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January 2014

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The Bulletin is published by the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, Inc., (PPGBA), a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association. PPGBA is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America.

October Board Report The PPGBA October board meeting was held on 10/17/2013

The Bulletin Staff Editor/Art Director: Lise Smith Advertising: Julie Olson Articles and comments are invited; publication is subject to editorial approval. Editor reserves the right to edit all manuscripts for brevity and/or clarity of content. Articles are the opinion of the author and do not represent the position of PPGBA. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited contributions. Submissions will not be acknowledged or returned unless they are accompanied by SASE. Deadline is the 20th of the month. Submissions may be emailed to

A motion was made and passed that, at the Image Competition chair’s discretion, multiple images of the same subject may be submitted in one month, as long as they are not recognizably the same subject.

It was the consensus of the board to hold the February 20, 2014 monthly meeting at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Matthew Jordan Smith will be the speaker. We will also offer a day-after workshop with models.

P. Salcido is to investigate a joint holiday party with another Bay Area photo organization.

It was the consensus of the board to hold the Annual awards during the March 20 monthly meeting.

2013 PPGBA Officers and Board President:Joe Valenzuela First Vice President: Paul Salcido Second Vice President: Stephanie Scambos, CPP Treasurer: Diane Costello Secretary: Nano Visser Directors: Serena Hartoog (‘14); Wayne Miller, CPP (‘15); Mischa Purcell (’14); Alex Tsang (‘14) Past President: Alexis Cuarezma

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Cover Story Story .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Cover Holiday Party Pix . . . . . . . . Holiday Party Pix . . . . . . . . September Print Competition . . . . . September Print Competition . . . . . PPGBA Workshop - Matthew Smith . . PPGBA - Matthew .Smith OctoberWorkshop Print Competition . . . . .. October Print Competition . . . . . PPGBA Workshop - Carl Caylor . . . PPGBA Buyer’s Workshop Guide . - .Carl. Caylor . . . . . . . ..

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January 2014




The Bulletin

Committees Competition: Stephanie Scambos, CPP Four Nights: t.b.a. Membership: t.b.a. Programs: Paul Salcido, Joe Valenzuela, Webmaster: Julie Olson PPGBA Business Manager: Fred English, M.Photog.Cr. PO BOX F San Mateo, CA 94402-0018 T: 650/367-1265 COO: Julie Olson M.Photog.MEI,Cr. Golden Gate School Co-Director: Martha Bruce


President’s Message Happy New Year to all our PPGBA members and officers. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and profitable 2013. The Holiday Party at Blackwell Files with ASMP was enjoyable and successful. I would like to extend my welcome to all PPGBA members and our incoming board members, Serena Hartoog, Alexander Tsang and Wayne Miller (CPP). They are a great asset to our organization. All our officers and board members are volunteers, willing to give their time and talents, to support PPGBA. I am happy and excited to announce a great line up of speakers for the 1st quarter of 2014:

• Jan - Michael Joseph • Feb - Mathew Jordan Smith • March - Carl Caylor Matthew and Carl will be also be offering a next day seminar, you won’t want to miss them and I suggest you sign up early. We are expecting a great turnout for those seminars. The meeting in Feb for Matthew Jordan Smith will be held at the Academy of Art University, due to the expected large audience.

I have been an active member of PPBA since 2003, but have been supporting PPGBA even earlier than that, signing up for seminars and attending summer sessions at Golden Gate School. I’ve been happy to meet and been taught by some of the most creative people in the industry, such as our own Hanson Fong, Darton Drake, Louise and Josef Simone, Frank Cricchio and Bambi Cantrell. I hope to meet the upcoming creatives Sue Bryce, Roberto Valenzuela (no relation), Lori Nordstrom, Sandy Puc and Jeremy Lim.

