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Wolf & Badger is proud to present a selection of independent designers that have been carefully curated from around the world. Our stores in Mayfair, Notting Hill and our ever growing e-commerce platform allow us to showcase and sell on behalf of the designer, with each brand receiving over 75% of every purchase. The latest selection of fashion, jewellery and accessories designers to join us are listed below, with many more waiting to be discovered online and in our stores. Be the first to shop the newest collections and support the emerging designers.

A Cover image: Styling by: Holly Rebecca. Photography by: David Abrahams. Model: Emma Laird at Models 1.

AMANDA MARCUCCI Designer Amanda Marcucci spent her childhood travelling the world and now combines this with her creative talents to produce her collection of bohemian, beach inspired



jewellery. She travels around the globe searching for small

Bambie & Butler are a UK based sustainable, luxury

Fairtrade family companies to work with and ethically

fashion brand. Using contemporary, luxe materials they

sourced gems for her pieces. Characterised by their bright

design statement leather accessories. Their ethos is to

colours and sense of fun and adventure, all Amanda

create positive change and transparency through the

Marcucci pieces are designed in the UK and made in Italy

supply chain, offering their customers clear product and

and Brazil.

manufacturing information. Bambie & Butler offer high

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

quality and luxurious accessories that make women feel confident, while still keeping sustainability at the forefront


of everything they do. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

Aphotic Jewellery is a silver jewellery brand both designed and hand-crafted in England by Freddie Grove. The brand’s


pieces are both magical and contemporary, always with a


dark, mysterious undertone - but above all, always beautiful.

BOMBERG is a newcomer to the world of watches, first

Freddie is part of a three generation line of jewellers, with

seeing the light of day in Neuchâtel, the cradle of the

the craft well and truly in his blood.

Swiss watch-making industry, in 2012. Swiss-made,

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

strong, distinguished and unconventional, the collections

Footwear designer Abel Muñoz had always had a keen

reinterpret and completely overturn classic watch-making

interest in fashion and design and after graduating from

rules to create unusual timepieces.

the renowned ARS Arpel Institute of Shoe and Accessory

Available online and in our Mayfair and Notting Hill stores.

Design he founded his eponymous accessories brand. His collections of innovative and fashion forward footwear are made entirely in Italy. The shoes are all made by skilled Italian artisans ensuring impeccable construction, workmanship and attention to detail. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

Top right: Amanda Marcucci. Above: Abel Muñoz. Right: Aphotic Jewellery. Far right: Bomberg.



CHILDREN OF OUR TOWN Children of our Town embrace a culture maintained by tradition, valuable architecture and artistic texture that beautifully merges modern innovations with generational beliefs. More than a contemporary brand, COOT is driven and inspired by culture, experience, people, artists and how they coexist. Every collection parts from the knowledge and recognition of our cities through different neighbourhoods – investigating their extraordinary characters based on tradition. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

CHUPI Chupi is an Irish designer, making delicate jewellery

Top left: Children of our Town. Above: Chupi. Left: Dahui Li. Below: Dina Khalifé.

inspired by the beauty of natural and wild things. Chupi sketches each original piece, and creates the first original master from her studio in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.


Born and raised in Beirut Dina Khalifé moved to Milan for

The designer, Donald Edge, has drawn on his 30 years in

her studies and now lives and works there. She started

the jewellery business to present CODE by Donald Edge, a

her brand in 2011 after leaving her job as an accessories

unique, contemporary, luxury jewellery collection. Taking

designer. Translating her passion for hand drawing into

inspiration from the dots and dashes of Morse code, each

prints she creates colourful textiles and turns them into

piece uses eye-catching brilliant cut diamonds to forge a

beautiful, wearable pieces. Defined by its unique and playful

piece of jewellery of exceptional quality that is intimate and

prints the brand is now stocked internationally.


Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.



After moving to the US at a young age Dahui pursued his love for design, studying at Columbus and then working in New York and London for designers such as Oscar De La Renta. Making New York his home, he launched his brand. His belief in craftsmanship and an attention to detail are evident in his pieces. Dahui Li’s simple designs are finished with subtle details to give them a dash of individual femininity. The Dahui Li woman is striking yet completely effortless. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.







