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Erin Devenish packs a punch with her unique concrete homewares

WITH CLAY Raw and natural handcrafted ceramics by Kim Wallace

A BOY NAMED AARON Beautifully created tribal anchors and prayer tribes



Discover t

ing palette

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FEATURES 6 A Boy Named Aaron

34 Cubby Love

An obsession with anchors led Aaron Darcy to forge himself a business - A Boy Named Aaron - where he creates decorative tribal anchors and prayer tribes

Magdalene Bufalino uses her own creativity to produce an array of handmade wall hangings, tassels, cushions and wood combos

16 Zin + Bert With a love of graffiti Erin Devenish packs a punch with her handmade unique concrete homewares

26 Creating with clay

OUR COVER KW CERAMICS BY KIM WALLACE Styling & Photography: Karina Sharpe

Raw and natural is the backbone of the work handcrafted by ceramists Kim Wallace where she uses colours and patterns inspired by the Sunshine coast creating a stunning collection - Ebb Tide

43 Moodboards Discover some favourite pieces in a series of moodboards from Kirsten Spence from Wallabuys, Amanda Tiernan from Neutral Instinct, Chris Carroll from The Life Creative Blog, Melissa Bonney from The Design Hunter and the duo from Norsu Interiors, Kristy and Nat.

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REGULARS 52 Martinich & Carran

66 Pastel dreams

The collaboration between artists Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich makes for a wonderful splash of colour mixing together their two distinctly different styles

Whether it be in artwork, in a vase or cushion, lighting or furniture pastels are always a favourite

65 The Dark Horse Collection Zoe Howard from Cushionopoly has launched her latest collection taking her inspiration from “The Year of the Horse”

74 Willowyn Working from her 100-year-old house in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland Margeaux Davis uses remnants and vintage fabric to bring to life gorgeous characters inspired from old folk tales and children’s stories

4 Moodboard 5 We love 48 Etsy finds 50 Must have 80 Made it


A selection product pages featuring cushions, lighting, art prints and more

MOOD BOARD JUTE STRING BAG INDIGO WITH LEATHER HANDLES Jute Indigo macrame string bag with leather handles made by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh. Price $52. Stockist:

TOC-TOC Toc-Toc is a genuine alternative to marking the passage of time. The tick-tock of the typical Black Forest clock is often infinitely preferable to the usual chirpy racket that can drive anyone cuckoo. This modern, minimalist take on the classic clock banishes the ticking; instead the perky little bird turns to and fro on his perch in time. The saving grace: it keeps its beak firmly shut. Price $99.95 Stockist:


125ml concentrated air freshener with nearly 1000 sprays per bottle. Twelve classic scents with simple packaging will complement any decor. Non-aerosol, environmentally friendly with recyclable packaging. Our air fresheners are made with a naturally derived base and scented with the finest quality fragrances and essential oils. Price $9.95 Stockist:

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Garden Table. Recycled Victorian Ash table top 800mm width 2200mm length 750mm height. Can be custom made to order for size and timber variations. Steel legs can be powder coated please enquire about colours available. Price: from $2,100.00. Stockist:




1] Henry & Co Spot Cushion. Amazing dot print screenprinted by hand on to cotton duck heavy twill fabric. Price $49.90. Stockist: 2] Swiss Dot Serving Tray. Handcrafted in our home city, this lace imprinted tray (although made entirely of stoneware) takes on the appearance of wooden vine handles. Price $98. Stockist: 3] Deer Dot Canvas Pot. This cute deer cot canvas pot is the perfect little accessory for your desk, book shelf, mantel piece or bedroom. Multi purpose and lined with waterproof fabric. 2 sizes available. Price $29.95. Stockist:


An obsession with anchors led Aaron Darcy to forge himself a business - A Boy Named Aaron - where he creates decorative tribal anchors and prayer tribes Tell us a bit on how A Boy Named Aaron began? On a continuous search to combine all my skills, I’d always wanted to build a brand of my own; so naturally my label ‘A Boy Named Aaron’ came about. Tell us about yourself and your background? I have always been creative. From a young boy growing up I’d always get my hands on something that I could make or create. I studied creative arts and design at school and also took on a course in photography which I really enjoyed. My creative freedom was at a peak, dabbling in taking photos and developing them in the dark room, painting and sculpting - all made a foundation for where I am today. Countless hours of research and trial and error

using computer based graphic programmes have become a part of my mixed media art techniques that I use today. Where do you get your inspiration from to create your collection? Having an appreciation for old school sailor tattoos and art, I’ve had an obsession with anchors for some time. My first part of my collection began with the anchor, which I mashed with tribal; naming these pieces Anchor Tribes. I find tribal design aesthetically inspirational simple and effective. My home surroundings are rustic and neutral; so as simple an idea I worked hard on evolving the anchor design to become the staple to my range. I have introduced a couple of other hand sculpted items in to a collection I entitled ‘The Hunting Sailor’; including Hunter Tribe arrows,

Warrior Tribe skulls and Prayer Tribe crosses. My colour palette concepts are drawn from nature, love and life. I’m so proud of each and every piece I create, it’s truly gratifying. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? Initially my pieces begin from a powder and water mixed to create a paste, that is the plaster which will soon become form. Every hand cast piece is hand finished and refined using carving knives. I experiment with techniques to apply painted effects using oil and water based paints creating a unique finish. Some pieces have several layers of painted finishes to achieve a desired end result. The next phase is assembly - the part I enjoy the most. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page

Possibilities are endless and I’m always coming up with new ideas. I use natural findings such as ropes, cotton twines, recycled material and of coarse feathers which I carefully hand select. Some of my creations also include intricate drilling, beading and final detailing including illustration work.

Take us through a normal day for A Boy Named Aaron. Like many, my morning will not begin without caffeine. Coffee is my wake up call and without it I just don’t function! Depending on day, I schedule different parts of production during the week to maintain a continual production line. Some days it’s full on casting and finishing, others is painting and preparing materials. Music is a large motivation, I enjoy listing to

uplifting tracks to keep things moving. I set time aside for taking styled photography and sharing them with my followers on social media and introducing new pieces to my online store. Every day comes to an end with ensuring not a moment is wasted by leaving paint or castings to dry; followed by clean up. I like to have a tidy workspace ready for the next day - I’m a little fastidious, everything has a place. continued on next page >

“Possibilities are endless and I’m always coming up with new ideas. I use natural findings such as ropes, cotton twines, recycled material and of coarse feathers which I carefully hand select.”

“Having an appreciation for old school sailor tattoos and art, I’ve had an obsession with anchors for some time.”

“Sharing culture and life and experiencing tradition and how others live is truly inspirational in it’s own.”

< continued from previous page What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I have really enjoyed developing my Anchor Tribe Rosary pieces. Each has a great level of detail put in to them by hand decorating and then including a hand-strung rosary of beads which I have experimented to include other specialty beads. What makes these pieces really special is that you can hang them using the included hook on the reverse or the rosary itself. You like to travel. Where has been your best source of inspiration for your work and why? I do enjoy to travel. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to visit many parts of the world. Sharing culture and life and experiencing tradition and how others live is truly inspirational in it’s own. There is no particular

place that inspired me to create my collection, more an overall appreciation for art itself and learning techniques from artisans around the world. I have a broad love of art from street to traditional carving work. What’s next for A Boy Named Aaron? Recently I have adopted a new space to set up a studio and workshop, which is really exciting. I’m just settling in at the moment so like all things this space will evolve and soon become a hub for all my creative work. I have also revisited my jewellery collection working with brass and other semi-precious beads, so there are lots of new exciting ventures waiting ahead; not to mention I’m looking at working with textile and producing a lot more of my original mixed media art pieces.


NOUGHTS & CROSSES Have you discovered the new trend of noughts and crosses, we have found some fabulous pieces that you will love

Crosses Quilt Cover. Price $139. Stockist:






7. 6.




