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Issue #11


Space To CreaTe Bespoke furniture to decorate your home

the artwork stylist Meet the sisters who curated a range of exclusive artworks

sage & clare Homewares inspired by the colour and history of India

handwoven wonders


Go behind the scenes and discover the story behind Pampa


FEATURES 6 The Artwork Stylist

32 Tassel + Gaine

Entrepreneurial sisters, Sara and Amy Chamberlain have curated a selection of stylish, calm and enigmatic limited edition graphic and photographic works collaborating with Australian artists

Two creative talents combine with Laine Fraser and Fleur Harris to deliver an incredibly vibrant, fun-filled handcrafted textile collection

16 Pampa


Styling: Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography

Photographers Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson travel to remote regions of Argentina on their quest to work closely with indigenous weavers to create their handwoven rug collection

24 Sage and Clare Inspired by the colour and history of India, Phoebe Bell has curated one-off, handmade and artisan pieces from around the world with a touch of the bohemian

42 Space to Create Nick Gulino and Kerrie Thornton scour the globe in search of bespoke furniture and designs that adds individuality to any room

49 Kate & Kate Kate Pascoe Squires chats with us about the creation of Kate & Kate and how two sister-in-laws formed a thriving new textile business

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REGULARS 58 Klaylife Father-daugher duo, Phillip Jones and Kerri Wallace, have shined the light on hand rolled clay-beaded chandeliers created on a farm in South Africa. With heritage ties to the region they wanted to give back to the community

64 House of Baltic Linen With her Lithuania heritage and their love for centuries old linen, Doville Vidugiris

and her family have created classic and vintage linen in timeless appeal

72 Astella Designs Artist Bec Tarrant is exploring in the use of resin creating styish artworks with stunning results

4 Moodboard 5 We love 15 Must Have 74 Business directory


A selection product pages featuring cushions, lighting, art prints and more


FAVOURITE FINDS ROBIN BLACK RECLAIMED SMALL Tasmanian Oak timber shadow box decorated with robin design in black (RBS). Handmade from timber reclaimed from properties across Victoria. The beauty of each box comes in its dents and imperfections. Dimensions: 22cm x 22cm x 14cm Price $125. Stockist:

BUDGIE TOWEL SET. Singing in the shower never sounded so good. I’m a cheeky, confident and colourful personality in your bathing space. Bathroom Towel Set. Designed in Melbourne by artist Antoinette Ferwerda. Ninnho loves creating artful and luscious towels, velour one side for eye catching design & terry toweling on reverse for superior absorbency. Price $255. Stockist:

LAZY LIGHT FLOOR LAMP BLACK The shape of this lamp mimicks a tired person who is leaning against the wall to rest or “ take a break”. The Lazy Light Floor lamp is crafted in Ash wood by the talented Thai designer Golf Jakkapun. Price $599. Stockist:

NORMANN COPENHAGEN BAU PENDANT Bau is a sculptural hanging lamp that combines color, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design. Bau is a hanging lamp with attitude. Bau pendant comes in multicolor and natural, each providing a different look to the interior. Price $207. Stockist:


MONSTERA DELICIOSA ILLUSTRATED BY GARMI. The first poster in our Plant Series. The Plant Series is a ongoing poster series of various plants, leafs and flora.Printed on 180g matt paper. Price $65. Stockist:

Favorite Things is a vitrine and pendant lamp combined; a product dedicated to highlight your souvenirs, objects d’art and personal trinkets. You are invited to insert your favourite objects e.g. porcelain figurines, your first baby shoes or memories of past holidays. Price: $609. Stockist:

Small Liquid Vase - Copper. High polished copper plated brass vase. Price $85. Stockist:




1] Copper Salad Server. Price $45.95. Stockist: 2] Twin Diamond Geometric Copper Hanging. Price $55. Stockist: 3] H. Skjalm P. Candle Holder Copper with White Marble. Price $34. Stockist:


T he arTworK sTylisT Entrepreneurial sisters, Sara and Amy Chamberlain have curated a selection of stylish, calm and enigmatic limited edition graphic and photographic works collaborating with Australian artists A bit about The Artwork Stylist and how it was formed? The Artwork Stylist is an exciting new concept seeking to resolve the dilemma of blank walls within homes, office spaces and cultural environments. An online store, The Artwork Stylist offers a range of art that is exclusive and limited in production with only 50 existing prints of each work. Stylish, calm and enigmatic the ranges of works available are carefully curated in collaboration with graphic and photographic Australian artists. The Artwork Stylist is the brain child of sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain founders of The Real Estate Stylist. The entrepreneurial, creative and savvy sisters formed The Artwork Stylist after being frustrated at not been able to afford high quality photographic artwork and large scale graphics. They have purchased over 250 pieces of artwork in the last two years and we saw a huge a gap for this in the styling and home decorating market.

Can you tell us about your backgrounds? Sara is an advertising professional who has worked in retail, interior design and editorial styling. Amy experienced a career change from being a prep teacher. Although was heavily involved in the interiors of the classroom and attended a research project in Italy to learn about the impacts of the interior environment on learning. How do you select the right artist, photographer or designers for your collection? What are you looking for? When looking for our photographers we are seeking a clean and punchy style with subjects that can easily work back to private interiors. Sometimes photography as an art form is best in commercial spaces or gallery environments and we wanted to use images that were suitable for the everyday decorating. Our photographers aesthetic is contemporary, composed, highly skilled and captures images with personality. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What do you love the most about The Artwork Stylist? What WE love most about the The Artwork Stylist is the ease of use of these images. We use our own artwork in all our property styling jobs and the speed at which they get sent out into properties is a testament to how simple they are to work with. Some of our large scale paintings for example we spend ages waiting to get the right house but these pieces transcend different architectures, styled and demographics! We also love the simple lines of the graphic range for when we work with complex paintings or highly personal interiors. Who are some of your favourite artists/ photographers? Our personal favourite photographers are

