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Dr. Donna Jezdic

Amy O’Kane

Cosmetic and Laser Medicine

Cosmetic Nurse

B.A., B.Sc.N., M.D., C.C.F.P.

B.Sc.N., RN

Double Diamond Award from Allergan Canada Canada's leading injector of Botox®, Juvederm® and Teoxane®




3920 Dougall Ave.

500 Manning Rd. Suite #4



See Clearly with Windsor Laser Eye Institute Since 1991 The Windsor Laser Eye Institute (WLEI) has helped enhance the lives of more than 35,000 people who have chosen Dr. Fouad Tayfour to perform their vison correction procedure. Highly regarded by his peers as a world leader in vision correction, Dr. Tayfour’s experience, combined with his extensive clinical research, has contributed significantly to worldwide improvements in Laser Vision Correction. Dr. Tayfour’s reputation for remarkable results and personal attention has drawn patients from around the world. He introduced LASIK to patients long before it was available in the United States and continues to provide the most advanced and proven laser technology to his patients. Not only was Dr. Tayfour the first doctor in North America to perform LASIK, he has now completed more than 70,000 procedures. This includes individuals like Ian Dummer who had the LASIK procedure done in August 2015. Like thousands of others, Ian wore glasses for several years and found that his eye-sight continued to worsen. In addition, he was active in many sports and found contact lenses to be uncomfortable and a huge inconvenience. Ian decided to save some money and make the investment to see clearly for the rest of his life. “The investment in LASIK is totally worth it, to wake up and see clearly is the most amazing thing ever,” states Ian. “It is a super-fast process that is quick and painless. There was very little downtime. When I went for my follow-up the next day I had perfect vision.” Once Ian made the decision to invest in seeing clearly, he knew


W i n d s o r

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there was only one person who he would trust with his eye-sight. “This is such a serious thing to do, I would not trust anyone but the best with my eyes and Dr. Tayfour is the best. After I had my consultation Dr. Tayfour personally met with me to go over the procedure. This made me feel really comfortable with everything.” After seeing clearly for over a year, Ian encourages anyone who is thinking about LASIK to make the investment. “Save the money and do it, LASIK is life-changing.” When considering LASIK patients should first visit their optometrist for a Pre-LASIK eye exam. For individuals without an optometrist, consultations are performed one Wednesday morning a month and most Saturday mornings. Patients can send an email to book a consultation on the website,, or contact the office at to schedule an appointment. During the consultation the patient’s vision is tested, paperwork is completed and they are provided with an overview of what to expect during and after the procedure. Dr. Tayfour will then meet with the patient to determine the best LASIK option for the individual based on their vision needs. Surgery is then scheduled. On the day of the surgery, a patient should expect to be in the office for a maximum of 1.5 hours. The actual procedure only takes five minutes per eye. Patients will return the following day for their post-operative appointment. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Tayfour is very active in the Windsor-Essex community and has been the recipient of several awards and accolades If you're ready to talk about improving your vision through LASIK surgery, call us today at 1-800-663-4733.





1-800-663-4733 w l ei .com

Take Care Of Your Hearing! Good hearing is essential to living a full, enjoyable life. Yet hearing loss affects a large number of Canadians – more than 1 million adults. Hearing loss is one of the fastest growing and prevalent chronic conditions in Canada. Symptoms of Hearing Loss include:

• Difficulty understanding certain parts of words • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves • Turning the television or radio volume up higher than most others would find comfortable • Difficulty understanding words in noisy environments • Trouble hearing certain people like women or children

Your Hearing Test: A hearing test is painless and simple to take. The audiologist will take a detailed case history. They will then look into your ears to check for things like excessive wax or other issues, then check on your middle ear status using specialized equipment called tympanometry. This can tell us if there are other abnormalities like fluid in the ear or a perforated eardrum for example. The hearing test itself consists of earphones worn where the patient presses a button whenever they hear tones. These tones vary in pitch and intensity, but are softer than the level of conversational speech. The test can tell us many things about your hearing, including whether it is a permanent or medically treatable type of loss. The results are explained in a way that applies to the person’s lifestyle in terms of the particular difficulties that type or severity of loss might affect the patient. Treatment options are discussed and recommendations/other referrals may be made at that time.

People are always interested to find out what things they would have particular trouble hearing. It is always good to have regular hearing tests as hearing loss occurs so gradually over time that it can be difficult to perceive a decrease.

Contact Sound Hearing Care today to schedule your hearing test!

Free Parking. No doctor’s referral required.

13310 Lanoue Street, Tecumseh (behind McDonalds on Manning Rd)

499 Notre Dame Street, Belle River (located in the Community Support Centre)

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Dick Hildebrand Kim Willis Kevin McCabe Ron Stang CREATIVE DIRECTOR Carol Garant ART DIRECTOR Michael Pietrangelo PRODUCTION George Sharpe PHOTOGRAPHERS Sooters Photography

Dick Hildebrand Michael Pietrangelo Michael Higgins Ron Stang Kevin McCabe Gene Schilling Pam and Bill Seney



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Chartered Professional Accountants Make Difficult Decisions Simple Here at Hyatt Lassaline, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our clients through the delivery of timely value added services.

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Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures that Can Reveal Your Best Face and Body this Year MANY PEOPLE HAVE MINOR OR MAJOR THINGS they would love to change about their physical appearance, if they could. As the women and men who have trusted The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre know, little tweaks and significant makeovers can be done safely, skillfully and affordably, whenever you choose. “At The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre, we’re delighted to be able to offer a full range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Windsor’s only private, state of the art and discreet surgical facility,” says Dr. Marcus Niessen, the Centre’s Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Placing patients’ safety above all else, The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre is a fully accredited surgical facility with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, enabling select procedures to be done with general anesthesia and Twilight anesthesia. The centre is conveniently located in the South Walkerville Health Centre, so local patients don’t have to travel far for consultation, care and follow-up visits. Heading the medical team is Dr. Niessen, who holds a specialist’s designation in Plastic Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada). He has been in private practice since 1997. An innovator in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Niessen developed InvisibleLift™ in response to patients who were pleased with the youthful effects they were getting with injectable facial fillers yet wanted some tweaking done to the neck and the lower half of the face.


W i n d s o r

L i f e

Dr. Niessen’s trademarked InvisibleLift™ tightens the skin and muscles in the neck, contours the jawline and reduces the appearance of jowls. The result is a more youthful looking neck and jawline that gives the woman or man a more refreshed appearance overall – and often, an increase in self-esteem. Less invasive and less costly than a traditional facelift, InvisibleLift™ only leaves a scar behind the ear. After an InvisibleLift™ has been performed, recovery downtime is minimal. “Usually, my patients are back to their daily lives in three to five days,” Dr. Niessen says. ( Younger people also turn to The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre, particularly moms unhappy with their skin stretched by pregnancy and breastfeeding. “As rewarding as motherhood is, it leaves its mark on a woman’s body,” Dr. Niessen says. To reverse the effects of pregnancy or significant weight change, he offers a special Mommy Makeover. “It’s a simultaneous tummy tuck and breast augmentation or lift.” ( Both are surgical procedures. The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal wall muscles. Liposuction may also be employed to take away fat deposits on the hips. To restore or enhance the shape and firmness of breasts altered by pregnancy, nursing and aging, Dr. Niessen performs a breast lift or mastopexy. Another option is breast augmentation, the procedure most requested by Dr. Niessen’s patients. The doctor offers a full range of implant options, including the newest generation of saline and cohesive “Gummy Bear” gel implants. ( Positive changes can also be achieved without surgery. One popular procedure is CoolSculpting, which The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre uses to eradicate muffin top and other unwanted bulges caused by excess fat cells and proving resistant to diet and exercise. “CoolSculpting is a quick, needle-free solution that uses controlled cooling to target and crystalize fat cells, which gradually die off and are eliminated naturally by the body,” Dr.Niessen says. Just one session continues to have positive effects over several months as the remaining fat cells condense, further trimming the physique. There is no downtime after treatment. ( To discuss the best options for you, book your consultation with The Windsor Breast and Tummy Tuck Centre. Call 519-254-2676 or any of the toll free numbers on Dr. Niessen’s websites.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Facelift | Necklift | InvisibleLift™













Liposuction (Body Contouring)

Tummy Tuck | Mini Tuck General Anaesthesia Twilight Anaesthesia Fully Accredited Private Surgical Facility Coolsulpting (Non-surgical fat removal)


Breastlift & Augmentation (Saline and Cohesive Gel Implants)


MAKE 2017




• Tighten skin & muscles in the neck • Reduce appearance of jowls • Invisible scar (behind the ear) • Create a more youthful appearing neck and jawline • Less invasive and less expensive than traditional facelift • Minimal downtime • Back to work in 3-5 days







The Windsor Breast & Tummy Tuck Centre Located in the South Walkerville Health Centre 2224 Walker Road, Suite 202, Windsor

519.254.2676 1-866-570-4281 1-866-388-4039 1-866-461-5886 1-866-401-2641








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The first choice for homeowners custom builders | interior designers


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ON THE COVER A life-sized Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s “Cars” on display at the 2017 NAIAS.


Photo: Dick Hildebrand See page 20



Technology-Driven Cars and Trucks 36 LOVING LAW

Local Exhibit Celebrates Windsor’s Legal History 46 STUNNING CONTRASTS OF BRUNEI

Golden Domes and Green Rainforests


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Future of the Auto Industry on Display at NAIAS 71 MAPLE LEAF MOMENTS

Another Winner From Hockey Writer Bob Duff











Catching Up With LaSalle’s International Performer 104 MAKING MUSIC HEADLINES

Autumn Kings Make Waves On Local Music Scene



Coming Home To Play For The Detroit Red Wings

The Facts and The Fiction


Pinenut Pesto Crusted Lamb, Healthy and Company Worthy


Preparing Soup Mixes for Those Less Fortunate

Look Better


Treat your post-holiday blues with a rejuvenating treatment • PRP for Tired & Blemished Skin • PRP for Joint Pain • Botox for Wrinkles • Fillers for a Mini Facelift & Facial Lines • Medique & Vivier Products for a Youthful Glow • Lips & Lip Lines are a Specialty

SPECIAL EVENT Friday, Feb. 3, 12-5pm Saturday, Feb. 4, 10am-3pm

SPECIAL PRICING! Space is limited so call today to reserve your appointment!

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION! Dr. Ruth Markovic Dr. Markovic has 20 years experience in cosmetic procedures.


REJUVENATION CLINIC 9833 Tecumseh Road East Tel: (519) 979-6141 Leading injector of Belotero, Stylage, Revanesse, Teosyal and Radiesse Fillers

Santos de Cartier Sunglasses Brown horn, brushed golden champagne finish, brown lenses. A contemporary design paying tribute to aviator Santos-Dumont. The famous screws adorned on the temples are borrowed from the iconic Santos watch.

Exclusively at

1614 Lesperance Rd., Suite #6, Tecumseh | 519-956-8383 |

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Actual Project


January is my personal festive season, when the North American International Auto Show roars into our sister Motor City across river. Unfortunately, like so many people who have been ill this winter, I was sick when the Auto Show kicked off Jan. 8. All those gorgeous, gleaming new models – and I couldn’t enjoy them. If you also didn’t get to the Auto Show or you’d like to revisit it, check out our exciting coverage in this issue. I heard this week that children being born now will be the last to actually drive cars. At the risk of sounding old, I ask you: What is this world coming to? Speaking of vehicles, do you know where your cabin filter is? Or what its important function is? Most people don’t and as a result, they and their vehicles feel lousy, as our article explains. In our Look Who’s Cooking at Home feature, Lisa Tayfour presents her signature Pinenut Walnut Pesto Crusted Lamb. Living amidst the Bounty of the County, it’s appalling to realize 1 billion people are starving in the world. The Southwestern Ontario Gleaners in Leamington are stepping up, creating dehydrated soups and apple snacks from produce donated by local farmers. On the other extreme, Windsor’s Pam and Bill Seney encountered gold plated domes on the mosques when they travelled to Brunei, the fifth wealthiest country in the world. Christian Vincent’s talent has taken him from LaSalle to around the world. The dancer, actor and choreographer is now also a lecturer at the University of Southern California. Listen in to Autumn Kings, a local four member, high energy rock band that injects its powerful sound with reggae, pop, punk and metal. Bob Duff, sports writer for The Windsor Star, has released his latest book, 100 Maple Leaf Moments, filled with the NHL team’s untold and scandalous tales. Stoney Point’s Steve Ott, a centre for the Detroit Red Wings and now playing his 16th NHL season, shares his lifetime in hockey. I want to thank my staff who have carried me through a time when bed was much more inviting than editing. You all did a wonderful job and it is much appreciated.

2744 Jefferson Blvd. (519) 945-3000 Showroom Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5; Sat. 9-2

Bob Robinson

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Main: 519-969-9844 Toll Free: 1-866-422-7988 2510 Ouellette Avenue, Suite 301, Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4

Main: 416-214-5200 Toll Free: 1-877-214-5200 250 University Avenue, Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3E5 A proud member of MultiLaw and LexWork International

Peter Hrastovec

The North American International Auto Show Technology and Four Wheels in Harmony

STORY/PHOTOGRAPHY BY DICK HILDEBRAND THERE WAS A TIME WHEN the Detroit Auto Show was exactly that – a static display of the best the Motor City had to offer. There was little fanfare, computer-generated images were a thing of the distant future and interactive displays were unheard of. In the late 1980s, the show was given international status and automakers from around the world shuttled their gleaming beauties into the Cobo Center. It was like a sudden awakening as the world press came to our shores in droves. Just a few short years ago when the industry found itself in the doldrums, the auto show was still there, but the atmosphere was gloomy. Displays were downgraded as the builders spent less and we found ourselves travelling down the Electric Road as

This page clockwise from below: The North American Truck of the Year, the Honda Ridgeline; Acura NSX, Road & Track Performance Car of the Year; the Chrysler Portal concept; the new 2018 Chevy Traverse.

organizers scrambled to put a positive spin on a declining North American market with battery-powered transportation. Car lovers were not too happy about this turn of events and attendance declined. Fortunately as the situation improved, the Detroit Automobile Dealers’ Association rose to the challenge and put on a show that made others around the world take notice. Cobo Center was extensively renovated to include a bigger show floor and more manufacturers returned to the fold as the Detroit Three led the charge with machinery that could easily compete with the best from foreign lands. Jump ahead to 2017 with the emphasis on autonomous motoring in a technologically driven industry and suddenly we’re being propelled into the George Jetson age. For more on this interesting development, make sure you check out Kevin McCabe’s article elsewhere in this issue. And, hopefully, in the ensuing paragraphs allow me to describe some of the terrific drives that were


W i n d s o r

L i f e

This page clockwise from top: The Cadillac Escala concept; triple award winner Chevy Bolt EV; Ford F350 Super Duty, Motor Trend Truck of the Year; the Ford production GT.

featured in the show as we continue to experience the joys of motoring as envisioned early in the 20th century by Henry Ford. In this century, the Ford Motor Company appears to be at the forefront of automotive change. “We are changing the way the world moves,” says Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of the Americas. And, as they stress personal mobility, ride-sharing, autonomous vehicles and creating major changes in the way city dwellers get around, it would appear, at first glance, that the company big-wigs have chosen to leave ‘car-guys’ in the lurch. However, both Bill Ford, the company’s executive chairman, and CEO Mark Fields have assured us that this is not the case. As Ford puts it, “yes, we’re expanding into a car and mobility company, but rest assured that cars and trucks will remain a cornerstone of our society despite autonomous vehicles and other modes of transportation.” In the next 5 years, Ford intends to roll out 13 new electrified vehicles which will include a hybrid F-150, a Mustang hybrid and two hybrid police vehicles with plenty of interceptor power. While there were no major blue oval introductions at the Detroit show this year, Ford confirmed the headlines of more than a year ago that a new Ranger pickup is returning to the market. At one time, the second most popular mid-size pickup in the world, Ranger production is slated to begin in the U.S. late next year. In 2020, Ford customers will again be able to buy another nameplate from the past – the Bronco, a mid-size 4-wheel driver that’ll be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant. At the same time, the most popular truck in the United States for the past 40 years, the F-150, will be available with a diesel engine in 2018, while the Ford Super-Duty( F-250 and 350) were honored as Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the year. Also available in 2018, is Ford’s newest small SUV, the EcoSport which was unveiled to the automotive press in Los Angeles last year. Lots of news from Fiat-Chrysler…but no new roll outs. The company indicated it’ll be spending about $1 billion to improve American factories, at the same time strengthening its Jeep and Ram Truck brands. The latest iteration of the Jeep Compass is due in showrooms by the end of February, a new Jeep truck is in the works and two familiar nameplates from yesteryear are coming back; the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer. The younger generation has something to look forward to – the Chrysler Portal, an all-electric small minivan designed specifically for “tech savvy graduates of today.” The concept was introduced at the Las Vegas CES earlier this month and

F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

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BARB’Z TRIMZ Professional Grooming For Dogz

Your Best Friend’s Friend Our grooming shop is a home environment:

Smoke Free • Flea Free • Sedation Free

Call today for FREE DELIVERY* & GIFT on ALL PRE-ORDERS for

Valentines Gourmet Gift Baskets • Chocolates & Teddy Bears

Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday

519-727-5757 834 Lakeshore Rd. 107 RR3, Essex

Flowers & Gifts for all Occasions 3244 Walker Rd., Unit 4 226-722-5117 • *Some restrictions apply. See store for details.


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features, among other things, self-driving capabilities and the electronic gadgetry necessary for individual passengers to hear the music of their choice. And kudos to Windsor Chrysler workers who produce the Pacifica van which has been designated Utility Vehicle of the year. GM scored a triple whammy with its all-electric, compact SUV Bolt-EV. The $30,000 unit with a 238 mile cruising range was named North American Car of the Year, Motor Trend Car of the Year, and Green Car of the year. The company’s big intro was the re-designed, somewhat larger Chevrolet Traverse with seating for 8 people in a three row configuration which goes on sale in the fall of this year. Along with its power liftgate and the usual plethora of electronics for better safety and performance, the new Traverse will be available in either Front Wheel or All-Wheel drive. There are two power choices: a 3.6 litre V-6 engine or the 2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which will be available on the RS model. This latest Traverse will be in showrooms next year. For lovers of large sedans, reminiscent of the heydays of ultimate luxury, GM displayed the Cadillac Escala…the concept that was introduced at the Los Angeles auto show late last year. The Escala embodies many of the features that owners of the mighty boulevard cruisers of the 50s and 60s enjoyed – rear wheel drive, tons of interior space and a long wheelbase for a quiet, smooth ride. According to Cadillac hype, the Escala begs to be driven, or ridden in. There’s plenty of power under the hood which houses a 4.2-litre Twin-Turbo V-8 that can cruise in a 4-cylinder mode for optimum fuel economy. Not only that, but the Escala is one fine-looking automobile…..a glowing reminder that our precious cars are far from becoming dinosaurs. If you didn’t make it to the auto show this year, you passed on numerous inter-active displays and missed seeing some of the neatest cars and trucks on the planet (750 in total), many of which will be gracing driveways in the coming years. This year, for instance, fans of Pixar’s Cars movies were treated to a full-size, working model of Lightning McQueen’s #95 which is featured in Cars 3 and you gave up a chance to see and touch genuine IndyCar racers – just to mention a couple of the show’s highlights. The North American International Auto Show which is generally seen as the start of Motor City activities for the year, is WLM simply a great way to spend a day.

The Newest Member of The Mady Dental Group Dr. David Mady & Associates Welcomes

Dr. Edward Zieba

13580 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh


F e b r u a r y / M a r c h


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GOBBLE UP YOUR FAMILY’S INHERITANCE If you are 55 and over, you should be concerned about the amount of taxes that will be paid on your death! Your legacy can be properly protected from the ravages of Estate Tax and Income Tax if you prepare properly ahead of time. In Ontario, the estate taxes on a $300,000 estate (remember your principal residence is included in valuing your estate!) would be approximately $4,675. All assets flowing directly into your estate will be taxed. Any income taxes owing on your final return are above and beyond that.

Please speak to me. I can help you prepare for the smooth transition of your wealth. I can also help you relieve any fears you may have about: • Losing capital because of market downturns • Bequests not remaining private. A will is a public document once settled. • Delays in estate distributions • Beneficiaries squandering the inheritance.

You can avoid certain taxes on death by leaving specific assets, including RRSPs and RRIFs to a spouse rather than another beneficiary. Non-registered investments purchased through an insurance company can also help minimize the impact of estate expenses on the value of a legacy if a beneficiary is named. Segregated Fund Contracts and insured GICs offered through

If any of this is important to you, please contact Barbara Allen, HBA, CFP, CDFA Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. Life Insurance Advisor

taxes), executor, legal and accounting fees are avoided or greatly reduced.

Direct Line 519-250-0515 519-250-5190, ext. 409 2255 Cadillac Street, Windsor

Life insurance is another useful tool. If you anticipate a large tax liability on

an insurance company can name beneficiaries. Thus, probate fees (estate

your death, such as that on your remaining RRSP/RIF holdings (which will be deemed distributed in full on your death and will be taxable to you if no remaining spouse), you can prepare in advance to cover these costs by purchasing an appropriate amount of life insurance. This way, your beneficiaries’ inheritances won’t have to be used to pay these expenses.

The Manulife Securities logo and the Block Design are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license.

From Start to Finish...

Make Our Home Your Home

Visit Our Showroom for a Vast Selection of Accents, Lamps, Wall Décor and Unique Home Furnishings


At Highway 3, Essex | 519-776-5553 | Mon-Wed 9:30-6 / Thurs-Fri 9:30-8 / Sat 9-5 / Sun 11-5

F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

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The Next Generation of Reaumes Steers the Dealership Forward “THE TRADITION OF TRUST” continues at Reaume Chevrolet/Buick/GMC, in business since 1931. After 40 years working in his family’s company, 25 of those as dealer principal, Steve Reaume is passing the torch to the next generation. The family legacy began when Avelin A.J. Reaume opened Sunnyside Garage in LaSalle 86 years ago. The dealership name later changed to Reaume Motors when A.J.'s son Don joined in the late 1940's, followed by Don's son Steve & son-in-law Ed Jones in the 1970's... and now Steve's children Jeff, Craig, & Jenn, and brother Rick are at the helm growing the business.


W i n d s o r

L i f e

Above: Brother’s Steve and Richard Reaume

In the new year, Steve will be handing the reins to Jeff, although Steve will continue to consult. He laughs when admitting, “I’ve been practicing at retirement for some time now, fishing and working on my golf game.” The dad jokes, “Sometimes I think my kids need me but they don’t!” “The transition of leadership has been gradual and seamless,” Steve says. His brother, Richard, who is the dealership’s Secretary/Treasurer and a longtime partner, is beginning to eye retirement in another five years or so. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable to Jeff as he takes over. “If GM would still allow it these days, I’d make all of my kids dealer principal,” Steve says. “However, that is not corporate policy. Jeff is the eldest and has been here at our dealership the longest, so the title goes to him…but everyone in the Reaume family along with the entire staff run our dealership as a TEAM.” Jeff ’s 20-plus years of experience have seasoned him in the multiple and varied facets of running a dealership. He has served as the General Sales Manager for many years. “We’ve seen the product improve significantly over time,” he says. “GM vehicles are competing well globally.” “That is what it all comes down to: How satisfied you are with your vehicle when you are driving to work, transporting your family, running errands and going on fun road trips,” says Craig, the General Parts and Service Manager. “We understand how much you depend on your car, van or truck to get you where you want to be.” With a solid lineup of vehicles for 2017, Jeff says, “Our inventory is better than ever.” Popular models are the Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu and Camaro, Buick Encore and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck. “We have the best selection of Corvettes in Essex County.”

“We Make Car Buying Easy with our inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles online at where photos and walk-around videos of the actual vehicles are posted. Upfront prices and full disclosure terms are clearly stated. What you see is what we’re offering,” says Jennifer, the General Manager. “We’ve taken care to develop the best website we can so it’s easy for customers to find what they want.”

“We know many people are shopping online first in the convenience of their


own home. There are no unpleasant surprises when they get here in person. People appreciate that we respect their intelligence and don’t waste their time.” – Jeff Reaume “For 86 years, we’ve been rolling with the times. Every generation has been prepared to take care of customers as they wish to be treated,” says Steve. He reflects, “I’m proud of my family. They are capable, conscientious people. They were not born with silver spoons in their mouths – they work very hard. It’s always been their decision, not mine, to be a part of Reaume Chevrolet/Buick/GMC.” Jennifer observes, “My brothers and I all get along very well. We trust and respect one another. I could never imagine not working with my family.” Steve says, “My kids are putting their mark on the future of the dealership and I’m excited to see what they do.” Everyone will continue to live by the dealership’s three slogans: We Make Car Buying EASY. A Tradition of Trust since 1931. You’ll Feel Right at Home at Reaume. Jeff notes, “There’s a difference between saying something and doing something. We hire people based on how we believe they will deliver on the promises our family upholds.” Being in business so long instills confidence in staff and customers. “Our family name is on everything we do. It is placed on each vehicle sold,” Jennifer says. “We want everyone to feel proud to be associated with Reaume Chevrolet/Buick/GMC.”

The next generation: Jeff, Jenn, and Craig Reaume.

500 Front Road, LaSalle • 519.734.7844 F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

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Assurance, Advisory and Tax Services for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Not-for-Profit Organizations

The Tax Team Success breeds success. With the steady influx of new clients to Collins Barrow Windsor LLP, the firm’s tax group and its assurance and advisory group continue to expand. Every client has the benefit of a Collins Barrow tax partner who identifies opportunities for tax savings and incentives, plus an assurance and advisory partner who takes care of the audit, assurance and accounting. The partners and their two teams come together to give their clients full service year-round. (Please read about the assurance and advisory team on the following page). Ten members now comprise the tax group, offering a complete range of tax advisory services. “We’ve experienced unprecedented growth since 2014, doubling in size in the past three years. That means we have deepened our expertise by adding new team members who have fresh, innovative ideas for our clients,” says Scott Dupuis, who was appointed the firm’s new managing partner in September 2016. “Our tax group is committed to uncovering our clients’ next opportunities in all matters relating to tax,” says Scott. “Our team excels at being proactive. We have creative, fresh approaches, practical solutions and deep industry knowledge. The handpicked members of our team provide these tools to our clients and, in turn, contribute to their success.” As an independently owned and operated office within the Collins Barrow cooperative, “we have big company expertise and


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reach throughout our national network, however, we provide the personal service of a smaller, local firm,” says Tax Partner Dan Dwyer. “Each of our clients has direct access to the partner in charge of their engagement. We believe that’s mutually important for our relationship.” Scott points out, “An additional advantage for clients working with Collins Barrow is that we are an independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s eighth largest accountancy and business advisory network. We’re able to provide that high quality resource in the global marketplace when we’re working with our clients on cross-border and international tax. Located in Windsor, we are uniquely positioned to help clients in Canada and the U.S. conduct business across national lines.” Collins Barrow services also include corporate, provincial and federal tax planning, merger and acquisition services, estate planning, tax minimization strategies and transfer tax support. Exciting things are also happening in the firm’s Government Incentives practice. Recognizing the federal government offers some of the world’s most generous tax credit benefits under its investment tax credit program, Collins Barrows keeps track of over 200 different grants that can help Canadian businesses finance their growth. “Our team works on tax savings and government grant incentives. Almost any company can qualify if they are expanding, hiring new employees, exporting products, training existing staff or if they want to have summer students come on for a period of employment. We have had tremendous success with recouping cash refunds and tax credits for our clients,” Scott says. “Our clients trust that we will scout out the right opportunities for them,” says Scott. “It’s part of our full service that allows them to focus on what they do best - running their own organizations.”

