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Year End 2006

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F I R E A P PA R AT U S M A N U FA C T U R E R S ’ A S S O C I AT I O N , I N C .

A VIEW FROM THE BOARD — By Grady North, Director-at-Large


t has been my privilege to serve as Director-atLarge on the FAMA Board for the last two years. My very first FAMA meeting was in 1971 – a Technical Meeting at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Needless to say, I have seen many changes in the organization over the years. FAMA always has been known for its outstanding statistics, its technical support to NFPA and as an industry watchdog for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Maybe some of you remember the issue of catalytic converters on gasoline engines – before we went 100% diesel. I was on a committee that got a “stay” from the government to exempt fire apparatus from that standard as well as EPA noise emissions that would have created a lot of heat and restricted horsepower of fire apparatus engines. I see similarities with the current new generation of 2007 diesel emissions that will require exhaust regeneration of the After-Treatment Device. Our Technical Committee has done an excellent job in coordinating an industry standard for how this system works and getting information out to our membership. I also remember the issues we had with FMVSS 121 and the early designs of anti-lock brakes. We finally got a reprieve until the technology caught up with the federal requirements. Those past issues seem insignificant compared with what is going on in the industry today. In the past two years I have seen a tremendous growth in both FAMA membership and participation on committees. The Technical Committee and all of the subcommittees are having record turnouts at meetings and are busy working on a variety of issues with the many NFPA standards and FMVSS regulations. Each subcommittee now has strong ties to its corresponding NFPA standards committee that will keep the membership informed of technical changes as they are being developed. Over the years, my association with FAMA has been with some of the smaller companies within the industry. Currently I represent a member company that is focused on an even smaller segment of the industry – Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF). FAMA has been a tremendous asset for small businesses bringing us the statistics and technical information that would be difficult to get from other sources. Likewise, we have been active in supporting FAMA’s goals. The Technical Committee has appointed me chair of the relatively new ARFF subcommittee – giving us a means to share information about our niche industry with the rest of the membership. The Statistics Committee has added new segments that allow us to track sales of various sizes and types of ARFF vehicles instead of a single general category. I also was involved in revitalizing the FAMA Grant Fund Program that provides financial assistance to anyone presenting a qualified project that would be of benefit to the membership. My message here, to fellow small business members, is to get involved with FAMA committees. The information shared is invaluable and your vote counts just as much as any large company. continued on next page...

— WELCOME NEW MEMBERS — Amity Machine Corporation Edward Selwyn, Jr., President 3750 Chestnut Street, PO Box 451, Alburtis, PA 18011 Tel: (610) 966-3115 Fax: (610) 966-2230 Email: Web: A manufacturer of aerial waterway systems Metalfab Ltd. Ryan A. Stacey, Sales & Marketing Manager 847 Central Street, Centerville, NB Canada E7K 2E8 Tel: (506) 276-4551 Fax: (506) 276-3648 Email: Web: A manufacturer of fire apparatus Plas-Mac, Inc. Roger Wilhelm, President 3696 US Hwy. 83, Wellington, TX 79095 Tel: (800) 687-0128 Fax: (866) 687-0129 Email: Web: A manufacturer of polypropylene water and foam tanks Plastisol Composites, LLC Alan R. Saulsbury, President 3809 Luker Road, Cortland, NY 13045 Tel: (607) 753-3702 Fax: (607) 753-1209 Email: A manufacturer of fire apparatus; composite fire truck body (rescue, tanker) Spartan Chassis Richard Schalter, President 1000 Reynolds Road, Charlotte, MI 48813 Tel: (517) 543-6400 Fax: (517) 541-3292 Email: Web: A manufacturer of apparatus chassis FAMA also welcomes ... Bulldog Fire Apparatus, Inc. (formerly E.J. Murphy Company) Jeffrey R. Mazza, President 17 Winter Street, Woodville, MA 01784 Tel: (508) 435-4054 Fax: (508) 435-0250 Email: A manufacturer of fire apparatus

2007 FAMA BOARD OF DIRECTORS By vote of the membership at the fall general membership meeting in October 2006, we present your 2007 Board of Directors:

Phil Turner

Jerry Halpin

John Sztykiel

Mike Schoenberger

Tim Dean

Dominic Colletti

Rick Suche

Officer President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

Phil Turner Jerry Halpin John Sztykiel Mike Schoenberger

Phone (800) 797-7974 (845) 534-7221 (517) 543-6400 (920) 832-3227

Fax (970) 667-4296 (845) 534-4475 (517) 543-5403 (920) 832-????


Board Members: Past President Sr. Director-at-Large Jr. Director-at-Large

Tim Dean Dominic Colletti Rick Suche

(352) 629-1414 (610) 825-6300 (204) 631-0027

(352) 629-6049 (610) 825-6440 (204) 694-3230 ■

WEB CAST SURVEY RESPONSES In September, FAMA agreed to sponsor a web cast through Fire Engineering titled “Engine Company Operations.” Among the countless deliverables that FAMA benefited through this sponsorship were the results of a short survey developed by FAMA that was answered by the over 600 attendees of the live web cast. The following are the survey questions and results: 1. In your community, what is the word or phrase people use to describe your fire department? a. All hazards / first response (334) b. Fire prevention / resolution (22) c. Peace of mind (26)

d. Emergency rescue (127) e. Tradition (54) f. No response (72) 2. If you have a fire truck(s) 15 years or older, what is the #1 reason? a. Cannot afford a new one (168) b. Current unit works great (91) c. Lack of need (13) d. Lack of community support (23) e. Tradition (21) f. No response (319) 3. The biggest concern of your fire department today is a. Lack of manpower (349) b. Inadequate training (113) c. Outdated loose equipment (7) d. Outdated fire apparatus (29)


Lack of community support (22) No response (115)

Although the live event is over, the web cast is archived for a year and folks still have to register to view it. This means FAMA can collect leads the entire time. FAMA has been provided a full report on current registrants. The FAMA Marketing Committee has developed a communication that will be sent to all web cast registrants to educate them about FAMA, its members, and to steer them to the FAMA web site for information about Annex D, the Improvement White Paper, the Scholarship Program, and other programs and activities of the association. ■

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Two great new groups — the joint FAMA/FEMSA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and the Marketing Committee (combining Public Relations, Internet and Trade Show subcommittees) are off and running. You cannot be a member of FAMA and not be aware of the many activities taking place with the GAC. They have done an excellent job communicating information to members. It has also strengthened our bond with FEMSA as the GAC is staffed and funded jointly between the two organizations. My two years on the board has given me insight to the tremendous hard work that takes place behind the scenes – both by


e. f.

Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

board members and committee chairs. I can also tell you that the new look and expansion of FAMA is just getting started. This is an exciting time to be a member of this organization. As I leave the Board of Director’s position, I would like to thank my fellow board members and Karen Burnham for their support in allowing me to be a part of the growth and development of FAMA. However, this does not mean that I am taking a rest. As the newly appointed chair of the Meeting Planning Committee, our group will be responsible for setting up your spring and fall general membership meetings. I look forward to seeing you in Key West in March. ■

2007 SPRING MEETING: REGISTER ON LINE ... NOW! FAMA is pleased to present the following information to you in connection with FAMA’s 2007 Spring Meeting:

FAMA General Membership Meeting Pursuant to Section 5.1 of the Bylaws of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association, notice is hereby given that a meeting of the General Membership will be held Monday, March 26 and Tuesday, March 27, 2007, at 8:00 a.m. each day, at the Westin Key West Resort, 245 Front St., Key West, FL 33040. The Board and Meeting Planning Committee are working to provide a meaningful speaker program, and will notify you once that has been confirmed. FAMA Board Meeting with Scheduled Committee Chair Reports Pursuant to Section 6.4 of the Bylaws of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association, notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Board of Directors will be held Sunday, March 25, 2007, at 7:00 a.m., at the Westin Key West Resort, Key West, FL. Committee Chairs should bring at least nine (9) hard copies of their written reports for review by the Board. A Power Point slide will be provided to you in advance for your written report. Corporate Sponsor For the fifth consecutive year, Fire Engineering is the Corporate Sponsor of the 2007 spring event. This equates to a direct cost savings to FAMA members who attend the 2007 spring meeting, as reflected in the reduced meeting fee schedule outlined on the registration form. Meeting Registration Deadline: January 31, 2007. Members are urged to register for the meeting and make their airline reservations as soon as possible. Please note: arrival should be planned for Friday, March 23, 2007, with departure on either Tuesday afternoon, March 27th or Wednesday, March 28th, in order to participate in all activities/meetings planned, and to allow appropriate time for committee members to meet prior to and following reports to the Board on Sunday, March 25th. On-Line Registration On-line registration at for the 2007 spring meeting is available and is the preferred method of registration for this meeting. When registering on-line, your confirmation is sent within 48 hours. Meeting Fees and Cancellation Policy Meeting Fees: No “a la carte” meeting fee schedules are available to members, spouses, guests, or children. (See meeting registration form for the schedule of fees.) Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel, a full room rate refund will follow provided notice of cancellation is given thirty (30) days prior to arrival date. The only exception is that no refunds will be honored for meeting fees if cancellation occurs less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival, as all food and beverage services must be guaranteed thirty (30) days in advance.

Preliminary Meeting Event Schedule [as of 12/19/06] Hospitality Suite

Open Daily 9am-11pm

Fri., March 23



Sat., March 24

Committee Meetings as scheduled by Committee Chairs


Afternoon Open 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Welcome Sunset Cocktail Party Dinner on your own

Sun., March 25th 6:30 am

Board Breakfast

7:00 am

Board Meeting

8:00 – 10:00 am

Committee Chairs Report to Board (as scheduled) Committee Meetings as scheduled by Committee Chairs

6:00 – 7:00 pm


7:00 – 9:00 pm

Dinner on the Pier Deck (cash bar)

Mon., March 26


7:30 am

Member Breakfast

8:00 am

General Membership Meeting

9:30 am

Spouse Program (TBD)

12:00 pm

Meeting Suspended for Day

1:00 pm (Optional)

Annual Memorial Golf Tournament (reservations required; contact John Sztykiel, 2006 tournament champion) Afternoon Open

6:00 – 7:00 pm

Tours of Truman White House

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Awards Dinner at Truman White House (cash bar)

Tues., March 27th 7:30 am

Member Breakfast

8:00 am – 12:00pm

Meeting resumed Afternoon (TBD; possible FAMA sponsored activity) – or – Departure

Wed., March 28



NOTE: Slight modification to the schedule for Monday evening and Tuesday. The Awards Dinner is scheduled for Monday evening. This will allow for a departure on Tuesday afternoon for those who are attending the CFSI programs and dinner in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and Thursday (March 28–29). Alternatively, you may wish to plan your return flight via Washington, D.C. for these events. ■

Fama Flyer • Year End 2006


2006 FALL MEETING RECAP The fall 2006 FAMA General Membership Meeting was held October 4–7 at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. The fall meeting each year is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of FEMSA (Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association), and several events are held jointly. Headlining the meeting schedule this year was the annual “Hill Day” program on October 5th organized and presented by the FAMA/FEMSA Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC).

FEMSA President Giff Swayne, Chief James Schwartz of the Arlington County (VA) Fire Department, and 2006 FAMA President Tim Dean

Honor Guard

Thank you, Fire Engineering, for sponsoring the hospitality suite!

Joe Porter and Eric Schlett — Hospitality Sponsors


Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

The hospitality suite provided a great setting for greeting old friends and making new ones for the four days of the meeting schedule. A sincere thank you to Fire Engineering Magazine/FDIC for generously sponsoring the hospitality suite. An evening Welcome Reception kicked off the meeting events on October 4th. We were honored to have Fire Chief James Schwartz of the Arlington County (VA) Fire Department join us and provide a briefing on his department and the community it protects. Activities started at the crack of dawn on “Hill Day” — October 5th — with a full breakfast sponsored by Fire Chief Publications (thank you!) for all FAMA and FEMSA members and their guests. By 7:45 a.m., meeting escorts directed all to the hotel “Forum” where they received a portfolio of documents prepared by the GAC’s Hill Day team, and where GAC Co-Chairs conducted the morning program before “leading the charge” to Capitol Hill. The distinguished Arlington County (VA) Fire Department Honor Guard (Doug Barb, Byron Dixon, Richard Quinn, and Rodney White) complimented opening ceremonies orchestrated by the recorded “Pledge of Allegiance” rendition by Red Skelton. The GAC was privileged to have Cathy Hedrick of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation speak to members on the importance of the NFFF and the role it plays to help families of fallen fighters cope with their losses. One of the strongest proponents on Capitol Hill of the fire and emergency services industry, Curt Weldon (R-7th PA), made a special trip from Pennsylvania to be with us to deliver his message of thanks for the support of the industry to our nation’s first responders. He also witnessed and participated in the presentation of two special commendations by the GAC to

• Andrew Weis, Senior Counsel, House Committee on Homeland Security • Joshua Dozor, Director of Preparedness Policy, Homeland Security Counsel

The GAC further paid tribute to its alliance partners through the presentation of plaques to • CFSI — Congressional Fire Services Institute • IAAI — International Association of Arson Investigators • IAFC — International Association of Fire Chiefs • IAFF — International Association of Fire Fighters • NFFF — National Fallen Firefighters Foundation • NFPA — National Fire Protection Association • NVFC — National Volunteer Fire Council “... for their partnership with the Governmental Affairs Committee and continued support of the fire and emergency services.” We thank VisionMark for its sponsorship of these awards as well.

