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When should you begin receiving CPP and OAS?

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) retirement benefits both have a normal start date of age 65. Yet, CPP benefits can begin as early as age 60, or as late as age 70, while OAS can begin anywhere from age 65 to 70. When should you start receiving your CPP and OAS benefits?

There are many different approaches and angles to consider. Early might make sense from one perspective, while late might make sense from another perspective. Which is correct? While it’s often a matter of personal preference, it’s important to consider your own unique circumstances when making this decision.

Timing considerations

When deciding when to start receiving your CPP and OAS retirement benefits, consider the following factors when making your decision:

• What is your current tax rate? CPP and OAS are both fully taxable. If you’re already in a high tax bracket in the current year, it may be beneficial to defer your CPP and OAS to a later year.

• What are your other sources of retirement income? For some, government pension income is a necessity when employment income ceases, while others may have additional options available.

• Are you subject to OAS claw back? OAS is income-tested, and subject to a 15% recovery tax. If you have a higher income in the current year, deferring OAS may help minimize claw back.

• Are you in good health? If you have a shortened life expectancy, it may make sense to start CPP and OAS benefits earlier rather than later in order to maximize the overall benefit received.

• What is your risk tolerance and current asset allocation? If you have a low risk tolerance, deferring CPP and OAS can offer a better return than typical GIC (or similar) returns.

• What is your lifestyle? There is tremendous value in having additional income while you’re still young and healthy enough to enjoy it and make good use of it – it’s not just about the math.

Bottom Line

Determining the optimal time to begin your CPP and OAS benefits is not a one-size-fits-all type decision. Sound advice for one person may be completely inappropriate for another. Consider the items indicated above, and any other relevant considerations in your own personal situation to determine the best time to start your CPP and OAS retirement benefits. This

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article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund
Financial Advisor.
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10 Windsor Life 45 26 30 FEATURES DEPARTMENTS 18 WATERFRONT RENO A One-of-a-kind Ultra Modern Home 26 SERENDIPITY Musician Molly Ferdinand Is Right Where She Needs To Be 30 CHARMING FRENCH COUNTRY Pam and Bill Seney Explore The City of Marseille and Beyond 37 GAME CHANGER Catching Up With Goalie Erica Fryer 45 THE ART OF THE LUTHIER David Radlin Gives A Glimpse Into His Laboratory 49 UNREPEATABLE MOMENT James Heugh’s Journey to the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show 52 BREANNA WILLIAMS Athlete Excels at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games 56 ALL THE YEARS COMBINED Ray Robertson’s Love Letter To The Grateful Dead 36 NEW AND NOTICED 42 BON APPETIT! ON THE COVER Staircase and open living space with tile floor that mirrors exterior esthetic of this waterfront home. Photography by Alex Marentette See page 18


Caesars Windsor, where our commitment to giving back to the community takes centre stage. Through the synergy of employee volunteering and corporate donations, Caesars Windsor supports local organizations with a focus on changing lives, transforming neighbourhoods, and crafting a brighter future for Windsor and Essex County. It’s just one more way Caesars Windsor is committed to giving back to our home.

To learn more, visit

PlaySmart. 1-866-531-2600 ConnexOntario Problem Gambling Services. All ages welcome in our Augustus Tower and convention complex. Must be 19 years of age or older to enter the casino and all other outlets. Those who have been trespassed from Caesars Windsor and/or self-excluded from any OLG or Caesars property are not eligible to attend Caesars Windsor or related outlets, participate in promotions or redeem offers. The Caesars brand and related trademarks are owned by Caesars License Company, LLC and its a liated companies. Used with permission.

SEATON SUNROOMS has helped Essex County residents make the most of their homes since 1974. In the year they celebrate their 50th year in business, Seaton Sunrooms continues going strong.

For the past half-century, Seaton Sunrooms has been a familiar presence with their distinctive yellow trucks and a legacy of quality workmanship. Over the years, this family-owned business—founded by Vern and Linda Seaton and later purchased by their daughter Brooke and her husband Jason Watorek— has left an indelible mark on the Windsor and Essex County landscape, contributing to projects like the Atlas Tube Center, Windsor Yacht Club as well as the Harbour Club Condo developments in St. Clair Beach. As the company celebrates its 50th anniversary in business, there is an undeniable sense of pride and accomplishment.

The dedication to delivering top-notch service and innovative solutions has fueled Seaton Sunrooms’ continuous success.

“All of our solutions are custom,” says Hayley Lynk, Seaton Sunrooms office manager. “Before anything is manufactured,

Jason goes out to the customer’s home and takes measurements down to the sixteenth of an inch. We can build virtually anything to customer specifications. We custom build frames to ensure smooth surfaces. Sometimes, our technicians build the frame right then and there, doing arches or triangles if the project requires it.”

Among the most popular choices is the three-season sunroom.

“Customers like having the ability to insert and remove their glass windows,” Hayley continues. “In the summer, the space becomes a screen room. In winter with the windows back in, it becomes an enclosed space.”

Sunrooms can also be equipped for comfort with Seaton Sunrooms’ installation of optional heating and cooling systems and options for integration of home automation.

“In fact, when the Atlas Tube Center in Emeryville found that the sun was heating its windows to the point where they were hot to the touch, Seaton Sunrooms was brought in to install retract able screens to cool down the inside of the building,” Hayley says.

As Seaton Sunrooms grew over the past fifty years, customer service and quality work have been its twin pillars of success.

“I help every customer who comes in,” Hayley says, “and I listen to what they need. If they are unsure what they’re looking for, Seaton Sunrooms is glad to help them come up with a design solution that fits their needs. They describe the shape of their patio and I do a sketch of different options in different price ranges; and they can combine the features they like.”

Once customers decide on the sunroom solution they want and initiate the process with a deposit, Jason creates a detailed design of the project.

The company’s ethos is encapsulated in the slogan, “Bring the Outdoors Inside.” This philosophy is reflected in the testimonials of satisfied customers who have experienced the transformative effects of Seaton Sunrooms’ products.

For more information about Seaton Sunrooms and to view examples of their work, visit them online at

4600 Rhodes Dr. Unit 2 Windsor ON EC Row Exit on Central South 519-944-6006 SEATON SUNROOMS

Publisher’s Note

As you read this the calendar says that Spring is here. Hey! Wait a minute. Weren’t we supposed to have winter? I probably shouldn’t say anything because the way things are we never know what season is going to pop up. A couple of weeks ago we seemed to experience all four seasons in a 48-hour period.

The warm weather that we have seemingly every other day or so has many of us enjoying the outdoors when we would normally be bundled up against the cold. I really don’t hear anyone complaining about the warm days, although I am sure there are those among us that enjoy winter activities.

I am not one of those. I am also not a fan of really hot days. Maybe I am too fussy. That is why we surround ourselves with amenities in our homes that make us comfortable no matter what Mother Nature is throwing at us. Many of our advertising supporters in this issue do just that. They specialize in products and installation of those products designed to supply us comfort in our environment.

And you will notice that, for the most part, they are locally owned and operated companies. Companies that are the backbone of our community. Companies that have a knowledge of the needs of the residents of Canada’s southern most communities.

We at Windsor Life Magazine strongly ask that you employ these companies whenever possible. Don’t rely on something you see online. In many cases people are disappointed when they receive product that is nothing like what they envisioned when they ordered. By shopping at our local retailers, you have their experience and knowledge to guide you in the proper product and installation to fill your needs. If there is a problem, they are here to work with you on the solution if necessary.

Moreover, when you buy from a local company, you’re putting the money back in the pockets of fellow residences—people who will reinvest in the community, people who will spend money with your neighbours and keep our local economy growing. Locally owned companies also are the ones who sponsor your children’s sports teams and donate to the local food banks.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Windsor Life Magazine and look forward to continue supplying you with the positives of living in one of the best and fastest growing communities anywhere.

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A Man With a Vision Enlisted The Talents of His Three Daughters To Transform a Waterfront Property Into a Modern Oasis

FOR MOST PEOPLE, the house on the shore of Lake St. Clair would have been a perfectly livable dwelling—a single story home built nearly half a century ago, with its sandy beach, beautiful surroundings and spectacular view of the lake.

When Wayne Dupuis, founder and owner of Wayne’s Custom Woodcraft, bought the property, he saw something else. Wayne envisioned a home that was totally unique. To achieve his singular vision, he enlisted the expertise of three talented young women, each of whom possessed their own specialty: his daughters, Tianna, engineer, Kylene, intern architect, and Danieka, kitchen and bath designer. Together, they embarked on an ambitious project that not only added a second floor to the waterfront home, but also reshaped the entire structure into a unique, ultra modern property.

“We wanted to do something unusual,” Wayne explains. “You won’t find this house anywhere else. It’s very unique—a contemporary California style, flat roof, ultra modern. The house has a detached two-floor garage with the upper floor acting as a loft area.”

The prime esthetic guiding the renovation was to seamlessly integrate the exterior with the interior. The stucco structure features multiple box design elements in a striking combination of white, black and gray. It is further accented with inset lighting, horizontal windows alongside vertical windows that truly bring the outdoors inside.

Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 19
Clockwise from far left: Wayne Dupuis and his three daughters Kylene, Danieka and Tianna Dupuis. Photo by John Liviero; kitchen area with subtle lighting where appliances blend into black background; house exterior showing off box elements and varying sized windows. s
20 Windsor Life
Clockwise from above: Floating three-sided hearth with unique lighting extending from ceiling; office area with integrated linear lighting; bathroom with double shower and tub in “wet zone”; floating vanity with lighting beneath it; primary bedroom with asymmetrical headboard, integrated linear lighting and grand view of Lake St. Clair.

“We began in March 2023 and completed the house in November,” Wayne says. “We started with the question: ‘What kind of home are we going to build here?’ and did extensive research looking at different styles of houses. I drove the boxy style. Kylene wanted a transitional peaked roof, which is different. Danieka came in with her own vision. Kylene took our ideas and drew it all up in 3D.”

The family worked with the existing footprint—the original foundation and exterior walls.

“Housing codes were different forty-five years ago,” Wayne points out. “We had to be creative to ensure we complied with ERCA guidelines. They control what you do. For instance, we were limited in places outside with how far the boxes extended from the house.”

At times, their solutions to design challenges were so unique that Wayne and Kylene had to build them into the structure themselves.

“I was the home builder on this project with Kylene’s help,” Wayne said. “Doing this box forming—it’s tricky. s

Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 21

You can’t just give that to a contractor. Many of the fine details we built ourselves. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this property!”

On the lakeside of the home, there is a large balcony extending off the primary bedroom. The outside is brought inside through a series of horizontal and vertical windows.

The black and white from the exterior is found throughout the interior of the house.

“What happens a lot in Essex County is that people have a contractor for the exterior of their home,” Wayne says, “and they have an interior designer for the interior— and often the connection between the exterior and interior look is lost. If that’s what people prefer—that is okay. The look and feel on the outside of this property is carried throughout the interior, which is what we wanted.”

