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Fall 2009

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Thanks Giff!

Welcome to Washington! I hope you are reading this at our annual meeting. If you are, I would like to thank you on behalf of the FEMSA Board for making the commitment to improve your business and our industry by participating at our annual meeting. The meeting planning committee has been working hard in conjunction with the GAC to provide you the best value and opportunity to make those improvements. I specifically would like to thank our Canadian members who made the trip and are going to work with their embassy on improving Canadian business conditions while our U.S. members engage with their legislators on the Hill. This meeting is not all about government, and there is much more content from and about the industry we serve than there is political activism. The “Fire Drill” has been expanded to over a dozen topics, and the Buyer’s Round Table ought to be a good reflection on what our market will look like in the coming years. Beyond that, our business speaker will talk through diversity, change and whining. Finally there is the most key item, and that is interacting with other businesses in our industry. It does not matter if you have a long term history in the industry or not, there is always something to learn and share by attending the annual meeting. To steal a phrase, “it’s a brave new world.” Whether it’s economic, political, spiraling debt, business pressures, or funding cuts, there are many things to draw your attention. However, that is exactly the time to work the hardest to improve our industry. It won’t be easy. The GAC will continue to work hard in the coming year to keep us informed, asking us to act as needed to support the reauthorization of the Fire Act, funding levels for the next fiscal year, and continuing to watch dog new procurement rules. However, in the face of that the board may very well be dealing with how to defend our member companies from increased government intrusion, spending and regulation. From that standpoint, it will be necessary for us to grow our relationships with other non fire service related organizations that represent manufacturing, service providers, and distribution members. As we continue to face these new pressures, it will be even more important to grow closer to our sister organization FAMA, so we can present a unified voice to the rest of the world, and leverage our resources to further all of our industries’ needs. The FEMSA board thanks you again for your attendance and continued support of the organization to improve all our businesses and our industry. For a final thought, I would like to personally give a heartfelt thanks to Giff Swayne for his nearly five years as FEMSA president. Giff is a truly talented and creative individual. He has worked extremely hard furthering the organization and the industry. His leadership and relationships as FEMSA president will be missed. If you run across Giff at the annual meeting or just in the course of regular business in the coming months, please be sure to thank him for all of his efforts. Sincerely,

Dan Reese 2 || || Fall 2009

Kelvin Cochran Confirmed as U.S. Fire Administrator By Cindy Devone-Pacheco & Janelle Foskett, FireRescue magazine

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano swears in U.S. Fire Administrator Kelvin Cochran

Chief Cochran acknowledged his mother, mother-in-law, brother, sister, nephew, daughter and wife—all of whom were present—for their continued support.

Perhaps the biggest, most noteworthy event to take place at FRI was the swearing in of Chief Kelvin Cochran as the new U.S. Fire Administrator by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The event took place during the August 27th General Session. Chief Cochran, who is a FireRescue magazine editorial board member, expressed his gratitude to President Barack Obama, Secretary Napolitano and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate for their support. He also acknowledged—and saluted—the organizations he said made this achievement possible for him: the USFA, Atlanta Fire-Rescue and the Shreveport Fire Department.

Photo by Chief John M. Buckman III

“Our first responders are an essential component in our effort to assist Americans in the wake of major disasters,”

said Fugate. “Kelvin’s extensive experience as former fire chief in Atlanta and Shreveport, makes him the ideal candidate to take over this important post. I congratulate him and look forward to working together as we continue to expand our national emergency response team, a team that includes federal agency partners, members of the private sector, volunteer organizations and most importantly, the public.” Kelvin Cochran has been in the fire service for 28 years. He worked his way up the ranks from firefighter to Assistant Chief Training Officer to Fire Chief of Shreveport, La., to chief of the Atlanta Fire Department. He’s a former first vice president of the IAFC and president of the Metropolitan Fire Chief’s Association. (REPRINTED, IN PART, WITH PERMISSION)


A warm welcome to all FEMSA members attending the annual meetings at the Crystal City Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of historic Washington, DC, our nation’s capitol. The fall conference is a joint event shared with members of FAMA in all respects except for our individual business membership meetings. This conference is of particular interest as one full day will be dedicated to Hill Day. On Thursday, October 8th, all FEMSA and FAMA members will represent the voice of the fire and emergency services industry when they meet with legislative leaders on Capitol Hill. Team appointments have been arranged by the FAMA/ FEMSA Governmental Affairs Committee consultant and advisors, in cooperation with our friends at the

CFSI (Congressional Fire Services Institute). Members will be coached Thursday morning and provided important materials to share with legislators and their staffers that afternoon. At 5:30pm, all members and guests will gather in the historic foyer of the Rayburn House Office Building, joined by members of Congress and the Senate. Be sure to remind those you meet with that afternoon of the reception -- all are welcome. The FEMSA annual business meeting will be conducted early Thursday morning, October 8th, followed by a joint session with FAMA members on Hill Day preparation. The business meeting will reconvene early Friday morning, October 9th; FEMSA and FAMA members will reunite later that morning for a full day of “Fire Drill” topics, lunch, speaker presentations and the ever-popular buyer’s roundtable. The details of most of these events have been included in pre-meeting e-blasts and flyers (and we thank the FEMSA and FAMA Marketing Committees for that). The conference will conclude after the reception and dinner Friday evening with most members traveling home on Saturday.

Special appreciation is extended to the following FEMSA and FAMA member companies that are sponsoring events during the conference: Fire Engineering Magazine Hospitality Suite Fire Chief Magazine - Business Speaker Firehouse - Coffee Breaks FireRescue Magazine Breakfasts Spartan Motors - Friday Banquet Open Bar Please remember to thank these sponsors when you see them throughout the meeting - their support benefits all attending members. If you have any questions during the conference, your meeting planners will be available to assist you … just ask. Enjoy your stay!

Bill Lawson, Annual Meeting Chair/VP Dan Reese, President Bob Grimaldi, Meeting Planner

Fall 2009 || || 3

“On The Road Again” By: Harry Carter

With apologies to famed country singer Willie Nelson, I am here to announce that come June of 2010, I will be on the road again. Yes, once again it is time to announce another Harry Carter Road Trip. It is my intention to hit the road on, or about, June 1, 2010. June is my quiet month between band seasons, so time is less constrained. I want to be back in time for the outdoor summer band season with famed Ocean Grove Summer Band, in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. My mission will be similar to the theme of my highly successful 2006 version. My friends and I want to meet the real members of the American Fire Service and speak with them about their concerns, successes, as well as their failures. This is what I did back in 2006 thanks to the support provided to me by a number of fire industry firms – member companies of FAMA and FEMSA and the organizations themselves. Jack Peltier and I traveled more than 6,000 miles in my Suburban. We visited with approximately 50 fire departments in 20 states. Also, I was most fortunate to meet with a number of staff personnel for members of Congress and the U.S. Senate. While I was on the road, I wrote and posted daily updates on a blog provided to me by These blog articles served as the basis for the book which I published about my journey. These blog stories also are being used to update the website created by your organization. However, things will be a bit different in 2010. This time around, my sidekick Jack Peltier of Massachusetts and I will be joined by a buddy from the great state of Delaware. We are going to be joined by Ken McMahon, a Delaware State Fire Commissioner and long-time friend. It is our intention to meet with members of the American Fire Service who can share a story of success based upon a grant received from the Fire Act program. Let me assure you that Jack and I learned a great many lessons from the manner in which we conducted our last soiree. It is our desire to begin our journey in Denver, Colorado.

Therefore, we would close out our journey in Denver so that we can return our rented SUV to the right location. It is tough to find the right place for flying these days.