COLLINS BARROW WINDSOR LLP The Assurance and Advisory Team Collins Barrow Windsor LLP is the leading mid-market chartered professional accounting firm in Windsor-Essex. Operating for 70 years, they are proud members of the Collins Barrow network of CPA firms stretching from coast to coast. Their unmatched services and deep financial offerings make Collins Barrow the right choice for maximizing shareholder value. Collins Barrow Windsor LLP serves a diverse range of private companies and not-for-profit organizations across Southwestern Ontario. Clients range in size from $100,000 to $50 million. “We service clients engaged in the manufacturing, automotive, insurance, financial services and technology sectors,” says Carl Hooper, Assurance and Advisory Partner. “We also assist various not-for-profit organizations and a diverse group of professional corporations. We understand the unique, specific needs of each client and customize our services and deliverables accordingly.” The partners and professionals of Collins Barrow have the expertise needed to navigate evolving financial priorities. For decades, they have specialized in assurance and advisory services to leading corporations and entrepreneurs. Through extensive investment into continuous training and education, specialized tools, technologies and processes, their approach and diligence are second to none. “We have experienced tremendous growth in the past two years and made significant investments in our people and our process,” adds Denise Hrastovec, Assurance and Advisory Partner. “We are inspired by our bright, young professional staff, including Ainslie Waghorn, a recent National award winner for his CFE results.” “Our structure means our partners are directly involved in the

planning, management and review of our assurance engagements,” observes Michael Frenette, Assurance and Advisory Partner. This results in solutions that are efficient and cost effective. Clients are reassured, knowing that their concerns are receiving the timely attention they deserve. The assurance and advisory team is also beneficial when an existing client wants to purchase a business, expand its facility or acquire new equipment or technologies. “We roll up our sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to make their organizations better. We share their passion for what they do,” says Carl. “And our value proposition is really resonating in the local market. New clients are excited about our role and what we bring to their company. Existing clients are referring their friends and associates – it has been a truly remarkable year and we are positioned for even greater growth in 2017.” With the retirement of longtime Assurance and Advisory Partner, Paul Kale, in January 2017, Collins Barrow continues to serve the clients that have been working with Paul for many years. The transition began early in 2016, and Paul remains part of the Collins Barrow team. “I appreciate the many years of trust, professional fulfillment and friendship my clients have given me,” Paul says. The Collins Barrow team extends beyond the Windsor office, offering clients an established platform and access to the highestquality resources in the global marketplace. “We have great relationships across our Collins Barrow network, nationally, and through our Baker Tilly affiliation, internationally. That enables us to help many clients in unusual situations,” says Carl. “We’re determined to deliver whatever is required.”

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EYEWARES OF WINDSOR New Digital Processing Technology Attaining Sharper Clarity After your optometrist has given you an eye exam, the thorough opticians at Eyewares of Windsor will have more questions about things you may not have considered. The team isn’t satisfied until your new eyewear achieves superior vision. “We ask the right questions to discern what you’re really looking for in eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses,” says optician John Walker, who co-owns Eyewares of Windsor with his wife, Susan. Those questions include: How long do you wear glasses and/or contacts throughout the day? What different tasks do you perform that require eyewear? Does driving at night pose issues for your vision? Have you been experiencing watery eyes or headache after working or playing on computers and devices? Forming a comprehensive picture of how you depend on your eyewear, John and his optometry team offer solutions. “Advancements in eyeglass lens technology are resulting in greater clarity of sight,” John notes. Since Eyewares of Windsor has its own onsite lab, clients receive special care from the technicians who build and tweak their task specific, single, multifocal vision, sports, safety or prescription sun glasses. “Our digital processing technology enables more options to match up your expectations with your prescription,” John explains. Another advantage for clients is the opticians’ skill with optometrists’ prescriptions. “We go beyond simply filling the prescription,” John says. “We interpret the optometrist’s information and craft lenses that make the most of the entire viewing area.” With the right lenses expertly placed, you won’t be squinting when

attempting to adjust your vision. That means you won’t have to deal with eyestrain, headache and additional lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Your lenses will be paired with frames that appropriately accommodate them. Happily, Eyewares of Windsor has a huge selection in all price ranges. There is every frame style imaginable, from quietly classic to loud and proud. Enjoy browsing among the latest collections by Burberry, Prada, Tiffany, Versace, Silhouette, Ray-Ban, Oakley and other leading brands. “The trends in eyewear fashion right now are more prominent, more plastic and more colour,” says John. If you need help narrowing down your choices, the Eyewares of Windsor team has a great eye for what works for each person’s face and style. “We take the guesswork out of selecting the best eyewear for you,” John assures. Once you leave Eyewares of Windsor with your new glasses, the team is there whenever you need a free adjustment, support transitioning to progressive lenses or other assistance. “Our technicians respond fast in an emergency and go above and beyond when you need your broken glasses fixed in a hurry,” says John. Another vision option is contact lenses. “Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision, Johnson & Johnson and Cooper Vision all make contact lenses to correct near and far-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia,” John says. “Multifocal contacts enable people over 40 to see well, without having to juggle reading glasses or bifocals.” Serving Windsor and Essex County for 21 years now, John continues to experience profound satisfaction every time a client expresses delight over being able to see so well. “Many of our clients and their families have been with us for over two decades,” John says. “Making it possible for them to have their best vision at every stage of their lives is very exciting.”

Ph. 519.254.2020 3893 Dougall Ave.


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INVESTORS GROUP The ABGs of Growing and Managing Your Wealth

Before the plan is presented to the client, Investors Group stress tests it. “Our own proprietary software is a probability analysis tool that examines your wealth accumulation, followed by transitioning to retirement or business succession,” Trevor says. “In-house insurance, security, debt and banking specialists also evaluate the plan. We put the strategy in writing and review it with you periodically to measure investment outcomes, progress and stability. Our clients deserve great advice and great relationships,” Trevor believes. Consultants and clients get even better acquainted at the firm’s movie days, Stars on Ice, comedy shows and other pleasant, family friendly events. “We know our clients well, including whether they are going through a rough patch or enjoying good times,” says Trevor. “Our hybrid of experience, technical expertise and personal connections all contribute to their peace of mind.”

As one person trying to find your way in the new world economy, you may feel bewildered or overwhelmed. Investors Group Financial Services Inc. is on standby, ready to help navigate your finances and future. Established in 1926, the financial planning firm is now under the leadership of Jeff Carney, who became its eighth president in May, 2016. “Jeff served in Canada and the U.S. in high level positions with other global companies before being handpicked to take Investors Group through our next chapter,” notes Trevor LeDrew, CFP, the Windsor Tri-County Regional Director. “Jeff is extremely client focused and makes certain that every promise we bring to each client’s situation is not only honoured, it hopefully exceeds expectation,” Trevor says. “I know we have already been doing that. With Jeff ’s encouragement, we are all striving to be even better.” To ensure clients receive superior advice from Investors Group, Jeff champions the Certified Financial Planner Program, the industry’s top designation. “100% of our When was the last time consultants are enrolled or have completed the CFP program. We have more CFPs than someone showed you how any other Canadian firm in the industry,” Trevor says. to make your money, Another Investors Group advantage is its MAKE YOU MONEY? Alpha Beta Gama strategy. “Alpha is picking the right companies to be part of your firm – Nate Lucyk and in your investment basket, mutual fund, SENIOR FINANCIAL CONSULTANT managed asset program or stock portfolio,” Trevor explains. “Beta is making sure you have the right asset allocation policy. It’s how those individual Alpha investments get along “ Nate has transformed our financial position through a professional with each other.” approach that guides our investments strategically. With Nate we know In addition to Investor Group’s strengths in Alpha and Beta, “the other area where we any comments or needs that we have is only a phone call away from being excel is Gama: The relationships, guidance served.....quite frankly we don’t know where we’d be without him.” and advice that are not product based. It’s – Deb and Floyd Fennema using the right structures, understanding your tax situation. It’s helping you manage emotions around your finances,” Trevor says. Tax Planning “When done right, Gama achieves more Estate Planning value and positive, measurable outcomes Insurance (Ind’ls & Corp’s) Planning than do Alpha and Beta combined. Gama is the opportunity to put a plan in writing and Cash Management use all the strategies. It’s a different level of Education Planning advice and customization, tailored for your Mortgage Planning current and unique situation, needs and Retirement Planning goals, as well as your dreams.” Investment Planning The Investors Group consultants respect the four pillars of financial planning: Wealth, tax, risk and debt. “When we combine them all and do a solid job taking advantage of the Nate Lucyk, SENIOR FINANCIAL CONSULTANT opportunities within those four, that’s when 245 St. Clair Street, Chatham, ON N7L 3J8 the client outcomes become really positive,” TF 1-866-261-4151 ext. 202 | F 519-358-1934 says Trevor. Call or text 519-784-4931 “Together, we can create and execute plans that will direct you to where you want to be.” Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance license sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance Company.

Life is Rich and Varied Your Financial Plan should be, TOO!



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REAL RESULTS FROM THE SKIN RESURFACING EXPERT LIGHT CAN BE YOUR enemy when it is the harsh light of day, causing sun damage, etching facial lines and intensifying visible signs of aging. Light can also be your ally when it is a laser in professional hands, skillfully and safely removing layers of old, flawed skin and accelerating your body’s natural renewal process. Two groundbreaking lasers have been in action for over a year now at Radin Skin Centre, a state-of-theart medical facility in Tecumseh founded by Dr. Daniel A. Radin. As a doctor who specializes in the medical and surgical aspects of caring for the skin, the board certified dermatologist also does a great deal of cosmetic dermatology. Dermatologists are the skin experts. Before Dr. Radin selects any new piece of equipment for his practice, he personally puts it through rigorous testing. “We only use the best lasers,” he says. “The Halo resurfacing laser and the NanoLaserPeel from Sciton are at the top. No one else has them in this area.” The skin resurfacing expert is very impressed with the outcome the lasers achieve for his patients. “If you’re worried about your skin’s pore size, texture or wrinkles or if you really want to freshen up your skin, have it resurfaced,” Dr. Radin recommends. A single laser treatment can cast off a load of dead cells to reveal healthy looking skin. “You can go right back to work, if you choose,” Dr. Radin says. “With more aggressive treatment you get even better results.” A few days of downtime is suggested. Radin Skin Centre’s well trained, welcoming staff know how to get the best out of the lasers. Dr. Radin notes, “We’re treating everyone from teenagers with acne scarring to 100-year-olds who Dr. Daniel A. Radin want a special glow. The positive results are outstanding.” MD, FRCPC (DERMATOLOGIST) “It’s a new year,” says Dr. Radin. “Be kind to yourself and your skin!”

Halo Resurfacing Laser

"It is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone." Linda B.


After 1 Tx

Patient of Dr. Radin

Patient of Dr. Radin

Photos Courtesy of Rebecca Gelber, MD


After 1 Tx


After 1 Tx

Years of accumulated damage from sun exposure can truly be eliminated with the Halo complete skin rejuvenation treatment. Unlike previous lasers with rays that either went too shallow or too deep to remove sun damage, the Halo resurfacing laser targets the correct depth for optimal effectiveness. Combining deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a combined synergistic effect, Halo improves your skin’s overall tone and texture. You will also be thrilled to see major reduction in discolouration, fine lines and pore size. With visible signs of aging heading in reverse, Halo restores the glow and skin reflectivity your complexion had when you were younger. Treatments are described by patients as generally comfortable, with a feeling of heat and occasional prickling sensations. The degree of skin resurfacing that you want is up to you. Since Halo gets results without requiring the lengthy downtime of other more aggressive treatments, you can have a light treatment to give your skin a silky, luminescent finish that will be ready to show off the next day at work or at a party. To reclaim an even more youthful look, a more aggressive treatment will be in order, followed by a few days of downtime. Dr. Radin’s team can customize your Halo treatment so it meets your expectations and timeline. Results will emerge in the first two to five days following your Halo treatment. Pigmentary improvement is strongest in the initial two to three weeks. The laser’s terrific benefits continue throughout the dermal regeneration phase for months to come.

Buy 3 IPLs Get 1 FREE

NANO LaserPeel (valued at $299)

Valid through February 2017



Photos Courtesy of Jason Pozner, MD, FACS



Photos Courtesy of J. David Holcomb, MD

NanoLaserPeel from Sciton Peeling away dull, tired skin to reveal a fresher, younger looking complexion has been the aim of cosmetic procedures since men and women first saw their own reflections. The NanoLaserPeel from Sciton is the modern peel, free of chemicals and gritty grinds. The laser applies light energy to quickly remove the very thin top layers of the skin, eliminating some of the damaged cells that cause the complexion to appear old or tired. NanoLaserPeel’s light also activates messenger protein cells to trigger the body’s natural renewal process. A great introduction to laser therapy, NanoLaserPeel treats mild wrinkles, scars, keratosis, freckles and other types of sun damage. Dr. Radin and his team can treat the face, neck, chest and hands with the gentle laser. Only a few minutes is needed for the actual treatment. Since the laser doesn’t penetrate very deeply into the skin, discomfort is minimal. NanoLaserPeel works beautifully with BOTOX or other facial injectable procedures, also available at Radin Skin Centre, to soften and erase wrinkles around your eyes or mouth. While healing, the lasered skin grows fresh cells that resurface the treated area. Skin appears healthier, with improved tone, texture and colour evenness in only a few days. Fewer wrinkles are noticeable. After just a day or two of minor redness, you will find that make-up applies and blends easily. However, you may be tempted to put the brushes down and show off your bare, smooth and radiant face.

All injectables are performed by Dr. Daniel Radin, board-certified dermatologist, for your utmost safety and best results.

laser & cosmetic dermatology 13278 Tecumseh Road East Suite 103 B | 519-979-GLOW (4569) |

Consider Some New Year’s (Financial) Resolutions We’re just about ready to open the door to 2017, so you might be thinking about some New Year’s resolutions. What’s on your list this year? More visits to the gym? Learning a new language? Mastering the perfect beef bourguignon? All worthy ambitions, of course, but why not also include some financial resolutions? By reviewing your needs and goals, you can identify some resolutions that are particularly relevant to your own situation. But here are a few suggestions: • Build an emergency fund. If you needed a major car repair or a new furnace, or faced some other large, unanticipated expense, could you cope with it? If you didn’t have the money readily available, you might have to dip into those investments intended for long-term goals, such as retirement. Instead, build an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living expenses, kept in a liquid, low-risk account. • Boost contributions to your retirement plan. If your employer offers a group RRSP or similar retirement plan, take full advantage of it. Your earnings have the potential to grow tax deferred and your contributions may lower your taxable income. Plus, most plans offer a selection of investment options, so you can choose the investment mix that fits your objectives and risk tolerance. Therefore, if your salary goes up this year, or if you think you can find other ways to free up some money, increase your contributions to your retirement plan.

Your Edward Jones Financial Advisors are (l-r):

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Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund 34 W i n d s o r L i f e

• Cut down on debts. It’s not easy to cut down on one’s debt load. But if you can find ways to reduce your debts, you’ll help improve your overall financial picture. Many debts are not “useful” – that is, they don’t carry any tax advantages – so every dollar you spend to pay down those debts is a dollar you could use to invest for your future. • Review your portfolio. Is your investment portfolio still on track toward helping you meet your long-term goals? If not, you may need to make some changes. You’ll also want to study your investment mix to make sure it still accurately reflects your risk tolerance. Over time, and often without your taking any significant actions, your portfolio can “drift” to a place where you are taking on too much risk – or even too little risk – for your needs and long-term objectives. If this happens, you may need to “rebalance” your holdings. • Avoid mistakes. None of us can avoid all mistakes, in life and in our investment activities. But as an investor, you’ll clearly benefit from minimizing your errors. For example, it’s generally a mistake to jump out of the market in response to a period of volatility. If you wait for things to “calm down” before investing again, you might miss out on the opportunity to participate in the next market rally. • Think long term. Keep this in mind: You’re not investing for today or tomorrow, but for many years from now. Try to keep a long-term focus when making all your key investment decisions. By doing so, you can avoid overreacting to short-term developments, such as a sudden drop in the market or a “momentous” political event that actually decreases in importance as time goes by. Try to follow these financial resolutions as best as you can. You could make 2017 a year to remember.

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Clockwise from above: Display cases with artifacts line courtroom waiting area walls; Justice Douglas Phillips displays his collection of judicial robes at the courthouse in downtown Windsor; the Windsor Justice Facility.

A Museum In A Most Unlikely Place – The Downtown Courthouse THE STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING aspects of Windsor and Essex County’s history isn’t located in a public museum but can be found in an unusual place – the fifth and sixth floors of the Windsor Justice Facility, downtown on Chatham Street. There, alongside the waiting rooms that flank either side of the courtrooms, are 42 wood cabinets. They contain 400 artifacts, from photographs to newspaper clippings to architectural drawings, all on the history of the local justice system. You hardly have to be a lawyer to take an interest in this collection as so much of the history is a telling of the city itself, from its roots in Sandwich to the development of downtown to some of the most iconic names that have been associated with Windsor. During weekday business hours, the exhibit is open to the public. It’s estimated that some 250,000 people – those who have appointments with the courts or not - pass through the building annually. And certainly the public is as welcome to visit this mini museum. The collection, called the History of the Ontario Court of Justice at Windsor Ontario since 1858, was devised, painstakingly collected and arranged, virtually alone by Ontario Court Judge Douglas Phillips, who also put his own money into securing artifacts and rendering them presentable for public viewing. The glass cases cost $2500 each, paid for through donations from provincial and local legal associations, law firms and individual lawyers. You can start on the sixth floor and visit the personalities who not only were well known court officials but also were significant civic leaders – sometimes characters - whether in politics, philanthropy, commerce or the military. Meanwhile their personal stories are integrated into the city’s.


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There was the first magistrate, Francois Caron, who issued an arrest warrant for a notorious Sandwich drunk, Rebecca King. There is Alexander Bartlet, whose family created the city’s first law firm and one of Windsor’s historic department stores. There is Henry Theophilus Waring (HTW) Ellis, known for bringing his dog Ripper to court. “I’ve always taken the position that was the first of court security,” Phillips joked. The magistrates often took on public roles beyond the courtroom. David Brodie, who served as full and part time judge for 49 years, headed the national Red Cross during World War II. After a devastating 1946 tornado he headed up the relief organization that came to hundreds of local citizens’ aid. Judge Frederick Kent Jasperson of Kingsville commanded the Essex Scottish Regiment during the illfated invasion of Dieppe. And HTW Ellis turned over his expansive home during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic as a hospital, adjoining the former Grace Hospital. The giant hand carved oak doors from his house are still displayed at Hotel-Dieu Grace hospital. “Again, it’s another one of these examples of the individuals who do far more than just sitting on the bench,” Phillips said. More recently, there is the tragic story of former Mayor John Wheelton, a judge who died with his wife and son in an automobile accident on July 4, 1976. “A man of principle,” The Windsor Star editorialized. And Magistrate Richard Thrasher of Amherstburg who, in 1957, became the first elected Tory MP in more than 20 years. The biography of Judge Harry Momotiuk playfully notes, “From shoeshine kid to judge’s robes.” Significantly, Justice Saul Nosanchuk, long known for his community-mindedness, made national legal history by suing under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to allow judges to vote. And Judge Lloyd Dean comes from a prominent legal family. His grandfather, James Davis, was the first black lawyer in Canada. Micheline Rawlins was Ontario’s first black woman appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice. The exhibit features numerous newspaper clippings and even full newspaper pages from different eras, which show what else was going on in Windsor at the time. “I find people enjoy looking at the advertisements as much as anything else,” Phillips said.



Previously made traditional dentures

Dentures created by Parisien Denture Clinic

No referral needed.

375 CABANA RD. E. • 519-997-7799 WWW.PARISIENDENTURES.COM F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

Barry Parisien DD OWNER

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A Passion for




RICK LESCANEC, Broker of Record • (519) 972-1000 24hrs Deerbrook PLUS Realty Inc. Brokerage









Please visit our website Quenneville Wealth Management Group at:


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Meanwhile, down on the fifth floor are the blueprints, artist sketches and photographs of many of the court buildings that have long served not just as justice facilities but as government buildings. A little known fact: many were instrumental in creating Windsor’s downtown government centre or “civic esplanade”, a concept dating from 1850s. The first courthouse, built in 1856, sat where the senior citizens hi-rise on Riverside Drive is located, next to the current justice building. The second also became city hall and sits where the city’s current city hall is located. Another courthouse, near St. Alphonsus Church, had a gymnasium for police. The brown brick Superior Court building, which still stands, opened in November 1963, the same month President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The courts have been integral in developing Windsor’s downtown esplanade, which has been an uninterrupted thoroughfare except for the little-lamented Steinberg building which blocked it until town down in 1991. And for long-time residents there is an exquisite map from 1952 detailing each of the businesses that made up the downtown core. The exhibit isn’t complete. Phillips is still raising money to display an array of judicial robes, some worn by some of the country’s most famous judges. These include the robes of Windsor-born Justice Thomas Zuber, who recommended sweeping changes in the province’s judicial system in the late 1990s, merging courts and giving them new names. And the robes of Justice Dennis O’Connor, who oversaw the famous Walkerton water and Maher Arar torture inquiries. There are those of former Supreme Court of Justice Brian Dickson, instrumental in repatriating the Canadian constitution and authoring the 2003 marriage quality decision. The robes, now on mannequins, are located in the private judge’s lounge. But Phillips wants them on display in glass cases in a public area, and given his passion and zeal this will happen sooner rather than later. This year the Judge Phillips was given the Kulisek Prize, named after an esteemed local historian by the University of Windsor and which celebrates efforts to preserve local history. History department head Miriam Wright said a journey to the court house to see the law exhibit is well worth it. The legal system is “something that most people don’t really think about as having a history,” she said. “It promotes the idea that history is everywhere.” WLM

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Advanced Solutions for Better Hearing

The current generation of hearing aids combines new technology and greater convenience to enhance day to day living. “The physiological aspects of hearing cannot be changed; however, with this new technology, people are finding communication easier,” observes Audiologist Neesha Dunkley, who co-owns South Windsor Hearing with Audiologist Allison Stevenson. “We try to match the patient’s lifestyle with the appropriate aids and products,” Allison says. “One advancement is rechargeable batteries lasting up to 3 years. Freed from changing small batteries, aids are placed in a recharger overnight and can be used for the day.” Phonak and Siemens hearing aids feature lithium-ion inductive charging. As soon as the aids are placed in the contactless, inductive charger, they start recharging automatically. Four hours later, the aids are dehumidified and fully charged for 24 hours of use. People on the go appreciate the inductive charger is compatible with various power packs that connect via the micro USB standard used by mobile devices. Accessories and apps provide convenience, such as Siemens’ mighty miniPocket remote control, small enough to slip on a key ring. The free touchControl app allows you to discreetly control hearing aids from your Android or iOS smartphone. Widex’s BEYOND hearing aid is made for iPhones, with Bluetooth connectivity. BEYOND creates ideal listening conditions for you, wherever you are. The customizable iPhone app puts you in control in all noise situations. “In addition to Phonak, Siemens and Widex, we work with many different manufacturers, including Oticon, GN Resound and Unitron,” Neesha says. “There are lots of options to suit your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.” With over 25 years of experience as audiologists in the Windsor area, Allison and Neesha have helped countless patients, toddlers to seniors, to hear better. No referral is required to book an appointment with South Windsor Hearing, an independent private practice clinic that opened 6 years ago. “Make 2017 the year you check your hearing. Let us help you communicate better,” says Allison. “Modern hearing solutions let people hear like never before,” Neesha says. “We invite you to South Windsor Hearing for a consultation.”


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Anything Begins Here Imagine the Possibilities with Lakeview Centre for Academic Excellence With the right foundation, anything is possible. Lakeview Centre for Academic Excellence is a Montessori School that offers an enriched, unparalleled learning experience for children aged 18 months until grade nine. As a well established private school in Essex County that is approaching it’s 40th Anniversary, Lakeview supports innovative and dynamic learning to take students on an intellectual adventure.

INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING At Lakeview, they understand and appreciate that every student learns differently. Teachers work collaboratively to create learning environments that teach to the level of every student. A world-class education is offered in this contemporary, progressive school. PASSIONATE FACULTY Faculty are committed and experienced with B. Ed, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Montessori certifications. Many are professional artists with additional areas of expertise that they bring to the classroom. “We are very fortunate to have a dedicated faculty who continuously inspire their love of learning in a warm and nurturing environment. Mediocrity is not acceptable here. Together we look at what makes a student special and promote it,” says Prof. Maureen Harris, Head of School.

BOOSTING BRAIN POWER Lakeview is the only school in this region that offers the Arrowsmith Program. Through careful assessment, Arrowsmith creates an individual learning profile for each student and then designs individualized exercises to target precise areas of learning. The goal of this program is to develop effective, confident and self-directed learners for life. It’s individualized, its targeted, it boosts brain power! LEADERSHIP Since starting as the Head of School in 2012, Prof. Harris has instituted a culture that embraces leadership, technology, innovation and creativity. Harris brings to Lakeview’s team her experience as finalist of the Chamber of Commerce ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, recipient of the University of Windsor Alumni Award of Merit and also the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Upon entering the front doors of the school, it is evident that Lakeview offers an innovative, exciting place for students to learn. Teachers know all of the students and the children are respectful of each other, various cultures and the environment. Contemporary languages are introduced in pre-school and children explore creativity through various mediums in music and the arts. Students also participate in wellness programs, healthy living choices, athletics, and out-door learning classrooms. “Our students realize that they are citizens of the world,” shares Harris.

ACCREDITED Lakeview is currently going through two accreditation processes - through NOT-FOR-PROFIT SCHOOL Lakeview is registered as the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Canadian Council for Montessori Administrators (CCMA). Both Accreditations drive each school to be accountable to all of its constituents, to be more intentional in its practices, and to constantly strive for excellence. Once Lakeview achieves these accreditations in 2017, they will be the only school in Essex County to achieve this level of excellence.

MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING Lakeview is also an accredited Montessori Teaching School, accepting teacher candidates from around the world. The globally recognized AMS teaching certification is offered to University and ECE graduates with course hours scheduled on weekends and evenings. INNOVATION Technology plays a significant role in learning at Lakeview. In addition to laptops, Smartboards and Apple TV, every student has an iPad as a learning tool. Students are introduced to coding from grade one and robotics is introduced to the older students as a tool to teach math, science and technology. This Spring Lakeview students are excited to be participating in ‘Odessy of the Mind’ world competitions. SMALL CLASS SIZES Low student teacher ratios ensure that students are given the optimal, intimate environment to thrive. The school also produces proven results with students constantly rating above the national average in standardized testing. A 100% of Lakeview’s Middle School students who apply to local IB Programmes are accepted.

a charitable status and is proud to inform families that all funding supports the school and its enriched learning environment. Lakeview was a victim of the recent floods that devastated areas of Windsor and Tecumseh in October 2016. As such, their first level had to be completely renovated and all the elementary students were relocated. A celebratory Open House was held in January to both showcase the newly renovated school and re-open the first floor. “We would like to thank the community and neighbours who were so supportive of the school during this emergency situation,” says Harris. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today and the faculty at Lakeview are committed to nurturing and supporting all students to reach their full potential. To find out more about this intellectual adventure, contact Prof. Harris at (519) 735-5005 to schedule a tour. Visit for more information.

To discuss anything, contact Prof. Maureen Harris at 519.735.5005 x122 or 13797 Riverside Dr. E., Tecumseh, ON., N8N 1B5

Caring For Your Medical and Cosmetic Needs CORAL MEDICAL HEALTH SPA IS a dedicated team of health professionals who strive for clinical excellence in the area of age prevention, wellness, relaxation and health promotion. Our facility offers a wide variety of different services from our three main departments: Age Prevention, Medical Cosmetic, and Complete Day Spa. Coral is owned and directed by Dr. Zoia Sherman, M.D., who is certified in the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures including Mole & Skin tag removal, TEOSYAL & Juvederm Natural Fillers, and BOTOXŽ Cosmetic. Using a wide range of natural fillers from Juvederm and TEOSYAL, Dr. Sherman prides herself on the ability to use what is best suited for every particular patient with an injection method that results in less pain, less swelling, and minimal bruising for your best looking results! Afterwards, you can quickly resume normal activities, such as going back to work the same day. Coral’s team is also certified in laser and Intense Pulse Light treatments. This includes treatments for hair removal, rosacea, sun damaged skin and spider veins. An impressive range of lasers are used, from the Cynosure Apogee Elite, to the

LUTRONIC SpectraVRM III Dual Mode Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser which fades and erases tattoos, acne scars, Melasma (commonly known as pregnancy mask), rosacea, freckles, age spots and other skin pigmentations. The Spectra Q-Switched system removes whole tattoos in all colours of the spectrum; it also tightens pores and resurfaces the skin, giving an immediate glow. Other services done at the spa include Dermalogica Facials, Dermasweep MD Microdermabrasion, Vivier Chemical Peels, Registered & Relaxation Massage, Waxing, Manicures, & Pedicures. Always looking to add new services to the menu due to client demand, Dr. Sherman is pleased to announce a brand new service: “In 2017, Coral will be introducing Magnetic Field Therapy”, says Dr. Sherman, “This is a Health Canada approved treatment for acute and chronic pains.” Lifestyle Educator and RPN Lynette Dela Cruz and Registered Nurse Practitioner Christine Russette guide patients in the nutrition and weight loss program based on nutrition, supplements and supportive counselling. “To access professional medical or skin care services or simply enjoy a little pampering, make an appointment at Coral Medical Health Spa,” says Dr. Sherman. “Our wellness team is going to take good care of you.”

For additional details and pricing please visit… 1400 Provincial Rd. 519.969.1554




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glinted under the canopy of blue sky. Palm trees swayed over tidy streets. High speed water taxis zipped over Brunei Bay. On an afternoon tour of the capital city, the Seneys’ driver slowed past Dewan Majlis, Brunei’s Parliament House; and the Lapau, a hall where royal ceremonies are traditionally held, including the crowning of the present ruler, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzadin Waddaulah, on Aug. 1, 1968. Symbolizing the country’s official religion of Islam is the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, which opened in 1958. Standing 52 metres at its highest point, the mosque is crowned with a golden dome and gleams with white Italian marble walls, columns, arches and towers. The Seneys only saw the mosque from the street but the couple did get inside another stunning house of faith, the Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bokaih Mosque. Built by the sultan to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his reign, the mosque opened in 1994. The $400 million budget covered features like multiple gold plated domes; sanctuary carpets fabricated in Thailand from New Zealand wool;

ARRIVING IN A LAND where the political leader lives in the largest residential palace on the planet; 10% of the country’s 400,000 people live in stilt houses over the river; and men can have up to four wives, provided their spouses’ grant permission, Pam and Bill Seney felt as far removed from their Windsor community as could be. The couple had flown into Brunei as part of their tour of Borneo, Bali and the Indonesian Islands in Southeast Asia from April 11th to May 4th. Brunei is in the north section of Borneo, the globe’s third biggest island. Whereas many areas of Borneo have been heavily deforested for timber and development, Brunei has retained over 70% of its primary rainforests. The country makes most of its money from oil and natural gas; Japan and Korea are its best customers. Brunei’s residents fill up their vehicles and boats with gas priced about 35 cents Canadian per litre. Entering Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of the fifth wealthiest country in the world, on Tues., April 19th, the Seneys were dazzled by the obvious opulence. The gold plated domes of mosques

Gold plated domes crowning the exterior and gold plated chandeliers illuminating the interior partially account for $400 million spent on Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque; to reach the top of the mountain in Ulu Temburong National Park, Bill Seney climbed 1,245 steps and a 40 metre tower; Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, built in 1958, shines with a golden dome and white Italian marble walls and towers; beyond the gates is the world’s largest residential palace, Istana Nural Iman, with over two million square feet of floor space accommodating 1,788 rooms; Bill tries poling a longboat to Ulu Temburong National Park; Brunei’s Parliament Building houses the Parliament; stilt homes in the Water Village have plumbing, electricity and internet service.

3.5 tonnes’ worth of gold plated chandeliers; and five Italian marble fountains representing the five Pillars of Islam. The mosque is used for prayer at sunrise, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm and after 7 pm; study, marriage ceremonies; and funerals. Facing Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the men pray in the large dome, women in the smaller domes. Before entering for prayer, they cleanse themselves at washing stations. Non-Muslims, the Seneys were permitted to view the main sanctuary. “The mosque is beautiful,” Pam says. The Windsorites also visited the Brunei Museum, where the origins of the country’s culture are on view. Pam and Bill were intrigued by the examples of glassware, ceramics, jewellery, tapestries and military artifacts from different centuries. In the Royal Regalia Centre, the splendorous perks that come with being the monarch are evident. Diamond encrusted vases and other elaborate gifts crafted of precious stone and metals are displayed, along with replicas of the sultan’s crowns, gowns, weapons and throne. His silver jubilee celebration is recreated with an honour guard of mannequin soldiers and a gold leafed winged chariot used to transport the sultan through the streets in 1992. Feeling like they were getting to know the sultan, the Seneys were pleased to see his house – at least from the gates. “The Istana Nural Iman or in English, the Palace of the Light of Faith, is extreme indulgence,” Bill says. Over $1 billion was lavished on the construction of the 1,788 room official residence, striking in white with curved roofs and golden domes and minarets, set amidst green trees.

This page, clockwise from the below right: A bunch of bananas costs one Brunei dollar, almost equivalent to a Canadian loonie; an outdoor market in Bandar Seri Begawan sells fresh fish, produce, turtles, souvenirs and more; perched at the edge of the outdoor dining room of Rainforest Lodge in Ulu Temburong National Park, Pam and Bill lunch on fish, chicken, cabbage, green beans and bananas; nearly 40,000 Water Village residents use water taxis, their boats and walk 36 km of wooden walkways and bridges to access markets, schools, mosques, shops, restaurants and a hospital, all built on stilts over the Brunei River. The sultan is building concrete stilt houses for people in need.


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This page, clockwise from top left: Nurul, a young guide, smiles as she leads the Windsorites into Ulu Temburong National Park’s dense rainforest; laundry hangs from a Water Village residence; presenting Mr. and Mrs. Seney, dressed in the ceremonial wedding outfits worn by five generations of an Iban tribal family. Pam and Bill were touched by the honour bestowed upon them by the family while visiting their Iban longhouse; an armed guard stands at the ready, protecting the sultan's palace; a high speed water taxi is an efficient way to travel to destinations on Brunei River.

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INSULATE NOW! Rebates $ up to 5000 Fred Corp OWNER

Butch Laframboise SALES

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• Bookkeeping • Payroll & Source Deduction • HST Reporting & E-filing • Financial Statements • Personal Tax Returns • Administrative Services • On-site/Off-site • Pickup & Delivery

The 200,000 square metre palace boasts 44 marble staircases; a banquet hall that accommodates 5,000 guests; windows and doors adorned with tiles made of pure gold; gold door handles; and 257 bathrooms. An art lover, the sultan purchased a painting by Renoir for $70 million US in 1980. The palace’s 300 acre grounds on the Brunei River feature five swimming pools; soccer pitch; polo field; air-conditioned stable for 200 horses; helipad; and an underground garage for over 100 cars, just a sampling of the rare and custom luxury vehicles the sultan owns. Architect Leonardo V. Locsin attempted to unify Brunei’s Islamic and Malay architectural traditions in Istana Nural Iman. It was built in just two years, in time to mark Brunei’s independence from Britain on Jan. 1, 1984. Although the palace also encompasses Brunei’s senior government offices, it is only open to the public during the Islamic celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, when thousands of visitors receive gifts, and during the Ramadhan period for the Tadarus and Tarawih prayer gathering. When the monarch is not at home, he may be found in one of his other 150 residences. Much humbler dwellings and lifestyles brought the Seneys back down to earth at the Malay Technology Museum. Opened in 1988, the museum documents, collects and exhibits the indigenous technologies for the benefit of future generations, such as blowpipe construction; sago processing; boatmaking; and songket brocade weaving. Exhibits of traditional inland architecture include a longhouse of the Muruts and a jungle hut by the Penans. Stilt houses built over the river from the late 1800s to mid-1900s demonstrate how residents lived in the Water Village. Leaving the museum behind, the Seneys were able to experience the modern day Water Village, where nearly 40,000 people live, work, attend school and raise their families. Embodying more than 4,200 structures including homes, mosques, restaurants, shops, schools and a hospital, the Water Village is comprised of 42 smaller villages connected by 36 km of walkways. Set on stilts, each building sits above the Brunei River. Although to some the Water Village resembles a slum, homes have plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, satellite television and internet access. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has committed to erecting modern concrete stilt houses to improve the standard of living for those in need of accommodation in the

Water Village. Touring the community, the Seneys paused to enjoy cakes, tea and the people they met. “We felt very welcome there,” Pam says. Sated with Brunei’s urban culture, the next day, the Seneys were keen to explore the rainforest region and its inhabitants, both human and animal. At 7:30 am, they were in a speedboat, heading down the Temburong River to access the Temburong Rainforest. Their female guide, Nurul, pointed out rhinoceros hornbills and other birds. In the Kampong District, the Iban tribe lives in longhouses accommodating up to 100 people. The owners of the Kampong Sibut Temburong Iban Longhouse greeted Pam and Bill. “We were brought into the house to see how they live in longhouses, connected by one long hallway,” Pam says. Chatting with the lady of the house, Pam admired photos hanging on the wall and a sparkling crown, which she learned was the headdress worn by five generations of brides on their wedding days. “The woman and her granddaughter dressed me in the complete outfit, including bracelets on my ankles and wrists. The husband brought his outfit out for Bill to put on,” Pam says. “The guide said no one had ever been allowed to do that. We’re honoured to have had that amazing experience.” Travelling in a longboat over shallow rapids, the Seneys landed at Ulu Temburong National Park and began climbing 1,245 steps – followed by a 40 metre tower – to behold the rainforest canopy. Pam conquered the steps. “I made it all the way,” Bill says. The view is fantastic. You’re in the middle of primary rainforest. No houses, no telephone lines. It’s untouched by human hands. There’s something spectacular when you know you are seeing a place where there are no people.” The Seneys’ third and final day in Brunei opened with a mangrove river safari. “There are miles of houses over the water,” Pam notes. The couple were thrilled to spot proboscis monkeys, woodpeckers, crocodile, a monitor lizard and a yellow banded mangrove snake. The tour also stopped at the city market, selling fish, produce, turtles and more; and the Craft Training Centre, specializing in metals, wood and textiles. “The craftsmen’s handwork was fantastic,” Bill says. Saying goodbye to Brunei that evening, the Seneys flew to Bali. The third leg of their adventure is being featured in a future edition of Windsor Life Magazine. WLM


Let your

Bloom this Valentine’s Day

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Registering Your Child for Kindergarten...the First Step to a Great Education SENDING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL for the first time can evoke all sorts of emotions. You could both feel excited. Curious. Uneasy. A little sad. Delighted. Dr. Clara Howitt experienced all those feelings when her own child started school. “I know it can even be somewhat nerve-wracking for many parents,” says the Greater Essex County District School Board’s Superintendent of Education – Program and Professional Learning. Among her responsibilities is registration for Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. Families and educators alike find it fascinating to witness how quickly the rookie students settle into the reassuring and stimulating routine of school life. Observing this, parents and guardians soon adjust to having a young scholar in the family. Educational activities and play help develop the children’s growing minds. Little builders, artists, scientists, homemakers, superheroes and other kids imagining what they want to be when they grow up are given tools and encouragement to explore their interests. With their new BFFs by their side, kids look forward to the adventures they will have in the supportive, positive environment each day. Hundreds of local kids age 3 to 5 years old are about to become the Greater Essex County District School Board’s newest students. Feb. 21 to Mar. 3 is the JK and SK registration period for the new school year beginning September 2017. Registration takes place at all 56 elementary public schools in Windsor-Essex County. Families who do not register their children during that window can still do so afterward. Appreciating that youngsters and their families have a lot of questions about what is ahead, every school is hosting a special open house from 5 to 7 p.m. on Feb. 22 to introduce kids and their grownups to teachers and school life. Another enlightening opportunity is A Day in the Life on Apr. 5. The all-day event shows families what to anticipate in the Kindergarten program, as well as what is available in other grades, including music programs, libraries, technology, art and creativity experiences and more. A Day in the Life answers ‘What does it look like when my child goes from Kindergarten to the primary divisions and then the junior and intermediate divisions?’ Dr. Howitt says, “We also have high school students come in and talk about pathways that are available in our secondary schools.” “Our open houses are lots of fun for the children and their parents, grandparents, siblings and guardians,” Dr. Howitt finds. “We welcome parents to come to our schools and discover what we have to offer their children. When they do, what they will see is that we have big plans for their little ones,” she says. “We’re wanting parents who are choosing public education for their children to really see what public education looks and sounds like. We want them to feel firsthand the warmth and realize the opportunities that are here for their children.” “Our Kindergarten events are an invitation to come and check out our family,” says Dr. Howitt. Important members of the family are the teachers. “We have dedicated, professional, capable, talented staff who are eager to work with our youngest learners in JK and SK,” Dr. Howitt says. “Informalized learning provides a great opportunity for students to engage with the Ontario curriculum as well as to integrate with other children and


W i n d s o r

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Dr. Clara Howitt develop those socialization skills that are so important in terms of collaboration, creativity and innovation in the supportive space that we create in our schools,” says Dr. Howitt. Teachers, soon-to-be JK and SK students and their parents meet again after registration. Schools invite the families to the Welcome to Kindergarten introduction event in the spring. “We want kids to feel comfortable,” Dr. Howitt says. To ensure parents and guardians also feel supported, the schools give them a resource package which includes music CDs to support literacy and a book, What Did You Learn at School Today, so parents can continue Kindergarten learning at home. “We really want school to be a positive experience for your child – and you,” Dr. Howitt says. “Any trepidation parents may have tends to diminish when they experience and understand what school will be like.” Before the big first day of school arrives, “the kids can be acclimatizing to it,” says Dr. Howitt. To aid them, the Greater Essex County District School Board’s website has helpful information. The Welcome to Kindergarten online video at features children answering the important questions, such as: ‘How do I get to school? What will my teacher be like? Who are all these other people? How do we learn?’ Other helpful information for parents, including tips for establishing a routine for getting ready for school and becoming a partner in their child’s education, can be found at “Our Public School Board values the relationships we build with the children and their families. When we’re all working together, we’re stronger in supporting the growth and development of the children we have the privilege of working with every day,” Dr. Howitt says. “Our schools are open and transparent. Please call the Greater Essex County District School Board at 519-255-3200 or your local school with any questions.”


NATURAL PATHWAYS LEARNING CENTRE Combining learning and play in its Forest and Nature School programs, Natural Pathways Learning Centre is providing opportunities to explore and connect with nature. Pat Andrews, Executive Director and Lead Edu-


cator, launched the programs last September,

At its annual potluck luncheon on Dec. 14, RE/MAX Preferred Realty gave

introducing Essex’s woodlands to children

back to its community. Agents and the company together donated $20,000

from Kingsville Public School, Bright Child

to Transition to Betterness (T2B). Another $2,000 was contributed to T2B

Montessori School and 5 Ontario Early Year

from monies raised at a golf tournament in memory of Todd Ellis; the funds

Centres, as well as groups and families.

are being used for the Healing Garden at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

519-990-0756 or

Tayfour Campus. The realtors also gave $2,000 to the Downtown Mission of Windsor and $2,000 to the Canadian Mental Health Association. On hand for the cheque presentations were Dawn Falkner (RE/MAX); Amber Hunter (T2B); Glen Muir (RE/MAX); Doris Lapico (RE/MAX and T2B); and Linda Santos (T2B). 519-944-5955 or

ADVANCED FOOT CARE NURSE INC. Providing foot care treatments by professional nurses, Advanced Foot Care Nurse Inc. has expanded its practice to include PDT by Genesis for the treatment of fungal nails, ingrown toenail bracing and full nail prosthesis for injured or damaged nails. Owner and Registered Practical Nurse Janis Boudreau and her team treat patients at Advanced Foot


Care Nurse’s office at 1614 County Rd. 22,

Providing comprehensive urgent care services, TMC Urgent Care (Windsor) has joined

Belle River. They also make house calls to

Tecumseh Medical Clinic. Lab, radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy and other medical

tend to patients throughout Windsor-Essex

services are on site. Seven days a week, Ghassan Jafar and the TMC team welcome new

County and Chatham-Kent County.

patients to the clinic at 2425 Tecumseh Rd. E., Windsor. 519-944-1344.

226-363-0476 or


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SHANE RENAUD For his long-term, exceptional contributions to the quality of life in the province, Shane Renaud of Tecumseh was awarded the Ontario Medal of Good Citizenship at Queens Park on Dec. 1. He is the first police officer to receive this award and was honoured to speak on behalf of all 19 medal recipients. An advocate for positive changes in Child Welfare Services, Shane has served the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society and the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies; promoted Camp Brombal for disadvantaged kids; and has volunteered as a VIP officer for the last 13 years, discussing peer pressure and other issues with grade 6 students.

CANAM BULLION & CURRENCY EXCHANGE Opening early February at 3234 Dougall Ave. in South Windsor, CanAm Bullion & Currency Exchange is offering competitive foreign exchange rates and more than 70 different global currencies. President Michael Piccioni is also providing online foreign exchange services and is selling gold and silver bullion. 519-919-6404

ADVANCE BUSINESS SYSTEMS At the 25th Annual Advance Business Systems American Thanksgiving Football Classic held at the Windsor Yacht Club, Advance Business Systems, local businesses and national companies raised $12,500 for the accessible playground and outdoor space at the John McGivney Children’s Centre. On Dec. 15, Advance Business System’s President and C.E.O. Jack Jorgensen (back right) presented the cheque to the centre, which provides rehabilitative services to enrich the lives of local children and youth with special needs by helping them reach their full potential. or

LUXBROWS Catering to all women with sparse eyebrow


hair, Tanya Macri has launched LuxBrows.

Recently celebrating its grand open-

Located in Lakeshore, the new company of-

ing, Eyes On Tecumseh is welcom-

fers 3D Embroidery and cos-metic Microb-

ing new patients and eyewear

lading solutions to fill in and shape brows.

customers at 13039 Tecumseh Rd.

Tanya, who graduated from LashForever

E., Tecumseh. Optometrists Dr. Jan-

School in Toronto at the top of her class, is

ice Bellemore and Dr. Rhonda

becoming an authority on Microblading,

Thompson provide general eye

which is considered an elite treatment rep-

exams, health education and other

resenting the pinnacle of all brow proce-

services to people of all ages. In the optical boutique, the team of eyewear specialists fit

dures. LuxBrows offers complimentary

customers with prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses to suit their vision,

consultations. 226-345-4580

style and budget. 519-478-0418 or F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

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DR. DENNIS DIONNE IS PROUD TO BE CELEBRATING his 20th year as a Specialist in Orthodontics. Graduating as a general dentist from the University of Western Ontario Dental School in 1987, and then as a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1995. Orthodontics is the study and correction of anomalies of tooth position and facial growth.



Dr. Dionne is proud to have served Canada for 10 years as an Army officer. As an active participant in community life, he is happy to support many community activities. His wife Carolyn left her teaching career to support the Dionne Orthodontic vision of excellence, and to handle the practice’s administration. The couple’s children Alexandre and Gabrielle are studying sciences at university. After decades in orthodontic practice, Dr. Dionne and his staff continue to strive for excellence. Dr. Dionne is fluent in English and French. We would be honoured for you to join our orthodontic family! The Canadian Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child should have an Orthodontic examination no later than age 7. Dr. Dionne provides a complimentary new patient exam, along with growth and development supervision at no charge to you and your family. Most children at age 7 do not need active treatment, but may benefit from continued growth supervision. This may allow parents to better understand any potential problems, and prepare for any potential treatment, should it be recommended. Dr. Dionne always recommends that patients continue to see their primary care dentist for routine dental treatment on a regular basis. Dr. Dionne is a licensed pilot, and had incorporated his second passion into his practice with a type of ‘passport’ to go along with his aviation theme. A fun ‘log book’ allows young patients to monitor their progression as they grow.

We don’t want to leave out younger siblings, so we have a wonderful kids club for children under age 7. This program allows children the opportunity to meet Dr. Dionne and his staff, and to become comfortable with us before they are encouraged to come in for their complimentary developmental screening examination at age 7. They receive a fun T-shirt, have their picture taken, and place it in the airplane of their choice on one of our walls. Should treatment be required, Dr. Dionne motivates his patients with a fun ‘Orthobuck’ system. This is a fun way for active patients to earn points for regular attendance,

good oral hygiene, and appliance care. These points can be exchanged for great prizes. From age 3 to 83, the practice is made up of people of all ages. Adults make up 30% of our practice, and we therefore have become adept at treating these cases, which can be complex and challenging. We offer braces with colours for our younger patients, clear ceramic braces, lingual braces (on the back of teeth), and Invisalign clear aligner therapy. Dionne Orthodontics finances the cost of your treatment with a NO INTEREST, and customizable payment plan over the course of treatment. We will provide you with assistance with insurance plans, if you are fortunate enough to have coverage. Families actually look forward to their visits. Our office has a full-time laboratory technician on site, which allows us to provide rapid fabrication of required appliances, and expedites repair services, to save you time. There is ample free parking, an amazing massage chair, free Wi-Fi, an Internet Café, gourmet coffee, cookies in the winter and ice cream in the summer. You will enjoy our bright modern facility, which is designed so parents, patients, and younger siblings have an enjoyable visit. The reception area is bright, and decorated with a variety of aviation-themed models suspended from the ceiling, a number of video games, and a toy room for the younger children.

Dr. Dionne says, “The quality of the experience for everyone is of the utmost importance to us”. We employ low-emission digital X-Ray technology, including 3-D Cone Beam CT imaging. There are also soft tissue lasers, intra-oral optical scanners, temporary orthodontic implants, and a fully integrated computerized office management system. Dr. Dionne says, “ I am proud of what we do, and of what my staff and I have accomplished thus far over the years. It is an honour and privilege to serve my hometown”. Please call us directly for your complimentary examination. Dr. Dionne works closely with and collaborates with local dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and other allied specialists. NO REFERRAL is required to schedule an appointment at our office, although they are welcome and warmly received.

12329 Tecumseh Rd., Tecumseh 519.979.4747 |

COMFORT MOBILITY INC. The Family Home Health Care Store You Can Count On

When you or someone you love is experiencing mobility challenges and requiring some help in getting around, it may seem like the options for enjoying an active lifestyle are diminishing. However, today’s intelligently designed walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and other gear are keeping people on the go, confidently and independently. Comfort Mobility Inc. connects people with the right equipment. Founded by John Fase, a 30-year registered nurse with 20 years’ experience in fitting and supplying clients with mobility solutions, the company is family owned and operated. “We are large enough to look after you and provide everything you require – yet small enough to treat you like family,” John says. Serving clients in Windsor-Essex County, Comfort Mobility sells, rents, delivers and maintains manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, folding transport chairs and scooters. Canes, crutches and other aids for daily living are available, as well. Lift chairs and hospital beds enable clients to rest, rise and sit down securely, while lessening the physical strain on their caregivers. The company also sells and installs stair lifts and porch lifts in private homes. Only quality equipment with high levels of safety and customer satisfaction are offered by Comfort Mobility. Respecting that some clients want sturdy, basic equipment while others are ready to embrace the latest technology, Comfort Mobility meets people where they are. “We always make certain that our prices are unbeatable,” assures vice president Julie Fase. “If you have a loved one in a nursing home or long term care

facility, you have the right to choose who provides your equipment,” John explains. “There are many variables to consider when selecting equipment, so it is important that you find a supplier who is knowledgeable and will take the time to ensure you are comfortable in using the equipment that best suits your needs.” Authorized as an Assistive Devices Program vendor by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Comfort Mobility can take care of the client’s funding details and bill Green Shield directly. John and sales consultant, Dan Marentette, get to know each client and the physical limitations that are preventing the person from being active and engaged. The Comfort Mobility team gladly makes house calls. “We can see how the home is arranged and what we need to consider, such as porch steps that have become a barrier,” says John. “Our clients feel far more secure and content, once their home has been adapted to support their independence. Even small enhancements, like the installation of grab bars in the bathroom, can make a huge difference.” To see what Comfort Mobility has to offer, clients and their families can also drop into the showroom at 2707 Temple Dr. in Windsor, conveniently located just off of Central Avenue at E.C. Row Expressway. “While you’re visiting us, our certified compression stocking fitters can measure you for support stockings,” says Customer Service Manager Jessica Fase, who answers questions regarding product options. In the service department, experienced technicians maintain rental equipment and refurbish clients’ older devices to provide more years of reliable use. Products can also be viewed online at and ordered by speaking with a real person on the phone at 519-988-1234. Delivery in Windsor is free.

You may have to take life sitting down, but that doesn't mean you can't get involved.