Inside the home, there is a rectangle mirror in the foyer area with an eighth-of-aninch light between the edge of the mirror and the wall panels surrounding it.

“There is a great focus on accent lighting throughout the house,” Danieka says. “Lighting played a big role inside and outside of the property.”

The exterior colours of the home are continued inside. The kitchen combines wood grain and black. There is a wood paneled bulkhead above the table with accent lighting above it. The island area, with four stools, is black. The white stone top of the island is a waterfall edge—it comes down halfway. Ordinarily, the stone goes to the floor, but the family stopped it halfway and filled the rest with wood. The kitchen appliances, all black, are seamlessly integrated into the kitchen. The only indication of the refrigerator is its metal door handles. Between the fridge and stove is a walk-in working pantry, which not only offers storage space, but has ample counter space for food preparation and counter appliances.

Another unique lighting feature is the square pot lights throughout the home.

There is no better example of the unique lighting throughout the house than the living area lighting fixture. It is a series of luminous wands hanging from a black base. The starkness of the black base is mitigated by a swath of black around the horizontal windows above the fireplace, which extends up to the ceiling making the four-foot black base virtually invisible.

“We put in a three-sided fireplace,” Wayne says. “It’s a floating hearth with illumination, surrounded by vertical and s

22 Windsor Life
Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 23 Business Law ~ Wills & Estates ~ Commercial Leasing ~ Real Property ~ Condominium Law and Development Employment & Labour Law ~ Civil Litigation ~ Education Law ~ Administrative Law ~ Human Rights Main: 519-969-9844 Toll Free: 1-866-422-7988 Web: 2510 Ouellette Avenue, Suite 301, Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4 * Andrea Thielk practising in association with Shibley Righton LLP and not as a partner, associate or employee of Shibley Righton LLP.
Jessica Koper Brian Nolan Sheila MacKinnon Wanda Shreve Frank Saroli Andrea Thielk John Jedlinski Jacob Benson Peter Hrastovec Mary-Ann Keefner Donald Leschied

horizontal windows that make the most of the lakeside view.”

The office/sitting room—complete with a desk and couch—is lit by integrated linear lighting that is flush with the wall. Lighting throughout the house is subtle.

The primary bedroom’s ensuite bathroom features two wall shower heads with two rain shower heads. Across from these is where the tub sits, all contained within the wet zone. The integrated lighting is also used in here in the horizontal niche. Lighting fixtures hang on both sides of the mirror. The basins in the primary bath are oval vessel style sinks. The vanity is floating with lighting underneath it.

The primary bedroom has paneled walls and ceiling, as well as integrated linear lighting.

“The built-in headboard is an interesting feature,” Wayne notes. “It’s asymmetrical— on the lakeside of the room, it goes all the way to the wall.”

Flooring throughout the three-bedroom, three-bathroom property is hardwood and tile.

“All the bathrooms and the main level have the same tile,” Danieka says. “The tiles have a concrete look, which keeps the natural feeling and mirrors the concrete used outside.”

Not only is the result of the family’s work a unique, one-of-a-kind home, but the experience of bringing their vision into reality was a singular experience, as well.

“We’re all strong-willed people,” Wayne says with a laugh. “We all had our own vision of what we thought the house should be. At times, there were differences between our visions, but through the collaboration process, and overcoming challenges presented by working within the original footprint and updated building codes, we created a home like no other. When we were finished, I stood back and marveled, thinking: ‘Look at what these young women are capable of doing!’”

Windsor Life Magazine is always searching for interesting homes, landscaping, gardens, patios and water features to show our readers what others in the community are doing with their living spaces. If you have a home that you feel would be interesting please email photos to Photos need to be for reference only. If your home is chosen we will arrange for a complete photo shoot. If you wish, you may remain anonymous and the location of your home will not be disclosed.

24 Windsor Life
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MOVING IS ONE of the most stressful experiences a person goes through in their life. For the past ten years, ONESource Moving Solutions has been taking the stress out of changing your address.

“We are a family business—my daughter, Sarah Carriere, works with me,” says owner/operator Danielle Wellings-Carriere. “We started out servicing older adult clients (seniors) to eliminate the barriers they face when moving and downsizing. It didn’t take long for word to spread throughout our community that our customized services are valuable to anyone needing support through the moving, organizing and estate dispersal process.”

ONESource Moving Solutions is not just a moving company. “We are a complete move management service,” Danielle says, “sorting, packing, moving, unpacking, donating and discarding unwanted contents, clearing and deep cleaning the home. We set up our clients’ new home so that when they walk in, it’s like walking into their old home. We hang their art, install their electronics, make sure every single box is unpacked and take all of the moving supplies away. We always make sure they have their favourite things, and that their most treasured possessions go with them to their new home.”

Windsor-Essex is ONESource’s corporate office location, but it has a number of locations across Ontario: Chatham-Kent, Brantford, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Niagara, Durham and Peterborough. “If you know someone who loves helping people, we do offer an incredibly rewarding opportunity!” Danielle purchased a license in 2014 and five years later she purchased the entire company, trademarked and rebranded it to offer services to seniors, professionals and families. There are franchise opportunities across Canada and upcoming expansion into the U.S.

“My daughter Sarah is our Director of Franchise Development,” Danielle continues. “She is handling the Canada and U.S. expansion. We offer a unique service and there is a demand for it. I’m so proud to have my daughter working with me and achieving this growth. I love the work that we do and feel so passionate about it, I want to give others the same opportunity to love what they do too.”

Beyond helping older adult clients downsize, ONESource also helps professionals, families, restoration companies and local businesses. “We also do online auctioning for our clients who would like to sell their unwanted contents,” Danielle says. “We do ‘space planning’—measuring where the client is moving to and ensuring that everything they’re taking fits.” ONESource also offers smaller tailored services such as staging and preparing a house for the market, deep cleaning, professional organizing and decluttering, arranging for storage and moving contents to storage, as well as restoration pack-out and pack-back services.

“We’re the ONESource for all things moving,” Danielle says. “Our team does an amazing job and always takes care of our clients. Our team has a police clearance and we are fully insured. We provide our clients with the highest level of service and the least amount of risk.”

“Clients can book a consultation online or call our office,” Danielle says. “We do a free one-hour in-home consultation with no obligation. We explain our services and how we can help them. Clients can customize which services they want and we guide them all the way through the transition.”

ONESource has experience and education in numerous designations. Their team is trained to guide their clients through the process, while being sensitive to their individual needs. Some of ONESource’s accreditations include: National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Management, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals and is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist.

To learn more about ONESource Moving Solutions or to book a free consultation, call the office at 519-984-2111 or visit them online at Whether your project is big or small, ONESource has the solution!


Windsor/Essex 519-984-2111

Chatham/Kent 519-365-5754


One Woman’s Unmapped Journey Allowed Circumstance and Serendipity to Take Her Right Where She Needed to Be

IT IS ONLY in hindsight that the signposts of serendipity can be identified. Observed individually, they often appear as obstacles or obstructions. These signposts take many forms. In the case of author, songwriter, performer and health enthusiast, Molly Ferdinand, the first face of the most recent round with serendipity took the form of a surly guard at the border crossing between New Brunswick and the state of Maine. Taken together, these signposts—since the fall of 2023—have led Molly to a new home, to artistic acceptance, to a place where she finds the support and encouragement she has always sought: Windsor, Ontario.

“I come from two families: my father and mother’s families, both were very musical,” Molly says. “I played piano at age four and always had something in my hands to play, whether I could or not! Family gatherings involved a lot of music. It’s just in me.”

In her late teens, Molly transitioned from piano to guitar as her instrument of choice.

“When I was nineteen, I picked up the guitar and committed to it,” she recalls. “A friend had a guitar that was collecting dust and I decided to teach myself. It wasn’t long

before I started doing a few gigs in Nova Scotia.”

The vicissitudes of life took Molly back and forth from Nova Scotia to Alberta through her life.

“I was twenty-four and living in Alberta when I started doing this,” Molly says. “I had a full-time gig in a fine dining restaurant, played the Mountain Shadow Music Festival, performed at charity events. People were perking up and saying, ‘Have you thought of doing Big Valley Jamboree?’ and other venues around Calgary. I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but I realize now the look in their eyes said: ‘You know, you’ve got talent.’ But something about it scared me—turning what I loved into ‘work.’ I was not ready. I could sing and play well, but I was not yet an artist.”

She continues: “By 2017, I had been living in Alberta for several years, running my health and wellness company—I’m a personal trainer, yoga instructor—and I was not happy. I dissolved my business and returned to Nova Scotia. I had just put money down on an apartment when I had a knee-jerk reaction and thought: ‘I’m not ready to come home and live this life!’ I felt there was still more adventure ahead for me.”

And there was.

Molly’s brother and his family had relocated to New Zealand a few years ago and traveling halfway around the world seemed to be just what Molly needed.

“I sold my car and jumped on a plane. No plan,” she says.

The process of personal growth continued with Molly trying out a career in real estate while in New Zealand. Each time she turned away from spending her life making music, it was as though Molly was stress-testing her inner musician to see if she were for real. She was and she wouldn’t be denied.

Not one to belabour a point that couldn’t be made, Molly realized she was not happy in real estate. After spending the better part of two years in New Zealand, she returned to Nova Scotia in 2020.

“When I came back from New Zealand, I had a bit of a breakdown,” Molly continues. “I came to a point where I realized my whole life was a lie. I slowly came to understand my own motives. I had an epiphany and wrote my book, which I titled The Break Down. At the same time, I started a YouTube channel and posted covers songs I performed. Pretty soon, people were s

Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 27 1602 Sylvestre Dr, Tecumseh / 519-956-0123 / SUBARU WINDSOR Order your New Subaru Today! 2024 Outback 2024 Crosstrek 2023 Ascent

saying to me: ‘Why

you doing this?’ And I finally agreed with them.”

Following a performance in October 2023, Molly was approached by a couple from Pennsylvania who were vacationing in Nova Scotia.

“They really enjoyed my performance and they said to me: ‘You’ve got to go to Nashville!’”

They gave Molly their contact details and invited her to visit them if she ever decided to go. It wasn’t long before Molly heeded their advice and set out for Nashville.

That’s when serendipity got in the way.

Attempting to cross into the U.S. at the New Brunswick/Maine border, Molly was turned back.

“That I was not expecting,” she says with a laugh.

Undaunted, Molly kept driving until she found herself in Guelph. It was then that a friend named Doris, whom Molly describes as her guardian angel, telephoned her to ask if she was all right. Doris lives in Windsor and invited Molly to stay with her.

“Within three days in Windsor I had a photo shoot and landed a gig,” Molly says. “The first bar I went to was the Peacock Lounge. When I said I was a musician, the manager asked me: ‘What are you doing Friday? You’re playing here!’ They wanted me to have merch. I’m an author and sell my books on Amazon. ‘You need to have prints!’ they said: ‘To sign!’ Next thing I knew Doris told me a friend of hers was a photographer and I did a photo shoot.”