the rock stars of the Australian photography world. Petrina Hicks, Tracey Moffat and Marian Drew spring to mind. (Collectors wish list) I have also followed the work of fashion photographer Will Davidson for many years. However the treat (and threat) of our Instagram world is we are introduced daily to new photographers and images - Jennifer Stenglein is the master of capturing human shapes and forms. I adore her work... there are really too many to name. What has been your biggest highlight? Our biggest highlight as The Artwork Stylists perhaps came this weekend as we were featured along some incredible sibling duos in The Age Homestyle magazine. To even appear on the page with Michael and Nick Garnham from Jardan was a bit surreal. We also didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ever think we would see our

faces in Broadsheet. That type of media support and accolades has meant a lot to a young brand and demonstrates a level of acceptance as we expand into new territories and a new way for consumers to buy art. Do you have any advice for our readers in selecting a piece of art for their home? I think art is highly personal and our roles as curators is to strike a balance between options and suggestions. Firstly consider if you need a portrait or landscape orientated piece, this will point you in the direction of picking the right format. Consider other pieces in the room however you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to match with them. A subtle colour reference or composition match might be all you need. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page Work out if this is a piece you can live with every day and when you interact with this... Walking in the front door, lying in bed, enjoy the morning sunshine... What feeling do you want to evoke in the space you are looking to fill. Finally the size is important - we have created our graphic range for example to work on its own - limiting the need for small clusters and investing in other lots of pieces. Small sizes work well leaning, in smaller areas or when you are balancing out other features (such as a fireplace) you would be surprised how big the small size can actually look so check your wall dimensions

What do you foresee for the future of The Artwork Stylist? The Artwork Stylist hope to continue to support new and emerging artists across photography and graphics. We are excited about some collabs in the pipeline that will see us commissioning pieces more and more for the brand specifically - we hope to offer a rotating catalogue of images that inspire and delight and that people will want to live with! However we will continue to limit our editions and possibly will shrink this further for our next range as we want to maintain the exclusivity factor of the is everywhere but THESE images wont last long! CONTACT:

grand in style Every room deserves a hero piece and here is just a small taste of granduer

Alcova - Maxalto by Antonio Citterio Alcova is a classic canopy bed in a modern interpretation, suitable to be positioned mid-room. The bed rests on a platform which is large enough to position a storage element with an open compartment and a drawer at the foot of the bed. Stockist:


2 1


6 7



8 9

1] Moroccan hanging tray - handmade. Price $400. Stockist: 2] Geometric leather cushion by Shareen Joel. Stockist: 3] Ay Illuminate Z1 black bamboo light with cotton cover. Price $490. Stockist: 4] Welton London Leather XL candle - Montebello. Price $299. Stockist: 5] Copper Timber 2-Drawer Side Table. Price $1,300. Stockist: 6] Bloomingville brass-copper coloured glass squat vase. Price $80. Stockist: 7] Alchemy Side Table. Unique, elegant and striking, the Alchemy Side Table from Madras Link. Price $134.95. Stockist: 8] Knowledge in the brain â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bookend. Price $395. Stockist: 9] Besame Chair. The succulent lines of the lips have sensuously captivated cultures for ages. Stockist: 10] Ceramic jug, grey. The handmade qualities and idiosyncrasies of the whole Deli range, bring character and form to the collection. Price $36.95. Stockist:


Pinata Party Quilt Set Ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t no party like a pinata party. This much loved party starter will have you shouting a round and dancing on tables in no time. The Pinata Party Quilt Set is made from 100% cotton, 400 thread count and free from harmful chemicals. Price $169 Stockist:

MUST HAVE Unique wares to add another dimension to your home

Green Budgie quilt cover. Digitally printed Single Bed Quilt Cover and matching Pillow Case. We also offer a range of decorative cushions to complete the look or add a touch of Dreamers to your living room. Price $169. Stockist:

Eagle on plexibond. Photographer Masja Stolk Print all made of acrylic with a sandwich place. Includes mounting frame on the back Stockist: HK Living

Cube Hanging Mobile. This twig cube mobile made from natural twigs, creatively celebrates the imperfections of nature. As each sculpture is made from natural materials, no two are the same. Price $395. Stockist:

Xaria Dining Chair- American Oak and White Powder Coated Steel Frame. The modern and contemporary Xaria Dining Chair is designed with solid American Oak legs and a white powder coated steel wire frame seat giving your dining room area a designer feel. Pair these dining chairs with the Xaria Dining Table. Price $599. Stockist:

pampa Photographers Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson travel to remote regions of Argentina on their quest to work closely with indigenous weavers to create their handwoven rug collection


Tell us a bit about your business and how it was formed? Pampa is a small and relatively young business that specializes in ethically sourced, handwoven products from Argentina. The products we take the most pride in are our ever-changing collections of handwoven rugs, which we personally source directly from the hands of indigenous weavers. We are Victoria Aguirre from Argentina and Carl Wilson from Australia, co-founders of Pampa and photographers. We met each other in Chile four years ago and fell in love after crossing paths - we believe that this was definitely fate. We have built a life together that allows us to live and share cultures through our work with Pampa. This same work is also helping indigenous communities, which is something we feel very passionate about. We also sell handwoven cushions and our photography as fine art prints.

Our most popular series are Pampa Horses, Pampa Crosses and Andes Region. We are based in the small Northern NSW town of Bangalow. How did your career begin? My personal career started from a passion for my home ground in La Pampa, Argentina, for my roots and family horses. I always knew I wanted to be a photographer to show my love and respect for these amazing animals. After finishing my degree in adverting in Buenos Aires, I decided to move to New York and study photography at ICP (International Centre of Photography) and explore my creative path. Upon my return to Buenos Aires, I started working as a photo journalist for several magazines. ‘Adventure’ magazine sent me on assignment to the North of Chile to cover

a special feature on some Argentinian surfers exploring the full length of the Latin American Pacific Coast. Three days after I arrived to Chile I met Carl, my partner and co-founder of Pampa, whom was a friend of these two surfing brothers. After camping for a month in the Atacama Desert, we decided that for our young relationship to work I needed to move to Australia. So I did… and as soon I arrived to Australia in 2012 I knew that for me to be happy here I NEEDED to start something that connected my strong Latin culture with Carl’s culture, so Pampa was born. Carl left his secure full time job to take a risk with me and create Pampa. Now, it’s our little baby, growing every day with a massive thirst of exploring art, preserving heritage and empowering culture. continued on next page >

continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What sparked you to create your business? Not coming across any of the rugs that I grew up seeing in Argentinian homes here in Australia. Also knowing that this business would take me back to Argentina on a semiregular basis, to visit family and to help the Indigenous people whom I have always had the utmost respect and admiration for. Can you tell us where you source your gorgeous homewares from and how do you select the right item for your store? Sourcing our rugs in no easy task. We physically travel across remote regions of Argentina on the search for new weavers. We have various groups of weavers that we work very closely with. We either choose our favourites from what they have been working on since our previous trip or they create rugs for us based on some suggestions that we have made. We do work on designs with our weavers,

but at the end of the day we like them to have the majority of the creative control, as they always know best. Who are some of your favourite designers? The weavers that work with us! What has been your biggest highlight? Visiting these communities and working side by side with them in some of the most unique landscapes imaginable. We learn such much not just about their art, but also about their ways of living. It makes us approach our own lives a little differently. Do you have any advice for our readers who love all things for the home? Buy wise, buy good, buy once. What do you foresee as the next big trend? Ethically handmade and eco-friendly products. CONTACT:

black + white

Do you love monochrome? Create your space with some unique and stylish pieces

Penthu from Simcox. Blacks and greys sweep dramatically over this crisp white surface. Combining the organic hand drawn mark within a formal pattern creates a show stopping background. Price: $230. Stockist:

10 3









1] Bombay Studded Armchair - Block Print. Price $2,450. Stockist: 2] Tellkiddo bear face print - size A4 (unframed). Price $16. Stockist: 3] Lots of Spots. A mesmerising and modern impression of black upon white, the spot and strokes in this piece produce a sense of swirling movement and elegant flow. Price $120. Stockist: 4] Forever Banner. White print on black 100% linen fabric, with grey fringe. Price $99.95. Stockist: 5] Replica Sean Dix Copine Chair. Price $199. Stockist: 6] Cushion with polka dots. Price $55. Stockist: 7] BLA Small Talk Poster. Price $79. Stockist: 8] Cape Wire Bowl (black). Geometric elements of African design is the inspiration behind our Cape Wire Bowl. Price $159. Stockist: 9] White with slate crosses stoneware vase. Price $39.95. Stockist: 10] Australian Made Pendant Lighting - Baroque Black. Price $348. Stockist:

Styling: Sage and Clare Photography: Chris Bagot


sage and clare Inspired by the colour and history of India, Phoebe Bell has curated one-off, handmade and artisan pieces from around the world with a touch of the bohemian Tell us a bit about Sage and Clare and how it was formed? Sage and Clare is an online store that celebrates one-off, handmade and artisanal pieces from around the world. We love colour, bohemian wares and pieces with soul! By travelling near and far, we offer a designed and curated collection of wares that cannot be found elsewhere. The business really came about organically after an impromptu Christmas in India. I became inspired by the colour, history and magic of India and had become quite Indiaobsessed! It opened my eyes to incredible textiles and handcrafted goods, which seemed so far removed from the mass-produced offerings in Australia. I was at a juncture in my life and with a push from my husband, Chris, Sage and Clare began. The scariest decision I have made but also the most rewarding. How did your career begin? I actually come from a law background but new this wasn’t my passion. I would spend

any spare moments I had trawling through online home and fashion blogs as well as magazines. So, after a couple of years of weighing up my options, I went down the styling path… I worked as a freelance stylist before taking a role at Country Road as fulltime stylist at their head office. I learnt a lot during this time and it put me in good stead to finally take the plunge and start my own business. What sparked you to create your business? Sage and Clare came about after feeling restless and pent up with creativity. Even though I was working as a stylist, I felt like I wanted to do more. I also had a serious case of wanderlust. I’ve always been passionate about colour, texture and the sense that some objects have real heart. That is what Sage and Clare is about and we started it with the aim of offering fellow interior lovers a place where they could find global treasures that are handmade, bohemian, soulful and and eclectic. continued on next page >

“If you can curate and source over time, with the ultimate test of ‘Does this make me feel happy?’, then you’ll slowly build a home rich in character and soul. Nothing beats that.” < continued from previous page Can you tell us where you source your gorgeous homewares from and how do you select the right item for your store? We travel across India, Turkey and Morocco to source our homewares and now design and produce the majority of our products in India. When I find or design a product that inspires and exhilarates me then I know it’s perfect for the store. We’re also very passionate about artisanal techniques and preserving these often ancient skills, so that plays a big role in what we decide to stock.

What do you love the most about having your own store? It’s the most rewarding and challenging thing I’ve ever done. Every day is so varied - I could be walking through a bazaar one day, working alongside an artisan the next, or back in my warehouse styling and photographing our new products for the website. You need to be a jack of all trades, which can be both thrilling and confronting. I could never get that working for someone else and I feel lucky everyday to be working in my own business, despite the 15 hour work days.

Who are some of your favourite designers? Oh gosh that’s a tough one!! I am always inspired by colour so I love what Beci Orpin and Rachel Castle create. Bonnie and Neil, Adam Lynch and Walter G are a few other noteworthy mentions that I love and admire. What do you consider to be a must have item in your home? Anything one-of-a-kind and vintage whether it be a rug, artwork or furniture piece. It is so special to have at least one key piece to call your own. continued on next page >

Styling: Aimee Tarulli Photography: Luis Ferreiro

Styled and photographed by Sage and Clare

< continued from previous page What has been your biggest highlight? Besides all the amazing places we’ve seen, joining the Greenhouse Interiors team. It is so surreal to be a part of this family of designers and artists, with the very inspiring Julia Green at the helm. Every single one of them is super talented and lovely - I can hardly believe that we’ve been welcomed into this tight knit family of creatives.