1] Black & Yellow Crosses. Makes a beautiful additon to any space. Price $79.95. Stockist: 2] Cross Wall Hook Black. Scandinavian style cross wall hook, makes a stunning wall feature. Price $19. Stockist: 3] Jet Big O Cushion. Limited edition artist print cushion by Australian artist, Bettina Kaiser. Price $105. Stockist: 4] Jet Cross Cushion. Cushion design is a limited edition artist print by Australian artist Bettina Kaiser. Price $105. 5] Pia Wallen Black and White Cross Blanket. Cross Blanket in 100% organic cotton. Price from $139. Stockist: 6] Pia Wallen Black and White Cross Tray. Made in Sweden. Price $75. Stockist: 7] Zakkia Plus Tray. This Scandinavian inspired wooden tray is truly versatile. Price $29.90. Stockist: 8] Aura Crosses Cushion in Smoke Grey and Charcoal. Price $49.50. Stockist. 9] Aura Crosses Pure Cotton Throw in Smoke Grey by Tracie Ellis. Price $149. Stockist: 10] Cross Light. Powder coated to create a flawless surface finish. Price $260. Stockist:

ZIN & BERT With a love of graffiti Erin Devenish packs a punch with her handmade unique concrete homewares Tell us a bit about your Zin + Bert? Zin + Bert create unique homewares and art pieces that are both edgy and street inspired. Zin + Bert homewares are created for an audience who crave practical yet unique pieces of art which ooze street edge to give them a feeling which they may not have experienced before, or would like to portray in their living areas. Zin + Bert’s items are not gender or age specific. They come with their own stories and will appeal to whoever wants to acknowledge their beauty.  All items are practical and can be easily incorporated into your home, café or workspace. Tell us about yourself and your background? I grew up in the west of Melbourne in a very creatively influenced family. I spent my younger years involved in the graffiti and stencil scene before going off to university and getting my degree in graphic design. Spent the next few years working in the industry while travelling and trying to find a happy balance. What sparked you to create your business? I was working in the design / corporate industry for three years and I found myself spending more and more of my down time working with my hands creatively and working with raw materials such as concrete and wood or designing new objects which were influenced by my surroundings. The personal satisfaction I gained from this was huge and I realised I could wake up and not feel like a ‘zombie’ every day, I felt I could influence others with my designs and my passion… so I took a BIG gamble threw in my corporate job and can say right now I have not looked back. Thus, in my garage – aka ‘studio’ Zin + Bert was formed. continued next page >

“My inspirations haven’t really varied since teens which were very street orientated such as graffiti, stencil art and tattooing.”

< continued from previous page What processes are involved in creating your pieces? Creating each piece can be a lengthy process as working with concrete it can be less forgiving than working with other materials. The creative process to get an item to the finish line is quite long because once the idea is in my head I have to research all the issues that may arise. Sometimes the item cannot be created due to too may road blocks or its just not physically possible. The colour process which is my favourite process does take some time because I go through my photos of my travels for inspiration and discuss colour options and nut out the emotions which are drawing me to these colours which is always fun. What inspires you in your designs? My inspirations havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really varied since teens which were very street orientated such as graffiti, stencil art and tattooing, however because Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m travelling more, meeting new friends and seeing new things Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m finding my travel inspirations and the new people I meet with there amazing stories are incorporating a lot into my work especially with my colour combinations. What do you love the most about having your own label? I have a lot more self worth now. I feel what I produce for the public has a lot more meaning and its not just about making money or being the best in the world its about creating a piece that will influence someone else positively and make there life feel more inspired.

“Its about creating a piece that will influence someone else positively and make there life feel more inspired.”

Who are some of your favourite designers? My favourite designers at still the same since a teenage such as Beci Orpin, LADIE POISE (street artist), Miss Van, Emily Green and Jai Vasicek. I’ve watched each designer come into their own and it’s very inspirational. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? Currently my favourite item in my store right now is my tall natural concrete vase. Creating and evolving this piece from a sketch to the website was hard and longwinded with lots of tests and failures. I found the outcome beautiful and I love the fact I can put taller flowers such as agapanthus and Lilies in them coming into spring. What has been your biggest highlight? To be asked to be interviewed by Winkelen Magazine!! Since setting up my business to quitting my job and going out and trusting my own judgement instead of relying on others to my first customer purchase, its all seems like big highlights for me as I feel lucky to be able to do what I love on a daily basis as corny as it sounds. What are your plans for the future? Keep pushing the boundaries with raw form and making new homewares and artworks, Hopefully one day Zin + Bert is a well established Australian name which everyone can recognise. Zin + Bert will be at Finders Keepers Melbourne for both Autum/Winter market on Friday 25th and Sat 26th and Spring/Summer market on 17/18th of Oct. CONTACT:

Right: Fine Forest Soy Wax Handpoured candle. Price $20. Stockist: Black Arrow Candles Left: Beard oil. Price $29. Stockist: Hard to Find

Valor Organic Body soap. Price $13. Stockist: Shave with Valor Below Bergamot and geranium hand & body wash by Myrtle & Moss. Price $28.85. Stockist: Hard to Find

Dive into your senses with these devine products

Right: Lilla Bruket Organic Body Lotion Black Pepper / Geranium. Price $46. Stockist: Neutral Instinct Below: Lilla Bruket Organic Salt Bath Mint. Price $36. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Bergamot and geranium hand cream by Myrtle & Moss. Price $26.95. Stockist: Hard to Find

Saya Skin Frangipani + coconut skincare gift set. Price $69.95. Stockist: Hard to Find

Above: Lemon All natural, unscented, Handmade Vegetable Soap. Price $10. Stockist: The Soap Story

Saya Skin men’s skincare essentials. Price $70. Stockist: Hard to Find

Hand Poured Scented Soy Wax Candle Vanilla Bean. Price $30. Stockist: The Neon Tribe

Left: New Geometric Mason Jar Candle - Violet & Lime. Price $39. Stockist: Violet + Rose Right: Kelly Hoppen Candle No 3. Price $99. Stockist: Neutral Instinct Below: Lilla Bruket Organic Hand Cream. Price $34. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Above: Fickle Soy Candle, coconute and lime. Price $45. Stockist: Fickle Soy Candle Co Below: Sweet Orange & Cedarwood Hand Soap by Jacqueline Evans Skin Care. Stockist: Hard to Find

Grace and James’ fragrances are made using all natural essential oils and extracts. Price $49.95. Stockist: Grace and James Candles

Révilo hand pour each of its 100% pure soy wax candle. Price $48. Stockist: Revilo Cosmetics

Bajan - Pink Grapefruit Hand & Body Lotion / Pamplemousse Rose. Price $28. Stockist: Revilo Cosmetics

GET THE LOOK Change up your living space or bedroom with these fabulous designs










1] Arrow cushion cover from Big & Little. Price $69.95. Stockist: 2] Aigrette Cushion Cover. The Jules Pansu cushions are all tapestry woven cushions that are made in France. Price $130. Stockist: 3] Pansies in yellow and navy cushion by Elle and Eve. Price $40. Stockist: 4] Gold Splodge Cushion. Printed cotton/linen - 45x45cm. Price $89.95. Stockist: 5] Island time Navy. We all want â&#x20AC;&#x153;Island Timeâ&#x20AC;? Fantastic decorative cushion. Price $24.95. Stockist: 6] Coral abstract floor cushion cover by Miaco. This abstract print will bring a modern vibrant edge to your decor. Price $65. Stockist: 7] Mint fleur chinoise cushion from Emily Ziz. Asian blooms cascade through bold leaves & wandering branches. Price $113. Stockist: 8] Spice Cushion. 100% Cotton printed, embroidered and applique cushion. White fringing. Price $89. Stockist: 9] Tropical Cushion Covers. Kantha is a traditional type of running stitch most popular in West Benegal, India. Price from $35. Stockist:

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CREATING WITH CLAY Raw and natural is the backbone of the work handcrafted by ceramists Kim Wallace where she uses colours and patterns inspired by the Sunshine coast creating a stunning collection - Ebb Tide S T Y L I N G A N D P H O T O G R A P H Y: K A R I N A S H A R P E

Tell us a bit about your ceramics studio? I run a small ceramics studio specialising in a range of functional and decorative ceramics, entirely made by hand using Australian clays and materials. I am a mum of two young children who keep me very busy, so to help out in the studio I am lucky enough to have three amazing women working with me two mornings a week, to help with glazing, packing and other studio tasks. I sell my work in my own online store at My work is also stocked in a selection of beautiful retail stores around the country and my most recent Ebb Tide collection can also be found in a few Australian restaurants – very exciting!