Launched in 2014 by designer Jo Gordon, Fera is a jewellery

House of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion company launched in

Kraviech creates minimalist, versatile pieces of clothing

brand for the bold and the brave. Fera, from the Latin word

2005. The company is run by three sisters Karin Söderlind,

that can be paired with just about anything. Their pieces

meaning wild is characterised by its spiked, gothic inspired

Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam. The design is

have a classic, modern elegance while incorporating

forms and solid designs. Working with a combination of

characterised by an unconventional and sophisticated

elements of femininity. Strong, versatile, seductive, playful

traditional and contemporary techniques, all pieces are

style. The garments from Dagmar stand out with their

and stylish are the attributes that distinguish Kraviech and

handmade in Jo’s studio from Fairtrade gold and recycled

combination of high quality, trendiness and sophistication.

make its pieces special. The Kraviech woman is drawn to

silver. Fera strives to create unique yet timeless pieces that

The principal source of inspiration is the sisters’ late

timeless pieces with modern, unexpected details. All pieces

will last generations.

grandmother, Dagmar, who was a tailor and inspired the

are produced in Turkey.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

sisters’ interest for fabrics and design at a young age.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

FINELL Finell is a designer and manufacturer of luxe housewares and fashion accessories, based in Austin, Texas. CEO Rebecca Finell celebrates simplicity and smart design. The Finell brand represents the finest craftsmanship and quality, with products made from an unexpected mix of


luxury materials. Offering a progressive aesthetic and


innovative features, the finished product aims to be as

African-born Jas Sehmbi relocated to India at the age of

unique and refined as the customer who appreciates it.

four, before finally settling in England in 1970. Having

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

carved out a name for himself in accessories design he launched his eponymous brand Jas M.B London in 2000. Inspired by shape and form, Jas M.B bags are handmade in London, combining contemporary style with everyday functionality. Jas M.B has collaborated with many artists and designers, including Simeon Farrar, Katherine Hamnett and Miharayasuhiro. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

Clockwise from top right: Jas MB, Kraviech, Fera, House of Dagmar, Finell.







Liz Nehdi Studio was founded in 2014 by Liz and Karim

Mariana Jungmann was born in Goiania, Brazil.

Morgan Nehdi. Liz Nehdi designs offer an expression of

After studying her law degree she felt something

bold, invigorating colours, hypnotic patterns and painterly

missing so pursued her dream to work in fashion.

prints. These are complemented by the finest craftsmanship

After finishing her Masters degree in London

and luxurious textiles. The debut collection of scarves and

Mariana set up her own brand. Mariana’s passion

pocket squares draws from Liz’s inspirations as a painter,

is renaissance lace, which is inspired by both

from abstract expressionism, art naïf and aboriginal dot

childhood experiences and also a friend she met

paintings to graffiti, Berber patterns, and psychedelia.

whilst studying. Lace has been part of her designs

Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

ever since the moment she learned how to make her first stitch and it has now become her signature


style. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

Accessories brand London Edit make bags that are designed to fit seamlessly into your life, ease your daily commute and un-complicate your working day. A self confessed organiser,


designer Lorna Smith uses her experiences to create her

Merci Me is a womenswear label based in London.

stylish and perfectly functional bags. The brand uses a

In 2008, after completing a degree in Economics,

strict edit of essential shapes created from beautiful and

Mercy started her label which is focused on

luxurious materials. All London Edit bags are designed in

creating beautiful clothing for bold woman. Merci

London and handmade in the UK.

Me creates internationally distinct clothing that not

Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

only embraces femininity but accentuates it with confident colours, lines and structures creating

Above left: Merci Me. Above Right: Mariana Jungmann.

movement and beauty to whoever wears it. All Merci Me clothing is entirely made in England. Left to right: London Edit, Liz Nehdi, My Name is Lolo.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

MY NAME IS LOLO My Name is Lolo is a brand dedicated exclusively to espadrilles. It started as an idea born out of the desire to simplify things and go back to traditional craftsmanship. Their collection reflects their belief in beauty, authenticity and valuing quality above quantity. In order to create beautiful products, they talk directly to their manufacturers and providers. They believe in working with a local skilled workforce, and all their espadrilles are handmade by artisans in Spain. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.


Left: My Pair of Jeans. Right: Suki London. Below: Rachelalex. Bottom right: One Wolf.



My Pair of Jeans is a denim brand with the focus firmly on print. The jeans are all made in Italy and use a combination of different printing processes and mixture of resins and dyes to create the colour and print. The high quality materials that are used to make the jeans give them a luxurious softness and the perfect fit. Available online and in our Mayfair and Notting Hill stores.



Rachelalex is a high-end, womenswear label based in Sydney. Established by sisters Rachel and Alex, the label was launched at Australian Fashion Week 2014. Catering to both the Australian and International marketplace, Rachelalex is defined by structured feminine silhouettes. These are complemented by digitally engineered prints,


designed by Rachel and Alex, including the designers’ own

One Wolf a premium denim brand, based on innovative

illustrations and photography. Upon launching their first

design and made in the second greenest country in the

collection, they were noted by WWD as ‘Designers to Watch’

world, Latvia. Using unique cutting and styling techniques their jeans feature refreshing details, curved lines and a distinct silhouette. Breaking the conventions of clothing, the styles are unisex and can be worn by both Men and Women. Their mission is to encourage alternative ways of thinking and empower a positive change and new experience by inspiring our community through fashion. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

at Australian Fashion Week 2014.


Available online and in our Mayfair store.