Do you have any advice for our readers who love all things for the home? I think the key to a beautiful home is to fill it with pieces that make you happy. Trends come and go and I think many interior lovers feel they’ve got to decide on a prescribed aesthetic and stick to it. If you can curate and source over time, with the ultimate test of ‘Does this make me feel happy?’, then you’ll slowly build a home rich in character and soul. Nothing beats that.

What do you foresee as the next big trend? Mmmm, I’m not an active trend follower so I may not be the best person to ask. But, I do think we’ll start to see rugs and carpets being used as the ‘artwork’ in a room, rather than what’s traditionally been the domain of the walls. How exciting.


Army blanket cushion Gallant by Perpetual One. Price $70. Stockist:

UNDER $100 It doesn’t take much to add a splash of class to your home with these fabulous buys

Node Ball. Perfect for that shelf or surface that just needs a little something. Price $55. Stockist:

Confetti Floor Cushion - Flax Yellow. Price $69. Stockist:

Marble Basics - Baby Basic Canister Vase. Price $55. Stockist: www. Gypsy Crossing Turquoise timber cross. Price $85. Stockist:

“Insouciant” A4 Artists proof print 1/1. Price $80. Free Australian postage. Stockist: Victoria FitzGerald

Nordic Tales Symbiosis Vase The beautiful Nordic Tales Symbiosis Vase is crafted from oak wood and frosted glass. Price: $98. Stockist:

Yellow Cross Pillowcase by Nest Homewares. Price $99. Stockist:

Velvet Trim Orange/Grey Cushion. Stockist: www.linen

Soy Candle - Creamy Vanilla. Price $60. Stockist: www. fentonandfenton.

Cable Saffron Cushion. Price $69.95. Stockist:

Ahoy Trader Mini Pina Porthole. Price $65. Stockist:

Black Stripes Hanging pot. Price $65. Stockist: www.

Angel Wings, Gold bookends. Price $80. Stockist:

Leather Placemat. Price $65. Stockist:

Elnath Hunter Tribe arrow. Price $69. Stockist: www.


Styling: Emma Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Meara Photography: Nikole Ramsay

Tassel + Gaine

Two creative talents combine with Laine Fraser and Fleur Harris to deliver an incredibly vibrant, fun-filled handcrafted textile collection Tell us a bit about Tassel + Gaine? We launched our debut collection for T+G in October of 2013 and have since enjoyed the fun, excitement and at times the challenges (!) of owning our own business. The first collection was incredibly well received - we received fantastic feedback and lots of coverage in print and online much to our delight. To be completely honest, we were slightly overwhelmed by the response! We’ve since spent the last six months working on developing our new collection and have placed a high importance on raising the bar in terms of quality, and ensuring that we not only continue to delight out customers, but exceed their expectations in every way possible. Tell us about yourself and your background? I’m currently the Senior Graphic Designer

for iconic Australian stationery brand Typo, however I’ve worked with an array of small and large businesses over the last 10 years. My design experience is vast and varied, from designing prints for apparel, textiles and hard goods all the way through to branding and magazine layout and design. I love creative design on all levels and am currently really enjoying the diversity that my full time role at Typo, my role at Tassel+Gaine and my freelance work provides.

believed that in doing so we could broaden our skill sets and drive further personal and professional growth for ourselves and for each other – and also have a ton of fun along the way..! Through working together we’ve found that we share a genuine belief in the importance of working hard while having fun and enjoying the experience at the same time, which is what we’ve focused on building the T+G ethos around.

What sparked you to create your business? After bonding over a bottle of wine a few years ago (!) Fleur and I found that we shared a similar passion for homewares, and that we both had a real longing to start a business where we could create fashion forward cushions at an affordable price. We both felt a real urge to create a unique business that we could call our own, and we

What inspires you in your designs? Our cushions centre around fun, frivolity and ultimately, we strive to offer creative, handcrafted designers that are unique and full of life -we simply love injecting colour, vibrancy and personality into our designs.

continued on next page >

Styling: Emma O’Meara Photography: Nikole Ramsay

< continued from previous page Fleur and I both adore working with colour and putting together mood boards of inspiration and our work in progress. We’re constantly inspired by anything and everything that we come into contact with – art, hand crafted design, music, nature… You name it - it’s more than likely had some kind of influence, whether it be on our initial thought process, the way we approach our ranging or potentially even our actual designs. Ultimately, we’re super inspired to create cushions that are fun, eclectic and connect with people on a personal level. We love mixing and matching our designs in unexpected combinations, and hope that we inspire our customers to approach the styling of their homes in a similar relaxed, playful way. What do you love the most about having your own label? Everything, all of it – it sounds cliché but I promise you, it’s true..! I absolutely love my full time role at Typo and I really enjoy the collaborative design process when working alongside an array of talented professionals to deliver a shared vision and final product offering. In saying that, the creative freedom that exists when designing for your own label is incredibly different, and for me is a real thrill! I love that when designing for T+G there really are no boundaries – we bring our ideas and our concepts to the table, we brainstorm the collection and we work together to achieve a brilliant end result. Fleur and I have a fab working relationship and it’s one in which I’m extremely grateful for. Who are some of your favourite designers? Oh, I’m not sure that I can limit myself to one/some favourites… I get a real kick out of finding unique, likeminded creatives a little bit off the beaten track. I love trawling instagram or Pinterest for new artists and designers that are out there just doing their own thing and generating amazing pieces at the same time. continued on next page >

Styling: Emma Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Meara Photography: Nikole Ramsay

< continued from previous page A huge part of working within such a dynamic, fast paced industry means that I have a sincere passion for quality design and unique pieces. I’m inspired by anything that strikes a chord with me on a creative level, whether it be a hand crafted vase, a beautifully made reclaimed timber table or a unique abstract painting - I just love all things design! What is your favourite cushion in your store right now and why? I don’t really like to play favourites (!) but I’m completely in love with our new ‘Good Vibes’ cushion. The hot foil metallic gold print on both sides and the high shine metallic gold piping is such a beautiful contrast against the black cotton base. I adore the relaxed, carefree type and the positive message. It’s such a fun, feel good

statement and the gold foil looks absolutely amazing in person – it brings a brilliant pop of metallic to any piece of furniture it graces..! What has been your biggest highlight? Since bringing T+G to life in 2013 there have really been so many highlights..! One of the biggest kicks for me has been the consistent positive response we receive from our customers, and from so many well respected designers and creatives within the industry. It’s incredible to know that our designs connect with and resonate with our customers and that ultimately, they love what we do and want to surround themselves with our designs. I always get a bit of a buzz whenever I see our images of our cushions or our lookbook shots featured in print, on a website, or even one of my favourite blogs.