Windsor may not be Nashville, but it appears to be the place Molly needs to be right now.

“I love the size of Windsor,” she says. “It’s easy to get around, but still a city. I’ve taken this stance: ‘Why not Windsor? Why can’t the story happen here?’ The universe was very much: ‘This is where you’re supposed to be!’”

Serendipity, however, doesn’t mean “smooth sailing.” Molly’s working every day.

“My booking agent calls me his ‘secret weapon’ because I can fill-in when he has cancellations. I’ve played in Toronto, too. I work hard. I’m serious about what I’m doing. If you want to go for it and make the most of it, I feel that I have all the right stuff to take it far.”

Molly is currently recording an album and releasing songs on Spotify as she completes them. Learn more about what Molly’s doing, where she’s playing by visiting or check her out at

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We Measure. We Install. WE DO IT ALL!

MADE TO SHADE proprietor Michael Campoli says, “When you love what you do, you’re passionate!” From Eclisse Vision Shades to Roller Shades to Sunscreens to Venetian blinds and more, Made to Shade is the only factory-direct, 100% Canadian-crafted window covering establishment in Windsor/Essex.

Michael continues, “At Made to Shade, our passion is custom-designed window treatments to enhance any residential or commercial décor. Manufactured right here in Ontario using only premium quality European fabrics, we offer an expansive range of contemporary, appealing, practical window coverings to suit any space and every budget.”

Campoli is particularly pleased to be able to “bring our entire store right to your door” with a fleet of mobile showrooms.

“When you choose Made to Shade, you’re choosing a comfortable, convenient, customized and personalized shopping experience. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize how a new window covering will actually look when you’re in a brick-and-mortar retail store. Shopping right in your space not only makes the selection process easier; it also makes it a bit more fun.”

Sales Manager Steven Caruso is also particularly pleased and proud to be a part of the Made to Shade team. After recently celebrating his 2nd service anniversary, Steven recalls, “my background was in construction with a stint here or there in hospitality, which is how I met Michael. We clicked. When he offered me the opportunity to channel my skills and abilities into a meaningful, long-term career under his leadership at Made to Shade, I jumped!”

Steven has coined his own Made to Shade motto: “We make every house or space feel like home.” He’s also pleased and proud to offer customers the most current window covering trends, technology and innovation.

“The luxury, ease and convenience of battery-powered, motorized blinds have become much more affordable. Whether it’s operating one or more blinds smoothly and simultaneously or having your choice of activation options, it all means enhanced privacy and heightened security,” Steve adds.

The many benefits of the Made to Shade Bluetooth Lithium rechargeable window blind motor include:

• Easy, quick, completely wireless installation

• Extremely quiet operation

• Convenience (blinds can be operated from anywhere in the room)

• Control by remote, smartphone, tablet or voice activation

Steven continues, “After you’ve decided on your window coverings, we’ll confirm a mutually convenient installation date with you. Then on installation day, in no more than a few hours, we will install and configure an entire residential, commercial or retail space. Made to Shade crews are highly trained, efficient and respectful. We clean up after ourselves, leaving your space just as we found it; only better. You’ll never know we were there, but I guarantee you’ll love your new window coverings!”

Made to Shade stands behind all products and workmanship.

Michael Campoli promises, “Our Lifetime Warranty Guarantee is the real deal. Whether the work was done yesterday or ten years ago, Made to Shade is committed to delivering second-to-none quality, style, selection and service!”

Michael Campoli owner Steven Caruso sales manager
Free shop at home service! Call 519-999-9898 or 1-866-777-4233 Commercial | Residential


Going Beyond the City of Marseille to Explore the Charming French Countryside

IF YOU’VE SEEN Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, then you may be familiar with Belle’s ache to escape the simplicity of French life; today’s tourists of the region may disagree. France’s Provence region is known to attract lovers of lavender, cheese, medieval architecture, and decadent food. For avid travellers Pam and Bill Seney, the slow “provençal” life proved to be a true delight in experiencing the beauty found in the French countryside.

Even before their cruise let them off in Marseille, they knew they wouldn’t be sticking around the city. Bill says there was plenty of beauty to see in Marseille, including the gorgeous port and the surrounding restaurants, but Pam echoes that these two aren’t big city people. The Seneys are infamous in the Windsor-Essex region for their well researched spreadsheets that they prepare before travels, so Pam emphasizes that this detour to the country was a planned affair. They had arranged for a driver to meet them once the cruise docked. There wasn’t a minute to spare, they had both Lourmarin and Roussillon in the region of Luberon to explore that day.

Being the architectural enthusiasts that they are, Pam and Bill planned this hour drive outside of Marseille specifically to see Le Château de Lourmarin, the medieval castle in the area. “We’ve seen temples

and other ruins, but this was actually our first time in a castle,” Pam shares their excitement, and says they weren’t disappointed upon arrival. In every other village in Luberon the castle (or ruins of a previous castle) are found in the centre with the village developed around it, whereas this one is found just outside. This château is said to be the first renaissance style castle to be built in Provence, and it was nearly torn down if not for Robert Laurent-Vibert who spent five years (and a great deal of money) restoring it. It was listed as a historic monument in 1973 and now incorporates a marvelous olive grove filled with 250 olive trees that tourists can visit, as well as a gift shop that — of course — sells delicious local wines.

Pam and Bill may have gone to Lourmarin for the castle, but they say that the village alone is a reason to visit. Lourmarin is known to be one of the most beautiful little villages in all of France and the two say that the photos, albeit beautiful, still don’t do the scenery justice. “It was like the world kind of stopped. There’s an unbelievable peacefulness to the streets,” Pam describes the feel of the village.

Bill adds that “it would have been nice to be here for a week. It’s not a big village but there’s such a peacefulness it offers that you would just enjoy having breakfast on the streets.”

Bloggers have echoed that what Lourmarin lacks in size she makes up for in charm and in village activity. The village is filled with restaurants spilling onto the cobbled roads, and although you may not be able to fit a car down these streets, there are over 15 restaurants to choose from, whether you’re looking for a simple meal or Michelin-starred dining experience. Pam and Bill couldn’t resist stopping here for a beautiful and authentic French lunch filled with wine and favoured dessert of creme brulee, before they were off to explore more of the region.

Their next stop of the day was Roussillon, which was filled with all of the same breathtaking stillness that Lourmarin was, but with an added pop of colour. In one of the photos of Pam and Bill you may

Opposite top to bottom: Pond at Lourmarin Castle; Church of San Michele; quaint Shop in Roussillon. This page clockwise from right: Belfry And Clock Tower of The Village of Roussillon; Bals’Art House Roussillon; narrow streets of Luberon; Bill and Pam in front of the great ochre in Roussillon.

Advice for ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth.

Every year in Canada, billions of dollars in estate assets are transferred at death. Sometimes these transfers don’t go as smoothly as expected. There are, however, ways to minimize the risk of problems by keeping a few points in mind during the estate planning process. After a lifetime of carefully saving, investing and planning, you want the peace of mind of knowing your assets will be distributed as you intended. As a Senior Financial Advisor I can partner with you to make the best choices for your situation.

I’ve highlighted a few of the most important factors to consider when planning your estate. Of course, each highlighted factor requires significant explanation and understanding to ensure the smooth transition you are seeking.

Will planning

A basic and all too common mistake is not preparing a will. A will communicates your intentions and allows you – rather than the government – to determine how your assets will be distributed when you die. A will facilitates the administration of your estate and can help you avoid some taxes. It also allows you to choose the executor of your estate and the guardians of your children.

Tax implications

Tax issues may feel complicated, I can help you to sort out appropriate solutions related to both investments, life insurance and retirement savings.


When a life event such as a birth, death, marriage, separation or divorce occurs, people often remember to review and update their will, but may forget to review their beneficiaries. This common oversight could greatly affect the realization of your final wishes.

Joint ownership

Oft times, individuals choose joint ownership for “simplicity” yet fail to consider the implications of such a choice. I can explain.

notice a rock formation behind their head, which is one of the most memorable features to visit in this area: the ochre mines.

Roussillon’s ochre quarry was once one of the most significant ochre deposits in the world. The quarry holds 17 different shades of ochre which has famously been used to paint the 300-year-old homes around Roussillon. The area is filled with this ochre because millions of years ago it would have been found submerged beneath the sea, however the reason behind its multitude of colours is still unknown. If anything, this mystery is part of the appeal of the region and why so many, like Pam and Bill, flock to Roussillon to experience its beauty.

“With the invention of modern pigmentation they don’t do this anymore,” Bill explains their draw to the region. “It’s strictly a tourist attraction now but contributes to the beauty of the area. It’s so unique and brilliant. If the sun shines on it it brings out the colours: the yellows, browns, violets, reds. We’ve never seen anything like it.”

Both the Roussillon and Lourmarin area are a host of art galleries and have housed a number of artists throughout the years. It can be assumed that the colours along with the age and state of the villages would attract anyone in need of a creative muse. Pam and Bill say that the way these villages light up reminds them of Quebec. “You can see how parts of Canada have been influenced by the French in a positive way. We’ve been to Montreal and now we can notice the reflection of French culture: the architecture and the commitment to socialization with the restaurants and gatherings.”

On their way back to Marseille, the Seneys enjoyed the collision between natural and man-made beauty and said it was truly a marvel for their eyes. They’ve only seen a sliver of what the south of France has to offer and were grateful for the drive and boat ride that allowed them to view more of its port cities, cliffs, housing, and the incredibly striking panoramic view of the coast of France.

There is something for everyone found in the Provence region of France. For those, like Belle, who are looking for “adventure in the great wide somewhere” there are fantastic resorts, luxurious restaurants, and big city energy. And for anyone who appreciates the small moments: the steam rising above their cafe au lait, the curves found in the narrow winding roads, or the precious meals that are worth waiting for in mom and pop restaurants, the provincial area may prove to be a lovely stop along the way — or the entire voyage. WLM

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Picture this:

You’re expecting. Congratulations! You’re about to embark on the most joyous, most rewarding chapter of your life: parenthood. That said, there’s going to be things you will need.

Now picture this:

You wander into your nearest big box department store. There are two cribs on display. You don’t recognize the brands. The quality seems questionable. You flag down a clerk to ask some questions. They shrug at you—helplessly. It’s not their fault. They haven’t been trained on this. You scour the internet for help, but much of the information is contradictory.

Instead of a soulless department store, you wander into Three Lambs Baby Boutique. The showroom is filled to bursting with all the highest-end products— from furniture to clothing to shoes. The staff is warm and approachable.

They notice you puzzling over a crib and come to your rescue. For every question you ask, you receive an answer. And they are not just there to clear inventory. When you tell them your budget, they help you find something that will work for you.

Since 2015, Three Lambs Baby Boutique has been Windsor’s one-stop shop for everything baby. Throughout the last eight years, Owner Jeanine Jodoin has attended to countless expecting parents, offering wisdom, encouragement, and an exceptional, ever-growing catalogue of high quality, Canadian-made, non-toxic products.