Tell us about yourself and your background? I was born and raised in the Netherlands and came to Australia travelling, fresh out of high school. Before long I had fallen in love with an Australian boy and have called Australia home ever since! I studied graphic design in Brisbane and after

eight years in the industry decided it was time for a change. I took up ceramics and never looked back. When our little baby girl was born we were looking to move and decided the Sunshine Coast was where we wanted to raise our family. Now with a baby boy added to our family we love everything about living on the coast. Working from my studio overlooking the rainforest with views of the ocean and Noosa in the background is certainly far more idyllic than staring at the brick wall in our Brisbane townhouse garage! What sparked you to create your studio? After eight years as a senior graphic designer I was feeling a little uninspired and wanted to move away from the computer screen, creating something more tangible. I dabbled in lots of art mediums like painting, lino-cutting and screenprinting before coming back to an old love – clay. For my very first collection I stumbled across a box full of vintage lace doilies, and used them to create a pattern in the clay before colouring

and shaping the pieces. The collection proved popular and things started to slowly snowball from there. It’s a lot of hard work with many ups and downs – but this crazy passion I have for clay keeps me going! What processes are involved in creating your pieces? Most of my work is hand-built, which involves rolling slabs of clay and shaping the pieces from the cut slabs using moulds or handshaping techniques. For other pieces I use a technique called slip casting, which uses liquid clay poured into plaster moulds. All pieces are carefully sponged by hand for a beautiful finish. Colours and glazes are also brushed on by hand, several coats on each piece to achieve the best results. For some pieces I use an additional technique called sgraffito – carving through the applied colours to reveal the colour of the clay underneath and creating patterns reflecting the nature surrounding us. continued on next page >

“I wanted to create a range with a raw, natural feel – my pebble plates and bowls are all shaped by hand and are very organic in shape.”

< continued from previous page What inspires you in your designs? My latest Ebb Tide Collection is inspired by the colours and patterns that surround us here on the Sunshine Coast. I wanted to create a range with a raw, natural feel – my pebble plates and bowls are all shaped by hand and are very organic in shape. I use Australian porcelain and stoneware clays and love combining beautiful glazes with handdrawn abstract patterns to reflect the colours and nature around us. What do you love the most about having your own label? Freedom! Sounds cheesy I know – but I love

being my own boss and creating my own opportunities. Of course there are things that have to happen, deadlines, orders to be filled… but with a young family it’s so important that I can set my own schedule, meaning I am able to take the littlies to the beach or for a walk and run up to the studio once they are asleep. Of course this means a lot of late nights to get everything done, and perhaps it’s not quite as idyllic as it sounds trying to juggle everything – but it’s definitely worth it to be able to spend this time with them whilst having that little bit of ‘me’ time working with my love for clay. Who are some of your favourite designers?

Gosh there are so many amazing Australian ceramicists! Luckily most are on instagram where I can stalk them and take a peek into their studios. Bridget Bodenham, Sophie Moran, Keiko Matsui, Shannon Garson, Tara Shackell and Kylie Johnson (Paper Boat Press) are amongst my favourites. Elke Lucas, who also works with me in the studio, makes a gorgeous collection of handthrown pieces that I love. A few recent discoveries include Susan Simonini and Gail CC – it is so exciting to see more and more ceramicists emerge right here in Australia! continued on next page >

Pictured above right: These little planted succulents will be on offer at the open studio event only.

< continued from previous page What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I’m loving my new oval serving platters – they are such a useful shape and make a great centre piece on the dinner table for salads, whole fish or any other sharing dish. I’m also very excited about my new rust glaze, it has a lovely smooth and organic feel and creates a stunning backdrop for so many different dishes. What has been your biggest highlight? This year has been amazing and it’s hard to pick just one highlight! It was definitely a pinch-myself moment when chef Simon Sandall rang to place an order for Aria Restaurant in Sydney and I recently sent off an order to Alessandro Pavoni for his restaurant Ormeggio at The Spit. I’m working on a few other restaurant orders and I absolutely love that the restaurant industry is so supportive towards handmade Australian ceramics. Even more so when they are so excited to find

my work and plate their dishes so beautifully, it’s the ultimate form of flattery! But, perhaps the more subtle and also more profound highlights are the simple moments… when I stop for a moment to realise that somehow I am lucky enough to have three fantastic women working with me in the studio two mornings a week, the everlasting support of my husband and family – all helping me grow my business and somehow see my work in well-known restaurants and gorgeous retail shops around the country. I certainly could have never imagined this when I made my first few bowls in the tiny corner of my townhouse garage! What are your plans for the future? Well there never seem to be enough hours in the day and I have so many ideas that I find it hard to complete one before I start another! Currently I am working with visual artist Karina Sharpe to create a range of gift sets of my Ebb Tide collection, something I have wanted to do since first launching the collection. We will combine my very favourite pieces as sets to make the choice of mixing and

matching my extensive range a little easier for my customers. Karina does an amazing job styling and photographing my work and I can’t wait to see the images! I’m also working on spoons and vases in the Ebb Tide collection, and larger serving bowls with hand-carved patterns. Further more I am planning to relaunch my first range, the Vintage Lace Collection, with a complete new set of pieces focussed towards desserts and sweets presentation alongside decorative items such as bud vases and larger vessels. Coming up... Australian Ceramics Association Open Studios weekend. My doors will be open Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 August, 2014 to show visitors my work space. I’ll also have lots of samples, one-off pieces and seconds on sale. More info can be found on my facebook page where visitors can RSVP;

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I certainly could have never imagined this when I made my first few bowls in the tiny corner of my townhouse garage!â&#x20AC;?

Wall of Rugs - Throws and Blankets. Soft, sophisticated and generous, this stunning jagger blanket is absolute perfection for your bed, couch or sleeping beauties. The generous nature of the Kate&Kate blankets make them perfect for babies, children and adults alike. Beautifully oversized and knitted using the softest, breathable cotton, their blankets are free from harmful substances. Price $110. Stockist:

GET THE LOOK It’s the little things in life we love, and these beauties are no exception!










1] Leather Tabouret Fez Ottoman Pouf - Turquoise Blue. This handcrafted Moroccan cyan blue leather footstool is a wonderful addition for any room in your house. Price $120. Stockist: 2] Aqua Ceramic Chevron Vase. Price $39.95. Stockist: 3] Botanic Range Dish. Passion Vine leaf decorated with cobalt oxide with a clear glaze. Price $12. Stockist: 4] Triple Butter Body Butter Creme. It melts right into your skin the moment you apply it and leaves a velvety soft feel to your skin. Price $14. Stockist: 5] Doormat - Hello You Lovely People by Bloomingville is a fun statement piece. Price $129. Stockist: 6] Timelessly classical with timber tones to suit any space in your home, the Olympia Mirror. Price $329. Stockist: 7] Zen fire pit & sculpture by Entanglements. Stockist: 8] Sea foam colour Wax Pineapple shaped candle. Price $14.95. Stockist: 9] The Victoria Table is made from a single sheet of mild steel, with laser cut ‘incisions’ at specific points. Price $599. Stockist:

cubbylove Magdalene Bufalino uses her own creativity to produce an array of handmade wall hangings, tassels, cushions and wood combos Tell us a bit about Cubbylove? Cubbylove make a range of nice things to make your house feel loved. Designed and created in Brisbane by designer and founder Magda, with the odd helping hand from her partner, Jai. We offer home wares and decor to adorne the small and cosy corner of the world that you call your own. Tell us about yourself and your background? Born and bred in Brisbane, I spent my early years heavily involved in the performing arts. My parents ran a local dance/singing/ drama school, so when I wasn’t at school or doing lessons I was helping make costumes, choreograph routines and later teaching younger kids. I left high school with dreams of ‘saving the

world’ and after studying social science at uni, found myself working with youth in residential homes. I loved the job and all its challenges and rewards and gained a real appreciation for how important it is to have a place that really feels like home. Eventually a craving for more creativity in my life prompted me to head back to ‘school’ and I completed a diploma of fashion design and technology. Somewhere along the way, I decided designing and making homewares was more my thing, and Cubbylove was born. What sparked you to create Cubbylove? Well to start with I am a massive homebody. I feel like your home really is an extension of yourself and, with a bit of love, even the daggiest crumbling rental can feel like home. Also I have always loved moving house and get

a bit too excited about rearranging rooms and furniture. I think all of this, teamed with some insight into what it can be like for people who don’t really have a place that feels like home, sparked my to create cubbylove. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? All of the pieces are handmade by myself and a small team of helpers. Some of the pieces come together with the help of my dad in his workshop, others are made by myself and my partner in our lounge room over a series of nights. Each piece and process is different. What inspires you in your designs? Inspiration comes from all over, fashion, nature, interesting spaces, blank walls, conversation. continued on next page >