Trust Comfort Mobility ...we treat you like family. Dan Marentette Sales Consultant

John Fase, RN President

Power & Manual Wheelchairs Walkers & Rollators, 3 & 4 Wheel Scooters Stair Lifts, Porch Lifts, Patient & Ceiling Lifts, Lift Chairs, Hospital Beds & Accessories, Bathroom Safety Products

Sales, Service & Rentals Comfort Mobility Inc. has a host of mobility products, all aimed at increasing your ability to get around. Let us help you get comfortable. Family owned and operated

2707 Temple Drive | 519.988.1234 |


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FIREBODY NON-SURGICAL LIPO & TIGHTENING Real Results for Real People Liposuction that is done without surgery, pain, side effects, recovery, scars or risks is enabling Windsor-Essex people to embrace their smoother, firmer, thinner selves. Costing a fraction of traditional surgical liposuction and achieving permanent results, Firebody is one of only a few clinics in Ontario to specialize in cavitation, a form of targeted non-invasive liposuction. “Our method works to break down fat cells, layer by layer, which are released and metabolized through the body’s natural detoxification process,” says owner and Cavitation Specialist Jillian Strong. “The frequency of our soundwaves can only target fat cells as these cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations. This leaves the surrounding vascular, nervous and muscular tissue unharmed.” Using the tissue’s resistance within the skin’s various layers, Firebody’s technology transforms the RF energy given to the skin into thermal energy. This induces collagen remodeling and neo-collagenesis, resulting in skin tightening. “RF energy produces an electrical current instead of a light source like lasers, so tissue is unharmed and epidermal melanin is not targeted or damaged. That means RF energies can be used for patients of all skin types and colours, safely and effectively,” says Jillian. “Our technology is not a ‘miracle’ - this is science,” she notes. Firebody hits all the issues that commonly trouble people. It reduces fat and cellulite in targeted areas; tightens loose skin on the face, neck and body; and rejuvenates the face while softening and eliminating wrinkles. “The people my technicians and I help are normal people wanting to look their best and feel better about their physical appearance,” says Jillian. “What we do is not gimmicky. We aren’t going to promise to turn you into a supermodel. We use your natural body shape to shape you.” Among the hundreds of people who have turned to Firebody since the Windsor clinic opened in July 2015 are moms whose figures have not bounced back after birth or years of taking care of everybody else. Women gaining weight caused by menopause and other hormonal changes. Thin people who are carrying some stubborn fat in one area or battling cellulite. People verging on diabetes or those suffering from limited mobility. Men and women who are showing signs of aging and wishing to appear more like their younger selves. Firebody’s first 800 clients collectively dropped nearly 7,500 inches. With full money back, guaranteed results, they had nothing to lose but unwanted fat.

“You get immediate results that are permanent,” Jillian says. “However, this is not a quick fix. Each relaxing, 40 minute treatment reduces fats and enhances the skin’s overall appearance. We guarantee that you will be able to visually see a substantial difference after three sessions.” “By using one of the most advanced and efficient fat reduction systems in the world, we are pleased to help our clients regain their confidence in their appearance and feel more vital overall,” says Jillian. To better serve clients, Firebody Non-Surgical Lipo & Tightening relocated to a new clinic at 3181 Marentette Ave., Windsor in November 2016. “We renovated it to give our clients a private, calming experience in a therapeutic setting,” says Jillian. “The clinic’s size and configuration also let us take care of more people. Transparent about costs, the clinic posts its rates at

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Salon Utopia has great things planned for 2017! • New Website • Monthly Giveaways • Colour-U-Bar Wednesdays! $50.00 – 50 Minutes • Free Colour Consultations • Global Education & Travel

Fresh Look. New Product. better Results. Salon Utopia was the inspired vision of three British sisters whose desire was to share their love of beauty and style with their community. True to its name each client is seen as special and treated with the highest level of service. After 25 years of extensive training and industry awards, Utopia is proud to continue exceeding expectations. Professional development, including technique education and global exposure to current trends, has allowed Utopia to be a leader in their industry. The team has been included in numerous industry conferences as trainers demonstrating their skills and knowledge of styles and techniques. The talented team at Salon Utopia prides itself on excellent results, from cut and styling to colour and conditioning. The relationships built over the years have not only brought glamour and sensible style to Windsor-Essex but also provided numerous successful collaborations with local charities. The team has worked hard to serve cancer patients, at-risk youth, seniors and local missions. Serving the community has always been a top priority in this family business. Salon Utopia is excited to have the opportunity to serve you on your next visit. It's our pleasure to leave you feeling like a million bucks!

Beautiful hair begins at...

For appointments call 519.727.0507

Lakeshore Oasis • 486 Advance Blvd. Unit 100 •

AUTONOMY, MOBILITY AND TECHNOLOGY A Short Primer on a Complicated Subject

WHEN WINDSOR LIFE publisher, Bob Robinson, asked me to write a piece about Autonomy and Mobility at the 2017 North American International Auto Show I was glad to do it since these topics are in the news more and more as time passes. Billed as “America’s Car Museum”, the LeMay Museum of Tacoma Washington has for the second year in a row driven three cars across the continental U.S. to Cobo Hall, the home of the North American International Auto Show. This year a 1961 Chrysler 300G, a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad and a 1966 Ford Mustang made the trek through winter weather for the opening of the show. Also displayed by the LeMay Museum was a 1916 Crane-Simplex touring car, originally owned by the Rockefellers of New York. What has this to do with autonomy and mobility? Well the CraneSimplex was simply the best of the best in its day and provided its driver and passengers with the ability to go where ever they pleased, dependent upon road availability and conditions of course. This was the absolute essence of mobility, providing those of unlimited means as well as those of much more modest finances, often via the use of a Ford Model T, Chevrolet or Dodge Brothers car, to venture beyond what had up to then been a limited world for most citizens of North America. Fast forward to 2017 and it turns out that Autonomy and Mobility are here but they’re not. In listening to the array of conferences at the show where manufacturer after manufacturer talked about how autonomous their cars were and what mobility they provided, it seemed that there was no clear definition of what autonomy especially was.


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Above: The dashboard of the Chrysler Portal. No floor pedals and no steering wheel. Left: The futuristic Chrysler Portal. What an autonomous vehicle might look like. Parallelogram doors provide unfettered entry and exit. Below: The gorgeous Cadillac Escala. A concept now, here's hoping it represents the future. Opposite: The latest in mobility circa 1916. This Crane-Simplex touring car was originally owned by John D. Rockefeller. Manual controls for every function and lots of gauges.

To some, Autonomy verges on the George Jetson portrayal of transportation, where you simply enter your transportation device, tell it where you want to go and occupy yourself with other things until your arrival. That day isn’t here yet, and it won’t be before I leave this mortal coil, but for pre-schoolers/grandchildren, it will arrive before they themselves leave. While the end goal may be a fully robotic transportation appliance, autonomy today is in its infancy. Under the proper road and weather conditions, there are cars available today that can operate in the right lane of a multi-lane highway on their own for extended periods, being able to maintain a safe distance behind the car ahead, brake as required and even come to a full stop if stop and go traffic is encountered. Other cars feature bits and pieces of the multitude of abilities that a fully autonomous car requires.

require some help. We’ve all seen stripes on the road. Some are clear and shiny, others are dull, worn and incomplete. Some are done in conventional paint while others have reflective material included with the pigments. In addition to this, fully autonomous cars need more than visual information to know where the road is and where the lanes are. They require sensor imbedded in the road itself. This requires an infrastructure investment by federal governments, provincial and state governments and municipalities. None of which is going to be cheap. And then there’s the question of who and how this will all be paid for. While you’re wrapping your head around that, add in traffic lights and street signs. How many intersections have you come to, where you had to search to find the street sign? While GM and Ford are working on their own self driving car programmes as are many foreign manufacturers, FCA has signed an agreement with Google subsidiary Waymo. This has so far produced 100 Chrysler Pacifica minivans, built in Windsor equipped with all of the necessary technical components to allow them to be self driving. While it’s very possible Waymo will want or ask for additional Pacificas to add to their fleet, nothing specific has been announced as yet. Sergio Marchionne, head of FCA regards Waymo as a customer with a unique twist. FCA has learned a great deal from Waymo as far as what a self driving vehicle entails, but because of the proprietary nature of the technology is still somewhat constrained from developing their own systems. Waymo CEO John Krafcik has publicly stated that they are in favour of releasing only fully autonomous vehicles that do not require driver intervention during a trip. Technical sophistication doesn’t end with cars being able to know where roads, lanes and traffic controls are, they also need to know where other cars on the road are. So along with receiving signals from all of these imbedded sensors, cars also need to transmit signals to other cars to know who else is on the road and where they are. Driving at a steady speed, slowing down, speeding up, turning. All that information needs to be known by all of the cars on the road. Surprisingly not mentioned by any speakers was what I call the VHS/Beta debate. No matter what brand of car you choose to drive, it will still be expected to communicate with its fellow road occupants, meaning they’ll all have to `speak’ the same language. This brings up another point that was only briefly mentioned during the NAIAS sessions. Cyber security. There have already been a few well publicized cases of hackers being able to break in to a car’s electronic control systems and operate the vehicle remotely with not only any input from the driver, nor any way of over-riding it. At the 2017 NAIAS, several speakers mentioned two interesting tidbits. There are currently 250 million or so motor vehicles (cars & trucks) on the roads in the United States. Last year total vehicle sales in the U.S. were just over 17 million. Even if car sales continued at that pace and every car sold in 2017 was fully autonomous, it would take 15 years to replace the entire vehicle fleet. The average car age in the U.S. is over 11 years, so chances are it would take even longer for all cars on the road to be autonomous. While we’re at it, let’s not forget all of the folks who drive and enjoy `old’ cars, or ride motorcycles or e-bikes. How will autonomous cars learn to recognize these road users? Michigan and Ontario are just two of many jurisdictions that are preparing for autonomous vehicles and setting up test centers so that manufacturers can work on their

The U.S. Department of Transportation has recently adopted the six levels (0 to 5) originally defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers standard J3016. Level 0 is an ordinary car, where the driver is responsible for everything the car does. Start, stop, steer and turn. A Level 1 car is still controlled by the driver, but has some functions that the car can take care of itself. Conventional cruise control is something found in a level 1 car. Level 2 still requires a driver, but has the ability to steer, accelerate and brake on its own, in tightly defined circumstances, based on information received by the car about the driving environment. The driver must be able to retake control at any time however. A Level 3 car still has a driver, but is able to operate all “safety-critical systems in certain traffic or environmental conditions”. In other words, when things are just right, the car can look after itself. It’s almost akin to watching a one year old child who has mastered walking on their own. Many manufacturers are understandably nervous about releasing Level 3 cars. As the car is able to look after itself, the driver can occupy himself or herself with other things. But. The driver is still expected to be able to retake control if the situation warrants. I’m not sure that “planning your panic stops in advance” is part of most drivers’ skill set. A Level 4 car is the first of two fully autonomous definitions. It is capable of all driving functions as well as monitoring road conditions for an entire trip. In other words, in the best Star Trek tradition, lay in a course and engage. There is however still a “But”. The car can only do all of this provided the trip falls within the “operational design domain (ODD)” of the vehicle. What’s that? It means that weather and road conditions have to meet the minimum requirements of the car’s ability. Paved roads with clearly marked lanes and road edges would meet that criteria. Zipping down a gravel country road likely wouldn’t. Driving on a sunny day or even in some rain might be tolerable, but a driving snowstorm in the dead of night might not cut it. Level 5 is about what George Jetson drives (less the flying of course). A Level 5 car can do anything a driver can do. No restrictions on weather, road conditions, traffic – anything. Gee, could you imagine a NASCAR race where only half the cars had drivers? The technical sophistication of each level rises exponentially and for level three and four cars, the sensors involved in telling the car where it is physically located on the road

vehicles to learn how they can interact on the road. Stratford Ontario has been working on building a connected city for over a decade. Streetlights, traffic lights and even parking spaces have been networked to provide information so that companies like Cisco, Toshiba and others can test out various systems. Stratford is becoming an alternative to Silicon Valley and California in the realm of autonomous cars. In Michigan, a 311 acre plot of land that built bombers for WWII and later transmissions and Corvairs for General Motors is being transformed into an autonomous car testing site. While all of the buildings from plane and car production are gone, there are still huge expanses of concrete as well as freeway style overpasses that will be used to test the cars. What does all of this autonomy do for mobility? The possibilities are endless. Talk to anyone you know and you’re sure to find someone who dislikes, detests or simply abhors the drive up 401 to Toronto and beyond. Boring, tedious or stressful also likely enter into that conversation. So imagine being able to get into your autonomous car and head off to an event at the Air Canada Center. Or simply driving up to visit relatives. Or for business. Or a weekend away. How about being able to do something

much more practical? Like take the kids to school, or soccer, or dance class. Or an aging parent/grandparent to a medical appointment. A fully programmable driverless car can take care of these tasks. Grocery stores will evolve so that you can order your groceries online and then send the car to pick them up and bring them home. In the world of now, the big technology news from NAIAS is the awarding of the North American Car of The Year prize to the all electric Chevrolet Bolt EV. Built just north of Detroit at Orion Township, the car is fully electric and uses no gasoline whatsoever. It’s the first family oriented electric car that won’t give you range anxiety. Three hundred eighty kilometers is nothing to sneeze at. New this year is the award for North American Utility Vehicle of The Year. The first ever winner of this prize is the Windsor built Chrysler Pacifica minivan. But what about cars that still use gasoline? The move to downsized engines continues with more and more four cylinder and V6 engines showing up where you would have normally expected to see larger powerplants. How are these little engines getting by in engine bays formerly occupied by their bigger brethren? Direct injection and turbocharging help a great deal, but there are also a

laundry list of friction reducing tweaks inside the engine along with lubricants specifically designed to minimize not only friction but also pumping effort to circulate oil. Along with this are a number of new automatic transmissions with more and more speeds. In the early 1950s, an automatic transmission had just two speeds. The next big advance was in the mid 1950s when three speed automatics were introduced. Next was a fourth speed that in many cases provided overdrive to further reduce engine speed for a given road speed and improve fuel economy. Earlier in this century Ford & GM collaborated on a then eye-popping six speed automatic that further reduced the steps between gears. But now the industry is seeing eight, nine and ten speed automatics that allow an engine to spend even more time operating in its functional sweet spot to maximize fuel economy and still deliver performance. So what about the V8? Is it going away? No, not really. There are still going to be burly V8s for Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs, Challengers and Chargers as well as many other large cars and trucks. But watch this space for news of a V8 that may provide some real surprises. WLM



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A New Year ...A New You! Skinov8ive welcomes in the New Year with the goal of bringing you the latest and most advance treatment options for healthier and younger looking skin.

Make 2017 the year for a new you...and the best you! 3 VITAL STEPS to Healthier and Younger Looking Skin STEP 1 – Skin Analysis-What's Your Type?

STEP 3 – Dermaviduals Skin Care

Have you ever wondered about your skin type? Is it dry or oily...are there underlying skin conditions you're not aware of? Determining your skin type is the missing, essential step to finding the most beneficial products and treatments. At Skinov8ive we use skin analysis technology to A unique patented measures skin hydration, oiliness, pigment technology of skin fluorescence and polarized density, redness, skin texture, pore size, light illumination that wrinkle concentration, skin texture, sun reveals skin conditions for targeted treatment. exposure and sensitivity. This information then allows us to develop a concrete, customized program specifically and individually tailored to the unique attributes and condition of your personal skin type.

Keep your skin looking radiant and healthy with a customized skin care regimen developed especially for your skin's needs. Dermaviduals Skin Care products offers personalized skincare and include NO emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes & minerals, oils & silicones or colorants and amines. At Skinov8ive, our skin care specialists will develop a customized clinical treatment plan for optimal results.

STEP 2 – PhotoFacial Skin Treatment Take years off of your appearance and reveal clearer, healthier and youthful skin with photorejuvenation. PhotoFacials use a series of gentle pulsed light treatments that allow patients to achieve outstanding results in a short period of time. PhotoFacials penetrate the skin below the epidermis to remove unwanted redness and brown spots, improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging. PhotoFacial treatments also help correct skin conditions including freckling, telanglectasia, rosacea, angiomas, reticular veins and port wine stains. With over a decade of experience, the skin care professionals at Skinov8ive will help give you beautiful results with clearer, smoother and younger looking skin.

Call us TODAY at 519.966.7200 for a FREE Consultation.... or attend our FREE INFORMATION NIGHT Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm Pre-register at


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Overcoming the Aftermath of the September Flood Together

...YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Fire. Flood. Wind. When your life has been turned up-side-down by a catastrophe, you can count on WINMAR® • Water & Flood Damage Repair Services • General Contracting • Cleaning Services • Mould Removal Services • Asbestos Abatement Services • Foundation Repair

• Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Services • Cleaning & Content Services • Disaster Restoration • Environmental • Wind, Hail & Disaster Services • Specialty Trades

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Colorlux Cellular Blinds in over 800 colours.





Custom North American Made Blinds, Drapery & Shutters. Parts & Repairs available. REMARK

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Senior Moves • Busy Family Moves Age In Place Coordinating All Logistics Of The Transition Estate Sales & Clearouts Household Downsizing Unpacking & Set-up Snowbird Services and More

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When the rain came pouring down and flooded Tecumseh and east Windsor on Thurs., Sept. 29, Winmar received over 250 phone calls for help before the end of the day. “At noon, I called for backup,” says Rob Vidamour, owner of the Windsor Winmar franchise that specializes in property restoration from losses including fire, wind, mould and water. In this case, lots and lots of water, swamping basements in up to four feet of sewage and setting furniture and furnaces afloat. Thirteen Winmar franchises from Sarnia, Chatham, Ottawa and other communities in between hit the 401 to come to Essex County’s aid. They were needed: Another 400 property owners called Winmar over the next few days. “No one was turned away. We kept on answering our phones, knowing that whoever was calling really required our assistance,” Rob says. “Everyone who contacted us received our service.” At peak operation, 350 Winmar men and women were fanned out over the disaster areas, determining damage and triaging repairs. “We prioritized by the severity of the damage and the situation,” Rob explains. “Disabled people residing in community living were number one on our list. We were also concerned about a nursing home that had over a foot of sewage in its basement.” In week one, half of all the properties were cleaned and disinfected and their contents appropriately handled. Every property was done within three weeks. “After that, we started working with homeowners, doing repairs and selecting, ordering and installing new finishes,” Rob says. “Our focus was also on replacing loads of furnaces before the cold weather arrived.” Throughout it all, “people were so patient,” Rob says. “Many understood there were a lot of other people worse off than them. Perhaps that was because all they had to do was look down the street and see huge piles of debris piled by the curb.” “I’m so proud of my community for coming together when disaster struck. I’ll always remember their strength and spirit,” says Rob. “And I’m very grateful to the 13 Winmar teams who helped us all in our time of need.”


of Windsor/Essex

The Windsor Essex Home Builders’ Association’s annual Home Show is Windsor’s premier Home Show, for over 25 years! At our Home Show, you will be able to shop the latest products when buying or building a home, home renovation, get the latest on home décor and outdoor living, and leave with new ideas and solutions for your home. This Home Show is your chance to get a jumpstart on your upcoming projects, just in time for the spring and summer! This show will feature exhibitors with products and services ranging from: Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages, windows, doors, roofing, siding, outdoor living, gardens, fences, decks, home security, lawn care, décor, design, real estate, buying, selling, renovating...and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! This year, we will be holding the Home Show at the Ciociaro Club of Windsor, located at 3745 North Talbot Road, Oldcastle. This venue allows for a great space to showcase exhibitor products and services, and has ample parking for all patrons. The three day event has strategically been scheduled for early March to allow patrons enough time, prior to when the spring and summer home project season commences, to get all of their questions answered by the professionals.

Fri. March 3 4:00pm-8:00pm

Sat. March 4 10:00am-5:00pm

Sun. March 5 10:00am-4:00pm

Ciociaro Club. 3745 North Talbot Rd., Windsor For more information visit

Tickets $7 Kids under 16 are free

AS IMPORTANT AS IT IS, your home is just another element of your total lifestyle. You probably started out small, and as your family and financial means increased, your house may have increased as well. The size and location of your house supports what you do in your leisure time, how/if you entertain, where you work, the number of children you have, their activities......And all these things change over time. In Essex County, we are blessed with an infinite array of providers of services and products that support your lifestyle. Wineries, restaurants, fitness clubs, marinas, golf courses, clothiers, finance companies, interior decorators, music instructors abound. This year's Show, Lifestyles of Windsor-Essex County, brings together many of these providers. Of course, as the Home Builders' Association, we know most about home construction and renovation and how it supports your lifestyle. A home should be convenient, comfortable and safe for everyone in the household - young and old. "Renovating for living" reflects the fact that as we move through different phases of life, our lifestyles and housing needs change. When planning your home renovation, consider what you will need for both the short and the long term: • A family with young children typically needs more space and convenience - extra bathrooms, larger family living areas and a more open kitchen with an eat-in area. • As children mature, they (and their parents) want more privacy. Housing priorities shift towards larger bedrooms, increased closet space and separated living areas. • Grown children returning home, aging parents moving in, home-based businesses – increasingly people need to plan for continuous changes in household composition and use of space. • As homeowners get older, "accessibility" becomes a greater concern - the ability to move easily throughout the home and carry on day-to-day living activities.


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Providing for the long term in your renovation plans can give you greater value and satisfaction. Experienced renovators offer some practical tips on "renovating for life", making your home more flexible and adaptable to your changing needs, while increasing its comfort, convenience and safety at the same time. • Extra-wide doors, easy-to-use locks and good lighting make it easy and safe to get in and out of the house. A large front porch or overhang will offer shelter outside, while a spacious area inside the entrance provides a convenient spot for setting down parcels and removing outdoor footwear. • Whenever possible, incorporate the kitchen, living room and a bathroom into the main living area on one level. Widen narrow halls and doorways to make movement easier. An open floor plan can provide a comfortable family environment for work, play and relaxation. • If space allows, create a separate, multi-purpose room on the main level. Over the years, it may serve as a den, an office or a spare bedroom. • The main floor bathroom should ideally include a shower at least, and a bathtub if possible. • Keep floors at one continuous level. Eliminate obstructions such as steps up or down to the family room, or if necessary, use gently sloped ramps. This protects both children and adults from accidents. • Non-load bearing moveable or removable walls offer the flexibility to change the layout of your home with less work and at a lower cost. • Consider the need and opportunities for future expansion of living space into the basement and/or attic, and rough in services (water, electricity, cable) as other renovation work is done. • Install laundry facilities on the main or upper floor. If you intend to use an outdoor clothes line, place the laundry room for convenient access to the outside. • Choose easy-to-open windows with cranks, and install lever-action handles rather than knobs on all doors and closets. • Position electrical switches, outlets and mechanical system controls where they are easily accessible from a standing or sitting position. Use push-pad light controls, three-way switches to control lights from more than one location, and illuminated controls near entrance doors and in bathrooms. • In the bathroom, think safety for the whole family. Reinforce the walls for grab bars in the shower and tub area. Install non-slip flooring and anti-scald faucets. • Install a central vacuum system, so you don't have to carry your machine around. • In the kitchen, roll-out or pull-down drawers, shelves and pantries make it a snap to keep order and have easy access to everything. Pull-out boards, hinged work surfaces and counters of various heights, with open leg room, let everyone in the family participate in food preparation, including children. • Outside, gently sloped driveways and walkways can to reduce the need for stairs. Garage or parking areas should provide enough space to get around with a baby carriage, armloads of groceries or a wheelchair. Install planters at various and accessible heights. All these renovation suggestions require a provider. Check out the professional members of the Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association at to link to each of their websites. Even better, come to this year's Lifestyles of Windsor-Essex County show to meet these providers in person.

2017 HOME SHOW March 3, 4 & 5

At The Ciociaro Club Of Windsor

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Presented by the Windsor Essex Home Builders’ Association

WELCOME TO THE WINDSOR ESSEX HOME BUILDERS' ASSOCIATION AbouT us The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association is a voluntary organization that understands its members needs and supports their success. It is a strong and positive representative body for our industry with consumers and government. The Association is made up of individuals that work in the residential building industry right here in the Windsor and Essex County area. To resIDenTIAL consTrucTIon PArTners It's your Association, organized so that you can get involved, be part of the "collective voice" and have a strong impact on the future of the industry here in Windsor. Information, support, business contacts, political representation and a chance to speak out.... membership provides tangible benefits and real value that will help you succeed in today's challenging business environment. To join, or ask questions click here. To PubLIc Our Association is your resource. You can get information for Do-It-Yourself projects, or be directed to our professional builders, renovators or suppliers. Check out our Directory and Resources.

Membership Makes A Difference! How Does THe AssocIATIon work? The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association is an association that serves its members and represents the residential construction industry on three levels -- locally, provincially and nationally. All levels of the Association work closely together to keep members up-to-date on the latest developments and well prepared to deal with business challenges and opportunities. When our members join the Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association, they automatically become a member at the provincial, and national levels, and partake in the benefit of services and activities from all three levels. LocALLy Monthly meetings, newsletters, publications, workshops, access to expert advice, marketing campaigns, demonstration projects, awards programs, social activities...a full slate of services and activities gives members the opportunity to make business contacts, gain knowledge and enhance visibility with consumers. ProvIncIALLy Associations are in regular contact with provincial government departments and agencies on a wide range of housing matters, from codes and standards to infrastructure financing and environmental legislation. Education and training programs for Association members are organized and delivered at the provincial level. nATIonALLy The National Office provides a "hub" for the entire membership. Consultations with the federal government, collaboration with public and private research agencies to promote research and demonstration projects, consumer education and marketing initiatives with national industry partners, newsletters and publications, conferences, and awards provide valuable services to members across the country. For THe PubLIc Company membership in our Association provides the public with the assurance that they are dealing with ethical, reliable and high quality professionals.


