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Give Now, Grow Later With DIY Seed Paper

Give Now, Grow Later With DIY Seed Paper


This year, use gift tags that will continue the giving season well into spring! Create tags from eco-friendly seed paper you can make at home. When the paper is planted in soil, the seeds germinate and grow.


• Recycled printer paper or scrap paper

• 2 cups warm water

• Plastic wrap or parchment paper

• Blender

• Mixing bowl

• Packet of native wildflower seeds, or herb or vegetable seeds

• Fan


1) Shred printer paper into tiny pieces.

2) Place the shredded paper into a blender and add water, about twice as much as the amount of paper. (1 cup of paper needs 2 cups of water.)

3) Blend to a pulp, then move to a mixing bowl.

4) Using your hands, squeeze the water out of the pulp and drain the water.

5) Mix in the seeds by hand. Don’t use the blender, as it may damage the seeds. (Note: If using wildflower seeds, remember to choose only seeds from plants native to Wisconsin; learn more at dnr.wi.gov/tiny/1316.)

6) Press the pulp onto plastic wrap or parchment paper until flat and shape into gift tags. Cookie cutters also can be used to create fun shapes.

7) Let the pulp dry for 12-24 hours, using a fan. Waiting too long to dry the pulp can cause the seeds to sprout.

Contribute to a backyard native plant landscape or other gardening efforts by crafting seed paper to sprout in the spring.

Amy Staffen