang, and fellow white boy. Thanks Chowang bc I honestly don’t think I would have made it without those study sessions.Sherap and Dorjee I’ll pretend I’m not still mad at you guys for having an A...Karsten, I’m glad I’m not the only white person who doesn't share their food. Jin, you’ll never beat me in ball blaster. Thank you guys all for making school a little more bearable and times out of school more fun. Shaurya and Akshaya: I’ll always call it ping pong get over it! Thank you guys for always making me laugh and getting my dark humor, stay safe these next few years.Abhick: My best bro from 11th grade! I can’t imagine a time when we weren’t as close as we are now. Don’t be dumb, be the leader I know you have the potential to be. I’ll miss you.The gang (Janak, Iqbal, Kritin, Ahaan, Ved, Balani, Sahil, Neel, Apoorv, Jaydeep): Each of you guys has been there for me in a different but equally important way. I am so incredibly thankful for my friendship with each one of you and the memories we have made. Thank you guys for letting me be apart of this family. I know this is not goodbye. (Also I really hope you all live to make it to the 20th anniversary!) Abhay: I'll miss seeing you everyday and saying Hi :)Harsh:You are one of the sweetest most caring people. Thank you for listening to me rant, always being someone I can confide in and laughing at my not so funny jokes. I’m so thankful to call you one of my best friends and lucky to have you in my life. I truly would not have made it without you. Much love and care. Kel-do and Yugel: My favorite bhutanese boys! Yugel its scary that our humor and personality is so similar it definitely makes for some really interesting...but funny times. Keldo, thanks for always talking things out with me, laughing with me and having my back when I need you. Thank you both for dealing with me and always making times more entertaining. Love you guys, keep in touch. Arpit, you are definitely one of my hardest goodbyes, you are at the center of so many of my unforgettable memories here. Thank you for opening your heart to me and being my best friend. I’ll always be here for you. Finally, Imperium, you welcomed me into this family and I am grateful for even just the two years I spent with each one of you. Thank you all for being apart of my Woodstock journey. Maintain absolute power over your lives, we are destined for great things.

Mama and Papa: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock, guiding me, and doing everything possible to make sure I have a smile on my face. I love you more than anything. Dhruv: Thank you for always taking care of me. I love you! Ved: I want you to know that no matter how much I have teased you, it’s always been out of love. From being roommates 6 times to walking together on grad, we have done nearly everything together. I will miss you Slaavey! Janak: I’ll miss your water spitting skills, your sense of humour, and all those fun nights in our room. Apart from being one of my best friends, you are one of the funniest people I know. Thank you for always making me laugh and cheering me up. Iqbal: You have been with me since my worst days at Woodstock. From our prank calls, to the snowy clock tower bazaar, to winning Goal-athon, I have lived some of my best Woodstock moments with you! Balani (Mote): You were the first person I saw at Woodstock. Obviously, as usual, you were EATING (Oreos). Mogu Mogu to Maggi, Indian Music to Algebra 1, I will cherish all our memories. Deep down, you know I’m number 1 on your favourite list. Ismail: If I’m ever in trouble, I know my 7-0 bro will come save me. Dorjee: Take care of your wife bro. I’ll see you in Boston soon! Chowang: Those boring StuCo meetings with you are something I’ll never forget. Have fun in Stanford! Keldo: I’ll miss playing football with your dumba**. Always remember, you scored cause of my passes. Akshaya: I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in Canada soon … after your army service of course. Arpit: My first ever roommate :) Abhay: Let’s make the Kashmiris proud. Sherap: Please don’t forget the original chinner. Aniket: My pigeon! I’ve known you for 6 years now and you’re still the same. Please get stronger. Jaydeep: My PAC partner! Thank you for saving my a** so many times through these years. I owe you so much! Have fun in the Michigan winter and come to Vancouver soon. Yugyel: I don’t know where to start Loser. Actually I’ll start right there. I’ll miss whooping your a** , especially in Goal-athon. I’m so glad we got close this year. Detsen: My workout buddy! I would have still been fat if it wasn’t for your company in the gym. You are one of the nicest people I know and I hope HC becomes yours one day! Harsh: Charlie Chaplin!!! You have been one of my closest friends since day one. From the 3 Musketeer days to the Big 3 days, we have had so many good times. Kritin: Tomu, you have made my journey at Woodstock so much easier. I would still be in Algebra 2 if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for countless number of fun nights and always being there for me. Ahaan: Your Hindi gaalis always make my day … we have had such a long ride. We joined the football team together, got kicked out together, and then played tournaments together. You have always been one of my closest friends. I’ll cherish all the memories we have made #Bigthreeforlife Adyan: Tatts, my forever water supplier, please don’t change, you are one of the nicest people I know. Apoorv: Kaalu!!! From the minute you joined school, I knew we would become close. We went from troubling you at night to you joining us in all the fun. Thank you for helping me get through high school. Thank you for always being there when I needed you. Ansh: Lauro … from our holiday countdown conversations to just talking about life, you have been someone I have always felt close to. I hope you know that our friendship is something I value a lot. Sahil R: Take care Mr. Cheat Day. SMJ: Keep hustling. Joseph: Love you my AP Stats struggle buddy. Vaibhav: Bubby, Mujhe bhoolna mat! Take care! Rohan: Your smile makes me smile. Siri, Sangi, Red, Rachel: Thank you so much for making my time at Woodstock even more fun! I will always remember our activity weeks! Please keep in touch! Abhik: Make the most of your last year at Woodstock. Mr. and Mrs. Peters, Mr. Huten: Thank you for looking after me like your own child. Mr. Beavan, Mr. Maiti, Mr. Negi: My favourite staff members. I will miss you! Mr. Plonka: Thank you so much for your help and guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am without you. You’re the best advisor anyone could ask for. Imperium: Thank you for the best years of my life. I love you all. If you ever need me, I’m only one call away.


As I sit here, on a bean bag in the Senior Lounge, writing this ‘will,’ listening to “sad classical music,” I feel like a British army dude writing a letter with a fountain pen. This is it. My six-year journey is nearly over. It hasn’t hit me yet and this makes it really hard for me to reflect on our friendships. Where would you be without me? Hahahaha. As I sit here, on a plastic chair in the computer lab, frantically writing down anything that comes to my head when I think of you, I feel sad that I don’t know how to finish this sentence. This will is messy, like me. It’s 7:45 AM, and I’ve been awake for 20 hours. I spent 9 HOURS on the senior mugshot page (procrastination included) wth is wrong with me. Yahhh, it’s senior will time: Neel: You hated me when I joined and now we’re the best of friends. Thank you for discovering new ways to tease me every semester. I’ll miss you, but not how you WAKE ME UP EVERY WEEKEND. Janak: I hated you when you joined and now we’re the best of friends. You’re so enthralling. I’ll miss the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen ;) Iqbal: How is that even funny … Let’s go rafting or mountaineering or some other Haggis activity. You have the best relatives. Love you and your drumsticks. Burn za deck, LM. Balani: You’ll get angry if I don’t write a lot for you, so I won’t ;) Thank you so much for the tuck, introducing me to juniors, and abuse. Calm. dw, I’ll miss you as much as you miss me <3 Jaydeep: I’ll miss your sneezing and advice. You’re adorable. You win the First Roommate Award (FRA). Ansh: I’ll invite you to my parties in my Juhu penthouse in 10 years. I love you, except when you’re annoying. Please feed me forever. Ahaan: I love you Ahaanalingus. Except when you’re mad at me :/ Thank you so much for all the food and lessons. I’ll miss you so, so much. Here’s to a great flight. Cheers! Harsh: I hope to get you in kekda positions one day. You will always be with me, in that Roberto Cavalli bottle in my bathroom at home. Kritin: Thank you for teaching me how to live, taking me home, and being my best friend. I can’t wait to Live the Veg Life™ again. Apoorv: I’m sorry I pushed you. Syllabus syllabus syllabus Mr Garg. Apples and cream. I’ll miss when you’re on heat. Arpit: Send me some RTM everyday okay? HUMP ATTACK! You’re sick, you’ve got swag … Abhay: I’ll need pictures of your chest and legs daily after grad. I like when you’re angry. Keldo: You’re good at making people smile, me included. Very entertaining person 10/10. We’ll drive around Bhutan at night with your Dhubi friends one day. Chowang: 10-second game? Hehe. Ai’ite tho, man you hella Rattpack, Imma finna miss you. Y’know wut, Imma give you the FRA. Dorjee: You made me question my sexuality. Thank you for being fun to cuddle and for introducing me to seniors. Sherap: You’re aesthetic bro, fr. Maybe I’ll gift you the "SWEATSHIRT" I got as a gift. Yugyel: YugiPOODI, I’ll miss lying on your bum in English. Jinhwan: You have no filter. Keep swearing and stay hot, Japanese boy. Sahil: Swindhi, I’ll miss making you giggle. WOOGABOO! GT was fun, then that chor left. Detsen: You think that your punches don’t hurt … STOP, before you go to jail. Thanks for the noods. Hug me before grad? Akshaya: You are smart, just like me. That is good men. Shaurya: MAS370: Lima Oscar Victor Echo Yankee Oscar Uniform. Daniel: See you in Katowice. Boost me ;) Ismail: Your accent gives me life. Take care of my teeth one day. Adyan: Yey, yey, yey, yey, yo. Kind-hearted Musalman—the King of Kanpur. Vaibhav: How much RAM does your laptop have? I’ll miss your noogies <3 Karsten: Tyan-tyan. Nice hiker dude yeet. Aniket: It was nice to go to buzz with you today hahaha. You’re a nice, frail pigeon and we began this journey together. FRA! SMJ: I like when you smile at me. Red: Hi Red. I like that our names rhyme. You’re a very sweet LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT person and I’ll miss you a lot. I love your family, especially Mr Tshering. Rachel: Nice to have a white buddy. Funny gal from Tulsa. Sangi: OF Thank you for holding my hand. Siri: Thanks for protecting me from Balani. DDU-DU DDU-DU! Hasumi: Hontoni? Anata wa ni hanashi VED CAMPBELL MADDISON o suru no mo tanoshīdesu. Liah: You’ve taught me a lot. Have fun in Israel! Siah: You’re a nice, funny girl. Thank you for forgiving me. I, VED CAMPBELL MADDISON, of Selfie? Pankhuri: Thanks for being my half-girlfriend. Talitha: Don’t K me. Drystee: Mao. Hi sister. Lukas and Mubaraq: Dark humour is the City of Durham, County England, being of best humour 88. Jaideep: Keep flying! Khush: Mumbai Indians jeetega <3 Shantanu: U R mad lad. Faisal: I’ll miss you saying “Hi Ved” to Durham, sound mind and disposing me. Daeyoung: Ding Dong. Rohan: You’re cute. Shubham: Thanks for the powder and Bollywood knowledge. Matthew: Salve. Tanishq: memory, do hereby make, puband declare this to be See you at Tomorrowland. Uma and Theo: I know you don’t care that I’m graduating. Bye. Dhrub, Cheema, Knema (s/o mum), Palden, lish my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all Wills and Abhi(c)k, Delilah, Nemo, Arhaan, Abhiraj, Chan, Tenzin, Mukhtar, Akshaj, Shubh, Wahi, Jiten, Kyutae, Kuhu: I remember Codicils by me heretofore when I thought it was cool to get a mention at the end of a senior will. Do you feel cool? Hahaha. KIT and stay in school! made. “Call my friends and tell them that I love them ARTICLE I. And I’ll miss them” - B.E. I direct that all my just debts be paid as soon as practicable after my decease. Especially those of AHAAN NAYAR, of 69 Marg, New Delhi, Delhi; KRITIN GARG, of 69th Street, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh; ARYAN BALANI, of 69 VIP Road, Raipur, Chattisgarh; and ANSH VORA, of 69 Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Mumma & Papa: Thank you so much for always believing in me and sending me to Woodstock, I cannot express how grateful I am to you. I love you guys for everything. Radhika Di: Thank you for always having my back <3, I don’t know what I would do without you. Amma & Bauji: Thank you for all your support throughout my life. You’ve always cared for me and remembered me when no one else did. I know regardless of you telling me everyday to call you I haven’t and I’m sorry, but thank you for never giving up on me and checking up on me every single day. Ahaan: Meri jaan, my partner in crime, regardless of our ups and downs, you’ve become a major part of my life and my family bro. Kritin: Teetooni, nothing makes me happier than the fact that you became the brother I never had in the last 3 years. There isn’t a single memory I can let go off with you. You are irreplaceable in my life. It’s going to be weird without one of my three ch-oo ki matra, ta-ee ki matra, ya-aa ki matra. I’ll miss you a little toooo much bro. Kritin & Ahaan: You guys are the Forrest to my Bubba, the Imraan and Arjun to my Kabir, the Raju and Rancho to my Farhan. I love you guys. Arpit: Barpaaaa, it’s gonna be really hard not having you in my life anymore mere bhai, you always have been my go to person and I’m not ready to let go of that. Jaydeep: Cutie, it makes me happy to see you grow from only wearing track pants to now wearing jeans sometimes. You are the sole reason I came here. One thing I’ve never said to you but always done is, grown up looking up to you. I hope I never lose you. Neel: Makhi now that SATs, college apps, everything is done, please loosen up. You’ve been a brother to me since you joined, love you bro. Janak: ”Hey, I’m Harsh Garg.” I hope your obsession with me ends soon. You are one crazy guy, I’m going to miss you as my roommate and never forget all the crazy things we did together. Apoorv: Appyyyy, advisor nights wouldn’t be good enough without you, and the smile on your face, after you know, you smell something, just makes my day, ahhhhhh! Balani: Balla bro, its ‘bout time you buck up and actually start working towards what you promised me you’d do in college, make me proud. You are and always will be the real BOSS. Ved: You are the only person in my life who is always full of life and can cheer anyone up at any given time, thank you for always helping me out with everything, I’m really going to miss our talks outside Huten’s house. Abhay: As much as I like how you are carefree and away from all the nonsense, please start caring about things as now we’re entering the real world. Ansh: Loro, even though it’s only been two years, my friendship with you has been like we’ve known each other forever. The late nights, the khud sessions, and most of all the numerous times I only took your case are some of my most memorable WS moments. Keldo: Mr. Big Lips, you show yourself to be the mean jock to everyone else, but the softie inside you is what I admire and love you for. I’ll never forget that you envy me for the one thing that people hate me for. You’re a hard one to say goodbye to bro. Yugyel: Yugi, you were one hell of a slave, JK, I just loved you calling me Boss all the time. You really made my last semester at WS memorable. Keep working hard and never ever let me see you cry again. Chimmi: You are like my baby. I have to tell you what to do every step of the way, but regardless of everything I love you more than anything else. Red: You’ve been like a sister to me, you annoy me, you come to me for help, you act like a child with me, and the worst of all things, you hold on to me as if I’m there just to carry you or be an armrest to you, but it evens out since you’ve always been there for me whenever I’ve needed you. Rachel: You were just a lame, white girl in my AP English class when it all started and I don’t know how that got us where we are today, but you are one person I plan on travelling miles just to see. Siri: iPhone, Mr. Crider’s advisor was the most awkward thing ever and now I’m finally getting free from getting annoyed by you all day, but as happy as I am, it makes me extremely sad that I won’t have that pitch red face shout my name and walk weirdly to me in the corridors. Pankhuri: You have been the most useless person in my life, but for some reason I’ve always needed you around, stay cute and stay the way you are. Sangi: It feels like it was just last year when our mom’s randomly made us meet each other in front of the school gate. The last 8 years went by a little too quick with you. Even though we’ve had rough patches, you should know that you’ve always been one of my closest friends <3. Yehyang: Marshmallow, stop worrying about others all the time and pleeeease stop punching me. Vaibhav: I can never forget our talks in Ridgewood, and our drives up to Mussoorie. You helped me with things no one else could at times. Chowang, Dorjee, Akshaya, Karsten, Tanishq: It’s been a long journey since 5th grade, You guys will always be my second family. I’ll miss you guys. Iqbal, Jin, Sherap, Sahil, Adyan, SMJ, Aniket, Ismail, Shubham, Shaurya: I wish I had spent more time with you guys. Please try to always stay in touch if I forget. Imperium: I love you guys to the moon and back! Abhick, Sethi, Cheema: You guys are and always will be my younger brothers, you know I would do anything for you guys. Support each other through your last year at WS. Be the Ahaan, Kritin, and Harsh to each other. Tara, Tashi: Please grow up you IDIOTS. And just so you know, even though I always mess with you two, I still care a lot for both of you. Arhaan, Abhiraj, Chan, Ishaan, Mukhtar, Akshaj, Jiten, Nemo: Stay the way you guys are, I will really miss bullying you guys and please stay out of trouble. Mr. Jeff, Mr. & Mrs. Peter, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Mark, Mr. Puri, Ms. Tara, Mr. Hubbard: Thank you for always guiding me through the right path. Woodstock: Thank you for everything and making me the person I am today.