Harry Carter

We want to travel through our nation’s midsection. I have a couple of tentative visits lined up at county and state events in Nebraska and Kansas. I look forward to meeting with Steve Hirsh in Kansas and George J. Teixeira in Nebraska. Given the greater distances between cities and towns out in the Midwest, we intend to set up fewer stops, but we want to meet more people at each location. As I review the map, we would like to visit the states of: Colorado Wyoming Idaho North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas There are a few folks in my regrets file from the 2006 trip from whom I would like to hear. There was also an invitation from Jed Head at the Neosho Township Fire Department in Kansas. In addition, I have received an invitation from Steve Weis at the West Peculiar Fire Department in Kansas. There were also invitations to a fire academy in Colorado and a department in Idaho. My team and I are hoping that many friends within the fire apparatus and equipment manufacturing world must once again step up to the plate to take a crack at helping us meet the costs of this journey. We must raise the necessary funds to make this trip happen. However, why am I doing this, you might ask? Why are Ken, and Jack, and I taking a month out of our collective lives to travel and meet with our nation’s firefighters? The answer is simple. We all believe in the worth of the FIRE Act. We have all seen its impact up close and personal. I am well aware of the importance of this legislation. However, there are

Jack Peltier

Ken McMahon

those who want to see it go away. There are also those who want to see it changed so that nameless and faceless bureaucrats are allowed to make the decision on who gets what. As one who was in the mix at the very beginning of this program 10 years ago, I know what was agreed to. I was a party to the development of the program, and while I am no longer on the inside, I like to think that I have a handle on what is happening. Jack and I saw people whose fortunes have changed seeking to carve up the FIRE Act money to suit their needs. I am not happy with several of the moves which are being made at the national level, but am really powerless to do much other than write about them. Let me also make you aware of the fact that there are also those people who have said the program should not have been created in the first place. Apparently these folks do not get around much. Let me assure you that I have taken a certain amount of flack for my support and promotion of the FIRE Act program. However, my friend Jack Peltier and I saw the results of this outstanding program at the grassroots level. We saw people who were sharing turnout gear and driving vehicles that should have been in the junkyard a long time ago. We saw others who did not have a sufficient number of self-contained breathing apparatus units to mount any sort of an interior fire attack. We saw units that were able to provide a better level of training thanks to the programs and devices which were funded by the FIRE Act. Sad to say, but our fire service is taken for granted by the vast majority of the citizens in our nation. Oh, people will praise the daylights out of us on the surveys which ask for people’s opinions of their fire department. continued next page Fall 2009 || || 5

“On the Road Again.” (continued) Unfortunately, when we ask them to fund our operations, or volunteer to join with us in the delivery of our critical infrastructure protective service, we get an overwhelmingly cold shoulder. Worse yet, when they need us, they are all over us like a cheap suit if we fail to be on location in 45 seconds. There you have it. I believe in the value of the FIRE Act and it is my intention to travel out to the middle of our great nation to meet with fire departments that have achieved success through the receipt of a FIRE Act grant or grants. If you know someone who would like to meet, please let me know. I am working on this trip a lot sooner than the last one. However, I can assure you that any help which you can provide will be greatly appreciated. [“Editor’s Note: As in 2006, I believe so strongly in the FIRE Act grants and appreciate the time and talents of Harry Carter and his team, that I pledge the first $100 to help offset expenses of this all-important road trip. I challenge all FEMSA and FAMA members to match my pledge. Please email Karen Burnham – or with your commitment of support.]

NIOSH Reports The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program conducts independent investigations of fire fighter line-of-duty deaths and develops a written investigation report which includes a summary of findings and recommendations for injury prevention. One of the primary goals of the program is the distribution of information to fire departments and fire fighters across the country for use in injury prevention efforts. NIOSH has completed reports on more than 400 incidents since the program was established in October 1997. NIOSH recently released investigative reports covering six incidents which represent examples of reports for common types of firefighter line-of-duty deaths, including two incidents associated with motor vehicles, two incidents associated with fighting structure fires, and two incidents associated with training. These reports include deaths from traumatic injuries and heart attacks. Additional reports are available on the NIOSH web page, The reports are in the public domain and may be copied, duplicated, or distributed in any way you see fit. NIOSH encourages you to use the information contained in these reports to improve the safety of our nation’s fire fighters. To help NIOSH improve communication of this information, feedback regarding the usefulness of these reports and how you used or distributed the information is encouraged. Additional information on the NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program, along with copies of all individual investigation reports, can be accessed via the NIOSH web page [see link above]. NIOSH is committed to improving the health and safety of our nation’s fire fighters and appreciates the opportunity to work with the fire fighting community to reach that goal.

NIOSH Contact:

Nancy Stout, Ed.D. Director Division of Safety Research NIOSH 1095 Willowdale Road Morgantown, WV 26505-2888 Tel: (304) 285-5894

6 || || Fall 2009


Brian Tripp, Fire Sales Director 180 N. Mountain Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042 (718) 406-3777 Manufacturer of station wear and accessories

Gel Tech Solutions, Inc.

Brian Calascibetta, Managing Director 1460 Park Lane So., Ste. 1 Jupiter, FL 33458 (561) 427-6144 Manufacturer of FireIce for fire extinguishment

Tyco International

Craig Sharman, Director Federal Government Relations 607 14th Street, NW, Ste. 550 Washington, DC 20005 (202) 350-6909 Manufacturer of electronic security and alarm monitoring, firefighting equipment, breathing apparatus, and chemical and water fire suppression solutions.

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By David Gatton

Hill Day Has Never Been More Important for the Fire Industry The FAMA/FEMSA October 8, 2009, Hill Day in Washington, D.C., will be one of the most important events for the fire industry in years. Why? Because with skyrocketing federal deficits due to the recession, no federal government program is deemed safe from significant budget cuts in the future. If the fire and rescue service and industry want to ensure that the Assistance to Fire Grants program remains a cornerstone of the federal/ local first responder partnership, then it will have to make the case strongly and with conviction over the next nine months, starting on October 8th of this year. Change is always a two-edged sword. In the last two years of his administration, President Bush recommended funding the AFG Fire grants program at only $300 million, an almost 50% cut , but Congress ignored these requests both years and funded the program in FY 2009 at $565 million. In the same year, Congress also increased funding for the SAFER hiring program to a level of $210 million. During consideration of the FY 2010 budget, however, the Obama Administration proposed a much deeper cut of 70% to the AFG equipment program to a level of only $170 million, but proposed a doubling of the SAFER hiring program to $420 million. In their separate appropriations bills for FY 2010, both the House and the Senate kept the SAFER number at $420 million and increased the equipment program to $390 million, still a 30% decrease from current funding levels, but a far cry better than the President’s proposal. In fact, both the House and Senate, during floor action, added $10 million to AFG to reach the $390 level mark. Final passage of the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill is expected in September. The FAMA and FEMSA memberships should be pleased, on the one hand, that through their efforts significant funds were added back into the AFG program. In fact, the total Fire

Service FY 2010 funding, both AFG and SAFER combined, grew over FY 2009’s total. I am absolutely convinced that without FAMA and FEMSA’s advocacy, the outcome would have been far less favorable. Congratulations on the hard work that everyone contributed to this effort, especially to the leadership of FAMA President John Sztykiel; former FEMSA President Giff Swayne; and GAC cochairs Mike Power and John Granby. But on the other hand, the stark reality is that the AFG program received a 30% cut in funding levels for next year, even though it is arguably the best-run program in the federal government with funds distributed directly to fire and rescue departments and only 5% of funds devoted to program administration. Given the broad, bipartisan support for the AFG program on the Hill, I am convinced that Congressional members themselves are NOT pleased with this outcome. Without question, many members, including Congressmen William Pascrell of New Jersey and Peter King of New York—both influential senior members of the House—were poised to offer amendments on the floor that would have added back even more funds to the fire grants program. Seeing these efforts, congressional leaders proposed the $10 million increase to address concerns of the rank-and-file members over the AFG cuts. It is fair to say that these members of Congress will be watching even more carefully next year as the Appropriations Committees put together their budgets for FY 2011. This is why FAMA and FEMSA members must begin their work early, at Hill Day on October 8, 2009. During Hill Day, FAMA/FEMSA teams will visit both Democratic and Republican members of Congress to support restoring funding for the AFG program in the FY 2011 budget. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the mantra of Washington. If the Fire Service lets stand a 30% cut in its cornerstone program without beginning immediately to lay the groundwork for restoring previous years’ funding levels in next year’s budget, then we will send the wrong signal.

But like a champion prize fighter, if we take a few punches, recover, and aggressively counter punch, we will win. The Assistance to Firefighters program has everything going in its favor: it is effectively managed, provides essential equipment and training to volunteer and career fire departments, and is serviced by U.S.-based companies that employ approximately 100,000 U.S. workers. With the right strategy, and a lot of hard work, we can convince Congress to restore funding for this essential public safety program in FY 2011. Please join us on October 8, 2009, for Hill Day, where we will begin the fight to restore funding to properly equip our nation’s first responders.


FEMSA is proud to be a partner of the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA) upcoming Install. Inspect. Protect. Campaign, which will launch at the end of October. This campaign is a part of the USFA’s effort to reduce fire deaths and injuries across the nation. More than 3,500 people die in residential home fires each year in the United States; most of which are in homes without a working smoke alarm. A smoke alarm lowers your chances of dying in a fire. The Install. Inspect. Protect. fire safety campaign will help encourage Americans to practice fire safety, to protect themselves and their families, and to protect the firefighters who work each day to save lives. People are encouraged to install and maintain smoke alarms and residential home fire sprinklers, practice fire escape plans, and perform a home safety walk-through to remove fire hazards from homes. Following the launch, free materials (English and Spanish) will be available for download or can be ordered at Fall 2009 || || 7


The CGC continues to build momentum in the struggle to raise political awareness and response to the funding needs of the fire service in Canada.

Fire Fighting in Canada. Special thanks to FEMSA member Fire Fighting in Canada for its work on the national survey and for providing services and space to help get the funding message out in a professional manner.