Three Lambs offers a superb selection of fashion, toys, furniture and gear fill the 5000-square-foot store. Some of the familiar brands you will find are UPPAbaby, MaxiCosi, NUNA, Clek, and Bugaboo—to name a few! And if that doesn’t sound enticing enough, they also have exclusive fashion lines that are sure to impress, including Rylee + Cru, Quincy Mae, SourisMini and more. Three Lambs also boasts of the largest shoe selection for your new and experienced walkers, featuring names like Natives Shoes, See Kai Run, Stonz and others.

“Our staff has a vested interest in making sure they’re offering you the best quality service,” Jeanine explains. “They’re not just there to punch a clock and then collect a paycheque. It’s a different atmosphere when you’re dealing with small businesses. They’re here because they want you to be happy with your product selections. They’re here because they want you to brag to your friends about what a great experience you had.”

Three Lambs features a rotating cast of characters that new and returning customers have the pleasure of working with: First, there’s Linda. A retired teacher, she first arrived at Three Lambs through her family. “Her kids were registered with me,” Jeanine recalls. “They told me, ‘You should hire our Mom. She loves making things pretty.’ She loves helping the customers! She loves making gift baskets. She loves putting things together. She’s amazing.”

Next, there’s Cecil. A recent Windsorite who relocated from Toronto, he brings a dizzying passion to the showroom. “Whenever someone has questions about anything gear-related, he’s there,” Jeanine laughs. “He loves talking about car seats. Customers adore him. We get good reviews about him all the time.” And of course, few can rival Jeanine’s own dedication to her clients.

“I love connecting with our community,” Jeanine states. “It’s very empowering to know that you’ve helped someone. I love sniffing out the best information on the best products. I love helping people. I love giving them the right information. Years later, I’ll run into former customers with their children and they’re just so grateful. They’ll say, ‘Jeanine, that day I came in I had no idea what I was doing. You really helped me.’ That gives me such a profound sense of satisfaction.”

Three Lambs, much like Jeanine herself, will be around to help our community for many years to come.

“Sometimes people ask me what I’d do with 20 million dollars,” Jeanine explains. “They say, ‘Would you get rid of Three Lambs?’ I said, ‘No. Absolutely not!’ If money were no issue, I would still show up every day and help people. This is my dream job. Without Three Lambs, I’d be bored. This business feeds my soul.”

Expecting? Book a complimentary consultation and let us help you create the registry of your dreams. Want to start now? Visit and begin building your registry today.



In Honour of the Ones We Love Inc. hosted its 26th Annual Gala on Saturday February 2nd, 2024 along with presenting sponsor Motor City Community Credit Union. The Gala featured its beautiful candle lighting ceremony honouring loved ones from the Arlotta, Russo, Campagna, Di Pietro, and Siara families. Funds raised from the event will go towards ongoing programs and initiatives for cancer patient care in Windsor-Essex. Pictured is the family of honouree Antonio Arlotta.


Celebrating the significant contributions made by first-generation Canadians, this award is being given to Doris Lapico who has channeled her passion for helping others in both her successful real estate career and charitable endeavours. Born in Switzerland to Italian parents, Doris has intertwined her heritage with her Canadian identity. As a co-founder of Transition to Betterness (T2B), Doris has dedicated well over twenty-five years to fostering comfort, care, and dignity for patients and families.


Exciting news for Belle River residents as The Bourbon Tap & Grill opens its third location on 405 Notre Dame St.! Owned by George Marar and Joe Sperduti, known for their successful establishments, this spot promises a great dining experience. The doors open daily at 11 AM for lunch, welcoming guests to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. With plenty of big screens for sports enthusiasts, live music on Thursday to Saturday nights, and food served until closing time, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to visit and experience the warm atmosphere and tasty meals that have made The Bourbon Tap & Grill a favorite spot in town.


Viki Grado is the new Executive Director for W.E. Care for Kids after joining the organization six years ago as the Community Engagement Officer. Since 1997, W.E. Care for Kids has been recognized as a leader in paediatric fundraising and has raised $6.5-million in support of local paediatric health care programs. Photo courtesy of W.E. Care for Kids.


Owner, Shawn Kelly (pictured with his wife, Renee), is excited to announce that the company has moved to a new home, located at 1877 Walker Rd. (just N of Tecumseh). Other than the location, everything else stays the same—creating beautiful backyards and providing all the quality products and services needed for exceptional backyard living.

36 Windsor Life

ERICA fryer


BEFORE THE SUCCESSFUL launch of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) in January, there were several fits and starts.

In 1999, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) featured Ontario and Quebec teams. In 2007, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) largely replaced the NWHL; it ran for 12 seasons, lacked financial stability and in 2019.

After the CWHL dissolution, the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association (PWHPA) partnered with corporate sponsors and NHL teams to generate support; in 2022, the PWHPA , Mark Walter Group (led by Los Angeles Dodgers owner Mark Walter) and BJK Enterprises (led by Billie Jean King) joined forces to launch the PWHL in 2023.

Comprised of six charter franchises (Boston Wicked, Minnesota Superior, Montreal Echo, New York Sound, Ottawa Alert, Toronto Torch).

The hiring of more than 100 PWHL staff


Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 37

sets this league apart from past women’s leagues. Unique to professional women’s hockey, the PWHL Players Association (PWHLPA) represents all players through an 8-year collective bargaining agreement. Former Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is executive director of the players’

On New Year’s Day 2024, the first match happened with Toronto hosting New York. The Canadian television audience of 2.9 million viewers was the largest for a sports entertainment broadcast that day (even surpassing the 2024 NHL Winter Classic).

Attendance records scored a hat trick: 8,000+ attended Ottawa’s first home game, 13,000+ in Minnesota and 18,000+ at the “Battle on Bay Street” at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena (drawing the largest ever crowd for a women’s hockey game).

Two of the six teams share home ice with NHL teams: Minnesota plays all home games at the Minnesota Wild’s Xcel Energy Center (the largest-capacity venue in the league); New York plays some home games at the New York Islanders’ UBS Arena. One-off matches at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena and Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena are also planned.

Games are broadcast nationally in Canada by the CBC, Radio-Canada, RDS and Sportsnet. Worldwide, games can be streamed on YouTube.

How far women’s hockey has come!

Ten years ago, 14-year-old Erica Fryer of Amherstburg told us, “I’m hoping hockey can be part of my life for a long time…I also hope to play goal for one of the women’s professional teams.”

Even then, Erica had already engaged a personal trainer. Fitness was a Fryer way of life: cycling with her dad, jogging with her younger sister, rollerblading, target practice.

“I love the rush I get when people cheer in the stands. It’s my time to step up and shine; I thrive under pressure. Plus, I have a ton of fun with my teammates. A big bunch of sisters, all loving what we do!”

“When I’m strapping on my gear, my heart still races; waiting for that first shot, adrenaline floods my body. It’s a huge responsibility playing goal; your entire team relies on you.”

How did she happen to become a goalie?

“I think everyone starts out as a player. The first time I played net, I volunteered. And I ended up getting a shutout! That was awesome enough, but I also loved that I got to be on ice for the entire game!”

What makes her a great athlete?

“My personality, mindset, and passion. I’m a pretty outgoing, happy person; I get along with everyone. I bring confidence and calm to my game. Because my teammates feel confident in me, they can focus on their own games. I care so much! I put everything I have into every game I play.”

When asked about the greatest challenge in women’s hockey today, Erica responds, “The game has come so far, even from when I started playing. Today there is so much more opportunity and exposure. Now there’s a real future!”

For inspiration, Erica looks to her mentor, Meghan Agosta (who last played for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League Montreal Stars; Agosta is also a multi-gold-andsilver Olympic medal recipient and was voted 2010 MVP of the Women’s Hockey Tournament).

“I’ve developed a rewarding friendship with her.”

Erica continues, “And even though I don’t know her personally, I follow Shannon Szabados (a Canadian PWHPA goalie and women’s national ice hockey team member); I like to model her style of play.”

But from the get-go, it was All About Hockey for Erica.

Several years later, she was known as one of the best netminders west of Toronto.

Currently studying Kinesiology while playing goal in the heart of Canada’s hockey metropolis at The University Of Toronto, the 23-year-old is gearing up to go pro. Her goal is to play overseas in the SDHL (Sweden’s professional league) for a year or so, then enter the PWHL draft.

For someone as talented, disciplined and passionate as Erica Fryer, this decision seems like destiny.

She can’t really explain where her passion for hockey originated.

From 2007 to 2013, Szabados played men’s university hockey in Alberta. Not only was Szabados the first female to play in the Alberta Junior Hockey League; she also recorded a shutout in her first game—just like Erica!

Erica gives back with her own mentoring and coaching: “I’m the goalie coach for Meghan Agosta’s hockey camp; I’ve also run a couple of camps on my own. And I coach a lot of goalies either one-on-one or with my longtime goalie coach Perry Wilson.”

Staying positive and motivated after a game loss can’t be easy, particularly for a goalie. But Erica focuses on the big picture.

38 Windsor Life
PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER StevenWilder 519-981-9529 | • Car accidents • Slip and falls • Dog bites • Long-term disability claims *prev. off. **sales record***2013 property values approx. 30 million Need good advice? ... Let’s talk 972-1600 519 **sales record ***2013 property values of approx. 30 million Call 3 1997-2023 #1 Producing Agent* 3 1997-2023 #1 Listing Agent* 3 2000 Platinum Master Award* 3 Unprecedented $15 Million Producer*** 3 Top 5 Canada Wide* 3 Top 10 USA/Canada Wide D/V* 3 Over 2000 Homes SOLD!!! deerbrookplus **Visit *prev. off. **sales record ***2013 property values of approx. 30 million WLM Back to Contents

Elegance & Ambiance At an Affordable Price, Right In Your Own Backyard

WITH A TOUCH OF CREATIVITY and thoughtful design, garden sheds can be so much more than utilitarian structures for storing tools, hoses, lawn mowers and snow blowers. They can be transformed into elegant, exciting and upscale spaces that enhance the beauty of your property and offer a relaxing retreat.

Whether it’s shabby chic, sleek modern or rustic, your shed should reflect, harmonize and integrate seamlessly with your home. This approach not only enhances the appeal of your outdoor space, it also creates a unique home haven.

Since 2009, dynamic husband-and-wife duo Chris and Charlotte Blanchette (proprietors of EuroSheds) have been passionate about providing the best selection of custom-built, functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable outdoor structures. From Mancaves, She Sheds and Bunkies to Pool Cabanas, Playhouses, Hobby Barns and Vendor Huts to high-quality Garden and Storage sheds, the EuroSheds team can deliver.

Whether the smallest cabin or a 16’ x 50’ structure, size is no object.