“Somewhere along the way, I decided designing and making homewares was more my thing, and Cubbylove was born.” < continued from previous page What do you love the most about having your own label? I love working with my hands, I love not working 9-5. I love working in my own space. It’s definitely challenging at times but I love that it is mine. Who are some of your favourite designers? Currently I am obsessed with the macramé wall hangings by HIMO ART. I also have lots of local favourites. Nico Underwear, Mossy Antler Terrariums, Dorothy Love Accessories. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I am seconds away from launching new range of wall hangings and I am really excited about them. There are lots of handmade tassels and wood combos. Those are my current favourites.

What has been your biggest highlight? I just did a collaboration with Hanna Andersson, a kids store in the USA, providing wall hangings and bunting to fit out all of their stores in Oregon. That was pretty fun! What are your plans for the future? Well we just had our first baby, so right now my plan is too enjoy her as much as possible! For Cubbylove, I just want to keep on designing and making pieces that I love. In the longer term I would like to move towards a retail space. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your business? I also really enjoy doing customised orders and making one off pieces on request. CONTACT:


Devine pieces for your home that wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hurt the hip pocket


Trending! Ettie Ink Copper Leaf prints by Ettie Ink. Price $45 each unframed, 320 x 450mm. Available in navy and black with gold or copper leaf. Shop for them on

Drops from up North candle holders by Design Atelier Article. Scandinavian inspired, Drops from Up North, drop shaped candle holders with simple hand painted ornaments. Salvaged ash tree was used to make the unique shapes. Price $25. Stockist: www.

Ivy and Lil Spot Tea towel. Colourful spots in bright pink, yellow, turquoise and steel blue, this one will enliven your kitchen! Hand screen printed on oatmeal 100% linen. Dimensions: 70 cm Ă&#x2014; 50 cm. Price: $29. Stockist:

Prayer Tribe. Hand-made ceramic plaster tribal cross. Size: 15x11.5cm. Price: $49. Stockist: www.

Linen fabric banner bunting by Lovely Home Idea Ten separate bunting flags that tied with each other or can also be tied separately. Hand made of natural linen fabric. Price $48. Stockist:

CREAM No. 3 by Heart your Skin. Cream No. 3 contains the skin softening benefits of shea butter + vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant used to help reduce the signs of aging. Naturally fragranced with an energising blend of cardamom + ylang ylang essential oils, it will promote a clear + balanced frame of mind. Price $32. Stockist:

Verdelho round stone vase. With a lovely texture and organic feel, Verdelho stone vases come in soft tones to suit any season. Hand made in Vietnam from reconstituted stone. Price $ 39.95 Stockist:

Kitchen Gift Pack: Yardage Design Freckle Tea Towel 50cm x 70cm. Small jug ideal for dressings or sauces it measures. Ceramic dish handmade in Brisbane using Australian clay. Lovingly presented in a kraft box. Price $45. Stockist:

Ellen Candlestick Turquoise by Twenty3 Homewares Beautiful candle holder for your table or hall stand. Made of lightweight mango wood. Price $19.95. Stockist:

Art No. 8 Print by Nynne Rosenvinge. Art No. 8 is a beautiful illustration by talented Danish artist Nynne Rosenvinge, reminiscent of mountains. Nynne Rosenvinge is an artist and art director living in Copenhagen. Her illustrations are simple yet detailed, contemporary, and minimalistic in style. Price $39. Stockist:

Toadstool cushions. An adorable mushroom inspired cushion that has been designed for toddlers and children. The toadstool can be used in conjunction with a joyjoie teepee or as a stand alone cushion/recliner. Available in a range of colours including red, yellow, navy blue, electric blue, purple, pink and jade green. Stockist:


ne ul desig if t u a e fb world o ealand. w e n Z ole er a wh ares from New v o c is D homew Objectify Plywood Magazine Rack Made from sustainably produced New Zealand Radiata Pine plywood, the sides simply slot together. They are 40cm high by 35cm wide when assembled. Price $39 NZ. Stockist: Objectify

Geometric tealight holder totara. Lovingly handcrafted, the natural beauty of this geometric totara candleholder will light up your home, office or workspace. Price $25 NZ. Stockist: Gwyneth Hulse Design

Marbled Wall Clock by Mark Catley Design. Make a statement with this hip and different style clock. Price $80 NZ. Stockist: Mark Catley Design

Bunker Table Lamp Each Light shade is custom made by hand so each one is a unique piece. This light pushes the boundaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of concrete in a traditional sense. Price $365 NZ. Stockist: cjd

Nautilus Lightshade Natural by Designtree. The Nautilus Light is made from environmentally certified European Beech. It is easily assembled from its flat state. Price $460. Stockist: The Clever Design Store

Black and White Arrows Cushion cover. This cushion cover features a graphic Arrows design. A clean and modern Scandinavian style design. Price $35 NZ. Stockist: Charlie Jane

Vase Half Black Dots by Reneé Boyd. Hand cast vase with a glazed raised polka dot design. The glaze is a satin/ matt finish, to give a subtle texture. Price $75. Stockist: The Clever Design Store Target Plate by Shooting Sparrow. Hungry – this plate will help you find where to through your food. Hang on the wall or put food on it, get all greek and smash them. Price $49. Stockist: The Clever Design Store

YooBoo PEW Stool/Side Table “Pohutukawa” Bamboo plywood slottogether furniture - designed and made in New Zealand. The Pew is practical and made to last using quality, sustainable materials. Price $375 NZ. Stockist: NativeCre8ve

Designer cushions and homeware s



Mini Lucy Cushion by The Home Collective. Price $34.95

Gold Glazed Porcelain Pebble Dish by Leif Shop. Price $24

Ages Stag Deer Head by White Faux Taxidermy. Price $202.49

KRISTEN SPENCE WALLABUY ACCOUNT DIRECTOR From her early twenties, Kristin immersed herself in everything to do with eCommerce. After studying Interior Design at college, she started freelancing for fashion labels, start ups, design companies and stylists; bringing what she knew about eCommerce, social media and branding to the design world. Intrigued by the level of local talent she encountered, Kristin was provided with the opportunity to start Wallabuy, Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new online design destination. Supporting small businesses is a passion, with sourcing the top design brands and products from Australia and bringing them straight from the designer to the consumer.

Floral Skull Art Poster by Xavier & Me. Price $89

Letter light peace by Love Struck Homewares Price $260

Essential Tote Blossom Tie Dye with Nude Leather by Obikinomi . Price $157

Pink Statement Necklace by Boo and Boo Factory. Price $68

Body Balm Deep Calm Desert Lime, Vanilla and Orange by Leif. Price $27.95

Pinwheel Tray by Leif Shop. Price $39

Caravaggio Pendant in matte white, light grey and dark grey. Prices starting between $250-$500 Stockist: Cult Design


Menu Chunk of Marble candleholder with copper. Price $149.90 Stockist: Neutral Instinct.

