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Chaka Khan, the queen of funk, is ready to take back her throne and give the dance floor exactly what it's been missing, with the arrival of her long-overdue new album, Hello Happiness.


Milwaukee has a really great gay scene, and it is always voted as one of the best gay cities to visit in the United States.


This week's cover story showcases Italian model Diego Sechi with some sexy photos from his recent photo shoot by Photo Studio Miami.


The Kid Who Would Be King is a wonderfully bright new take on the Arthurian legend that is part Goonies style action adventure, part allegory, and pure magic.


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The Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof is at the Broward Center until March 3.


Sara Baras returns to the Arsht Center as the star of the 12th annual Flamenco Festival Miami.



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Contact Information Tel: 305.520.WIRE Email: info@wiremag.com 1541 Brickell Avenue, #2004, Miami, FL 33129 Wire Magazine is published, produced, and owned by Wire Media Group L.L.C. All Rights Reserved. Distributed in print in Miami, The Beaches, and Fort Lauderdale, and digitally worldwide through wiremag.com The views, opinions or positions expressed by contributors to and interview subjects of Wire Magazine are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Wire Magazine, its staff or publisher. Cover photo by Jorge Freire photostudiomiami.com Model: Diego Sechi

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This week's cover story showcases Italian model Diego Sechi with some sexy photos from his recent photo shoot by Photo Studio Miami. This registered nutritionist and professional fitness model considers himself a citizen of the world because his current career takes him around the globe. Diego enjoys meeting like-minded people he can learn from, and people he can help with his knowledge and expertise. Enjoy our interview and photo essay of Diego!

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In Destinations, we take you to Milwaukee courtesy of travel writer Joey Amato. This Wisconsin city, on Lake Michigan's western shore, has a really great gay scene, and is always voted as one of the best gay cities to visit in the United States. From trendy bars with really cute bartenders and strong drinks to lots of outdoors opportunities, Milwaukee has a lot to offer. During your visit, be sure to stop by the Milwaukee Art Museum, housing more than 30,000 pieces in its permanent collection, including works by Monet, Warhol, Picasso, and one of the largest Georgia O'Keeffe collections in the world. Also, check out the Harley-Davidson Museum to view over 350 motorcycles and exhibits about engines, racing, customized bikes and this famed company's influence on American pop culture. In Top Trax, music writer DJ FR8-O looks at the long-overdue new album Hello Happiness, by the legendary queen of funk, Chaka Khan. Even though it's been 12 years since she released her latest classic hits "I Feel For You," "I'm Every Woman," and "Ain't Nobody," her long-overdue new album Hello Happiness is here for all to enjoy. Chaka Khan has released 22 albums, attained 10 U.S. #1 singles, won ten Grammys, sold 70 million records worldwide, including seven gold singles, seven gold albums, and three platinum albums. An impressive musical career indeed. For the movie buffs, in Flix, film critic Alyn Darnay reviews The Kid Who Would Be King and describes it as "quite simply a wonderfully bright new take on the Arthurian legend. Part Goonies style action adventure, part allegory, and pure magic; it is a rousing, modern re-interpretation filled with young chivalrous knights, dangerous flaming demons, a wicked enchantress, swashbuckling sword fights, big budget effects, and down right clever humor." I also want to remind you that Winter Party Festival starts this week and the Miami Film Festival opening night is this Friday at the Olympia Theater in downtown Miami with the outstanding documentary This Changes Everything. Visit wiremag.com to read our special issues about both Festivals, and to sign up for your FREE subscription to Wire Magazine. See you at the cinema and on the dance floor at Winter Party Festival! Cheers, Rafa Carvajal Publisher & Editor in Chief rafa@wiremag.com


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ust like high fashion, some recording artists have a way of becoming trendy for a hot minute, losing their luster, and then bouncing right back into the spotlight again. Then there are those who never go out of style. I'm no fashionista, but I think it's safe to say that the legendary Chaka Khan would fall under the latter. Although it's been 12 years since she gave us new music, her classic hits like "I Feel For You," "I'm Every Woman," and "Ain't Nobody" have continued to seep into DJ playlists across the globe for over 3 decades; not to mention the countless covers by other artists. Now with the arrival of her long-overdue new album Hello Happiness, the queen of funk is ready to take back her throne and give the dance floor exactly what it's been missing.