Mumma, Papa: Wherever I stand today is because of you. I will always be grateful to you for sending me to Woodstock. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than you have already given me. Thank you for always standing by my side through thick and thin. I love you. Tushen bhaiya: Thank you for always looking over me, you are one person who I will always look up to. You taught me how to stand on my feet and not be dependent on anyone. Nanu, Nana, Dada: I know I have haven’t always been the best grandson to you, but I hope I can change that in the coming years. You have always taught me to see the good from the bad. Thank you for always being there. I have and will continue to cherish every moment I spend with you. Rehaan, Krishna: All I can say is that school ended too quick, please enjoy the time you have here and don’t do anything stupid. Lex and Bastian: The only two cuties in the whole wide world who can calm me down in seconds. You guys have grown up so fast and I’m happy to know that one day you’ll both be taller and stronger than me. Harsh: Harsh and Ahaan/Mukesh and Anil. From being distant friends to inseparable brothers. You hold this platform in my life that cannot be described by words. We have made such stupid mistakes in life but all of them together. Me, you and Kritin—the 3 C***’s. You are and will always be my brother from another mother. Kritin: Bhai, I don’t know where to begin, we have so many memories, you are my brother from another mother. You, me and Harsh, the 3 C***’s, will never be forgotten, you are always there with me through anything. Well, at least after you go to college we’ll have something to talk about. I hope we keep making stupid decisions whenever we meet. Jaydeep: Cute Baj, my Activity Week buddy, I have enjoyed every single moment with you, you always get me hyped even though you might be sleepy, you are one of my closest friends and I never say this to you, but thank you for always being there for me. Balani: Ballu meri jaan, mera makhan, what can I say bro, I will really miss you, I will miss the time you me and chor chill in the kitchen even though we don’t really have anything to talk about. From hating you to loving you, never thought it was possible but, I love you so much. Abhay: Yo disconnected f***, I never thought we could get this close knowing our history lol, but I am really happy that we did get this close, I hope you don’t choke again and if you do please let me know I would like to be the first one to make fun of you. Apoorv: Appy, bro you are so close to me you have no idea. I am really gonna miss going to buzz with you and Abhay everyday, especially to The Glen, we have made so many memories together. Keldo: Mr. Ugly, I know we did not start off well, but as of today I can say that you are one guy who I can talk to about anything and you can still make me laugh. Arpit: Burpa, firstly I hope we go to the same college. I don’t know where to begin, so many memories in such little time. You are one person who has this smile which makes me uncomfortable and happy at the same time. Ansh: Blackie, you and I have become so close in past year that I never thought we could become, I am so proud that you have matured up so much that I can trust with anything in my life. I hope you start wearing clothes in college. Janak: Jaan, the times will be missed when we both stand behind the turntable hyping up the whole school. I will miss all the stuff we did together as roommates and will never forget you making random noises in the middle of nowhere. Ved: There’s so much to say in a few words, you are one of the people I trust my life with, you have been there with me trying to cheer me up even though I have been really mean to you. I hope you succeed in Bollywood as I know you have it in you to make it big. I love Vedling. Neel: Mukhi my little cry baby, I love you so much. I am really happy to see you grow into this fitness monster, you have made me really proud. I will miss all the times that we have spent together, I will miss playing football with you. Sahil: My volleyball, my cute jabbari. You are one of the closest people to me you will always be in my heart, you have always been there for me with that smile on your face. Bubby: I will miss the times that we drive up to Woodstock, listing to you talk all the way. I will miss the times when we have small fights on stupid things. Yugi: Angry young man, you have no idea how much I am going to miss your ass, you are like a big brother to me always telling me to take the high road. You have taught me a lot in these last seven years that I will never forget. Detsen: Muscle man, I remember a time I used to be taller and stronger than you. I hope you still have that one selfie with me, the only one. Iqbal: bro, I wish we had more time to spend together but I am still glad that we had this much time to make memories, I will never forget the 9th Grade Activity Week. Pankhuri: My cute skeleton, I think it’s time you stop annoying me. I’ll never forget the times we have had together. Rachel, Red, Chimmi: I know we got close by the end of our time here, but I hope this friendship continues for a long time, I hope you don’t forget me. Jin, Chowang, Akshaya: It’s been a long ride with our heads above the skies. Dorjee, Sherap: My two Tibetan sons, I hope you come visit your papa soon. Dorjee continue to learn Punjabi one day you’ll be fluent at it. Sherap one more Esse for the road? Ismail, SMJ, Shubham, Rohan, Aniket, Karsten, Tanishq, Addi, Shaurya, Daniel: will always remember the memories we have made. Thank you for always having my back. Siri, Sangi, Yehyang: A mistake that I made was to not spend enough time with you, really wish I could change that. Abhick, Cheema, Sethi: my little brothers, I hope you stay in touch. You guys have always been there for me, and I am very grateful for that. Please stay the same and don’t into too much trouble. Nemo, Chan, Abhiraj, Akshaj, Mukhtar, Jiten, Ishaan, Arhaan, Vahi: I wish there was more time.


Mama & Papa: You have always done what is best for me and I am very grateful to have you as my parents. I am sorry for all the times I have upset you. The two of you have always been there for me, especially during the worst times I have faced. The love and support you have given me has helped me through it all. Thank you for everything. I love you. Dada & Dadi: Thank you for always believing in me, even when nobody else did. With your guidance and love, I have achieved so much and I hope one day I can repay you for everything you have done for me. I am blessed to have you as my grandparents. Love you. Janav: You’re going to be the best lawyer there is. I have full faith in you to do whatever it is you wish to do. Ever since you left WS, I’ve missed you every single day, knowing that you are happy makes me feel safe. Soon we’re going to be really close to one another. Love you lil bro. Vedil: I’m going to miss you so much man. I doubt there is someone else that is as psychotic as you. You’ve been a spaz since day 1 in 7th grade and don’t ever change. I can’t imagine not having you there. Iqbal: Bro I’ve had the same classes with you since 9th grade and every class has been funny as hell with you. You never care about what anyone thinks and that’s what I love about you. Keep climbing and do what makes you happy. Neel: I will always remember the first time I saw you crying in the lounge in your neon yellow hoodie. You’ve gone from fat to fit and I love your determination to do anything you want. Stop showing off about the colleges you got into. HarshGarg: You need to stop ruining my vibe by trying to always double date with me. I’m so happy you were my roommate. Life without you would be incomplete. Arpa: Annoying HarshGarg with you is too much fun, 1st sem senior year was full of lols and lmaos in our room. You’re going to get me free tickets to Emirates when you become a pilot. Ahaan: Rooming with you in 11th grade was so unexpected but yet the best time I have had in a room with anyone. Woodstock’s best SAC heads for sure. You have a vision and I will always be there to support you to achieve your goals. JAAN forever. Abhay: Tickly, it’s been a pleasure selling you my shoes. I love you, my camel. Keldo: Busty Lips, keep ballin’. Jaydeep: Diwali was LIT, and I would do anything to go back to that weekend. I love you. Apoorv: Ahhh! Mayhem Part II is gonna be lit! Thanks for being SAC Head with me. Sheryl: Stay Icy, I can totally imagine you with a Thrasher beanie ,with long hair, a skateboard and Starbucks in NYC. Kashi, Chowi: Shodaa!! I’ve been your roommate way back and those times were hilarious and so memorable (Ridgewood Ninjas) Teetooni: You’re Woodstock’s Trump. You’re going to find a girl that will like you back for once I promise. You’ve always done everything to put a smile on everyone’s face, mine included. Bali: You were my first friend in Woodstock and I’m so happy our friendship has been the same even if there were ups and downs. Pol & Gov wouldn’t have been the same without you. Also I am way faster than you so don’t ever try to catch me. Yugyel, Detsen: Stay SWOLE. Ansh: “Why are y’all barking?” I’m glad I got to be your roommate in 11th grade. You’re good at squash but terrible at FIFA, just remember I beat you 5-0. Danax: My Jabalpur bro, I’ll be waiting for the tickets for your set at Tomorrowland. Mubarick: Ad Band brotha! You’re the most musically talented person I’ve ever met. You’re going to be producing platinum records and stuff soon. #trusttheprocess. Jin: I wish we could’ve talked more. Buby: I will fund BubyTech Qadri: You know you lost the rap battle so don’t even try. I’m going to miss you kadhu. Rachel, Siri, Sangi: You guys are super funny to hang out with, Chaar has always been fun. Abhick: Firstly go for a girl your age, second please change your wallpaper. You are going to achieve big things in the future and you will be the best version of yourself. Trust. Cheema, Sethi: You guys are the only decent people of your grade, be good seniors and stay out of trouble. Arhaan: Baby bro with the dumbest humor that can make me laugh at anytime. You’re growing taller (thank god), keep playing football and win golden boot in Goalathon. Shubh: Plug for life, you’re a messed up person but still one of the nicest people I know. Look after Wahi and make sure he gets savita bhabhi. Nemo: Respect for always ready to party .We got the best music taste, please keep sending me new songs and keep ws lit. Wahi: Yo brother what’s poppin, Daru Badnam is a horrible song. Amit (Akshaj): Chor. Tenzin: Diwali was a blurrr. Lil Flower: Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and having my back through the toughest times. Everything you do is cyoot, don’t ever change and stay in touch <3. Mr. & Mrs. Peter: Thank you for being my parents here at ws. Mr. Jeff: Thank you for protecting me. Mr. & Mrs. Plonka: Having us over for cookies and milk has always been fun and I’m going to miss having you as my advisor. Imperium: Slime forever. Woodstock: Thank you.

Janak & Balani


Mom and Dad: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study in Woodstock. After all our problems I don’t know how you managed, but again thank you and I LOVE YOU. Aviva: Enjoy your time here, it will be over in a flash. Thank you for always having my back and supporting me here whenever I needed help. LOVE YOU. Dadi: I love you with all my heart and I know you have always wanted the best for me. Your love and support has also helped me get through Woodstock. Keldo: Bro in the start I wanted to beat you up and now I love you more than anyone in Woodstock, that’s how time changes. Ved: Who is gonna annoy me, who is gonna make me laugh, who is gonna be there for me when I need someone after we graduate, life will be incomplete without you. Yugi: IDK how but we got like crazy close in our senior year and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Gossip sessions, workout sessions, Sunday movie marathons—loved all of them. Nayu: My second room in Woodstock, the 3 people I hated the most and you were one of them. From that to having the honor of being in my senior will, you should be proud of yourself—love you always. Kritin: “You were, You are, and you will always be my best friend!!!” If I ever needed anything, I knew who to go to. Always had my back. Thank you. Apoorv: The late night talks we have had over the last semester has gotten us closer than ever. I love you my high pitched bro. Jaydeep: Cute Baj, We have gone through s lot together, having shoe fights to cuddle times, I am gonna miss them all. Love you Chooooor Harsh: Let’s roll bro, I am gonna miss all those nights with you (you know the ones). Take care of Guddu for me and make sure he controls himself. Love you. Abhay: I was your first roommate and you should thank god for that because you couldn’t have gotten anyone better. I love you my camel. Arpit: Barpi, one of the best memories I have from this place was punching you with my broken arm. I love you Sick Swag Hawhawhaw. Ansh: F-all bro, I hated you so much it’s unbelievable, From that to loving you so much. Taking care of you numerous times and then getting pissed at you the next morning. Bruv I am gonna miss you. Neel: Mukhi, my Fatass, even you become as thin as Aniket I am gonna call you fat. You have annoyed me more than anyone in this school and I hate you for that, JK my life would be so boring without it. I love you. Janak: Janfam try not to lick my ear every time you see me. I have probably lost at least 10 kgs just running after you piss me off. I love you and esketit. Nemo: It will take you about 10 years to undertsad this cause you are slow, the time I spent you went by so fast. Our talks about KP and others bro I am gonna miss them. TRIANGLE N. You have matured a lot and remember I will always be proud of you. MK: Wakanda Forever, I am sooory for teasing you so much. You know I will always have a soft spot for you in my heart. Sometimes it’s hard to find you but when I do I just want to hug you. SQUARE UP N. I love you Siri: You are one of my bestest bros, you can thank me later for making your life interesting. Remember you are not allowed to smile or laugh in front of me. Man I am gonna miss your Kewanazi, Jadaaaa I know you can’t live without me XOXO. Red: Because of you I had my Great Depression. My last WS crush, I love you so much and I know you love me more than that CHOOOOOR. Detsen: I don’t know why you always come to me to get beaten up. You know I am stronger than you. Loved every fight with you, and for Grad I am giving you a kiss. ROMB (Rest of my Bros) Cho, 9th Grader, Iqbal, Smarty pants, Bubbi, Rohan, Ismail, Eggsy, T-Dawg, Kim Baki, God, Domas, MJ, Shaurya: IDK what I am gonna do without you guys man, my homies, I am gonna miss you all like crazy man LOVE. Sangi, Rachel, Yehyang, Hasumi, Khushi, Pankhu, Chimmi: Ma female frands, I will never forget the memories we have made over the years and you will be privileged enough to have your memories engraved in my mind palace. ROMJ (Rest of my Juniors) Akshaj, Cheema, Abhik, Jiten, Yondhen, Abhiraj, Chan, Shubh, Wahi, Arhaan, Mannat, Singye, Jinju: Enjoy WS, I’m gonna miss all of your annoying butts, and I know you are gonna miss your favorite senior. RO019 (Rest of 019): I LOVE YOU


Aniket Singh

Drystee Giri



Mamma and Babba, thank you for giving me the opportunity to study in such a great school. I hope to make you proud. Alisa, you’re very annoying but cool, and don’t you dare edit this while making the yearbook. Neel, good job on slimming down, I’ll match you soon and in height as well, watch out, and try to get better at FIFA. Iqbal, so many fun nights of COD and horror movies, you’re really cool bro, don’t ever change. Janak, you’re really funny, keep making people laugh and get some better music taste. WAAH. Ved, you were the first person I met in school, and from that point, I knew you’d be weird but you’re still funny and cool. Ansh, grad party coming up, be careful. Aniket, we’ll have to meet in the capital of USA, Vaibhav, we all believe in BubbyTech, you’ll do it. Ismail, I hope you stop doing haram my habibi, loved all the late night talks. Shubham, remember how scared you were when you hid your phone for the first time? Rohan, stop breaking my controllers. Detsen, who do you want me to put in the tomb? Just let me know and I’ll do it. Yugyel, stop thinking you’re Ronaldo, you’re clearly better. Akshaya, thanks for introducing me to Star Wars. Sherap, just become a fashion model, I’ll miss you asking me to take pictures every minute. Jin, learn how to put a filter in what you say. Abhay, even a date with the hottest girl ever won’t beat eating chocos with you everyday. Keldo, I loved giving you all those great passes in football but you still couldn’t score, thank you for your locallness. Arpit, remember the time we beat Shawn up in the middle of the night? That was really fun bro. Apoorv, I let you beat me in FIFA all the time, you also need to learn how to play actual football. Balani, who will I watch Madrid games with now and talk trash about Benzema? I’ll miss you bro. Jaydeep, keep jamming to Cole, Kritin, come to Kanpur (best city in UP) for me and the laddus. Ahaan, we have to learn how to get taller bro, Harsh, let’s go eat the peking duck in Hyatt together. Chowang, thanks for ankle-breaking me, but I won that game. Dorjee, the jokes you made were disgusting, get a better sense of humour, you’re still cool though and your fashion is ok. Mubaraq, TRIP ka koi fan nahi hai. Sahil Raisuddin, I’ll miss you making me smile by saying that name. You’re one of the funniest and caring people I know,keep making people laugh. Sahil Jacob, who would’ve thought you’d get a girlfriend? Good job. Lukas, why they have to do Arthur like that? I’ll miss you bro. Khush, you’ll be the next Sachin. Definitely. Shantanu, my Barca man, keep doing what you do. Daniel, we’ll shop at Armani one day. Shaurya, the Real-Bayern rivalry has been intense with you, let’s hope it never dies. Tanishq, Rupali is waiting for you bro, take your shot, and keep producing your music, it’s lit. Karsten, we’ll have to go eat ice paan and kokari roll while watching Aiyaary. You’re really funny man, it’s been great. Imperium, I love you so much. Cheema, bro you’ve been one of the best guys to chill with and make jokes about, I’ll really miss you man. Make the best of your senior year, it’ll go by in a flash. Visakuo, I really admire your dedication in everything you do, don’t stop grinding. Yongbean, keep practicing football bro, you’ll go far. Rigpea, you’re really sweet bro, keep smiling like you do. Samarvir, you’re really nice and chill, keep it like that, but stop dressing so formal bro. Jigme, never forget I beat you in Goalathon haha, but you’re a great player and you’ll win Win Mumby one day. Woodstock School, thank you for giving me six wonderful years which I’ll never forget. I love you all. Until next time.


Shubham, Shruti, Tanushri & Riya: Thanks for wonderful memories, Woodstock wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Sahil: You’re the best wife anyone could ask for. My backbone in this school. (I WILL DESTROY YOU) SMJ: “That’s the sun”. Abhay: you are all …. Rohan: Thanks for always editing my English essays and keeping up with my stuff. Iqbal & Neel: Teasing each other since day one, but you always make me laugh and there is nothing better than playing football with you all. Adyan: My Muslim brother. Been real with me since day 1! Love our talks about everything even random stuff. Sherap: Your sassiness kills me every time and every moment with you is special. (DELHI) Jinhwan: Your jokes get lamer every time, still love you though and love playing FIFA with you! Jaideep Grover & Matthew: My first friends in Woodstock that I hope I stay in touch with them forever. Detsen: I don’t say this often, but you are my biggest motivation in Woodstock! Akshaya & Shaurya: TT gods! Thanks for all the help I got from you guys. Aniket: Really happy I got to talk to you more! Vaibhav & Ansh: loved chilling with you guys. Ved: You’re weirdness always put a smile on my face! Stay the same. Yugyel: You are a big support for me here, and even though you are short tempered (LOL), I love talking to you. Keldo, Ahaan & Kritin: Jabbaris for life. I always got your back the same way I know you got mine. You three are amazing. (HOSTEL FIGHT CLUB). Arpit: “Don’t punch me, man, just use your words” Balani: I love English class just because you always manage to cheer me up! Every night with you is memorable. (SUZI) Apoorv: Chemistry was full of harassment because of us. Bajwa: “Abdullah, you ate pork!!!” Dorjee: “Oh hi Gorgee, thanks for waking me up” Chowang: You always got my back. Thank you! Mubaraq & Tanishq: Amazing people! Love listening to your music Janak: Your diss track to Adyan is my favorite. Harsh: Thank god for puberty. Lukas: You are a beast boiiiiiii. Daniel: Even your insults make me love you more. Faisal: You are the kindest soul. Thanks for always reminding me to pray. Daeyoung: Super Human. Shantanu: You are a real one fam. Love talking to you. Khush: My favorite badminton player. Yehun: Chem grade made us cry a lot bro lol. Khushi: My lovely bhabhi. Sangi: “Whenever we study together I do bad and you do well”. I swear I would’ve passed Calculus if you were in another section. Love you daughter! Diya: There is nothing much to say. You are the greatest person to talk to. Keep smiling. Siri: “Nooooooooooo”. Your phrase about me will always be in my head. Hasumi: I said it before, and I’ll say it again: YOU ARE THE CUTEST! Red: One of the nicest most approachable people in Woodstock! Meher & Anika: Roasting each other is one of my favorite things to do in class. Shreya: Bio would never have been the same if you weren’t next to me. Nandini: You are the sweetest person on earth. Please stay positive. Hala: My Palestinian sister. Even though you annoy me a lot but I love you! Nawara: The most logical, philosophical girl I met! Siah: I love your craziness. Pankhuri: You need to stop punching me whenever you see me. Rishika, Drystee, Talitha & Arushi: Internship and Bio got us bad! Yehyang: Thanks for always being crazy and upbeat. You smiling always cheer me up. Hyenjin: Love the fact that we started talking more! Manasvi, Mehek, Disha & Dorry: I hoped we could’ve talked more. Thanks for the nice memories! Alisa: Sorry that I annoy you sometimes. Thanks for great gift advices LOL.


