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Making Great Wines is an Art Indeed that Only Expert Wine-makers Know A number of factors are responsible for making a winery great right from the taste of its wine to its location and philosophy. At TWABR, we have preserved our Civil war heritage with due care and this is something that makes our historic winery a unique place. Our winery is quite close to the historic Manassas National Battlefield Park and we feel immensely proud about it. Going by the fundamentals, a great winery is known by the great wines produced by it. The fact that our wines have brought awards from prestigious wine competitions indicates how popular our wines have been in the recent time. We have always associated with the best in order to deliver the best of Virginia wines to wine lovers. Much can be known by the fact that great, famous wine expert Chris Pearmund is our executive wine maker. In order to establish & effectively manage our winery, we even consulted eminent vigneron George Wilson. We cultivated around three acres of Norton grapes on our Centreville property. This blue-purple Norton grape variety was named so after Dr. Norton Richmond. Before we started cultivating our own Norton grapes, we purchased grapes from various parts of Virginia. After our first “token harvest� of Norton grapes in the very first year, we produced more than 3000 cases of wine that was quite an achievement indeed.

Time passed by and today we have a full range of Red & White wines including Merlot, Delaney, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and many more on offer for wine lovers. Its rightly said in our business that great wine starts in vineyard. So, we started looking for vineyards near DC in order to purchase one for getting total control over the quality of our fruit & wine. After making several considerations, we purchased a farm located close to Little Washington. This beautiful vineyard opened up new prospects for taking our winemaking to a new level and indeed we have made the most of it till date. Our award winning wines have always delighted wine lovers that is quite evident from the increasing popularity of our winery. Now, owing to such quality wine offerings, we can say that we excel in the art of wine making. We are open daily for tastings and you

so can come to relish our offered wines during the opening hours. Our winery is even perfect for arranging private events, parties, fundraisers and any other event of your choice. For more details please visit the website :

Looking for Vineyards near DC  
Looking for Vineyards near DC