What makes Chaka Khan so remarkable though, isn't just her record sales or awards, it's the influence she's had on generations of recording artists, including Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Quincy Jones, and Mary J. Blige; not to mention the millions of young singers today who credit her as one of the iconic voices that inspired their dreams. After 40 years in music, she continues her legacy with Hello Happiness, a collection of songs that celebrate a lifetime in music and prove that Chaka Khan is as inspiring as ever.


Miss Khan's musical journey started in the early '70s as the lead singer of the funk band Rufus before stepping out on her own in the '80s. Throughout her phenomenal career, she's released 22 albums, racked up 10 U.S. #1 singles, won ten Grammys and has sold an estimated 70 million records worldwide. She's has achieved seven gold singles, seven gold albums, and three platinum albums, making her one of the most successful female singers of all-time. Are you impressed yet? popular with industry influencers around the globe, that it was given a full release last summer. The track has become one of 2018's biggest club anthems, getting nods from DJ/producers like Mark Ronson, The Magician and Horse Meat Disco. The follow-up single (and title track) is set to take the same path, dripping with classic funk grooves and laced with Chaka Khan's soulful vocals. The rest of the album channels elements of the '70s and '80s funk, with a contemporary polish, giving each track a vibe that's both retro and modern.

The geniuses responsible for this gift to us audiophiles are Major Lazer founder and Grammy-nominated producer Switch and artist/songwriter Sarah Ruba Taylor. They first approached Khan to be a featured artist on another project, but then decided to build an entire album around her instead. The rest, as they say, is music history! And for those old skool collectors out there, Hello Happiness will not only Khan took her first step back into the spotlight be available for digital download starting February 15, but it's also being released last year with the release of her first single "Like on vinyl, CD and cassette. Sugar." It was originally meant as a limited edition release for Record Store Day, but became so Visit wiremag.com to read the extended version of this article.

If you're a recording artist, producer or musician and would like your work featured in TOP TRAX, hit me up at abarrios@wiremag.com. 8 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019





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am always up for a big adventure, so I thought visiting Milwaukee right before winter would be a good idea. Little did I know, winter comes early in Wisconsin. I was greeted with a small snow storm and below freezing temperatures, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. It was my first time visiting the city and I had lots to see. Luckily, one of my lifelong friends, Steven Binko, is a Milwaukee resident, so I had a permanent tour guide for the duration of my visit. Our first stop was the famous Miller Brewery Tour, where we learned about the ghost of Frederick Miller who haunts the historic Miller caves. Throughout the tour we were forcefully fed samples of Miller beer products. They weren't stingy on the free samples either. As much as I don't like snow, it was really cool to see a bit of snow atop the iconic Miller Brewing sign.

Grab a cup of hot cocoa from Colectivo and explore the Historic Third Ward, which recently underwent a drastic revitalization and now boasts trendy boutiques, art galleries and specialty stores.

Not too far away is the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum, considered Wisconsin's premier arts institution as well as Milwaukee's lakefront masterpiece. The museum houses more than 30,000 pieces in its permanent collection which includes works by Monet, Warhol and Picasso, in addition to one of the largest Georgia O'Keee collections in the world. The museum's breathtaking moveable brise From there, head to the Milwaukee Public soleil "wings" soar against the backdrop of Lake Michigan, spanning the width of Market, located in the city's Historic Third a Boeing 747 when extended. Ward neighborhood. The two-story market isn't as massive as Seattle's Pike Place Mar- Milwaukee has a really great gay scene. It is always voted as one of the best gay ket, but it features a nice selection of local cities to visit, so I decided to head out on the town for my first night in the MKE. fare. I sampled a cup of delicious tomato My first stop was DIX, a trendy bar with some really cute bartenders and strong soup and coupled it with a serving of half a drinks. Not too far away is This Is It, the oldest gay bar in the city. The narrow dozen fresh oysters from their oyster bar. The space is warm and welcoming, although I heard the current owners are looking market also sells many regional products in- to expand. Walker's Pint is the place for ladies to gather, while Kruz is the 'daddy' cluding artisan cheeses and creamy frozen bar with really cool lighting and a nice patio space. If you're looking to dance, custard. head to LVL, but be advised there is a cover charge most nights. 10 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019

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but once I was granted entry, the bar itself chain establishments), so it was really nice is incredible; filled with secret passageways to get a look at the hidden gems only the locals know about. and hidden items throughout.