A key initiative has been the active engagement in obtaining more data to support the call for increased funding. Thanks to the efforts of Fire Fighting in Canada, a nationwide survey provided critical information that, when fully compiled, will help establish a Canadawide snapshot of where funding is required. The goal is to have the data in the same form as the “10 Important Facts” previously published for the Ontario market. Once all the numbers are in the same format, it is the plan to have regional and national brochures that raise the issue in a consistent and powerful manner. Stay tuned for lots happening before this year is over.

In January of this year, CGC member companies sent a letter to each MP in their province, asking for support in having the funding needs of the fire service included in the Federal Government’s Infrastructure Plan. This first “salvo” received a number of form letter responses. The second letter in the series is now underway and we are pleased to report that one specific, supportive, and personally signed letter has already been received from Joy Smith (MP for Manitoba’s Kildonan-St. Paul riding). Personal responses are the key to getting the attention, and ultimately building the awareness and representation, that will be necessary to move fire service funding issues into a priority position.

In preparation for launching the above brochures, the first of a series of ads appeared in the September issue of

CGC member, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC), recently held a “Hands-On Training Day” and invited



selected politicians and staffers from the Ontario government. A number of key ministries were represented. Fun was had by all but even more importantly, the message hit home that proper equipment is necessary for our first responders to protect the public AND do so in as safe a manner as possible. Thanks to the OAFC and Lion Apparel for providing each participant with an authentic helmet as a reminder – and as a conversation starter so that word of the experience (and the underlying message) will spread. Perhaps not directly related to our activities of raising awareness of funding, but of value to many of the members, Dave Connor has been actively working to secure a Canadian Pavilion at the Interschutz Fair being held during June 2010 in Liepzig, Germany. This Fair promises to be a great opportunity to experience technologies and markets that are going to be important to all of us. Thanks to Dave and those who have committed to participating. This is just one more example of how getting involved can benefit our industry and our member companies.

Annual Meeting Events The FEMSA/FAMA Annual meeting in Washington, D.C. will bring back the successful Fire Drill programs this year! Introduced last year, Fire Drill offers meeting attendees the opportunity to participate in three 25-minute sessions on a topic of their choice. The topics and guest moderators scheduled for this year are: • • • • • • • • • •

8 || || Fall 2009

NEXUS Attorney (regarding interstate business) – J.T. Paulk, Tax Manager Distribution Attorney (interaction between distribution and manufacturers, agreements, etc. – Mike Lockerby HR Attorney (new laws on COBRA) – Stefan Jan Marculewicz Blogging 101 – Dave Statter Group Purchasing – Chief Jeff Johnson Four dumb ways to destroy any relationship at work or home: How to Fix Your self – Dr. Joseph Mancusi and Stella Mancusi, M.A. Pandemic & Business Continuity – TBD Facebook & Twitter – Dave Iannone and Janet Wilmoth FAQ: Business Insurance Issues – Jim Juneau, Patrick Hull, Rose Rudolph Seven Things You Should Know About Washington, D.C. – Dave Gatton

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FEMSA salutes the following member companies for their recent hosting of a “Home Day” in their area: Crimson Fire Hosts Home Day Event for Government Officials

Paratech Inc. and Frankfort (IL) Fire Dept. 1st Annual Meet and Greet/Home Day

left to right: Paul Green (Director of Sales and Marketing for Paratech, Inc.) Ken Nielsen (Chief Operating Officer for Paratech, Inc.), U.S. Congresswoman Deborah Halvorson, Matt Resler (National Accounts/Government Sales Manager for Paratech, Inc.) Chief James Grady (Fire Chief for the City of Frankfort).

On August 20th, 2009 U.S. Representative Deborah Halvorson (D-11), Frankfort Mayor Jim Holland, Regional Fire Chiefs and other distinguished guests were invited to an open house of Frankfort Fire Station #3/Training Academy and Paratech Inc. left to right: Police Chief Dave Kull - Brandon, SD, Dennis Olson - City Administrator - Brandon, SD, Amy BilkaSkilbred - Representative from Senator Tim Johnson’s office, Benjamin Ready - Representative from Senator John Thune’s office, Steve Dahlmeier - Representative from Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin’s office, Allison Sinning - Intern from Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin’s office, and Larry Beesley - Mayor of Brandon, SD

As part of its ongoing education efforts, Crimson Fire recently hosted its annual “Home Day” event at its Brandon, S.D. headquarters. Representatives from local, municipal and state governments spent three hours at the plant, meeting with Crimson President Kevin Crump and members of his leadership team to learn more about the importance of the fire-rescue industry. More than 80 percent of all those who work in the fire-rescue industry volunteer their time and talents to protect the communities in which they live. Yet many of these all-volunteer departments do not receive grant funding for new apparatus and equipment, forcing them to add “fundraising” to their list of duties. “We feel it is critical for government officials to understand the challenges that the fire-rescue industry faces,” Crump explained. “As new regulations governing safety, emissions and related areas come into place over the next year, the price of apparatus will rise – yet the amount of federal and state grants is declining. This leaves a bigger gap for departments, many of them all-volunteer, to fill. “We appreciate the local and state government officials who attended our recent Home Day. As one of the major employers in Brandon, and a significant manufacturer of emergency-rescue vehicles, we are committed to advocating for the needs of the men and women in the fire-rescue service who risk so much to ensure our safety.” Attendees included: • Larry Beesley – Mayor of Brandon • Dave Kull – Brandon Police Chief • Dennis Olson – Brandon City Administrator • Amy Bilka-Skilbred – Representative from Sen.Tim Johnson’s office • Benjamin Ready – Representative from Sen. John Thune’s office • Steve Dahlmeier – Representative from Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin’s office • Allison Sinning – Intern with Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin’s office

The tour of Frankfort’s Fire Station 3 and Training Academy led the day showcasing the station’s training academy. The training academy, which includes a structural collapse simulator, tankers and other training props, were made possible in large part by government funding. “We want to show what’s locally done here, and show them what the training station is all about,” said Frankfort Fire Chief Jim Grady. Even with her busy schedule, which included a lunch with Vice President Joe Biden in Chicago that same day, Debbie Halvorson found time to tour Paratech Inc. The tour began with a demonstration of trench rescue followed by vehicle stabilization and extrication by Frankfort Fire Department members with narrative provided by Paratech’s Nigel Letherby in the factory’s adjacent training area. At the Meet and Greet’s closing question and answer session, Congresswoman Halvorson was asked what could we do to help to let the US government know that firefighters need funding.

continued on next page

9 || || Fall 2009

continued from page 9

Halvorson replied, “Talk in one voice. Have everyone sign on to a letter requesting for more funding.” She also added, “When I have my county board, my Mayors, my Police and Firefighters all saying the same thing, its a lot easier to get that money”

U.S. Senator Richard Burr Visits Scott Facility, Presents Employees with Safety Award

This year’s Meet and Greet/Home Day is the first of what Paratech and the Frankfort Fire District plan on being an annual event. Bringing legislators out to see first hand the people and places affected by their decisions in Washington is the main goal of the Meet and Greet. Overall, despite some scheduling difficulties, it was a successful day. We encourage other FEMSA and FAMA members to engage their congresspersons regularly in a similar way. It’s certainly worth the time to get your elected official’s undivided attention.

Rosenbauer America Holds Home Day

left to right: Scott Oyen - Vice President of Sales for Rosenbauer America; Ben Ready – Economic Development Advisor for Senator Thune; Harold Boer – President of Rosenbauer America; Matt Varilek – Economic Development Director for Senator Johnson; Amy Bilka-Skilbred – assistant for Senator Johnson’s office; Steven Dahlmeier – Southeast Area Director for Congresswoman Herseth-Sandlin; and Donley Frederickson – National Sales Manager for Rosenbauer America.

Lyons, SD – July 1, 2009 – Rosenbauer recently held a “mini” Home Day for some of South Dakota’s government officials. Representatives from both the House and the Senate included the following: Ben Ready, Economic Development Advisor for Senator Thune; Matt Varilek, Economic Development Director for Senator Johnson; Steven Dahlmeier, Southeast Area Director for Congresswoman Herseth-Sandlin; and Amy Bilka-Skilbred, assistant for Senator Johnson’s office.

US Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) toured the Scott Health & Safety manufacturing facility in Monroe, North Carolina on August 18 and congratulated the employees for their strong safety record. Senator Burr presented the employees at the plant with an award given by the North Carolina Department of Labor to facilities which accumulate 1 million employee hours with no case of injury or illness involving days away from work. A member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Armed Services, Veterans Affairs and Energy and Natural Resources committees, Senator Burr also took time to tour the facility and answer questions from employees. Mike Ryan, General Manager and Vice President of Scott Health & Safety, took the opportunity to explain the importance of the FIRE Grant program and encouraged the Senator to be a champion for the program. The FIRE Grant program has seen a drastic cut in funding in the last few years and Senator Burr pledged his support for efforts to increase funding.