Cong. Curt Weldon, Bob Kreps, Josh Dozor, Andy Weis, and Steve Lawrence

The presentations were not only made to former staffers of Mr. Weldon’s, but in addition were named in memory of his long-time friend, Edward H. McCormack, Jr., who died in April 2006. Mrs. Mary McCormack also participated in the presentations to Mr. Weis and Mr. Dozor. The commendations read, On behalf of the Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) and the Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA), it is with great honor and pride that we present to you

The Edward H. McCormack, Jr. Spirit of Excellence Award Ed McCormack dedicated over 40 years of his life to the American Fire Service through training and education. Of his many accomplishments, one of his proudest was his charge to pass legislation that led to the creation of the Massachusetts Fire Training Academy in the mid 1960s. Through that effort, he learned very quickly about politics, the importance of working behind the scenes with appropriate stakeholders, and soon became one of the most respected fire service advocates in the country. In 1974, he was one of the writers of legislation that created the United States Fire Administration and the National Fire Academy. “Big Ed” McCormack was a man ahead of his time who had extraordinary vision ... in spirit, action and deed. For his leadership through service to others, compassion for his fellow man, and his perseverance, he was truly a beacon in the heart of the American Fire Service. With that spirit in mind, the FAMA/FMSA GAC applauds you as a fellow “beacon in our hearts” for your achievements and honors you today. In addition to the letters of commendation, beautifully inscribed crystal awards, designed and crafted compliments of VisionMark (thank you!), were presented to the inaugural award recipients for extraordinary service and assistance to the FAMA/FEMSA GAC.

Mary McCormack with Spirit of Excellence commendation in the name of Ed McCormack

The “Hill Day” program resumed with the presentation of, a GAC project that provides “essential facts and success stories about the FIRE Grant Programs.” The beta web site can be viewed at “Leave-behind” pamphlets were made available for all attendees to distribute to their legislators and staffers. CFSI’s Sean Carroll addressed members on the importance of building relationships with staffers, offering the assistance of the CFSI whenever needed. The GAC introduced David Gatton, who has been retained as the GAC’s Washington consultant. David provided a “coaching” session and covered the key talking points for “Hill Day”. “General” Lawrence ordered the “charge” and members en mass headed to Capitol Hill for their appointments. Two special tours for our members were arranged later that afternoon — one at the Capitol Building (thank you CFSI) and another at the Library of Congress (thank you Congressman Tierney (MA)). These tours preceded the NFFF Remembrance Tribute Reception at the Library of Congress, sponsored by the FAMA/FEMSA GAC. Friday, October 6th, the FAMA Board met with Committee Chairs to prepare for the general membership meeting the following day. At noon, the Executive Committees of FAMA and FEMSA met to discuss common interests while members of both associations enjoyed a luncheon together. That afternoon, members of FAMA and FEMSA met in the “Forum” where Garry Briese (IAFC) addressed issues relating to the American and Canadian Fire Services and the National Fire Fighter Near-Miss continues on page 7... Fama Flyer • Year End 2006



By Steve Lawrence

WOW what a fall! Since we last visited, your GAC committee has, as Captain Kirk used to say, “traveled to new places previously unknown!” With the events such as the annual meetings and the election results (I’ll get to more of that in a minute), we have had a lot going. Those are the high profile events, the important events were the results from the efforts the committee members did quietly behind the scenes that has truly made a difference. I am going to spend a few minutes highlighting those efforts of this past fall and then most importantly, spend a few minutes talking about the important goals that need to be accomplished this coming year as the 110th Congress moves into full swing.

Representatives from the National Academy of Public Administrators (NAPA) interviewed members of the GAC and FAMA/FEMSA officials on October 6th in Virginia. NAPA is preparing its report to DHS on the significance of the FIRE Act grants and were interested in fire and emergency industry manufacturers’ perspectives.

One group of FAMA and FEMSA members who converged on Capitol Hill to meet with legislators from their states, and who enjoyed a special tour of the Library of Congress.

The GAC’s talented Gabe Steinbach, graphics and web site designer.


Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

Legislative front — The GAC had two very important issues that the team spent a lot of time working on behind the scenes. The first was the FEMA reform legislation. Two notes of importance to our members: First, our longtime friend David Paulison was confirmed as the new head of FEMA, and his organization has been given the authority to build a professional organization that will respond to the needs of our country. Second, Grants and Training will now fall under FEMA in the future. The importance of this to our industry is that this is where the FIRE Act grants and related programs are housed and administered. The other issue we spent a lot of time on was the administration (or lack of in this case!) of the FIRE Act grants and related programs by DHS. Members of the committee worked collectively with members of our alliance partners on the Hill to meet with key people within DHS, the Members of Congress staff, and people within the administration to get out the message of the lack of clarity and continuity of the administration of this past year’s program. Quite frankly folks, we were too late in the process to have any real affect on the program for this year. However, the key results are that we have rallied our alliance partners to help with the facts, and have our message about the program out as a major discussion item for reform for this coming year. We will be asking each of you to participate in that process in the coming year with your local Members’ staff, while our alliance partners are going to assist us in carrying the message in DC. Project front — The GAC has worked hard to have the project ready to rollout in the 1st quarter of 2007. We are very excited about this new communication tool for Members of Congress (and primarily their staff), members of the administration and DHS, FEMA, USFA staff. This new online tool will feature success stories and information regarding the entire emergency/rescue service. The program is being lead by the GAC, with active participation from the many stakeholders across the fire service. More details will follow ... stay tuned to your weekly GAC e-newsletter for details! Activities front — The highlight of this year for the GAC were our annual meetings in Washington, D.C. We thank all who participated and hope that you had as much fun with the programs as we did. Here are some of the activities from this fall: • Interviewed candidates for a new political consultant position in Washington, D.C. • Inauguration of the Ed McCormack Spirit of Excellence Award (this year’s recipients were Andy Weis and Joshua Dozer) • Sponsorship and participation in the CFSI golf tournament for congressional staff in August • Sponsorship and participation in the CFSI Fire School for staff members at MFRI in November • Sponsorship and participation in the CFSI Holiday gathering in Washington, D.C. in December • Monthly Fire Side Chat luncheons in Washington, D.C. • Fall National Advisory Committee meeting in Washington, D.C. • Wildland Urban Interface Summit in December in Washington, D.C. • Several meetings in Washington, D.C. with alliance members, the Administration staff and DHS on FIRE grant issues

Several of you hosted events for your Congressional Members around election time. A big “Hooray!” to you for getting involved! Strategic front — The Boards of both organizations authorized the GAC to hire a political consultant to help guide us through the political process. We are very excited to introduce Dave Gatton from Developmental Initiatives, LLC. Members of the GAC met in Washington, D.C. in December with Dave and his team, and are in the process of building short term and long term plans. Again, stay tuned to your weekly e-newsletter for details! For the future ... The election in November showed us how quickly things can change in Washington. With Curt Weldon, Mike DeWine and many other leaders of the Fire Caucus losing their seats, this emphasized the point of how critical our relationships with staff members really are. Most of them are still there, however, they will be working elsewhere. Bill Webb has always told us, “Never throw away a business card, because you never know where someone will end up”. This year’s election proved his theory. On the bright side, we have a chance to make 40+ new friends this coming year. We are working with our alliance partners on a couple of programs to introduce these new members to our organization and our industry as a whole. Again, stay tuned to your e-newsletter for details! In closing, what a great year! We have learned so much and had fun doing it. However, it is time to look toward tomorrow. There are some big challenges ahead including the firegrantdata. com project, the reform of the FIRE Act grants administration, a support program for the new U.S. Fire Administrator, and the new friends we will make. Don’t lose sight of the great programs already in place that will continue ... Hill Day, Home Day (remember everyday is Home Day!), continuing and expanding our alliance


partners’ relationships while being leaders through our service to others in our community. Members of the GAC thank each of you for your willingness to allow us to represent you at the national level, and for your support of the programs that we believe in. ■ Your GAC Committee: Tim Bendle Doug Bonney Ken Creese George Goros John Granby Bobby Halton Larry Konsin Bob Kreps, Co-Chair Bill Latta Steve Lawrence, Co-Chair Mike Natchipolsky Tony Parrino John Sztykiel Assisted by: Karen Burnham David Gatton, Consultant Lynn Powell Gabriel Steinbach

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Reporting Systems; Grady North presented the FAMA Grant Fund program; CFSI Executive Director Bill Webb updated members on recent legislative issues on Capitol Hill; and GAC Co-Chairs Bob Kreps and Steve Lawrence provided details on the GAC’s activities and budget for 2006.