While in town, try to swing by the Fiserv Fo- When I asked our tour guide Robert his rum and catch a Milwaukee Bucks basket- favorite part of the job, he explained how ball game. The new state-of-the-art arena is he really enjoys incorporating Milwaukee worth the price of admission. I got a private history and comedy into the adventures. tour of the facility and was blown away by His knowledge of the city and its activities the amenities, especially the lounges locat- really put into perspective how much the ed throughout the venue. The arena is also downtown offers and how far the city has If you have some time left, swing by the proud to have all-gender restrooms for their come in a short amount of time. Milwaukee Public Museum's butterfly exhi- guests. At one point, we drove by the Henry Maibition. The two-story glass-enclosed garden was designed to provide the butterflies with If you happen to be in town on a Sunday, er Festival Park along the lakefront and a tropical environment despite Wisconsin's Hamburger Mary's hosts a fabulous buffet briefly learned about the inane number of frigid winter season. Hundreds of butterflies brunch complete with bottomless mimosas, cultural festivals Milwaukee hosts – two in surround you as you walk through the exhi- and a cast of divine divas. The food was sur- particular that draw people from all over bition. At one point, a butterfly landed on prisingly good. I wasn't sure what to expect the world. Summerfest is an annual music my head and made me the subject of many from a brunch buffet, but there was a nice festival that lasts for almost two weeks and selection of both breakfast and lunch items hosts over 1,000 performances on 11 photos. stages. Last year, they had artists from evto choose from. ery genre of music ranging from Kesha to If you're hungry, head to Balzac for a delicious assortment of tapas and flatbreads. One of the coolest activities this visit was tak- Steven Tyler. Then there's PrideFest which Some standout items include Lamb Chops ing part in a Milwaukee Food & City Tour. is one of the largest LGBTQ festivals in the with hummus, garam masala aioli and papri- Privately owned by a husband and wife Midwest welcoming nearly 50,000 visitors ka oil, Tuna Tartare with wasabi vinaigrette, duo, the business idea was inspired while on annually. fried wonton, sesame seeds and lime faulk a walking tour in SoHo 11 years ago. Tosalt, as well as the Pork & Peach Flatbread day, they now run a total of 21 bus, walking, This summer in Milwaukee is going to be consisting of pork belly, red potato, manche- and neighborhood-themed tours that cover jam packed with events, so book your go and garlic confit dressed with a balsamic everything from Bloody Mary's to pizza to room early at the Potawatomi Hotel and tapas. For this visit, we participated in the Casino, located just outside of downtown, peach glaze. holiday themed Ethnic Bakery Tour. Our before it sells out. While there, try your luck For drinks, I recommend SafeHouse, a down- guide was a hoot and knew a lot about the at some slots if you're so inclined. town speakeasy that is quite fun from the city as well as history of the businesses. Each moment you walk in the door. First-time visi- of the six bakeries were privately owned (no Enjoy the Journey! tors are asked for the password… and yes, most don't know it. I had to hula-hoop for Joey Amato is the publisher of Pride Journeys, a website dedicated to LGBT travel. thirty seconds in order to gain entry. What Joey has spent over a decade in LGBT media and public relations and currently I didn't know is that everyone was watching resides in both Nashville, Tennessee and Indianapolis, Indiana. He can be reached me from inside the bar. It was quite embarat joey@pridejourneys.com rassing once I found out I had an audience, 12 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019


Just a short drive from the Harley-Davidson Museum is the Pabst Mansion, constructed by Captain Frederick Pabst, founder of Pabst Brewing, in 1890. The Gilded Age mansion is located on Grand Avenue, just outside of downtown and was designed by George Bowman Ferry and Alfred Charles Clas. The mansion was nearly torn down to make way for a parking lot, but after a three-year crusade for its preservation, it was spared demolition and went on to become an award-winning house museum. The Mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 21, 1975.