With their rustic European style, durability and natural wood fragrance, all EuroSheds are designed and manufactured directly onsite in the town of LaSalle. Chris adds, “We’re 100% Canadian. We use only high quality all-Canadian materials. We employ local designers, carpenters and service staff; and we’re proud of our very competitive pricing. Plus, not only do we design and construct your custom shed to your exact specifications, we also integrate it into your yard and install it to your complete satisfaction.”

Charlotte adds, “Creating a personal, positive and seamless experience is our priority. We’re committed to taking the necessary time to listen, answer questions and understand every need.”

“We’ve designed and crafted pottery workshops, art studios, screened shed pavilions, potting sheds, chicken runs, backyard offices, garages and large workshops. Your EuroShed is only limited by your imagination!”

The choice of materials is essential in elevating a shed structure from mundane to magnificent. High-quality solid pine construction not only ensures your shed is beautiful and long-lasting; it also adds natural elegance.

Quaint windows with shutters and flower boxes, rustic door hinges and latches and pine boards (stained to accentuate nature or match yard colours) combine to create elegance and ambiance in any outdoor space.

A EuroSheds Lifetime Shed includes a 36-inch-wide single door, two windows, flower boxes, Solid Wood Floor or Assembled-on-Concrete with a credit for no-wood floor, on-site assembly (only a 28” opening to your yard is required), 30-year shingles, your choice of stain and free delivery within 75 km of Windsor.

Typical installation is a half-day to a full day.

Chris and Charlotte aren’t just passionate about EuroSheds, they’re also passionate about their community. From themed Vendor Huts at various county festivals to Bright Lights Windsor to partnering to build affordable Tiny Homes, EuroSheds is making a difference.

EuroSheds have a great reputation with their customers. “We say what we do and do what we say,” Chris promises. “All work is guaranteed. And we’re committed to listen when something’s not right. We’ll repair or do our utmost to remedy any unsatisfactory situation.”

Feedback and reviews from EuroSheds customers speak for themselves. They’re thrilled! Many exclaim, “it’s more than ‘just a shed’!”

For a free, personalized consultations, call 519-978-1111, or visit


Bay-View Glass & Mirror Ltd. BREADTH & DEPTH OF SERVICES

Nothing catches the light quite like glass. Bay-View Glass and Mirror provides complete full-service commercial, residential and industrial glass and mirror services. Their work can be seen across the county, gleaming against some of the region’s finest homes and businesses.

What makes Bay-View Glass and Mirror so unique among their contemporaries is Owner Eric LaMarre’s unique, innovative approach to every job.

“Anything you can think of, we like to get involved and do,” Eric states. “There’s lots of options. We’re completely custom. If you have a cool idea that’s out of the box, come see us and we’ll figure it out!”

One of Windsor’s premier success stories, Bay-View Glass continues to expand. Now, with new technology, a second location and a bigger team, Bay-View Glass is poised to provide for all your glass needs.

“We’ve grown larger,” Owner Eric Lamarre explains. “We have more employees. We’re taking on bigger jobs. We’re taking on some exciting projects on the commercial side. We’re working at the Gordie Howe Bridge. We have some upcoming projects for the new battery plant. We have some high-rises in London that we’re doing. We’re continuing to expand into all corners of the glass industry.”

Bay-View Glass remains dedicated to embarking on new challenges and new opportunities. Recently, they have started another company, Lake Industries, which has dramatically increased their production process.

“We bought a new automated saw, with an assembly line to expedite the manufacturing of all our extrusions,” Eric explains. “This has taken our capabilities and multiplied them tenfold. We can build our current projects more efficiently. Previously, we were doing everything manually. But this has optimized all our processes by 98%. Those high-rises you see in Toronto? We can produce something like that now. The sky is the limit with this machine!”

But of all the new projects Eric has led, he retains a particular fondness for those smaller, more unique jobs that stretch his limits artistically.

“We did a project in Olde Walkerville for Rosati Construction,” Eric recalls. “There’s a building with several restaurants, the Twisted Apron and Grand Cantina. We did all the windows, doors and curtain walls. We did all the financial offices upstairs. The challenge was working with the Heritage Committee to design new windows that keep the historical look and feel. It was challenging and interesting; the kind of project that Bay-View was suited for.”

Despite their dramatic increase in scale, Bay-View Glass retains an intimate, personalized approach to all projects.

“We can scale up and scale down,” Eric stresses. “We’re a full-service company across all disciplines. We’re multifaceted. Whether that’s commercial, residential or custom. Whatever you need, we have the capabilities and the knowledge to make that happen. If you need something super unique, we can design it together. Or if you already have a design, we can take a look at it and optimize it for you.”

To find out how glass can transform your space, contact Eric and his team at Bay-View Glass and Mirror at (519) 94GLASS (944-5277), or visit the website at

“We’re always trying new things,” Eric explains. “If you have a problem, leave it with me and I’ll come up with a solution. If you’re flexible and want to push the envelope, we can do something really, really cool.”

519-94GLASS ( 944-5277 ) 1455 Matthew Brady, Windsor
Eric LaMarre, Owner

Antonino’s Original Pizza - South Windsor, Tecumseh, LaSalle. Multiple-award winning pizza with the money back guarantee! Fresh salads & authentic Sicilian Cannoli that even your Nonna will love! Google our menu.

The Bourbon Tap & Grill - Home of live music 3-6 nights a week. Signature thin crust wood-fired pizza, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, wings and more. Open for lunch, family friendly. Big screens to watch the game. 1199 Ottawa St., 12049 Tecumseh Rd. East, and now open in Belle River at 405 Notre Dame.

Cheesecake On A Stick - Dessert shop offering gourmet cheesecake dipped in chocolate and various toppings. Take out or delivery offered with Open Thurs-Sun 12-9 pm. Kingsville location open Sat-Sun 12-9 pm. 13300 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh 519-999-9116.

460 Main St. E, Kingsville 519-999-6024

Cotta Food Bar - Let us be your place for private events, holiday parties, weddings, dine-in, takeout, catering and more! With a wealth of experience, our talented chefs pride themselves in creating delicious contemporary Italian food. Friendly service. 3891 Dougall Ave., Windsor. 519-915-6882.

Cramdon’s Tap and Eatery - South Windsor’s friendly gathering place. Offering great food at affordable prices. Satellite sports and billiards in a pub-like setting.

2950 Dougall Ave. 519-966-1228

Erie St GastroPub - Located in the heart of Little Italy, this hidden gem offers elevated pub fare and a scrumptious Asian-fusion menu. The bar features local Ontario wines, a constantly rotating craft beer menu, handcrafted cocktails as well as alcohol infused ice cream.

839 Erie Street, Windsor. 519-252-3743

Fourteen Restaurant & Skylounge - Experience dining with a panoramic riverfront view of the Detroit skyline from the 14th floor. For both casual and special occasions. Private and semiprivate rooms available. Live music in our lounge most Saturday nights. Open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday at 5pm. Reserve online or call 226-526-7214.

14th Floor – 100 Ouellette Avenue

Original Guys Pizza Pies - The “Windsor style” thin crust pizza skillfully rolled and hand s

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BON APP ETIT! dining & nightlife guide 516 Blan chard Dr., Windsor | 519-727-3486 4.9 out of 5 Google Reviews Full Mechanical Service Latest Equipment Maintenance Repair • Tires CLASSIC DETAIL WASH START FROM $189.99 +TAX 1611 Manning Rd, Tecumseh CAR WASH 519-735-2795 LUBE SHOP 519-735-1988 Buy TEN GET TWELVE Washes start from $139.99 +TAX BARB’Z TRIMZ Professional Grooming For Dogz Your Best Friend’s Friend Our grooming shop is a home environment: Smoke Free • Flea Free • Sedation Free Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday 519-727-5757 834 Lakeshore Rd. 107 RR3, Essex HOME OF THE FAMOUS WOOD-FIRED OVEN PIZZA WINDSOR 1199 Ottawa St. 519-255-1199 TECUMSEH 12049 Tecumseh Rd. E. 519-956-9888 NOW OPEN IN BELLE RIVER 405 Notre Dame St. 519-715-9224 FIND US ON IC ONS & SO CIAL MEDIA LO GOS FOR BUSINESS CARD IC ONS & SO CIAL MEDIA LO GOS FOR BUSINESS CARD
Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 43

tossed is cooked to perfection in a stone baked oven. With vegetarian and vegan options, pizzas are tailored to each customer’s individual taste. Also offering wings, salads and subs.

3335 Banwell Rd., Windsor. 519-979-8808

Mamo Burger Bar - Burgers made with local beef are piled high with creative topping combinations at this casual spot. Recently voted 9th best burger in the world. Kids menu also available!

1515 Ottawa Street, Windsor. 519-973-1234

Neros Steakhouse - Indulge in the finer things in life at Neros where modern upscale dining meets traditional steakhouse fare. Fresh, local ingredients, an incredible wine selection and superb service.

1-800-991-7777 ext. 22481.

River’s Edge Tap & Table - Discover what is so delicious in the Harbour District of Riverside. Relaxing patio on the water, wine bar lounge, dining with private room available. Enjoy seafood, steaks, chops, pastas, burgers and more! 494 Riverdale Ave. 519-915-0200

SONA Ristorante & Taverna - An upscale casual dining experience inspired by cliffside restaurants of the Mediterranean. Spend an evening in our ristorante, featuring seasonal cuisine and international wines for your enjoyment. 11 Queens Ave, Leamington. 519-974-7664.

Thirteen At The Inn - Casual/finer dining with a comfortable, modern ambiance. Carrying on traditions of Thirteen Russell Steakhouse, enjoy old favourites or something new. Prime Rib, fresh Lake Erie fish, steak and seafood. Cocktail lounge. Waterfront patio. Private parties. 40 minutes from Windsor/Detroit. Reservations recommended: 519-324-9266 Ext 215. 388 Erie St. S., Leamington.

Twigg’s Bar + Grill - Family oriented local establishment offering freshly prepared pubfare. We take pride in providing prompt service in a unique atmosphere with craft beer, specialty cocktails, daily specials, live entertainment, catering and more. 1207 County Rd 22, Emeryville 519-727-8704

Vito’s Pizzeria - Rustic Italian restaurant serving wood-fired pizza, fresh pasta, veal, chicken, grilled steaks and seafood. Wonderful wine selection. Private party spaces. Food truck and portable pizza oven for offsite catering. 1731 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor. 519-915-6145.

For information on listings and advertising in Bon Appetit! please call 519-567-0603.

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The Art of the Luthier

An Essex County Luthier Gives a Glimpse of the Magic Within His Workshop

THE FAMILY HEIRLOOM was more than a hundred years old: a Hensel acoustic guitar. The instrument had been played and hauled around and used as the creator intended, but the ravages of time took their toll: disintegrating Bakelite pick guard, damage to the back of the guitar, misaligned neck, bridge and nut in need of replacement, amid a general overhaul. It was difficult, delicate work. Who in Essex County could perform such a task?

Belle River luthier David Radlin.