Framed Print Face of Somchai.Price $184. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

AMANDA TIERNAN DIRECTOR OF NEUTRAL INSTINCT LESS IS MORE... We are constantly inspired by spaces that epitomise simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The most striking interiors are often those that are reduced. â&#x20AC;&#x153;People have strived continually for material poverty as a way to inner luxuryâ&#x20AC;? [Norm Architects]. We love a neutral palette with a mixture of textures and our favourite pop of colour comes from fresh greenery/flowers.

Pony Rider Black Forest cushion. Price $109. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Kelly Hoppen Candle. Price $99. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Minotti Allen Sofa.Starting from $11,297.00. Stockist: Dedece

Menu Felt Panel Magnetic Key holder. Price $105.95. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Mahogany Wooden Bowl. Small $119 Large $229. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Kubus bowl by Lassen. Small $176 Large $297. Stockist: Fred is Here

Muuto Coffee Table from Living Edge. Small $520 Large $840. Stockist: Neutral Instinct Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp. Price $399.95. Stockist: Neutral Instinct

Leff Amsterdam Clock Light & Tone Black Index. Price $179.95. Stockist: Neutral Instinct


CHRIS CARROLL THE LIFE CREATIVE - BLOG Chris Carroll is the interiors journalist behind The Life Creative - an Aussie blog that takes a lighthearted look at design and decor. As a trained stylist, Chris inspires readers to style and shape their ideal home by offering his own design tips, as well as showcasing homewares finds, interior trends, DIY projects, craft activities and more. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interviewed stylists, celebs, mag editors and a slew of other local creatives, and has also appeared on The Morning Show as a home decor expert.

Feather. Decorative patchwork feather with solid spine. Solid colour reverse. Price $15.50. Stockist: Made by Mosey

Concrete Skull Lamp. Price $326.09. Stockist: jessefdesign

Timber Tuck Stool by Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson. Price $495. Stockist: Design by them

Jazz sofa. Price from $2349. Stockist: Oz Design furniture

Indian artwork. Stockist:

Trim Clock. Price $59. Stockist: Freedom

Hand Cut Faceted Bowl By Miss Kelly. Price $29.95. Stockist: Kreo Homewares

Kayer Candelabra. Stockist: Country Road

Flamingo cushion. Price $75. Stockist: www. sparkkshop.


Bonnie & Neil Gondwana cushion from The Design Hunter

All Oak Mirror with Leather Strap from Douglas & Bec Design By Them Coat Tree from The Design Hunter

MELISSA BONNEY THE DESIGN HUNTER With over 18 years of experience in renovation and interior design, project management, business marketing, and the study of human behaviour, Melissa is perfectly positioned to run the multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted business that is The Design Hunter. Taking a wholistic approach to creating functional and beautifully liveable homes for her clients, Melissa and her team can add value at all levels of the project. Full of smart ideas and and clever solutions, she has a sharp eye for design and a penchant for detail. Her passion for a balance between function and aesthetic, her skills in client advocacy and customer service, and her continual search for the beautiful and unusual, creates an unparalleled experience for her clients.

Copperplated Table Lamp from The Deign Hunter

Armadillo&Co Geranium Rug from The Design Hunter

Quercus & Co Tapestry wallpaper from Quercus & Co

Mark Tuckey Mega Drum Coffee Table from Mark Tuckey Sail beanbag from Hub


Adnet Mirror from Gubi

WITH KRISTY AND NAT Muuto Restore storage basket Vee Speers print from ‘The Birthday Party’ series

KRISTY AND NAT NORSU INTERIORS A massive hi from us! By way of introduction we’re Kristy and Nat, the team behind norsu interiors, an Australian online boutique specialising in unique and must-have Scandinavian homewares. You will find us constantly trawling blogs, interior mags, Instagram and any other forum that inspires us, to bring you a carefully curated collection of Nordic delights. We hope you fall in love with our designs as much as we have. We always have room for more friends and would love to hear from you. Please fee free to say hello at Le Papier en Sac/ The Paper Bag from Norsu Interiors Pia Wallen black cross blanket from Norsu Interiors

Grey Jardan ‘Camper’ sofa

HAY Studios rug by Scholten & Baijings Natures Collection reindeer hide from Norsu Interiors

Tait Nano copper and marble coffee table

Cambrai french vintage woven cotton runner rug A hand woven cotton vintage runner rug, all the way from France. The check pattern is woven with a beautiful indigo blue yarn. This is a one off piece, so there is no other piece like it in the whole wide world! Price $149. Stockist: Textile Wonder


Eco Sustainable Natural Indigo Cushion. Hand dyed Arashi Shibori by Bind and Fold. Made from 100% linen and hand dyed and sewn in Melbourne. Price $120. Stockist: Bind & Fold

The Bunsen - Designer Oil Burner. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Bunsenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Designer Oil Burner is a sharp looking, edgy and versatile home-ware piece that would be a great addition to any home or office. Price $45. Stockist: The Bunsen

Soy Wax Candle in large French metro jar. 75-85 hour burn time. Handpoured with love using only the best natural soy wax, a cotton braid (lead free) wick and a superior fragrance oil. Price $30. Stockist: Cinque Candles

Bamboo Fruit Bowl. This stylish fruit bowl comprises of 8 bamboo laser cut sections which are made and assembled by hand in Australia. Price $59.99. Stockist: Buproducts

Glazed bowl. Hand thrown bowl made with a textured surface. Size: 80mm x 125mm. Price $28.95. Stockist: Berry Pottery and Art

Tesselate Pinch Bowl. The design feature flecks of gold leaf and a custom drawn tesselate pattern, each one individual! Price $20. Stockist: Made by Morton

Tangerine fronds porcelain vessel no.1. A gorgeous, hand formed, porcelain vessel ideal as a vase, keeper of things or simply a decorative piece. Price $71.13. Stockist: ichimu

Hand Made Ceramic Pot / Planter - White with Black, Red or Purple. Each pot is hand crafted from stoneware clay and glazed. Price $20.00. Stockist: Sarah Louise Menzies

Doily Crochet rug black and dusted pink mat upcycled cotton t-shirt yarn fabric. The design of this rug is perfect to decorate any room in your home. Price $200. Stockist: Chompa handmade

MUST HAVE Add that special touch to your home with these delightful additions

Aztec pot. Gorgeous hand-painted pot with aztec pattern available in charcoal, yellow, turquoise, soft pink, light blue and orange. Made from fibreglass, lightweight. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Priced from $100. Stockist:

Love Chair. Once you set eyes on its quirky flower back and its Batik teal fabric, you will be totally smitten with our new Love Chair. Width 95cm, 58cm seat, 110 cm height, 48cm from floor to seat. Price $495. Stockist:

This season our range of cushions spans bold patterned items that employ our signature prints all the way to classic neutral pieces with luxurious trims. Made from pure cotton, cotton canvas and linen, they are designed to feel as good as they look on your bed, couch, favourite chair or even the floor. Stockist:

Swamp Sisters pillowcase. A collaboration between Sean Morris and Maddy Young. Learn of strange swamp flora under the tutelage of these sexy sisters, as they guide you through their murky waters. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t swallow any poison petals. Pillowcases sold individually. 100% Cotton. 480mm x 730mm. Cold wash, line dry. Price $35. Stockist: The Club of Odd Volumes




4. 5.

6. 7.



