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Seven FBLA members learned real-world business skills at the FBLA conference in Baltimore. (Photograph by Ms. Bullock).

“The conference was a great experience. It made me know for sure that I want to study business in my future.� -Charlette Alavi

Wilde Lake PARCC Results Below County and State Average By Misbah Farooqi Editor-in-Chief In last year’s PARCC exam, Wilde Lake performed below the county average. The PARCC exam was administered for the first time last year. The PARCC was taken by students in English 10, Algebra I, and Algebra II, and will be taken again by students in these classes this year. For the English 10 exam, 36.4 percent of students at Wilde Lake scored a Level One, meaning that they had not yet met the expectations that were required. The Algebra I and Algebra II tests had similar results for Wilde Lake, 78.7 percent, did not “meet� or “partially meet� expectations, and no students “exceeded expectations.� For Algebra II, 61.3 percent did not “meet� or “partially meet� test results, and none of

the test takers “exceeded expectations.� These results sharply contrasted with the rest of the county. Countywide, 52.6 percent of, English 10 students “approached� or “met expectations� and 14.5 percent “exceeded expectations.� For Algebra I, 71.7 percent of students “approached� or “met expectations,� and for Algebra II, 56.2 percent of students “approached� or “met expectations.� However, according to Mr. LeMon, the administration does not believe that the test accurately measures the college and career readiness of the students. Many students and teachers agree with Mr. LeMon, as they felt as though students did not make an effort because they were told that the test did not count towards a graduation requirement. “People didn’t try because they thought that it didn’t count since

some teachers said it didn’t matter,� said sophomore Brittany Rotolo. The PARCC was created to measure student college and career readiness, and to evaluate students on skills that were not tested in the MSAs or HSAs. The test requires students to read, analyze, and interpret language passages and to use mathematical reasoning and concepts to solve real world problems. Although the PARCC test does not count as a graduation requirement right now, the scores are used as a reflection of the school’s performance. Next year, passing the PARCC will be a graduation requirement for students taking English 10 or Algebra I.

In late October, Wilde Lake’s Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, chapter sent seven students to Baltimore for the 2015 National Leadership Conference, where people from around the country came to learn what it means to be a business leader. During this two-day conference, students were able to attend different workshops led by business professionals who taught FBLA members how to step out of their comfort zones, what it’s like to do business overseas, what is considered proper business attire, and other real-world business skills. At the end of each night, a professional came and spoke to over 3,000 FBLA members about their experiences in business and how members can apply that to their own futures. “The conference was a great experience. I got to create a close bond with my fellow chapter members and I also got to learn about business. It made me know for sure that I want to study business in my future,� said freshman Charlette Alavi. Wilde Lake’s chapter advisor, Ms. Bullock, said that she is “very

happy to have so many new members this year. We’ve more than doubled our membership from last year. We were very excited to have seven students come to the Regional Conference this year.� Wilde Lake’s 15-year-old FBLA chapter is preparing for their upcoming Regional Competition on Saturday, February 13 at Mt. Hebron, according to Ms. Bullock. For the upcoming competition, members signed up for one of the 80 competition categories and will compete against about 700 other members in the region. After regionals, members may have the opportunity to go to States and then Nationals. FBLA is a club in which students who are interested in business and leadership can learn and experience what the real world of business is like. Last year, senior and President Toni Heo, made it to Nationals. “Since our membership has grown so much this year, I’m hoping that we can have four or five members represent Wilde Lake at the National competition this school year in 2016,� said Heo. “FBLA has been a great experience for me and I hope people continue to join after I graduate.�

HCPSS Votes to Keep Jewish Holidays, Adds New Ones By Keshav Suri Writer The Board Of Education voted to keep Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, and also decided to add Eid Al-Adha, a Muslim holiday, Lunar New Year, a Chinese holiday, and Diwali, a Hindu holiday, on January 14. According to the New York Times, Board of Education Chairwoman Christine O’Connor said “We want to do our best to find flexibility within the calendar to provide opportunities for all to experience all cultures within our community.� Senior Isaac Soloman testified to persuade the Board to vote on keeping Jewish holidays.

“It was important to voice my opinion so I called the board and asked to testify. I said that Vision 2018 would be violated, as it would be unfair to Jewish students and staff if they didn’t close school on Jewish holidays,� said Soloman. “I feel like they made the right decision. They added three other holidays to the calendar, making it more diverse, which I think is a great step forward,� said Soloman. Sophomore Daman Deep Singh, a Sikh who also celebrates Diwali is happy the change was made. “The Board Of Education has finally recognized that other holidays are just as significant as the ones that are already on the calendar,� said Singh.