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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ontario East Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park Opening Near Prescott PRESCOTT, ON, Jan. 23, 2008—The Ontario East Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park, a new industrial complex that will bring together industry, research and government, is now accepting tenants on 50 acres of the 350-acre Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Industrial Park, adjacent to the Port of Prescott. “The Wood Centre has been designed to help companies employ environmentally sound practices as they develop value-added wood products for domestic and international markets,” says Larry Dishaw, Mayor of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal. “We expect it will help bring a wide range of new jobs to our area.” Behind the Wood Centre stands a firm appreciation of the role Eastern Ontario’s valueadded wood processing sector can play in the region’s economy. Supporters of the Wood Centre concept include the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Port of Prescott, Canadian Forestry Services, University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry and the Eastern Ontario Development Program. “The Wood Centre has many attractive features,” says Sandra Lawn, Wood Centre Project Manager with the Eastern Ontario Model Forest. “We expect it will provide tenants with a stable business environment, reduced operating costs, outstanding road, rail and sea market access, and access to more than 1-million cubic metres of wood. Continued Page 2

Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal 18 Centre Street, P.O. Box 129 Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0 Tel: 613-658-3055 or 1-866-848-9099 Email:

“Researchers and mentoring entrepreneurs will be available when the Wood Centre is operating fully,” she continues. “Meanwhile, many critical infrastructural features are already on hand or in place.” The Wood Centre is expected to process wood for traditional and engineered products. Projects of interest include refining and wood chemical extraction, and the capture of bioenergy and bio-fuels from wood. Pre-engineering and architectural concepts for the Wood Centre are being completed by the engineering firm of Totten Sims Hubiki & Associates. TD Graham & Associates is preparing marketing materials for the Wood Centre’s sales team. A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of national, international and provincial experts has helped guide the Wood Centre project by providing insight into the global economy, science and technology, wood chemistry, climate change, senior government policy, research, business practices and eco-industrial development. - 30 Eastern Ontario Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park The Eastern Ontario Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park is a world-class complex for the manufacture of value-added wood products destined for domestic and international markets. Designed to help businesses employ environmentally sound practices, it is located just east of Prescott, Ontario. For more information, contact: Brian Barkley, General Manager, Eastern Ontario Model Forest Tel.: 613 258 8424 Web site: Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal 18 Centre Street, P.O. Box 129 Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0 Tel: 613-658-3055 or 1-866-848-9099 Email: