WomanBeeWell Magazine: The PCOS Awareness Issue | Sept/Oct 2021

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Holistic Living

15 Essential Herbs for PCOS Symptoms + 2 Teas You Can Make to Try Them for Yourself By: Roxi Thiam, Founder of Finesse Life Holistics and Bougie Tea Party

Let’s face it, PCOS is the most complex women’s health condition today. It’s also the number one, most common cause of female infertility. Dealing with the challenges and effects of PCOS each day is no fun. From the breakouts, infertility, and facial hair, to the heavy, painful periods, finding relief can feel nonexistent. Many of those crappy symptoms are due to a hormonal imbalance caused by androgens and lifestyle factors. But chin up, Sis - there are numerous solutions! Our herbal allies have been used for thousands of centuries and are just as effective today. Let’s talk about the Top 15!