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Women Cinemakers taking a shower or washing dishes. When I perceive the world through my senses, it often triggers a world of imagination that cannot be planned, just experienced. Since I never know when creativity would strike, I make a point to be open to new experiences everyday. Try everything! Because what I experience on a daily basis may lead to something imagined or greater. As you have remarked in your artist's statement, though the drawings are simple on the surface, your stories have many layers underneath, like an onion: how much important is for you to trigger the viewer's perceptual parameters in order to address them to elaborate personal associations? In particular, how open would you like your works to be understood? I believe that weaknesses binds people together. In the real world, we all want to “look good” and to “be the best” whatever that means. But if we are all perfect, which we aren’t, then we don’t have anything in common; we would miss the opportunity to connect and share with each other. By admitting to my shortcomings and how my life is not as it seems, it is hoped that other people would open up and find that it is okay to be yourself. We daresay that could be considered an effective allegory of human experience: how does everyday life life experience fuel your creative process to address your choices regarding the stories you tell in your videos? In particular, do you think that there are any central ideas that connect all of your work as an artist? My life is an open book. I started out making lots of autobiographical work. It was a way of how I make sense of the world. Sometimes a way to talk about difficult things is through humor. One thing that connects all of my work as an artist is that

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WomenCinemakers, Special Edition  

WomenCinemakers, Special Edition