Vaibhav "Bubby" Jain

Sahil MJ 134

Mummy, Papa, and Soumya: Thank you for all your support and love you have given me. Mr. Maiti: You are the best advisor anyone can ask for. Shubham & Tanishq: Thanks for helping me get through the last 9 years. Daniel: My partner in crime, we’ve been through together a lot, haven’t we? Gaming, doing AV stuff, and the occasional bad talk about school have been damn fun. Sam: My gaming and One Piece theories buddy, it has been a hell of the last 8 years. It was always a pleasure when you came to my house. Ballu: I still remember how much we hated each other back in 7th & 8th grade, but in the end, you were one of my closest friends. I’ll miss the time us two were roommates and all the random things we did every night. Shaurya: Pasta buddy, it’s been 3 years since we started cooking pasta together, and everytime I make it with you, it tastes the best, especially pesto. Detsen: Balling with you every weekend has always been amazing. Mukhi: All those workouts with you have been great. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be making excuses to not go to the gym. Yugi: All the league, CS games we have played together have been fun. Basketball on the weekend or the buzz, or the workouts we have gone together helped me relax a lot. Nayyu: Thanks for supporting me whenever I needed your help since day 1. You always tried to make me into a better person, someone who will be respected in the future and helped me get ready for college. All the breaks with you were really fun. Harsh: Mr. Ambani, get your debit card sometime soon. Will miss all the times we have chilled in Delhi together Teetooni: You’ve helped me out so many times that I have lost track now. I know that I am a mess up, but you never let that get in between the goal we tried to achieve. I’ll miss organizing all the events we have organized together till now. Chowang: Since 8th grade, the amount of time we have spent together makes me sometimes feel like we’ve been roommates forever. It was fun going down to Dehradun with you for Coffee Bar Orders. Lukas: Balling with you on the weekend was fun Jin: Our room was lit. Even though we got a bit separated after hostel, I wish that never happened. You have no idea how much of a cooool boy you are. Ved: You are one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Don’t change. Ansh: This last semester was amazing being your roommate. The entire semester, I could always remember Jaipur and how much fun we had being together in the same room. Rais: I couldn’t have made it through the last 2 years without you by my side. You are one of the funniest guys that I know. I’ll miss all those Bazaars and nights where we went and chilled in Midlands together with the rest of the people. Tiku: All those late-night walks to find food with you were fun. I'll miss chilling with you in the room. Apoorv: You helped me survive my UY life. Those roast sessions with you over break were really enjoyable. I’ll miss chilling with you in the breaks. Buzz: Internship was fun with you. Iqbal: Remember how we went spraying water at people 1 night and almost got on conduct for that?Janfam: All the times we spent together were really fun, especially cuddling with you in the night. Buzz, chakkar walks, night missions and all have been enjoyable. I will name my company Bubbytech if I ever start one. Karsten: Thanks for always inviting me to your house for your birthdays. All those nights were fun, with us staying up to play Pokémon. Keldo: You are a funny retard with lips that cover 90% of your face. Ismail: Everything about you makes me happy. Thanks for always giving me that positivity. T’Flawless: Playing CSGO with you was always a delight. Dorjee: You’ll remain the cutest midget for life. Adyan: Watching GOT was enjoyable with you. Moobs: Thanks for always trying to explain music making to me, even though I never understood most of what you were saying. Monkey: That 1 semester, you helped me realize a lot about myself and I am forever grateful for that. Bajwa: You are sooo cuteeee!!!All the years I have spent with you have been amazing. The trips we have taken together have been really fun, especially all the times you came to Delhi. Nik: Bro, you left too soon. It was relly nice to meet you right before senior year started. Tarini: Thanks for always supporting me for everything. You left too soon. It;s always nice to meet you when you come to Delhi. Remay: It was chilling with you in Midlands every weekend. MJ: Sorry for always getting annoyed at you. You are damn chill, chiller than many other people I have met. Riya: Indian History with you was damn fun. Egg: I hate you for such a small word limit. Do come to India sometime after the army. Rachel: All those times we hung out in Midlands along with everyone else were really fun. Shruti: Shorty, you are the best arm rest out there. Sondeep, Mrs. Peter, Huten, and Adi: Thanks for always looking after us. Jayant: Little bro, you don’t know how proud I feel of you and your work. Keep this up. Remember that if you ever need any help, you are just one message away. Mr.Seth: You are the best maths teacher I have ever had. Brijju: You are the best staff supervisor I could ever ask for. Tech Team and AV has been damn chill with you there by my side. Santosh: Thanks for teaching me everything that I know about coding. Watching you game was always really fun. ICT: Thanks for everything you have done for me. Without the team, I would have not become who I am right now. I have learned a lot under your guidance these last 2 years and I hope to use these skills in the future too. Doggo: We’ve had many ups and downs together, but in the end, we were always able to fix things. I thought I wouldn’t ever talk to you after we talked for the first time, but there you were the next day, saying hi. Thanks for giving a memorable High School. Knems: The occasional breakfast or brunches with you on the weekends were really nice. Tara: SAT classes with you might be one of the best things I could have asked for. You made that break really fun for me, and it was nice chilling with you in Delhi. Indian History/ Art trip with you was really fun. Jigya: Enjoy the little time you have here. Don’t mess up your senior year. Cheema: I still hate you for what you did to me at Harsh’s birthday. Abhik: Keep smiling, have fun in your senior year, and organize an insane AW. I know you can do it. Seoyoung: Computer Science has been damn fun with you. Suhana: Stay Relaxed Imperium: Goa was one hell of a trip. Thank you for absolutely everything. Stay safe guys. I love you all.

Mom and Dad Thank you for your unconditional love and support I am extremely grateful to you and I love you. Stuti Di you are my inspiration to study I wish I could become as hardworking as you. Sahil I will admit you might be the better Sahil. Lukas you are really cool, wish you were in dorms more often. Faisal, Daeyong Oak Buddies. Grover Thanks for all the love I still won’t give you that treat. Shantanu Bantai see you in Dharavi. Khush Had fun watching IPL with you.Buzz,Yehun and Naphon thanks for all the food you guys gave me. Daniel Proud of your office. Shaurya Thanks for the “notes” you sent me. Sherap Sheru I will always be thankful to you for giving me that orange hoodie. Jinhwan Whipped Jk you made oak fun. Adyan God, also you were decent in football. Detsen Workout buddy I have grown to love your insults. Yugyel You are one of the nicest guys I know. Akshaya you quitter AP Bio sucks because you left no one to copy form. Ismail look at the view.Shubham Still salty at you for starting Shaun but still love you.Rohan Buy more hoodies.Ansh Aniket Vaibhav You three are really chill.Janak Iqbal Neel Ved loved playing football with you.Abhay “3rd was the best.” Keldo I ate too much of your food.Arpit At least you don’t roast me as much as you roast Rais. Apoorv saying “you pick” wasn’t the smartest of ideas .Jaydeep I still have a slap on you.Balani Balu I will work on my football skills for you.Kritin you were a good school prez but an even better friend.Harsh you made Pol & Gov bearable Ahaan You have been a great friend.Chowang I wouldn’t have passed 11th grade without you. Karsten STOP flirting with Khushi. Dorjee Thanks for all the streaks because of you I. Dorjee Thanks for all the streaks you are a great wingman.Mubaraq Tanishq you guys make great music. Nawara you bush. Shruti I like you more than Bougzie. Mehek You should really start thinking before acting. Disha Still waiting. Siri So cocky but still like you though Hasumi Parvati embrace your Indian side. Alisa it was fun to have you in my advisor Riya and Tanushri you guys are great dancers Chimmi you are really nice and kind girl sorry for making so much of you Khushi I love you but it’s still pani puri. Mr Mark and Mrs Mark you guys were advisors I could ever ask for. Mrs Roberts Thank you for always being a supportive role model to me I will miss your sarcasm. Dear Imperium I never thought I would get attached to a group of people like I did to you. I love you all.

Shantanu Khush Patel: Bruv, despite knowing you only for a few months, we connected so well. Whether it be Math, Game of Thrones, or IPL, I enjoyed every moment of it. You were the best roommate one could wish for. Imma come visit West Lafayette, are you gonna come to Toronto? Jaideep Grover: the man I can talk about sneakers with :) It was hella fun having you as a roommate; the countless hours we spent trying to come up with ways to annoy Khush haha! I’ll never forget that. We gotta go to Tomorrowland soon! Friendship Peak: Thank you Saksham, Faizal, and Daeyoung for encouraging me on going for the hike, a true once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Thanks Swapnil and Anirudh for being entertaining throughout the journey. Jalal: Bro…. QB with you was amazing. Watching Bojack Horseman, F is for Family and other serials all night long was damn fun bruv! Plus our afternoon Buzz trip was the best I’ve ever had. I legit won’t ever forget that week in my whole life :) Akshaj and Mukhtar: You guys made my QB special. We never each other before QB but we connected so well! It was so much fun chilling out with you guys. Dartmouth: You’re alright, the one guy who is always there to chill with me or eat lunch. You smell hella bad and have tons of hair but I’ll ignore that to come and meet you in Hannover. Ismaiel: Brother I’m never gonna forget the late night intellectual talks we had, you really taught me a lot and welcomed me with open arms while I just joined WS. All: I have only been in WS for a few months but everyone was helpful and I really appreciate everyone that took a moment out of their time to interact with me.

KHUSH Mummy, Papa You have always supported me through my ups and downs, encouraged me to enjoy everything that I do in life; and most importantly, taught me to be a good person. Words cannot even describe how grateful I am for the fact that you sent me to Woodstock, for the best 6 years of my life! I hope to do something big with my life, and make you proud. I love you both so much. All my Teachers Academically I have had some rough semesters at Woodstock, but you gave me the strength and confidence to do well. I thank and love you all. Rahul Budday hai kya beta?? Ah man, I will forever cherish those times watching Bollywood with you. And ofcourse, playing cricket everyday after school, arguably the best moments of my time at Woodstock. Jaideep My man, my Bill Gates, brother from another mother, I love you man. I still remember the day we became friends; we had lunch together and you showed me pictures of you in a lambo. But damn you rich lol. You’re such an amazing person man. After all, you helped me survive 11th and 12th grade by giving me food. I’ll miss playing badminton with you, and also listening to your shitty songs. Better meet me in Gujarat whenever you come. Shantanu Bantai, kya bolu yaar? I’m gonna miss doing all the crazy we did this year man. Dancing to bollywood songs, and not giving a single crap what people think. I’ll always remember the times we watched GOT together, screaming and crying during the messed up scenes. Also, apun ka Mumbai is the best. Duniya hila denge bc. Rohan Dartmouth!! Better come to Purdue. It’s been really fun arguing about colleges and stuff man. Purdue 100, Dartmouth 183 haha you suck(jk). You’re really smart and a kind-hearted person. And, in the future, if you become the president or something, just remember who helped you with math lol. Badminton Team Thank you for making my senior year amazing. I had a great time training with you guys, and I will always cherish those moments. Continue working hard and make Mr. Negi proud. I wish you all good luck for future tournaments!


Appa and Mama: I am forever grateful to you two for giving me everything I have to this day, I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. I love you both! Rachel: besties/roomies for a year and a half now. You deserve much more than you think Rach. I will forever cherish our midnight noodle cravings and kewa datsi feasts. Love you. Sangi: You without realising, have made me grow into the strongest version of me and for that I thank you. I really hope we keep in touch throughout life. FBGM!!! Siri: I hope our friendship remains unchanged. Don’t hide or feel shy about your crazy side, it’s what makes you you and we all love you for it. Hasumi: what am I to do without a friend like you. Please become more open and less shy. Try out new things in life and I promise, you will not regret it. Yehyang: we have seriously had our ups and downs. The fact that our friendship made it through all that got me to realise it’s worth. Jaydeep: You are the reason I made it through 12th Grade. You made the hard times bearable and stuck by me even when I was super unreasonable and stubborn. Thank you for all that. Im glad we met when we did if not earlier.Thanks for being my sunshine, rainbow, and cutie. Harsh: How did we get from that email in orientation to where we are now. Kate: My first roommate who made me into the tough cookie I am today. My number one who has been there for till date. Kritin: I believe you will achieve great things in the near future including a girl who will appreciate you for everything that you are. You often work so hard for others you tend to forget about yourself. I love you, thank you for everything Kritin. Keep in touch. Balani: Hello from the other side. Cut down on the maggi and the loosies you hear me? Take care of yourself Bally ;) thanks for being an amazing friend. Ahaan: You better still be alive for our reunions. You always know how to have fun and spending time with you has always been worth it. Thanks. Chimmi: ChimmiChimmiyaChimmiyaChimmiya, Don’t OD on momos or anything else goi ga? Keldo: See you in Bhutan loser. P.S. Thank you for always giving me the worst relationship/friendship advice hahahahaha. Ved: Hey Ved, this is Red <3. You know when I first saw you I thought you looked like a giant bad@$$ bully. I was so wrong LOL. You are one of the sweetest and tallest people I know. Stay the same. Seniors of 2018: My Woodstock experience would not have been the same without you guys. Thanks for everything! Thank you Imperium <3

Red Dorji

Jaydeep Bajwa

Imperium: That was fast. Stay in touch. Maa: Woodstock is the best gift I ever got. I love you. Papa: Thank you for being there. Michelle: I’ll always be better than you. I still love you tho and we’ll have fun together. Masi & Babbu Papa: Wouldn’t be here without you. Parents outside my parents. G-Taj, Taj & Meetu Didi: At least I’ll be closer to you guys now. Red: I’ll always have that thing for you. I had the most amazing year and I am grateful for our time together. Definitely gonna miss you the most. I’ll always be here. Sad that it’s gonna end but happy it happened. Kritin: Where did it all go. From 4th grade to those late night games till now. You were a constant for so many years and it’s gonna feel weird without you. Ahaan: Woah. For sure one of the hardest. I know we could not talk for years and still have the same love. Check your phone once in a while for me tho. Stay ambitious. Remember what I told you. Keldo: How did we never win? Don’t change. I don’t want you to become any smarter or quieter. Bye MVP. Abhay: Don’t know if you care about anything but I am special. You won’t forget me. I’ll miss you. Chowang, Dorjee, Yugyel & Lukas: Never got that W we dreamed of but I would go to love to play with you guys again. Nice guys finish last. Detsen: How did you grow so much? I’ll miss you and Balani going at it. Jack: You left too soon but you’re still family. You’ll always be the first to know about my love life. Nikolai: Wish you stayed longer. But the times in RW were the best years I had. Miss you all the time. Satvika: Liverpool suck. I still miss jamming to songs with you. You were one of the closest people and you leaving was very sad. Apoorv: Well.. What do I say. Where did it all go. You’re effortlessly smart and you’ll do amazing things. We might be going away but we’ll never be apart. Harsh: Bhai. This is not fair. We get close and it’s all over. But it’s not. Nothing but love and memories. Neel: Keep at that hard work. Don’t overthink it. Make every experience the best. Balani: You’ll miss how much I tease you. I know you like that attention. It’s always see you soon with you cause I know you won’t leave me. Janak: Ayyyy. Best DJ. Those dances were some of the best times. Ismail & Sahil: Can’t have one of you without the other. Ved: Stand up for yourself. Focus on the right things and you’ll become a great. Don’t know of one person who didn’t like you. Keep showing everyone love. Ansh: Wish you came earlier. Can’t believe the amount of good times we had in such little time. Arpit: Been together for so long that we don’t even know what it’ll be like without you around. Akshaya: Egg and Noodles. Vaibhav: RW was amazing and let’s keep meeting. Can’t believe so many years went by. SMJ: Whipped. Jk. Should’ve come earlier we had so much fun this year. Cheema & Abhick: Stay together. It’ll finish in a flash. Make the best of your time. MK, Nemo, Jiten, Warris, Akshaj, Wahi, Abhiraj, Yonden & Arhaan: Consider me your big brother. I’ll always be there for you guys. Red, Ahaan, Kritin, Harsh, Ansh, Abhay, Apoorv, Arpit, Balani, Keldo, Neel, Ved, Janak, Jack, Nikolai & Satvika: You all became family. Best group of friends I’ll ever have. You made my time here special. I’ll relish our relationship and it’s not a goodbye cause I won’t let it be. I’ll see you guys in a minute. Don’t miss me too much. Moving on is easy but leaving you guys isn’t.