January 2014

My portrait photography business, Portraits by Joe Val, in Pittsburg Ca. would not have improved or as creative if it not for my association with PPGBA and PPA. I involve myself in photography interests outside of PPGBA, watch and have bought online videos from Sekonic, Profoto, Tiffen and Creative Live, by the way C.L. has set up a studio in San Francisco. I belong to various Meetup groups in the Bay Area and have attended photo tours to Death Valley, Yosemite, America’s Cup, Fleet Week with the Blue Angels and night photography with these various groups. Of all the groups, I value most my membership to PPGBA. A small fraction of my yearly photographic education budget goes to dues.

A big part of your photographic education and growth as an artist is good and honest feedback of your work. By your participation in image competition, the judges will provide that and will give you suggestions to improve your images. I take the evaluation of my images to heart. Whether it’s a high or low score, I try to keep improving. Even a former PPGBA president and PPA Master Photographer said that he scored a low 70 in his first image entry. Just think if he thought the judges were full of it and quit entering? Would he be the talented and respected artist he is today? So I encourage you to enter image competition often and don’t forget the regional and national competitions.

Just being with members of PPGBA who share the same passion and making a business of it makes for great networking and support. Some of you have seen a decline in your photo business, some of you have gone back to your day job and continue to photograph part time. I believe that the people in PPGBA

The Bulletin

are willing to share their success as well as their missteps to help you be profitable. Another value is a network of people that can support you in time of need. I recently was in Baton Rouge, and needed extra strobes. All I had to do was look for a local PPA photographer for help. On another matter a photographer had to attend to an emergency and I was asked to fill in. What price is that worth? This year as your President, all I ask is, for you to make a commitment by supporting our organization, attending monthly meetings, seminars and by entering image competition often. You can contact me by email ( about your ideas, concerns or praises. In turn I will, with the assistance of the board of directors and officers give you the best return on your PPGBA membership. Your President, Joe Valenzuela


This Month’s Program Top-Ten Secrets to Photographing Families and their Pets

Originally from Allentown, PA, Michael Joseph has traveled throughout the eastern U.S. photographing people and their pets. Twenty-five years, 15 states and over 35,000 portrait sittings later, almost every breed of dog and cat have had their chance in front of MJ’s camera. In fact, if you could get all the dogs and cats together that he’s photographed over the years; you could easily fill each seat of any major football stadium magazine owner In this program, MJ will have a live action session. You’ll find it entertaining and educational to watch him capture in his unique style. He will also be ready to answer technical questions on lighting, posing, variety and sales. Have

January 2014

your questions ready! And, he will unveil his Top-Ten-Secrets to Pet Photography. You won’t want to miss this fun and informal program! We know you’ll

About the Speaker

Although photographing families and their pets remains a top priority, MJ photographs a great deal of nonpet related assignments as well… whether it is weddings, families or children. He has received his Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from PPA, the Florida Photographer of the Year from FPP, Highest Case Score and Continued enjoy the evening and find plenty of opportunity to learn something new. MJ’s goal is not to turn us into animal photographers all in one night, but to entertain and educate…no matter what level or what kind of photography your specialties might include. Even if animals are not your cup of tea, and you have no plans of working with animals at all…nearly all the information might apply to your specific specialties! So, don’t stay at home…come and join the festivities and welcome MJ as our first speaker of 2014!

The Bulletin


This Month’s Program North Florida Photographer of the Year. Some additional distinctions include three-time Florida Top Ten List, Kodak Gallery Award recipient, and the FDPE and FED degrees from the Florida Professional Photographers. During the past seven years, Michael has also worked with Canon, USA, traveling throughout the country on a contract basis. You might see him at various trade-shows and conventions as he shares features, and recommended functions and settings with Canon products.

PPGBA Monthly Meeting

Thursday, January 16thth 7:00 P.M. – networking and hors d’oeuvres Program begins at 7:30 at: the BEST WESTERN PLUS/Grosvenor Hotel 380‑S. Airport Blvd., S. San Fran­cisco. For directions, please call the hotel at: (650) 873-3200 or go to: Please no phones/ beepers ringing or conversations during the speaker/s presentation. Please be courteous and step outside the meeting room.