Friday evening, members of FAMA and FEMSA met socially for a reception and dinner. The associations were honored to

have as the keynote speaker FEMA Director David Paulison. Presidents Dean (FAMA) and Swayne (FEMSA) recognized the efforts of Meeting Planners Phil Turner, Dan Reese and Bob Grimaldi who orchestrated the meeting events in Arlington, as well as the Boards of Directors who spent countless hours during the year managing the affairs of the associations. Saturday, October 7th, the FAMA membership met to catch up on the association’s projects and progress since the spring meeting. (Full details of the meeting were included in the draft minutes emailed to all members on December 2nd.) Highlighting the meeting were the reports by Committee Chairs and their anticipated projects as FAMA moves forward, including the elections to the 2007 Board of Directors. Congratulations to Mike Schoenberger (Secretary-Elect) and Rick Suche (Directorat-Large) who join Phil Turner (President), Jerry Halpin (Vice President), John Sztykiel (Treasurer), Tim Dean (Past President), and Dominic Colletti (Sr. Director-at-Large) on January 1st. All reports may be viewed at the member area of (see power point presentation). ■

Fama Flyer • Year End 2006



By Guy Lemieux, Co-Chair, FAMA Technical Committee

EPA 2007 Overview Starting in January 2007, the new EPA emission standard for On-Highway diesel engines will go into effect. As in the past, fire trucks are considered On-Highway vehicles and must comply with the same standards. The two primary constituents targeted by the EPA for diesel engines are Particulate Matter (PM) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Most engine manufacturers have taken a similar approach to meet the ‘07 standard by lowering NOx with combustion technology (EGR) and capturing the particulate matter in the After-treatment Device (ATD). Since the exhaust temperature of a diesel engine is not adequate to keep up with the soot loading, a method to superheat the exhaust must be employed to “regenerate” or burn-out the collected soot. A common approach to achieve the “regeneration” is to introduce fuel to the exhaust stream at the turbo outlet. When atomized fuel mixed with the exhaust enters the ATD, the temperature increases and the collected soot is burned off. All 2007 heavy-duty and medium-duty diesel engines will incorporate an ATD which is an integral part of the emission control system and replaces the vehicle muffler. Crankcase gases are also now included in the total engine emissions. All 2007 engines will have a crankcase breather/separator to greatly reduce the oil vapor. After-treatment Device (ATD) The ATD refers to the complete after-treatment unit and is roughly the same size as the muffler it replaces. Designs vary slightly between manufacturers but most have two main components; 1) a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (inlet side of unit) and 2) a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The ATD has a double layer insulated stainless steel outer shell which allows the skin temperature of the device during a regen to be similar to that of a current muffler. The engine’s computer monitors the system via temperature and pressure sensors located on the ATD. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) traps the particulate matter (soot and ash). Soot collected in the DPF will be burned off periodically by the regeneration process. Ash however will have to be cleaned out by removing the DPF and having it serviced by an authorized facility. The EPA has mandated that the ash removal maintenance interval be no less than 150,000 miles. Experience indicates the actual service interval to remove ash from the DPF to be greater than 300,000 miles in most cases so it is likely a nonissue for fire trucks. DPF Regeneration Active regeneration is done when the engine management system determines the soot trapped in the DPF has reached a level that requires cleaning. The system will begin dosing fuel into the exhaust stream which creates enough heat to bake out the collected soot. The engine management system will determine when an active regen is required which, depending on the specific duty cycle, may be required every 10 – 20 hours of operation. A complete regen can last between 20 minutes and 1 hour. There are two types of active regenerations; 1) Automatic, when the engine is operated under loaded conditions (either driving or pumping); or 2) Parked, when manually initiated by vehicle operator by activating the regeneration switch located on the dashboard (parked


Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

regeneration). Some regeneration will occur “passively” during normal vehicle operation. Passive regeneration occurs naturally when the engine speed and load produce exhaust temperature that is capable of burning off soot without fuel dosing. 1. Active — Automatic Regeneration a. Driving: Regeneration can occur while driving over 5 mph (check with specific engine mfr for speed threshold) with no effect to the operation of the engine. If vehicle speed is slowed to below the threshold, the regen stops. Regen will resume once the vehicle is above the speed threshold and all other conditions to support the regen are present. If the vehicle begins a pumping operation and the conditions are present, the regen can resume. b. Pumping: Regeneration can occur while pumping as long as the conditions required to support the regen are present. If the conditions are no longer present (i.e. engine brought to idle, not sufficient RPM, etc...) the regen will cease until conditions are once again present. NOTE: The regen event is fully dependant on the conditions the regen being present. The operator maintains full control of the engine speed and load during a regen. An optional regen inhibit switch will be available to allow the operator the ability to inhibit an automatic regen if operating in an environment not suitable to elevated exhaust temperature. 2. Active — Parked Regeneration (Manual) a. A Parked Regen is manually initiated by the operator when the vehicle doesn’t get enough driving or pump time to allow a complete automatic regen. This will likely be a common requirement for firetrucks due to their unique operating conditions. A switch provided in the driver’s area will allow the operator to initiate a regen when the DPF lamp is illuminated indicating a regen is required. A clear discharge path for the exhaust outlet should be maintained during an active regen event as exhaust temperatures may reach 1200°F at the tailpipe outlet. When a manual regen is initiated, the engine will ramp up to a predetermined RPM and the regen will occur. Once the regen is complete, the engine will return to idle. There is no need to take the vehicle out of service to perform a parked regeneration. If a call comes in requiring the vehicle, simply end the regen by switching the request switch to the off position.

