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“What do Lindy Chamberlain, David Hicks, Schapelle Corby, Julian Assange have in common? Abuse of legal process & trial by media sensation.” Christine Assange’s words, Tweeted on the 14 Dec 2012

. . . about the corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell.

Lindy Chamberlain was sacrificed on the altar of corporate profits, to protect vast sums invested in the Northern Territory’s tourist industry, David Hicks was fed to the wolves to appease the USA’s imperial ambitions, Schapelle Corby was burnt at the stake to hide a vast web of corruption at Australian airports - and Julian Assange is shackled to hide the lies of Governments and corporations. Now read an open letter to Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr about the shocking corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell.

QUOTE, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 June 2005 “‘Here's the twist in the tail,’ said Ian Robert Chalmers, the former Macquarie Bank director accused of conspiring to smuggle cocaine into Australia. Chalmers, 41, who was arrested with 15 others in what police have said in court was a major drug syndicate bust that exposed the possibility of several corrupt baggage handlers at Sydney Airport, was briefing a travel agent. The return business-class flight to Argentina, which he booked and paid for, allegedly for accused ‘drug mule’ Phillip Gordon Tyler, had to be on Qantas.”

A letter to Julia Gillard’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr . . . Dear Mr. Carr, this letter’s in a flyer because you’ve ignored allServing privateSizes correspondence . . . Bob, as you well know, minutes from a high level 17 Oct 2005 NSW Crime Commission meeting prove corrupt airline staff were ferrying marijuana between domestic air terminals (heading to Sydney Airport), the exact day Schapelle flew. They also prove the criminal (William Moss), who admitted he was part of the insider plot, was telling the truth. He said he was asked to pick up the drugs from the airport, but the job was cancelled because the stash had accidentally flown on to Bali. The rest is history. You’re also well acquainted with the news Schapelle’s bag was illegally diverted from the required x-ray screening after she checked it in - as well as the fact the baggage handlers “Dealing” with her luggage had long criminal histories, and

imported 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 (using the bags of the unwitting public to ferry the drug). Strangely, none of them were arrested, charged or jailed for that - and Julia Gillard’s Minister for Justice (Jason Clare MP), is refusing to say why. However, it’s also a matter of public record these baggage handlers were in a criminal syndicate with a director of Macquarie Bank, an Ian Robert Chalmers. At the time Schapelle flew, Macquarie Bank owned Sydney Airport Corporation and you yourself have earnt huge sums from Macquarie, through lucrative “Consultancies.” But now Bob, you’re point blank refusing to convey this hard evidence of Schapelle’s innocence to the Indonesian Government - plus you’ve gutlessly remained silent about this foreign power’s gross discrimination against an Australian. The highest sentence ever handed out to an Indonesian national (in Indonesia), for

possession of a similar amount of marijuana is just 5 years - and Australian press reports in 2010 told us only 13 out of 70 Bali Bomb (& Jakarta Embassy blast), terrorists were still in prison. To pile on the insults, key Bali Bomber Umar Patek was sentenced to just 20 years in 2012 (for helping to slaughter over 200 people and injure many more). This is the same as Schapelle’s original sentence for 4.2 kilos of marijuana. Your complete silence on that was sickening. Could we please have your response and action on these serious matters as soon as possible. It’s well past time to get off of your extremely well salaried behind to help an ordinary working class Aussie. Isn’t that what you’re paid to do out of our tax dollars? Or are you just hoping Schapelle will come home in box, so she can’t tell Australians the truth about the sickening abuses she endured in a filthy, vicious and corrupt foreign prison? Regards, People for Schapelle

“SEVERAL customs officers and baggage handlers suspected of being involved in serious corruption continue to work at Sydney Airport, it's been reported. The suspected corrupt staff were able to work together to move bags filled with contraband past security checks at the airport when they were rostered on the same shift, according to a Fairfax investigation.” The Daily Telegraph, 16 Jan 2013

Christine Assange supports Schapelle  

A flyer exposing the corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell

Christine Assange supports Schapelle  

A flyer exposing the corruption that sent an innocent woman to hell