Cover Story

PPGBA members – no charge Non-members –* $25. at the door

This month’s cover image titled “Sweet Goodbyes” was created by Micha Puecell and earned Print of the Month in September 2013. Mischa tells us, “This image was taken towards the end of a wedding on August 31. The groom had just purchased a new sports car and wanted getaway images taken in it.

January 2014

It was parked under an awning in front of the El Dorado Hills Country Club which had a great set of lights giving a beautiful natural reflection across the windshield. I augmented that with a low power video light to illuminate them inside the car. The image was taken on a Canon 5DIII with a 50mm f1.2 at f1.8 at 1/400s iso5000.”

The Bulletin

ASMP, APA and Students with cur‑ rent school I.D. – *$15. at the door * Fees subject to change


Holiday Party

More Photos Page 16 January 2014

The Bulletin


Print Competition September 18, 2013 Illustrative: Gold Ribbon: Joe Ercoli “Big League Traffic Jam” Joe Ercoli “Just a Little Over the Hill” Joe Ercoli “Light Flow” Wayne Miller “Hong Kong Skyline” Denny Weigland “A Splash of Yellow” BJ Del Roario “My Obsession” Blue Ribbon: Denny Weigland “Fisherman’s Grotto No. 9” Denny Weigland “Master Pianist” Serena Hartoog “A Moonlight Vacation” Joe Valenzuela “Moonlit Falls”

Judges: 1. Gary Crabbe 2. Alexis Cuarezma 3. Zee Bazabeh • Print of the month was “Sweet Goodbye” by Mischa Purcell in the Wedding Category • Highest scoring print in the Portrait Category goes to “Lean Muscle” by Mischa Purcell • Highest scoring print in the Commercial Category goes to “Light Touch” by Randy Wong • Highest scoring print in the Illustrative Category goes to “Light Flow” by Joe Ercoli • Highest scoring print in the Wedding Category goes to “Sweet Goodbye” by Mischa Purcell

Wedding: Gold Ribbon: Luis Espinosa “Dreaming of You” Mischa Purcell “Sunset Dip” Mischa Purcell “Sweet goodbye” Mischa Purcell “Waiting for the Groom” Mischa Purcell “Santorini” Blue Ribbon: Luis Espinosa “I’m going to make her an offer she can’t refuse” Luis Espinosa “Where you go I’ll go” Mischa Purcell “Continental Man”

Portrait: Blue Ribbon: Wayne Miller “When I Smoke I prefer Cubans” Stephanie Scambos “Beach Beauty” Joe Valenzuela “Let’s Get Rolling” Serena Hartoog “Scarlet Haired Starlet” Serena Hartoog “A Smoking Beauty” Mischa Purcell “Lean Muscle” Commercial: Gold Ribbon: Randy Wong “Light Touch” Wayne Miller “On The Runway”

January 2014

The Bulletin


PPGBA and Golden Gate School of Professional Photography present:

Fashion Portraiture: with Secrets to Shooting Fashion and Beauty Instructor:

Matthew Jordan Smith

Friday, February 21, 9:30 am – 5 pm Mills College, Oakland members $159 by 2/17/2014, $199 at the door (if available) non-members $239 by 2/17/2014, $279 at the door (if available) if you are a fulltime photography student or member of ASMP, NCPP, APA, SCVPP, SVPP… please email to for information about an “affiliate” discount For information/registration: fashion20140221/ “For phone-in or by mail registration, please call 650/367-1265.”