10. 1] The Big Washbag. The Ultimate in Travel Kits, the Big Wash Bag is made of genuine decomissioned british fire hose and fully lined with military grade parachute silk. Price $99. Stockist: 2] Lotus Grill. The BBQ you can take anywhere to the BBQ you can cook anything on within minutes. Price $499. Stockist: 3] Original superhero print by Hark Home. A unique gift idea for Dad this Fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. Price $22.50. Stockist: 4] Model one BT bluetooth table radio in classic walnut by Tivoli Audio Australia. Price $261.75. Stockist: 5] Kind soothing hydramist by Mankind Sydney. Perfect to use after shaving! Price $38. Stockist: 6] Wombat art print by Animal Crew. Beautifully printed on archival matte paper, high quality pigment inks. Price $12. Stockist: 7] Felted wool slippers for men. Such house shoes will surely keep your feet warm and cosy. Price $79. Stockist: 8] Deluxe Men Spa Gift Set. This sophisticated and stylish product line is timeless in design and purpose. Price $61.46. Stockist: 9] Deer plywood wine holder by Monsterthreads. Price $49.95. Stockist: 10] Kanteen Steel Pint Cup. Made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel. Price $29.95. Stockist:

MARTINICH & CARRAN The collaboration between artists Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich makes for a wonderful splash of colour mixing together their two distinctly different styles Tell us a bit about your art? Martinich & Carran is a design/art label based on the collaboration and individual art careers of Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran. Renowned for her vibrant gestural abstract expressionism Rowena Martinich catapulted herself into the world of public art through a series of huge painting installations adorning buildings and public spaces such as a five-story RMIT University Building and the Dandenong Train Stations Covered Walkways. Martinich’s paintings have developed into complex layers of liquid colour, the brushstrokes building on each other to create powerful absorbing and captivating compositions. Her paintings and instillations are now sought after from both private and corporate clients from around Australia and internationally. Originally from New Zealand it would be his fascination with the vastly different Australian ecology that inspired Geoffrey Carran’s most popular paintings. Carran’s stunning portraits of Australian cockatoos and parrots tap into the collective imaginations of Australian culture. Nostalgic, cheeky, curious there is a definite resonance between viewer and viewed in his larger than life paintings. Using bright colours

and layers Carran captures the personality and quirky movement of his subjects, and in doing so captures something we can all identify with. Tell us about yourself and your background? Geoffrey says: Growing up in New Zealand we were always off tramping in the mountains or exploring the coastline. My parents had a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of the geology and ecology of the world around us, and I would always observe the relationship between location and species. When I began to draw and paint it was often of the birdlife. I was captivated by the fact that New Zealand used to be a land with no animals leading to a huge diversity in birdlife. I then when off to Art school and forgot about all that, having more important issues to explore, and locations, motivated by chasing surf I headed off and eventually settled here on the Surfcoast of Victoria. Once all the noise and academic banter quietened down I began to reengage with my first passion of observation and statement based on the new location I found myself in, Australia, in all its striking, contrasting beauty. This also gave me the chance to explore

the way people identify with imagery on a cultural level, painting a subject that viewers have memories and stories of somehow consolidates it, forming a stronger bond than mere representation. Rowena says: I grew up in the Western Wimmera on a sheep property near a town called Apsley. Here I had a pretty hands-on upbringing, which gave me the nouse to be an artist (much to my father’s despair!). I went to secondary school in Melbourne and have resided there until recently when Geoffrey and I bought a house in Jan Juc. This haven has been an amazing creative space for us – where we can work downstairs in our custom built studios, and take breaks whenever we feel necessary to go for a surf or a bushwalk at Point Addis with our adorable pooch Captain. I love to travel and try and integrate art projects into overseas expeditions – I find that this is a great way to integrate and really get to know a place and its people – even without shared language. Exploring and constantly pushing my practice go hand in hand, and I strive daily to do both. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What sparked you to begin your own business? Geoffrey says: It began organically, a combination of my passion for painting and finding there was a demand for my work, which lead to more painting. I always had a sense that working for other people was a waste of my time and I would rather spend it creating or working on my own projects. When Rowena and I first started collaborating we discovered that there were a lot of shared philosophies, aesthetics and motivation, it was amazing to collaborate with someone who saw the potential to explore and push how our paintings could be applied. What techniques do you use in creating your pieces? Our design work is inspired directly by our painting techniques, and how to apply them to other objects and materials. Rowena’s paintings are highly intuitive, using techniques that have developed from years

of painting everything from small canvases to covering the sides of buildings. Geoffrey works methodically on a single work, until it is resolved, using layers of paint to achieve a balance of loose gestural painting and tighter representational illustration. What inspires you in your designs? Accessibility and diversity, we both love finding ways to incorporate our paintings in other objects and formats. Using these to activate spaces and inject life and colour into the everyday places that people spend time. It is also about recognising the relationship you develop with the art and objects around you, they each tell a story and its inspiring to be part of that relationship How did your progress your work into homewares? Rowena says: For me it was always something I had wanted to do, it wasn’t until I started working with Geoffrey that we had the time and drive to share the work load and start to make it happen. I also love the idea that our

work can spread from a massive mural down to a tiny brooch, so people can always have a piece of our art, it makes our work accessible on many different levels. Geoffrey says: For me it started with our cushions, it was a flow on from painting together. We both had the same colour palette so our work meshed together perfectly, so we were exploring other ways in which this could be applied. Cushions featuring our collabrotive paintings then moved to a single work on each side, I love the way you can play with this and layer up multiple cushions front and back to suite or change a space, this then extended to exploring other possibilities. When the NGV asked us for a range of products it gave us an excuse to push this further. Who are some of your favourite artists and why? Geoffrey says: There’s so much going on that’s its hard to have favourites, I love the hyper surreal sugar landscapes of Pip Pop,

â&#x20AC;&#x153;We both had the same colour palette so our work meshed together perfectly, so we were exploring other ways in which this could be applied.â&#x20AC;? there so pretty it makes me sick. I also love seeing what friends are doing, Michael Pecks new work is crazy good and Stencil artist Luke Cornish a.k.a. ELK is typically topical. But I still love Art History, travelling and seeing the way cultures from all ages have expressed their stories visually continually blows my mind. Rowena says: Some of my favorites: Katharina Grosse, Joost van Santen, Dale Chihuly, Alex Brewer. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What is your most favourite illustration or painting that you have completed? Rowena says: After quite a few public works, my favorite is still probably one of my first major works – the five storey high Common Gesture. This piece was my Masters Research Project when I studied Public Art at RMIT University. I worked towards it for months and months. At one stage it was just a concept, and I almost died when the campus building management approved it to go through. I knew what I wanted theoretically, but hadn’t quite thought through all of the logistics. It was a massive undertaking but has been the catalyst for my professional career as a painter, and more so as a public artist. I spent a month in the basement of the Collingwood housing estate, painting the vinyl – it was a feeling of elation as I watched the work go up tile by tile – and coming to life as a whole. The site was slightly tucked away on the campus, viewed as you came around the corner – Bang – it would hit you.

This work changed constantly throughout the day, and at night really glowed. One could also literally immerse oneself in the work from the buildings interior stairwell – as the façade was a curtain wall to a massive staircase that serviced the building. When this work was de-installed, the panels were carefully peeled off and have been sold as framed works, thus enabling the work to live on albeit on a domestic scale. Geoffrey says: The Balmoral Mural is definitely one of my favourites, the whole process was great, the way the local community got behind it and supported us was fantastic. Now its lit up at night it really jumps out at you as you drive past, all this colour on a large scale in the middle of the bush it really takes you by surprise. What has been your biggest highlight? Rowena says: Probably undertaking a 50 metre long mural on a sea wall in Turkey! Geoffrey and I were commissioned by the local government in Sile a town just outside of Istanbul on the Black Sea, to do a public work. They had the site in mind, and we had a two

week timeframe. It was Geoffrey and my first collaborative mural, and it was amazing how we both just settled into it, working around each other and just embracing the scale. We had a constant barrage of onlookers from local fishermen to brides posing infront of the mural for wedding photos. We were invited onboard the boats for lunch with the fishermen, and bought cups of coffee. Painting together on this mural site really sealed the deal for us as creative and life partners. Geoffrey says: Working with Dulux for their 2014 colour forecast was a lot of fun. They approached us to design and style their photoshoots using a set palette. This involved working on orignal artworks for the shoots as well as the interior design and overall aesthetics for the years ‘Look’. I loved working across the different disciplines to create a total space. Really tight deadlines but I have always wanted to play round with set design, and the result of working with a team of focused professionals was amazing. continued on next page >

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our design work is inspired directly by our painting techniques, and how to apply them to other objects and materials.â&#x20AC;?

