WO’GOA something is always brewing… January 2016 Issue

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Georgianna Chiliadaki and Nikos Roussos are the two chefs and co-owners of Funky Gourmet, along with Argyro Chiliadaki, the restaurant manager. The three of them have been partners from the initial stage of envisioning and formulating their particular restaurant concept to the actual establishment and management of Funky Gourmet.

Chocolate Soup Photo Panagiotis Beltzinitis

Their backgrounds prior to becoming involved in the restaurant business are interestingly very different. Georgianna first studied European Relations at the University of Reading in the UK, completing her degree, her passion for cooking drove her to New York at the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan where she met her partner Nikos who, prior to cooking, had studied business administration in Athens. In November 2009, the two Chefs, along with Argyro opened Funky Gourmet restaurant right in the heart of Athens in the lively, multi-faceted district of Keramikos. This is where the chefs re-think their culinary Greek tradition creating an avant-garde cuisine that is both innovative and playful, a cuisine that aims to activate the senses and to fully engage the guests in an exciting and unconventional way. In other words, this is where they create a culinary experience that is both funky and gourmet. Their menus and inspired by local seasonal produce, the chefs introduce their own concept of a refined Greek cuisine. WO’GOA January 2016 -