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the paper mull :

the paper mull : by jstn Foster

copyright Š jstn Foster, 2007 edited by Rob Budde the paper mull is printed in 12 pt Optima font The raw paper on the cover is from CanFor Pulp & Paper. Published by wink books. Partially printed and bound at UNBC Copy Services. wink books 751 Tay Crescent Prince George BC V2M 3V3

stylistic inspiration for the paper mull was conceived upon reading Jeff Derksen’s Dwell (Vancouver: Talonsbooks, 1994). the content was born of subsistence and working there.

for us and them too

watching, twelve hours sitting up raised, removing individual sheets if one fly drops locks are not locks without cohesion in its simplest tallest building in the city: Digester Tower dollars are measured in feet ‌ I will keep both mine, thanks we built this city in theory

paper looks better on a salmon, but there are none using, without being wholly obvious, a local species in the company name will attach environmental connotation lift the ecological impact with your knees to avoid back strain practical functions are for write the paperback before it writes you the union was left to bleed out

choke animal acronym for our own good birds are burning aside, see clouds created creative billowing taking holidays, rather than taking to the streets essential components are chemicals not women, here

consider yourself moving, before it digests you we only fly the red sun when Japanese partners arrive: cufflinks, neckties, orange hardhats and the basic tour reading is work, for others a vise watch the flies, cause that’s your job statistics show, you’re a statistic and a problem the Cariboo or

‘the ecological impact is still unclear but we are certain that everything out there is doing fine now’ total mill employees: 333 revolutions are riots and smog, in part your alarmed action is instinctively yours safety is the number one concern after profit, clearly you comes first

animal rights activists scorn the misleading names company sunsets are prettier remembered he was a union man before shifting under the florescent lights make nervous flies secondary biological treatment (7 days) and counting steam like veins pop and defect

steam plant alarm(ed) keys to doors that don’t exist read this on, in the comfort of knowing we carry the burden minority employees down 25% from four to three neck ties seem cross-cultural, as do name tags june 4th, 1989 - the incident is named after the location of the movement, in Tiananmen Square. figures ranging from 200–300 (a government estimation), to 2,000–3,000 (student groups and Chinese Red Cross estimation)

indefinite negative factors of the melt down: 120 miles wide the infrastructure crumbles at the mere slight of our hands a vigorous reassessment of the “scare tactic� method feel it in your lungs, ablaze the book is made of paper, lurking a daily quota

24/7 – 365, through and through Digester cooking temperature hits 165˚C the Fraser is a pump line, not a river female employees up 50% from two to three primary clarification the view, inspired millions when the lights go down

intuition tells us: recent health and medical studies have shown that PM10 and PM25 particles, either by themselves or in combination with other air pollutants, may have extensive and serious human health impacts. These effects include such things as decreased lung function, worsening respiratory symptoms, lung disease, staying in it for the money, and premature death

the animals check their books and find no protection from misusing names bridging over the melted letting the power back writer: five good reasons to wear gloves the Japanese will be offended, if one fly is spotted in the paper

there was a time we would take to the streets right the paper back before it rights you the fact is, slowly falling asleep the Pulp & Paper Company down ‌ and this, is the product of our actions

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the paper mull, by jstn Foster  

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