Start your next morning by visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum. This spectacular one-of-a-kind museum celebrates the rich history of Harley-Davidson and has become the mecca for Harley riders throughout the world. More than 350 motorcycles are displayed, along with exhibits devoted to engines, racing, customized bikes and the company's influence on American pop culture. As someone who has never ridden a motorcycle, I still found this museum interesting and one of the most Instagrammable places in the city.


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DIEGO SECHI BY PHOTO STUDIO MIAMI By Rafa Carvajal | Photos by Jorge Freire. photostudiomiami.com 14 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019

his week's cover story introduces Wire Magazine readers to Italian model Diego Sechi with some sexy photos from his recent photo shoot by Photo Studio Miami. He is a registered nutritionist and professional fitness model whose career takes him around the world. Diego likes meeting like-minded people he can learn from, or he can help with his knowledge and expertise. Rafa Carvajal: Where are you originally from and where do you live? Diego Sechi: I am originally from Italy. Now, I'm constantly traveling around the world to pursue my fitness career, so it's hard for me to have a proper base to live. I'm a citizen of the world for now until I get tired, and it will be time to settle down. RC: Describe yourself in three words. DS: Curious, dreamer and ambitious. RC: What do you do for a living? DS: I am a registered nutritionist and a professional fitness model. I am happy to be able to conciliate my passion (fitness) and my studies (nutrition) into a career that takes me around the world. I love meeting so many like-minded people who I can learn from or I can help with my knowledge and expertise. It keeps me excited and focused on the will to do more every day.

#05 2019 WIREMAG.COM 15

16 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019


RC: Who is the professional icon that inspires you most, and why? DS: I do not have a unique person I admire. I would say that I admire anyone who is successful in a certain field of expertise, and I try to emulate what they did to be there if I want to be at the same level in that particular industry. That goes for anything that I do or would like to do. For example, if I am interested in cooking, I would look for the best chefs and follow their advice or read their biographies. RC: How do you stay in such great shape? DS: I have learned over the years how to fit my training and diet regime into my crazy lifestyle. It is always a matter of balance and listening to your body. Sometimes after a 12-hour flight in a new country, I can't wait to go train just to take out the stress and feel fresh and ready for whatever I am doing there. Some other times, even in my own city, I would have a cheat meal if I need one as a reward for a tough day at work or to celebrate a good achievement. I always know that I will be back on track the next day, so it is all about finding the right balance between having a healthy lifestyle and enjoying your life at the same time. RC: What do you enjoy the most about modeling for photography? DS: I enjoy meeting so many professional photographers who I become friends with, and keeping these friendships for years. It often happens that I am in a city for a few days and meet up with some photographers I have shot with before just for dinner, or to catch up over a coee to hear the latest fitness industry news, and see how things are going for both of us without the need to shoot every single time we meet. Also, I would love to look back at the pictures that I've done when I am 50 years old to conjure up some great memories of travels, people and experiences, and maybe showing them to my kids one day. RC: Boxers or briefs? DS: I have used boxers for many years. Lately, I've turned to briefs even for pictures and videos, as they show more of my leg muscles, which I am proud of.