Considering the profound effective music has on human beings, it would not be inaccurate to refer to “musical” instruments as “magical” instruments and few speak to the human psyche like guitars. In the hands of the artists who ignite the airwaves with their music, the result is often otherworldly. What goes into building such an instrument? The domain of the luthier (professional guitar builder) is part science and part alchemy.

David Radlin has built and repaired guitars for fifteen years. His love of music, his involvement with it, goes back to the beginning of his life.

“When I was just little my grandfather had an old Gibson ES 125 from the mid-’50s,” he recalls.

As David grew into his teen years, he discovered rock music and the personalities



who created it—back when the rock guitar pantheon was peopled by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, as well as young upstarts such as Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen. Rock guitar in the 1970s and 1980s was what the hot rod was to youth culture in the 1950s.

David’s infatuation with music dimmed as he graduated high school and began college. In his professional life, he worked in mechanical engineering as a machine designer for automotive manufacturing.

The magic of music is that it can go dark in a person’s life and then re-emerge years later, full force. That occurred with David in his mid-thirties when he became involved his church’s music/arts program, playing guitar.

“A friend of mine in that community who wasn’t particularly skilled or equipped had built a few guitars,” David remembers. “Inspired by that success, I decided to try one as well. I was already wood working, making canoe paddles, so I was not intimidated by carving a guitar neck. Other guitar playing friends gathered at my wood shop to each build a guitar. I still own that first guitar I made. I play and perform with it regularly.”

Seeing the result of his work, David thought: “I have a knack for this. Maybe I should look into this a little bit deeper.”

That opportunity came in 2008 when the Great Recession dried up his livelihood.

“I was looking to make a change,” David explains. “I found an ad in a guitar magazine for the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair in Big Rapids, Michigan. I showed it to my wife, and she said: ‘You should do that.’ So, I went to western Michigan for the program.”

When David first hung out his shingle as a professional luthier, he primarily built steel string acoustic guitars. “As a player, I was captivated by acoustic music, country ragtime blues. Over time, though, my interest shifted to building electric guitars.”

It takes approximately fifty hours to build a guitar.

“The way I built guitars years ago is different from how I build them now,” David says. “In the early days of building electrics, everything was patterned from hand made templates, with hand-carved necks. Today I use 3D design modeling and a CNC router.”

To the uninitiated, automation might seem like cheating.

“Having built guitars fully by hand, the skillset I draw on is far more expansive

using technology than if I do it all by hand. Each guitar receives the same attention to detail, either way. Where it really matters is in the shape of the guitar’s neck, which is an intimate fit. The technology is just for cutting. I sand and shape everything by hand and that’s where the nuance of a hand-made instrument comes in.”

Having played music since 1980, this writer has strummed numerous guitars in innumerable guitar shops and there is nothing like the feel of a hand-made instrument. The experience of a Radlin guitar is at once… well, this is where alchemy enters the equation.

The data pouring into the guitarist’s senses from a Radlin guitar are mostly intangible. The feel of the neck, the natural way the guitar’s body rests against the rib cage, the balanced weight of it on the guitarist’s knee, the smoothness of the fretboard that invites the fingers to explore regions they usually do not venture. The tone of the guitars is rich and deep and resonates within the musician long after the sound vanishes from the air.

David says the challenges of repairing guitars is equally satisfying. Each guitar either has obvious body damage or the owners provide vague descriptions of how the instrument’s tone isn’t quite right. David takes each guitar in hand and using the luthier’s mystic tools slowly disassembles the guitar with the care and precision of an archaeologist uncovering an ancient discovery.

In the case of the century-old Hensel guitar, David succeeded in completely refurbishing the instrument in a manner that is not readily apparent to the naked eye. Everything that gave the guitar character and marked its long life remains, but many of its unseen corners have been shored up and made whole.

As for the electric guitars he produces, David says: “I have a certain artistic vision for my guitars, at this point. I have two different types inspired by classic designs. I also wind my own pick-ups, which gives the instrument its own voice.”

For the magic he is capable of summoning, David does not live on an inaccessible mountaintop. He can be found any day of the week in his preternaturally tidy shop at the side of his house. To inquire about sales and/or repairs, David can be reached through his website

Check out the guitars he has built and repaired over the years on his Facebook page: WLM

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Finding the Right Finish for the Job

SOMETIMES THE CHALLENGE we need in life finds us. That’s how it was for Mark Bendo, owner/operator of Concrete Finishes Inc. (CFI).

“I have been in the epoxy business for over twenty-five years,” he says. “Before Concrete Finishes, I ran an engineering department in the automotive industry. We hired a company to do our plant floor. I found the whole process so interesting, I started Concrete Finishes Inc.”

Within a year of starting CFI, Mark and his crew had booked enough work to focus on the new business exclusively. Since that time, CFI has completed some of the largest jobs in Essex County.

Mark says. “We’ve done greenhouses, airport hangers, tool and die shops to name a few. In the past twenty-five years, we’ve installed over ten million square feet of epoxy from residential to commercial to industrial. Our equipment can grind 10,000 plus square feet of concrete floors per hour, if need be. So, no matter how large the job, we’re in and out as quickly as possible.

“We also consult and assist in helping other epoxy companies,” Mark explains.

There was no guidebook when Mark started in the business. He learned the industry by trial and error, buying new equipment, throwing out what didn’t work, always improving his prep work, and buying the best products on the market. CFI has used/tested many different epoxy products, but now sticks to two main manufacturers.

“We look at the environment where the epoxy floor is to be installed and recommend the proper system to suit the needs— we’ve done everything from breweries to fish processing plants, which can be slippery. We do our due diligence and add grit as needed, so the flooring is not slippery. We can do any colour under the rainbow. The product can be equally beautiful as functional. One specialized application is glow-in-the-dark if that’s what the customer needs. The glow in the dark is useful in case of power outage to augment safety lights with bright lines set to lead right to the exit.”

CFI also does residential work including garages, driveways, porches, basements, and pool decks and offers a lifetime warranty on the workmanship.

As one of the industry leaders in Essex County, CFI always strives for improvement and never settles for anything less than total customer satisfaction.

To learn more about CFI and its wide range of solutions, visit them online at or call Mark at 519-818-4255


Award-Winning Service, Offering Custom Window Coverings

Celebrating their 30th year in business, clients know that they can count on Better Blinds and Drapery for all new window coverings.

“We are delighted that our outstanding customer service and business excellence has been recognized formally, with winning the 2023 Community Votes Platinum Award for the second year in a row and also winning the 2024 Consumer Choice Award for the fourth year in a row,” says Kate, who has co-owned Better Blinds and Drapery with her husband, Mark, since they purchased it in March of 2014 when the original owner retired.

“Window treatments are esthetic as well as practical. In addition to privacy, they provide insulation against winter cold and summer heat, and protect flooring and furniture from fading,” Mark says.

As an independent specialty store offering blinds, draperies, shutters and repair services, Kate points out, “We just do these things and we do them extremely well. Our services and quality far exceed any store which sells paint, tools or flooring as a main business.” Kate says. “Many of our repair services, including restringing and resizing of blinds are in fact for products not originally from us.”

Many clients are homeowners who want to dress their windows in ways that reflect their good taste. Some do a single room – others select treatments for their entire dream home. Other clients are corporate, requiring durable, attractive blinds and other coverings for the windows of their commercial buildings.

“People appreciate that we have a modern showroom with our products on display, all orders are custom made for your needs,” Mark says. “It’s beneficial to be able to see, feel and operate our window treatments. As certified motorization experts, having many different options ready for clients to compare is key in the selection process. There are so many choices.”

After narrowing down the products they like, the clients receive a free in-home consultation where the final measurements and colour selection are confirmed. “Many clients are not sure what will work for their windows, especially for hard to cover window arches, sidelights and bay windows. This is where our talented staff work with the client to create the perfect solution for their needs,” Kate says.

All blinds and shutters are made to order in North America. Draperies are made locally in Windsor, by their fulltime seamstress. In the factory attached to the showroom, staff manufacture PVC verticals and carry out repair services. “Unlike some competitors that operate out of a van, as a ‘bricks and mortar store’ in the same location since 1994, we

can always be reached on phone or in store 6 days a week if you need service,” Mark explains.

All staff are salaried, so there are no intense high-pressure sales people. “All of our staff are very experienced, helpful and genuinely interested in finding the right solution to your window covering needs,” says Mark. Delivery and installation is approximately 4-6 weeks after the order is placed. Kate and Mark are always delighted whenever the company’s previous clients return. “They say their draperies and blinds are still in great condition; they just want to update the colours or styles to match new windows or decor,” Kate notes. “We have been serving Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent since 1994 and we continue providing the same enduring quality and service today.”

48 Windsor Life
Visit our Showroom or Have our Designer Come to You! FREE SHOP AT HOME SERVICE 519-972-8388 Your local store for: Blinds, Drapery, Shutters & Service. 2785 Howard Ave. Windsor


An Amherstburg Acrobat’s Winding Path From Essex County To Performing In The Super Bowl’s Halftime Show

THERE WAS NOTHING CONVENTIONAL about Amherstburg’s James Heugh’s entrance into acrobatics ten years ago, and the success he has achieved since then. His first passion was mixed martial arts (MMA), but a severe neck injury left James unable to do one very important thing all MMA fighters need to do. “I couldn’t get hit anymore,” James explains, “and taking head blows is a pretty integral part of MMA fighting!”

After recovering from his injury, James regrouped and started a business as a personal trainer, using a space at Maximum Training Centre. At the same time, the gymnastic group Sky Society trained there too. At one point, James was asked to “spot” one of the gymnasts.

“I can give it my best shot,” James told them. A girl lost her balance during her routine and James caught her. Everyone around him said: “Hey, you’re good at this!”

It’s a testament to James’ resilience and work ethic that he moved onto performing with the exciting acro group Positive Impact Movement (PIM). Their gravity-defying routines and feats of strength gained global notice with appearances on The Ellen Show and America’s Got Talent.

“The group still performs together,” James says. “We now do an annual festival called ‘The Positive Impact Movement.’ Instead of watching us perform, the audience can participate. We use a space called the Las Vegas Circus Center and several hundred people

Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 49
Top: James performs the Back Bend Counterbalance with Stephanie Ottomanelli. Photo by Renee Choi Photography. Above: James balances Cesar Sosa above his head while performing the Hand to Hand. Photo by Cesar Sosa.

come. They get to learn how to do stuff. They get to find community, make friendships. They feel empowered when they find out how much their bodies can do.”

When he isn’t uniting the world with acrobatics, James performs five nights a week in Voltaire’s Belle de Nuit show at the Venetian Resort.

“Nathan and I—from PIM—we perform at a show with Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera,” James says.

In December, James was in the Las Vegas Circus Center, talking to some fellow performers, and one of them asked if he had availability for a Sunday.

“Uh… that depends…” he remembers saying.

“Well, we need one more person for the Super Bowl,” one of the guys said.

“‘I’m your guy!’” James recalls saying. “I heard that and suddenly my heart rate spiked to a hundred eighty beats a minute!” he says with a laugh. “So, I had to put together a video showing that I could do what they wanted me to do.”