January 2014

The Bulletin


Print Competition October 17, 2013 Commercial: Gold Ribbon: Randy Wong “Celebrate” Illustrative: Gold Ribbon: Joe Ercoli “Made in His Image” Wayne Miller “Lady in Red” Blue Ribbon: Wayne Miller “Pretty Bubbles” Joe Ercoli “Chasing my Dreams” Joe Ercoli “My Time to Shine”

Judges: 1. Tim Meyer 2. Paul Tsang 3. Zee Bezabeh • Print of the month was “Reminiscent” by Alexis Cuarezma in the Portrait Category • Highest scoring print in the Portrait Category goes to “Reminiscent” by Alexis Cuarezma • Highest scoring print in the Commercial Category goes to “Celebrate” by Randy Wong • Highest scoring print in the Illustrative Category goes to “Lady in Red” by Wayne Miller • Highest scoring print in the Wedding Category goes to “Calm before the storm” by Kaveh Nikpour

Wedding: Gold Ribbon: Kaveh Nikpour “Clam Before the Storm” Blue Ribbon: Katie Simpson “Moment” Mischa Purcell “Love” Mischa Purcell “The Reveal”

Portrait: Gold Ribbon: Wayne Miller “Gentleman Jack” Stephanie Scambos “Golden Glow” Alexis Cuarezma “Fierce as Hell” Alexis Cuarezma “Fists of Fury” Alexis Cuarezma “Praising my Creator” Alexis Cuarezma “Reminiscent” Alexis Cuarezma “Swim Preparation” Blue Ribbon: Stephanie Scambos “Totally Old School” Serena Hartoog “Family Forest Shoot” Serena Hartoog “Contemplation Lane” Serena Hartoog “A Feathery Simile” Mischa Purcell “Ode to Ritts” Alexis Cuarezma “Revenge of the Nerd”

January 2014

The Bulletin


PPGBA Workshop About the Workshop A stellar member of today’s fashion and celebrity portrait photography world, Matthew Jordan Smith will be teaching his methods for preproduction, lighting, posing, and how to capture the best expressions and incredible images. If you’ve ever wondered how top photographers produce the creative, contemporary beauty and fashion spreads you see in magazines, billboards and online, then this seminar is for you. Be part of this intensive, day-long course where Matthew will take you behind the scenes and into the trenches of his world. Come hungry to learn and be on time, because every element of this intensive seminar will have you buzzing with excitement as we create stunning images. He will help you activate the techniques that he uses every day to produce powerful photographs and apply them to your own work. During the workshop, students will have the opportunity to work with models, discover how to collaborate with a hair and makeup team, and learn how to direct a fashion and beauty shoot. We will take the shoot from the beginning concept to implementation. Come join us and learn the secrets to becoming a better photographer, and gain new techniques that can also help to make even your every day portrait clients look their best.

January 2014

About PPGBA/GGS Workshops PPGBA/GGS offers live and personalized training! Thousands of people can watch an online presentation and all learn just the same things. Make yourself and your work stand out from the crowd; YOU can be part of the limited, intimate group who will see this one-of-a-kind in-person program with Matthew Jordan Smith. This is a great chance for you to both learn AND do. Join us on the lovely Mills College campus in Oakland, conveniently located right off I-580. Our meeting space works for both lessons and photography demos. If weather permits, some of the workshop will be held outdoors on the beautiful grounds. This retreat-like atmosphere will help you focus your best attention to gain the most benefit out of this informative workshop. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a solid investment in your photography career and re-energize your path to success. The unique experience of this class, plus the fellow students you will interact with, can have long-term, positive impact upon your future work.

About the Speaker Celebrated photographer/author Matthew Jordan Smith has worked with some of the most prominent people in the entertainment world today including Oprah, Angela Basset, Jamie Foxx, Vanessa L. Williams, Star Jones Reynolds and Michael Jordan. Pantene, L’Oreal, Lifetime, Revlon, HBO, Olay and Showtime are just a few of the international clients that have used his artistry to showcase their vision.