POCKET LONDON Pocket London is a denim brand founded by Edward Page



and Louise Thompson. The brand was created after the

Suki London is a contemporary and luxury fashion

company realised that for an item of clothing that was worn

womenswear label based in London. The brand is

so often, jeans lacked variation. Pocket London aims to

characterised by its modern and elegant design. The

build on the beauty of the staple jean, by adding a unique

designer behind the brand has a vision to create an

and understated trademark – the coloured pocket. For

enduring and timeless elegance. Using luxurious fabrics

every pair of jeans purchased the company donate to the

and modern tailoring the result is a chic and minimalist

Jeans for Genes charity.

aesthetic on which the brand prides itself on.

Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.


THE TRANSIENCE The Transience was founded in 2013 by British designer Sarah Clarkson who lives and works in New York City. It is an accessories brand that make travel bags and leather goods that draw inspiration from the transience of modern life and the demands of an on the move lifestyle. Everything in the collection is hand cut and sewn, one piece at a time, in their New York City studio using fine quality leathers and


fabrics. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

TINA LOBONDI Congolese born designer and entrepreneur Tina Lobondi established her eponymous label in Notting Hill, London.


Elegance with timeless style is the ethos of the brand and

The idea behind Tengri was conceived by Nancy Johnston,

her chic designs are finished with exceptional attention to

a social entrepreneur, when she was travelling with friends

detail. Luxurious materials and edgy prints are mixed with

in Mongolia. Nancy became fascinated by the interwoven

elegance and femininity. The fabrics and materials she uses

relationship between people, animals and the land. Tengri

are sourced from all around the world, while the pieces are

is built on a commitment to craftsmanship and collective

all made in London.

action. They are driven by long-term thinking about ecology

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

and economy and work with cooperatives of herders and knitting companies. They aim to help preserve the Mongolian landscape and support nomadic herders’ way of life. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

TOM CRIDLAND Tom Cridland is a new independent menswear brand defined by its imaginative designs of slim cut trousers and chinos. Their premium cotton trousers come in a vibrant range of colours and are handmade using Italian cotton,


wool and cashmere. The contemporary cut of the trousers is

The Season Hats is run by a husband and wife team Paul and

both functional and comfortable. All Tom Cridland trousers

Selina. It was started to fill a gap in the market for premium

are designed in Cambridge, and handmade in Portugal.

hats that are both accessible and modern. They use

Available online and in our Notting Hill store.

traditional techniques alongside newer technologies such as laser cutting to create pieces with a bold minimalism. The simple, clean shapes will work with a range of outfits and still look modern and fresh in years to come. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.


Clockwise from top left: Tengri, Tina Lobondi, The Transience, Tom Cridland, The Season Hats.


UNDER THE SUN Founded in 2012, Under the Sun is a fashion accessories brand from Auckland, New Zealand. Under the Sun are committed to creating high quality, wearable accessories which maintain minimal environmental impact. Design and detail focused, Under the Sun’s watches are contemporary, unique and colourful, happily pushing against the conventional norm. All their watches are designed in their Auckland studio. Available online and in our Notting Hill store.


Clockwise from top left: Under The Sun, Yakshi Malhotra, Vanessa Adeeko, Yael Joaillerie, Vara of London.

VANESSA ADEEKO London born fashion designer Vanessa Adeeko set up her label in 2013, with the aim of developing a brand with a story and conscience. Vanessa has a unique signature style, merging masculine and feminine, day wear and evening wear. As a designer Vanessa is passionate about pushing boundaries, using unconventional textiles to create clothes which are beautiful to see, touch and wear. She is also passionate about changing the way we produce and manufacture in the fashion industry. Available online and in our Mayfair store.

VARA OF LONDON Jewellery designer Mayuri Vara is inspired by her personal


YAKSHI MALHOTRA Yakshi Malhotra is a designer that specialises in high


end, ready-to-wear knitwear and also silk and chiffon

a fusion between London chic, Rajasthani romance and

Artist and designer Yael Smouha is the founder of the

scarves. Providing a creative and sustainable approach to

the exotic from the orient. The Vara of London woman

brand, Yael Joaillerie. After studying fine art at Central St

knitwear the brands signature lies in its classic silhouettes

exudes elegance and a timeless sense of beauty. They make

Martins she applied her creative skills to jewellery design.

delivered with creative hand crafted techniques and art

jewellery for woman who appreciate quality and detail and

Appreciating the sentimentality behind jewellery, Yael

inspired patterns. Using high quality yarns which are

as a result use the finest gemstones including sapphires

makes pieces that are to be treasured and loved. All pieces

predominantly wool, the garments are all hand made in the

and black diamonds. The pieces are all beautifully crafted

are handmade and use the finest materials such and white

studio, in Nottingham, using domestic machine techniques

blending contemporary style with old world glamour.

diamonds and delicate pearls.

in combination with crochet, felting and embroidery.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

Available online and in our Mayfair store.

heritage and cultured background. Her collections are


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New Designers at Wolf & Badger - February 2015  

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