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Ballard and Conn Smythe, two of the infamous characters who once controlled the team. Their stories are fascinating…to say the least! For instance, Ballard was known for doing almost anything to make a buck. In 1964 when the Beatles were scheduled to play one Labor Day show at Maple Leaf Gardens, writes Duff, “Ballard didn’t bother to tell them that he planned to double down on his investment. Tickets to the show sold out in an hour, so Ballard simply began selling tickets for a second show the same day without bothering to clear and plan with the Beatles.” Naturally, a war of words between Ballard and the Beatles’ manager followed….but the cantankerous Leaf owner won because the Fab Four didn’t want to come off as looking like the bad guys. But that’s not all, so grab a book and get the rest of the story! Ballard and Stafford Smythe, Conn’s son, are widely seen as the architects of the Leafs’ demise following their Stanley Cup victory in 1967 and both were headed to prison in the early 1970s on charges of stealing from the company. However, Stafford died before his date behind bars and Ballard only served a portion of his sentence in minimum security at the Millhaven Penitentiary in Kingston. As Duff writes: Free on a three day pass in the summer of 1973, Ballard mocked the Canadian penal system, insisting he was looking forward to getting back to his jail cell. A typical meal is tenderloin steak, garden peas, baked potato, apple pie and ice cream. I imagine prisoners eat much better than the average Canadian. MAPLE LEAF MOMENTS takes readers back to the early 1900s, before the team became known as the Leafs. You’re treated to an insider’s look at the Punch Imlach years and how the players felt about this controversial coach-manager who led the team to its last Stanley Cup. Who can forget the legendary Eddie Shack, the tough guy described by many as a ‘clown’, but who can brag about having laid off the great Gordie

MAPLE LEAF MOMENTS is one of those books that’s an instant grabber. From the first page to the final paragraph, this latest effort from hockey guru Bob Duff will have you hooked. With more than 200 snippets of information from inside the storied hockey squad, Duff takes the reader on a journey of the Maple Leafs’ history. Hockey fan or not, I guarantee you will not be able to put the book down. Duff, a former sports columnist with the Windsor Star had collected the information for decades, so there was no shortage of material from which to draw and since he had personally interviewed many of the Leaf players from today and yesterday, he manages to convey the real inside scoop of the team. Jim McKenny, a Toronto defenceman from 1966 to 1978 says he can see no end to the Leafs phenomenon, no matter how many more years “they extend their Stanley Cup drought, currently a 48 year old skid. Most of the hockey fans in Toronto are Leaf fans,” he adds. “The team fills the rink, while American League and junior league squads have little or no draw.” He adds….. “People are crazy about the Leafs.” And Duff is quick to add that, “up until the 1967 expansion, the Leafs were neck and neck with the Montreal Canadiens as to which team was the greatest in the NHL, and since then they’re neck and neck for which is the most inept in the league.” For his part, the author says because of the many books that are available on more than 100 years of Leaf history, he decided on taking another approach by writing about “the quirky, off-beat, unusual stuff. I’ve always had an affinity for those kinds of stories,” he says, “so whenever I would stumble across one, I would make note of it.” And, during one of their many discussions on planning the book, Duff and Biblioasis publisher Dan Wells agreed it would make great content.” So in November, 2015, Duff began sifting through mounds of material and assembling it into his final manuscript which was completed about four months later the early spring of last year. While much of the information is presented in relatively short segments, more ink is devoted to the antics of Harold

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Howe on several occasions. A Top 40 song was even written about this so-called ‘clown’. Remember the lyrics, “Clear the track – here comes Shack?” There’s a tribute to the late Tim Horton, the great Toronto defenceman, who was playing for the Buffalo Sabres when he tragically lost his life at age 44 in a grinding auto accident on a return trip to Buffalo after a game in Toronto. As the book states, “Horton’s name has become synonymous with baked goods and hot beverages, making him famous to a generation that never saw him play. To many the name Tim Horton means nothing more than a honeyglazed and a large double-double.” And, we certainly can’t forget Tie Domi, the Belle River native who has actually played in three sports – football with the Toronto Argonauts, soccer with the professional Canadian National League, and of, course, as an enforcer with the Maple Leafs. One of the author’s favorite stories in the book is the one about singer Tiny Tim, who had been reportedly been invited to skate with the Leafs on one of his visits to Toronto. “To say he skated with the Leafs is kind of a misnomer,” says Duff, “since two of the players held him up after putting skates on him and then skated around the ice.” The ‘Tip Toe Through the Tulips’ singer was apparently an avid Leafs’ fan and had been sitting in on one of their practices in the late 60s. Duff maintains the resulting spectacle was simply “hilarious.” MAPLE LEAF MOMENTS has a fairly large distribution and is on the shelves of Biblioasis on Wyandotte Street in Windsor along with most major book stores in both Canada and the United States. It can be ordered online from Amazon and other sites that deal in books. At $19.95 Canadian and $15.95 U.S. it’s a real deal. Even though he no longer writes for the Star, Bob Duff remains as busy as ever. He’s currently working with an American publisher on another Detroit Red Wings book and is consulting with Dan Wells to discuss their next project, details of which haven’t been revealed. And a final note to whet your appetite on this delightful, information-packed publication. Did you know that veteran goalie Johnny Bower, who turns 92 this year, wrote and recorded a children’s Christmas song that charted with the Beatles’ Yesterday the Toronto’s Top 100 list? I suggest you walk……no, run to your nearest book store and pick up a copy of MAPLE LEAF MOMENTS. WLM

SEEING THROUGH YOUR EYES TO ATTAIN YOUR BEST VISION MOVING INTO A LARGER LOCATION a year ago has enabled South Windsor Vision Care to look after more people. New patients are welcome to the flourishing practice in the Grand Marais Medical Centre. The optometrists, Dr. Louisa Minardi and Dr. Dianna Minardi, are twin sisters who each earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Windsor before graduating together in 2006 from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. In order to maintain their patients’ healthy eyes, they perform a wide range of services including comprehensive eye exams for all ages, diabetic eye examinations and contact lens fittings. It’s important to be seen by an optometrist from an early age. Vision is a vital tool in learning. “We start with babies who are 9 to 12 months old,” Dr. Louisa says. OHIP covers the cost of yearly eye exams for youth to 19 years. Precise, caring and cordial, the doctors take their time with patients. “We want the process to be enjoyable,” says Dr. Dianna. “We strive to help everyone who comes to our office.” To further that aim, the optometrists collaborate with Darcia Favot, South Windsor Vision Care’s optician, who graduated from Georgian College in 1980. The optometrists’ office has its own eyewear boutique, dispensing eyeglasses, contact lenses and prescription and polarized sunglasses. Patients, as well as people with prescriptions from other optometrists, can check out the selection and discuss options with Darcia. “Our lens coatings available for eyeglasses are exceptional,” Darcia says. A scratch resistant coating to protect lenses; an anti-reflection coating to cut glare; a UV coating to guard against rays -all help to keep eyes healthy and provide the best clarity of vision. Intriguing developments in lens advancement are making

sharper vision possible. “We take pride in educating patients on the latest technology available in lens design,” says Dr. Louisa. “Media lenses are easing eye strain for people who work long hours on the computer, are on their devices or watch a lot of TV,” Dr. Dianna says. “We help you choose the best lens suited for your lifestyle.” The eyewear boutique carries a large selection of frames for kids, teens and adults. Darcia assists everyone in finding their ideal frames. “If we don’t have what you want on our display shelves, we can order it,” she says. “Your prescription, lenses, coatings and frame all have to come together so you get great vision, fit, comfort and style.” Contact lenses allow people to see without a frame. “Some people don’t realize multifocal contact lenses are available,” Dr. Louisa says. “Our patients are doing very well with multifocal contact lenses, often wearing contacts for the first time after age 40.” Even people with good vision should protect it with quality sunglasses that shield against UV damage and protect their eyes. South Windsor Vision Care has non-prescription sunglasses for youngsters and adults. For patients’ convenience, South Windsor Vision Care is open weekdays, some evenings and some weekends. “Often times taken for granted, our vision is one of our most important senses and the window to the world,” says Dr. Louisa. “Give us a call to book your next appointment, or stop by to see our wide selection of eyewear. We are here to provide quality eyecare.”


VISION CARE Come see us. New Facility. New Location. 2930 Dominion Blvd., Windsor Building B, Suite #3 519-969-3931

Say Oui to French Catholic Education ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS a family can make is where to send their children to school. The Conseil scolaire catholique Providence - French Catholic School Board (Csc Providence) offers a quality learning environment that ensures each student an educational experience that encompasses French language and culture within the context of the Catholic faith. Recently, the Csc Providence has updated its strategic priorities to ensure that students, teachers and parents work together to provide the optimal learning experience for students from Junior Kindergarten until grade 12. “We are experiencing a transformational phase in education. The rapport between the staff and students has never been more important,” says Joseph Picard, Director of Education, Csc Providence. The Csc Providence does everything it can to ensure student success. This includes academic success along with their well-being and integration into society. They also are committed to exposing students to a 21st century learning environment which means that technology plays a large role in every classroom. Robotics is now offered at both the elementary and high school levels. In addition to being fun for the students, staff appreciate the critical thinking opportunities it provides. Computer rooms are being transformed into learning innovation environments. Students are increasingly innovative and creative. The opportunity to engage them and allow for their creativity is an important part of the educational experience at Csc Providence. Workshops are offered for parents to educate them on the use of technology in the classroom and how it can be used as an effective tool for communication along with monitoring student assignments and grades. Unlike French immersion education, everything is taught in French at the Csc Providence. In addition, as a Catholic School Board, they offer a values-based education. Essential tools and skills that will be helpful throughout life are woven into the curriculum. Currently there are 30 schools that are part of the Csc Providence. Total enrollment is 9,900 students. “We are very proud of the educational experience that we offer

to all of our students,” says Picard. “Our staff are committed to hard work and providing innovative programs that meet the changing needs of our students. This includes access to sports, arts and academics.” In a French Catholic school, students do more than speak French; they learn in a fully French environment. It is the combination of a complete French education taught within the Catholic faith that made the decision for Anne Brousseau. All three of her children attended the Csc Providence. Two have graduated and the youngest is currently in grade eleven at École secondaire catholique E.J. Lajeunesse. One of their innovative priorities is community involvement. Students understand that they have a responsibility to improve the community in which they live. The Greens Strategy is also active in all of the Csc Providence’s schools. Students are encouraged to look at reducing their environmental footprint through various measures. Staff at the Csc Providence are highly committed to providing innovative learning environments that engage students. The curriculum encourages teachers to work collaboratively with the students and be creative in their approach to teaching various subjects. Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively in the classroom as well as in independent learning environments. To qualify for enrollment at the Csc Providence, French should be the first language spoken in the home or be the language of instruction in the home. If families do not meet this criteria, they can appeal to the Admissions committee to be considered for enrolment. Interest in French education has increased throughout the province in recent years. This is a trend that the Csc Providence has experienced as well. “There are not many guarantees in life, but giving your child an opportunity to learn in a different language can only help them later in their life,” states Picard. “Being exposed to languages has a positive impact and provides a different learning environment than they may experience elsewhere.”


TRUST. RELATIONSHIP. CHANGE. “We all have moments in our lives that can set us back and make us feel terrible. It is ok to ask for help when we need it. It is a sign of personal strength and growth. I offer counselling support to individuals who are ready to make a positive change in their lives.”


UNEXPECTED COMBINATIONS AND UNPARALLELED STYLE Exquisite fabrics. Distinctive details. Intelligent Shades. Custom combinations. The Alustra® Collection infuses remarkable, intriguing elements of window fashion into every design. Now available with our PowerView motorized operating system.

3230 Jefferson Blvd., Windsor (at E.C. Row)

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3335 Dougall Ave., Lower Level 519.915.4762 1011 Front Rd., LaSalle 226.280.2664

Finding Ways Forward Through Therapy “We all need help from time to time,” says Renée R. Parsons. For over 15 years, Renee has practiced in the social work field with individuals, groups and families in Ontario and eastern Canada. Windsor-Essex County people can now meet with Renée in her new offices at 3335 Dougall Ave., Windsor and 1011 Front Rd., LaSalle. “Whether the issues are big or small, people need to express what is happening. Receiving unbiased, professional feedback can be lifechanging,” Renée says. “My clients come with many different issues. Some are lifelong, others are situational. I tailor the treatment to the individual.” With specialized clinical training in trauma treatment and assessment, mood disorders and relationship difficulties, Renée works with people dealing with such issues as the death of a loved one; an abusive relationship; and post-traumatic stress disorder. “Each situation can derail you. Together, you and I can peel back the layers and help you get past the pain,” says Renée. “The goal is to enhance your quality of life and emotional, social and physical wellbeing.” “Counselling is what I feel passionate about,” says Renée, who is featured online at and as a therapist with “I was raised in a family where caring about other people and giving back to the community are important.” “I see people as very resilient. I think they come here wanting a sense of hope that things will change or go back to the way they want them to be,” Renée says. “It takes courage to reach out to a stranger to deal with what has been unleashed. I respect that.” Appreciating that it can be hard to get help when feeling overwhelmed, frightened or depressed, Renée encourages people to call her at 519-915-4762 for a free phone consultation. “We can get to know a bit about each other first before you decide whether to meet for counselling. I’m here to help.” To accommodate people’s busy schedules, Renée offers her services at flexible hours, Monday through Saturday.


Small business accounts for 30 percent of the GDP in Canada. Motor City Community Credit Union (MCCCU) understands that small business is big business. MCCCU has a team of experts dedicated to assisting small business with all of their banking needs. Together the team has over 100 years of banking experience and are familiar with this marketplace. This is an intangible niche that they have established in Windsor. “We are a strong supporter of small business. As a Windsor only financial institution, and a small business ourselves, we are in tune with the economy of Windsor-Essex and can quickly adapt to changes in our local market. We offer a full range of commercial banking products and services that fully meet the unique needs of even the most demanding companies in our community,” Steve Schincariol, VP Commercial Operations, MCCCU. Motor City has built a strong reputation for finding financial solutions for all of their members The staff take the time to get to know their members and understand their needs. “There is always a story for every client and MCCCU is solution-oriented to meet their needs. We do business with people we know and care about,” says Schincariol. “What does set us apart is our local decision making and our ability to quickly process and service our business members.” There seems to be a gap the market for small business loan requests, especially with the micro loan segment of $250,000 and under. “Whether it is that larger financial institutions are not interested in the smaller loans or that they just don’t fit into the traditional box, we have identified this as an under serviced banking segment. Many businesses are not even aware that they have the option of dealing with a local credit union for their business borrowing needs.” The Canadian Federation of Independent Business recently released its latest bank rankings report, Battle of the Banks, providing insight into the satisfaction of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with their primary financial institutions. As they did in 2012, the last year the survey was conducted, credit unions ranked highest in member satisfaction among SMEs in 2015. At Motor City they have the experience and resources equipped to handle all of your banking needs. Their specialized small business experts can handle any loan request regardless of size as they have the ability to process larger loan requests through syndication with their credit union partners across Ontario. Small Business is our Business and Big Business for MCCCU. “Motor City is the best kept secret in Windsor-Essex,” states Schincariol.

Motor City enhances the quality of life of our community by delivering quality financial products and services effectively, efficiently and with excellence. Over the last 76 years, Motor City has established themselves as an outstanding financial institution. They also take great pride in giving back to the community it serves. One example, is the BBQ held by the small business team. Over the last nine years the BBQ has raised over $50,000 in support of local charities. MCCCU takes great pride in servicing our members wherever they are – for some that means mobile banking, while others continue to visit the branch. When it comes to small business the staff are happy to accommodate meetings at the convenience of the member. Experience the credit union difference by conducting your small business banking at Motor City and see for yourself what sets them apart. Visit, or call (519)977-6939 to learn more.

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Ottawa Street Dental Building Lifelong Relationships with Patients THE TEAM AT OTTAWA STREET DENTAL is very proud to be treating patients in Windsor and the surrounding communities since 1975. This year the practice will be celebrating an exciting milestone. Ottawa Street Dental and its owner, Dr. David Jasey, are celebrating their 25th anniversary in practice in 2017. Dr. Jasey was born and raised in Windsor, and after graduating from the University of Western Ontario, returned to Windsor to begin private practice in family and cosmetic dentistry. After outgrowing the original facility, Dr. Jasey and his partner, Dr. Peter Courey, moved their practice across the street in 2001 to a state of the art facility to better serve their patients’ needs. Staying on Ottawa Street was important to Dr. Jasey and his wife Julie, who serves as the Practice Manager. “Location was important to us when considering a move. Ottawa Street has been a vibrant part of the city and we wanted to continue to invest in our neighborhood community,” Julie says. The relationship between the patient and the dental team is as equally important as the high quality dentistry that is provided at Ottawa Street Dental. “Patients are like family, and we have assembled a highly skilled and dedicated team to ensure the best care for our patients,” says Dr. Jasey. In addition to Dr. Jasey and Dr. Courey, Dr. Rana Diwan joined the practice in 2002. Dr. David Heeney and Dr. Adam Skarbek are recent and welcome additions to the outstanding team. This cohesive group of dentists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice, providing patients with a healthy balance of experienced dentistry and the latest techniques available. Collectively these practitioners possess over 75 years of experience. Working side by side with the dentists is a team of 21 women, who are among the most compassionate, dedicated and caring people in their field. “We are very proud that one third of our team has been with us since day one,” says Julie.

Each team member brings unique skills that ensures patients are not only well cared for, but are at ease and made to feel like family. The team is focused on the overall health and welfare of the patient, and team members strive to ensure patients are well informed in the prevention of tooth decay, gum disease and in maintaining a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. The goal of Ottawa Street Dental is to provide each patient with a comfortable and positive experience in a relaxed and calm environment. “We know that going to the dentist can be stressful for some, and we strive to reduce patients’ anxiety and minimize concerns,” Dr. Jasey says. The team is extremely proud of the fact that patients travel from around the globe to have their dental needs taken care of at Ottawa Street. Many patients make special trips back to Windsor to see their favourite hygienist or dentist. “It’s a testament to the team and the environment that we have created that patients trust us and want to return to us for treatment,” Dr. Jasey explains. The practice offers a multitude of languages and services to their patients. It is helpful in communicating with patients, that in addition to English, different team members speak Italian, French, Arabic,

Ottawa Street Dental practitioners (l-r): Dr. Heeney, Dr. Courey, Dr. Diwan, Dr. Jasey and Dr. Skarbek.

Chinese, Mandarin and Ukrainian. The practice offers a wide range of services from basic preventative dental care to complete cosmetic makeovers. Seven dental hygienists provide dental cleanings, scaling, root planning, nutritional counselling and in office bleaching. Dental services include fillings, composite bonding, porcelain veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. The practice also provides denture services, denture repairs, implant retained crowns, bridges and dentures, as well as dental extractions and root canal therapy. Ottawa Street Dental is certified by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario to offer both nitrous oxide sedation as well as deep sedation for those patients with extreme anxieties. “We have the ability to treat every situation we encounter,” says Dr. Jasey. Every treatment plan is patient specific and customized to suit each individual’s needs. The team at Ottawa Street recognizes the importance of good oral health and its impact on a person’s overall well being. Starting regular visits at an early age can have a crucial impact on the prevention of tooth decay as well as jaw development. The hygiene team at Ottawa Street Dental believes in a hands-on interactive approach with young children, using models, big brushes and “Super Hero Activity” report cards for children to work on. Treatments are completed in 11 operatories equipped with the latest technology, including digital x-rays and computer based videos to help patients understand recommended treatments. In order to increase patients’ comfort level, television, movies and sound systems are available. The administrative team at Ottawa Street is well versed in most dental plans and benefits, and works hand in hand with individual patients to help them better understand their coverage. The practice is also open extended hours to serve their patients’ needs. New patients and emergency patients are always welcome at Ottawa Street Dental. The Jaseys believe one of the keys to their successful organization has been creating a positive work environment. A healthy work-life balance is essential in keeping the team energized and enthusiastic about the work they are doing. This positive energy is felt the minute you walk in the door at Ottawa Street and has been essential in building lifelong relationships with patients.

993 Ottawa St. | 519.258.4211 |


APPETIT! dining & nightlife guide

Bean’s Ladle Eatery & Take-Out - Family friendly dining serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Featuring delicious and affordable homemade food using fresh local ingredients. Offering daily specials and a senior’s discount. Open 8 am to 10 pm. Closed Sundays. Come and check out this west end gem. 519-915-2349 2440 University Avenue West, Windsor Boston Pizza - Fresh gourmet pizzas to burgers and amazing salads. We have it all. Family dining room and sports bar. 4450 Walker Rd., Windsor 519-250-7670 4 Amy Croft Dr., Lakeshore 519-739-1313



519-735-0007 1640 LESPERANCE RD., TECUMSEH

Celebrating 20 Years in Business!

It’s not clean until it’s with a


*Heart-shaped pizzas available in small and medium sizes only, not available in thin crust.

4 Amy Croft Dr., Lakeshore • 519-739-1313 4450 Walker Rd., Windsor • 519-250-7670


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Buy 11 Pre-Paid Cleanings Get the 12th FRee BONDED & INSURED

Cramdon’s Tap and Eatery - South Windsor’s friendly gathering place. Offering great food at affordable prices. Satellite sports and billiards in a pub-like setting. 2950 Dougall Ave. 519-966-1228 Fratelli Pasta Grill - Offering flavour drenched “woodfire” grilled steaks, seafood and pasta dishes. A fresh and healthy selection of modern and time tested classics. Located behind McDonald’s on Manning Rd. in Tecumseh. Take-out, catering, private parties. For reservations call 519-735-0355. Gilligan’s – Burgers Burgers Burgers. Including Buffalo, Lamb, Turkey and more. Great Ribs, Wings and Salads. Sundays Family day kids eat for a toonie. 1270 Walker Road. 519-971-0204 Jeff ’s Fresh Meats - We make dining at home easy. Choose from one of our many ready made products: stuffed pork chop, stirfrys, cordon bleu, stuffed peppers, meat loaf. The City Market – 1030 Walker Rd. 519-967-0988 Joe Schmoe’s Eats N’ Drinks - Family friendly restaurant in LaSalle. Handcrafted burgers, sandwiches and salads. Fresh ingredients and house made sauces. Local wines; 12 Ontario craft and commercial beers on tap. HDTVs. Fast, cheerful service. 5881 Malden Rd. (behind Rexall) 519-250-5522


Casa Mia Ristorante - Experience authentic Italian food, local wines and homemade desserts served in a casual, completely handicap accessible setting. For many years, chef and owner Frank Puccio has been making lunch and dinner fresh to order. Gluten free options. Closed Sunday and Holidays. 519-728-2224 523 Notre Dame St., Belle River.

We also carry these fine lines

Green Valley Plaza, 13300 Tecumseh Rd. E. 519.979.7278 |

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Johnny Shotz - Tecumseh’s #1 roadhouse and home of the New Chicken Deluxe. 2 for 1 wings (Sun 1-4, all day Mon). Breakfast Sat & Sun. 38 HD screens covering every game, 7 pool tables & 13 beers on tap. 13037 Tecumseh Rd. E. 519-735-7005 Kelsey’s - Social gathering and family friendly eatery located at 4115 WALKER RD (the old Casey’s site). Diverse menu from messy sammies, burgers, and wings with many healthy options too. Not to mention off the chart appies, bevvies, and sawwweeeet desserts! Open 7 days a week. Take out option available. 519-250-0802

No Suit & Tie Required this

Valentine’s Day

5881 Malden Road, LaSalle 519-250-5522

Specializing in Gas Fireplaces . . . and more.

Lux Diner - Family friendly atmosphere. Large variety of items that makes everyone happy. 1/2LB Burgers, BBQ Ribs, Halibut, Pasta, Breakfast, and our famous Broasted Chicken. New hours are 8 am to 4 pm, 7 days a week. Serving breakfast and lunch daily. E.C Row & Manning, Lakeshore,On 33 Amy Croft Dr. 519-735-8001 Thai Palace Restaurant - Authentic Thai Cuisine featuring local wines, daily lunch specials and weekly specials. Voted “Best Asian Spot In Windsor Essex”. Finalist in “Taste of Windsor Essex Award”. Take out and catering available. 519-948-6161. 1140 Lauzon Rd., Windsor.

Mario Sementilli, Owner

Neros Gourmet Steakhouse - Indulge in the finer things in life at Neros where modern upscale dining meets traditional steakhouse fare. Fresh, local ingredients, an incredible wine selection and superb service. 1-800-991-7777 ext. 22481.

3118 Jefferson Blvd. 519-974-7370

Parkside at Rochester Place - Newly renovated with 3000 sq ft patio with large fountain pool, incredible fire features, large outdoor lounge area, dining area, new sound system that will amaze you and a New menu that will more than impress! See what they've done! Cty Rd. 2 in Stoney Point at Ruscom River. 519-728-2361

Member of the

Better Business Bureau

Gas Lines for All Gas Appliances


SAVE 40%-60%


Swiss Chalet – Nothing else is Swiss! Famous rotisserie chicken, ribs, roast beef and much much more. DELIVERY AVAILABLE 7 days a week. Dine in, drive thru, take out also available. Open 7 days a week 500 Manning Road 519-739-3101 4450 Walker Road 519-250-7106



Webb’s Steak, Seafood, Burgers, Bar – Thurs. $20 bottles of wine. Great place for families. Open for dinner and lunch daily at 11:00 am. 1640 Lesperance in Tecumseh 519-735-0007




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For information on listings and advertising in the Bon Appetit! section please call Cecilia Minard Podhraski at 519-979-3419.



NHL Player Steve Ott comes home to play for Detroit Red Wings Hometown hockey player Steve Ott has enjoyed a 16 year career in the NHL. This season he realized his childhood dream of playing for the Detroit Red Wings. Above: Steve started playing as a young player and his skills and commitment to the game have resulted in his success.

His dream was realized in 2000 when Ott was a first round draft pick for the Dallas Stars, picked 25th overall. “It was wild to go play for Dallas at 20 years of age. I definitely turned into a man over the 10 years I played there.” In 2012 Ott was traded to the Buffalo Sabres. He fondly recalls it being a very exciting time where he took on many leadership roles including team Captain. He quickly became a fan favourite for his work ethic, playing ability, toughness and desire to win. After two seasons in Buffalo, Ott was traded again. This time to the St. Louis Blues. It was a career highlight as the team made a run for the Stanley Cup. Over the course of his career, Ott has become known as a tough competitor which has resulted in a few suspensions and his fair share of time in the penalty box. It was in 2016 that Ott’s ultimate career goal was fulfilled. On July 1 he signed a one-year contract with the Detroit Red Wings. “It was always my dream to play for the Red Wings. Growing up they were always my favourite team. I still have a grin on my face when I put the jersey on.” Ott is particularly honoured to be part of the

WITH DRIVE, determination, skills and a strong work-ethic ordinary people are able to accomplish extraordinary things. After years of hard work and dedication, Steve Ott fulfilled his life-long dream of playing in the NHL. Today, this “hometown” boy is playing centre for the Detroit Red Wings in his 16th year in the NHL. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Ott, 34, grew up in a military family and travelled all over Canada. In grade eight the family made the move to Stoney Point and Ott has considered Essex County home ever since. Like many professional hockey players, Ott put on his first pair of skates at the age of two. He then went on to play minor hockey with the Sun County Panthers of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and the Belle River Canadiens in the mid-1990s before signing with the Leamington Flyers Jr. B. team in 1998. Ott’s first big break came in 1998 when he was selected in the second round, 41st overall, by the Windsor Spitfires. “Hockey was all I knew growing up,” says Ott. “I knew that I wanted to be successful and since I was a smaller guy in stature I needed to have the will to be better and compete harder.” It was during his time with the Spitfires that Ott believes his hockey game transitioned and he was able to develop into the player that he is today. In his final two seasons as a Spitfire, Ott was selected by the league for the Third All-Star Team in 2001 and the Second All-Star Team in 2002. In addition, Ott represented Canada at the 2001 World Junior Championships in Russia helping the team to win the bronze medal. He also credits having a strong support system around him including his family, Coach Tom Webster and his trainer for 19 years, Bill Nolin. Nolin is an elementary school teacher who lives in Kingsville. He attributes their nearly two-decade long relationship to chemistry. “We were a great personality match from the time I started training him when he was 15,” says Nolin. “Steve has a strong work ethic and is not afraid of hard work. He has evolved a lot over the years. It is his growth mind-set that set him apart from other players. He never had a backup plan to not playing in the NHL.” During his time with the Spitfires Ott scored 50 goals in his 2000-2001 season, an accomplishment that has not been repeated since.