Several of the cushions from our first collection were recently featured in online fashion retailer SaboSkirt’s Head Office which was definitely a HUGE buzz for us..! What are your plans for the future? At the end of the day, we just want to keep doing what we love – creating unique, handcrafted designs that continue to make our customers happy. We try not to get too caught up in rigid plans or what the next big thing is… We tend to work towards more of an organic approach, which leaves the door open for new opportunities and amazing possibilities for what we can do next. The future is definitely bright for T+G, and we see only great things on the horizon..! CONTACT:


The new Arthouse collection from Lumiere Art & Co is due for release in April Stockist:

Photography: Armelle Habib Styling: Aimee Tarulli for Greenhouse Interiors.

Etchings Vase. An incredible pattern of hand etched parallel lines. Price $24. Stockist: www.established


Great pieces at fantastic prices

Kolmio towel collection by AURA By Tracie Ellis. Price $19.95. Stockist: www.hardto

Apex A4 Print by on the sly. Price $19.95. Stockist: www.onthesly.

Cloud Bowl Mint from Marmoset Found. Priced from $15. Stockist:

Dipped Tweed Pot - Yellow. Price $18. Stockist:


Olli Ella and Winkelen magazine are giving you the chance to win a set of 3 natural Belly Baskets. Valued at $87. To enter simply follow @olliella and @winkelenmagazine on Instagram plus share our competition post to go into the draw to win. Winner announced on Instagram on April 25

velvet splendour Opulent velvet deserves a place in your home

Velvet Quilt Cover. Price $249. Velvet Pillow Cases (2 pack). Price $79.







7 8

1] Klassik Three-Seater Sofa. Price $6,250. Stockist: 2] Velvet Trim Orange/Grey Cushion. Place our popular Velvet Trim cushions anywhere that requires a splash of colour and texture. Stockist: 3] Pom Pom Indigo Cushion. No matter where you place them, our delightful Pom Pom cushions add life Stockist: 4] Brentwood Occasion velvet chair. Stockist: 5] ‘Juhu beach’ silk velvet printed cushion. Price $129. Stockist: 6] Jonathan Adler X Bench. Stockist: 7] Rose Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover. Price $44.90. Stockist: 8] Lampert Sofa by Jonathan Adler. Stockist:

Styling: Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography


space To creaTe Nick Gulino and Kerrie Thornton scour the globe in search of bespoke furniture and designs that adds individuality to any room Can you tell us a bit about Space to Create? Space to Create is a bespoke online furniture company. Our aim is to create unique high quality designs that provide that perfect touch of style and individuality to any room. Tell us about yourself and your background? Nick Gulino, founder and director of Space to Create: Nick’s passion and experience is product design and development. His inventiveness, coupled with 15 years experience in the event industry, makes Nick a strong yet accessible leader of the STC team. Kerrie has recently joined them team. A graphic designer by trade, she has more than ten years design and event industry experience. She has a passion for stylish and functional furniture combining various materials and textures. What sparked you to create your business? We’ve been in the furniture business for just under ten years, first starting in the event hire business through Space to Create’s parent company - Dann Event Hire. Our aim was to always provide unique hiring solutions

to our clients, continually scouring the globe for that perfect product to add to our everexpanding collection. With this knowledge and constant questioning of “why don’t you sell your products”, we decided to bite the bullet and launch Space to Create in 2013. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? We source inspiration from overseas in conjunction with requests from our clients. This then moves to the design concept stage, which we do in-house. From select designs a prototype is made to refine each piece. Colours and materials are finalized before the finished design is the manufactured for sale. What inspires you in your designs? Being in the events industry we are always inspired by our clients needs and desires. New materials, colours, fabrics, durability and storage also stimulate us to seek outside the square. Design is about creative problem solving which we do every day. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page What do you love the most about having your own label? Having the ability to create pieces we are passionate about and to meet customers and clients who are excited about our designs as much as we are. Who are some of your favourite designers? On the Sly – Lauren Finks designs amazing geometric and tactile textile designs Twiggargerie – Anita Bell and Brian Bell create stunning sculptures from nature. Pop & Scott – a collective of inspiring artists and designers who handcraft ceramics, wood and textile pieces. What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? We really love our new Pop stool and Pop chair at the moment. It is on trend with the low profile and curve back. It is very comfortable and suitable for both indoor and

outdoor settings. We have this currently available in White and Black with other colours upon request. What has been your biggest highlight? Working with some incredible and inspiring designers and photographers. What are your plans for the future? We are looking to expand our wholesale and commercial presence with outdoor and homeware ranges to complement our furniture. A retail showroom is also on the cards. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your business? We have the ability to deliver Australia wide. We accept large commercial orders and offer wholesale and trade discounts to the industry. CONTACT:

Styling: Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography

Taj Octagonal Mirror. Price $945. Stockist:

mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all?