#05 2019 WIREMAG.COM 17

RC: What is your favorite food? DS: I'm more of a fan of savory foods when I cheat on my diet. Being Italian, I have some high standards having my mom's food as the judging criteria. The foods I like the most (when I can eat them) are burgers, fries, a lot of cheese and pizza. RC: What is your favorite pastime? DS: I have many hobbies that I try to cultivate regardless of my busy and rushing routine. When I am home in Italy, I can play my saxophone. I love jazz music and playing it myself makes me relax and keeps my mind active and sharp. While traveling, I love to read because it allows me to learn a lot while being on a long plane ride, on a train or at night before sleeping, and a book is something that can always fit in my luggage. RC: Where would you travel if you could go anywhere, and why? DS: Thanks to my job, I am traveling to new places all the time that I had never planned on visiting before. So, I do not have a specific place I want to go to, but I am just curious to see where my next job will take me. Also, going to work somewhere is more fun than going as a tourist because it puts me in touch with local people in that city who are always taking me somewhere amazing and showing me around when we're done working. It's a completely dierent experience. RC: What is your current struggle? DS: I do not feel that I am struggling with anything at the moment. I, of course, always want to do more and achieve more so I am never satisfied. It keeps me alive and kicking for something greater, so instead of a struggle, I see it as an opportunity to be better every day. RC: Where can we follow you? DS: I am on all the major social platforms if you look for @diegosechi. I also have an active personal website, diegosechi.com, where people can find training and nutritional plans aimed to help them reach their shape and body goals. I also coach many online clients around the world, tailoring their nutrition and diet plans to get them where they want to be with their body and health. People can contact me on my social media to start a program with me. RC: Is there anything else you would like to share with Wire Magazine readers? DS: I am very happy to be featured in Wire Magazine. I want to wish all the best to the Wire Magazine family and its readers, and I hope you enjoy the interview.

18 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019


By Alyn Darnay

THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING Once upon a time…

The Kid Who Would Be King Rating: 4-1/2 stars (out of 5) Rated: PG

(for fantasy action violence, scary images, thematic elements including some bullying, and language)

Running Time: 2 Hrs





ing himself the target of two older school bullies, Lance (Taylor) and That's the way all fairytales, old and Kaye (Dorris). Later that day, while new, usually begin, so I thought I'd escaping from them he falls into a start my review by honoring this mod- construction site where he stumbles ern take on one of them in the same upon Excalibur, the mythical sword in way. The Kid Who Would Be King the stone. By pulling the sword from is quite simply a wonderfully bright the stone, he unknowingly sets into new take on the Arthurian legend. motion an ancient spell cast by the Part Goonies style action adventure, imprisoned evil sorceress Morgana part allegory, and pure magic; it is Le Fay (Ferguson). a rousing, modern re-interpretation filled with young chivalrous knights, With a wild clicking of his fingers, a dangerous flaming demons, a youthful Merlin (Imrie), appears at wicked enchantress, swashbuckling school disguised as a student and sword fights, big budget effects, and attempts to convince Alex that he is down right clever humor. It's sure to both special and in great danger. claim the young audience it seeks. Through story and magic, Merlin relates to Alex that he has been Director Joe Cornish, who last gave chosen to take up a quest to destroy us the terrific teens battle aliens sci-fi Morgana and her army of fantastical film Attack The Block, which starred creatures before they take over the a young John Boyega, delivers world. Creating a new round table another stylish film that melds his and winning the support of his enetrademark rebellious nature to our mies, Alex and his new "knights" set seemingly messed up current political forth to battle the coming evil. climate while still being true to the legend. There are some really wonderful performances by young actors in the With most features aimed at children film, and again, Cornish has sucthese days being either animated ceeded in discovering another talent fluff, or super hero nonsense, it's with a long career ahead of him. refreshing to see a true attempt to en- Angus Imrie, the 24-year-old actor tertain while directly reaching young playing the young Merlin incarnaminds with themes of the things they tion, literally steals the film with his should be dreaming about becomwild, ditsy dizzying clicking moveing in the real world. The Kid Who ments and vocal styling. I also need Would Be King is that type of film. to quickly mention Patrick Stewart Oh, and I should mention, it's bunch- whose older incarnation as Merlin as es of fun for the whole family. a garrulous old man is just a stitch. Here's the storyline… One day at school, 12-year-old Alex (Serkis) sticks up for his helpless best friend Bedders (Chaumoo) mak-

My take… It's been quite a while since I saw a film made for a younger audience that I've enjoyed as much as this. Don't just send your kids to see it, take them! You'll enjoy it.

Alyn Darnay is a film critic; feedback is encouraged at adarnay@wiremag.com. 20 WIREMAG.COM #05 2019





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