Showcasing Ohio’s Fire and Emergency Services Manufacturing Industry

Harold Boer, President of Rosenbauer America, and staff discussed with the attendees the impact that Rosenbauer America has on the state of South Dakota. Matt Varilek, Economic Development Director, commented, “I was very impressed by the magnitude of which Rosenbauer America contributes to South Dakota’s economy. They are one of the larger employers of the state and I learned that they recently became the state’s number one exporter of goods. That’s a great revenue generator.” The Home Day concluded with Harold Boer thanking everyone for their past support of the Assistance to Firefighters Act and urged them to support funding at past levels. It was pointed out how this act provided much needed funds to the fire departments in South Dakota and how it also benefited South Dakota economically. 10 || || Fall 2009

Dublin, Ohio - Federal, state and local policy makers and economic development officials on August 13, 2009 were given a first-hand look at an industry in

Ohio that not only is critical to our public safety but very important to our state’s economy.

Dublin-based Sutphen Corporation, manufacturer of custom fire apparatus, hosted the event to showcase Ohio’s fire and emergency services manufacturers and suppliers and illustrate the quality products made in the state and used all over the world. “Our goal today was to build a greater awareness among our policy makers of the fire equipment industry in Ohio, what it does and how it works for our communities every day,” said Sutphen sales and marketing director Ken Creese. “We also wanted to demonstrate the economic contribution the industry makes to our state in terms of productivity, job creation and taxes paid.” Among other things, the event gave manufacturers the opportunity to demonstrate their products and impress among government leaders how critical it is for our communities to support those locally owned manufacturers or “Buy Ohio” when making equipment purchases. Among the Ohio companies that took part in today’s event included: Akron Brass, Wooster; Horton Emergency Vehicles, Grove City; Lion Apparel, Dayton; Will-Burt Company, Orrville ; and Arvin Meritor, Newark. According to Creese there are 14 Ohio-based companies involved in manufacturing and distribution for the fire equipment industry and represent some 7,000 jobs in Ohio – fourth most in the United States. Considering that 60 percent of every Sutphen truck is made from Ohio manufactured parts and materials, there is a tremendous economic multiplier in the state from the sale of each truck. “In 2008 Sutphen shipped approximately $87 million in product. Of that we spent nearly $61 million in goods, services and payroll right here in Ohio,” Creese said. “Those companies then in

turn buy goods and services from other Ohio companies, thus the value to our state continues to grow.” With representatives from a number of Ohio’s Congressional offices in attendance, the event provided an opportunity to inform leaders of a growing concern among our nation’s first responders and fire service providers. More than half or 51,000 of the fire trucks in the country are at least 15 years old. Thirty-two percent of them are 20 years or older. In other words, the equipment that our firemen are using to save and protect lives, don’t meet the current and widely accepted safety standards. In addition two-thirds of the fire departments have some personal protective clothing that is at least 10 years old. Creese informed the crowd that our representatives in Washington play a critical role in helping our local fire departments access the tools they need through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program. The AFG provides funding to the network of first responders across the country and equips them to save lives in the event of daily tragedies, natural disasters and catastrophic events. According to Creese, the program historically had been funded at nearly 60 percent of its authorized level. In FY 2009 that amount was $565 million. The President’s budget for FY 2010, however, reduced that number by 70 percent to $170 million. Congress was able to increase that to $390 million, still 30 percent less than previous years. “I urge our members of Congress to support reauthorization and full funding of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program - not only to support the efforts of our first responders but to support our state’s economy,” Creese said.

W.S. Darley Hosts Legislative Home Days in Illinois & Wisconsin

W.S. Darley & Co. was active in organizing two Home Days in 2009. The purpose of Home Day is to engage and educate our local Congressional offices on issues facing the fire service.

On June 4, Darley helped lead the 4th annual Illinois Fire Service Home Day. This year’s event was entitled The Firefighter Experience, where staffers dressed up in bunker gear and went through a firefighter exercise at the Carol Stream Fire Protection District’s state-of-the-art fire training facility. Approximately 150 people attended the day’s events including 12 Congressional staffers from eight Congressional offices. They represented Senator Burris, Senator Durbin, and Congress members Roskam, Quigley, Bean, Schakowsky, Halvorson and Biggert. The event was supported by FAMA, FEMSA and Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association of Illinois. FAMA/FEMSA members who attended included Air One, Akron Brass, Alexis Fire Apparatus, CE Niehoff, Federal Signal, Groves, Weldon and Darley. On August 4, Darley hosted a special Home Day for Congressman Dave Obey at its plant in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Congressman Obey serves as the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. FAMA/FEMSA companies in attendance included Air One, Akron Brass, Alexis Fire Apparatus, CE Niehoff, Duo Safety Ladder Corp., Federal Signal, Flamefighter Corp., Gordon Aluminum Industries, Gortite, Groves, Harrison Generators, Havis, FireDex, Oshkosh Corp., Paratech, Pierce Mfg., ProPoly, Rocket Supply, Smart Power Systems, Thuemling Inst. Grp., United Plastic Fabricating Inc., Weldon and Darley. After a tour of the facility, presentations were made by IAFC board member Tim Kluck, and Wisconsin State Firefighters Association President Mike Woodzicka. continued on page 13

11 || || Fall 2009

Waterous Hosts “Home Day” Government Affairs Event

National Organizations Champion Fire Service & EMS Funding Needs South Saint Paul, MN, August 4th, 2009 Countless fire and emergency medical service departments across the country operate with sub-par gear, critically outdated technology and inefficient vehicles. Unfortunately, current appropriations for the Federal Fire Grant Program simply aren’t enough to assure all departments operate at a baseline level of readiness. The August 4th Home Day event,

hosted by Waterous and supported by the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA) and Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA), informed legislative and community officials about the vital services fire departments provide, and that current under-funding puts citizens and communities at risk. As a member of both FAMA and FEMSA, Waterous officials and fellow members of the organizations including FoamPro, Rosenbauer America, Metro Fire, Firehouse Expos and Flamefighter Corporation, discussed the critical need to update fire and emergency service vehicles and equipment on a national basis. “New, technologically advanced equipment for the fire service would help maintain vehicle safety standards, provide for improved firefighting technology, reducing firefighters’ exposure to volatile situations, provide greater fuel efficiency, and reduce the amount of water used to extinguish a fire, all of which are current issues with older

equipment,” said Steve Toren, director of sales and marketing for Waterous. “Currently, 49% of our fire departments and first responders are making emergency calls using equipment that is15 years and older. That’s simply unacceptable.”

Government officials in attendance at the Home Day event included State Senator Katie Sieben, State Representative Karla Bigham, U.S Representative Betty McCollum (Josh Stralan), U.S. Representative John Kline (Chaz Johnson), U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann (Jack Tomczak), community advocacy groups, and firefighting personnel.

Trade Show Report Card Results By: Ken Nielsen, FEMSA Chair

Trade shows are an essential element of end user outreach. Although they are very expensive and extremely difficult to determine their effectiveness, FEMSA has taken a big step in assisting members in trade show evaluation.

worth the time. The FEMSA/FAMA Trade Show Committee representatives, chaired

weaknesses and strengths in order to create a more valuable trade show experience for YOU. In every newsletter we hope to feature the report card results from our most recent major trade show. Naturally, the more participants we have completing our trade show evaluation, the more valid the results. Make it a point to have your company’s input be part of the full evaluation.

FEMSA has been evaluating the effectiveness of the major U.S. emergency service trade shows since 1990. In 2008, FAMA members were invited to participate in this project. The Trade Show Report Card is one of the few methods available to FEMSA and FAMA exhibitors to get their voices heard by trade show organizers. No other organization is doing this. To that end, full membership participation in filling out the on-line Trade Show evaluation is essential. The few minutes it takes to answer the questions is more than

Be sure to look for this year’s grade for Fire Rescue International in the next issue of your newsletter.

by Rick Fix for FAMA, will use this information to inform trade show organizers of each of the show’s

Remember… your participation is essential!! 13 || || Fall 2009

Laying of Holiday Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery IN MEMORIAM FEMSA is saddened to report the passings of: Frank Charles Nicholas – June 19, 2009 – Former President/ CEO/Chairman, Quaker Safety James Ballantyne – June 29, 2009 – Father of Bill Ballantyne (FoamPro) Frances Anne Conkle – July 3, 2009 – Mother of Al Conkle (FoamPro) Russell “Pete” Ashbaugh – August 16, 2009 – Former CEO/ President, Elkhart Brass