1] Plaited Round Mirror Natural. Price $129. Stockist: 2] Polygon Mirror in Bronze. Price $319. Stockist: 3] Adnet Rectangulaire. The Adnet Rectangulaire mirror is available in brown or black leather. Priced $1000-$2000. Stockist: 4] Round Copper Mirror. Price $250. Stockist: 5] Press Mirror - Tim Webber. This spectacular Press Mirror is made from hand spun powder coated aluminium (or copper). Price $390. Stockist: 6] Radial Floating Shelf with Face Mirror. Price $99.90. Stockist: 7] Ragrund bamboo mirror. Price $39.99. Stockist: 8] Flynn Mirror. This small round mirror features a timber frame in a painted matte finish, and may be wall mounted or leant with other items to create a casual modern vignette. Price $165. Stockist:

MUST HAVE Unique wares to add another dimension to your home

NORM – SLATE. The New Norm Dinnerware series express the purity, simplicity, and honesty so particularly characteristic of the Nordic way. At the same time, the dinnerware reinterprets the well known and challenges the traditional ways of staging a meal. The diversity of colours and materials sets the creativity free. Price $29.95–$32.95. Stockist:

Swithy Bornbeam Burel Stool. Swithy is a smooth wooden sculpture that can be used as a stool or a side table. The shape is sinuous and appealing, a female body revealed in an hourglass, with an experimental and sculptural character. The solid wood, manually crafted, harmoniously coexists with burel, a highly resistant and durable traditional Portuguese fabric made from wool. Price $849. Stockist:

Fire Tree Candle Holder ‘G’ Blue with Black Leather Binding. Anodised aluminium candle holder, with leather binding and candles Made from sledge-hammered Aluminium tubing, which is bent into shape with poetic finesse. The Fire Trees are then anodised in a spectrum of gem-like colours. They are then delicately wrapped in leather binding, and as the colourful candles the in the Fire Trees slowly melt, the materials seem to twist into vibrant ribbons of colour and form. Price $429. Stockist:

Copenhagen – Coat Rack. “Urban simple living” is the essence of the Copenhagen series, designed by the Danish design duo Strand+Hvass. The series is made in white powdercoaded aluminium. A beautiful coat rack, that gives a boost to your interior decoration. Price $762. Stockist:

KaTe and KaTe


Kate Pascoe Squires chats with us about the creation of Kate & Kate and how two sister-in-laws formed a thriving new textile business

Tell us a bit about Kate & Kate? Kate & Kate is the brainchild of sisters-inlaw Kate Pascoe (Melbourne Kate) and Kate Pascoe Squires (Sydney Kate) – that’s me. Together we’ve created a brand that offers a range of Australian designed soft furnishings for the home. Launched with a collection of cotton blankets in 2013, Kate & Kate now produces seasonal collections of homewares, including the highest quality cotton blankets, linen throws, bath towels and hand towels.

Tell us about yourself and your background? Kate and I are mums, best friends and family. Kate has an extensive background in fashion, covering all facets of retail, design and wardrobe. I was a long time communications specialist in the fields of restaurants, food and wine. What sparked you to create your business? It was definitely a lightning bolt moment. Kate and I were actually working on

developing totally separate and very different business concepts when we met our manufacturers. Completely by chance. It took us just a couple of minutes to drop our other plans – deciding on the spot that we would go into business together and blankets would be our thing. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? It’s always quite complex, made even more so by the fact that we live in different cities. continued on next page >

Styling: Marsha Golemac Photography: Brooke Holm < continued from previous page To get the ball rolling, we start with a series of mood boards – covering direction for colours and pattern – and go from there. We generally gravitate towards a central theme and then the designs are generated from that point. We work really hard to try and perfect our collection as much as we can before moving to sampling, but there are always happy (and sad) surprises. It’s amazing, some designs are lost in translation during the sampling process, others really come to life. It’s a detailed process, with each step integral to the resulting look and feel of the entire collection. What inspires you in your designs? We are inspired by so many things. Specifically though… for colour, we definitely look to the catwalks. We lose hours on We can trawl for days searching for that

perfect colour combination. For design, we really do seek inspiration from the everyday. The shape of a building, the fold of an envelope, a bunch of shadows, a nautical flag… these are all things that have inspired our recent designs. What do you love the most about having your own label? The freedom to create whatever we want to – and the thrill of seeing people respond positively to it. Who are some of your favourite designers? Locally, we love Scanlan Theodore, Zimmerman, Willow – for homewares, we have a real admiration for brands such as Bonnie & Neil, Pony Rider, Langdon LTD… anyone doing their thing and creating beautiful stuff. Internationally, we can’t go past Balenciaga, Marnie and Celine.

continued on next page >

Styling: Marsha Golemac Photography: Brooke Holm < continued from previous page What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? I’m loving our new linen throws – actually I’m borderline obsessed. They are so beautifully screen-printed, with gorgeous contrast stitch edging, and the texture is just stunning. We have wanted to do linen throws since the birth of Kate & Kate, so to be able to make it really happen is just very exciting. I’ve carried mine around all summer (sample testing, of course!) and found so many uses for it. Beach blanket, picnic rug, tablecloth, bed spread, throw for the couch… I have about 10 in use at the moment. They’re just awesome. What has been your biggest highlight? Seeing our product in store still creates a ‘pinch me’ moment – every time. I’ll never get sick of seeing Kate & Kate on the floor, or better yet, in a window, of some of our favourite stores around Australia. What are your plans for the future? We’d love to take Kate & Kate overseas – with New York being the first stop. Stand by! CONTACT:

Art direction and styling by Marsha Golemac

GET THE LOOK Plump them up and snuggle into them, nothing is better than a designer cushion







1] Omo 45cm square Cushion White/Peach. Price from $69. Stockist: 2] Charcoal Grid cushion. Screen printed on 100% upholstery grade cotton which is manufactured locally with a soft charcoal velvet reverse. Price from $115. Stockist: 3] Geo Cushion - Coral. Linen blend, featuring fringing around the edges. Price: $39.95. Stockist: 4] Frida Kahlo Cushion - Catrina. 43cm x 43cm. Price $45. Stockist: 5] Moon Cushion in Mint + Slate. Price $54. Stockist: 6] Cushion Dragon Fly Back. 45cm x 45cm. Stockist:


Recycled Timber Luck Of The Drawer Hand painted with bright coloured triangles and a wax finish. Price $1,995. Stockist:

GET THE LOOK Complete your living space with one of these great pieces

1 3





1] Hk living Copper Diamond lamp is a brass pendant lamp that will complete the vintage look you desire. Price $249. Stockist: 2] Tiger, Tiger by Marcello Velho. Signature and edition number. Price $260. Stockist: 3] Forever Diamond Linen Cushion. Price $89. Stockist: 4] Gubi Adnet Circulaire mirror is a beautiful round leather mirror with brass hinges. Price $1019. Stockist: 5] Hex stool in a variety of colours. Price $199.95. Stockist: 6] â&#x20AC;&#x153;Halo of Poppiesâ&#x20AC;? handmade by paper to you. Price $125. Stockist:

