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ecological decking

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WOODlife´s Ecological Decking is made from thermo treated European wood species. Thermal wood modification is a wood preservative method that focuses on improving the durability of the wood as well as improving its swell and shrinkage behavior whilst the aesthetic values of the wood remain warm and natural, by just using heat and steam. The figuring of the grain is amplified by the thermo treatment. Thermally modified wood has a light to dark brown color.

Your benefits:  Due to the thermo modification the ingredients, the chemical composition and

           

the anatomical structure of the wood have been changed. As a result, the wood is well protected against molds, insects and bacteria. Consequently, the likelihood of algal bloom is also significantly smaller. Durability class 1 (last for 30 years or more). The mechanical properties such as strength and flexibility of the wood are retained. The wood is preserved in a natural way: no chemicals used. Very stable: reaction to changes in moisture content is reduced to the very minimum. The decking does not turn grey over time when finished with our ecological hardwax oil and UV-protector. When applied unfinished, the wood will turn silver grey within a few months time. This will not effect the durability of the wood though. Can be purchased FSC®-certified. A perfect replacement for the better tropical wood species (such as Brazilian Ipé) because of the high durability. Faster installation due to the tongue and groove on the head ends. No visible screws in the boards due to invisible installation clips. All wood is derived from responsibly managed European forests. Sustainable footprint: in regards to the impact to the environment, climate and resource depletion, thermally modified wood from European forests is superior at all levels.

Thermo ash decking Width



90 mm

20 mm

800-2400 mm

140 mm

20 mm

800-2400 mm

Product description         

Durability class 1 Thickness: 20 mm Standard widths: 90/140 mm Surface: planed Profile: B-fix profile, see image Head ends tongued and grooved Bevel alongside Moisture content: KD 7-9% Quality: sounds knots up to max 3 cm, minor open defects up to 8 mm, end shakes up to 20 mm.

Options    

Other widths or thicknesses on special request for orders > 250 m2 Profiled 4 sides smooth with 4 rounded corners Surface options: sanded or slightly brushed FSC®-certified

Always take at least 6% saw waste into account when placing an order.

Support beams WOODlife offers support beams in two different wood species: 1. (Thermo modified) pine, a softwood species that originates from sustainably managed forests in the Baltics. It is thermally modified to give it a higher durability than untreated softwoods. 2. (Thermo modified) ash, with a durability class 1 (last longer than 30 years).





Thermo pine

45 mm

60 mm

2000-4000 mm

Thermo ash

45 mm

60 mm

2000-3000 mm

Product description


   

Thickness: 45 mm Width: 60 mm Surface: planed Moisture content: KD 7-9%


Always take at least 6% saw waste into account when placing an order.

Accessories B-fix B-Fix is a revolutionary invisible fastening system which guarantees a perfect finish for our ecological decking. Manufactured in stainless steel, this system allows a longer life for your decking. Its simplicity greatly reduces installation time. After installation, an individual decking board can easily be replaced if needed. B-Fix has been tried and tested over 200.000 m² of decking in numerous exotic species.

B-fix One The B-Fix One is sold by the box (100 units). The box also includes 100 self-drilling screws, instructions, and a Torx bit. The number of B-Fix One units necessary for a project depends on the distance between the joists of the supporting structure and the width of the deck board being used. Assuming a distance between the beams of 40 cm, you can expect the following number of clips needed: Ecological decking 90 mm:

28 pieces/m2

Ecological decking 140 mm:

18 pieces/m2

B-fix Border Sharing the same mechanical properties as the B-Fix One, the B-Fix Border permits the first and last deck boards to be attached directly to the end of the joists producing an entirely seamless finish to the decking. Plugging is thus no longer necessary. The B-Fix Border is sold by the box, each box contains 5 sachets of 10 units and instructions. Self-drilling screws are also included. The Torx bit 20 is not included in the Border Box. It is however supplied in the B-Fix One box. Positioning the B-Fix Border is aided by the small ‘visor’ above the screw holes which sits comfortably on the end of the joist, so no height adjustment is necessary. The first deck board should be fitted after the B-Fix Border is securely screwed to the joists.

REFIX – pedestal The pedestal is used to correct height differences in the sub structure or to raise a deck as a whole. It consists of two telescoping polyethylene threaded bushings, by which a height adjustment of 60-140 mm can be achieved.

Benefits: 

Adjustable from 60-140 mm Extremely stable – loads up to 400 kg

REFIX — granule pads The granule pads are used as support underneath the substructure of the terrace. The granule pads have a standard size of 70x80 mm. Available thicknesses: 3, 8 or 20 mm.

Benefits:      

Customized heigth adjustment Self adhesive Leveling of the terrace Does not rot Protects the beams against rising damp Improved walking comfort

4 Finishing & maintenance We can finish your exterior parquet with an ecological exterior hardwaxoil. Next to a transparent hardwaxoil, we also offer a range of colours. This allows you to adjust the look and feel of your WOODlife exterior parquet. The hardwaxoil is free of VOC’s, and therefore 100% environmentally friendly. To prevent exterior hardwoods from turning grey over time, the boards can be treated with a final UV protective coat . This provides a solid protection against influences from UV-light which largely brings fungus growth and greying to a halt. The maintenance of our decking is easy. When applying our maintenance oil once or twice a year, you WOODlife deck will keep it’s original look.


5 Revolution in thermo treatment Due to laws relating to the environment and the growing need for durable construction materials, the market for modified wood is growing. WOODlife ecological decking meets this demand perfectly. It has good mechanical features, a high durability, is very pretty and is even produced in a sustainable way. Thermal wood modification is relatively new on the wood preservation market. During the thermo treatment, the wood is preserved through and through by only using heat and steam; no chemicals are used. The energy that is needed during the heat treatment process is generated from burning wood waste materials from the manufacturing process of our decking. Traditional heat treatment systems heat up the wood until 180-220 degrees Celsius. Unlike these traditional systems, the innovative system used by WOODlife does not exceed 170 degrees Celsius, whilst the moisture content of the timber does not sink below 9% during the treatment. As a result, the wood maintains its mechanical characteristics such as strength and flexibility. Scientific research indicates that, depending upon the type of wood used, durability class 1 is reached as a result of the process. At the same time, the treatment process is forgiving towards natural wood imperfections.

The heat treatment facility

Wood from well managed forests WOODlife selects her raw materials carefully from well managed, European forests. Our ecological decking can therefore be purchased FSC®-certified.

This way you can be 100% sure you are purchasing ‘good wood’. More info on FSC can be found on

WOODlife ecological decking in summary  Thermo treated ash exterior parquet  Standard sizes: 20 x 90 / 140 mm  Durability class 1  Mechanical properties of the wood are retained  Preserved in a natural way: no chemicals used  Very stable product  Does not turn grey over time when finished with our ecological hardwax oil and UV-protector

 Can be purchased FSC®-certified.  A perfect replacement for the better tropical wood species  Sustainable footprint  Very beautiful product  Faster installation due to the tongue and groove on the head ends  Matching support beams in thermo pine or ash  No visible screws in the boards due to invisible installation clips  All wood is derived from responsibly managed European forests

WOOD and lifestyle at it´s best!

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WOODlife Ecological Decking  

WOODlife Ecological Decking FSC certified thermo ash decking

WOODlife Ecological Decking  

WOODlife Ecological Decking FSC certified thermo ash decking