On Saturday, December 12, 2009, Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Company, Harrington, Maine, will donate over 15,000 Maine balsam fir holiday wreaths to be placed on graves at the Arlington National Cemetery. This will be the 18th consecutive year that Mr. Worcester has donated wreaths at Arlington. This year, Cemetery officials have assigned us Sections 2, 9, 31 and 37 within the Cemetery for these wreaths to be placed. There will be a short welcome and briefing of all volunteers at 8:30am on that Saturday at the McClellan Arch on McClellan Drive (same place as last year). We will start placing wreaths at approximately 9:00am. There will a special wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at noontime which we hope the volunteers will stay to attend. To learn more about the Arlington project and other wreath locations, check out . Last December we had approximately 4,000 volunteers helping in this tribute to our fallen American Heroes. Based on the calls and e-mails I have received, I expect the number of volunteers to be even larger this year. Due to the large number of volunteers expected, and the limited parking spaces available, we encourage everyone who can to please use the Metro Rail system (Blue Line) to get to Arlington National Cemetery. Limited parking will be available in the Cemetery’s Employee and Administrative Parking lots (off King Drive) and along specific roads located to the East of Eisenhower Drive (King Drive, Leahy Drive, McClellan Drive and Halsey Drive). There will be signs posted to direct you to these locations. To help with the traffic bottleneck problems the Cemetery has agreed to open a Service Entrance Gate located at the South end of the Cemetery near the intersection of South Joyce Street and Columbia Pike. If you must drive, please check out this entrance as an alternate to the main entrance to the Cemetery. I look forward to seeing you all there. Wayne Hanson Maine State Society of Washington DC Arlington Wreath Project Coordinator

14 || || Fall 2009

Kenneth Luke Koch – August 19, 2009 – Sutphen Corp. and NFPA Apparatus Committee Leon J. Reid – September 7, 2009 – Father of David Reid (Spartan Motors) Richard H. Ferneau – September 8, 2009 – Founder of Ferno Michael Brewer – September 12, 2009 – Matjack Production Manager Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers ... may they rest in peace

THINKING OF YOU … David White – On July 23rd, David underwent successful open heart surgery and returned home about a week later for a period of recuperation. Your well wishes may be sent to David at P.O. Box 9161, College Station, TX 77842.

YOUR WEB PRESENCE By Michael Utvich, Principal of Epsilon Interactive


2009 is the year of the Twitter. Politicians, movie stars and sports figures made headlines, chirping their random thoughts to masses of admirers who received their transmissions on everything from a desktop computer to a cell phone. The Twitter media phenomenon became a rocket sled that propelled the culture of social networking into public view. At first glance, the numbers are staggering. An estimated 200 million people are members of Facebook, the leading personal social network. The Twitter website attracted 44.5 million unique visits (“readers”) in June of 2009, with millions more distributing messages through Twitter apps beyond the site itself. LinkedIn. com, the dominant social network for businesspeople had more than 43 million members as of July 2009. What has been lost in all the background noise is that social networks and the larger “Web 2.0” technology evolution are now maturing into a system of powerful communication and collaboration tools that will transform the way we work, interact – even think – and have an impact greater than the original World Wide Web did when it was founded in 1993 – only 16 years ago.


For most businesspeople their web presence has been 1) their business e-mail address and 2) their company website. Web 2.0 and social networking apps are changing all of that dramatically. These new apps are like freestanding computer programs and systems that allow you to sign in and operate a variety of electronic tools to create and distribute your own content, interact with other members and engage in group initiatives over the web. So the businessperson of today has a growing list of touch points that make up a web presence, for example: or other social net handle and profile Private Social Network: Ning. com-based private membership only network handle Instant Messaging: Yahoo IM or AOL Instant message handle Internet Phone: Skype identity, profile and access. Microblogging: Twitter account for sharing and receiving microblog message streams. Information Sharing: or other information links service to share information with networks of friends.

COMMUNICATE…AND LISTEN Web 2.0 and social networking is a conversation, not a one way presentation. If you are coming at this from a business perspective, your two principal targets should be to:

1: Outbound: Present yourself, your experience and your value to a global audience through well developed media – website, blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter streams. 2: Inbound: Seek connections who have knowledge, expertise, contacts and creativity to bring value to your business and link to them through social networks and tools. Keep in mind that your objectives with these tools will likely be both outbound and inbound ---- not only communicating yourself, but paying attention to others and engaging them in your dialogue. On the outbound level, you may wish to present your product or service to the marketplace. On the inbound level you may need to create interactive and collaborative tools for your clients, customers,

partners or members to comment and interact with you.


Social connections through the web create more interactive and intimate communications than conventional marketing messages and email communications. The computer screen, unlike the printed page, operates in the present tense. An online profile is not a resume, a listing of what you did yesterday, it is a presentation of how you see the world, the things you find interesting and the things you value today, right NOW. In the intimate, connected, and collaborative universe of online social networks, authenticity is more important than conventional marketing messages, keywords, taglines and themes. The fundamental premise of social networks is that they allow you to interact directly with real people in the here and now – through information, favorite media, shared pictures and images. These are collectively a multimedia storytelling system. Your opportunity is to tell your story using the most powerful medium to carry the message. When people confuse an online profile with a resume or Curriculum Vitae, what emerges is often flat and uninteresting, a list of happenings and facts without context to provide meaning. Storytelling, anecdotes, illustrative quotes are all effective ways for you to profile and present the truly individual aspects of your character and accomplishments, including things other people have said about you in the form of quotes and comments.

YOUR WEB PRESENCE – SOME OF THE MOVING PARTS Email: Business address, personal email address Website: Company website Blog: Personal or company blog site Business Social Network: LinkedIn. com or other business network handle and profile Personal Social Network:

Michael Utvich has over 30 years experience in strategic communications, product launch and business development marketing. Michael has worked with high technology organizations from Fortune 500 to startups to define a deep and relevant customer value proposition that provides the anchor for a smart product launch program including brand, marketing, sales, product knowledge and customer learning programs. He is the award-winning author of 9 books on high technology software and technologies and a frequent speaker on new technologies including Web 2.0 and Social Networking.

Fall 2009 || || 15


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APRIL 19 - 24, 2010




NAM VIEW POINT By: John Engler, NAM President/CEO

Obsolete Export Control System Must Be Repaired

In July, I testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade about our nation’s export control system. Today, this same export control system is hampering our national security, and our ability to innovate and compete in world markets. In short, the nation’s export control system is a relic of the Cold War that needs to be completely revamped. When the current system was developed, the United States was the source of almost all cutting-edge technologies and could deny foreign access to them. Those days are gone. The U.S. share of world exports has been falling steadily, at least in part because this country’s major strength lies in advanced technologies, which are most vulnerable to the present export system that restricts too many technologies and costs manufacturers jobs and global market share. The National Academies of Science reported earlier this year that the current system is not producing the degree of security needed for today’s threats and harms our ability to compete economically. On August 14, President Obama called on the National Economic Council and National Security Council to conduct a broad-based review of the U.S. export control system, including dual-use technology and defense exports. The President is right in recognizing that the existing export controls system does not meet today’s security threats or global technological realities. An efficient system that carefully focuses on sensitive and unique technologies without hampering other exports is essential as America competes in an increasingly crowded world market for high-technology goods and services. Restricting U.S. exports of products that others make and sell freely does 16 || || Fall 2009

not benefit U.S. security; it harms our economic strength and our ability to continue to develop technologies. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has been calling for the initiative the President announced and will work with the Administration, both directly and as part of the Coalition for Security and Competitiveness, toward a more effective system that protects national security and encourages exports and economic growth. To read my full testimony before the House Committee, please visit exportcontrols.

MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY RANKED #1 FOR ECONOMIC PROSPERITY A recent survey by Deloitte LLP and The Manufacturing Institute (MI) shows that Americans view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong national economy. According to Public Viewpoint on Manufacturing, 71 percent of respondents considered manufacturing a national priority and 59 percent agreed that the manufacturing industry in the United States effectively competes on a global scale. But there was a wide perception gap. While Americans viewed the manufacturing industry as crucial to the national economy, only 17 percent named manufacturing as among their top two industry choices to start a career, and only 30 percent of parents said they would encourage their children to pursue jobs in manufacturing. “People have an outdated image of manufacturing and the career opportunities available. Jobs now require postsecondary education, skills certification and credentials across a broad range of high-quality, middleclass career paths,” said MI President Emily DeRocco. To connect workers with today’s skilled manufacturing jobs, the MI launched the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)– Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System, integrated

educational programs in high schools and community colleges that prepare young adults and transitioning workers with the entry-level skills needed for advanced manufacturing careers. The skills system is currently being deployed in community colleges in four states with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Fourteen additional states are planning deployment. Increasing the number of skilled workers for manufacturers in the United States will drive America’s competitiveness and enrich the future of manufacturing.