Mumma and Papa: Thank you for sending me to one of the best schools in India. I have had a great time here and am very grateful to both of you for helping me get here. Love you. Anika: Thank you for being a very supportive sister and giving me advice whenever I needed it. Thank you for always being there for me. Love you. Keldo: I deserve to win that fifa game we played at 3 AM. Arpit: We should really begin to hide our wallets better. Apoorv: You win the buzz streak. Bajwa: Cutie, looking forward to being rivals in college. Balani: I will always be the better rapper. Ahaan: Hatred to Love, thank god our beef never continued. Kritin: Get over her, and thank you for helping me with my homework in college Harsh: You really need to start choosing better ones. Chowang: It was great fun having you as my first roommate. Dorjee: Don’t ditch me. Mubaraq: Keep the beats going. Janak: Don’t lose that smile and never stop making people smile. Ved: Stop pissing me off. Neel: Watermelon juice at Panache. Iqbal: Keep tripping. Vaibhav: Jamboree and late night walks were lit. Ansh: Control yourself in college. Aniket: We should’ve talked more. Ismail: Most loyal member of the Jabbaris. Shubham: You should’ve come to my room more often. Rohan: COD GOD, have fun at Dartmouth. Detsen: Keep up the working out and low-key savageness. Akshaya: I am the better nephew. Yugyel: Your first one was great. Adyan: God, no words. We should have chocos and milk sometime again though. Sherap: Roasting SMJ @314 were the good times. Jinhwan: Stop wearing that sweater. Buzz: Thank you for the help in Physics. Samuel: Egypt buddy. Sahil: Motu, don’t “mess” up in college the way you messed up in school. Sahil: I wish you could help me write this as well. Lukas: We should’ve chilled more. Matthew: Continue with the great composition and hope the best for you. Jaideep: Those late night talks in 11th were fun. Shantanu: LLJ Khush: Math prodigy, have fun at Purdue Shaurya: We will getting our weddings arranged at Marriott fosho Daniel: I finished the game twice ha! Abhick, Cheema: Enjoy your last year here, don’t mess up and I hope you guys get into some great colleges Tashi: Sahil and you made art fun, thank you for cooking for me and make the most out of your last year Siri: Stop teasing/roasting me please Yehyang: It was great getting to know you and I hope you manage to get a higher score than mine in at least one game Rachel: I will always be your official third wheel Red: I got the last pinch on you Khushi: Thank you for taking SMJ from me, you took one for the team Riya: Have fun with your 70 cows Tanushri: Keep dancing Shruti: I always say hi. Chimmi: I really don’t know what to write here, but thank you for making my last semester great Imperium: Sorry if I forgot to write for anyone, but I am kinda running out of space here. Anyway, I love you all and hope you guys have a great journey ahead of you.



엄마 아빠, 제가 우드스탁을 다닐수있게 도와주셔서 감사해요. 제가 멀리 떨어져서 지내는게 엄마 아빠랑 예찬이 한 테 어려워도 계속 꾸준히 저를 도와줘서 감사해요. 덕분에 정말 잊을수없는 추억을 만들고가요. 계속 멀리서 도와주신 거, 감사해요. Samuel, Naphon, and Buzz, feels like we were always in the same room. And there are so many things I will miss about you guys. I will miss asking Naphon for stuff, asking Buzz for help in studies and hearthstone, trying to argue with Samuel, and all the other stuff that we all did together in the room and outside the room. Sam, always be philosophical, asking anytime whatever goes through your mind that is controversial; and get that diamond elo. Naphon, stay as you are. Humble, introverted, nice to people except when we ask you for stuff. I don’t know if I can return the favour for all the things that you did for me, but man, thanks a lot. Buzz, just keep living your life as you have always done. Doing things that you feel like doing. Hope you find a partner someday, since you always say girlfriends are overrated. Best of luck going back to your roots in China! Danny, the OG Content Cop, I hope you all the best for strea – I mean studies, and hope you never stop doing what you love, cause CS is life right? Karsten, I will miss playing violin with you, and all the RE Retreats we went to. I will miss all the tag games we played, as well as practicing violin together. And never STOPSTOP practicing. Lukas, Tanishq, Jin, and Chowang, thank you for making my last 2 years in Woodstock the most unforgettable time of my life for all the wrong reasons. I hate you all. Talitha Hi SIS, hope you do well, keep that strong Christian-self alive; I will never forget all the time we spent being awkward in advisor. Keep being brutally honest, it helps people get your point at times. Aarushi, I hope that you stay as you are wherever you go, since you stand out in literally anywhere you are and suffer. Jokes aside, you are one of my closest friends I have. I will miss you and your unique personality along with identity crisis. Oh, and always remember, if medicine fails, there’s always your nice little santoor for sacrilegious playing. Who knows, you might be a Ling Ling after all. I hope you stop spitting on people and acquire the ability to calm yourself after laughing. And lastly, Tanishq, Aarushi, and Meher, never forget: Roses are red, Violets are Blue, whenever I smell roses, I think of a BOOM.


Mom & Dad: Thank you so much for sending me to Woodstock and all the countless support and words of encouragement that you guys gave me krub. It really helped me through tough times as you were always there for me. Love you guys krub!!! Perm & Koon: Only one year left to go you guys! Make the most out of it and enjoy the remaining time you have here. I’ll miss you guys a lot! Message or call me anytime you need anything. I’m proud of you guys! Buzz: My best friend since 7 grade, we’ve known each other for 6 years and you are like a brother to me. I’ll treasure the memories we made together and the help you gave. Yehun: My Korean bro! I’ll miss you and your singing. Don’t shout at the screen too much. Sometime I might’ve been annoyed when you borrowed things, but I just want to let you know that you’re more than welcome to do so. Samuel: My weaboo bro! I’ll miss talking about anime and all the “philosophical” questions you asked. Don’t go making weird noises randomly or people will think weirdly of you. Contact me if you’re ever in Bangkok and we’ll meet up. Lukas: Hey bro! I’ll miss your jokes and all the pranks that you like to do. Keep in touch and we’ll meet up again in Thailand. Daeyoung: Hey Daeyoung! I know that we haven’t talk much lately, but I hope that you’ll become successful in whatever you do in the future. You’re one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Take care and keep in touch. Jaideep: I know that I haven’t play badminton with you much, but I really do enjoy all the games that we played together. Daniel: My fellow advisee, you’re one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met -- always supporting everyone behind and in front of the scene. Keep it up and take care. Rohan: Good luck in Dartmouth and don’t forget about the flippy thing! Saksham: I hope your condition gets better and enjoy your gap year! Sangyoon: You’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Miss you bro. Oscar: Miss you and your neon shirt, yolo man. Panisa & Ran: Let’s meet up in Thailand sometime! Aarushi: Hey my fellow 9 years old! It was really fun talking to you. Keep in touch! Meher: I really enjoyed talking about Marvel movies with you. Take care! Sanjana: I’ll miss playing Smash Bro with you! Talitha: My fellow chemistry buddies, good luck in college! Imperium: Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best!!!



Mom and Dad: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock, even though I was against it at the start. Bro: Even though I didn’t talk to you much during school, thanks for helping me with all the college stuff. Karsten: I know I didn’t spend much time with you during senior year, but I will always remember you as my first friend in Woodstock. Yehun: You know I still remember when I broke your hard drive when we were 7th grade seemed like my debt went on forever, thankfully I repaid everything LOL, anyways even though many people disregard gaming as an actual memorable experience I hope you will remember the days we played League of Legends together. Let’s try to get to diamond. Buzz: I hope you reached legend in hearthstone by the time you are reading this, if you didn’t its fine just remember that the credit card is the strongest card in all TCGs. Naphon: Hey Jai, I didn’t make fun of you for being the delegate of Netherlands, but I guess I have now, anyways don’t stop watching anime and reading manga even after you’re 30. Remember that I was your first roommate đ&#x;˜Š. Rohan: GL in Dartmouth I guess, you did tell me that you can’t wait to leave for Dartmouth but don’t forget the memories in Woodstock. Sanjana: Thanks for all the game nights, it was a lot of fun. Oscar: Ok, I know you are no longer a Woodstocker but you were a lot of fun when you were here, If you are reading this I hope we can meet one day in the US. Hyunyoung: I still can’t speak Korean XD. Nandini: I will miss our philosophical talks in Art class, I guess stay curious. ICT: Hi ICT, I don’t know if you will remember me, but I hope Woodstock’s Internet will improve because the 7 years I have been here it felt like nothing changed. Chowang: I know I didn’t talk to you much, but I genuinely think you are the best senior overall. Sangyoon: Sorry I didn’t go to Rokeby with you on your last week. To 2019: Well I guess this is it then, I will remember Woodstock as the place where I changed my view in people, that there are a variety of people with unique personalities and I will always remember 7th grade activity week. I hope everyone has a bright future, PEACE.


Mom and Dad Thank you for always supporting me. Sister Thank you for helping on my first year in Woodstock. Naphon -other half - Thank you for being my best friend for all this year. I won’t forget time we spend together. I admire your dedication for certain tasks. I hope you don’t hold back your thoughts and just say it. Sometimes, it’s hard for other people to tell what you are thinking but I understand you so it’s fine. Yehun -violin- Thank you for being there when Naphon is not. I really admire your music skill. Your voice acting skill is unbeatable. One day, I’ll beat you in typeracer. Samuel -weeb- Thank you for being my weeb friend. I won’t forget your weird noises and weird questions. I admire your parkour skill and won’t forget about that story. I hope we still games together in the future. UwU. Lukas -basketball- We don’t talk much but we are a good friend. I will remember time we spent together during 7th grade activity week, Thai-Ko! Saksham -fruit phobia- Thank you for arguing physics with me. I won’t forget the first day we met in your room with the machine thingy. I really thought that you were going to die back then. Ngo -short legs- Thanks for introducing me to volleyball. I admire your energetic aura. I enjoy teaching you math. I won’t forget you for being go-to person when my other friends are busy doing something else. Abdul -bicycle- I won’t forget cycling trip we did in 12th grade. I’m really happy for you to be there for me to talk to during advisor. Faisal -rock climbing- Won’t forget about your weirdness. Rohan -gorillaYou are annoying. Getting into a good college, being same level as me in chess, and just annoying in general. still friend though. Sanjana -board games- Thanks for hosting the game night. Jaideep -cars- Don’t forget to give me a ride once you have a sport car. Daniel -csgo- Don’t game too much. Sangyoon -clarinet senpai- It’s unfortunate for you to leave us so early. Since we take similar classes, now without you, classes get lonely. Oscar -neon sign- I miss the sleepover in your house. You are always happy and when I hang around you, you also make me happy. Thai Juniors - thanks for helping me finishing my food, helping me through the airports, and being my friends. v - I will miss all you...


Saksham Basu Hey, so I don’t know how to thank everyone who has been a major part of my life until now into this senior will, which is far too small a space, but here goes. The last two batches of seniors that graduated, the Class of ’18 and Class of ’17, for me every year since tenth grade as these classes have graduated Woodstock seems to become slightly less familiar and within my mind Woodstock will always be as it was when I first joined. Imperium, Class of ’19, Woodstock without you guys is pretty much impossible for me to imagine, to not see you all every day in the hall or in class, to not have check-in with all of us loaded into Cedar… well suffice it to say I am not entirely sure what Woodstock will be for me without you in it. The teachers and staff members from Woodstock and before who have taught me or supported me in pursuing my interests since I joined: Mr. Plonka, Ms. Homewood, Mr. P, Mr. Anderson, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Daniel, Dr. Carter, Ms. duToit, Mr. Hubbard, Ms. Seefeldt, Mr. L, Mr. Conrad, Mr. V, Dr. Long, Mr. Shah, Mr. Kutty, Nathan, Jai Sir, Ma’am Arya, Mr. Bannerjee, Sangeeta Ma’am and I am sure many others to whom I apologize for forgetting to mention them. My Dorm Parents, Mr. Peters, Mrs. Peters, Mr. Ady, Mr. Huten, Mr. Alex, it's a bit difficult for me to imagine not seeing you on a daily basis and to not be living under your care, thank you for the past three years. Mallik, thanks for being you, for the trust you have had in me, and for the opportunities you have given and continue to give me. Mr. Fried I realize that it is highly unlikely that you will ever see this but I can’t write about the people in Woodstock who have been my mentors without you being in that list, you were the one who introduced me to climbing and the one who made it feel not just like a PASSAGE or an activity but a community, and so I thank you for what you have given me. Ms. Roberts, you have been so understanding and supportive of me, while still continuing to push me to do to things that at times might have been not what I wanted to do or not easy and I thank you for that Ma’am, because it made me have to confront certain things when I would have otherwise hidden. Mr. Tobias, Ms. Pike, and Mr. Santos I don’t have a word in my vocabulary that can express what you have been to me, mentors, parental figures, and a thousand other words of similar meaning couldn’t express it, so all I will say is I am infinitely grateful for all that you have done for me and that I was lucky enough to have people such as you to learn from and to interact with. Emma, Lila, Faisal, Dori, Manasvi, Alisa, Khushi, Akshaya, Sam, Yehun, Naphon, Rohan, Hyenjin, all of you are amazing people and friends, and I wish I could dedicate a paragraph to each of you but unfortunately there’s a limit to the space I can use, but just know that I am so thankful that I get to consider all of you my friends and am sorry for the many, many times I have disappeared and not been there when you guys have reached out to me, I love you all. Pragya, you have been one of my best friends and like a sister to me, I am so grateful for having had you as a friend, for all the weird conversations we have had over the time we have known each other and for all the times you have been there for me when I was struggling. Daeyoung, Khaled, Sava, Tanmaye, and Buzz, you guys have been with me since I joined Woodstock and though a lot of you are not in school now, I can’t leave you out, you all have been there for me literally anytime I needed you, there’s no group of people I trust as much to have my back, I love you all, you aren’t just friends you have been and will continue to be my brothers. There are a few more people I need to mention before I can end this monstrosity of a senior will. My friends from Wynberg-Allen, you all are the reason I will always be able to recall my time in that school with the fondness I do, and though I am bad at staying in touch, your importance to me hasn’t diminished the least bit from when we used to roam around Mussoorie to now, you all are part of my family for me. My friends from Eicher School, I grew up with you guys, we were tiny kids when we met and went through so much of our lives together, there’s nothing that can nullify that sort of a relationship. My sister, for having been a huge support for most of my life. Rhea, you and me getting to know each other was sheer luck and I couldn’t be happier for it. All the outdoors(men/ women) – Will, Swap, Jiwon, Victoria, Mario, Natalie, Anirudh, Joshua – you guys are the future of the outdoor culture in WS. Adya, Jigmet, Gauri, Kahini, Min Jae keep being the amazing, light-hearted, caring, intelligent people you all are. Eicher School and, of course, Woodstock School as institutions for the incredible support it has given me as I was struggling with multiple health issues. Thank you everyone whom I have mentioned and the many I couldn’t, thank you all of you Ma’ams and Sirs :P.

Daeyoung Kim 엄마, 아빠 항상 믿어줘서 고맙고 사랑해. Doyoung, I thought your presence in Woodstock was close to negligible to me, but I think this year without you has proved me wrong. Faisal, you have pushed me out of my comfort zone most frequently by far. I think I can say that I’m a better person now because of that. Saksham, sir I would like to display my dearest gratitude for your amazing tolerance for me. You are truly the weirdest -- fructophobia? Come on man... Emma, I’m too scared to say anything to you like most people are… But, could you please say pani puri for me once? Dori, I wish I had the ability to turn the world into a retro movie for you. Then everything would be perfect. Manasvi, I mean Manna, you’re not weak; you’re strong. You just need a little less drama in your life (pun intended). Chimmi, you’re like a magnet -- always bipolar. Thanks for balancing out my lack of excitement. Hyenjin, please travel all the world with your elephant pants and namaste t-shirt. And make some art and write some if you have time. Yehyang, stop being so nice, man. Take advantage of the gift you have and be selfish for yourself. Shreya, I hope your father never has to use his contacts for mental asylums. Siah, you are so much greater than you think yourself to be, but I will always feel sad for whoever your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd husband may be. Nandini, I hope that you’ll have a vegan community that you can join in the future -- please remember not to carry your leather bag there. (+ Doma’s.) Rohan, I have a dream that one day, you’ll stop talking about Dartmouth. Akshaya, says “just go.” *in a trembling voice as he chooses sleep over workout* Don’t say that during your national service. Alisa, I’ll always pray that you become brave enough (or find someone convincing enough), to go out to the outdoors. You should also try procrastinating -- not your fake procrastination, but like me. Om shanti shanti, and you’ll probably like it a lot. Will, I’m afraid that you’ll climb harder than me one day. Just kidding. Not gonna let that happen. Swapnil, you are the only hope for Woodstock’s mountaineering heritage. Keep it up. Mario, stop flexing around your biceps. They’re smaller than mine. Victoria, don’t ever do anything stupid enough to get yourself injured again. I’ll be sad. Natalie, everything about you is so unexpected, but in a good way. Just keep climbing, Prerna. Seoyoung, please say good things about me to your parents, thanks. MinJae, you’re like the only one you uses 사투리 in Woodstock. Don’t give in to the influences of these Seoul people. Thanks for making me laugh sometimes. Jigmet, stop making excuses for climbing PASSAGE. I know you love cool things like climbing and hiking. Gauri, by now, you can probably squeeze out a pot of chai from your tablecloth. Stop spilling it. Aadya, please guide your fellow CFI Science mates to actually work. Kahini, I’ve never told you this before, but you’re a midget. Shlok, stop buying climbing shoes. Yes, I know you love me. I love you too. Mr. Prateek, I love you. You’ve been the best advisor ever, but please don’t give me tardies. Ms. Seefeldt, everything about you is so flowery. I, as a pragmatic pessimist, cannot possibly understand the positive and idealistic reality that you have been creating; You have influenced me a lot. Thank you. Ms. Pike, you have a special ability to empathize with us, immature, irrational, yet self-justifying teenagers. Thank you for that. We should have another Friendship Peak Reunion within the next 5 years. Mr. Tobias, I wish I could get to your point where I will never be agitated by anything. You’ll always be my Trad Dad. Mallik, despite all your chronic injuries, I hope you’ll voluntarily come climbing one day. Thanks for helping me with not only outdoors stuff, but also my studies (yes, IIT graduate). Mr. Fried, you’re my OG climbing mentor. Thank you so much for getting me really into climbing -- certainly life-changing. Once I’m in NY, I’m gonna crash on your couch, so be ready for that. CFI science, y’all have the power to change Woodstock. Try hard. Cross Country team, good luck waking up to run. I hope no monkeys will chase after you. Senior Sunset Squad, is, I think, the culmination of teenage spontaneity. Let’s never let it die. High Stoners’ Crew. Everyone quiet down -- the leader is speaking. We are sometimes dumb, irrational, and unable to make the right choices, but, we’ve managed to survive. We made climbing a thing in Woodstock (shut up, I know. It’s not that big...). On belay? Belay on. Climbing? Climb on.