New Dash Lights There are three (3) new indicator lamps (DPF, HEST, and MIL) and one (1) new switch (DPF Regen Request) required for 2007 certified engines. There is also an optional Regen Inhibit Switch (check with your truck and engine OEM for details)




DPF Lamp When the DPF has accumulated a pre-determined level of particulate matter, the engine will look for conditions to perform an automatic regen. If the engine does not see the conditions for automatic regeneration, the DPF Lamp will illuminate to indicate to the operator that a regen is needed and should be performed at the earliest opportunity. Hest Lamp The High Exhaust System Temperature lamp will illuminate when the exhaust temperature is over a threshold set by the engine OEM. In general, this indicates a regen is occurring. This is normal and is just to alert the operator that the exhaust temperature is elevated. Mil The Malfunction Indicator Lamp is similar to the check engine light but exclusive to the emission control system as it indicates a fault with an emission control device. If illuminated, service should be provided by an authorized engine service center. Fuel EPA ’07 engines require the use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel. This fuel is a key part to meeting the new emissions standard. Use of the former low sulfur diesel fuel will not be in compliance with the EPA and will adversely affect the ATD and the regeneration process. ULSD should be used exclusively in EPA ’07 engines and is backwards compatible with older engines. Engine Oil EPA ’07 engines will require the use of API CJ-4 engine oil. The main difference is that CJ-4 rated oils have much lower sulfated ash content and therefore minimize the ash deposited into the DPF. If current, CI-4 oil is used, excessive ash will accumulate in the DPF which will dramatically shorten the service interval. TRAINING Existing fire department pump and vehicle operation training will need to be modified to take into account the “exhaust regeneration” requirement of EPA compliant ’07 engines. Follow the DPF regeneration procedure as stated by the specific engine and fire truck manufacturer. Manufacturers should make clear that they will make available to their customers at the time of delivery, and upon specific request thereafter, necessary basic system-indoctrination and new product familiarization information, along with essential documentation, recommended operating procedures, and associated materials. They should also make clear that the ultimate responsibility for both initial and continuing “training” of operators and other enduser personnel remains the sole responsibility and obligation of the fire department. ■


By Grady North

This is a reminder that Grant Fund applications are due to the Board of Directors by March 1, 2007. If you know of a project or person looking for grant assistance meeting the following criteria, please request a form from Karen Burnham at • The grant application must be submitted in compliance with grant process deadlines and include a complete and clear presentation of the grant request, utilizing appropriate FAMA proposal forms complete with all authorizing signatures. • The proposal demonstrates creativity and innovation in educational programming development and delivery. • The proposal offers benefits to a significant number of FAMA members and/or member companies. • The proposal provides a plan for additional non-FAMA funding if necessary. • The proposal applicants have formally committed to observe all of the procedures governing accounting for and reporting on the project once funded. ■

NOMINATION OF NEW U.S. FIRE ADMINISTRATOR President George W. Bush announced nomination of Gregory B. Cade of Virginia as Administrator of the United States Fire Administration (USFA), Department of Homeland Security. Fire Chief Gregory Cade had been the Virginia Beach Fire Chief/Emergency Management Coordinator since August 1998, and oversaw a multi-service agency of career and volunteer personnel. Chief Cade holds a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Leadership from Old Dominium University. He received his B.S. in Fire Administration (with honors) from the University of Maryland, College Park. He also holds an A.A. Degree in Fire Science from Price George’s Community College. Chief Cade has also participate in the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. Chief Cade began his fire service career as a volunteer firefighter with Price George’s County, Maryland. He served in a number of positions in the PGFD, becoming a career firefighter in 1971, serving as Bureau Chief of Administrative Services and Bureau Chief of Fire Suppression before being selected as the Hampton, Virginia, Fire Chief in 1992. His work in Hampton included developing a strong career and volunteer organization with oversight of both Fire and EMS resources. When appointed, Cade will replace Acting U.S. Fire Administrator Charlie Dickinson. ■

Fama Flyer • Year End 2006


NEWS FROM CFSI The best news of all is that our friend Sean Carroll, Legislative Director of the Congressional Fire Services Institute, is well on his road to recovery. You’ll recall that Sean was seriously ill and underwent major surgery in the October/November time frame. He is back at his desk and is feeling much better. He thanks all who sent get-well wishes ... they helped pull him through, and were very much appreciated.

Legislative Update Three years after the President signed into law the Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefits Act (Public Law 108-182), the Department of Justice released the final rule for the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program. The final rule reflects comments submitted by CFSI, several national public safety organizations, members of Congress and survivors of fallen public safety officers. If you are interested in reading the final rule, it is available on the federal register website at Families eligible for the PSOB are encouraged to contact the Bureau of Justice Assistance toll free at 888-744-6513 or visit their website at www. The fire service scored a victory when Congress voted to increase funding for three important programs. Despite pressure from the Administration to scale back funding for the FIRE Act, Congress voted to increase funding by $2 million over FY06 levels to $547 million. The SAFER Program, proposed for elimination by the Administration, will receive $115 million, a $5 million increase. The United States Fire Administration will receive $46.85 million, a $1.9 million increase. The funding increases were included in the FY 2007 Homeland Security Appropriations measure signed into law on October 4, 2006. Several attempts have been made on Capitol Hill during the 109th session to weaken a FCC ruling requiring Voice-over Internet Protocol (VolP) providers to provide 9-1-1 services to their subscribers. But CFSI, the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International worked closely with members in both the House and Senate to thwart any attempts that would grant waivers to VolP providers to connect subscribers to local public safety answer points. CFSI Hosted Training Program for Congressional Staff With the support of local area fire departments and the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, CFSI is able to offer Congressional staff unique hands-on training programs to help them broaden their understanding of the fire and emergency services. In November, CFSI offered opportunities for staff to ride with the Arlington County and the Washington, DC fire departments for an evening and to experience actual training in fire suppression at the MFRI training facility in College Park. Each year, over 100 Congressional staffers take advantage of these programs. CFSI’s goal is to educate them so they better understand the importance of the federal government’s role in training and equipping first responders. This is an ongoing effort because there are frequently new staff members to educate. The FAMA/FEMSA GAC was proud to participate in the event this year by sponsoring t-shirts worn by all staffers. In addition, GAC members Steve Lawrence and Mike Natchipolsky dawned firefighting gear along with staffers and joined in the process.


Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

2007 Budget Planning As you plan your budgets for 2007, remember the CFSI. The date of the 19th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner is set for March 28th and 29, with the dinner taking place on the 29th. In previous years, the program was a one-day event, but due to the positive feedback received from attendees about the seminars and to the growing number of federal programs and legislation addressing first responders, CFSI has added a second full day of seminars to the program. Sponsorship opportunities are available and can be viewed at The CFSI plays a unique role – one that unites the national fire organizations around a common agenda and works closely with the leaders of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus to advance its legislative priorities. Your support of CFSI has truly made a difference in its efforts as evidenced by the $4 billion Congress has approved for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (FIRE Act). ■

IN MEMORIAM FAMA is saddened to report the passings of: • Myron Schanuel (Towers Fire Apparatus) on September 30th, automobile accident • Dennis Zeman (3-D Fire Apparatus) on November 12th, long battle with cancer • Martin (Bud) Smock (Rescue 1) on December 7th, sudden heart attack • Staff Sergeant Joseph Phaneuf (Kochek Co.) on December 16th, military duty, Afghanistan • Madelle T. Towers (co-founder, Towers Fire Apparatus), December 27, 2006 - mother of Gary and Dale Towers The thoughts and prayers of all FAMA members are with the families of our dearly departed. May they rest in peace. ■