F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

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The Sounds of Motown Dinner Show March 4th, 2017

Lightwire Theatre’s Moon Mouse March 12th, 2017

Just for Laughs Road Show April 1st, 2017

Ticket information is available at

519-252-6579 or www.



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team this year for the final year the team is playing at Joe Louis Arena. He has also been impressed with the classiness of the Detroit Red Wings management. “They have blown me away with how classy an organization they are. From the management to the coaches and trainers everything is first-class. Their work ethic is amazing and the team is such a big part of the community.” His teammates have been impressed by the dimensions and skills he brings to the team. In October the Detroit Free Press said, “Ott’s appeal is heavy on intangibles as well as tangibles. He’s looked at home on the fourth line, with Luke Glendening and Drew Miller, and has been a big part of the penalty kill.” “He’s had a huge impact,” Dylan Larkin said of Ott. “He’s out there battling. Got his first point tonight. He meshes well with Glennie and Millsie. “Then you get him in the locker room and he’s a character. He’s just as valuable as anyone on our team. He doesn’t wear a letter but he's for sure a leader.” Ott also loves that he gets to play in front of a full-house for every home game. “It’s awesome that friends and family are able to come see the games.” Ott, his wife Erica, and their two children Layna and Maverick have always come home to Lakeshore every summer. Now living in Birmingham, he is able to make the commute more regularly. “We absolutely love this area and have always made time to come home every year.” He is hopeful that his contract will be extended and he will have the opportunity to play for the Red Wings in the new Little Caesars arena being built in downtown Detroit set to open in September 2017. “Nothing is guaranteed, but it would be amazing for sure,” says Ott. Sixteen years in the NHL has also taken a toll physically. Ott has undergone 15 surgeries throughout his career. As such, Ott and Nolin have had to make changes to his training program every year. “Every year we approach Steve’s training a little differently depending on what he is dealing with physically.” In spite of what happens after this season, Ott has lived his dream and made this community proud of his accomplishments. It’s great to see nice guys finish on top.“Steve is one of the best personalities to come out of this area. He is one of the nicest human-beings you could meet,” says Nolin. WLM

Helping You Make Healthy Choices for Better Vision

Best Foods For Your Eyes

PERHAPS YOU REMEMBER YOUR MOTHER TELLING you to eat carrots because they’re good for your eyes. Science indicates there is a whole menu of beneficial foods that nourish your vision. “The eye is an organ, like your heart and brain. You need to give it nutrients and make smart choices to keep it healthy,” says Dr. Tim Guthrie, owner of Guthrie Optometry. Providing family eyecare and medical optometry, Dr. Guthrie and his team encourage patients to be proactive. “Quite simply, better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle lead to better vision,” he notes. “You will also have more energy, feel more rested and enjoy better overall health.” A common threat to wellness is chronic inflammation from oxidative stress in the body. Chronic inflammation is directly associated with diseases such as diabetes, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. Dr. Guthrie observes, “We can’t change our genetics, but we can change our choices.” Chronic inflammation is caused by obesity; poor nutrition; smoking; sleep disorders; periodontal disease; and/or stress. The good news is that exerting control over oxidative stress and inflammation can often decrease your risk of these conditions. The positive journey begins with a trip to the grocery store. The best foods for eye health are dark green vegetables (spinach, kale and broccoli); dark fruits (blueberries, blackberries and cherries); nuts; eggs; avocados; salmon; garlic; ginger; and onions. Another ally for eye health can be found on the spice rack. “Curcumin (turmeric) blocks molecules in the body that cause inflammation. It has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on several ocular diseases, such as dry eye syndrome,” Dr. Guthrie says. Green leafy vegetables and eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin which lower the emergence of chronic eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables also helps prevent cataracts from developing. Teamed with other essential nutrients, it can slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss. Vitamin E in nuts, fortified cereals and sweet potatoes protects cells in the eyes from free radical molecules that break down healthy tissue. Omega-3 essential fatty acids maintain the integrity of the nervous system, fuel cells, boost the immune system and are important for proper visual development and retinal function. Zinc is an essential trace mineral, a helper molecule useful in bringing vitamin A from the liver to the retina in order to produce melanin, a protective pigment in the eyes. Limiting dairy and red meat and avoiding processed and fried foods are decisions your body’s organs will appreciate. “I recommend that people irritated by dry eyes try hydrating and nourishing from the inside rather than applying external eyedrops,” Dr. Guthrie advises. “Sitting is the new smoking and will cause progression of chronic disease,” says Dr. Guthrie. Exercising, combined with managing stress through yoga and meditation, will improve your health at any age. These may help you quit smoking, shed unwanted weight and achieve the optimal 7 to 9 hours of nightly sleep. “To help you, our team creates a personalized care plan that is adjusted over time as your body changes,” Dr. Guthrie says. “We don’t just do eyeglass prescriptions, we take a holistic approach to your best vision.”

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BOOSTING BRAIN POWER At Lakeview Centre for Academic Excellence they understand that no two children learn the same way. In some instances, this may mean that children are excelling at a gifted level or experiencing learning challenges. To address these differences, Lakeview offers two programs, one which takes place during school hours – the Arrowsmith Program and the other, an after school tutoring program – Boosting Brain Power. Through careful assessment, teachers create an individual learning profile for each student and then design precise and specific exercises.

TUTORING PROGRAM With a focus on math and language, the after school tutoring program is tailored to the current level of the student. Students begin by reviewing basic math skills required for the new Ontario school curriculum, and end with math problem solving using different math competition questions. For language, Lakeview’s book club focuses on nurturing a love of reading while developing vocabulary, and comprehension. Students have fun boosting their reading skills during this after school program. “It’s individualized, its targeted, and it boosts brain power,” states Prof. Maureen Harris, Head of School.

ARROWSMITH PROGRAM Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to restructure itself after training or practice. With the understanding that the brain is continuously evolving and change is indeed possible, Arrowsmith focuses on the ways in which students grow instead of settling for what is or not achievable. The premise of this program is that the cognitive areas contributing to learning challenges can be improved through targeted cognitive exercise, resulting in increased mental capacities and strengthened learning abilities. The goal of this program is to develop effective, confident and self-directed learners for life. Lakeview is the only school in this region to offer this program. “Rather than teach ways to compensate for specific learning challenges, we strengthen learning capabilities,” says Prof. Harris. The “typical” student in the Arrowsmith Program attends Lakeview fulltime, studies math, language and cultural subjects in the home classroom, and the remainder of the school hours are spent in Arrowsmith. After working with specialized teachers, students often enjoy amazing accomplishments. This includes strengthened cognitive processes for efficient learning,

improved reasoning and comprehension, improved academic skills with word identification, reading, fluency, math and writing, improved phonemic awareness, improved processing speed and memory. “We have seen students have amazing experience with this program,” says Harris. One student at Lakeview joined the program in September 2014 and has made great strides in the last 2.5 years. Her particular learning difficulties are concentrated in three main cognitive areas:

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION A deficit in this cognitive area manifests as a difficulty understanding body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. This student often had difficulty functioning socially, misinterpreting social situations and reacting and acting inappropriately. After being in the program for 6 months, her mother shared that for the first time in her child’s life she was able to show empathy for her younger brother.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING A deficit in this cognitive area manifests in various ways. In the case of this student, she has difficulty in the areas of reasoning, flexibility of thought, and problem solving as well as planning and execution. She is now able to make plans and follow through on them, find objects that are not within sight and problem solve to a greater degree.

MOTOR SYMBOL SEQUENCING A deficit in this cognitive area affects one's ability to read, write and speak fluently and accurately. With this student, speech and reading are not affected, but writing is laboriously difficult. Her writing has now improved and is no longer a source of distress. Another example is a boy whose math scores were in the low 40s. He was unhappy at school and spent much of his day in the office due to defiant behaviour towards teachers and students. After completing the program his math scores moved up into the 90s, his self-esteem returned, and he spent his time on student council helping others, rather than in the office. He is now in grade 10 and his grades have remained steady. He believes his success is due to the clarity that the Arrowsmith program brought to his learning. To find out how Lakeview can boost brain power and bring clarity to your child contact Prof. Harris at (519) 735-5005. Visit for more information.



SELECTING A FINANCIAL ADVISOR to manage your money is one of the most important decisions you can make. No one understands this more than the team of experts at Moe Mailloux Financial Services in Belle River. For over 30 years the financial team has been assisting their diverse clientele manage their finances. Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. recently relocated to 220 Ouellette St. in Belle River. “Our chief goal from the onset has been to assist clients in meeting and exceeding their financial goals,” said founder Moe Mailloux Sr. “Our clients include professionals, labourers, the young and the elderly. Whatever their needs are, we go out of our way to help them achieve their objectives.” For that reason, the financial team is known and respected for its confidentiality, honesty and integrity in the community and industry. Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. has earned its’ reputation as a trusted advisor in the community by providing services including life insurance, accumulation and protection of personal wealth, income provisions for retirement and tax favoured growth opportunities.

Partners (l-r): Moe Mailloux Sr., Moe Mailloux Jr. and Kevin M. King. W i n d s o r

L i f e

Moe Mailloux Sr., President Kevin M. King, Financial Security Advisor Moe Mailloux Jr., Financial Security Advisor Brian Sonne, Certified Financial Planner Evan Carrick, Financial Security Advisor Hélène Laforet, Company Health Benefit Specialist Patsy Sonne, Office Manager Kathy Macyshyn, Administrative Assistant Melissa Borrelli, Administrative Assistant Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. is aligned with The Benefits Company of Windsor: southwestern Ontario’s largest group marketing firm. Together they provide the most comprehensive pension plans in the business through the Benefit Company’s Greenlight Retirement Program ™. “The Benefits Company is the only company that we have partnered with to add value to our group clients,” Mailloux said. “I have a 25-year relationship with Rob Tamblyn. Together we find solutions for any size company.” The financial industry landscape is always changing and so in August 2015, Kevin King joined the company as a partner to bring a strong focus on personal and corporate-owned life insurance. Kevin has been in the financial services industry business since 1991. King said. “I think the partnership including Moe Jr. is a great compliment for our clients. We are able to bring Moe Sr’s extensive investment background and combine it with my insurance planning. Together the match helps our clients get the best of both worlds.” Moe Sr. believes the partnership has changed the dynamics of the company in a way that will better serve the ever changing needs of the clients. This combined with the continued support of Moe Mailloux Jr. will ensure the continuation of the firm for years to come. “The partners’ niche and expertise complement each other. This makes us a more balanced team able to assist individuals and businesses with all of their investment needs,” says Moe. Their “walk in” policy for new and established clientele alike means someone is always ready to serve you, answering telephone inquiries in person with no merely generic solutions for individual concerns and questions.


Kevin M. King

Moe Mailloux Jr.





As the baby-boomer generation ages there is a substantial transfer of wealth that we are experiencing. Moe’s team can educate clients on how to bypass estate and probate fees to ensure that money goes directly to beneficiaries. “We believe our team of five financial security advisors, a full time group and pension specialist as well as three customer assistants show we have a strong investment in this community,” Kevin said. “This investment insures that we care and we provide a service to our clients’ that is second to none.” Moe Sr. is a life and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the premier association for the world’s best sales professionals in the life insurance-based financial services business. Kevin King has been a MDRT producer since 1997. Rest assured that you are working with accomplished, ethical professionals. Through annual reviews, semi-annual statements and online updates, Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. guarantees top notch service to clients. To learn how to start achieving your future financial security today, contact us at 519-728-9431 or come in for a consultation. Visit for more information.

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COOKING AT HOME LISA TAYFOUR, WINDSOR PHILANTHROPIST AND CHAIR OF THE WOMEN’S COMMITTEE FOR THE HOUSE OF SOPHROSYNE When Lisa Tayfour wants to treat her family and friends to a special dinner, she begins with a beautifully French trimmed rack of lamb. Then she selects fresh asparagus and fingerling potatoes, finishing them with olive oil. The result is a meal that is as wholesome as it is delicious.

Pinenut Walnut Pesto Crusted Lamb Pinenut Walnut Pesto Ingredients: • 1/4 cup of olive oil • One large garlic clove • 1/2 cup of walnuts • 1 tablespoon of pinenuts • 1/2 teaspoon of salt • Six large fresh basil leaves • 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme • Six large mint leaves • Half a lemon (juice)

Additional Ingredients: • Rack of lamb (7 or 8 chops in one piece, the bones exposed in the French trimmed method) • Asparagus • Fingerling potatoes • Fresh parsley • Olive oil • Salt • Pepper

Put all ingredients in blender and purée. Three hours before cooking rub pesto over entire rack of lamb including rib bones. Remove lamb from refrigeration sit out for one hour prior to cooking. Set oven for 400˚F Cover bones with aluminum foil to prevent burning. Cook at 425˚F for 20 minutes. Remove aluminum foil from bones and turn off oven let it sit in oven while oven is off for another 15 minutes. Remove from oven and let it sit for 10 minutes. Fingerling Potatoes: boil in salted waterboil until tender when pricked with a fork. Drain add fresh finally chopped parsley drizzle with olive oil. Asparagus: Blanche in boiling water for 10 minutes run under cool water. Lightly brush asparagus with olive oil salt and pepper and put under the broiler for five minutes watching it closely.


W i n d s o r

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“I was not always a fan of lamb, but I tried this once when travelling to Turkey and my family and I really love it. Using seasonal and fresh ingredients really gives the best flavours in your dish.” – Lisa Tayfour


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ARIES MAR 21 - APR 20: There could be a tug-of-war going on where finances are concerned. Check out the facts before you dig too deep into your own pockets. Just because somebody tells you what is going on does not mean it is true. The key would be to find the correct balance between want and need.

TAURUS APR 21 - MAY 21: If you are hoping someone else will read your mind and save you from having to make an explanation, forget it. You cannot blame anyone for misunderstanding if you will not share your thoughts and feelings. Verbal confirmation and feedback is necessary to stay on-track.


RubbeRized Rust pRotection





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Your feet are likely to be in perpetual motion. You may find yourself in a position where you have to swing, duck or get out of the way. It is not a good idea now to force issues or confront others. Let friends handle the details while you focus on the long term picture.

CANCER JUN 22 - JUL 23: Do not be so hard on yourself. You feel responsible for everyone. You are not. It is ok to offer moral support, but it is also essential to let others learn their own life lessons. You will still be there for them when they really need you.

LEO JUL 24 - AUG 23: Creative problem solving might be able to save the day in a difficult situation. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before you make a final decision. Anger smouldering under the surface can be misdirected. Go directly to the source and get confirmation before you proceed.

VIRGO AUG 24 - SEP 23: It is time to either take up a new hobby or return to one you’ve put on the shelf. You won’t do yourself much good if you don’t relax more and find a way to keep life simpler. You do not have to do all the things you think you do. You just THINK you do.


LIBRA SEP 24 - OCT 23: Once you put it in writing, you cannot take it back. Total transformation characterizes your life at this time. Travel light and move fast – but observe the speed limit. You tend to be in the spotlight at all times whether you realize it or not. Put your best foot forward and keep it there.

SCORPIO OCT 24 - NOV 22: The iron hand in the velvet glove works best for you right now. If you come on too strong others will run away from you. You have the power. The most important thing is how you use it. A little bit of reverse psychology, easy does it, might help you land where you want to be.

SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 - DEC 21: If you plan your work and work your plan, you cannot help but to be successful. It is time to patch the cracks or holes in your thinking. Start with small goals and hard work. First the work, then rewards and recognition come later, paying dividends when you least expect it.

CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 20: It is important to spend quality time with loved ones, especially with children or younger people in your immediate surroundings. You provide valuable advice and inspiration. In return you receive much satisfaction from knowing your words are important with a job well done.

AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19: A new way, a new day helps you enjoy time spent being more active in pursuing your dreams. This is the time to create the lifestyle best suited to meeting your own hopes and expectations. Music can play a big role in your life now, whether being actively involved or just listening.

PISCES FEB 20 - MAR 20 A new opportunity could pay off big-time. By living in the here and now, you are likely to be quite successful. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much further you get ahead by helping those close to you in mind, spirit and ambition.



DANCE HAS LED Christian Vincent to take steps he never imagined when he left Windsor for Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago. After making it as a professional dancer, Christian expanded his skills, becoming an actor, choreographer, creative director, dance coach and now university lecturer. “I like diversity in what I do,” he says simply. “I don’t want to be at a standstill.” That was obvious to his parents when at age five, Christian began tapping at Nancy Pattison’s Dance World in Windsor. He broadened his dance range with Madeleine Weingarden. By age 16, Christian was adept in jazz, hip-hop, tap and ballet and ready for advanced training in classical ballet. “My parents or my brother, Benjamin Jr., would drive me three times a week to the Iacob Lascu School of Ballet in Bloomfield, Michigan,” Christian says. “It was a group effort getting me there.” He credits his mother Manzella, father Benjamin and brother for making his dance dreams possible. “The successes I’ve had I attribute to the love of my family. It’s because of them that I’m here now.”

Above left to right: Christian Vincent’s dynamic dance skills electrify the Macy's Stars of Dance performance on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars; transforming Christian into a professional dancer was a Vincent family effort: (from left) brother Benjamin Jr., mother Manzella, father Benjamin, and Christian; Madonna selected Christian (right) to be one of her dancing cowboys in her Don’t Tell Me video.

Looking back at his growing up years, Christian acknowledges, “I was not your average kid. I was a boy who danced when most of my peers were in hockey.” His choice of athletics was an issue with some of his classmates at Sandwich West Public School and Sandwich Secondary School. “There was negativity toward me because I danced – and also because I was a brown boy,” Christian says. “Being different makes you a target.” Christian was so focused on his goals that he danced right by the detractors. “I think they prepared me and gave me tougher skin to go into a career that isn’t all about accolades,” Christian says. “I thank them for it because it prepared me for my future. It strengthened me. Dancing for me was my high,” he says. “It gave me great drive and joy and I kept my eye on the prize.” Accolades came from the community as Christian advanced in his dancing, winning competitions and scholarships to Los Angeles and other cities. “I started getting more respect,” he recalls. “I had huge support from family and friends,” as well as encouraging teachers and people Christian met and befriended at dance conventions. “Dance can create a good sense of community.”

After high school graduation, Christian attended the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts for one year before heading to Butler University in Indiana, where he became proficient in modern, ethnic, classical and lyrical dance and achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts with highest honors, cum laude. “My first job was in a Kellogg’s cereal commercial in Toronto,” he remembers. Although he appreciated the commercial work, “my goal was to work with Janet Jackson, Madonna and Prince.” Knowing that “Los Angeles is the epicenter for the pop market,” Christian headed to the west coast in 1997. L.A. has been home base ever since. Once there, he took a good look around. “I created myself into what I wanted to be to become more marketable.” To transform himself physically into the kind of dancer sought for big ticket shows, he cut his long hair and built a more muscular physique. Christian’s astuteness paid off when he was hired for Baywatch with Carmen Electra. His next gig was with Prince and his New Power Generation Dance Company. Fulfilling another long held ambition, Christian was chosen to be one of the cowboys dancing up a dust storm in Madonna’s Don’t Tell Me video. He then performed

with the pop star at the Grammy Awards and on her promo and global tours, becoming her dance captain. Work with Ricky Martin, Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Mandy Moore, Gloria Estefan, Ashanti, Britney Spears and other A-listers followed. Frequent commercial dance work in the U.S. and Canada have also kept Christian active in his industry. Movies have provided another stage for Christian: He has danced in She’s All That, Starsky and Hutch, Rent, The Wedding Planner, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas, Ms. Congeniality 2 and GI Joe 2 Retaliation. His TV appearances as a dancer include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disney’s Annie, Arrested Development, Mad TV, The George Lopez show and Cold Case. Christian was also on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars, performing in the Macy's Stars of Dance featuring Sheila E. His own dance moves and creative choreography have brought pizzazz to commercials for Target, AT&T, Nationwide Insurance, WalMart, Nestle Skinny Cow, CoverGirl with Queen Latifah, Adidas and Subway. As a choreographer, dance coach and artistic director, Christian works with

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directors and actors, such as Joseph GordonLevitt in 500 Days of Summer and Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water. “My first love is dance but I’m a performer,” says Christian, who studied acting and voice in high school and university. Once he was on the honour roll as a working dancer, his dance agent sent him to audition for MTV Logo’s Noah’s Arc. He won the part of one of four friends living in L.A. The show originally aired 2004 to 2006, with its movie, Jumping the Broom, released to theatres in 2008. Other TV roles have included the Archangel Michael on ABC’s Fallen and appearances on Smallville and Center Stage 2. On the sci-fi show, Continuum, Christian portrayed a man who was with his dying mother. Off Broadway, Christian played in Radiant Baby. “I think any role is a good role,” he notes. With his work taking him around the world, Christian is glad whenever he lands back in Canada, where he visits his family in the Windsor area or puts his talents to use on a job. One of his favourite projects was being a choreographer on Global TV’s Canada Sings, a glee club style battle in 2011 and 2012.

Keeping tabs on the Canadian dance scene, Christian believes, “There is a lot of talent in Windsor. You’ll hear about more success stories about dancers there.” He observes that anyone who dances is rewarded for their efforts. Whether the dancers are professional or young kids trying out hip-hop moves or a middle-aged couple taking their first ballroom dance class, dance improves their health, motor skills, stress levels and confidence. “There’s a spirit to dance when you’re connected to the music,” Christian finds. “I still get that rush of adrenalin.” He enjoys sharing what he has learned as a dancer. “I’ve always taught. No matter how famous you are, how much money you make, you teach,” Christian says. Serious about the quality of his teaching, Christian returned to the halls of higher learning to achieve a Masters of Fine Arts degree in dance from the University of California. Christian admits, “It wasn’t easy” to balance his professional life with work on his thesis focused on bridging the gap between commercial dance and dance in higher education. After two years of study, he graduated in 2015. The student became a faculty member this semester at the University of

Southern California’s Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. “It’s one of, if not the most prestigious, new, dance schools in the world,” Christian says. “It has the most beautiful studios I’ve ever seen.” Twice a week, Christian teaches jazz and tap and their place in American history and culture. “I hope to help create thinking dancers but also dancers who can go out to work and are marketable,” he says. At the university and in master classes and dance conventions in the U.S. and Canada, Christian advises his student dancers: “You want to be prepared and have your skills that’s base level. It’s also about personality.” Inside and beyond the classes Christian teaches, he sees a significant shift in attitude toward boys and men who dance these days. “With the prevalence of hip-hop and TV dance shows, I think dance is more accepted now,” Christian says. Parents’ encouragement is vital to boys finding their feet. His own mother recently bumped into one of her son’s boyhood schoolmates, who remarked that Christian had not been a normal kid. Christian laughed when Manzella shared the remark. “I’ve never been normal and I’ve never been ordinary,” he says. “And that’s why I am where I am.” WLM

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Baccalaureate Middle Years Program participants: Meaghan Osborne and Adam Nunes

WINDSOR-ESSEX CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD Students Enter the First International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programs PROVIDING STUDENTS WITH OPPORTUNITIES and options for learning, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board strives to meet young people where they are at. Grades 11 and 12 students who want to be challenged can enter the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, now in its 11th year at Assumption College Catholic High School in Windsor. The school board just entered the IB candidacy phase for the Middle Years Programs at Assumption College Catholic Middle School and Cardinal Carter Catholic Middle School in Leamington. “It’s the first step to becoming an authorized IB World School. IB works with us to ensure their standards are being met. We have our own high standards, as well,” explains superintendent Joseph Ibrahim. Students in grades 8 to 10 began the inaugural program last September. The school board provides transportation for Assumption IB students living in the LaSalle and Lakeshore areas. The new students are doing well. “We want them to be creative, reflective students and relate what they are learning to the real world,” Joseph says. The IB environment is positive and collaborative, observes John Conlon, an IB history teacher at Assumption College Catholic High School. His daughter graduated from the program and now finds the time management skills and work ethic she developed at Assumption useful in her studies at the University of Toronto. “One of the best things kids get out of the program is they have a really well rounded education as far as their ability to read and think in all subjects,” John says. Everyone takes the Theory of Knowledge course, which helps them reflect on the nature of


W i n d s o r

L i f e

knowledge. “We weave the philosophy of ToK through other courses. Students learn how to be independent, critical thinkers.” “You don’t have to be an academic rock star to be in the program – it’s quite accessible to students,” John says. After attending an IB information night, Meaghan Osborne chose to go into the program. “I wanted something different and more of a challenge. I thought I’d find students at Assumption who wanted to learn as much as I did.” Now in grade 12, Meaghan knows she made the right decision. “It’s a community of students who are all motivated and want to help each other out to reach their goals,” she says. “All the teachers are passionate about their subject areas. I believe the IB program gives me the competitive advantage to get me into the university programs I want,” says Meaghan. Adam Nunes, a Grade 12 IB student, appreciates the “diversity in which you learn.” In addition to taking the physics, math and chemistry he prefers, Adam also studies French, English and history that help him communicate and “expand my horizons.” Currently, there are 600 students from grades 7 to 12 in IB classes. The curriculum includes English, French, business, all the mathematics and sciences, plus computer science, music and visual arts. Students interested in the program complete an application and meet with Elisa Houston, Assumption vice principal and the IB coordinator. “We look for well rounded, motivated, hardworking students,” she says. “The IB program provides an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposes the students to a variety of points of view,” Elisa says. “It shapes students into active, compassionate citizens of the world.”