Manasvi, thanks for always being there for me and telling me what I need to hear. You’ve helped me grow so much. Emma, thanks for making me laugh, for being down to talk about anything, for all the pancakes. Faisal, you encourage me so much to be a better person in all things. Hyenjin, I admire you so much. Can’t wait to travel with you someday. Saksham, I’m rooting for you. Do what you love. Daeyoung, you make things happen. I’ve always admired that. Keep it up. Alisa, you’re an incredible artist and person, thanks for writing songs with me. Lila, I love our conversations. See you in France someday. Rishika, thanks for all the laughs (at Manasvi mostly;). Music Theory Gang: you guys made music theory my favorite class, I’ll miss our long snack breaks laughing at something dumb. Senior Sunset Squad: thanks for (almost) always being down for a trip to Little Hut or the Eyebrow or the climbing room. To my juniors, don’t take yourselves too seriously. Enjoy your last year together, it goes by too fast. “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” -Anais Nin


Dorinda Jane, for being my first ever ‘easy’ friend and sticking with me in a way no one ever has. I don’t know what I would do without some Dori time. Rishika, for surviving stats with me and sticking after all that, for all the forced hugs and accepted faults, you loved me for me. Khushi ji, thank you for keeping me alive and sane and completely in awe of you. I adore you. Emma and Nawarti, thank you for making me swell up with laughter, intoxicated with tea and always being a shoulder I could lean on. Hyenjin, I loved working with you on our project but I also have loved all our conversations. Suckyoung, Dede and Faiiissaall, I never thought I’d be close to you guys but all of you added something in my life, I didn’t even know I missed. You pushed me and irritated the hell out of me but I still come back for more. Tanishq, never thought we’d be friends but I see more of me in you than anyone else and I love the puppy you are inside. Please stay that way. Sanjana, Nnnyyy you two were the weirdest roommates ever, both of you are such dumb goofs. Don’t let college make you smart. Nandini, you were and continue to be my closest friend in the advisor group AND YES WE’RE FRIENDS NOW. Shreya, “hug me? Fine dont. But please stay crazy and Shreya... d/dt”. Disha, I am glad I got to experience being your friend twice. Mehek, you are one of the strongest people I know, and I don’t just say this to anyone. Swapnil, your moti ben is gonna miss you so much. Drama Family, you guys were probably the biggest part of my Woodstock journey and I love all of you so much. Rhea, Veer, Jalal, Kuhu, Raymond, Frizia, Shyla, Priyansha, Diya Bubber, Amaan Bubber don’t stop following what your heart wills no matter how hard it gets. Future Peer Supporters, remember why you took this responsibility and stay true to it. The juniors in AD Bio, kudos to you for dealing with three notorious seniors. Juniors, don’t kill yourself or each other next year. Trust me, being a senior is so much more than just college apps. Finally, Imperium thank you for accepting me as a part of you and I couldn’t have hoped for better memories.


MEHER Mama: My support, my number one. You are the strongest, most awesome person I know and I’m lucky to

be your daughter. Thank you. Talitha: An utter queen. A whole goddess. You were my first bff and basically a weird mix of a mother and an insane sister to me. You better keep in touch when you’re in Gu-uh. Aarushi: My crazy white man fool. I can’t imagine life without you or your ridiculous comments. I’m going to miss you a lot, potato child. Nawara: Nawarti, my love- you’re as beautiful as your hair is curly. I love you and your ability to be both incredibly smart and really silly astounds me. Here’s to good times, buddy. Sanjana: You absolute anime nut. You mad lad. You have the kindest heart and you deserve the best of the best. Seize the day, queen. Lukas: You always make people around you laugh and, strangely enough, I’m going to miss your antics. You’re crazy in all the right ways and deserve really good things from life. Machhli. Drystee: You’re so kind, and mature beyond your years. You’re a wild child, and are such a beautiful person. You’re fearless, queen. Love you. Shibani: The most reliable, brave, and amazing person I know. Rooming with you was awesome, queen. Remember- The game is on ;) Rishika: The ultimate flexer. You’re the bio queen, sis. Love you. Tanishq: You got something on your shirt. Jk, you’re super funny and you’ve made me laugh so much on so many occasions. Keep making music. Mubaraq: Your wisecracks and idiocy kept me going through English. Stay on that music grind. Veer: Your CHARISMA. YOUR CHARM. I cannot. I love you so much, and I’m going to miss you so badly. Stay wild, king. I know you’ll never throw away your shot. AP Bio squad: We made it queens! (and kings.) All those labs, all the tests, the quizzes, the summary sheets- we did it! Now go kick butt in college. To all those not mentioned: Sorry, there was a word limit. But do know that I love you ALL. Thank you so much. To Woodstock and Imperium: The sun dips far over the mountains beyond And the forests rustle with faint birdsong. The pine trees stretch to the pale, fading sky. And I remind myself that this is not goodbye.

HALA Mom and Dad : you have been my support since day one, and have always had my back in my worst and best

times. Thank you so much for always believing in me and sending me to Woodstock. Words aren’t enough to explain my appreciation for all your sacrifices and your unconditional love. I love you the most. Besan, Hala, Zahra, Amal, Hajar,Anfal, Atheer, Tejan, Dareen, Heba, Rasha, Sondos, Lyla, Shahed: ‫ و ادج ادج مكبحب‬.‫امس دعبأل مكلتقاتشم‬. ‫مكلك مكفوشا و ابيرق ةزغ عجرا ىنمتبو يعم امئاد مكفوقو ىلع و معدلا لك ىلع ريثك اركش‬ ‫عمتجن عجرن و يتابيبح‬. I love you all so much. Nawara: This can’t be complete without you. Thank you for reaching out to me and being my true friend and mentor. I will miss the times when we laughed, went to Bazaar, lunches and dinners together. Sorry for annoying you so much by listening to my perfect stories :0. I want to let you know that I really care about you and appreciate our friendship and I will always be able to count on you. (‫ )!!ةريلب يربكت كدب ىتميا‬Ismail: Thank you so much for everything. You have always been there for me since day one. I love you so much bro. ‫)ةراون ةياعرب ( ليعاااااااامسا وووووووومعب ااااااهمتخن و‬. ‫!!!!كبيد قرحي كل‬. ‫اي كلقا نامك وش فرعب ام هللا و‬ ‫ وووووووومع‬but you know it all! (‫( )دعوم ىلع الو يجتب ام كنا عم‬theme song to this: ‫ )ةتوتلا تابح اي يقطو‬Anika, Lila, Red, Shubham, Manasvi, Hyenjin, Shibani, Jaideep, Khush, Shantanu, Faisal, Liah, Meher & Nandini: I love you and I thank all of you for every single minute we spent together. I feel extremely lucky that we got to know each other and that you came into my life. Saja, Doaa, Tala, Fadumo, Mayar, Jweeriah, Jia, Nalin & Swapnil: I will miss you! Take care and Study hard, you all are so special to me. I love you! Mr. Shaw, Mrs. Daniel, Mr. Seth, Mr. Prateek, Mrs. Datt, Mrs. Pike, Mr. Russell, Mrs. Prarthana, Mrs. Catherine, Mr Robertson & Mr. Hubbard: Thank you so much for helping me grow and for your guidance. You have supported me all throughout my woodstock experience. Thank you very much for everything. Mrs. Roberts: I love you so much, you have always been like a mom to me and you will always be. Thank you so much for all your endless love and support. Mrs. Bowling: Thanks for always being there. Class of 2019: See you later <3 I will miss you guys!!!


NGOC To those people who crossed path in my life PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH IN THE FUTURE. Aniks/Dumpling (you know who you are): Thank you for all those time you made me laugh to the point that my jaw hurts like hell. You are an amazing and you commit to everything you do (especially things that involve environmental issueS). You are cute and damn…….you talk a lot. I'm pretty sure you will become the second Eminem in the future. I will definitely miss you. Drystee: Thank you for being such a great friend, I had tons of fun thanks to you. You are such a strong women, I believe you will continue to grow and become a very kind heart person. Khush: You are such a show-off, and amusing. But, how can you be so good in badminton and math, I don’t get it. I hope I got a chance to challenge you in badminton someday. Jaideep: you weird. Lila: The most energetic person I’ve ever met, you are so smart, and you know literally know everything that exist on earth. Liah: You have such a strong personalities and I will never be able to forget you Tala: an amazing friend with so much thoughts, I will remember those time we walk down together. I hope to see you again someday and with a bright smile on your face. Hassakol/Buzz: I am very much grateful for what you have done for me in the last two years. And I am so happy I got to meet you as a person, you are such a smart and amusing guy. Nawara: It has been great to room with you, a great roommate. If there is any chance for me to come to Canada, I will visit you for sure.

ANIKA: *This is not in order of importance*. Araan: Little bro, try not to get expelled ok. Ngoc/Num Num/Chicken: I am so glad I went on the 11th grade hike because we became best friends after that. I am going to miss hanging out with you and making fun of you while doing that. We have our inside jokes that make other people question our sanity but that’s the best part about our friendship. Tala: There is so much to say and not enough words. Most importantly, I am going to miss you so much. We have survived monkey encounters and this year together. I love talking to you, watching movies with you and just spending time with you. Hakyung: I am going to miss our little breakfast chats. I really loved being captain with you. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm makes any early morning workout/run a 100 times better and don’t worry you will get into university. Rishiks: Rooming with you was fun. Nawara: You are my favourite french squad member (sorry Araan). You are always unapologetically yourself and I aspire to have the level of chill attitude you exude. I also love how we have spontaneous deep philosophical conversations about the randomest things. Hala: Thank you for being my designated photographer during the art trip. You are a great friend who always manages to make me laugh who also happens to have the most contagious laugh. Aarushi: We laugh together about the weirdest things and it is the best. Thank you for being the most genuine roomie and not stealing my TP. Red: I don’t think I am ever going to forget the numerous times we have had to run from monkeys and that pesky dog. Hasumi/Sashimi: You helped me start the CFI internship and suffered with me every time we had to give up our study halls for meetings. I am eternally grateful for the fact that you always have candy/gum with you at all times. We definitely have to hang out in Scotland. Liah/Lila: You are both awesome confident young women and you deserve the world. Jamie: I am going to miss running with you while having great conversations. KP: I can talk to you about almost anything and I hope that never changes. I am going to look back and fondly remember all our runs and brunches.



My parents: Thank you so much for helping me get through every breakdown I had in school and encouraging me to push through everything that came my way. Chloe & Leah: You’re still annoying. Riza: You’re an angel. Lukas: You’re also an annoying, tall person but thank you for helping me get through this last year of school. Please don’t apoptose in college and tell Hippo he’s amazing. Meher: Thank you for dealing with 4 years of my nonsense. Eggcurd is lucky to have you, you’re an absolute gem and I hope you have the best time ever. Tell Pallavi aunty I love her. Drystee: You’re absolutely cracked but you make everything around you so lively and and have an absolutely amazing personality. I’ll really miss you. Riya: You were such an amazing roommate and one of the most down to earth people I know. Thank you for all the (literal) tea, just dance, and puppy bonding. Aniket: You’re intolerable but I had a blast hanging out with you. Shruti&Tanu: You guys are really fun and talented and I wish you the best in college. Aditi: Laurent et moi vous aimons beaucoup. Merci d’être avec moi en français 3. J’espère que tu ne changeras jamais. (French 3 and I still had to use translate). Chimmi&Nands: You guys made my first few years crazy in the best kind of way and for that I am forever grateful. Shlok: I’m pretty sure you’ll grow up to be a great dancer, till then, never betray your tree. Pankhuri&Khushi: Thank you for teaching me a lot of valuable lessons and helping me grow throughout my years here. Aarushi&Rishika: Thank you for being a part of some of my best moments here. Tanishq&Mubs: Thank you for always spilling the tea, you’re both pretty quacked but it’s been really fun. Mehek, Saksham, & Naphon: I wouldn’t have survived Chem without you guys. All the juniors in my classes: You guys are super smart and thank you so much for helping me get through everything (physics). Ved: K. Ms Yaman, Ms Maya, Chirki, Cassidy, Panisa, and Kate: I am extremely grateful to all of you for making my life that much better in the little time we spent together. Imperium: Thank you all for giving me an unforgettable highschool experience



Mommy and Daddy: Thank you for sending me to Woodstock for the best years of my life. Thank you for supporting me in everything I do. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Leo: I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. We only had each other when we first came, and we will continue to have each other forever. Talitha: I’d have to write more than a million words for you. You’re my best friend. Thank you for tolerating me and making me the happiest person ever. I love you, and I always will. *cue that Queen song*Hippo: woof Meher: eyyy my fish brudda. Save all the turtles and send memez. Thank you for being there for me Drystee: I’ll miss ranting in chem and bio. Aloo: Please explore the world so you can make fun of every single ethnicity. Koon, Perm, Proud, Win: โตแล้วนะทำ�ให้ดก ี ว่าพี่ Knema: Since you can’t read Thai, ask the other ones what I said. Eye: ทำ�ตัวดีๆ ขอให้เจอลิซา่ Chowang, Jin, Tanishq: Glory be to Yehun. Let’s keep the cult alive. Yehun: please give me your blessings. Warris: Do it to em bruh. Mukhtar: 3pt God, keep balling bro, I hope to play you again in the future. Mr. Jeff: Thank you for making me grow, in basketball and in person. Yugyel, Keldo, Dorjee, Bajwa, Detsen, Arpit: I couldn’t have asked for better teammates, thank you. Keep balling brothers. I’ll see y’all on the court again someday Karsten: It’s treason then. Mubaraq: Because of you, I’m still in touch with my musical side. I hope to see you on billboard. Shlok: Stop asking for money. Young Ballerz: bring it home. You know who y’all are. Vaibhav: I’ll miss you and our late night deep talks. Stay chill. Aniket: I’ll miss complaining about the wait for them with you . Akshaya: Rick and Morty is eh Double Sahils: thank you for being the two coolest people. Everything was acceptable. Tanushri: Thanks for all the gum hehe. Shubs and Ismu: I’ll miss seeing y’all in Midlands, never change. Riya: keep shouting at Ismail and stay chill. Daniel: mlg 360 noscope Mary: That is your name Hasumi, Red: Y’all cool, let’s keep in touch. Sangi, Rachel: y’all cool too, keep balling. Flawless: Give me merch Mr Hubbard: you were one of my favorite teachers, please never change. Good luck. Mehek, Disha, Visakuo: I’ll see you in ufc Imperium: Thank you for the best high school experience. I don’t regret anything.


To the class of 2019, I’m not good with emotions so I don’t think I can individually name people who’ve made a difference in my life but you’ll know who you’ll are. I’m going to miss those inside jokes (VV, potato flavoured c…;) and many more) and chakkar walks and late night talks and brownies baking and reminiscing about talent show. I’ll miss the teasing and being set up with just about every boy in our grade and whining about bio tests and Ms Datt’s roasts. I’ll also miss the shortage of food we caused at Mudcup and cheesecakes at Rokeby and just generally everyone who’s simple presence made a difference, I’ll remember everything so thanks for a great 2 years. So just wanted to say love ya imperium.


Thanks Mom and Dad for making Woodstock happen. I hate to admit but I’ll miss being called your sister, Mehek. Mudcup owes us. Give me the movies so I have something to do when I don’t have your laptop around. I’ll miss listening to the only five songs you know, you little piece of poop (Rishika) while we lay under the stars at completely appropriate times (wink wink). To whispered talks with Khushi over filled paper cups and egg noodles, and to writing all over Manasvi in Bio (I forgive you for dropping me on my head, btw). I’m still not starting a streak with you, SMJ. Also, Khushi likes me better. Don’t fight me or I’ll make you blind and bleeding again. Tuck shop duties were actually fun with you, Hasumi. Aarushi, you need to stop putting disgusting graphic images in my head. Shibani, Adam Sandler (no more words needed). RIYAA! I LIKE YOU TOO. Let’s “explore” more places in Mussoorie, Manasvi, Khushi, Mehek? Let’s never talk about VV, Khushi, Riya, Mehek, Shruti. Aniket, STOP TICKLING ME! And no, I’m not giving you more gum. Sorry Karsten, I’m not telling you about my T. Not even if you tell me about your imaginary one. And Sahil, if you’re going to call me Bhabiji, at least find a decent Bhai. Frizia, you’re the bubblegum to my banana. I know you don’t like my name Swapnil, but it’s okay because I don’t like yours either. Tsering, I’ll miss drama with you. Hi Garv, you crack me up man. Thank you Siah, Red, Rachel, Mehek, Drystee for being amazing roommates. Alisa, Nandini, Emma, Daeyoung, Hyenjin, Yehyang, my two years at Woodstock wouldn’t have been the same without Sem, Research, Domas, days spent on the carpet outside, and Agra. Alisaaa, what’s up, man? Nandini, walk tall, okay? Hyenjin, I still remember you offering to help the new girl when she was lost in Sem. Ismail, Shaurya, thanks for being good dates. Dorjee, I’m sure we’ll have fun too. Lastly, monkeys have been a big part of my life here. I think they deserve a mention too. 145

Mom and Dad: First of all, a big thank you for sending me to study at Woodstock, I had the time of my life, ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT HERE!! ❤�❤ Thank you for always supporting me through everything. ❤❤ You were always there to remind me I was capable of great things! �I seriously can’t put down the feelings, there are no words that can describe the magnitude!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! �❤ Khush: Ohho Gujjubhai! � I don’t know how we became friends but yeah, you’re amazing, you never fail to entertain me, especially with all the cricket hype and your stunning singing skills. ���� Bro you’re damn intelligent, so solve this inequality, it has a hidden message! [9x

Hassakol: I’ll never forget annoying Khush and N in Calc! I still regret that we weren’t able to room together! I❤U BUZZZZZ! Naphon: Bro thanks for bearing with me always, you’ve always made a real friend, love you NAPPY!! �❤ Shantanu: -7i > 3(3x-7i)] Good luck with life ahead!!

Shantts, Shanti, ma mad lad, there are not enough names to call you �!! You’ve been in Woodstock for just a couple of months and we’ve gotten quite close, damn! Good luck for……. you know! �

Ismail: Ishuuuuu! I LOVE YOU BRO!! The talks we had late at night, the kind of a friendship we had, I don’t think I’ll ever make a friend as good as you! ❤❤ You were the best roomie, I will miss

Sahil: Cutie…, I love your smooth dance moves, LET’S WORKOUT�, more like EAT TILL DEATH! Abhay: Bro, you’re the smartest person I ever met, and you so damn much �, ACE LIFE!!

I have to learn how to not give any…. from you! � I love the way you talk with no care in the world,

I LOVE YOU BRO!!❤. I can see you acing life already! Riya, Shruti, Tanushri, Shubham: Honestly, you guys added the fun at Woodstock! Thanks for the late-night-Jaipur talks, I’m glad I got to know you guys! LOVE and RESPECT! ❤ Matthew: Hi roomie! You are one of the wisest people I’ve ever met, I loved the late-night talks with Ismail and you. I love your positive outlook on life! GOOD LUCK BRO ❤ Sahil: SMJ bhai, you’re damn nice and sweet, I love your dabs! Thanks for losing my things, lol, kidding! Thanks for being there! GOOD LUCK DUDE!! ❤❤ Rishika: Risika, first off, take this for all that you drew in my chem notebook…������ You’re one of the nicest people I ever met in my life, thanks for being there and making me feel confident. Stay STRONG as always! ❤❤ Rohan: Dartmouth is 183rd in the world! Kidding bro, you’re damn nice and sweet. I love you dude! ❤

Ismail: I wish you were a girl, we go so well together. I’m gonna miss you a lot. Abhay: your cute and fat “I’m just being honest” Sahil MJ: Thanks for admitting that I am the better Sahil. Bajwa: “ If you laugh I’ll still beat you up.” I will always be there to hype you up before your games. Balani: You have made these past three years of my Woodstock life very entertaining, especially during 10th grade Activity Week. Don’t worry I won’t go into the details. Apoorv: I’m going to miss watching movies every Sunday. I have always enjoyed my weekends because of you. Thanks bro. Dorjee: “Hi my name is Dorjee (baby-talk).” Thanks for your amazing fashion advice. Chowang: Thanks for being a great DJ during tea break. Ahaan: You are the cutest and most cherubic person I have met in my life. Keldo: We Jabbaries stay together. Arpit: Hi burpy,

Sangi: if I had a pick up line for every time you said hello you wouldn’t be my daughter. Jin: I’m gonna miss our “late night talks.” Adyan: You are the true FIFA god. Tashi: You are my favorite Junior in this school. I’m going to miss you a lot. And please stop walking like a I’m gonna miss destroying you in WWE.



Shaurya: You are one of my closest friends in woodstock and I really can’t imagine Woodstock without you. Thank you for all the times you’ve tried to teach me TT and then failed miserably because I’m horrible at it P.S. I’m the best at raspberry flicks. Akshaya: The amount of times we’ve roomed together is crazy and I remember and cherish each and every semester that we lived together. Thanks for always being there <3. Pankhuri: These past years at Woodstock have been amazing and I owe it all to you. Thanks for always being the most amazing girlfriend I could ask for. Khushi: I will never forget about us harmonizing over Royals in Mr. E’s Algebra class in 8th grade. Thanks for all the incredible memories we’ve made over the past years I will never forget them. SMJ: I will never forget what happened on that ledge. Love you to death, brother. Tanishq: Producing music at R.E. Retreat was the best decision I’ve ever made T&D for life. Thanks for always looking out and being honest to me. Aviva: I’m going to miss lecturing you about things your friends tell me. I wish we had more time to hangout and chill. Love you lots and take care kiddo. Knema: Keep watering our plant and don’t play it! Jokes jokes. I’ll be waiting for you in Scotland so we can go touring and flex on your cousins(there is no such thing as a line). Enjoy your senior year and keep in touch! Hasumi: I’ll always remember our “practice periods” that we spent talking and chilling. Thanks for always being open and trusting me. I’m looking forward to meet up with you and your (future) boyfriend in Aberdeen! Rishabh: I will never forget our “master plan” for Parker Hall that we made three years ago. Each production I’ve worked with you has made me realize what an amazing person you are. Keep doing what you love doing, and I hope you get those new speakers. Alisa: I will never forget all those memories we made backstage and you screaming at me for talking into the clear comm Vaibhav: My partner in crime, the amount of stuff we’ve pulled without people knowing is amazing. Take care and please stay alive. Jayant B.: I still cannot believe you’re in 8th grade. You’re on the right track and I know you’ll do great things in the future. I cannot stress this enough, dont rage quit when it gets tough push through. Swastika: I will never forget the look on your face when Tanishq walked out during the interviews. You have insane potential, use it to the fullest and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Minjae & Kayan: I’m so glad I switched to Bari and got to know you guys, the amount of fun I’ve had in Band is unmatched and it’s all because of you guys. Take care and keep jamming. Mr. Dinesh & Mrs. Leaf: Thank you both so much for making my last year at Woodstock the best. I could have never asked for a better CS Coach. Before I met you guys I never thought I’d meet someone this kind and caring. Mr. Santos: Thanks for never giving up on me and always pushing me to learn more. Brijesh: Words cannot describe how much I owe to you. You’ve always helped me whenever I’m at my lowest and always kept encouraging me



Daniel, you will always be my indomie partner (with Akshaya), my IGL in real life, the penhold raspberry flick master, the indian John Coltrane, and mini Mr. Dinesh. I love you bro, never stop scrolling through the depths of 9GAG at 2 in the night, never forget the nights we recreated vines, never stop looking for the opportunity to diss apple and iphones, never stop being you. Akshaya, we’ve had our fights but I’m glad we stuck through it to the end, maybe one day in the future we’ll come back to mussoorie, go to school and play TT – so I can whoop you again, and then go to little hut and have the 50 rupee burgers. I’m so happy I found a fellow singaporean that i could practice my nepali on. I love you, see you in Tekong :) Apoorv, to the guy who was my friend since the beginning, you deserve all the good that life brings to you. There’s something about you that makes you so easy to like and talk to, you are a true gem of a person, and one of the few that I would be afraid to play TT against. Ved, you are undoubtedly the most unforgettable person I’ve met, I love you, you’re going to get that 5 in calc and you’re going to be a great computer scientist. Izukodesuka. Tikda, you peasant, I’m proud to have met you here, you are somehow even more like drake than drake himself, love you, never change. Pankhuri, you’re a special person, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Take care always, you’re going to have a great life ahead, I know it. Dorjee, you know this already, but the world deserves to know: you were the reason I started playing TT, so in a way, you gave me a part of my identity, thank you bro, see you in nepal someday soon! Arpit, bhai, I had the best time in delhi because of you, here’s to opening train doors at full speed. I’m still salty you got the hotter masseuse. Love you bro. Keldo, you might not have expected to be in my will, but you’re one of those people who can talk to anyone about anything, never stop being so understanding. Workout Gang, you know who you are, here’s to the llamas trips right after doing cardio, I wouldn’t have wanted to workout with anyone else. Stay fit. SMJ & Rais, I will miss your fights on who is the better Sahil but the truth is that Ismail is the best Sahil. Love you both :) Vaibhav, My pasta buddy, lets make some pesto in 20 years? Aniket, even though you got me suspended, I won’t forget that you were my first friend here, thank you. Lastly, thank you Imperium, I couldn’t have asked for a better class to go walking out the doors of Woodstock with.



I hated this school when I came here first and wanted to leave as soon as possible but certain people changed that for me and I can’t imagine life out of Woodstock now. I really want to thank my mom and dad for giving me an opportunity of coming to Woodstock. Krittika do not ‘waste’ all your time studying here, make the most of it. To start with my best friend, TanisQUE, you have made Woodstock worth staying for me. From all the weird jokes about bootless bananas and but-its, you are someone who will always remain in my life, I ruveee you. Khushi, you are the only person I will allow the twerking on me, I will never forget all the breakfasts we have made together and the n number of times we slept on each other on the couch. Pankhu, I have basically turned into you, from all the ‘ Yuck, I want to die’, to all the times you have licked my face or bit my arm. Also, pankhu we can never let khushi have more than a sip. Manasvi, thank you for always being Manna Mummy for me and Khushi. Dieesha, you will always remain my forever boyfriend in Woodstock, to all the times we spent under the stars and to all the times we shared veg food. Mehek you will always remain that sassy, badassy friend of mine. Thank you for always solving all my problems. Aaaruuushi, you are one person I could be intellectual and then go on to talk about secs. Aniket, I will never forget shots and bombs because of you. Aniks, thank you for all weird roommate moments we have had. Dryteaaa, thankyou for the bob and vagana jokes. Meherrrr, thank you for being the cutest friend. Tali, I will always remember you as my saltiest fiend here. Jaideep, rich boi, thank you for all the times you were there for me and all the times you let me annoy you. Hasuu, thank you for being the best go to buddy, I love you so much, you are the cutest, ps thank you for all the knitting lessons !! Shubham, my maru dost, we all know it will always be puchka. Dori, I loved talking to you about all my crushes and those times in darjeeling where amazing. Archii, thank you for making physics bearable, you cute little monkey. Thankyou Imperium for all the memories.

AarusHI VArdhaN: Papa, Mama, and Bebu: Thank you for everything. Meher: Mrs. HiddlestonBergara, I’ll miss talking about Sherlock and Unsolved. Thanks for always being there and accepting my idiotic self. Have fun in college and we’ll video chat about every unsolved episode, okay? Now I’ll end this sentimental message with: watashiwa anata o aishiteimasu! Yehun: You’re one of my closest friends and my favourite urusai weeb! I’ll miss annoying you — thanks for helping me out literally all the time, especially during “roses.” Sacrilegiously ling ling to 40 hours, please don’t spill tea — can’t beat me though ;), game like a pro, and Nihon de aimosho — onegaishimasu? Sugoi desu ne! Nani? But most importantly, “day after day, seems like I push against the clouds.” Risika: I’ll never forgot the trauma I faced in Rec Hall, but I still love you — not as much as Benedict Cumberbatch or Kris Wu. I love talking to you and are one of my closest friends. Hopefully we go to the same college. P.S keep loving fried rice. Nawara: “Alexander Hamilton.” I’ll miss our times in QB and talking to you in general. Thanks for being amazing. I’ll miss the saltiness of our conversations. Aishiteimasu! Naphon: My fellow 9 year old/weeb! I’ll miss talking about Pewds with you. You’re really sweet so never change! If Yehun bullies you, let me know. Nihon de aimosho! Brofist! Tanishq: You’re one of the funniest people I know. Thanks for being an amazing friend but more importantly arrigato gozaimasu for bullying me. We know you love kids and touching roses’ hand. Rishika ko batao? Sanjana: I know i’m a weeb magnet but control your obsession. You’re damn sweet and I’ll miss Saturday game nights! Arigato gozaimasu for adopting me instead of Rohan. Anika: Thanks for being a great roommate— I’ll miss our hilarious conversations. Drystree: Thank you for harassing me everywhere but I’m pretty nice so I’ll still miss you. Talitha: I’ll miss our salty conversations and writing my celebrity crush lists on your window. Thank you for being there for me. Hasumi: I hope Takeuchi Ryoma marries you and Nihon de aimosho! Lukas: Thank you for killing my eardrums whenever I am at a close proximity to you. Khushi: I miss you as my roommate! P.S I won’t stop harassing you. Y,T,&M: Roses are red, violets are blue, whenever I smell roses, I think of a boom.


A k s h a y a

Mama/Dad: Thank you for sending me here and for all the Qoo juices you’ve had to bring after. I love you both so much <3. HC: Thanks for all the missed quizzes and tests (oh and ORS + Honitus).To my teachers: You’ve given me the knowledge to go foreword and conquer the world and for that you deserve a spot here.Thank you. Mr. Maiti thank you for your kindness and guidance throughout high-school. Sadrish: Thanks for all the college advice and life lessons. I’ll always be taller than you ;).Yugyel: Never stop playing the Ukulele just like you never stop growing. I’ll miss your random sleep talking. Detsen: You’re evil but it’s still sometimes fun to hang out with you. Don’t grow any taller or I’ll have to chop off your legs, flash ;). Also, I pray that no one else has to hear your morning moans. RohanAJCM: You’re a D&D god although you can only turn into a dog-sized dragon. Aniket: Don’t stand outside during strong winds or study on the east coast, you might actually fly away. Stay safe. BubbyJain: We’ll definitely meet in CP sometime. But that means you have to live that long so quit because delhi air is crap anyways. Ved: Pol and Gov was pretty fun with you around and I won’t ever forget you (because of all the stuff everyone has saved in their my eyes only). Neel: Jai Hind. Iqbal: I’ve always known you’re the better keeper. Goal-a-thon with you have been the most enjoyable games of my life. Abhay: Your ghost will haunt me and keep trying to turn of my laptop. Don’t forget to postpone the english quiz, cousin. Arpit: My first roomate<3. I’ll never trust you and Jonathan with oregano again. Just know that if you do become a pilot, I’d jump out the plane. Noodle: All that bball pushing is training for all the 6’7 Mambas in college you’ll face. Appy: I’ll miss hearing your old high pitch voice. GOT mornings have been amazing with you. BalaniBo: I’ll never forget how funny me and Satvika found this nickname. Also, never forget the god meme that came out of it too. Don’t get an STD in college.Tintin: You’ve been the most caring friend I’ve known. Thanks for all the food and times you got be in buzz when I only had rs 60. I’ll miss your thicc booty. Nayu: Pre-cal was only bearable cause of you. start carrying your own pens at ISBF bruh. Harsh: I remember all the times we used to whisper-fight during studyhalls. Don’t ever change. Mao: Goa was amazing. Will never forget the perfect ratio or the three step process. Dorjyeezy: MVP! Hyung Min Son has nothing on your football moves. I’ll miss your weird sense of humour and all those advisor nights. Don’t forget to pay for that scooter. Shubham: Baritone was never my thing but I know that you’ll always be there to flex on me. MUNpeeps: I’m sorry that it didn’t happen this year. We tried but hopefully you’ll really bring it back. Kirstina: You’re the funniest guy I know. Don’t get too serious in college. I’ll bring some pool balls the next time we meet ;). Rais: Don’t you dare call me Abishek again you cutie. I get the best sleep on your stomach. SMJ: Get your own labsi. I’ll miss you singing apna time ayega. Lukas: Don’t ever leave the rice-fields otherwise idk where i would get my dark humour. Mccandless: You should’ve stayed in dorms longer. I miss the sound of a nebulizer in my room. Danny: Uni will be fun but don’t get too distracted (if you know what I mean). I need someone to create a world conquering AI ok? Jin definitely can’t code that. I’ll really miss cuddling next to you while you say your working but actually procrastinating. Keep in touch babe. Bhansubaby: Me, you, Indomie. And maybe dan as dessert. Sorry for the underwear but during NS we’ll DTF all the time. And you’ll look like an egg too so you can’t really make fun of me. Faisal: Get your own Tsampa shake you “climber”. Don’t die before I can see you again, Equus. Daeyoung: Me, you and Shaurya need to sneak into Survey of India. Will never forget the amount of gloves we’ve worn and how good a chef you are. Ismail: I’m saving your birthday punches for the next time we meet. Sangi: HS would never be the same without you in it. Although we don’t talk super often, we have more meaningful, periodic conversations. Maybe it’s just me. Also, send me more memes. Yehyang: or should I say Scenthia? You’re the sweetest soul I’ve ever known. I know that wherever you go, you’ll always be making the worst jokes:) Hasumi: me, you and Danny will have a Scotland reunion. Hontoni? Honto. Siri: Omomomo sorry I won’t be there to tell you what HW is due. Have fun in Fordham. Atif: Thanks for ITC Mughal. Don’t give me a piledriver. Sheri: I’m gonna need your aesthetic eye for future posts. And don’t worry, I’ll always beat you in FIFA (as long as you don’t take PSG) #Cavani=Hacks. Jin: You’re a useless groupmate. Thank god comp sci is mostly individual work. Love ya. DrysteeDiju:I’m technically more Nepali than you, you American. Alisa: Ayyyyyyyy. We dead. But we did it so flex. To the boys: Slamuru Dunkeee, schokolaahhhhh, fReE tIbEt, I’m the flash, pumped. GoaGang→ #Thailand2023 Emma: You’ve been the most important part of ws.You make me better and I cherish all the time we’ve spent together. Jelly. Peace out. Ms. Shrestha: You’ve been super helpful with college and especially the yearbook. Hope we made you proud. Woodstock: Everything I am and vhope to be is because I grew up, right there, under that lyre tree. That’s really poetic (and plagiarized) but that doesn’t mean you’re perfect. Stop the useless EMDs that teach us nothing. Stop the useless classes where we learn nothing (we all know which ones). And stop the homophobia, it’s 2019.

I don’t have a lot of space or words to properly thank everyone for their friendship and support over these past few years, so please know this senior will isn’t complete! If you don’t see your name or picture it’s only because I’m writing this 20 minutes before the deadline… Dori, Manasvi, Daeyoung (dede), Faisal, Saksham-- I love you all and would not have made it without your constant support and compassion. Alisa, Nandini, Disha, Hyenjin, Daeyoung, Yehyang-- you are the only reason I took AP research. Kahinni, Warris, Jinju, Navya, Shamu, Cheema, Dhrub, Vir, Kymuin-- I am so proud of your MUN skills and I know you guys are going to make a fantastic secretariat after us. All my HC juniors-- you guys are so fun to hang around with and I’m so proud of your maturity. Sanjana, N, Talitha, Lila, Dori, Aarushi, Khushi, Hyunyoung-- you guys have been such amazing roommates and I loved being friends with you. To all my Spanish 3 juniors-- I have never enjoyed learning a language more, thank you!! Ms. Seefeldt, Ms. Pike, Ms. Last, Mr. Carlos, Mr. Francisco, Mr. Seth, Mr. Santos, Mr. Arthur-- your teaching has been fun, enlightening, and so enriching. Kritin, Yugyel, Chowang, Sherap, Keldo-- I’m glad I talked to you guys a little more this year! Khushi, Hasumi, Lila, Red-- I’m so happy I got to know all of you better and become friends. Natalie and Swap, you’re my favourite. Finally, Yunju, Raymond, Mona (šta radiš?), Shiraz, Mr. Rudnicki-- thank you for your friendship and support even after I moved away from you. I think the best things about me are the things I learned from you. And of course, Julia, I love you so much. Mom and Dad, thank you for the sacrifice you made in letting me come to Woodstock. Jesse, I love you to death. And Akshaya, well, peanut butter.