THINKING OF YOU Paul Carpenter (Elkhart Brass) underwent double-knee replacement surgery on November 29th. After surgery and a brief stay at the physical therapy rehab, Paul returned home to recuperate. Your get well wishes may be sent to Paul at 123 Crosspointe Drive, Westchester, PA 19380. Sean Carroll (Congressional Fire Services Institute) was hospitalized in October, underwent surgery, and is well on the mend. He has already returned to his post as Legislative Director of the CFSI, and is doing well. He thanks you all for your well wishes during his recuperation period. ■

“RESOLVE TO BE READY IN 2007” Homeland Security Urges Americans to Make Preparing for Emergencies Their New Year’s Resolution WASHINGTON — Nearly half of all adults in this country will make at least one New Year’s resolution. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is urging Americans to make a resolution that is both important and easy to keep — to prepare themselves, their families and their businesses for emergencies. “We want 2007 to be a year when our nation’s families and businesses take steps to prepare for emergencies,” said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. “Setting a clear goal to be prepared in 2007 is an easy way for all Americans to be as ready as possible if an emergency occurs. The Ready Campaign Web site at provides individuals, families and businesses with a variety of tools and check lists to help them get started.” A recent national survey conducted by The Advertising Council found that 91 percent of individuals agreed that it is important for all Americans to be prepared for emergencies, but only 55 percent said that they had taken any steps to prepare. A survey of small businesses found more than 90 percent recognized the importance of business emergency preparedness, but less than 40 percent said their company had an emergency plan in place. Through its Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps program, DHS educates and empowers Americans to prepare for all types of emergencies, including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks. Last month, the department and the Ad Council released new television, radio, print, outdoor and Internet public service advertisements (PSAs) for the Ready

Campaign. The PSAs highlight the fact that many families have not yet taken the steps needed to prepare, including getting an emergency supply kit, making a family emergency plan and learning more about different emergencies and their appropriate responses. Citizen Corps, a DHS grassroots initiative, brings the preparedness message alive at the local level by providing information, training and opportunities to get engaged in community preparedness. Nearly 2,100 Citizen Corps Councils across the country bring together local governments and emergency responder groups with non-government organizations to plan, train and exercise together. By visiting or calling 1-800-BE-READY, Americans can learn how to prepare themselves, their families, homes and businesses for emergencies. Individuals can also get involved in preparing their communities by visiting www. and contacting their nearest Citizen Corps Council. Through these resources individuals can access free materials that will help them make a New Year’s resolution that will bring peace of mind. ■

STATISTICS COMMITTEE UPDATE By Jack McLoughlin, Chair FAMA will be conducting a Trade Show Survey in the near future. All FAMA members will be asked to participate. Details will follow. Contact Jack McLoughlin at (631) 724-8888 if you have any questions. ■

FAMA ENDORSEMENT ... SEAT BELTS PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE On October 27th, FAMA, represented by legal counsel Jim Juneau, participated in a 60-minute radio show over the Firehouse. com POD cast. The purpose of the show was to continue to bring attention to the fact that about 45% of the fire service does not wear their seat belts when riding in emergency vehicles. Firefighters have been and will be injured and killed because they were not using their seat belts. This problem is not new; it persists today, and will not change in the future until the fire service takes responsibility and buckles up! The radio show was divided into three panels ... Seat Belts the Past, Seat Belts the Present, and Seat Belts the Future. Jim Juneau was interviewed in the third segment ... the Future. The following is the link to the radio show: Please take the time to listen to the broadcast. It was very well done. The FAMA Board encourages you to pass along the radio show link and the following link to your customers:

This is the home page of the “seat belt pledge” where the goal of 1,000,000 signatures and fire departments with 100% participation will be tracked. Encourage your customers to take the National Fire Service Seat Belt Pledge: “Firefighter Christopher Brian Hunton, age 27, was a member of the Amarillo Texas Fire Department for one year. On April 23, 2005, he fell out of his fire truck responding to an alarm. He died two days later from his injuries. Brian was not wearing his seat belt.”

The Pledge: “I pledge to wear my seat belt whenever I am riding in a Fire Department vehicle. I further pledge to insure that all my brother and sister firefighters riding with me wear their seat belts. I am making this pledge willingly; to honor Brian Hunton, my brother firefighter, because wearing seat belts is the right thing to do.” FAMA has rallied to endorse this program. The links above are posted on the FAMA web site at the “Links” page of www.fama. org. ■

Fama Flyer • Year End 2006


MEMBER NEWS American LaFrance [December 14, 2006] American LaFrance, LLC will celebrate its 175th anniversary in 2007 as America’s oldest manufacturer of fire, rescue and EMS vehicles. To commemorate this historical landmark event, we will have many activities in store for our company and its employees. Our first observance of this anniversary is seen in our 2007 American LaFrance calendar. Visit www. North Charleston fire truck museum featuring American LaFrance antique vehicles — The North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum and Educational Center’s grand opening, slated early Spring 2007, is an exciting experience for American LaFrance, LLC. The museum will feature fully restored, museumquality American LaFrance antique vehicles. In anticipation of the museum’s grand opening, our antique fire trucks will be transported from Cleveland, NC to North Charleston in what will make for quite a fascinating spectacle. To mark this historical event, we will be filming the convoy of more than 12 antique flatbed trailers making the four-hour trip down the interstate with our extensive collection of antique vehicles in tow. Along with 18 American LaFrance antique vehicles, the museum boasts fascinating hands-on safety exhibits for children. North Charleston’s overall intention is to provide all 6th grade children in South Carolina the opportunity to visit the museum annually, bringing learning opportunities and a love of the fire industry to kids throughout the state. A State of the Art Facility for American LaFrance, LLC — Plans for American LaFrance’s new headquarters, based in Summerville, SC is well underway. The 500,000 square foot facility will feature a state-of-the-art custom fire products fabrication and assembly plant. The facility will also boast a complete store for American LaFrance buffs to purchase American LaFrance merchandise and memorabilia, a vehicle test track, a pump test pit and much more. The new facility is due to open its doors in the summer of 2007. Building progress can be seen on the American LaFrance website at Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. [December 8, 2006] Elkhart Brass is pleased to announce Jerry Herbst has accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager for our Northeastern Region including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Jerry comes to us with over 25 years experience in the Fire Service. He is a past Chief, County Fire Officer and Training Instructor. In past years, Jerry served as Marketing Director for VFIS of New York, working regionally in the Northeast with VFIS, directing and serving as the Vice President of the VESO Trust, a Nationwide Trust dedicated to providing LODD and death benefits to emergency service workers. In total Jerry brings over 20 years experience in sales and distribution management to Elkhart Brass. [December 11, 2006] Elkhart Brass is proud to announce the opening of an expanded, state-of-the-art test facility in its Elkhart, Indiana headquarters. “Our new testing facility not only helps ensure we deliver the best and safest water flow products, but also allows us to continue to design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions and


Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

EHB test center

get them to the market faster. The new Unibody Valve is a perfect example of this improved design-to-build execution process,” stated Don Sjolin, Marketing Director for Elkhart Brass. The test facility is the first of its kind in the industry and is an expansion of 7500 square feet to the current test center. The new expansion includes a 2400 square foot testing booth with over 30 yards of concrete creating a 50-ton backsplash. The center includes a 20,000-gallon holding/re-circulating tank feeding a CMU 2-stage Waterous Pump. “R&D is critical for us to continue to be an innovator in water flow equipment. The new test facility positions us to keep innovating for years to come,” stated Don Sjolin. The new test center is live and operational and can be toured during visits to Elkhart Brass’ headquarters.