< continued from previous page Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your art? We are having an open studio on the 9th and 10th of August as part of the Surfcoast Arts Trail. Rowena has a solo exhibition at Sydneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Koskela opening on the 13th of September till the 12th of October We are releasing a new range of large scale prints of both our work in the next few weeks Our studio down the coast and display suite in Melbourne are always open by appointment Our products can be brought anytime at We have a stand at The Big Design Market at the Royal exhibition buildings in Carlton this December. Our websites are

Fabric Clocks. Form and function combined, our Eco Chic signature prints are used to create delightful clocks with a difference. Price $165. Stockist:

Kookoo ‘UltraFlat’ Bird Sounds Wall Clock. Price $149.90. Stockist:

New York Clock by Design Atelier Article. Price $80. Stockist: Drop shaped natural oak wall clock. As quirky as it gets. Can hang it any way (four choices) Looks striking. Price $138. Stockis:t:

TIC TOC AROUND THE CLOCK Don’t settle for a plain old boring clock when you have the choice of these incredible designs Milly and Eugene’s Desert Canyon Clock is hand painted onto a circular piece of MDF. The design resembles layers of beautiful canyon rock in pastel pinks, yellows and shades of lavender. Price $39. Stockist:

Stag Wall clock. Price $88. Stockist: www.

Felt 35 Clock with orange hands. Price $249.95. Stockist:

Tile 25 White. The Tile is designed as a minimalistic interior object that can either stand or hang on a wall. Price .$249.95. Stockist:

Paris Wall Clock. This stunning clock comes with a natural frame and an individually designed image on the inside created by artists around the world. Price $88. Stockist:

Tick Pink. Pink wall clock. compact, free-standing or hanging. Stockist: www.

GLORIOUS VASES Whether you need a vessel for your floral arrangements or simply as a statement piece these vases are sure to grab your attention

This Pear Jug has a lovely curved shape and a smooth matt finished glaze. It is suitable for use as a Milk or water jug or as a vase for flowers. Our large pear jug measures 17.5cm in height and 14cm in diameter, at its widest point. Price $49. Stockist:


4. 3.


8. 5.



1] Blue Tones Jute rope Hurricane lanterns . Price $54.50. Stockist: 2] Statement set of 3 Large Vases in naturally beautiful paulownia wood with a sunny yellow top. Price $550. Stockist: 3] Cobalt Blue Vase. Price $50. Stockist: 4] Teal and Black Slant Vase. This large and elegant ceramic vase from Vietnam features a beautiful natural teal green colour glaze inside. Price $49.95. Stockist: 5] Striped Pottery Vase. Completely vitreous, it is perfect for either fresh flowers or a dried arrangement. Price $50. Stockist: Susan Simioni 6] Porcelain vase in glacier colour with copper scalloping. Glazed internally, they are perfect for a floral arrangement. Price $49. Stockist: Urban Cartel 7] Coral Chevron Vase. Turn your home into a tropical beach house with these beautiful tropical homewares. Price $79.95. Stockist: 8] Vintage cut glass style resin bud vase in pure white. Price $40. Stockist: Pirdy

MUST HAVE Every home needs the little extras to make it feel welcoming

Tabletop Caddy. Made from Reclaimed Pine. This cool tabletop caddy is made from reclaimed pine wood and is finished with tung oil. It also includes WECK glass jars which are removable which allows for easy cleaning. Use in the kitchen, on the dining table or in your office/studio. Price $89. Stockist:

Blocks. Our sets of conceptual building blocks is a sculptural toolkit for the creative mind, for grown-ups and kids alike. Made from sustainable grown Douglas Fir (Oregon) these building blocks, for all ages are a great way to de-stress, enjoy creativity or just â&#x20AC;&#x153;playâ&#x20AC;?. Each set comes in a recycled cardboard box and with 10 blocks per set. Price $55. Stockist: Treehorn Design

Skinny Dolly. Stunning Scandianavian style sideboard, handcrafted in Australia with solid sustainable timber and Tasmanian Oak, and lined with high gloss laminate to that mid century pop. This is a stunning piece of mid century modern furniture which would look great in any room! Price $350. Stockist: Milkcart

Plant Hangers by Hoooked. These macrame plant hanger is made in RibbonXL yarn. The plant hanger can be made in a wide range of colours. Stockist:

THE DARK HORSE COLLECTION Zoe Howard from Cushionopoly has launched her latest collection taking her inspiration from “The Year of the Horse”

about Cushion designer, Zoe Howard, has launched her latest collection; a beautiful hand screen printed cushion range, The Dark Horse. Howard is the founder and creative director of Cushionopoly and recently launched her first hand screen printed collection The Dark Horse. “My new range The Dark Horse is something I am so proud of as it was designed and made with fabric and finishes all procured in Melbourne.” “Being the Year of the Horse I was inspired by the strong, powerful yet graceful and elegant image. We have reflected this in the range and have also added a little fun. From the strong and structured image of the geometric horse profile to the playful typographic

cushion. This range is all about strength with a playful and whimsical edge,” she said. The cushions in The Dark Horse range are all uniquely designed and hand screen printed in Melbourne using eco friendly water based inks onto 100% natural linen fabric. With a neutral colour palette they will make a statement on their own or matched up with all sorts of colours, textures, and fabrics. As each cushion is hand screen-printed and handmade they are subject to slight variation making them each truly unique. The Dark Horse retails at $69 for each cushion cover. CONTACT

PASTEL DREAMS Whether it be in artwork, in a vase or cushion, lighting or furniture pastels are always a favourite

New Nordic Studio pendant lamp by Thomas Bernstrand Split table by Staffan Holm Four vase by Matti Klenell Nerd Chair by David Geckeler Available through

1. 2.






7. 8.

1] Large Plaited Round Mirror Lemon. With their swirling plaited elegance, our stunning mirrors come in a variety of colours. Price $179. Stockist: 2] Blue Bell by Northern Lighting. Stockist: 3] Indiana is a lovely design, perfect to add a touch of freshness to your room. Price $34.95. Stockist: 4] Kite Hanging Planter. A diamond drop design holding your favourite herbs and florals. Price $54.95. Stockist: 5] Peachy Spots A3 Print. Printed on high quality 300gsm uncoated matt stock. Stockist: Ettie Ink 6] Middle of Nowhere Malmo Stool Mint. These totally gorgeous stools could easily be used as a little side table. Price $235. Stockist: 7] Noughts and crosses. Created by Australian artist, Danielle Cross. Acrylic and oils on plywood. Price $560. Stockist: 8] Endless Love Cushion. Bring some romance into your space with the Endless Love pillow in Grey and Coral. Price $60. Stockist: 9] Nel Lusso Gelato Series. The Gelato Collection Is an enchanting new range that takes inspiration from the 1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Italian gelato bars and made from the highest grade acrylic - Buon Appetito! Price $7.50. Stockist:

Peacock Bed Head. The lovely Lady Peacock Bed Head curves right round your bed, like the feathers of a Peacock. Price $499. Stockist: Rattan Round Chair Pastel Green. These amazing Limited edition Rattan chairs are available in a variety of colours. Each comes with a cushion made with a stunning linen Moroccan print. Price $395. Stockist:




4. 6. 3.

Connect Sofa by Anderssen & Voll. Available through



Hand Painted Two Tone Planter Pot For, Cactus. A sweet and modern hand painted terracotta pot. Price $6. Stockist: Made by Claire Louise


1] Louie Cushion. Add a cute circular, feather filled cushion to your space! Price $85. Stockist: 2] Green Spot Plate. 20cm round, dinner or side plate. Greengate Copenhagen. Price $25.85. Stockist: 3] Handmade Origami Lighting. Orikomoâ’s form is simple and elegant in its visual effect, yet complex to create. Price $18. Stockist: 4] Glass Top Coffee Table Lemon. They’re a great centre piece or sidekick to any couch set up. Price $295. Stockist: 5] Rope Me Chest 4 Drawers Recycled Furniture. Price $1101.95. Stockist: 6] Snow Caps Pastel Cushion. It features mountains in light and muted tones with white snowcaps. Price $49.95. Stockist: 7] A study in shapes | Boxes, explore geometric shapes as a graphic to create art. Price $89. Stockist: 8] Coloured Pineapple Cushion Cover. Price $70. Stockist: 9] Zakkia Dot Hook Pink. Mix and match with any of our other dot wall hooks.. Price $12.90. Stockist:

Brita Swedenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reversible plastic rugs are made from soft plastic foil and have been produced in Sweden according to old Swedish weaving traditions. Price $595. Stockist:





5. 4.