E m m a 149





Mom and Dad: Thank You very much for all that you’ve done for me, and for sending me to Woodstock where I’ve spent some of the most memorable years of my life. Hopefully, I can carry on with the same hard work and motivation in college and make the next few years even greater. Both of you inspire me every single day, your commitment and hard work have given me lots of opportunities in life, and I hope I can make the most out of them. Saif and Shoaib: The next two years are very important, however, they go by very very quickly so don’t forget to chase after your dreams and goals while enjoying life at Woodstock. Hassakol & Friends: School wouldn’t have been a school without you guys, I had some great times and I made memories that I will cherish forever. I wish you guys the best of luck for the future. Teachers: This message is for the teachers who have taught me, along with others who have looked after me as a student. This is definitely not enough, but thank you very much for the support and education that you’ve provided me with throughout my years at Woodstock.


하나님 감사합니다. 드디어 우여곡절이 많았던 이 학교를 무사히 졸업해서 떠나게 되네요. 오기 전 보다 더욱더 은혜받고 가는 거 같아서 감사합니다. 새로 만난 좋은 사람들과 더 많 고 다양한 추억들을 만들 수 있는 기회를 주셔서 감사합니다. 앞으로 나아갈 때에도 함께 해 주시기를 소망합니다. 부모님: 이렇게 내가 적었다는 것도 모르겠지만 만약 찾게 되는 날을 위해서 ㅋㅋㅋ. 일단 우드스탁에 보내줘서 고마워. 솔직히 말해서 안 힘들었다면 거짓말이겠지. 그래도 한 번도 나를 여기에 보낸 것에 대해 원망을 느낀 적은 없었어. 뿌듯하고 후련해. 내가 무엇을 하고 싶다고 하면 반대하는 일 없이 나를 항상 믿어주고 지지해줘서 고마워. 그렇지 않았더라면 내 인생에 이런 경험도 생길 수 없었을 거야. 항상 새로운 경험을 만들어줘서 고맙고 맨날 걱정해주고 먹을거 보내줘서 고마워! 귀염: 보고싶어 내새끼 언니가 방학동안 많이 놀아줄게!! Lila: Hey wifey. Thank you for making my recent 3 years amazing. I did change a lot after the exchange, but you are definitely a turning point in my life. I really can’t imagine how I would have been without you these 3 years. The memories we built up will be forever in me. Just everything is unforgettable. I wish you good luck with whatever you decide on doing. I support you always and don’t forget that I will always be on your side (just like what you did for me). Thank you for making me feel like I am a good person. I gained lots of confidence from you. You are beautiful yourself and remember, I am the only one who can call you dumb. Love you ♥. I don’t really want to pick out specific people and talk about (Lila is an exception, you’re welcome Lila) because there will be tons of people I will have to mention. But thank you, everyone, making me go through middle school and high school. In those 6 years in Woodstock gave me new experiences that I will never get anywhere else. I was able to try so many new things and be brave. Juniors: Whoever I have talked to, whether we still talk or not, I enjoyed conversations with you and I’d love to continue. Please, try new things before you graduate, so that you won’t regret! Thank you, Imperium, for making this year great. Thank you, teachers, for supporting me and giving me serious advises; it was a pleasure to sit and talk with you. Bye Woodstock.


Mom, Dad, Dada, Dadi: This journey would be incomplete without your guidance and support. I know I can be a very tough child at times but I will be forever grateful to you for sending me to Woodstock. Love you long time The Peters, Laldai & Mrs.Roberts: I know you guys get this a lot, but life will be hard without you. Sondeep, your taunts will be missed. Miss Peters, your lectures and advice will be needed. And most importantly your Dal Chawal. Mr. Huten your tips on life will be remembered. Mrs Roberts, Mondays without your deadly stares and ‘thappads’ will feel empty. From making me feel like its home away from home, you guys have always made me feel stronger in low times. I love you. Ved: “Kaayna Quarter Kutriya?” Adventurous walks down to dorms, making jokes at the worst possible times, being late for advisor every time, eating street food. If anyone heard or found out about what we talk about, I am sure we would end up in jail. Or worse. I will miss doing all this with you but you better come home for the kachoris quickly. Kritin: If you ever change I will shoot you. No joke. You have got my back for life. Seeing the sunrise with you are few of the best nights I have spent in this place. I will GENUINELY miss you the most. If I am ever in trouble in Cali I know I can count on you … even if it means saving my life again. Remember this, if you ever “leave,” “I already miss you.” Aniket: Roomates for a year. Friends for two years. Brothers for a lifetime. It’s been a good senior year pissing you off everyday. Also please stop sleeping like Salman Khan. Ohhhh btw where you going to college again? Red: The Macro test and the eraser haha! 10 years later when we play Kaboot or Organ Attack, I promise I will still lose. Neel: If there is one thing I remember from grad party last year is hugging you and saying that you are one of the people I rely the most on. Counting down the days ‘til break is going to change to countdowns till we see each other. Neel you’re my bro for life. I’ve got your back always. Ahaan: It’s been short but it’s been more than real. I can count on you always and how much ever we pull each other’s legs, you know how much you mean to me and how much I trust you .Cheers to all the Delhi trips coming ahead in life. Harsh: Making it to grad with all we have done this last year still seems unimaginable. I will carry the memories we have made in this past year forever. To all the late night drives on top of the car in Goa and the early mornings in WS (wink). I love you bro. Apoorv: Appy you’re only 42 mins away from me for the next four 420’s of college life. Cali is going to be way more lit than we have made our WS life. You’re going to kill it in college brother. Abhay: Go check. Lights out. Who all? lets go? You go. AW with you was the best time bro. Stay in touch! Jaydeep: One of the hardest. Cutie—we need to go to Goa, well … do what we do and laugh at people crying again. Don’t worry though, Cancun is round the corner. I will miss ya so much bro. Adyan: Adyan Hussain. You’re a real G. After Goa, I would say you are a harami. Balani: Motte I will never forget how we got close. Our trips to Cozy, CFI during Maymester and IPL buddies. I will always love you and cherish all the memories we have made through these last two years. And for the last f***ing time bro—it’s EVEN. Sangi: That night when we danced on Crank That in perfect rhythm hahaha! Iqbal: HAHAHAHHHAHA. You know what I am laughing at. I will miss memorizing orders of MCQs and the ‘puking guards.’ You are a real brother. Sahil: CUTIE ! Bombay and Ghaseete all the way meri jaan <3. I will always miss the iconic Sahil step at all parties. You’ll never fail to put a smile on my face. Stay the same. Vaibhav: Thanks for waking me up with your noise every weekend. I will always be there for you. I don't need to say this but still, stay in touch Bubby. Khushi: I low key take credit for spoiling you. That rooftop night in Jaipur!! You’re going to be a boss at Brown. Janak: You are so immature at times and that makes you one of the funniest guys I know in school bro. Mario and milk out the window nights. Arpit: Burpa. Bro this past year has got us so close. Goa with you was one of the best times. I loved our breakfast there haha! Keldo: I am confused what you’re worse at: FIFA or driving? But you’re one of the most real people I know bro. That night in Tito’s lmao. Be in touch bi**h. Detsen: Bro you are one of the nicest guys I could have ever known. It’s hilarious to see how scared you are during horror movies. Sherap: SHERPA! Oye Junior oye! Khush: Pappu, Mumbai Indians nu time kyaare nai aavse. Jhin: I love how Balram and Kim Jong-Un are graduating as close friends from an American High School. Ismail: We have come a long way since summer school bro. First friend and forever brother. Shantanu: Lad, you’re mad. Stay Blazed. Dorjee, Chowang, Yugyel: Football with you guys was amazing fun. Juniors: Abhick, Sethi, Cheema, Dheer, Shivaansh: My younger bros for life. Be there for each other. Nothing matters more than the brotherhood. Sebastian, Lex, Caleb: You guys have always cheered me up no matter what. Don’t grow up, these are the best years of your lives.


019: We have come a long way as a class and we have a long way to go. Remember it’s just the end of the beginning. Woodstock, we’re out.

Mom and Dad: Thank you for believing in me and motivating me to be the best that I can be. I love you both so much and I am so thankful that you sent me to Woodstock. I have made amazing friends here and I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done. But I’ll try. Jaydeep, I’ll always remember the fun times we’ve had, from the late night bake sessions to waking up fifteen minutes before school everyday. You will always be my bro. Balani, we’ve come a long way. I still remember when you used to steal tuck from me in ninth grade. But now, if you even ask me for food, I’ll be disappointed that you thought I would say no. I know you’ve got my back and I will always be there for you. Kritin, thank you for welcoming me to Woodstock with the worst football roast session ever, thank you for being my physics and chemistry buddy: Snell’s Law lol, and thank you for cheering me up whenever I was feeling down. I couldn’t have made it through high-school without you. Now the adventure moves on to Cali my bro!!!!! Ahaan, how do I fit everything in three liÇnes for you? I love you bro and I’ll miss you a lot. I will never forget all the fun that we’ve had in Panchsheel Park: the OG house. You’re my buzz buddy and forever friend. Harsh, you’re first impression of me probably wasn’t the best. But I’m glad we’ve gotten so close over the years. Thank you for these amazing phrases: “bhand”, “oud”, and ofcourse, “scene kya hai?” You’re one of my best friends and I love you a lot. Abhay, my bro, my buzz boy. When I met you for the first time, you were so quiet. But now, we’ve told each other things that we wouldn’t tell anyone else. I hope you get good at LOL someday because you’re pretty bad. Have fun in college, I know you’ll kill it my man. Arpit, my Wakandan brother, remember when we took that video of Vaibhav… We couldn’t stop laughing man. I have had such amazing times with you. Thank you for making me laugh and helping me when I’m in need. “Slamm Dunkkkk.” Keldo, you're such a fun guy man. You make me laugh whenever we chill and I love you for that. Thank you for always keeping a smile on my face. Neel, I've had so much fun with you. Supporting United hasn't been easy in the past few years but it's certainly been better with you. I'll miss making fun of Young and Mike with you. I hope you get better at FIFA so you can actually give me a challenge. Love you. Iqbal, I'll never forget the time I've spent with you. Those intense COD games we've had. 39-40!!! You're my bro and always will be. Ved, you're such a weird guy. But that's exactly what makes you an amazing friend. Never change Ved. I love you. Janak, you're such a chill person. I've never met anyone who's as happy and funny as you. You give off happiness to everyone around you. #Kadrionthetrack. Ansh, when you first joined, we didn't really talk. My opinion of you was pretty bad. But now, you're someone who I'm proud to call my brother. We'll have a lot of fun in Cali. Aniket, you were my first friend in Woodstock. Without you, I would never have fit in. Thank you for helping me make Woodstock my home. Vaibhav, we've chilled together so much and I love our friendship. Stay in touch and if you ever need me, just ask. Yugyel, you're a really funny person. You can cheer anyone up. Stay the same and party hard in college. Akshaya, wubba lubba dub dub. My GOT and rick and morty bro. I'll miss you so much. Don't crack before we meet each other again. Detsen, you've gotten so buff. Keep messing with Balani and Adyan. They've got nothing on you. Chowang, thank you for saving our goal-a-thon. You're a real beast and a very laid-back person. We'll see each other in college bro. 420!!! Adyan, I've made a lot of fun of you over the years. But it's all been out of love and I know you know that. You're a good friend and I'll never forget your first time in Delhi. Jinhwan, you have guts bro. You're always willing to stand up against teachers for what you believe in. Keep that mentality and don't back down. It's been fun being in the same advisor as you. Dorjee and Sherap, my fashion icons. It's been great getting to know you two. Future Virgil Ablohs right here. Mubaraq, Daniel, Ismail, Shubham, and Rohan, good luck in college. You guys have so much potential. I love you and believe in you all. Shaurya, I've been your counter strike buddy and unofficial first roommate. We've shared so much with each other. I'll miss hanging out with you a lot. Send me cool videos of you in the army. Sahil, what are you doing here? Here comes the sun. You have the best impressions. I’ll miss and love you forever man. Keep eating Doma's and stay in touch. SMJ, please don't get into honor council trouble in college. Stay that way. Sangi, Siri, Red, Rachel, and Hasumi, it's been really nice getting to know you all. Thank you for an amazing activity week and Goa trip. And finally, to all of Imperium, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything.



To start off with, I want to thank my parents for sending me to Woodstock. Diya: Bakna band kar bakri! Twin since day 1. Loved making boats and caves in social studies class to making Bryant and Westminster on both of our tentative college lists. Ismail: You just need to learn how to wake up in the morning bro, and not be lazy. Learn how to play basketball and maybe even cook for yourself once in a while. Pankhuri: Our 8th grade “drama,” and till now we are friends...that is insane. OMGGG have you tried the new cream from Body’s soo good!! Khushi: It’s not fair to call you Mount Everest anymore...I am officially taller than you. We will always be on the same rafting boat during Activity week, “sitting(you know the saying), on the side.” Alisa: MY BF^3L, If I Ain’t Got You, then I don’t know who got me then. I will come to Endinburgh only to catch up on all those lunch times and eat oreos and get you Juhu beach ka kala khatta. Tanushri: Meri Kaliiii, and XXX is just the best musician. You my gum supplier, when I do or don’t have gum. Shruti: “MAYBE IT’S JUST A VIRGO THING.” Mere liye coffee kaun banayega or listen to the same song and talk about OKBABY. Rohan: Bro, STOP SHOWING OFF THAT DARTMOUTH HOODIE, and eating so much DOMAS or tuck shop bun omelette. Riya: Thank You for always listening to me and being there for me, and taking amazing pictures for me lmao. Tanishq: 9 years and counting, can never stop playing music with you. Aniket: just learn statistics & physics & calculus yourself bro. Daniel & Mubaraq & Lukas & Iqbal: LET’S JUST PLAY FOR FUN! Sahil R. & SMJ & Abhay Tiku: Jaipur couldn’t be any better xD Nathan & Khush: KKR and MI won’t win! Let’s go for dinner and cook? Ahaan & Kritin & Harsh & Arpit & Dorjee & Chowang & Vaibhav & Jaydeep: Thank You for always supporting me and helping me throughout, because I can count on you. AND THE LAST FOR IMPERIUM: Couldn’t have asked for a better family, always my backbone support. LOVE ALL OF YOU….stay in touch.


Ismail you’ve always been a close friend from our first days here. You’ve always been there for me. Shubham I remember the way you first greeted me, but I now know you as a great and supportive friend. Khush,we only really met in last year’s activity week, but we’ve become great friends. It’s been great arguing with you. Be more extroverted though! Matthew, Ansh despite disagreements our room was always entertaining, thanks for putting up with me. Jinwhan my first roomie! It was never boring, I’ll remember it forever. Sherap you were my first friend at Woodstock. You’ve always been so nice. Kadri even if it takes twenty years, I will beat you at COD! Faisal you were one of the first friends I made at Woodstock, and one of the best, even if you’re addicted to my banana chips Abhay you’re the funniest person I’ve met. Don’t forget me! SMJ you’re endlessly entertaining and you’ve always given me good advice. Never change. Daeyoung you’re a really interesting and driven guy...but chill, bro! Saksham you’re funny and unique. Eat healthier and live past 30. Dori you’re the kindest, and always a wonderful friend. Manasvi It’s been fun arguing with and teasing each other. We’ll continue at the reunion. Meher You’re sassy and awesome. Evsquad always! Balani I will never stop messing with you, but I love you. Iqbal you’ve always been a kind and a supportive friend. Mubaraq I’ll miss playing COD with you. Aniket, Neel get new jokes. It’s become a necessity. Natalie, Swapnil. Anirudh I got to know you on FP, but you became some of my favorite juniors. Don’t let that get to your heads (jk). Khushi Always my English buddy...even though you rejected Dartmouth. Chimmi never any gaps in conversation with you. You play a vital role! Emma, Sanjana, Akshay, Malik and the rest of the D&D gang, it’s been fun, despite always initiating sessions by deciding whether to kill me. Samuel, Buzz, Naphon, Yehun my fellow otakus, it’s been great talking anime. Shantanu talks are always entertaining with you lol. Siah you’re the most entertaining person to be around. Never change! Nandini, Lila, Shreya and the rest of Goa gang, it was great hanging with you there. Visit sometime! Hyenjin and the rest of the Woodstocker crew, it’s been a turbulent but never boring two years. I’ll be sad to leave.


Left Too Soon... Satvika sinha well done, you all did it. thanks for all of the memories we have shared and lots of love for all of you from my time there, and you too apoorv. i had great fun when i came to visit you the last time, also this time you actually have to come to england to visit me and not just lie about it (apart from Kritin, neel, and ved). have fun these last few months and going to uni.

Nikolai von moltke to all the seniors - i love and miss you guys. to all the staff - get your stuff together and make WS less prison-like.

cassidy Percevecz hey y’all! i am so proud of all of us ro graduating! I will forever be grateful for being a part of Imperium, the best class, and will cherish the may memories and lifelong friends I made at Woodstock. it feels like only yesterday we were rafting down the Ganges for activity week, snacking at cozy corner, or out of breath from the walk to school. i guess time flies when you’re having fun, and running from monekeys. i love y’all and i cannot wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

Ran singkarin Congratulations! woodstock is one of the most welcoming communities i’ve been a part of. it was an experience i’ll never forget. I miss you all and thank you so much for making mt time there so wonderful. i wish you all luck in the future and hope to see you all again. keep being awesome!

khenrab norgay a lot of love to all the seniors from my time at woodstock. i’ll always remember the memories we made. Hopefully we’ll meet again in the near future, it’s been too long. wishing you guys all the best as you head into college.


jack castine-price To the class of 2019, I miss you guys to the moon and back and I hope all the hard work over the years has paid off. To Balani, I wish you well in your future and I’ll miss your ability to argue about anything. Akshaya, your kind heart along with your laid back atitude is going to get you far in life and I’ll be sure to stop by next time I’m in Singapore. To Jaydeep, I appreciate your ability to stay in touch kver the last couple years and your friendship is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, never change my man. And finally to Kritin, you are one hell of a human being. Everytime we talked it’s like I saw you yesterday, and I love that. I know the past year or so has been quite stressful for you I know for a fact your gonna be something special one day, just don’t forget me when you become a billionaire. Thanks for the best 6 months of my life guys!!! Cheers! P.S. Detsen... I do reckon.