Ferrara Fire Apparatus [September 13, 2006] Chris Ferrara, CEO of Ferrara Fire apparatus, Inc. announced today that Lester F. Alexander III has been hired as President of the company. “We are very excited about adding Les to our organization. Many times over the past seven years, Les has served in the capacity of a consultant for our company. As president, his knowledge of the fire apparatus industry plus his 15 years of experience in investment banking, financial management, and strategic planning will help this company reach the next level. In the past 25 years, we have grown to amazing heights. Les’ knowledge of business development, combined with his background in financial analysis and market research, will give us the additional tools we need to achieve our growth goals,” Ferrara said. Hackney Emergency Vehicles [December 11, 2006] — Lee Potter has joined the Hackney team as Emergency Vehicles Special Applications Manager. Lee has previous experience as a regional sales manager and brings 12 years of emergency vehicle special applications experience to Hackney. His primary focus will be to provide technical assistance

to the divisions EV Regional Sales Managers on a new line of emergency vehicles to be introduced in January. Lee resides with his wife Jodi in the West Palm Beach area of Florida. He and Jodi will have welcomed their first son into the household in December.

Kochek Company, Inc. [December 21, 2006] Doug Bonney, Eastern District Sales Manager and based on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, provides sales administration, field specification, and support for new markets in the eastern U.S. excluding New England. Doug has fourteen years experience in the industry and has been with Kochek for twelve years. Lou Thomas, Northeast district Sales Manager, based in Connecticut, covers New England, New York, New Jersey and supervises the Canadian sales staff. Lou is also the inside sales/customer care manager. He is a graduate of Springfield (Mass.) College. He has been with Kochek for sixteen years. John Swanson, Midwest district Sales Manger, based in Michigan, handles sales, customer relations, and develops new markets throughout the Midwest and supervises the West Coast sales staff. John has been in outside sales for thirty years, sixteen with a custom fire truck chassis manufacturer. He has been with Kochek for six months. Onan/Cummins [December 20, 2006] Exciting changes are underway at Onan. To strengthen the worldwide tie with Cummins Inc., its parent company, Onan Generators is pleased to announce that its brand name is changing to Cummins Onan, effective during the first quarter of 2007. The new direction is intended to create a stronger, more diversified and globally recognized corporation. Research has shown that both the Cummins and Onan brands were familiar, had high perceived value and strong positive images among Onan customers. Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. [November 16, 2006] Executive VP, STC, and President, Fire & Emergency Group John Randjelovic, is pleased to announce the following organizational changes: Wilson Jones has been promoted to Vice President Sales and Marketing, Fire and Emergency Group. Wilson joined Oshkosh Truck Corporation in August 2005 as the Vice President and General Manager ARFF Business Group. Wilson has over 12 years of experience in the Fire and Emergency industry. Wilson will report to the President, Fire & Emergency Group.

Mike Conger has been promoted to Vice President, General Manager, Operations at Oshkosh, supporting the Defense, ARFF, Snow, and Commercial business units. Mike most recently served as the President of Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles and Frontline. Mike also was instrumental in leading our lean and cost reduction initiatives. We thank Mike for his time at Pierce and wish him success in his new endeavors. John Slawson has been promoted to President Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles and Frontline. John joined Pierce in July 2004 and has served as Director of Dealer Development, Pierce Manufacturing. John will report to the President, Fire and Emergency Group. Reporting to John will be Ed Wajda, Pat Moriarty, and Jonathan Sherr. Kevin Hyde has been promoted to Vice President Florida and Medtec. Kevin joined Pierce in June 2004 and worked as Director of Operations prior to assuming the role of General Manager for the Florida facility in January 2006. Kevin will report to the President, Fire & Emergency Group. Pete Evans will report to Kevin as well as the Florida team members. Tom Olson has been promoted to Vice President SPARK Order Entry and Maintenance. Tom has most recently served as Vice President of Business Processes. Tom will report to the President of Pierce Manufacturing. Jim Michal has been promoted to Vice President of Manufacturing, Pierce. Jim most recently served as the Director of Manufacturing for Pierce and has been with Oshkosh and Pierce for 30 years. Jim will report to the President of Pierce Manufacturing. Bob Crandall has been promoted to Director of Materials, Purchasing and Scheduling. Bob most recently served as the Director of Materials and has been with Oshkosh Truck and Pierce for over 25 years. Bob will report to the President of Pierce Manufacturing. Mark Johnson has been promoted to Director of Cost Management, Lean and Six Sigma for Pierce Manufacturing. Mark joined Pierce in September 2005 as Director of Continuous Material Flow and Logistics. Prior to joining Pierce, Mark held several positions at Ford Motor Company. Mark will report to the Vice President of Operations, Fire and Emergency Group.

Pro Poly of America, Inc. Pro Poly is pleased to announce the association of Jim Montgomery in sales for the company. Although new to the fire industry, Jim has a broad sales background and enthusiastically brings this experience to the fire service. Jim will be operating out of his home in Greensborough, NC, and will be focused on selling tanks and truck bodies to customers throughout the Atlantic coast and Southeast region. R•O•M Corporation [September 2006] Steven M. Briggs has been promoted to president of R•O•M Corporation. The announcement was made on September 1, 2006 by John R. McAlister, who remains as R•O•M CEO while transferring the duties of president to Briggs. Briggs joined the R•O•M management team in 2004 as vice president of sales and marketing. His efforts to establish partnerships with R•O•M’s customer base and reorganize the firm’s nationwide territory manager staff and inside customer development team have helped the company achieve year-over-year Fama Flyer • Year End 2006




increases in sales, quality and customer satisfaction. The firm has also introduced several new innovations and enhanced its existing product line during that time. “R•O•M has benefited a great deal from Steve’s sales and marketing leadership over the past three years,” says McAlister. “He has been pivotal in establishing partnerships with our customers that help us help them succeed. Now, we’re looking forward to leveraging that expertise as he leads the entire company into the future.” Briggs will oversee sales and marketing, manufacturing, quality, engineering, human resources, material management and information technology at R•O•M. Before joining the company, he led business development efforts for an international leader in the inorganic minerals industry. A former Special Forces officer in the United States Army, Briggs holds an MBA in finance from the University of Missouri.