LEGALLY INSANE “WARNING: HOT WATER MAY BE HOT” The Foundation for Fair Civil Justice has released the winners of its 12th annual “Wacky Warning Label” contest. The awards are given for the inventive and sometimes absurd lengths companies will go to discourage lawsuits. This year’s winner submitted the label attached to a portable toilet seat for outdoorsmen. The “Off-Road Commode” is designed to attach to a vehicle’s trailer hitch. The warning label reads,“Not for use on moving vehicles.” Other winners include: • A wart removal product instruction guide that warns, “Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the information in the information booklet.” • A label on the underside of a cereal bowl that warns, “Always use this product with adult supervision.” • A small, 1-inch × 4-inch LCD panel that warns, “Do not eat the LCD panel.” “Outrageous warning labels confirm that the American civil justice system is out of whack! Legal reform is urgently needed to help propel America’s economic recovery,” said Bob Dorigo Jones, the contest’s creator. Sure, the labels are silly. But the fact companies feel compelled to protect themselves this way? That’s Legally Insane.

There is just ONE MAGAZINE

that covers trucks, tools and equipment like we do.

There is just ONE WEBSITE for ORGANIZED & LOGICAL access to fire Service companies and their products

THE UN-COMFORT ZONE with Robert Wilson Leadership vs. Power

King George III asked Benjamin West, his American painter, what George Washington would do if he prevailed in the Revolutionary War. West replied, “He will return to his farm.” The British monarch incredulously said, “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.” On December 23, 1783 Washington did just that and retired to Mount Vernon – despite the encouragement of many to stay in power, and the willingness of Americans to crown him king. Thirteen years later, he would do it once again. In 1787, Washington was coaxed back to Philadelphia to attend the Constitutional Convention. While there he provided the leadership necessary to get the fractious delegates to settle down and complete the work of designing a new constitution. Afterwards, in 1789, he was elected the first President of the United States. He reluctantly ran for a second term in 1792. He refused to run for a third term, setting a precedent that lasted 150 years, and retired once again to his farm. Abraham Lincoln said, “If you want to test a man’s character – give him power.” George Washington passed that test. Twice in his life he walked away from power and proved that he was indeed the greatest man in the world. He demonstrated that leader-

ship is something that you give – not take – and that power should be used responsibly. Washington died in 1799, the year that Napoleon Bonaparte became the ruler of France. In contrast to Washington, Napoleon could not acquire enough power. His legendary lust for command drove him to take over much of Europe. “Power is my mistress,” he once claimed, “I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.” Years later, having lost all power and living in exile, he lamented “They wanted me to be another Washington.” History is rife with stories of people who abused their power. Abuse of power, however, is not just reserved for politicians and tyrants. It can be abused by managers, spouses, parents, peers and the list goes on. It is the lure of dominance over others, when it motivates people toward leadership roles, that is revealing. It reveals uncertainty, lack of confidence and fear. It is said that power corrupts, but more often than not, it is a corrupted individual who is attracted to power. It is a feeling of inferiority, sometimes called a Napoleon Complex, that drives someone to control other people and to micro-manage their surroundings.

MEMber News Akron Brass Company

Wooster, Ohio – August 17, 2009 – We are pleased to announce Barry Matthews has joined Akron Brass as the District Sales Manager for the states of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Matthews is a graduate of Corning Community College with an Associates Degree in Fire Science and also holds numerous certifications in the Fire Service including National Pro Board Certifications for Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor I, and Fire Inspector I. In addition, Matthews is a retired Deputy Fire Chief from the Fairview Fire Department in White Plains, New York. “Barry brings to Akron Brass the experience, knowledge, credibility and strong relationships gained from years of experience as a career officer,” said 18 || || Fall 2009

Rick Singer, Vice President of Sales. “Barry will be a great asset to the organization, providing sales support of the entire Akron product line.” Barry resides in the Hudson Valley Region.

Class 1 / Hale Products

August 26, 2009 - Andrew Shiner has joined the IDEX Fire Suppression Group as Vice President of International Sales and Marketing. The Fire Suppression Group consists of Hale, Class 1 and Godiva, three well know names in the fire industry. Andrew will be responsible for the development and execution of the international sales and marketing strategies for all products in the Fire Suppression Group. He and his team will be focused on building the base of global sales by developing growth opportunities outside of our traditional

Today we call such a person a Control Freak. Science fiction author, Robert Heinlein noted, “Anyone who wants to be a politician shouldn’t be allowed to be one.” When we look at Abraham Maslow’s heirarchy of Human Motivation (Survival, Safety, Social, Esteem, Fulfilment), we see that someone who hungers for power is stuck in the second to bottom level which is Safety. A true leader has self-esteem and self-confidence and does not seek power to bolster his or her feeling of self worth. Thomas Jefferson observed that, “An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens.” A true leader is motivated by a goal, a goal common to his group whether that group is a company or a country. If you find yourself attracted to leadership, stop and check your motivation. Are you driven to share your gift of understanding in the endeavor of achieving a goal, or are you motivated by perquisites of position and the power you have over others? As John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” [Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a motivational

speaker and humorist. He works with companies that want to be more competitive and with people who want to think like innovators. For more information on Robert’s programs please visit]

geographic markets. Andrew has significant international experience in the fire and safety industry through his work in exports sales and marketing with Halma, the John Wood Group, and subsequently with Tyco after they acquired John Wood. Most recently Andrew was Director, Strategic Products, EMEA with Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions. Andrew obtained his MBA from the Open University Business School in the United Kingdom. He will be located at the Godiva headquarters in Warwick, England. In his new position he will be

MEMber News reporting to Rick Morgan, President of the Fire Suppression Group. Rob Belser has joined the IDEX Fire Suppression Group as Vice President of Engineering. Rob will be responsible for leading engineering projects, driving improvement in new product development processes and leveraging the talents and resources of engineering groups at Class 1, Hale, and Godiva. Rob was previously employed with IDEX Lubriquip as Director of Engineering from 2004 to 2006. Since leaving Lubriquip, Rob has been with Crane Pumps & Systems in Piqua, OH as Vice President of Engineering & Vice President of Quality. Rob received his MBA from Kent State University and his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University. Rob will work out of the Class 1 facility in Ocala, Florida. He will be reporting to Rick Morgan, President of the Fire Suppression Group.

got the call saying that I won, I instantly thought, ‘who does the Chief know at Fire-Dex that he got to prank me’? It is unbelievable to me to know that I actually won! Fire-Dex has gone above and beyond creating this beautiful bike for firefighters and I am so excited that I won it!” Lt. Donohue has been an active duty firefighter for 10 years and has worked for the BP Oil Toledo Refinery since 2006. He is also a fan of “American Chopper,” the reality TV show about Orange County Choppers. “Fire-Dex was excited to have the opportunity to commission Orange County Choppers for a second year to create firefighter-inspired “Heat of the Battle II ,” so we could give it away to a firefighter at FDIC,” said Bill Burke, president of Fire-Dex. “It’s a privilege to be able to give this custom chopper to a deserving individual like Mike Donohue who has donated his life to protecting others and saving lives.” “Anytime we get to build a bike that


MEDINA, OH (JUNE 17, 2009) Fire-Dex is pleased to announce Lt. Mike Donohue of the BP Oil Refinery in Toledo, Ohio as the grand prize winner of the “Take the Fire-Dex Challenge” and recipient of the “Heat of the Battle II” custom Orange County Chopper. The “Heat of the Battle II,” Fire-Dex’s firefighter-inspired custom built Orange County Chopper, was the grand prize of the “Take the Fire-Dex Challenge” event at FDIC. To compete, firefighters tried on Fire-Dex turnout gear and challenged an opponent in a one-of-a-kind firefighter-inspired obstacle course to be entered into a random drawing to win the “Heat of the Battle II.” In total, nearly 1,000 participants took the Fire-Dex Challenge to become eligible for the “Heat of the Battle II,” valued at approximately $60,000, or one of three sets of turnout gear autographed by Paul Teutul, Sr. “I was initially talked into taking the Challenge by my Deputy Chief, Jon Parker” said Mike Donohue. “When I

pays tribute to the brave men and women of our country it is always such an honor,” said Paul Teutul Sr. “Building the Fire-Dex ‘Heat of Battle II’ bike was no exception.” “The obstacle course allowed firefighters to actively maneuver in our gear and gain firsthand experience of its lightweight feel and flexibility by competing for this one-of-a-kind prize,” Burke said.

Fire Engineering

July 27, 2009 - We are pleased to announce that Pegeen Prichard has joined our Fire Engineering team. As the Mid-Western States Accounts Manager, Pegeen will be responsible for the Print and Digital Media advertising sales in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South

Dakota, and Wisconsin. With more than 20 years of experience, which includes 14 years at Crain Communications in Chicago, her knowledge and skills will assist you in reaching your business objectives. She holds a BBA in Telecommunications and a Communications Degree from Michigan State University. Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Pegeen on her new position at Fire Engineering.