The Bulletin

Based in Los Angeles, Matthew has been recognized as a SONY - Artisan of Imaging, a Microsoft - Icon of Imaging and Kodak Professional Icon. In addition to making many presentations for professional photography conferences, he has taught at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. He has been a featured photographer and judge on the hit TV show America’s Next Top Model. He has been the subject of television and magazine interviews including The View, BET, In Style, Essence, Photo District News, Rangefinder, and Professional Photographer. Matthew’s gift for relating to his subjects on a personal level led to the creation of his first book, Sepia Dreams, A Celebration of African-American Achievement Through Words and Images, photographs and interviews with 50 African-American celebrities, all of whom spoke candidly with Matthew about the motivations and qualities that enabled them to find and embrace success. E! Entertainment interviewed celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry, and Taye Diggs about their involvement with Matthew in making Sepia Dreams and Delta Airlines has featured the E! interview as part of their in-flight entertainment. He was the photographer for the 2006 book, Lost and Found, which features moving portraits of families whose lives have been touched by the haunting loss of a child. His latest book project focuses on the beauty of movement.


PPGBA and Golden Gate School of Professional Photography present:

Hands-on Natural Light Portraiture! Instructor: Carl Caylor PPA Certified, M.Photog.Cr., Friday, March 21, 9:30 am – 5 pm Location to be announced members $119 by 2/1/2014, $159 by 2/17, $199 at the door (if available) non-members $169 by 2/1/2014, $239 by 2/17, $279 at the door (if available) For more information: For phone-in or by mail registration, please call 650/367-1265. To register:

January 2014

The Bulletin


January 2014

The Bulletin


Buyer’s Guide Albums, Frames & Mats

Business Services

Bella Vita Imaging 646/416-2386 Philip Mauer PhotoMount 800/321-3686

Tax Ninja 415/335-1206 www.taxninja,com Stahle Law 415/617-9278

Equipment & Supplies Alan Epstein Sales 415/420-5278

Reprint Mint/Lamiframe 510/352-1400

Bryce Professional Sales 510/918-4429 Keeble & Shuchat 650/327-8515

800/435-6686 Dickerman Prints 415/252-1300 408/625-7903 Williams Design 650/619-8632


Golden Gate School of Professional Photography 650/367-1265

Photo LabsBay Photo Lab Please favor our corporate members and major advertisers with your business. They have shown their support for PPGBA! PPGBA does not recommend or warranty the products/services of any vendor, supplier, or manufacturer.

Action Zone Looking for photography events and educational opportunities in the Bay Area and beyond? Here are some links to our fellow organizations with programs and seminars all over the area.

January 2014

San Francisco ASMP San Francisco APA Santa Clara PPSCV Sacramento PPSV North Bay PPRE East Bay NCPP

The Bulletin


Calendar of Events


January PPGBA Meeting

Lasting Memories needs Thursday, 1/16 at 7:00pm - Speaker - Michael Joseph BEST WESTERN PLUS/Grosvenor Hotel 380�S. Airport Blvd., S. San Francisco

February PPGBA Meeting Seminar Seminar Registration

Thursday, 2/20 at 7:00pm - Matthew Jordan Smith Academy of Art College, San Francisco February 21 February 21 seminar registration

photographers & assistants to help photograph students at elementary and middle schools throughout the Bay Area. Part time/seasonal positions. 1-4 days per week, end of August through early October. Photograph 150 to 250 headshots per day. Assistants help with paperwork and make sure kids are ready. $200/day for experienced photographers, $16/ hr for assistants. Brent:

New Member Jonathan Marks Active Jonathan Marks Fine Art 415/307-0505 San Rafael

To Place an UnClassified Ad in the Bulletin Unclassified ads are $20 for up to 40 words for members, $30 for up to 40 words for non-members. Each additional 40 words for $10. Payment by Mastercard/Visa is due before publication. All ads MUST contain your name. Help wanted or position wanted classified ads are FREE. Editor may re-write these ads for space considerations. Deadline is the 20th of the month. To place an ad, send an email to: PPGBA’s Business Manager Fred English at

January 2014

The Bulletin


Photos Courtesy of Larry Angier of ASMP

Holiday Party

January 2014

The Bulletin


PPGBA The Bulletin Jan 2014  
PPGBA The Bulletin Jan 2014  

PPGBA The Bulletin month news letter of the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area.