LOVE Drake Dining Table. Rustic Teak with Powdercoated Black Metal Detail on base. Price $3800. Drake Metal Leg Buffet. Price $3040. Stockist; Photography: Armelle Habib Styling: Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors

Klaylife Father-daugher duo, Phillip Jones and Kerri Wallace, have shined the light on hand rolled clay-beaded chandeliers created on a farm in South Africa. With heritage ties to the region they wanted to give back to the community Klaylife chandeliers shine light on South African community. Australians can now furnish their home with a unique centrepiece, while helping a community in need, thanks to the recent launch of klaylife, an online retail store with plans to expand into selected retail stores. Klaylife is run by Melbourne-based father-daughter duo Phillip Jones and Kerri Wallace, who import custommade, clay-beaded chandeliers direct from South Africa. Each bead is hand-rolled using raw clay from the region; they are then dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed before being masterfully strung onto its unique wrought iron frame. This handcrafted

process ensures no two lights will ever be the same. Phillip and Kerri, who migrated to Australia from South Africa in 1989, always wanted to maintain their ties with their heritage and find a way to give back to the South African community. In February 2014, fate came knocking when Kerri stumbled upon an Instagram post of a clay-beaded chandelier, falling in love with the unusual yet stunning creation. Her efforts to find out more about the product led her to South African native Merewyn De Heer, who designs and produces the centrepieces from a farm

in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. “My dad and I had already booked a trip to South Africa, so arranged to meet Merewyn face-to-face to see if there was a way we could work together, and import the chandeliers to Australia to reach a wider audience,” Kerri said. Kerri and Phillip soon learned that Merewyn, a former advertising executive, gave up her occupation to pursue her passion for design and social responsibility. At the time, however, she hadn’t considered exporting her products to an overseas market. continued on next page >


< continued from previous page

Styling: Jacqui Moore for Greenhouse Interiors Photographs: Armelle Habib

“Merewyn’s a brilliant designer and business woman, but she didn’t have any knowledge or experience in importing and exporting. Fortunately, my dad had spent his entire life in the industry, so from there, we entered into a really great partnership,” Kerri said. Merewyn’s farm is located close to an HIV centre, and wanting to find a way to help the local HIV impacted women who couldn’t find work due to the stigma attached, offered them employment. Merewyn’s business started with eight HIV impacted staff; this quickly grew to a team of 65 women of varying backgrounds and circumstances who all want to work for Merewyn to produce the hanging masterpieces. Every chandelier is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, in

addition to being fully compliant with Australia’s electrical requirements. The chandeliers are available to order from the website, and come in a range of colours and sizes, with a 12 to 16 week turnaround time from order to delivery. “We hope those looking for a unique and show-stopping centrepiece – whether it be for a home, hotel or restaurant – will consider klaylife chandeliers as a beautiful addition to their space,” Phillip said. “Not only are the chandeliers stunning creations, they go a long way in helping a small group of South African women be selfsufficient to support their families and local community.” CONTACT:


Marmoset Found Olive Bam Bam Bowl Hand crafted paper mache bam bam bowls. Perfect to display books in, as a fruit bowl, or anything really. Available in white and olive. Price $99.95 Coconut Husk Pendant â&#x20AC;&#x201C; White Marmoset foundâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Coco Pendant is bound to be the hero piece in your home. Made from coconut husks, these magnificent pendant lights are both unique and breathtaking. Available in White and Tan. Price $749. Stockist:


Fabulous pieces don’t have to break the bank

Leni Bentwood Stool. Price $29.95. Stockist:

Brass Button Wall Hook. Price $39. Stockist:

Luxury velvet fiery coral cushion by AURA. Price $49.95. Stockist:

Mint Hexagon Tray. Price $49. Stockist: www. mintinteriordesign.

Leather Bowls with Crochet Trim. Price $35. Stockist: Bloomingville - Brass Pot. Price $56. Stockist: www. designstudiohome. LB Teatowel. Price $49. Stockist: www.beneaththesun. Terrarium Vase with ball. Price $47.95. Stockist: www. neutralinstinct. Aquiesse Black Tin - Luxe Linen. Price $34.95. Stockist: www.neutralinstinct. Gold Cutlery Serving Set. Price $49. Stockist:

‘Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, head over to Pixie Home’s website to purchase their “Nimble Jack’ candle stick. Handmade in Melbourne. Price $29.95. Stockist:

house of balTic linen With her Lithuania heritage and their love for centuries old linen, Doville Vidugiris and her family have created classic and vintage linen in timeless appeal

Tell us a bit about House of Baltic Linen? The birth of our linen textiles business wasn’t an idea fix. It didn’t just drop from nowhere. It has been a very long process of thoughts and dreams to have our own family business creating and making linen textiles for the home. We came to Australia from a small


European country, Lithuania, who has always been famous for it’s linen. When I say famous, I should probably be raving about centuries old linen (flax) growing and cultivating traditions. In all our introductions we talk how much we love linen. And this is not an exageration! continued on next page >