PANOS SECHOPOULOS CFA, CFP, FMA RBC DOMINION SECURITIES New “CRM2” Regulation Is Good News For Canadian Investors You work hard for your money and deserve complete transparency when it comes to the investment fees that you are paying. That’s why, at RBC Dominion Securities, we welcome the Client Relationship Model II (CRM2) regulation that is coming into effect in early 2017. CRM2 provides Canadian investors with greater transparency about the cost and performance of their accounts – the driving force behind this new industry-wide regulation. How is CRM2 changing the Canadian investment industry? CRM2 is designed to improve how the financial industry reports and discloses information to investors. Changes are now being phased in with two new reports, one on account costs and the other on account performance, which many Canadian investors will receive this year. This will provide investors with more details on the costs and performance of their investment accounts and improve their ability to assess how they are progressing towards their financial goals. This new regulation applies to most investment dealers and advisors in Canada including: investment dealers regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), such as RBC Dominion Securities. It also includes firms regulated by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA), such as the respective mutual fund distributor of each of the major banks, along with investment counselling firms regulated by provincial securities commissions in Canada. Bear in mind that CRM2 does not change the amount that investors are currently paying for to their investment firm. It simply


W i n d s o r

L i f e

provides more specific detail about account costs and performance of their investments. At RBC Dominion Securities two new annual reports will be sent to investors in 2017 for all investment accounts. The Annual Charges and Compensation Report will show a detailed list of account costs and the Annual Investment Performance Report will provide details on how the account is performing using a “moneyweighted” rate of return. Ultimately, the CRM2 helps clients achieve their financial goals by keeping them informed of the details of their accounts. How can we help? With CRM2 coming into effect, many investors are wondering if they are getting value for the investments costs they pay. We would be pleased to discuss the value we can provide to you, or answer any questions about CRM2. At RBC Dominion Securities, we have a long-time dedicated staff who are experts when it comes to managing and investing your money. As a client of RBC Dominion Securities, you benefit from the personalized attention of your dedicated advisor, who takes the time to understand your financial situation, life goals and tolerance for risk and tailor the investment and wealth management services you need. We would be happy to talk to you about your current situation and, if appropriate, provide a complimentary second opinion on your current portfolio. Panos Sechopoulos is a Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. To find out how Panos can help you attain your investment goals, contact him at 519-252-3645 or visit

“All of my clients are suffering when they come to see me for the first time. Many feel broken because their relationships and work

Pat Scandale, Livetech Photo/Video

have all been negatively affected by their injuries. Ultimately, I want to help people recover and be able to move on with their lives as soon as possible and as meaningfully as possible.” – Melanie Gardin LLP

Serious Injuries Deserve Serious Results

Melanie Gardin Has The Passion And Experience To Help MAYBE YOU HAVE BEEN INJURED in an accident. Maybe you know someone who has been. Chances are if you ask anyone injured in an accident what they want most, you will hear the resounding refrain: “I just want my life back.” Whether that life includes working, lifting their children, playing sports, having a romantic relationship, or going to school, “life,” in all its varying designs, is a precious thing to lose. In over 14 years working exclusively as a lawyer who advocates for injured persons, Windsor lawyer Melanie Gardin has known full well the rewards of helping the injured piece their lives back together. “It is a mix of personal and professional fulfillment for me,” says Melanie. “I get immense satisfaction from knowing that I played a big role in helping my clients recover physically and emotionally as much as possible. And at the same time I see that justice is done for people injured through no fault of their own. All of my clients are suffering when they come to see me for the first time. Many feel broken because their relationships and work have all been negatively affected by their injuries.” At Velocity Injury Law LLP, the firm that Melanie operates with her law partner Ruth Stewart, “we help you with your whole life,” Melanie explains. “We help connect our clients to the various health care providers they need. Sometimes dealing with their own insurance company can be confusing and overwhelming. So we help them with that, too.” The firm also has a proven track record in

successful Long Term Disability and Canada Pension Plan Disability appeals for their injured clients. January 2017 marked the launch of Velocity Injury Law LLP, the firm that grew from Chapman Gordon Gardin Stewart LLP following the 2016 retirement of partners Bill Chapman and Donald Gordon. Melanie and Ruth chose the name “Velocity” because it represents moving forward with confidence. “Ultimately, I want to help people recover and be able to move on with their lives as soon as possible and as meaningfully as possible,” says Melanie. From 2009-2013 Melanie served as Director of the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA). As part of her work with OBIA Melanie was a driving force behind the “Drive Only – Never Text” campaign launched at Queen’s Park. In 2014 Melanie was presented the “Volunteer Award” by OBIA for her outstanding support of individuals living with the effects of brain injury. Locally, Melanie is the immediate Past-President of the Brain Injury Association of Windsor and Essex County and has volunteered on that board for the past 9 years. Melanie Gardin and Ruth Stewart operate Velocity Injury Law LLP out of the same location as the former Chapman Gordon Gardin Stewart LLP, at 800 University Avenue West in Windsor. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or another type of accident, you might need the help that Velocity Injury Law LLP can provide. The firm’s phone number is 519-946-4300 and consultations are free.

519-946-4300 | 800 University Avenue West, Windsor ON N9A 5R9

WRA X-Ray Clinics Now offering Nine Locations and A Fast Leading Edge Diagnostic Imaging Scanner A LOCAL GROUP OF PHYSICIANS have invested in the next generation of medical imaging technology, benefiting local patients and the medical professionals responsible for their healthcare. “GE’s Discovery NM 630 is the newest nuclear medicine imaging device in Windsor-Essex County,” says Dr. Brigitte Ala, a diagnostic radiologist and partner of WRA X-Ray Clinics. The machine does much more than take still pictures – it captures moving images. That capability is incredibly helpful to doctors. “The purpose of doing nuclear medicine tests is so we can see the functionality of what we are imaging,” says Dr. Ala. “If we are imaging bones, the radiotracer gets picked up in the bones so we can tell if there is increased activity, which may be a sign of inflammation, fracture, arthritis or a cancerous tumour.” “If we do a renal scan for kidneys, it shows us how the patient’s kidneys are actually working and if they are fully emptying or dilating.” “If we image the heart, we can see areas where blood flow may be decreased, or where there has been previous damage.” “Nuclear medicine tests allow us to see how the organs or bones are functioning, compared to an x-ray or CT-scan where it takes a picture of anatomy but doesn’t give us much information about function,” Dr. Ala says. Wanting patients to be able to achieve improved health through enhanced imaging, WRA X-Ray Clinics knows the more precise the x-ray image is, the better information it can reveal about the patient’s condition to the medical team. Always striving to be at the forefront of advanced medical technology, Windsor


W i n d s o r

L i f e

Radiological Associates originally established its first office on Ouellette Avenue in downtown Windsor in the 1960s. Owned and operated by local physicians, the medical services group has grown over the past several years. It now has 9 WRA X-Ray Clinics conveniently operating throughout Windsor, as well as clinics in Tecumseh, Essex and Tilbury. Each location is well-equipped to provide medical/diagnostic imaging studies. Staff are caring, compassionate and eager to help patients and put them at their ease. X-ray services include general x-ray, upper GI imaging, mammography and bone mineral density. Ultrasound services encompass general ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram) and musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Also available are nuclear medicine tests, including bone scans, HIDA scans, renal scans and cardiac stress tests. For patients dealing with pain, WRA X-Ray Clinics offer pain and joint injections and performs biopsies and other special procedures at its Pain Clinic. Radiologists at the various WRA X-Ray Clinics interpret patients’ scans to discern what is ailing them. Reports are typically available the same day and reports and images are accessible for review 24/7. “Some other x-ray places in our area use doctors in Toronto to read Windsor-Essex County patient scans. We prefer to keep care local,” Dr. Ala says. All of the WRA X-Ray Clinics radiologists are board certified in Canada and the US and have local hospital affiliation. To operate the new GE Discover NM 630 imaging machine, the WRA X-Ray Clinics team required particular knowledge and training. JoAnn O’Neil, a nuclear medicine technologist with training in nuclear medicine and nuclear safety, performs the procedure. The GE Discover NM 630 is at the clinic at 13278 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh, where there is handy, free parking and easy access throughout the building. “Like our other facilities, it doesn’t feel like a hospital or clinic,” JoAnn says. “We want people to feel as comfortable here as possible.” “In this region, only WRA X-Ray Clinics has a nuclear imaging machine this new,” Dr. Ala says. With each day of patient scans, the advantages of the GE Discover NM 630 are reemphasized. “We believe in the quality of the imaging and that this is the best thing for our patients and we have made a significant investment in our community to acquire this machine.” Accommodating patients weighing up to 450 pounds, the scanner is less intrusive and more comfortable than many other models. The patient lies down on a padded table, which slides smoothly into the unit. Surrounded by more space than other nuclear medicine imaging machines provide, “patients are telling us they feel less claustrophobic than with other models,” JoAnn says. “It’s more calming for them.” Dr. Ala points out, “Our scan time is a lot shorter; it’s approximately cut by half. Older patients in particular who may have difficulty lying still for an hour are relieved that the imaging is cut down to 30 minutes.” Engineered for higher resolution, the machine generates clear images efficiently. “We are able to get the same quality – if not better quality – of our other imaging machines with a shorter scan time,” Dr. Ala says. “Our machine can perform imaging with up to 40% less dose of radiation, or up to 40% less time to obtain the image,” say JoAnn. “Anytime we can reduce radiation, it's better for our patient.” Patients are often able to secure next day appointments for GE Discover NM 630 scans. The short wait time is another benefit for patients who are anxious to get tested and learn their results. At every WRA X-Ray Clinic, the team uses state of the art digital imaging and report sharing software. Patients’ scans and x-ray reports are sent directly and securely to the computers of their attending physicians, who can view the images and documents online. “It streamlines the process and enables faster diagnosis so the patient can begin treatment,” says Dr. Ala. “With our experienced medical professionals and leading edge technology, we are invested in the health of our community.”

Central Booking Line: 519-256-4914 |


Friday, 10

Friday, 24




Till Sun., Feb. 12. Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton cavort on the silver screen once again, accompanied by live orchestrations by Ben Model. The Silent Film Greats event is at the Capitol Theatre at 121 University Ave. W., Windsor. Showtime is 8 pm on Fri. and Sat.; and 2:30 pm on Sun. 519-973-1238 or

Till Sun., Feb. 26. The adventures of C.S. Lewis are blended into Narnia: The Early Chronicles, a fresh adaptation written by Julian David and Kristina Garswood for Riverfront Theatre Company. The audience can follow the actors through the wardrobe to encounter the Lion, the Witch and plucky youngsters. Ticket price is $10 per student; $15 per adult at Olde Walkerville Theatre, 1564 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor. Performances are at 7 pm, Feb. 24 and 25; and 2 pm, Feb. 26. 519-817-8780 or Facebook: Narnia: The Early Chronicles.

february/march 2017


Presented by Seasons Retirement Communities, the Laugh Out Loud A-Thon is open to guests of all ages at Devonshire Mall, 3100 Howard Ave., Windsor. Everyone will be led in an hour of silly, fun activities, emphasizing that laughter benefits people’s physical and mental health. Registration fee is $25 or a minimum of $50 in laughter pledges. All proceeds will benefit the Alzheimer Society of Windsor & Essex County. 519-974-2220, ext. 237 or FEBRUARY Thursday, 2 LAF WEST SIDE CENTRE –INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY HISTORY

From 10 am to noon for 5 consecutive Thursdays, people age 50 and over can discover their family histories or genealogy in a course offered at the Life After Fifty-West Side Centre at 635 McEwan Ave., Windsor. Online resources will be used in building family trees. The cost is free for members, $5 for non-members. 519-254-1108. Friday, 3 BLUE STOCKINGS

Till Sun., Feb. 12. The University Players are performing Blue Stockings, a dramatic yet comical play by Jessica Swale, telling of four women students at Cambridge University in 1896, fighting for the right to graduate. Presented in Essex Hall Theatre on the University of Windsor campus at 401 Sunset Ave., Windsor, performances are at 8 pm, Feb. 3; 2 and 8 pm, Feb. 4; 2 pm, Feb. 5; 8 pm, Feb. 8, 9, 10 and 11; and 2 pm, Feb. 12. Various ticket prices. 519-253-3000, ext. 2808


The Leamington Arts Centre will be the scene for Corks & Canvas: Drink Creatively, where participants can enjoy local wines while learning to paint. Art instruction is by Katherine Burton, Artworks. It starts at 7 pm at 72 Talbot St. W., Leamington. Ticket price is $55 per person, $100 per couple. 519-326-2711 Saturday, 11 ALL FOUR LOVE VALENTINE EVENT

Joined by celebrity singer-songwriter Crissi Cochrane, 4 of Canada’s national poets, Cornellia Hoogland, Vanessa Shields, Kara Ghobhainn Smith and Debbie Okun Hill, will read love poetry during the All Four Love Valentine Event. Presented by the Thames Art Gallery at 75 William St. N. in Chatham from 7 till 10 pm, the evening also features prizes, book signings and CDs, along with a tapas and dessert menu and bar service. Ticket price is $55. 519-354-8338 or Tuesday, 14 VALENTINE’S DAY SIP AND SWIRL

An evening of painting, bites and wine from 6 to 8 pm is being hosted in the studio of the Art Gallery of Windsor, located at 401 Riverside Dr. W., Windsor. Guests are provided with materials to create their own masterpieces and given admission into all the AGW exhibitions. The event cost is $50. 519-977-0013 or

Saturday, 4

Tuesday, 21



Open to the general public one night each month, the Hallam Observatory is providing a naked eye sky tour of the stars and constellations and using the telescope to view the moon as well as visible planets and deep sky objects. Weather permitting, the free event begins at 7 pm at 3989 South Middle Rd., Comber. 519-984-3572 or


W i n d s o r

L i f e

A night of dinner, drinks and trivia are in store at Canterbury College’s Second Annual Trivigala, starting at 6 pm at Walkerville Brewery, 525 Argyle Rd., Windsor. There is also a silent auction, all in support of Canterbury College. Ticket are $50. 519-253-3000, ext. 4944


Works of the Romantic era by Sibelius, Strauss and Janáček are paired with Mozart’s Symphony no. 25 in a Windsor Symphony Concert held at 2:30 pm in the Heritage Auditorium (formerly Assumption University Chapel), 2nd Floor Assumption Hall at the University of Windsor, 400 Huron Church Rd. 519-973-1238 or Tuesday, 14 MAPLE MOON

John R. Park Homestead invites everyone to an old-fashioned sugaring off party from 7 to 8:30 pm, Guests will help collect maple tree sap and boil it down by moonlight; make taffy on the snow; join in the barn dance; star gaze; and listen to legends. The Essex Region Conservation Area property is at Essex County Rd. 50 and Iler Road, Harrow. Admission is $15 per person. Pre-registration is required at or 519-738-2029. Sunday, 19 KOBZARI: A CELEBRATION OF SHEVCHENKO

The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America and Canada’s Ukrainian Shumka Dancers are pairing up for the first time to present the artistic and cultural importance of the poetry of Taras Shevchenko. The premier art ensembles will perform song, music, dance and bandura to the poet’s words. The event is at 2 pm at the Chrysler Theatre, 201 Riverside Dr. W., Windsor. Ticket price is $25 and up. 519-252-6579 or

IN HONOUR OF THE ONES WE LOVE SUPPORTING PATIENTS WITH CANCER AND OTHER LIFE THREATENING ILLNESSES! Community Based. Community Focused. Community Funded. Photography by Simon Wyn Edwards

Anna Grandi-Pase hosted a fundraiser at her Beautiful Images Aesthetics and Hair Day Spa on Erie Street for the Kids Beating Cancer (Honourable Little Ninjas) therapeutic martial arts program. She invited clients and the community to come together to support this amazing program. The successful event raised $17,500.

In Honour and Drive Fore A Cure gave the John McGivney Children’s Centre plans to build an accessible playground a huge boost with a cheque donation of $50,000. In Honour of the Ones We Love wishes to thank our community, sponsors, supporters, friends and families for contributing to our success and helping make a difference in healthcare for our loved ones.

In Honour and its community partners presented a cheque for $185,000 to Windsor’s Ronald McDonald House. Partners include: Motor City Community Credit Union, Windsor Disposal Services Ltd., Drive Fore a Cure, McDonald’s McHappy Day, The Roger Salter Family and CIBPA Windsor (Canadian Italian Business & Professional Association).

For information about volunteering for In Honour of the Ones We Love, Please call 519-972-0083, Anita at 519-791-8633 or email

Autumn King members, from left to right: Jeremie Brousseau, Joseph Coccimiglio, Jake Diab and Tibor Bognar.


JAKE DIAB, 19, BELIEVES A LIFE OF MUSIC is his destiny. Growing up in the Lasalle area, the Windsor native did what most kids do….he played street hockey, enjoyed a game of chess and was fairly proficient at video games. Looking back he recalls the time he was only six years old: “and my parents forced me to play the piano. I actually became very good at it, reaching the grade 2 or 3 level.” However, it wasn’t interested in continuing so he gave it up and virtually ignored music for about 5 years until he discovered the video game Guitar Hero which completely changed his focus. “I used to sit down on the couch,” he says, “and play that game for up to 8 hours a day. After a year of doing that I decided to pick up a real guitar and give it a shot.” He was in grade 7 at the time. He continued practicing and in his senior year at Villanova High, Jake met Tibor Bognar in a music class they were both attending. The two shared a love of rock music and as their friendship grew, they began hanging out together, working out at the gym and jamming together…Jake on the guitar and Tibor on bass. During this time, as luck would have it, Jake and Joseph Coccimiglio both had part time jobs at the same local grocery store. They also discussed music during one of their breaks and exchanged phone numbers. Jake was involved with another band at the time, so nothing happened for about a year. However when that group disbanded, Joe was contacted. As Jake says, “He was the first guy I met that could really, really sing properly. He has a beautiful voice!


W i n d s o r

L i f e

We started jamming and that’s how our relationship started. He plays a little bit of guitar and writes fantastic lyrics.” Drummer Jeremie Broussseau, 18, was introduced by his drum teacher who happened to be an acquaintance of Jake. “He was the first drummer I met who could hold a beat,” says Jake. In May of 2015, the quartet began jamming regularly and as Jake proudly states, “with the four of us in the room, that’s when we started making the magic….we gelled well together as a group.” And, after rummaging through a bunch of names, the guys settled on the Autumn Kings and the musical odyssey was underway. They worked hard, practicing for 6 hours straight, 5 days a week and then sitting down for several hours to discuss their vision for the band. “We were all serious about having major success as musicians,” says Jake, “we all got along great. We still do and when we’re not gigging we rehearse anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week with sessions still lasting up to 6 hours. We’re best friends and we hang out even after practicing and touring.” He plays lead guitar, sings background vocals and provides the occasional lead vocal. Joe, 22, does most of the lead singing, occasionally lending his talents with some acoustic guitar licks. Tibor,19, plays bass and sings background vocals, while 18 year-old Jeremie keeps the beat in his inimitable style. Despite their youth, all four of the guys are accomplished musicians, so it didn’t take long for a show to come together and the Kings made their first public appearance at the 2015 LaSalle

Strawberry Festival, just over a month after their formation. A self-titled debut EP of original material was released in November of 2015 which charted at number 37 at Canadian college radio stations. Toward the end of the year, the group edged out 74 other bands through an 89X contest and was chosen to open for Sublime at the highly popular Fillmore in Detroit. Last year the Kings continued gigging throughout Ontario which included a sold-out hometown show in April. And this past December, they concluded a four month high school tour across Western Canada after being chosen from 118 bands that had submitted online applications. At least 25,000 students at 70 High Schools experienced the Kings’ music. And, the topper of the tour, says Jake, “was when we heard our song Devil in Disguise on the radio while driving through Fort Saint John in British Columbia, that was monumental!” The Autumn Kings consider themselves a rock band, but it’s tough to put their tunes into a specific genre. In fact, Jake is rather pleased that the material can’t be pigeonholed. Since each of the players comes from a different musical background, there are elements of pop, latin, reggae and punk in their presentation. Jake loves Spanish music, Tibor is a hard rock fan, Jeremie is a metalhead and Joe loves folk music. And that’s why kids from 12 to 45 enjoy the Autumn Kings who have managed to fuse many elements together for a synergistic blend of very listenable tunes. Check the tunes out for yourself by going to the band’s website or log on to iTunes and other music sites to hear what these guys have accomplished. 2017 is promising to be a good year for the band. A new album of all original music is due for release early in the spring and on March 25th the Autumn Kings will be at the Rockstar on Central Avenue for a homecoming show. The band’s CDs will be available for purchase and music lovers will get their first chance to hear from brand new material from this energetic combo. Meanwhile, plans are still being firmed up for a number of festival appearances, another cross-Canada tour and gigs in several states including Michigan and Ohio. Attitude and aptitude: keywords of the Autumn Kings’ success. The four members have established definite goals and most of their time is spent on their music and their future. There are no egos in this band…the guys simply love what they’re doing and it shows. They have the right stuff! WLM


All of the latest styles and colours arriving daily.

257 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor • 519.258.4481 •


Retail Volume Chrysler Dealer in Southwestern Ontario Come see Len Sagullo for your next new or used car purchase!

10380 Tecumseh Road E., Windsor 519-979-9900 | F e b r u a r y / M a r c h

2 0 1 7


TECUMSEH LASER CENTRE Eliminating Real Fat with Zerona Like many people, Crystal was frustrated that her efforts to slim down were not working. “I was struggling to lose weight while going to the gym and eating healthy,” she says. “I still felt bloated and overweight.” Determined not to let unwanted pounds beat her, Crystal researched the internet for ways to burn fat and came across the Zerona Cold Laser. When she learned that Tecumseh Laser Centre held the locally exclusive rights for Zerona treatments, Crystal made an appointment. “Zerona reduces fat in the tissue under the skin in target areas, allowing the body to safely and naturally eliminate fat,” explains Joanne Duff, laser technician and owner of Tecumseh Laser Centre. With each treatment, the client’s body is further reshaped and loose skin becomes more toned. It’s all accomplished without pain, surgery or recovery time. Along with the benefits that come with fat loss, Zerona enhances wellness in other ways. Joanne says, “Cardiac surgeons in Toronto started a trial to see why so many of their patients didn't need surgery after undergoing Zerona treatments. The reason is heart patients can lose harmful fat without stressing their bodies through strenuous exercise.” When Zerona’s manufacturer developed two new diodes to directly target belly fat, Tecumseh Laser Centre was the first in Canada to purchase them. “Since we’ve added the new diodes, we’ve been getting incredible results. Our clients are very happy,” Joanne says. Crystal recalls with delight her first session. “My loss was 7 1/4 inches! No exercise required at all! By the fourth session I felt even more results. My clothes were looser fitting and I was digging up clothes I hadn’t worn in over a year.” “I just want to thank the staff for this amazing opportunity and for making me feel better about myself. That to me, you can’t put a price on,” says Crystal. Christine found after retiring last year, she “got into a slump, packed on the pounds. I started to feel hopeless about getting rid of the abdominal fat. I did some research and came to the TLC website.” Hope was restored after the first Zerona treatment. Twelve sessions later, 22 1/2 inches were gone. “I feel wonderful,” Christine says. When Kathy, 60, turned to Tecumseh Laser Centre, she had already tried many different treatments to deal with arthritis, degenerative neck disease, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, neck tremors and chronic pain due to nerve damage. Kathy committed to two series of 12 treatments each over several

months and ultimately lost more than 26 inches from her stomach, waist, arms and hips. “My pain is finally under control and I have a ton of energy. My bad cholesterol dropped from 8.5 to 6, and I am sleeping so much better,” she says. “I can honestly say that the TLC has made me a more confident woman, and I can now say I look forward to the years to come,” Kathy says. She is continuing with Zerona maintenance treatments and spa services at Tecumseh Laser Centre. She says, “I can’t express enough how happy I am that I stepped into that building and started living again. When it comes to quality of life and being content, there is no other place that I feel so passionate about.” To arrange a confidential discussion about how you might be helped, Tecumseh Laser Centre invites you to book a free consultation.

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Terry T. Turner Professional Corporation

Expert Advisors in Accounting, Taxation and Business Advisory

FROM THAT EXCITING MOMENT WHEN a new company’s first customer crosses the threshold to the day the founder entrusts the business to the successor, Terry T. Turner Professional Corporation is there in the background, reliably offering timely advice and supportive professional services. “We are a full service public accounting and business advisory firm focused on optimizing the business performance for our clients. Our firm has a strong team of advisors who exceed the expectations of our business and professional clients,” says President Terry T. Turner, CPA, CA. His experts in the fields of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and business consulting ensure all financial facets of the client’s business are under control. Bringing insight, innovation and strategy to each situation, the team troubleshoots problems and optimizes opportunities for the best outcomes. “Every member of our team is committed to providing our clients with our best intentions; uncompromising integrity; complete competence; and positive results,” Terry says. “Our collaborative environment gives everyone in the firm the opportunity to bring optimal value to our clients.” “With our personalized approach, we gain valuable insight and understanding of our clients, their families and their business,” says Terry. “As a result, we are able to determine the specific needs of each client and create a plan to achieve their desired outcomes. In addition, we make sure our client matters are taken care of in a timely manner and do our utmost to exceed their expectations.” “Our team has over 60 years of experience in the professional

accounting, tax and business advisory industry. We are committed to exceeding your expectations,” says Terry. “Each team member is highly trained as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) or Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB). The entire expertise of the firm is always at the disposal of our clients.” The Accounting & Finance team can be relied upon for the preparation of corporate financial statements, comprehensive business reviews and bookkeeping services including Sage 50 computer support. The Taxation team offers assistance with all tax matters including personal, corporate, professional, not-for-profit; or US cross border transactions. “We are committed to providing peace of mind and that includes our client’s tax affairs. Beginning with the preparation of your taxes to designing efficient tax plans, our highly trained team works closely with our clients to preserve their wealth and protect it for the future,” Terry says. The Business Advisory team brings its wisdom to acquisitions and mergers; start-ups or expansion; estate and succession planning; performance advisory; and more. Value-added services include preparation of financial projections based on client what-if scenarios such as revenue growth from a proposed business expansion or acquisition. “Our clients look forward to regular meetings to review their historical financial results along with projected financial information. As a result, we create financial plans that help our clients to achieve their goals and objectives for the future,” says Terry. “As their trusted business advisor, we take the proactive approach to initiate positive outcomes regarding their business success.”

4320 Seminole St., Windsor, ON N8Y 1Z7 PH: 519-948-1499 | FX: 519-948-9991


Music Lessons

Dance Studio

Where the aspiring musician is developed

Where students learn expression and self-confidence through movement

Academy of Music of Académie SteCécile assists students in developing a lifelong appreciation of music. Our creative atmosphere will help our students to discover their musical potential. Whether playing for pleasure or preparing for a professional musical career, our teachers will guide students to achieve their musical goals.

ACADEMY OF MUSIC • Private and Group Instruction • Lessons for all ages and levels • Experienced faculty • Examination and Festival preparation • Student Performances • Recital Halls • Music Books and Supplies

INSTRUCTION IN: • Piano • Strings • Guitar • Woodwinds • Brass

• Voice • Music History • Theory • Harmony • Counterpoint

Tecumseh Campus: 519-735-7575 Cousineau Campus: 519-969-1291

The Dance Studio of Académie SteCécile assists students to gain confidence, poise and a love for the art of dance. The Dance Studio strives to create a challenging yet enjoyable atmosphere so that the dance experience will become a creative outlet for students who are dancing for pleasure and/or preparing for professional careers.

