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Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Hey Key Clubbers! While some of us (myself included sometimes) do not want to hear the word school for a few more weeks, it is coming up quickly. Now is the time to get yourselves settled into a Key Club routine and start planning service projects. Below is some information to help you to get the New Year off to a great start!

Youth Opportunities Fund: This is a scholarship presented from International ranging from $100 to $2000 that any club can apply for so that no money has to be spent on a service project. This is a wonderful opportunity for clubs to take advantage of. The International applications are reviewed once a year in October, so turn them in ASAP! Here is the link to the International application: WI-UM Grant: Like the Youth Opportunities Fund, the Wisconsin- Upper Michigan District has a grant as well. In the District Grant, you can apply for up to $200. The way the WIUM grant works however is that you can either plan a budget before an individual project and receive the estimated amount or turn in the receipts and forms after the project for an exact amount. This grant is approved quarterly at the District Board Meetings. Service is not supposed to put a club in monetary jeopardy, these resources are meant to help you. Here is the link to the District Grant: Membership Growth: The start of school is the best time to begin recruiting members for the rest of the Key Club year. Hosting fun events (besides Key Club meetings, because who doesn’t love those right?) is a great way to get members to at least come and see what we are all about and that we don’t actually make Keys, but rather open doors. If you are looking for promotional materials for your club please visit the Key Club International website 

International Convention: In July International Convention was held in Anaheim, CA. At convention the Key Clubbers in attendance elected your new International Board and passed 5 different amendments. The three international board members you will be working with are Maria Palazzolo- the International President, Kevin Zhang- the International Vice President, and Barry Seng- the International Trustee for this district. The 5 amendments passed as are follows: 1. Change to the definition of an Honorary Key Club Member, 2. No limit to the number of positions to be held in Key Club International (for those countries/schools that run longer than the typical 4 years), 3. $0.50 of the dues dollars collected will no longer go to the Youth Opportunities Fund because the fund has enough money to sustain the grant applications for many years, 4. $0.50 dues increase, 5. In order to form a district now there is a 450 members and 15 club minimum requirement.

Dues: It’s that time of year again! That’s right, dues time  like I stated earlier, there was a $0.50 dues increase in the International portion of the dues you pay. This means that the dues for International are $7.00. The District dues remain at $5.50. Total dues paid will be $12.50/member. Your club may charge its members an additional amount as well. Dues dollars are the only way Key Club International and its Districts are able to function. Dues payments are due for the early bird patch on November 1st. The official dues deadline is, however, December 1st. It is best to turn them in as soon as possible.

Preferred Charities: With the start of the new school year also comes the various preferred charities weeks. Start planning soon and get involved in the fun and service. If you would like more information on the Preferred Charities and their respective weeks, please refer to the KCCC Newsletter produced once a month! There will be a new Preferred Charities award given at DCON this year. Watch for additional information on the award.

Vision Partners: Nickelodeon is currently the only Key Club International Vision Partner. A Vision Partner is a corporation who shares the same values as Key Club International and their Vision Statement. Vision Partner Nickelodeon inspires kids to take action and make a difference in the world. Through the Big Help and Worldwide Day of Play initiatives, kids and adults work together to plan events and activities in the following areas: health & wellness, education, service and the environment.

Co-Sponsors: The current Key Club International Co-Sponsors are the Hershey’s Company and Rustic Pathways. Hershey’s has participated in Key Club International through its events of Hershey’s Track and Field. Rustic Pathways holds the values of Key Club through their trips to some of the most remote places of the world to do service and help others who are unable to help themselves. The WIUM District is putting together a Rustic Pathways tour for 2015 to Costa Rica. As plans are confirmed, we will tell you all about our very own tour.

Yours in Service and Kindness, Erin Idler -Wilmot Union High School District Governor Wisconsin- Upper Michigan District Key Club 1-262-909-5560

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Governor School Newsletter 2014  

Governor School Newsletter 2014