1] Pastel Pink Juju Hat. Traditional Headdress worn in Cameroon. Price $529. Stockist: 2] Pastel Jelly Hanging Planters. Price $28. Stockist: 3] Piglet Carnival Stripe Wool Rug. Kids deserve tactile quality and classic style. Price $595. Stockist: 4] Kate & Kate Jagger Throw Rug. Soft, sophisticated & generous, it is absolute perfection. Price $152. Stockist: 5] Concrete tea light candle or plant pot. Price $10.95. Stockist: Meraki by Design 6] Unique artwork created from hand cut hearts, folded and arranged to form 3-dimensional blossoms. Price $580. Stockist: 7] The Tessellate Series, designed by Sydney based ceramicist, Hayden Youlley. Made from finest grade porcelain. Stockist: 8] Peacock Chair White. Price $895. Stockist: 9] Florence Light Shade Mint. Unique and stylish with a contrasting lace edge Price $179. Stockist:

Bottle Brush - Yellow The concept of graceful flora comes to life in Bottle Brushâ&#x201E;˘, with unexpected colours creating a fresh perspective on a traditional Australiana concept. The dangling leaves give this artwork a harmonious and effortless feel, while the differing hues and tones will bring a touch of innovation into your home. Stockist:

GET THE LOOK Need that something special for your wall? Why not try one of these pieces of art







1] Bird of Paradise - Mini Print. Unframed limited edition of 50 signed and numbered. Price $25. Stockist: www. 2] â&#x20AC;&#x153;Eclipse by Blanca Gomez. This lovely signed print from the very talented illustrator Blanca Gomez is printed on archival matte 200gsm paper. Price $35. Stockist: 3] Synergy is an original artwork by Australian artist, Lisa Madigan. Price $750. Stockist: 4] #01 Big Piece Decal. 20cm diameter. This beautiful watercolour decal is the perfect solution to decorating your wall if you are renting or change your mind easily. It is a sticker that can easily be applied and removed. Price $12. Stockist: 5] A4 Koala Owl Giclee Print. All prints are hand signed and printed on 100% Cotton Rag, Archival paper. Price $35. Stockist: 6] What Dreams May Come. The Illustration is a print of the original artwork. A fine art print using pigment inks, onto 310GSM archival quality cotton paper. Price $110. Stockist:

willowynn Working from her 100-year-old house in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland Margeaux Davis uses remnants and vintage fabric to bring to life gorgeous characters inspired from old folk tales and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stories

“I loved making her and spent hours perfecting her face and little dress. Looking at her evokes a quiet sadness.”

Tell us a bit about Willowynn? I design and make little animals and dolls from scraps, remnants or vintage fabric which I sell online via www. I prefer to use fabric that’s old or discarded as I like that there is a bit of history and romance in that. My creatures and dolls are inspired by old folk tales, children’s stories and of course, the natural world. Tell us about yourself and your background? My professional background is in environmental education, working as a ranger with the Parks and Wildlife Service - talking, writing and thinking about the natural world. I live and work in a 100-year-old house in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland in Australia with my young family, surrounded by macadamia farms and cow paddocks. What sparked you to create Willowynn? I took leave from my job to be at home with my young children and decided that was the perfect time to start a creative business! I’ve always loved making things and secretly dreamed of earning a living doing that so one day I decided to just do it. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? When I have an idea for something to make, I spend time looking at photos and illustrations in books and do lots of drawings. Then I design a sewing pattern for the piece on scraps of paper. After that it’s just a matter of making lots of (usually disastrous) prototypes until I have something I’m happy with. Then I’ll spend hours perfecting - adding stitches here, needle sculpting there. Each piece evolves even after I’m initially happy with it. continued on next page >

Right: Creator of Willowwynn, Margeaux Davis, working in her studio situated in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Below: Snail fabric sculpture. Made from discarded linen remnants. Cream-coloured shell and taupe body. her bendable feelers are made from fabric-wrapped wire.

Fox soft sculpture. I’ve hand-stitched all of his details and painted his legs with fabric ink to create his characteristic black stockings.

“I just love the fact that I’m doing exactly what I always dreamed of doing.”

< continued from previous page What inspires you in your designs? Obviously I’m inspired by nature ... as well as old children’s books, folk tales and sometimes song lyrics. Lots of things inspire me. What do you love the most about having your own business? I love the freedom to do whatever I want to do, as well as being able to satisfy my creative urge and make a living from it. I also love that I can work from home and be there for my kids. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? My favourite piece at the moment is my tiny doll, wearing a cloak. I loved making her and spent hours perfecting her face and little dress. Looking at her evokes a quiet sadness (in a good way). I’m very tempted to keep her. What has been your biggest highlight? I can’t say there has been one major hightlight. I just love the fact that I’m doing exactly what I always dreamed of doing and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. CONTACT:

Right: Barn owl. This serene little owl would be quite at home perched on a shelf or window sill where she can watch over things, or nestled amongst the pillows of a little person who loves animals. Price $82.

MUST HAVE A dash of pastel is adorable in any situation and suitable for any room

Pastel Herringbone Mini Planter. In soft, pastel colors reminiscent of nonpareils, this miniature planter from Elizabeth Benotti flaunts a graphic herringbone rim. Handmade in New Hampshire. Price $36. Stockist:

Introducing the WOODYS. There are 5 sets or CHANGE THE LOOK with interchangeable groups. Sit them on your desk shelf, next to your bed, cluster with plants and have decorative book ends. Price $250. Stockist:

My only song pillowcase. Printed on beautiful soft 100% cotton poplin. Comes packaged in cardboard and plastic wrap. Price $70. Stockist: www.beneaththesun.bigcartel. com

Planters by Sarai Homewares. Each piece is carefully set in recycled moulds to support a green world. Concrete is a sustainable material, which hardens over time, giving a long lasting product. Each piece is hand painted with a bright pop of color to brighten up any room or outdoor area. Stockist:


Triangle Clouds Cushion Cover. This gorgeous cushion cover will bring style to any room in your home or will make the perfect gift. Price $50. Stockist: Agnes and You

Modern Patchwork quilt. Cheeky Charley Designs is offering bespoke quilts that are timeless and reflects ones personality. Price $190. Stockist: In Homewares

This is our happy place wall hanging. Hand cut fabric letters appliqued onto natural cotton. Price $89. Stockist: Gozi and Pop

Hessian storage baskets of your choice. Set of 3. Perfect to organize clutter around the house. Price $42. Stockist: Sousouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Box

Ceramic Stoneware Nesting Bowls. Set of two in Salt Cellars Rustic Blue. handmade using the pinching method giving them a unique organic feel. Price $23.50. Stockist: Dee Dee Designs

Concrete Upright Tealight Candle Holder. Our quirky twist on industrial home is sure to brighten your living or office space. Price $12. Stockist: Nothing but Vintage

Unique Ottoman Foot Stool. This is not only a gorgeous piece of furniture, it is sturdy, durable and the cover is machine washable. Price $220. Stockist: JdogandT

Clouds Sunset Cushion Cover. Stunning sunset photograph printed on cushion with piping. 45cm x 45cm. Price $45. Stockist: Bound to Art

Handcrafted macrame wall art hand dyed in sea green with wooden bead detailing. Beads are white and in neutral raw gloss to add dimension and impact. Price $39. Stockist: Mac and More


A BOY NAMED AARON (Explore: @aboynamedaaron)






ETTIE INK http://instagram @ettie_inkgirl

reclaimed timber crates + shadow boxes facebook: hiatusvintage instagram @erin_hiatus


SOUL NOURISHING HOMEMADE Instagram: #SoulNourishingHomemade Twitter: @NourishSoul






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Find your homewares with ease with our August issue full to the brim with ideas. We talk to KW Ceramics, Zin & Bert, A Boy Named Aaron, Mart...

Winkelen August 2014  

Find your homewares with ease with our August issue full to the brim with ideas. We talk to KW Ceramics, Zin & Bert, A Boy Named Aaron, Mart...

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