DANCE CLASSES FOR STUDENTS AGES 4 TO ADULT • Ballet Cecchetti Methods • Pointe (for children age 12+) • Contemporary • Jazz • Hip Hop • Lyrical • Chinese • Tap • Creative Movements • (for children age 3-5) • Special Adult beginner classes • in Ballet and Jazz

Tecumseh Campus: 519-735-7575 • 519-250-6230 Cousineau Campus: 519-969-1291 • 519-250-6230

A Family

Ste-Cécile Child Enrichment Centre Nursery/Daycare Preparatory School Where the total child begins to develop Ste-Cécile Child Enrichment Centre is a unique bilingual day nursery dedicated to making music and learning an enjoyable experience. Our teaching philosophy provides a positive and loving atmosphere that focuses on the child’s total growth: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, musically and culturally. Our program and environment are designed to promote the child’s skills, dignity, self-respect and self-esteem through music and movement. At our Centre, children grow to discover themselves, their lives and their world – a growth stimulated by the distinctive features of our program. Académie Ste-Cécile aims to ready our “preppies” for future enrollment in JK and SK. • Ages 2-1/2 – 5 years old • Half and Full Day Programmes • English and Français Programmes • Musical and Cultural Atmosphere

Nursery/Daycare Tecumseh Campus: 519-735-7575 Nursery/Daycare Preparation School Cousineau Campus: 519-969-1291

of Schools Serving the Community Since 1979

Académie Ste-Cécile International School

Holy Family Achievement School of Académie Ste-Cécile

Where students are transformed into leaders

Where students learn to create, achieve and succeed

Académie Ste-Cécile International School (ASCIS) is a private co-educational, and residential elementary and secondary school committed to excellence. ASCIS provides a challenging and comprehensive education encouraging our diverse student body to be responsible, productive and ethical citizens. Our school’s philosophy emphasizes the skills to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and respect people of all cultures and ethnicities. Académie Ste-Cécile International School retains its ties to the Roman Catholic Church while welcoming students and teachers from many religious backgrounds.

Holy Family Achievement School of Académie Ste-Cécile (HFAS) is a private, co-educational day school dedicated to differentiated instruction and student success. HFAS recognizes that each student is unique and must be given opportunities to achieve success according to his or her own interests, abilities and goals by creating a challenging and nurturing environment. By accessing the ability and shedding the barriers, we encourage our students and assist them to achieve their fullest potential and aim for success in their studies.

• JK through High School • Ontario Secondary School Diploma • (OSSD) Programme • International Baccalaureate (IB) • Diploma Programme • Advanced Placement (AP®) • ESL and FSL Programmes • Co-ed Day and Resident • (Boarding) School • State-of-the-Art Athletic Facilities • Sports, Music, Dance, Visual Arts

Cousineau Campus: 519-969-1291

• Special programmes for elementary • and secondary students with certain • learning exceptionalities • Prior to admission, all students • will be required to be assessed • professionally in order to determine • whether or not Holy Family • Achievement School will be able • to assist them properly *All students must provide a written professional referral. Enrollment is subject to approval of HFAS’ Administration.

To begin the application process, please contact us at 519-969-1291

A+ Tutorial Services Where students receive assistance in learning A+ Tutorial Services offers high quality tutoring and homework assistance for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Qualified instructors work with students to strengthen their academic skills while encouraging them to gain confidence in their abilities and independence in their studies. • Patient and thorough homework • assistance in languages, mathematics • and sciences for elementary and • high school students • Private and group sessions available • after school, in the evening or on • the weekend

Please contact us at 519-969-1291


Launching the Next Generation of Security Services

Total Security Systems to Protect People & Their Property

1520 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh Tel Local: 519-735-0202 Toll Free: 866-900-0205 Email:

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Vice President Advertising & Sales



CECILIA MINARD PODHRASKI Advertising Sales Account Executive

PH 519-965-2932

In-house ad production and standard photography available at no additional charge.


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For over 30 years, the Fazio family has been looking out for local families, seniors and businesses. SafeGuard provides peace of mind with a large range of security products, from the standard ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ personal medical alert system to customdesigned integrated alarms, camera systems and the finest security and medical monitoring service available in the industry today. With offices in Ontario, Michigan, and Florida, SafeGuard provides one stop shopping for all your security needs. Owner Frank Fazio’s philosophy is to provide high quality reliable products and services to accommodate everyone’s lifestyle and budget. “We accomplish that by selling, installing and monitoring leading edge security and medical alert systems at the best prices around,” Frank says. SafeGuard’s own local central monitoring station uses state of the art technology. Your alarm and medical alert is not monitored by a subcontracted third party monitoring company. Security and Medical Alerts are installed by SafeGuard’s company-trained installers, not subcontractors. Homeowners can opt for a camera connected to an alarm, enabling them to see who is at the door or check their property remotely. Security systems can be integrated with supervisory devices, such as: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature alerts, sump pump monitors and more. Businesses can depend on SafeGuard’s integrated security features, including panic buttons, digital video recording, remote video monitoring and environmental monitoring. Clients requiring mobile medical alert systems appreciate SafeGuard’s advanced units, designed with a two-way voice feature built into the pendant and connected to SafeGuard through cellular and GPS technology. The unit keeps you safe anywhere in Canada and the US. With his wife Eileen, their children Krysta, Karie and Leo and the rest of the SafeGuard team, Frank has built a reliable company with a solid reputation. Frank proudly states, “In future, our kids will be taking over. They know how to operate the business as well as we do and will continue to offer our clients the same quality products and services that SafeGuard is known for.”

CANAM BULLION & CURRENCY EXCHANGE Canada’s Leader in Online Currency Exchange

also sells gold, silver and platinum bullion at the guaranteed lowest rates. During difficult economic times, gold and silver perform as a great hedge to any portfolio. There is no better currency to own than gold and silver which have been used as a store of wealth for over 5000 years. “I believe silver to be one of the greatest investment opportunities of our lifetime. The money that will be made in precious metals in the upcoming years will make your jaw drop” says Piccioni. You work hard for your money. Next time you need to exchange money or purchase precious metals visit CBCE to ensure more money ends up in your wallet. CBCE offers convenient parking and is open Monday to Wednesday 9-5:30 pm, Thursday and Friday 9-8 pm and Saturday 9-1. Visit or call us at 519-919-6404 for more information.

CanAm Bullion & Currency Exchange (“CBCE”) is Canada’s newest retail and online currency exchange and bullion business. CBCE is located in the heart of South Windsor next to the Beer Store at 3234 Dougall Ave. CBCE will be offering foreign exchange services as well as selling gold, silver and platinum bars, coins and rounds. The first thing Canadians do before crossing the border is head to the bank to exchange their hard-earned Canadian money to US dollars. Although this may be convenient, it definitely isn’t cheap. Banks can charge up to 3% in hidden fees when exchanging money. At CBCE our exchange rates are up to 2.5% better than the banks. CBCE guarantees its customers the lowest exchange rate on all transactions for all currencies. CBCE will be offering over 70 different currencies worldwide including the Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen. In addition to the retail services, CBCE will also be offering services to corporate clients, which include better exchange rates than the banks as well as market insight from our currency specialists for both Canadian and US currencies. CBCE is owned and operated by Michael Piccioni who has over 16 years of experience in the US as both an accountant, and more recently, as an economist at United Healthcare. Michael has also been a financial advisor over the past many years and saw a need in the community for a new currency exchange business that was conveniently located with OPENING SOON! better exchange rates than the bank. “As a cross-border community, Windsor is • Rates are up to 2.5% better than the banks. definitely in need of an additional currency • Retail and Corporate services. exchange business. In addition to great rates we will also be offering online currency ex• Offering over 70 different currencies worldwide. change services for our clients. Our rates will • US/CAD can be exchanged same day also be posted and updated every second through our online platform. both online and in store. We are excited to



offer a much needed service to the community and are looking forward to saving local residents and businesses a ton of money.” says Piccioni One of the most exciting services CBCE will be offering is their online trading platform where you can buy or sell US dollars from the comfort of your own home, or directly from your cell phone from anywhere in the world. Customers simply have to go to to sign up for an account. After your account is open, you simply login to our exchange platform and enter the amount of funds you wish to buy or sell in US dollars and lock in the rate. The process is quick, efficient and easy. In addition to currency exchange, CBCE

• Selling gold, silver and platinum at the LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED.

Michael Piccioni 3234 Dougall Ave, Windsor ON N9E 1S6 Next to the Beer Store


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Take ConTrol over Your energY CosTs

The Power is in

Your Hands Active Business Services is an energy management firm that has dedicated the last ten years to providing Canadian commercial and industrial customers with natural gas and electricity supply and risk management solutions.

“BUSINESSES THAT DON’T HAVE a handle on their energy costs may be paying more than necessary now and could be paying almost triple today’s rate in a decade,” cautions Laurie Veres of Active Business Services. The Regional Director for Southwestern Ontario points out, “There are good reasons why energy policy and electricity prices have dominated the news in the commercial and residential sector. Having a specialist to manage your energy is a prudent decision for any business, especially as we approach times of greater uncertainty.” Active Business Services offers custom electricity and natural gas energy plans built around flexible solutions catered to unique business needs. “Our game-plan is to stay at the lowest, the longest,” Laurie says. In operation since 2005, Active Business Services has been supplying electricity and natural gas to businesses in Ontario and across Canada. It was formed by two energy industry experts, President and Chief Operations Officer Michael Stedman and Chief Executive Officer John Klarer. ABS employs a management team with 100 years of combined experience in the energy management sector. The company is now the largest among commercial energy retailers in Ontario. Customers include hospitals, restaurants, municipal facilities, large steel mills, chemical plants, stamping companies and other manufacturers. On May 1, 2016, Active Business Services opened an office in Windsor. At the Oct. 1st grand opening, Laurie welcomed customers and well-wishers. “I felt it was important to establish an office here to help my neighbours. Windsor needs the security of stable energy costs,” she says. “I want to help local industries obtain and exert control over their operating costs. When they can do that, they’re more likely to keep their doors open and continue doing business here.” “Our services are available to businesses that consume over 150,000 kilowatts or 50,000m3 annually. That is applicable to one large company or a group of small businesses under one umbrella,” Laurie says.


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Because of the speed at which policy, regulation and our industry’s framework is changing, businesses are demanding a lot more than simply energy. they’re looking for partners who have the knowledge and expertise to offer innovative and pro-active solutions. those are all strengths of active Business services.

“No business consumes energy the same way. For that reason, we custom tailor to fit everyone to their needs. There are no smoke and mirrors – and no hidden fees – with Active Business Services,” Laurie assures. “I’m able to get customers out of a bad contract so they can start fresh and save money.” To provide customers with lower priced gas and electricity, Active Business Services uses its significant knowledge and experience to trade on the energy commodities market. That enables the company to purchase electricity and natural gas in large, bulk amounts at optimal points, when prices are low. One example of a custom program is a blended hedge energy plan, in which a business’ energy costs are derived from a mix of normal fluctuating energy rates and a fixed rate product. Another option is a comprehensive fixed price plan that is modeled on short term or long term budgetary timetables. Laurie explains, “An energy plan that is built around a fixed price program, regardless if it’s blended or pure, provides greater price stability for our customers. This also allows our customers to better budget their operational costs on a long term basis.” “As added security, if there is ever an instance in which a posted energy rate

active has provided valuable assistance in reducing our energy costs, and provided expertise in negotiating natural gas transportation and delivery contracts.

is lower than the rate our customer is locked into on the agreement’s anniversary, we will be more than happy to lower the customer's rate and extend their agreement. It really is a win-win situation,” Laurie says. To determine the most advantageous strategy, Laurie works with the customer’s team to understand the business operation, energy requirements, financial targets and risk appetite. “We then present our comprehensive energy assessment, along with our recommended course of action,” she says. “Ontario Power Generation increases the price of nuclear power every year,” Laurie points out. Now OPG is seeking permission from the Ontario Energy Board to increase nuclear prices by 11% per year for each of the next ten years, from 5.9 cents per kWh in 2016 to 16.8 cents per kWh in 2026. The increases are needed for the continued operation of the Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Stations. In Ontario, we have already phased out coal, introduced Smart Meters and green farms. Today, we are looking at a $12.8 billion nuclear refurbishment and the start of a game-changing Cap and Trade program (Jan. 1st, 2017). Changes are certainly on the horizon.” “We’re on the frontline, here to guide our customers over rocky terrain,” says Laurie. “You have options. Let us partner with you. Use our expertise so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.” Companies interested in a second opinion regarding their energy costs are invited to contact Laurie at Active Business Systems at 519-962-7835 for a complimentary energy assessment. “It never hurts to see where your numbers could be.”


3391 Walker Road, Windsor ON | 519-962-7835 |

CABIN FILTERS A “What” Filter? Do I Even Have One of Those? STORY BY KEVIN McCABE

WHEN WINDSOR LIFE PUBLISHER Bob Robinson contacted me to do an article on cabin filters, the automotive geek in me thought “Oh, this’ll be easy enough”, but as so often happens, I have again proved myself wrong. To start, I conducted an informal survey of friends, family and neighbours about cabin filters. The majority of responses were blank looks, shrugged shoulders and wrinkled eyebrows. One wit asked “Is that like a cottage strainer” and another said “I don’t need a cabin filter because I don’t have a cabin.” Well, as it turns out if you drive a GM/Ford/Chrysler vehicle built in this century, you probably do have a cabin filter. While some cars were equipped with cabin air filters as far back as 1996, there are still some built today that don’t use them. In some instances the use of a cabin air filter is dependent upon the model or engine used. Just like an aircraft or a ship, the portion dedicated to carrying passengers is known as the cabin, thus why it’s referred to that way for cars as well. The number of cars built today that don’t have What’s behind (glove box) door #1? an HVAC system (heating/ventilation/air-conditioning) in them is very small indeed. And just like the furnace and air-conditioning system in your house, there’s an air filter. It collects dust, dirt and pet hair that travels through your heating/cooling system and this filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis. The principles of cabin air filters are the same. The air that you’ll breathe is cleaned of parSqueezing the sides of the all plastic ticles that you don’t want to breathe. There’s the glove box allows it to be lowered out usual dust and dirt, but there’s also pollen and of the way. other allergens that don’t like to play nice with lungs, throats and noses. Cabin air filters also get to deal with seeds from trees, leaves and other plant material. As a lifelong hay fever sufferer, I know what a bother all of this stuff can be. We all know that the furnace/air conditioning system in our home or condo is that big sheet metal gizmo in the basement or the utility space. And behind door #2 we have a cabin Regardless of the size of your home, it takes up a filter. Pop the door off, pull out the relatively small amount of space. Also remember filter, reverse the process and you’re that your house has lots of insulation in the walls all done.


W i n d s o r

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and ceiling as well as the doors and windows. The interior of a car on the other hand is a relatively small space, but it has comparatively little in the way of insulation and on a percentage basis has much more glass to let in heat from the sun, or withstand the cold of winter. But it’s not a big sheet metal gizmo, it’s a very compact, very efficient and very capable piece of modern automotive engineering. Unlike your house that’s designed to `breathe’ a certain amount, the interior of a car is far more air tight. A variety of rubber seals help keep out moisture, cut down on wind noise and whistles as well as keep outside noise from coming in. Cars have had air filters for the engines for over 90 years, but an air filter for the passengers in the car is far more recent. Service intervals on cabin air filters vary by manufacturer. I spoke with Craig Reaume service manager at Reaume Chevrolet Buick GMC, Adrian J. Lavictoire service manager at Motor City Chrysler and Pat Tricarico service manager at Rose City Ford. Reaume advised me that GM recommends replacement of the cabin air filter every two years. He said that the service advisers explain the purpose of the cabin air filter and the need to have it checked and replaced. With GM vehicles the cabin air filter can be accessed either from the engine compartment or through the glove box of the vehicle. Lavictoire indicated that his dealership recommends checking the cabin air filter every six months and replacing it once a year. He said if you find yourself driving on a lot of gravel roads, through construction zones or parking under trees you might want to change it more often. You’ll generally find the cabin air filter behind the glove box on Chrysler products. Tricarico indicated that his dealership recommends replacing the filter every 18000 to 24000km, which for many folks is about a years worth of driving. He told me that not looking after this filter can lead to all sorts of issues. Mould is the #1 concern mentioned by everyone. Humidity is no stranger to this part of the world and the moisture from the air can settle out on the filter providing a great breeding ground for mould and mildew. Along with the bad smells, mould also can lead to upper respiratory issues and those are never fun. Pat also indicated that because this filter is upstream of the air conditioning evaporator and heater core in the car’s HVAC system, it can also lead to poor performance of the air conditioning or heater and restrict air flow. All of this makes the entire system work harder than it needs to and can even result in premature failure. Ford cabin air filters are accessible either behind the glove box or from under the hood which requires removing a plastic cover. Regardless of where the cabin air filter is located in your car, it’s a good, no actually, it’s a really good idea to check it and change it if needed. Like your household system, the filter flow is specified on the filter. Today’s cars are reliable dependable machines that take us places in safety and comfort. Make sure the cabin air filter adds to that comfort and does its job properly.

ADVANCED FOOT CARE NURSE INC. Medical Foot Treatments In-Office and At Home WHEN FEET AREN’T HAPPY, they express their pain. Advanced Foot Care Nurse Inc. brings relief to local people in ways they haven’t known were possible before. Licensed as a Registered Practical Nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario since 1997, Janis Boudreau is certified in Advanced Foot Care and is also a skilled diabetic educator and compression fitter. Four years ago, she began doing home visits on her own. Her services were in such demand that Janis opened an office for Advanced Foot Care Nurse Inc. in Belle River a year later. “We have grown exponentially every year,” Janis says. Today, she and three additional foot care nurses work fulltime to tend to clients in the office and in homes throughout Windsor-Essex County and Chatham-Kent County. The medical professionals also travel to local nursing and retirement homes to treat people. Clients now number over 750. They encompass athletes; kids; pregnant women; diabetics; cancer patients; seniors; and people with back injuries, limited vision, mobility issues, poor circulation, arthritis, loss of sensation (neuropathy) or thick nails that are hard to cut. “Some of our clients are people who simply can’t reach their feet,” Janis says. Whenever she encounters a client who has endured a foot problem unnecessarily, the nurse is eager to help. “Many have walked around on stone-like corns for years, not knowing they could be removed. Or they have lived with the discomfort of inch thick nails, another condition we can treat.” “My nurses are just as well trained as I am. Our standards are high; after all, quality treatment is what each one of our clients deserves,” Janis says. The nurses are also caring people who chat pleasantly with their clients and often share hugs. The medical pedicures they perform include trimming and filing nails; reducing thick nails; reducing or removing callouses and corns; treating fungal nails, involuted nails or plantar warts; and removing the ingrown part of a nail if required. “All of our equipment is top of the line,” Janis says. Using a suction integrated podiatry drill and various podiatry burs, the nurses treat clients’ toenail and skin issues effectively and safely. “There is virtually no vibration – and no pain.” Treatments typically involve hot towel application and a therapeutic leg and foot massage to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. The first visit usually lasts 45 minutes. The nurse learns the client’s health history and current medications and begins a chart that will help monitor the client’s progress in future appointments. Follow-up visits are 30 to 40 minutes in duration. “We don’t rush,” Janis says. “We do everything possible to deliver a feel good feeling for our client’s feet.” Clients appreciate the almost medical spa-like service they receive at the office and in their homes. “There are so many people in our community who can’t leave their residences,” Janis says. “Our equipment is in sterilized packages, ready to go.” The nurses are meticulous about cleaning and disinfecting work areas and equipment so that every client is assured there is no risk of cross contamination. Janis says, “Although doctors refer their patients to us, people can also just call us directly at 226-363-0476 and make an appointment.”









Office or Home Visits 1614 County Rd. 2, Belle River

226-363-0476 |

SOUTHWESTERN ONTARIO GLEANERS …Preparation And Global Distribution Of Food To The Hungry Story by Dick Hildebrand THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT ARE HUNGRY in the world is staggering – at last report it stood at nearly a billion. In Canada, at least 1 in 7 live in poverty. But, thanks to organizations like the Southwestern Ontario Gleaners, some of the sting is lessened. One of the most active Gleaners food banks in Canada has been in our own back yard for the last 3 years…in a 10,000 square foot warehouse on Industrial Drive in Leamington. Peter Fiss, the board of director’s vice-chair says that the group takes unmarketable produce that would normally go to landfill sites, or be ploughed back into the ground, removes rotten spots, dices it, dehydrates it, prepares and packages a soup mix out of it. Gleaners is well equipped to handle the job. There is a large industrial dicer, a de-hydrator and a vegetable washer that scrubs mainly potatoes and carrots. An inspection line ensures that the food is clean and free of other problems. “We’ve dehydrated carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers and


W i n d s o r

L i f e

many other vegetables,” says Fiss, “ which have been donated by local farmers.” Last year about 3-million soup servings were prepared and distributed, free of charge, to various parts of the world including Haiti, Ukraine, Zambia, Ghana and the First Nations in Ontario, where residents have been enjoying soup prepared from a special recipe created for Gleaners by the head chef at Plentiful Harvest in Windsor. And, being the only sanctioned Gleaners in Canada to distribute locally, the Leamington organization has also been donating apple snacks to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program which is administered by the VON. Gleaners has partnered with a number of groups around the world, including the Mennonite Central Committee, which designate areas that most need the food….but only in places where they have representatives who check the trucks and verify the arrival of the product and to make sure it ends up in the right place. The local Gleaners do not handle distribution and

as Peter Fiss explains, “it’s done by people with boots on the ground.” The process is a fairly simply one. He says organizations like the MCC, Loads of Love and Canadian Food for Children…. “that are trying to alleviate suffering and hunger in the world, fill out a request form which goes to Gleaners directors who either approve, or deny it.” Incidentally, a request has yet to be denied! There is no government money for Gleaners which is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. Its survival depends on private donations, fundraisers and occasional grants which have facilitated the purchase of a forklift and other equipment. But, as Fiss says, “those were relatively small amounts, compared to the $20,000 that’s required to operate Gleaners every month.” To date, the generosity of the local community has managed to keep the doors open. The most successful fundraiser is an annual event at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens in Ruthven. This year, it’s being held on April first – complete with a live auction and raffle, along with entertainment by local musicians Bob Gabriele and Dan Woods. Admission is $35 for adults, $15 for ages 4 to 12 and free to those that are 3 and under. Tickets can be picked up at Gleaners in Leamington. Southwestern Ontario Gleaners is the newest of three in the province and one of 7 in Canada. It’s staffed by up to 20 volunteers who are on the production floor Monday through Friday from 8:30 in the morning until 12 noon. Two full-time employees spend the afternoons doing paperwork and other administrative tasks. Like most organizations, the local Gleaners could always use more room – in fact, says Fiss, directors are contemplating a possible move to larger quarters. “If and when we make the final decision for a change,” he says, “we’ll be looking for a place that’s at least 3 times larger than our current warehouse and one that will meet all of our future requirements. However, that likely won’t be happening for at least another 2 years.” Check out the Gleaners facebook page or log on to, for more information on this worthwhile enterprise. Included are links on how to donate or to register as a volunteer. If you’re thinking about donating to a charity, you can’t go wrong by supporting the dedicated people who operate Southwestern Ontario GleanWLM ers in Leamington.

Ryan and Jeffrey Bosley OWNERS

Welcome to 2017! After a successful 2016, we are proud to announce that we are already expanding our extremely wonderful staff. The talented James Couch will be joining us from British Colombia. He is a young, trendy stylist who was trained at the Aveda Academy in Vancouver. James specializes in Balayage hair painting techniques and absolutely nails those beautiful icy tones that everyone is looking for. The staff at, Bosley Hair CO, will be heading to the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy in Toronto for several informative classes including creative colour, corrective colour and free hand colouring techniques.

As a little thank you to all of those clients who made 2016 so great and for those of you we have yet to be able to meet, James will be offering $20.00 BLOW DRYS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY THROUGH MARCH BY APPOINTMENT! @bosleyhairco @hairbrainedjames 12357 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh | 519-735-6245 |

Handcrafted and Chemical Free

Let the


for your

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in Your Life

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LIBRO CREDIT UNION Creating and Implementing Your Prosperity Plan YOU WOULDN’T SET OUT ON A JOURNEY WITHOUT A MAP, so don’t just wing it with your finances, hoping to get where you want to be. At Libro Credit Union, customer-Owners’ financial success starts with a prosperity plan, devised with the guidance of a free, experienced Coach. “Whatever goals are on your bucket list, you’re going to need money. We can help you make the most of what you earn, save, borrow and invest,” says Lori Atkinson, Libro Credit Union’s Regional Manager responsible for eight branches in Essex-Kent. She is also a Financial Coach. “Our team’s key priority is supporting our Owners at every stage of their lives.” Commission-free holistic financial coaching is available to all Libro Owners. “Coaching allows us to get to know our Owners better and assist them in achieving personal prosperity, whatever that means to them,” Lori explains. While competitive with banks with its comprehensive range of services and products for people, businesses and farms, including chequing and savings, borrowing and a full line of investment products, Libro offers several features unique to credit unions. At Libro, each customer is an Owner and each Owner receives the personalized service, respect and input that comes with owning the place where you bank. Owners have a say regarding how the credit union is run and where community investment dollars are spent, plus share in the profits annually. 100% of Libro’s profits go back into southwestern Ontario, to build prosperity in our communities. Lori and the Libro team are excited about 2017 and what it can bring for their longtime and new Owners. “I think that for many people, traditional banking can be a little intimidating,” Lori says. “At Libro branches, they find a warm environment and staff who truly care about the wellbeing of each Owner.” “Libro is transforming banking,” Lori notes. “Libro’s virtual banking platform is second to none. We have cutting edge digital technologies so we can interact with clients virtually, online, in the branch or by phone at our Contact Centre. Plus, when you call your branch, a real live person answers.” Combining leading technology with time-honoured values and professionalism, Libro Credit Union applies common sense to everything it does. This is evident in the Prosperity Planner, a simple two page document that Libro

Lori Atkinson, Libro Credit Union’s Regional Manager (left) and Anne Lecours, Libro Wealth Advisor and Investment Partner.

Coaches use to help Owners visualize the steps required to reach their aims. Owners – both singles and couples - are often surprised that their ‘wants’ versus ‘needs’ are not well defined and may be throwing their finances off balance. “By sitting down with your Coach, together we can identify your priorities, create a plan that works for you and establish next steps. Without a plan, all we’re doing is guessing,” says Anne Lecours, Libro Wealth Advisor and Investment Partner who is licensed to handle stock and bond portfolios, life insurance, segregated funds and other products. The map leading to your personal goals takes into account your current circumstances. Perhaps you are having your first child, refinancing your business, house-hunting or retiring. “We adjust the plan to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Life happens,” Anne says. “By meeting at least once a year to reassess and reaffirm your plan, we can make certain your plan is still in line with your priorities and goals.” Anne works with Libro Owners at various stages of growing and managing their assets, from first-time investors to complex portfolios. Anne and other Libro Coaches are in place to help, whatever your finances may be. “Owners should never feel self-conscious about coming to us,” says Anne. “We’re here to help them gain financial confidence, to lay the groundwork for a successful future. We all start in different places, the important thing is to start!” To encourage healthy financial habits, Libro Credit Union is inviting people to take a fresh look at their financial plans and ensure they are on track to achieve their goals. Till the end of March, talk to a Libro Coach about your prosperity plan or bring in an investment statement from another financial institution for a second opinion. You could enter to win a $4,000 vacation travel voucher or one of six additional prizes of a $1,000 investment (to be held at Libro)!

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2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR


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