Nathan Burgess I was only at Woodstock for two short years, but they were definitely two of the best years. I came in ninth grade and left after tenth. There’s a lot about Woodstock that I’ll always remember, such as the scenery of the mountains, the amazing food in buzz, the not as amazing food in dining hall, the hours of playing football in the gym, but most importantly, the people. The 2019 class Imperium became a family to me. I’m an only child, but in dorms, I had brothers and some of the closest friends I’ve ever had. Good luck and thank you to everyone who made my years at Woodstock amazing. Once Iperium, always Imperium.

Kate Caudle

Panisa Vanichthanakul

Laetitia Green

Kritika Sharma

Jonathan Vu

Sara Thirwell

Tarini Boparai

Nandini VIJ

Chiriki Curphey 155

Congratulations to IMPERIUM and our daughter Red Tshering Dorji. You are now part of a fellowship of alumni spread across the world, never hesitate to reach out to this community. Know who you are and the values you have absorbed during your time together. Be proud, hold your head high and represent yourselves with grace and dignity, even in failure. We wish you all the best in life and know that you are all prepared to face the challenges that are ahead. Best wishes from Red’s family.


प्यारे अब्दुल मालिक (मालू), जब आपकी पैदाईश हुई सभी ख़ुश थे, और ख़ुदा का शुक्र कर रहे थे। आपकी दादी, चाचा और ख़ानदान के सभी लोग बहुत ख़ुश थे और दुआएं दे रहे थे। यह कल की बात लगती है जब आप हमारी ऊँगली पकड़कर पहली बार घबराते-डरते हुए स्कूल गये थे। सभी जानते हैं कि बच्चे बड़े हो जाते हैं मगर इतनी जल्दी यह वक़्त गुजऱ गया पता ही नहीं चला । आप हर काम पूरी मेहनत, ईमानदारी, खामोशी, और संजीदगी से करते चले गये । सबसे बड़ी बात, आपने कभी कोई ज़िद नहीं की और जैसा बड़ों ने कहा उसको माना । अब्दुल मालिक हमें इस बात पर फख़्र है कि आपने हमारी और अपने उस्तादों की हर बात और राय को फऱमाबरदारी के साथ पूरी करने और उस पर चलने की ईमानदार कोशिशें की हैं । अब्दुल मालिक हम खुशनसीब हैं कि आप हमारे बेटे और एक समझदार भाई हैं कुछ ही दिनों में आप अपनी ज़िन्दगी और तालीम का पहला और अहम पड़ाव पार करके आगे बढ़ जाएंगे। हमारी दुआ है कि आप नेकियों के साथ एक काबिल, ईमानदार, नरम-दिलऔर क़ामयाब इन्सान बनें । आपके ग्रेजुएशन पर आपको बहुत बहुत मुबारकबाद! दादी, मम्मी-पापा, चाचा-चाची, फूफा-फूफी, नाना-नानी और सैफ़-शोएब ।

Dearest Manasvi Yesterday I read somewhere that everyone must leave something behind that was close to them. A book a tree a painting so that whenever people see it they remember them ... for me my most prized possessions would be my girls !!! Every mother is fond and proud of her kids. They mean the world to them. But in my case they are the sole reason for my being ! I am not saying that my love is the most extraordinarily awesome or I am the best mom .... but my girls are They say everyone has that one My person .... for lucky me it’s two. Two of my beautiful girls We all want the best for our kids Dream our dreams in their eyes and want them to be just happy. Normal! Nothing out of the box ... Natural In my case I didn’t want them to be like me. Not my image or shadow but someone who they wanted to be .. not the best daughter mom or wife but the best them ! For me I wanted them not to be in a race with anyone else but themselves. Compete with everything within a battle I usually lost. That boxing ring was the toughest and I wanted to train themselves not expecting to win each fight but be strong to gear up for the next. We are so proud of all that you’ve done Love dadu, dad , tanu and mom


Dear Alisa and Adyan, Our darling twins, it was the happiest day when you arrived in our lives, making us Parents. As the sayings goes: the child gives birth to amother and father. We remember your first steps and now soon to be a 12th graduate! How time flies. The decision sending you to a boarding school at a tender age of 12 was painful and difficult, hopefully it was a right choice. We are definite, your years at Woodstock and our family values would have instilled in both of you to become, compassionate, loving and good human beings. May Allah bestow happiness, contentment, success in your adulthood. Congratulation and all the best in the future ventures. Always remember both of you our eyes, left or right is your guess. Your Mamma and Babba


“Throughout your voyage in life, we will always be behind you and with you…… Congratulations on your Graduation Day. We are very proud of you”


Congratulations Aniket We are proud to see you as a great human you have become now. In six years of your Woodstock journey you have done your best and we believe you will give best efforts in your future also. You are so pure by heart and your maturity beyond your age makes you very special. Be always as you are.

Now, We are happy to see you moving so confidently to your next phase of life but somewhere letting you go is tough for us. Always remember that God and we are with you no matter wherever you are. Our blessings will always be with you in every step of your journey. We thank Woodstock and everyone who has been part of this journey. We love you beyond loving and want nothing more than to see you happy. BE HAPPY ALWAYS. Love Maa and Papa 160

Dear Ansh, We were never never ready to let go off you this early, but Woodstock has been the best decision we have taken and how you convinced us for this!! keep aiming for the stars, but don’t change as a person-you are an amazingly genuine, caring soul and always stay true to yourself as the next exciting chapter soon awaits you! As you graduate, we couldn’t be more proud of the person you have grown into! PS. Forever our Simba - fearless, confident and a hustler!


Right from when you were a little kid and till today, you have only given us reasons to hold out heads up in pride. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. We wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence…. along with wisdom to choose your battles carefully…. we wish you adventure on your journey… listen to your heart and take risks carefully…. Remember how much you are loved… we are so proud of you ! We love you Mom & Dad



We’ve come a long way, from constantly fighting over the TV remote to standing by each other while fighting with Mumma-papa. Thanks for all those amazing memories. Hope you are as proud of yourself as I am and that you have the best time in university. And by the way, you’re the real Balani. I’ll miss you. - Tapu

Aryan you are the ray of my life. It’s unbelievable that you will graduate high school this year and will go to college, you’ve grown up so fast, but to me, you will always be my little Aryan. You are a very caring, loving and humble person. I believe that you have so much potential and your future will be very bright. Continue making us proud! God bless you my child.- Mumma


Beta, you’ve grown up so fast! From a small boy running around you’ve become a responsible man. Keep growing, and developing unique dreams that make you who you are. Congratulations on your graduation. So proud of you my grandson. - Dade

Congratulations Aarie . “What feels like an end is always a new beginning. Go forth and set the world on fire .” Create your own legacy. Give everything your best shot. You are a strong and versatile man . Tremendously proud of you! Darling, you light up our life with your radiant smile , and your compassion and generosity are your biggest assets. May you achieve all that you’ve desired . Wishing you a great life ahead filled with unconditional love , success, and bliss. - Papa

Mumma, Papa, Dade, and Tapu 165

My darling daughter, Since you are small , I always enjoyed your intense curiosity and mind openness, your dedication in whatever you do, your great sens of friendship and fun. Woodstock was a fantastic experience and challenge, now I see you ready go in the next step of your life with the same enthusiasm. Lila from the bottom of my heart, thank you to be who you are. Your mom and all your family

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER You came into this world a helpless and precious little baby, we look at you and we see our past, present and future we see our little girl dressing up, covering her face with makeup. We see you running into the khuds and climbing on the trees, you have become an independent and most beautiful young woman, we have showed you how to be gentle and sensitive yet strong at the same time, we tried to impart to you important values , we were there to watch you, celebrate with you, encourage you, hold you. Now we see how beautiful person you have grown to be. We hold you close to our hearts and bless you with encouragement you so deserve. Remember the gifts of faith, family and friends they will always be your sure foundation. now you are ready to embark new journey, our wishes for you unlimited happiness and love. You follow your dreams no matter what obstacles you may face. Remember how much we love you and are proud of you. With best Wishes, Papa, Mama & Jayant



To our dearest and most precious son, we love you harsh. We are so proud to see you grow into the mature, talented and caring man. We know all parents think that their children are the best and there can’t be anyone better than them but we truly truly believe that you’re one of a kind.You were such a quiet and innocent child in your early years but it’s so amazing to see how you’re growing up with a voice of your own, you always speak up whenever there’s anything bad happening around you. The love, happiness and joy that you spread in our lives is so infectious. It’s so heartening to see how you treat people below and above you, no matter who they are. It gives us immense pleasure to see you graduating today not just in school but in your life too. Woodstock has been such an important part of your growing up and we are so happy to see the values and responsibilities it has taught you. We wish you nothing but the best for you always our dear son.You know sometimes it gets very hard for us to understand that you’ve grown up enough to make your own decisions but we promise you to consider everything you say in a more matured way now. We know you act so strong emotionally and mentally in front of works but deep down there’s this boy who is extremely emotional when it comes to his family and friends. Always keep this in you baby. You have a new chapter starting in your life and it sometimes scares us when we think how will our little baby boy take up the responsibilities and face the world all by himself but then we think of the matured and sensible man that you’ve become and it feels so much better.You should understand that life is not always happy and successful but it also has failures and sad times so we wish you the strength to deal with not only success but failure too. We wish you achieve the greatest heights in your life. Always remember that we are there to catch you wherever you fall down and we’ll always support you to get you back up. We love you with all our heart and soul harsh. Love Mom, Dad, Didi, Olive and Oreo



Dearest Jaideep, God blessed us with you on the 23rd August, 2000 when you were born. Our happiness knew no bounds. Our whole world was around our bundle of joys. Now, that you are grown up into a mature boy we are proud of you, my son. The short span of 2 years spent at Wood Stock has really groomed you and made you ready to face your further challenges in life. We are sure that you shall always do wonders. Proud of you and God bless you dear. Love Mom, Dad.


To our dearest Janak, It seems but just yesterday when we dropped you to Ridgewood dorm in seventh grade. You were so small and alone, look at you now you have grown into a confident young man ready to face the world. We as parents can only feel proud of your achievements and how Woodstock School experience and you Janak have evolved together into this self confident, respectful, considerate man. We as a family wish you all the very best for your future. Your loving Papa , Mama and Janav.

Sam, Congratulations !!! 하나님이 주신 우리 가족의 기쁨이요, 멋진 선물인 샘, 필리핀 아이타 원주민들의 목말을 타고 피나투보 산을 즐겁게 오르던 아이, 이집트 기자 피라밋을 형과 함께 올라 왕의 나라를 꿈꾸던 아이, 히말라야를 오르며 청소년의 고독과 아픔을 알아가고 인생을 생각하던 woodstock man, Ebenezer (이제껏 너의 삶을 인도하신 하나님께 감사한다) Windsurfer (세상 살아가며 다가오는 크고 작은 파도들을 즐기며 성실, 당당하게 나아가라) Torchbearer (주의 횃불 높이 들고 세상에 빛과 소금으로 나아가라) The Lord will provide (주님이 너의 앞길을 인도하시고 예비해 주실거야) 사랑한다, 축하한다, 축복을 빈다. woodstock 졸업을 축하하며 카이로에서 아빠, 엄마, 다니엘 형.


“reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.� -kanye west


tintin we are so proud! now, onto higher mountains! love, mom, papa, td & jd 173

Our dearest Nandini, It is a wonderful moment in our lives to be with you as you graduate from school entering into adulthood as a responsible, sensitive and caring young person. Your compassion and concern for others, above your own needs touches us deeply. You also make each one of us in the family feel special and loved. As you walk out of the gates of the school, always nourish the solidity of the Himalayas, the freshness of the rhododendrons and the fearless spirit of the Woodstock tiger within you. An exciting world of opportunities awaits you and we hope your education and values allow you to make mindful choices that resonate in your heart. May you continue to blossom into a person who exudes confidence, joy and hope in yourself and in the world. May each day and each moment in your life provide you happiness and peace. Dadu, Nana, Dadi Muniya and the rest of the family join us in congratulating you today We love and appreciate you deeply. As a family we shall always be there for you. Mum, Baabs and Anamika



Niinna, our little baby, our bundle of joy and our happiness, YOU, our baby, are one of the most caring, loving and doting kids and at one point of time, we could clearly say that if your heart could ever beat outside of you, it would be in your parents. As you graduate from Woodstock today, we look at you & do not see the passage of time. We will try & respect the fact that you are an adult now & that the decisions you will make will be your own, but you must understand, that to us, you are and will always, always be our little baby boy. We may not be able to carry you in our arms anymore, but will carry you in our hearts always. We are in a state of complete disbelief at how time has flown and our little birdie is about to fly out far from the protection and comfort of the familiar into unknown terrains, to hopefully traverse and succeed in this new journey of his life. As you embark upon this beautiful journey, may you always cherish the values and sensibilities that Woodstock and your parents have embedded in you, may you have the strength and courage to take on the challenges life throws at you and calmly absorb success beneath your wings as you fly and soar high. May you stand tall and strong on your grounds and be grounded to your roots always. May you take positively not only successes but also failures that may come your way. We wish and pray for all your dreams to come true. May you have the most beautiful, healthy, happy, peaceful and fulfilling life ahead. May things always fall in place for you just as you desire them to... Heartiest congratulations to you, our heartbeat! Love you to the moon and back and beyond. Mumma-Papa, Dhruvu, Hyper & Buddy





My dear daughter Risika I really love u, as a father I have been harsh at times but discipline is a very important. u are now going to enter into a very important part of life and whatever we have taught u will reflect in the decisions u take. The world at large is not an easy place and only the strong survive. This is the time where u will have to understand what is right and wrong. This phase in life Will determine ur future. Be strong and focused, don’t give up because there will be ups and downs but only the strong and disciplined will succeed. I will be there with u in all ur endeavour. it is difficult for father’s to express themselves but that does not mean I don’t understand your problems or emotions. As a father I have to plan for the entire family. being the first child u have always been close to my heart and I have seen u grow form a chubby child to a fantastic young adult. what ever u want to do in life I will always be with you. my only wish in life is that u stand on your feet and be a good human beings Love papa


Our Dearest Riya, You’ve come a long way..... Time flies and here you are graduating from Woodstock! We are proud to see you evolve into a beautiful person in and out. Your empathy and reaching out to people as well as animals is touching. You are independent in your thinking and immensely creative, humorous, unassuming and take life in your stride, yet remain down to earth.

As you move forward in your life’s journey, which will take you to places and enrich it with experiences, here is wishing you lot’s of love and power. Love yourself. Be Bold, Be rooted. Never compromise on your dignity. Seek your dreams and remain focused. Live consciously. Avoid being taken for granted. It’s your journey. Make it worthwhile and wonderful. Be yourself. Bask in your uniqueness. Lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses. Always with you...... Daddy, Mamma, Kittu, Buzoo, Stud & Rover.


Deuteronomy 31:8 -The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. Sahil-Mark, You are everything we could have hoped for in a son, kind and gentle, caring and loving, smart and witty and we are so very proud of you. We hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smile, to beyond the highest of your hopes, to the doors of opportunities and to the most special places your heart will ever know. This is the beginning of wonderful things for you. We believe in you and your dreams. Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Congratulations on this important milestone in your life. We pray that you be ALL that God has created you to be. So spread your wings and fly, our dear son, forever and a day! Love and blessings, Pops, Mom and (adorable!) sis.

Congratulations Shaurya ! we are proud of the grown up man you are. As a kid, the first few things you looked for in a person were kindness, love, compassion and sympathy. We are glad you have inculcated all those values in yourself. From a child who liked to dance on Bollywood tunes, you are now a fine man who composes poems & verses on world problems and love and listens to great poets like Gulzar and Javed Akhtar. Shaurya be the person you are - The thinker, The foodie, The loving brother, The charming son, The poet, The guitarist, The dreamer follow your dream, spread a lot of love and happiness and always do things that fill up your soul. Love and blessings Ranjit singh Bhansali, Neeleam devi, Kamal chand Baid, Shobha devi, Manish, Monica and Saanjh



Congratulations Sanjana... Wishing you Joy, Happiness and Best of Health Always. May God Bless you. With lots and lots of Love, Grandma, Mom-Dad, Sanjeevan, Sanome


From being a baby panda who could make both her sisters cry with minimal effort, to surviving getting chased by monkeys at a boarding school miles away from home, somewhere inbetween you grew up to be a smart, outspoken, focused and considerate young woman, all this while still maintaining your atrocious personality. From looking forward to seeing you during your winter and summer breaks to looking forward to all your university acceptance letters, somewhere along the line we grew up too! We are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and the person you’ve become. We can hardly wait to see what the future holds for you and for all the blessings that are yet to come. Your race has only just begun, but with the person you’ve become, consider the race already won. Congratulations on graduating!

Lots of Love, Dad, Mom, Leah & Chloe


WE ADORE HER SMILE WE CHERISH HER HUGS WE ADMIRE HER HEART BUT MOST OF ALL... WE LOVE THAT SHE IS OUR DAUGHTER You came to our lives like an angel from heaven. Your million dollar smile is like a flower adding to our garden of love every moment. Your cheerful voice adds the spark that we need every day. You are our sunshine, our ray of hope and our WORLD. It feels like only yesterday that you were born and given to our trembling hands, a bundle of joy for our family. This beautiful girl in our arms, we felt ‘BEAUTIFUL’ when we named you ‘TANUSHRI’. You are the first grandchild to your grandparents, loved to the moon and back. From a innocent looking tiny cuddle 18 years ago to a beautiful and gorgeous young girl today, you make us proud every time we hear about your positive, friendly and caring nature from your teachers and mentors. Your dancing talent takes you on a whole different level and raises our head in pride. Today as you complete this first big step in your academic life graduating from high school, we wish and pray that almighty continues to shower his blessings on you. Wishing you success and happiness always and may your smile, your cheerful and positive nature bring happiness to all around you. No matter how old you are, you will always remain our baby girl and we will love you to eternity and back. YOU ARE AMAZING AND MOST LOVED!! REMEMBER THAT! Uncles & Aunts: We wish you the world of success as you take the next big step to the university life and may you build a great career and success story. Your favourite young siblings: You are our pride; we look upon you as our guiding light. Wishing you all the best .... Love you very much!




Congratulations Imperium!

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Yearbook Team

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A big thank you to: Nazneen Nagarwalla (L-R): Will FErguson Shahid Equbal Andy Malhan Faisal Qadir Photography interns the business office sareena pun passage leaders UY office ict Daniel Swarup (Quitter) 193



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