He continues: “When I was home visiting at Christmas time, I got a text message from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It read: ‘I need your costume measurements.’ I wrote back: ‘Hi person I don’t know! Why do you need my costume measurements?’ The mystery person replied: ‘I can’t say. It’s an NDA [non-disclosure agreement].’ And I responded: ‘OK, does this thing you can’t talk about happen in February?’ And they texted: ‘Yes.’ I sent them my costume measurements within twenty-four hours. That’s how I got the confirmation that I was going to be on it.”

Rehearsals for the Super Bowl halftime show began two and a half weeks before the event. They were held at a convention center.

“The initial rehearsals were very intense,” James says. “We were sectioned off in groups—pole girls, acrobats, roller skaters—before we were tied into the show. Rehearsals lasted eight hours. Acrobatics has a point of diminishing returns as your body gets tired, but the adrenalin kept me going.”

Following these intense rehearsals, James performed in Voltaire’s Belle de Nuit each night.

“I was going from nine a.m. to one a.m., surviving on caffeine and Ibuprofen,” he says.

A week before the Super Bowl, rehearsals moved to the stadium.

“There were spacing issues,” James says.

“More and more people were brought in daily, like pieces of the puzzle added to a big picture: a hundred-person marching band, two to three hundred extras to look like an audience at a concert. Then celebrities came in. Everyone was friendly. I was walking by a guy, one day, and fist bumped him and somebody with me said: ‘You just fist bumped Lil Jon!’ There was just so many people around.”

And then it was Super Bowl Sunday.

“For me, one of the best tools I have when stepping into these spaces is the ability to rehearse the whole event in my mind a thousand times,” James says. “Before I arrive, I have been there a thousand times in my mind.”

He goes on: “In the stadium getting ready to perform, there is seven minutes between the first half ending and the start of the halftime show—that is not much time to move a mass amount of equipment onstage, to make sure all of the performers are in place, their in-ears are online, that all the extras are where they need to be. Then a countdown began in our in-ears. At the fifteen-second mark we heard: ‘ARE YOU READY?’ The lights dimmed and I felt like a pot ready to boil over, felt this electricity on my skin while everyone in the audience was going crazy. Then the music began, I picked up my partner, started in my statue pose, and thought: ‘Here we go!’”

The adrenalin was pumping so powerfully in that moment, James knew he risked launching his partner when he propelled him through the air during the show’s opening.

“In that adrenalized state,” James says, “you could launch your partner further than you intend to. There was a joke among the background performers: ‘Don’t be the reason the Super Bowl got ruined if your person lands on Usher!’”

Years of fine-tuned training paid off in the crisis moment, and James’ partner did not land on Usher.

Reflecting on the experience, James says: “One of the most special things to feel in the moment is to acknowledge: ‘I’ll never be here again,” so to feel every single second, sensation, feels remarkable knowing it’s never going to happen again. I live a life where I pursue these moments every day. It’s been one of the most wild rides!”

James is looking forward to the Positive Impact Movement Festival at the Las Vegas Circus Centre April 12 through 14: WLM

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BEST DRY CLEANERS CommunityVotes Windsor

Offering Ultrasound-guided Injectable Treatment Options

You need to MOVE it, MOVE it!

It can happen at any time. Maybe you’re an athlete. Maybe you’re just one of the thousands of people who just twist or bend the wrong way. However it happens, you’ve sustained an injury. And as the weeks progress and your body fails to respond the way it used to, you start to slow down and stop moving.

The worst part: you come to realize it’s not the pain itself. It’s how the pain limits you. It’s how the pain prevents you from doing the things you love.

Fortunately, MOVE Sports Medicine is a cutting-edge facility, located in the heart of Windsor, ready to offer relief.

The clinic has a simple philosophy: a body in motion stays in motion, while a body at rest stays at rest. MOVE Sports Medicine is committed to providing world-class, patient-centred care to athletes and patients at all levels. And the clinic is not just about treating sports injuries. They are experts in ultrasound-guided injections such as PRP and hyaluronic acid for those with joint pain, osteoarthritis or tendon/ligament injury.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and hyaluronic acid injections are state-of-the-art treatments that dramatically reduce pain in joints affected by injury, osteoarthritis or other degenerative conditions. Designed to accelerate healing, PRP therapy involves extracting a small amount of your blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets rich in growth and healing factors, and injecting this PRP directly into the injured body part.

Alternatively, hyaluronic acid injections act as both a lubricant and shock absorber in joints. When injected into the affected area, they reduce friction and provide cushioning, thereby relieving pain and improving joint function. For ligament and other injuries, there is now a novel hyaluronic acid product called SportVis™ that can be injected to accelerate the healing process.

These different treatments are implemented with incredible precision. The Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians at MOVE utilize state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to identify the internal structures of the joint in real-time, ensuring accurate placement of the injections.

“The injection itself is often painless,” states Dr. Rob Woodall, a fellowship-trained Sports Medicine physician and founder of MOVE Sports Medicine. “We know exactly where we’re going.

We know exactly where to place the injection. We can avoid going through other structures. This not only enhances the effectiveness of the treatment but also minimizes the risk of complications.”

And the risk of complications is minimal. PRP therapy and hyaluronic acid injections are non-surgical—making them a non-invasive alternative for joint and ligament pain relief. With no need for hospitalization and minimal downtime, patients can return to their daily activities sooner and enjoy the benefits of pain relief and improved mobility.

And for Windsor native Dr. Woodall, helping his community cast aside their pain and get back to living a life in motion is what continues to drive him.

“Seeing the effects of these treatments is fantastic,” expresses Dr. Rob Woodall. “Our goal at MOVE Sports Medicine is to keep people moving and active. It’s so inspiring to see our patients returning to activities that make them feel alive. Injectables such as PRP and hyaluronic acid can often keep people active and pain free. If we can improve their quality of life in the meantime, then we’ve achieved our goal.”

Interested in keeping your body in motion? Referrals to MOVE Sports Medicine for sports injuries and cortisone injections can be made through your family physician or walk-in clinic, while selfreferrals can be made for ultrasound-guided PRP and hyaluronic acid injections at 519-254-4451 or

700 Tecumseh Road East, Suite #122 | 519-254-4451 | We are located just south, OUTSIDE of the actual 700 building (not inside it). Our sign is visible from Tecumseh Rd E. Parking is in front of building on Tecumseh... head up the stairs, entry is on the right!


Figure Skater Breanna Williams Shines at The Special Olympics Canada Winter Games

WHEN ASKED IF SHE IS NERVOUS for the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games, Breanna Williams didn’t skip a beat when she said, “no!”

“I’m not nervous at all!” She said enthusiastically when we spoke a week before the Games, which took place in Calgary late February to early March of 2024. At 15-years-old, Breanna was the only one from Windsor-Essex to qualify and competed in the Figure Skating division. Her current coach, Laurie Horne-Klassen, said that Breanna’s confidence comes forth because she was absolutely ready; out of six levels, Breanna competed in Level 5 with her Free Skate and Level 2 for Dance. Her lack of nerves didn’t stop her from taking home 3rd place in dance and Gold for her Level 5 Free Skate Solo.

“Breanna is so happy and excited. When she found out, she ran to tell us,” her mother Bridget Williams says about Breanna’s win. Her victory was a combination of hard work and natural talent, Bridget says, as she has always been completely comfortable on the ice. Breanna has been skating since she was four years old and these National Games were a culmination of her years of training. Breanna’s coach Laurie explains that her schedule is rigorous, especially leading up to a big competition like this. “Like any athlete that’s training at this level, we don’t lighten up just because they’re Special Needs.”

Breanna is on the ice four times a week for a few hours at a time and her days off the ice are just as important to the training. Mondays and Tuesdays are reserved for the ice, with a day off for stretches at home

52 Windsor Life
Top right: Breanna proudly displays her many gold medal accomplishments. Photo by John Liviero. Above: In the January competition of this year in LaSalle, Breanna competed for Women’s Level 5 Free Skate and Level 2 Dances, receiving gold in both divisions. Breanna is seen with coach Laurie Horne Klassen. Photos by Danielle Earl Photography. PHOTO BY JOHN LIVIERO PHOTOS BY DANIELLE EARL PHOTOGRAPHY

on Wednesdays. Then on Thursdays they’re back on the ice and Breanna is also expected to send Laurie a video from home showing off her progress. Fridays are set as stretch and strength training days or a day on the ice again, while the weekends Breanna is back to sending Laurie videos. “When preparing, I get to skate more and I love that!” Breanna shares. “I like doing figure skating very passionately,” she adds.

Laurie has gone through this before with her previous athletes who have gone into Nationals and she says it’s a lot of paperwork and goal setting. “Her goal was going to Nationals and I wanted her to be ready for that step. I came to Windsor because I knew she could do it. I have total belief in this kid,” Laurie adds about the commitment on both ends.

The two of them have been working together full-time for the last two years. One of Laurie’s colleagues, Susan, had been working with Breanna prior to that and Laurie gives a lot of credit to her for the state Breanna is in now. Susan has a psychology background and there were days when the majority of the skating lesson was done off the ice and talking in the stands to see where her athlete’s head was at. This is how Susan worked to guide Breanna through difficulties off the ice to help improve her skills on the ice.

Laurie spent seven years watching Breanna from the sidelines, seeing her strengthen both as a person and a skater. Once Susan was ready to retire after an injury, she asked Laurie to take on Breanna. Laurie knew the commitment that would be involved and told her husband that it was at least going to be five years of this level of training. “Breanna is so talented, so I told him I had to take this on and I fully committed. We’re two years in and I don’t regret it at all.”

Laurie accompanied Breanna to the National Games but just as an extra support from the stands and not as a coach. Breanna was fully equipped with professional coaches through the Games who were trained and prepared to guide her from there. As much as it was a competition, Breanna had a lot of down time in between skates and most enjoyed meeting new friends at the Games. “I was excited to meet new people there and to meet my training coaches,” Breanna says. “Skating has helped me to make friends from a long time ago,” she continues. Breanna shares that many of her friends weren’t able to make the physical trip to watch her in the Games, but that they were excited to watch the live stream online. “My mother s

Does your child have any difficulties with everyday activities like crawling, walking, feeding, or talking?

John McGivney Children’s Centre proudly serves children and youth throughout Windsor-Essex from birth to 19 years of age, and up to 21 if attending high school.

Doctor referral not required. Services provided in all languages.

POccupational Therapy


PSpeech Language Therapy

PAugmentative Communication

PSeating & Mobility

PTherapeutic Recreation

PSocial Work & Service Navigation

PSpecialty Medical Clinics

PAutism Services

Services are available virtually, in your home, in school, and in our Centre.

