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12 Tips For A Sustainable Holiday

12 Tips For A Sustainable Holiday

12 Ornaments Hanging

Seed bells, suet and other edible ornaments look great! And local wildlife will thank you for the holiday present.

11 Lights A Blinking

Energy-efficient lights can be used inside and out to reduce your energy bill.

10 Trees For Planting

Choose to decorate with native holiday plants, like a balsam fir, that can be replanted and used for years to come.

9 Reusable Bags

While you're shopping this season, remember to pack your reusable bags to cut out extra plastic.

8 Presents Need A-Wrapping

Bags, boxes and bows can be a fun tradition to reuse.

7 Presenting Gifts

Remember: The wrapping can be part of the gift. Place garden tools in a flower pot or spices in a mixing bowl for a unique present display.

6 Trips For Taking

Give fun experiences, like local museums or theater trips, for gifts.

5 DIY Gift Tags

Check out page 40 to learn how to make seed paper for gift tags.

4 Foods For Giving

Breads, jams and nut mixes make yummy presents everyone can enjoy – just check for food allergies first!

3 E-Cards For Shopping

E-gift cards can be a great opportunity to make sure there is no waste, and a person can get exactly the present they want. Make it personal by choosing their favorite store!

2 Boxes Shipped

If shipping presents this season, use eco-friendly shipping containers like 100% recycled cardboard or poly mailers.

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