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OCT 15

Handling Your Subordinates Albert Einstein said, “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Successful man management is a lot like successful teaching – you need to inspire and motivate. That’s what really counts. That’s your job. Good leaders follow specific plans and put their subordinates first. But they don’t make the mistake of trying to be everyone’s best friend… Here are top tips for effectively handling and managing your subordinates: •

Do develop good working relationships with your subordinates but be wary of becoming too emotionally close. It can weaken and undermine your authority.

Be fair. Treat your subordinates all equally and objectively. Avoid having favourites. And treat them all as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Be prepared to put on your cross face and to take appropriate measures with those who fail to perform to the required standards. But use it sparingly!

Praise in public; criticize in private. Never humiliate a subordinate. You want them on your side, not working against you.

Don’t lose your temper and never yell and shout. It just makes you look weak, foolish and out of control.

Demonstrate empathy and the ability to understand their own individual points of view.

Make them feel understood and their opinions recognised. •

Do demand the best of people that they can achieve – but be aware of their limitations and don’t make excessive demands; it’ it’s counterproductive.

If a subordinate comes to you for help, give them the time and attention they deserve. It’s your job to help them – and to teach them how to help themselves.

Remember that you’re not God. You don’t know it all. A little humility and a little less arrogance will only increase your subordinates’ opinion of you.

You’ll most likely be somebody else’s subordinate. Don’t hesitate to seek their advice or intervention if you are worried about how to handle a situation.

Keep your word... whether you have made a promise or a threat - it is important to your credibility to follow through.

Give subordinates the benefit of the doubt. Often mistakes occur because employees have not been fully trained. If this is part of the cause of a problem, accept the blame yourself.

Tell the truth, even when you know what you need to say is something your subordinate does not want to hear, such as:  Their performance is below expectations  They made errors that should not have been made  They are being demoted or assigned new duties because they have not demonstrated the competence and/or commitment to the position they have been assigned to

Treat customer, co co-workers, workers, and subordinates with respect. Good manners and civility cost nothing.

Show appreciation when tasks are pe performed rformed in an exemplary manner.

Provide specific and measurable goals for every person in the department, and make sure that they are stretch goals [meaning that at the goals that are not easy to achieve]

Support and defend your subordinates when it comes to judgment calls. If your employee has violated a departmental or company policy, it would be inappropriate to support them . . . but as it relates to jud judgment gment calls, hindsight is 20/20. Your subordinates should not be criticized for exercising discretion as part of their job duties.

Don't laugh at other departments, department heads, or the employees of other departments to your subordinates. It is unwise to create an "us against them" mentality - especially as it relates to the sales/credit interaction. Loyalty should not simply be limited to the department and the department manager, department wide. Truly loyal employees feel loyalty to:    

Their co-workers workers Their manager Their employer, and To the goods and services their company sells

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