3945 Matchett Road Windsor, ON

Regular Operating Hours: Monday — Friday | 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

Extended hours available


Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 53 226-674-1127 | 3869 Dougall Ave JASON DION Hearing Instrument Specialist/Owner Reg. AHIP, H.I.S. Shannon DION Patient Care Coordinator DESIGNED FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL HEARING HEALTH • Hearing Evaluations • Hearing Protection • Hearing Aids & Repairs • Tinnitus Care • Ear Wax Removal • Virtual Care Scan me to book your appointment! THE TRUSTED, TRANSPARENT AND INDEPENDENT HEARING CARE EXPERTS IN WINDSOR AND ESSEX COUNTY

and brother went and my mother’s family from Belgium were able to watch online and so did all of my friends.”

Sports like these are pivotal in helping to build lasting relationships, which is what these Games are known for. Breanna shows us how inviting and encouraging this environment can be and says that if there’s anyone who is just starting to skate, not to give up when it gets hard. “If it’s your firsttime skating, keep skating. Don’t worry if you fall down; have fun. Don’t be nervous!” Along with her skating abilities, Breanna’s positive attitude is another contributor to her success.

Laurie shares that she was hoping that they would move beyond the National Games, which was the qualifying event for Worlds. “Breanna has matured and grown so much in skating that if we do make it past Canadians, we’ll be ready for the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2025,” she said prior to Nationals. Now that Breanna has taken home the Gold, it will all depend on her age and how many skaters they allow to attend Worlds in Turin, Italy. They’re keeping their fingers crossed, as this would be the next big goal for both Laurie and Breanna after these National Games.

“Oh, we’re hoping, we’re pushing and we’re training hard for it. She’s putting a lot of time in on spins and she’s a great spinner. It shows that she’s put the time in.” Laurie says that coaching Breanna isn’t just a job, it’s a love she has for her and the sport. It’s the same for Breanna—it’s her passion for skating that keeps her on the ice and is what led her to skating in the first place.

Along with the kudos to past coaches, Laurie emphasizes the importance of Breanna’s talent being recognized and her receiving private lessons right away. This early recognition of talent has allowed Breanna to work her way up to this point and having a great support system brings that extra effort and heart to fruition—it keeps athletes like Breanna going. Laurie says that there are so many possibilities for everyone with intellectual disabilities these days and it can often get overlooked in our area. “Parents, if you notice the talent, keep at it! It’s a great sport and it’s getting bigger. We’re getting the word out there and that gives other kids the opportunity and confidence to think, ‘Wow, we can really do that!’”

Laurie wants to add another special thank you to The John McGivney Children’s Centre for putting the press release about Breanna out to the public. It’s with encouragement and exposure like this that continues to move the needle forward. WLM

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“Noah epitomizes the invaluable investment in co-op education.”
– Joanne Soave, CEO of Connecting Windsor - Essex (CWE)

Add Students To Your Hiring Strategy

As an outgoing person interested in computers, Noah Campbell wasn’t sure where his career would take him when he started his Computer Science degree at the University of Windsor — until a co-op placement at BlackBerry helped to set the stage.

Not particularly interested in writing code or software development like some of his peers, Campbell chose to take part in the University’s co-op program to help him gain a deeper insight into the industry and where his degree could take him.

“I wanted to get out of town and experience the world outside of Windsor, just to see what was out there,” he said. “I applied to many different positions through the co-op office, and they were a great help in making sure I could apply to these positions and that I was prepared for the interviews.”

There were many “exciting opportunities” to look at, and while it came down to a few options, he decided to go with BlackBerry — and was put to work right away.

“It wasn’t just stapling papers and getting coffee,” Campbell said. “They started me off by giving me access to demo environments of all major products at BlackBerry.”

“I was writing training content used by all BlackBerry customers, including government customers, on my fourth day. It was a great experience, not only from a cybersecurity perspective but to learn how these different tools and solutions work.”

The hands-on experience at BlackBerry helped Campbell envision a future in this field and made completing his schooling more impactful, he said.

“It adds some context to my degree, and I think that’s important. Because if you only see the four walls of a classroom for four years, you might not see the end goal, until you’re already there,” Campbell explained.

Eventually, Campbell went on to get hired at BlackBerry where he worked for nearly four years, the final two in the full-time position of Senior Lead Technical Marketing Specialist. He has since started a new role as Director of Technical Operations and Partnerships at local non-profit Connecting Windsor-Essex (CWE). CWE is a network of technology and people committed to enhancing the prosperity, resilience, service delivery and interoperability of the Windsor-Essex region through innovation, connectivity and digital transformation.

Having worked with Campbell in the past, CEO of CWE Joanne Soave said she kept an eye on his career, and there was no other individual that was in her line of sight for his position when she started working at the non-profit.

In his new role, Campbell utilizes his skills of communicating technical complexities in a digestible way.

“Noah epitomizes the invaluable investment in co-op education. He came right out of school, workforce ready and that is huge. I think that’s a testament to the program and the opportunities he was allotted in school so when he’s graduating, he’s not just prepared for the workforce but genuinely poised to thrive from day one,” Soave said.

When hiring her own co-op students, Soave said she enjoys being a part of students’ first professional experiences, helping hone their communication skills and introducing them to complex business operations and real-world experience.

She notes students bring value to a company as well, offering a fresh mindset.

“Students are not afraid to challenge decision-makers, they’re not afraid to challenge leadership and I appreciate that,” she said. “They’re providing us a valuable perspective that we might not have access to if we’re not bringing them in.”

Photographed - Noah Campbell, University of Windsor Alumni and new Director of Technical Operations and Partnerships, CWE.


New Light on the Iconic Band

LET’S CLEAR THIS UP right now: you need not be a ‘Dead Head’ to appreciate this book!

Even if you haven’t read any of Ray Robertson’s fourteen previous works (as was the case with this writer), even if you’re not a ‘Dead Head” (as is the case with this writer), chances are you’re going to love “All the Years Combine: The Grateful Dead in Fifty Shows” anyway.

Why? Because whether you come from the Boomer, Millennial or Generation X, Y or Z, there’s something for everyone who loves music and loves to laugh.

If you do happen to be a Boomer (like this writer), the waves of nostalgia throughout Robertson’s candid, delightfully down-to-earth back-of-the-book essay “Pick A Prize: How I Became a Dead Head” will move you. And if you happen to have been born and raised ‘south of Detroit’, you’ll find Robertson very adept at painting perfect pictures with words: pictures of simpler, more innocent times. In fact, reading “Pick A Prize” before beginning the Introduction on page 13 is highly recommended.

Established in San Francisco during the 1960’s counterculture, founding members Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals), Bob Weir (rhythm guitar, vocals), Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (keyboards, harmonica, vocals), Phil Lesh (bass guitar, vocals) and Bill Kreutzmann (drums) originally performed as the Warlocks.

After changing their name to Grateful Dead in 1967, drummer Mickey Hart joined the band. Except for McKernan (who died in 1973) and Hart (who took time off from 1971 – 1974), the core band stayed together for its entire 30-year history.

Other official band members included Keith Godchaux (keyboards, occasional vocals 1971-1979), Donna Godchaux (vocals, 1972-1979), Brent Mydland (keyboards, vocals, 1979-1990), and Vince Welnick (keyboards, vocals, 1990-1995). Bruce Hornsby (accordion, piano, vocals) was a touring member from 1990 to 1992.

Robertson first became aware of the Grateful Dead at age 13, after winning a game of skill at the Chatham Jaycee summer fair. A Grateful Dead bar mirror sporting a human skull with a lightning bolt in place of a brain was Robertson’s prize pick, because there “weren’t any Elton John Mirrors. There were Black Sabbath mirrors, Judas Priest mirrors, Van Halen mirrors, there were even Bachman-Turner Overdrive mirrors.”

However, his fascination with and appreciation for the band didn’t ignite until decades later: “ I fell in love with the sound of Jerry Garcia’s guitar when I was forty-seven years old…”

This meticulously researched musical anthology is Robertson’s journey through the live and bootleg recordings of Dead concerts (that are easily accessible online). He follows the Dead from their humble beginnings as an R&B-based garage band to jazz-rock conjurers at their creative peak, to their sad decline.

Certain music aficionados insist this decline began in 1978. Others claim 1984 was the critical tipping point. Then there are others who say it started in 1992.

But despite all these varying opinions about when the Grateful Dead were at their absolute peak or when they started their downhill slide, the fact remains that they enjoyed three decades of significant commercial and critical success (from 1965 to 1995). To this day, the band’s loyal fan base is as huge as ever.

Still somewhat of a musical enigma, while The Dead most definitely experienced artistic and commercial peaks and valleys, they did not combust as completely as many of their contemporaries.

With fourteen works of fiction and nonfiction behind him, Robertson captures the Grateful Dead essence in a series of short essays about 50 concerts (plus a “bonus” 51st show) in chronological order. In the Introduction, he proposes that a Grateful Dead concert “is life. Like life, it can be alternately compelling and lackluster; familiar and foreign; occasionally sublime and sometimes insipid.”

56 Windsor Life


INSTRUCTIONS and maybe a boat and a few jet skis, and a few friends, and maybe a few cocktails, and some sun would be nice

add water

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Your Place Or Mine? • 2024 57

His goal seems not so much to determine the band’s best work, but to support this viewpoint.

As a kid growing up in Chatham while his musical tastes were still developing, it wasn’t love at first sound when Robertson heard “Blues for Allah” (the first Dead album he bought from the Discount Bin at Sam the Record Man). Then a friend’s mother offered to lend Robertson an album from her collection.

He writes, “Once I got over my disappointment that I wasn’t cooler than Brad Langford’s mum, I was thankful. Even if, like the Grateful Dead LP I’d bought at Sam’s, her album turned out to be not nearly as good as any one of my increasing number of Neil Young records, it was something I’d never heard before, somewhere else I’d never been. All you had to do was turn on the radio to know how rare that was.”

Decades later, Robertson became besotted with the sound of Jerry Garcia’s guitar.

He candidly admits he’s not a fan of the drum solos that become concert staples; he adores vocalist Donna Jean Godchaux’s work with the band during her seven year tenure from 1972 to 1979; the band’s heavy use of covering Marty Robbins’s “El Paso” and Chuck Berry tunes got a big thumbs down. In fact, Roberston declares that the Dead pretty well sucked throughout the ’80s, then limped along until Garcia’s death in 1995.

Robertson traces the musical changes through the band’s formative years as well as their artistic growth and curiosity.

He also aptly traces Garcia’s development as a singer when writing about “Morning Dew” (an existential Bonnie Dobson lament in the Dead’s concert repertoire throughout their existence). As perceptively noted in the ‘5/2/70 Harpur College, Binghamton, NY recording,’ Garcia “has found the right forlorn cadence and been shorn of his previously affected delivery…in his newly found phrasing, luxuriating in hitting all the high notes.”

Robertson contends that as the band became overwhelmed by business concerns, the impact of their music weakened. However, the Dead reached their biggest commercial success in the mid-’80s (long before they began performing at football stadiums in the ’90s).

Yet another voice in the ever-evolving Grateful Dead conversation, All the Years Combine shines new light on classic performances and takes opportunities to correct some long-entrenched band myths.

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