Smart Power Systems [December 19, 2006] Demonstrating its continued commitment to the fire service Smart Power has added 4 new regional managers to the team in 2006. Each regional manager works directly with the dealers and fire departments. Will Leach, South East Regional Manager, works out Marysville TN and covers the South Eastern United States. A Mechanic Engineer by degree Will also provides technical support to Smart Power customers and dealers throughout the US. Will can be reached at 248396-2412 or by e-mail at Mark Medeiros, North East Regional Manager, WorkS out of his office in North Attleboro MA and covers the North East Unites States. Mark has worked in the fire industry for over 13 years directly with fire departments of all sizes. Mark can be reached at 508-930-1998 or at Dave Dooley, Upper Midwest Regional Manger, works from his office in Milwaukee and covers WI, MN, IA, KS, NE, and SD. Dave comes to Smart Power with over 22 years in the fire industry. Dave can be reached 414-418-7000 or at Jordan Rautiola, Midwest Regional Manger, supports his customers in OH, IL, IN, MI, and MO working from his office outside of Detroit. Jordan comes to Smart Power with an extensive background in the automotive industry. Jordan can be reached at 248376-0248 or at Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. [December 15, 2006] Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. has expanded the size of its manufacturing facilities by 86,000 sq. ft. in an effort to better serve its North American market. The company has added

a 36,000 sq. ft. addition to the existing plant in Snyder, NE which will allow a smoother production flow throughout the 311,000 sq. ft. building. Smeal also purchased a satellite plant in Neligh, NE, located 75 miles northwest of Snyder. Components produced at this 50,000 sq. ft. facility are transported to the main plant in Snyder for final fire truck assembly. Smeal expects the additional space to expedite production, resulting in faster deliveries for its customers.

Task Force Tips [December 11, 2006] VALPARAISO, IN — Moving is never fun, especially if it’s an entire factory and more than 100 employees, but TFT recently expanded its already busy operations by relocating production to its south Valparaiso, Indiana location — where it has acres to grow. “And the real news is that we already know that we’re going to outgrow this space within a short time,” said Rod Carringer, TFT vice president of marketing and sales. “In the mean time, this move allowed us to double our operational square footage, as well as optimize our existing operations. In particular, this gave us a chance to rework and expand our shipping department, which is nothing but great news for our customers.” As a part of the its expansion, TFT purchased several new milling and lathe machines that will help increase productivity, production efficiency, and allow for tailoring custom orders to specifications. “As technology advances, so do customer expectations,” Carringer said. “It’s like with our remote control monitors. Firefighters are seeing that remotes actually maximize their efficiency, as well as reduce their risk. So not only do they want new or improved products, but they want whatever they can get remote to be remote. As a result, we have a number of new or improved electronic products that are in the last stages of field testing. And with the demands on today’s firefighters, we see that number of products growing.” TFT’s website,, is also expanding, as unique hits number in the thousands weekly. “Our web page has a different look, but the real changes are behind the scenes — in the back end of the program,” Carringer explained. “Some people choose not to use the 800 number, so we’ve also restructured our site so that it’s easier to enter, process, and track orders. People are still welcome to call, but they also have the option of immediately accessing all of their order information at” Web visitors should also check out the new product maintenance videos recently posted on the site. “More and more customers are asking for files in electronic format. That customer demand was what recently made us decide add a video department. It just made sense. The new video capabilities have already been a big help in TFT’s OEM market. “When firefighters are spec’ing out a new truck, it’s an amazing support process for them to be able to call and ask for video shots so that not only can they see exactly what they’re ordering — but they can see the actual flow and reach, and show that to the decision makers on their team.” Tempest Technology, Inc. [December 7, 2006] Tempest Technology hired a new south Central Regional Sales Manager in August. Kevin King, based in Dallas, TX, will be covering the South Central portion of the United States, overseeing sales of certain Tempest products.


Fama Flyer • Year End 2006

Kevin in a volunteer firefighter, and we are very pleased to have him as a member of our team. [December 27, 2006] Tempest Technology Corporation, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Cieplak’s Fire & Safety as our new Manufacturer’s Representative Agency in the New England States. Joe Cieplak, Principal of the Agency, will represent Tempest in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine under the direction of Tempest’s Regional Manager for the North East, Mr. Eric Lohse. Joe has been working with fire equipment dealers and consumers in his area since founding his original marketing firm, Gurilla Force consulting firm, in 1999. Joe, Mike Cieplak, and Adam Molnar will assist our customers needs though our Tempest/Ventmaster dealers with the full line of Tempest and Tempest Fireco products. Cieplak’s Fire & Safety, as an independent representative agency, represents a number of quality manufacturers of fire related equipment. We are happy to have Cieplak’s to also represent Tempest.

United Plastic Fabricating, Inc. [December 12, 2006] December 1, 2006 marked United Plastic Fabricating, Inc.’s (UPF) 20-year anniversary. In 1986, UPF opened its doors in a 6,400 square foot facility in North Andover, Massachusetts with just three employees. Twenty years later, UPF has over 280 employees utilizing more than 140,000 square feet in three locations. “I remember the day I decided to invest into this business venture with my partner Allan Burnham like it was yesterday. My three boys were eight, three and two. Twenty years later, our lives and the fire industry have been changed for the better,” said Joe Lingel, UPF President/CEO. The word of the Poly-Tank quickly spread throughout the fire industry. Today, there are more than 54,000 Poly-Tanks® in service worldwide. Happy 20th Anniversary UPF! W.S. Darley & Company [December 6, 2006] Meet Dan Ochoa: Darley’s New Pump Sales Manager and Odin Representative: I am excited to have joined Team Darley [this fall]. I grew up in Chicago, IL, and recently graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH. Oxford has a small volunteer EMT/ Firefighting Team where I volunteered as an EMT for two of my four years in Oxford. I was also involved with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati as well as the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. My interest in fire and emergency services was instilled during my high school years, when I was a head lifeguard at a large water park for several years. I was involved in the safety of thousands of guests each day as a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and a CPR and Life Guarding Instructor for both Red Cross as well as for Jeff Ellis and Associates Inc. I was an intern for W.S. Darley & Co last summer. I worked in the sales and accounting departments and even got to go to IAFC Fire Rescue conference in Denver. I am glad to be a part of the team and look forward to meeting you.

Waterous Company/Arizona Operations

[December 8, 2006] Waterous/Arizona Operations, based in Peoria, AZ, is opening a new, 4500 sq. ft. facility in January where certain foam systems and complete midship pump modules will be produced. This facility is only two blocks from the existing Waterous/Arizona facility, where compressed air foam systems are manufactured.

Will-Burt Company [December 11, 2006] The Will-Burt Company announces the addition of two new Mast Lighting Sales Representatives, Mike Vazzo and Joe Silvestri. Allen McAfoos, Lighting Sales Manager said, “Will-Burt’s Mast and Lighting Division was in need to expand the sales crew. Mike and Joe were obvious choices when filling these positions. We are very excited about the energy these two have brought to our company. We know our customers will find them informed and eager to assist.” Mike Vazzo grew up in Wooster, Ohio. He is a recent graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Mike joined Will-Burt on July 24, 2006. Mike says of his new position, “I am excited about developing relationships with our customers and promoting Will-Burt’s light tower and mast lines.” Joe Silvestri was born on Staten Island, New York. His family later relocated to Wooster, Ohio. In the spring of 2006, Joe graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Joe joined the company on June 5, 2006. “I am enjoying meeting customers and making new contacts. As a Will-Burt sales representative, I look forward to assisting our customers in the purchase of a light tower or telescoping mast.” ■

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FAMA Flyer Winter 2006-2007  

FAMA Flyer Winter 2006-2007

FAMA Flyer Winter 2006-2007  

FAMA Flyer Winter 2006-2007