< continued from previous page As a child I was growing up surrounded by Lithuanian folk songs we used to sing with my parents, and majority of those are about linen: sawing, growing, looming and weaving. Besides, beautiful linen things were everywere around our home. It was passed from one generation to other and was treasured as real family heirloom. So I guess, choosing linen textiles as our family business was simply natural, organic choice. House of Baltic Linen home textile collections combine modern designs with classic and vintage inpired details, like “aged” linen appearance, lace or hemstitching. We like to call them “timeless” classic as different trends come and go (like bold, bright neons or geometric patterns) and our linens can be succesfully incorporated and be a part of any interior, be it minimalistic, modern, neo rustic, country or shabby chic. Tell us about yourself and your background? Our family has been traveling around the world for more than a decade and some linen pieces our mums passed to us, were “traveling” with us. It is hard to imagine Christmas or Easter table without linen tablecloth or napkins, same as hard to imagine cozy bed without linen bedding. When we came to Australia, we couldn’t but notice that despite a huge variety of bedding or table linen it was very hard to buy high European linen quality things for a fairly reasonable price. And this was the impulse to start creating and making beautiful linen textiles for Australian market that people can afford and enjoy for long time. Having more than ten years marketing, business and advertising experience, made creating a strong brand a high priority for me. I always knew that image is nothing without highest quality product. We source our fabrics from European countries, mostly Lithuania and make our products both here in Australia and in Lithuania. We have a real passion for unique, handmade designs. Sustainability, being eco friendly is also a huge motivation to run linen business. We are very proud that all our linen fabrics are made by Oeko-Tex certified manufacturers. Oeko-Tex certification means the textiles have been tested and are free from potential harmful chemicals to human health.

What sparked you to create your business? Visions and dreams developed over the years and lack of authentic, highest quality, unique, handmade linen products in the market. Also, I should say, affordable linen products. What processes are involved in creating your pieces? New ideas, followed by numerous sketches and discussions, followed by first samples and testing. We always make sure the colour/s are not fading or fabric is strong enough and not shrinking or other little things are taken into consideration.

If we are happy with a final product, the new stage of creation begins - product image and photographs. It is important to find the right environment, to create the right mood. In a few words to â&#x20AC;&#x153;dressâ&#x20AC;? your product accordingly and make sure it speaks for itself and our customers will not only get the impression but also, without being able to touch and feel it, will virtually touch and feel it. The biggest challenge in our business is being virtual only. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have an actual brick and mortar shop, and even though internet shopping is so popular and you can reach people all around the world, for majority of people is really hard to make

the online purchase, considering it is rather significant investment. Up until now we have been hand dyeing little linen bedding pieces like pillowcases and we were trying to find the way to dye large linens, like duvet covers or sheets. And finally, we are very thrilled that shortly, fingers crossed, it will become a reality. What inspires you in your designs? The ideas and inspiration usually comes from a certain colour or texture, or even a little detail like interesting lace pattern. continued on next page >

< continued from previous page Also, inspiration may come unexpectedly from a certain interior, vintage household items, even movies. Like, for example our recent addition to bed linen collectionFrench Vintage Classic – ticking navy stripe bedding came directly from old French movies. We should also give a huge credit to our customers- they can come with the most incredible ideas they want for their beddingthis is exactly how our unique Rustic Rough linen bedding range was born (thanks to our customer, our muse, Vicki!) What do you love the most about having your own label?

Own label is the form of self-expression, possibility to create, be free and be flexible. But owning your own business means it somehow absorbs you all and eventually you end up working 24/7. Also and most important- it is a massive responsibility! Who are some of your favourite designers? John Galliano, Christian Lacroix and Vivienne Westwood - are on the top of the list. Everyone in our family has it’s own favourites, so the list would be endless… What is your favourite item in your store right now and why? It has to be French Vintage Classic linen bedding, but honestly, I can’t choose my

favourite as they all …our babies… What has been your biggest highlight? Being approached by Vogue UK for a special feature. Selling our linen bedding to a famous Hollywood actor. And also, jumping from being “small” to “big”. It didn’t happen overnight, but somehow very quick… What are your plans for the future? Nearest - new bedding collection. Then, new colours and most likely, new patterns… And most important - keep creating and stay open for a new ideas. CONTACT:

NORM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; FLOOR MIRROR In the spirit of Scandinavian simplicity, the two Danes behind NORM, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Ronn, always strive to cut to the bone. To find the simplest possible solution without forgetting the beauty of the shape or the details â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all in order to reach a point where nothing added nor subtracted will make the product better. Price $950. Stockist:


GET THE LOOK Beautiful classic linen will always stand the test of time

1 Pure Linen Quilt Cover Set In Storm by Sheet on the Line. Price $249.95. Stockist: 1

4 3



1] Canningvale Hastings Quilt Cover Set - White/Grey. Price $199.95. Stockist: 2] Stonewash European Pillow Sham and quilt. Price $245. Stockist: 3] Coast Antigua Waffle Linen Throw - inky grey. Price $239. Stockist: 4] Petrol Linen Rectangle Cushion - 40 x 60cm. Price $89.95. Stockist: 5] Slate Linen Cushion - 60 x 60cm. Price $109.95. Stockist:

asTella designs Artist Bec Tarrant is exploring in the use of resin creating styish artworks with stunning results Can you tell us a bit about your artwork? My artworks are created using resin, inks and acrylics. Each piece is unique and I love the beauty of working with resins (which can be very unpredictable). Tell us about yourself and your background? I started creating art from the age of 15, initially I started with portraits using pastels and over the years it developed. I love growing as an artist’s so I try to use all mediums and exploring where each one takes me. What techniques do you use in creating your art? I have quite a few techniques and at the moment I am still growing as an artist so experimenting with resins is where my passion is. What inspires you in your designs? I get inspired by a lot of things, generally my surroundings whether that be nature, people or music I try to emulate that emotion through my art work. Who are some of your favourite artists and why? I have so many favourites but to name a few Kerry Armstrong, Sabi Klein I love the use of colours and technique. I’m also a little obsessed with David Bromley, I’m saving up for a piece of his. What are your most favourite artworks that you have completed?

My favourite all time piece is the ‘Lost Islands’ it has so much depth to it and there’s an element of mystery which I love about it. I was recently up in North Queensland and as I was flying over the reef I saw so much of it exposed but also so much of it has been destroyed, Lost Islands refers to the lost reefs we inevitably will lose forever unless more awareness is created and action is taken. I hope people experience a sense of emotion when they see my art, this is very important to me as an artist.

What has been your biggest highlight? Showing my pieces as a RAW Artist this year was amazing I met so many amazing artists and designers. To be able to showcase my work and people see and feel the emotion of my pieces was truly humbling. I can’t wait to do another one.


Photography & Styling: Tailored Space Interiors


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