August 2009 – Burnsville, MN - Cygnus Expositions, a division of Cygnus Business Media, is proud to announce that Firehouse Expo and Firehouse World, located annually in Baltimore, MD, and San Diego, CA respectively, have both been listed as 2009 winners of TSW’s Fastest 50. Both events have shown considerable growth from 2006-2008. Firehouse continues to be a trusted name within the fire, rescue and EMS industry. These awards prove that Firehouse Expo and Firehouse World are tuned in to their attendees and ex- hibitors and provide what’s needed to meet today’s challenges. Firehouse Expo successfully completed its 26th annual event in Baltimore July 21-26, 2009. Despite a tough economy, over 15,000 professionals were in attendance. An unprecedented highlight was the Congressional Fire Services Institute’s 7th Annual Silent Auction which brought in over $11,000. CFSI will use this money in its endeavors on Capitol Hill. Cygnus Business Media is pleased to announce the appointment of Ed Ballam as a staff writer for its Public Safety News Team which includes the web sites, EMSResponder. com and Ed comes to us after more than a decade as managing editor of Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine. He is a volunteer firefighter in his home town with the Haverhill Corner (N.H.) Fire Department where he serves as certified pump operator and emergency vehicle driver. Ed continued on next page

19 || || Fall 2009

MEMBER NEWS is certified with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians serving as an EMT-B with the Haverhill (N.H.) Medical Rescue Unit. He has received certificates for course work and training provided by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Fire Academy and the Vermont Fire Service Training Council. In July, he was named 2009 Firefighter of the Year for the Twin State Mutual Aid Fire Association which includes members from more than 20 towns in New Hampshire and Vermont. It was the first time the honor had been bestowed on any of its members. Ed, who is the son of a volunteer fire chief, is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience in newspaper and magazine writing and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. Over the last several years, Ed has become a familiar face at tradeshows and has made lots of friends in the fire service industry as a writer of profile stories featuring fire and EMS equipment business leaders and their products. Sharon Wright, Director of Web Development and Strategy for Cygnus’ Public Safety Group said: “I am looking forward to Ed joining our public safety news team. Ed’s background and experience is a welcome addition to the team and will support stronger informational and industry relevant content on our web sites.” Heather Caspi, managing editor of Cygnus’ Public Safety News on-line division said: “Ed brings invaluable industry expertise to our online news operation. Our team is thrilled to welcome him onboard and to incorporate his perspective and passion for public safety.” Ed said he’s excited to join the Cygnus team and is looking forward to once again working with FEMSA and FAMA members, many of whom he considers good friends. He’s also pleased to continue his career in emergency services 20 || || Fall 2009

and helping deliver the news to the nation’s firefighter and EMS providers. “As a firefighter and an EMT myself, I know the importance of learning about new products, training and learning about the events that affect us most,” Ed said. “Public safety has been a big part of my life for a lot of years and working with Cygnus gives me the opportunity to continue contributing to vocations I love.”

Swayne, president of Holmatro. “This agreement with Fireman’s Fund helps bridge that gap by providing extrication gear to more departments, especially to the ones that can’t afford it.”

Fireman’s Fund/Holmatro Partnership

NOVATO, Calif. (Sept. 2, 2009) – Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and Holmatro®, a manufacturer of extrication and rescue gear, announced a new, nationwide agreement to support local fire departments. As part of the arrangement, Holmatro will provide special pricing to Fireman’s Fund for vehicle extrication gear awarded through its Fireman’s Fund Heritage Program®. This is the insurance company’s national philanthropic initiative to provide equipment, training, and community education programs to local fire departments. Since 2004, Fireman’s Fund has awarded more than $23 million in grants to over 1,400 different departments. Of that, nearly $1 million has gone toward the purchase of scores of extrication sets and related gear. Danielle Cagan, senior director of the Heritage Program® at Fireman’s Fund, said the agreement with Holmatro will help maximize their grant program. “We are proud to partner with Holmatro which is known for its high quality products and service, as well as its innovation,” said Cagan. “This partnership allows Fireman’s Fund to fully leverage our grant dollars – enabling more firefighters to benefit from our grant program. More gear in the hands of more firefighters means our communities will be safer.”

A variety of Holmatro tools are included in the arrangement. Fire departments interested in learning more about the grant program at Fireman’s Fund can visit

FireRescue Magazine/Elsevier Public Safety

September 3, 2009 - Elsevier Public Safety Signs Agreement with Solvo for Facebook Application Elsevier Public Safety (EPS), publisher of FireRescue Magazine, has signed a partnership agreement with Solvo Media, LLC. The agreement, which gives EPS the rights to use Solvo’s fire-rescue application on Facebook, as well as future applications for EMS and law enforcement, expands the marketing reach of EPS’s FireRescue family of products with the addition of the 20,000 members in the fire-rescue application on Facebook. The agreement will enable EPS to expand its reach into the market and offer marketing opportunities via the popular social networking platform.

According to a comprehensive national survey of firefighters this year sponsored by Fireman’s Fund, one in four fire departments does not have adequate extrication equipment needed to safely and quickly remove injured people from a vehicle crash.

FireRescue Magazine Announces Company Officer of the Year Award Winner FireRescue Magazine, an Elsevier Public Safety publication, has awarded the 2009 FireRescue Magazine Company Officer of the Year Award to Captain Michael C. Hayes, of the Fire Department of New York Ladder Company 28. The award was presented to Capt. Hayes on August 28, during the general session at Fire-Rescue International in Dallas.

“The current economic crisis is forcing local fire departments to operate with tighter and tighter budgets,” said Giff

Capt. Hayes was recognized for his excellent leadership, commitment to safety, dedication to the fire service

MEMBER NEWS and community involvement. Hayes has been involved in the fire service since he was 16.

who were sponsored by the West Palm Beach Fire Department in the hard fought title game.

Hayes’ nomination form included these words about his leadership: “When you met him, you immediately got the impression that he was the complete company officer package: loved the job, loved the firefighters, dedicated to training and to protecting those that he was sworn to protect. He was personable and interested in meeting other firefighters from other departments and learning how they did things. There was no off duty for this guy.”

“The Spartans were sponsored by and made up of several Gimaex Team Members,” noted Travis Geiger. “We look forward to next season and the chance to defend our crown.”

Capt. Hayes received airfare, registration and hotel accommodations for the 2009 Fire-Rescue International Conference and Expo, an award plaque and a $1,000 prize. The Company Officer of the Year award is open to active lieutenants, captains, first-line supervisors and company officers in both career and volunteer agencies. Created in 2004, the award is given annually. Winners are selected based on the following criteria: leadership, innovative training, incident command effectiveness, commitment to safety, interpersonal communication and community involvement. FireRescue Magazine would like to commend all of the nominees for the 2009 award for their innovative ideas, practices and leadership that will benefit the fire service today and in the future. For more information about the award, please contact FireRescue magazine at

Gimaex of America

August 24, 2009 – The Gimaex Spartans won 1st Place in the West Palm Beach Basketball League. Gimaex defeated the defending champions

l-r: Billy Marcozzi, Travis Geiger, Joey Santiago, Sam Fisch, Dave Pfisterer, Eric Weaver, Ted Waytena, Brandon Marino

Honeywell First Responder Products

September 1, 2009 - Honeywell First Responder Products, makers of personal protective equipment (PPE), is pleased to announce Jeff Morris has joined the company as president.

fire brigades and also by Fabregat to be placed in rescue tool kits. The event began with a welcome from Hurst’s General Manager, Bill Simmons. “We are not just producing newer rescue tools in the United States to decrease extrication time, but today we are giving less developed areas the opportunity to use these legacy tools to do the same. In many of these regions they have no rescue tools at all. It is a privilege to be able to gather here together and share the incredible opportunity we have to help underserved countries like Mexico and throughout Central America.”

Jeff brings more than a decade’s experience in PPE as well as ten years’ experience running Honeywell’s Electrical Safety business. Jeff will guide Honeywell First Responder products’ global growth strategy while retaining his position as president of the Electrical Safety business. In addition to Jeff’s appointment, HFRP promoted Jim Walter to Director of National Accounts and Brian Blinn to National Sales Manager. Jim Walter, a volunteer fire chief from Pennsylvania, has more than 13 years’ experience with the company recently serving as director of technical sales. Brian Blinn, also an active firefighter in Ohio, recently served as the company’s Northeast Regional Director for the past seven years. The appointments are intended to bolster HFRP’s growth strategy, focusing on increasing domestic market share while expanding the company’s presence in overseas fire markets. The company remains committed to actively pursuing new technologies designed to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries, while increasing comfort and mobility.


Hurst Jaws of Life and Others Donate Tools to Charity September 8, 2009 - Shelby, North Carolina- Hurst Jaws of Life hosted a ceremony on August 31st where 115 rescue tools were donated to Firefighters Crossing Borders, an American charity. Hurst’s Latin American distributor, Importadora Fabregat, S.A. donated more than $52,500 in power units and also logistics support for Mexico. Parker Hannifin Corporation donated more than $6,400 in hydraulic hoses to operate the tools. The equipment will be used by the charity to train Mexican

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina speaking at the ceremony. Left to right: Aaron Guenther – Vice President Sales and Marketing for Hurst; Enrique Fabregat – Director General of Importadora Fabregat, SA.; United States Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina; Bill Simmons – VP and General Manager for Hurst; Joel Schwarz – Executive Director of Firefighters Crossing Borders

Joel Schwarz, executive director of Firefighters Crossing Borders gave a brief history of the charity and thanked all of the partners that brought the program together. “We began 10 years ago as local Gig Harbor, Washington Firefighters wanting to bring old, usable equipment to the northern Baja of Mexico. Our mission is simple, we try to bring emergency equipment that is no longer usable here in the United States to places where it can be used and continue to save lives. With this equipment, we endeavor to bring the training that will allow it to safely do just that” said Schwarz. Hurst’s program to support the charity began last year. The partnership with the charity was announced about the same time as the promotion. “We ran a trade-in program where fire departments in the United States and Canada could trade in their legacy tools for cash. Since we started the trade-in program at the end of 2008, we have received more than 135 tools and valcontinued on next page

21 || || Fall 2009

MEMBER NEWS ued at more than $130,000” said Aaron Guenther, Hurst’s vice president of sales and marketing. “After testing and servicing the rebate tools, there were a few that needed to be discarded for safety reasons and also for spare parts to make working tools. You see before you today 115 operational rescue tools headed to areas that badly need them.” United States Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina spoke at the ceremony. Mr. Burr mentioned the government’s own trade in program with a smile, cash-for-clunkers, but thanked Hurst, Fabregat and Parker. “You’ve proven that you don’t need to look to the federal government to solve every problem. I’m proud to be here because the government is not involved in this program” said Burr. In attendance were Shelby’s Mayor Ted Alexander, Police Chief Jeff Ledford, and Fire Chief William Hunt. The Shelby fire department also conducted a demonstration of the Jaws of Life on several overturned vehicles for the open house.

Kochek Company

Putnam, Connecticut, June 10, 2009 – Kochek Company has appointed Darla Estep as a new Regional Sales Manager. She will be responsible for distributor management and supporting the distributor network in Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Estep, based in Allen, Texas, has more than 21 years of marketing and sales experience in the fire equipment industry including positions with Span Instruments, Class 1, and Hale Products.

Setcom Corporation

Austin, TX – July 28, 2009 - Setcom Corporation, a manufacturer of communications equipment for firefighters, police motorcycle officers, rescue personnel and industrial users, announced it will sponsor the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge (FFCC). The competition, consisting of multiple threeday events taking place throughout the U.S. and Canada, promotes firefighter fitness and wellness. “We are excited about this new partnership with FFCC,” said Setcom President Mike Boyd. “Setcom has always been committed to providing the best 22 || || Fall 2009

equipment for firefighters to help make their demanding jobs a little easier. We are happy to be a part of an event which promotes the progress of these men and women’s efforts and allows their community to be included.” Holding the first ever event in May of 1991, the Firefighter Combat Challenge is now in its 18th year of competition and has been hailed by ESPN as “the toughest 2 minutes in sports”. With over 25 events taking place throughout the year, the Challenge is held in the U.S., Canada, and has recently expanded onto the international level. These events showcase the skill and true strength of men and women who sacrifice their own safety and race against time every day to save lives. “Setcom is a great addition to the family of sponsors and supporters of the Firefighter Combat Challenge,” Dr. Paul Davis, FFCC President said. “Staying relevant is so important when it comes to emergency and rescue personnel; Setcom understands that and not only designs their equipment around the needs of the professionals, they maintain a close relationship in order to keep those men and women as safe and effective as possible.” The Firefighter Combat Challenge consists of wearing “full bunker gear” and the SCOTT Air-Pak breathing apparatus. Pairs of competitors race headto-head as they simulate the physical demands of real-life firefighting by performing a linked series of five tasks including climbing the 5-story tower, hoisting, chopping, dragging hoses and rescuing a life-sized, 175 lb. “victim” as they race against themselves, their opponent and the clock.

Task Force Tips, Inc.

Hundreds help celebrate TFT’s new building opening VALPARAISO, IN – Hundreds of Distribution Partners and Firefighters joined with Task Force Tips in mid September to officially open the company’s new World Headquarters for business. The building, locatedat 3701 Innovation Way, Valparaiso, IN) has been years in the planning – not to mention over a year of construction. The new headquarters more than doubles the work area for the Midwestern firefighting equipment manufacturer. “It’s long been our dream to have our entire company housed under a single

roof,” said Rod Carringer, vice president of sales and marketing. “This is the third time in our company’s history that we’ve expanded into a newer, larger facility. Since we’ve planned enough space to basically double our size from what we are now, we expect to stay here for some time – and, unlike before, we’ve allowed ourselves a lot of room right here where we can build and grow.” The new facility adds 98,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 20,000 square feet of office space to the existing 50,000 square feet Innovation Way location. Larson-Danielson Construction Company, Inc, LaPorte, Indiana, brought CEO Stewart McMillan’s dream and blueprints to life. Aside from creating a central spot where customers the world over will be able to congregate, this expansion helped to create some 170 construction related jobs locally, and bolstered Porter County, Indiana’s economy with a multi-million dollar investment. Few who drive up to the building’s entrance will even think about it housing the world’s most innovative manufacturer of firefighting equipment. Rather, TFT’s two story, red-bricked firehouse “façade” – complete with twin bright red fire station doors and hand cut regional white limestone – will more likely remind visitors of the fire stations of childhood memories and dreams. Guests coming through the front doors enter immediately into a world of memorabilia and treasures – TFT’s very own firefighting museum. This two story showplace traces the company from its very beginnings in the fall of 1971 (in the basement of the McMillan home on Michigan Avenue in Hobart, Indiana). On one wall, guests will see the single cocktail napkin (measuring 4 by 4 inches) upon which the late Clyde McMillan sketched out plans for the world’s first “automatic” nozzle. The revolutionary design – sketched with red felt tipped pen in 1968 – has since become an industry standard. This unique idea allowed the nozzle to automatically open or close while maintaining the same pressure – much like a person putting his or her thumb on the end of a garden hose to regulate and produce a steady stream. continued on page 24


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Imagine that every fan at this weekend’s big game is a firefighter. You can pay big bucks to get your logo on a stadium billboard, but how do you know you’re reaching the right audience at the right time? Now imagine that all the firefighters seated in Section 208 only want to research and purchase the products you sell…and you have the opportunity to talk to them directly throughout the game. You can distribute product specs, relevant news, catalogs, press releases and sales contact info to your most interested and qualified potential customers. And for far less than the cost of the billboard, you’re in Section 208 all season long. FireRescue1 is the only firefighting web site that specializes in connecting you with your potential customers. Think of our product category sponsorships as Section 208 – and contact us today to get your information out to those who matter most to your bottom line.

For more information, please call 415.962.5916 or email

MEMBER NEWS “What you’ll see when you walk in probably depends on what day you’ve come, and what friends have sent us for display,” explained Carringer. “I know that (TFT CEO) Stewart (McMillan) drove 8 hours to borrow a 1890s steamer from a group of volunteers in Clintonville, Wisconsin. That, itself, is an amazing bit of firefighting history.”

“Visitors should never be surprised with who they run into at TFT,” Carringer explained. “We have the opportunity of working with some amazing people. This open house gave them a chance to get to know a little about each other.” For pictures of the opening day celebration, please visit the company’s website at For more information, please phone TFT at 1-800348-2686. TFT’s new world headquarters more than doubles the Midwest firefighting equipment manufacturer’s space. The building officially opened for business on September 16, 2009 – with a grand opening celebration that drew hundreds of TFT’s Distribution Partners, Firefighters, and their families.

W.S. Darley & Co. The receptionist’s desk, located opposite the entrance, is the actual front end of a fire truck – complete with lights and siren (“and the siren, unfortunately, works exceptionally well,” Carringer explained.) The giant red fire boots, regulation fire pole (from Gary, Indiana), and meticulously restored vintage Valparaiso fire truck are other crowd pleasing parts of the ever changing museum. To date, TFT has received 37 patents and has 2 pending. Its first computerized machinery, installed in 1980, opened the door to an operation that embraces technology and empowers workers to more efficiently produce a better product. TFT’s new location also allows a central base for TFT University – an ongoing program that enhances participant’s job skills through product and operational awareness activities and discussions. The program’s incredible growth both on campus and on the road are the result of hands-on demonstrations, coupled with hand-tailored targeted workshops. TFT U’s activities are not limited to the U.S./Canadian borders, though. As TFT’s market expands, so does the university’s outreach. Two groups of Latin American business partners recently visited TFT’s world headquarters for university sessions, and similar plans are being made for Asian business partners as well. 24 || || Fall 2009

within two weeks of the above announcement, Darley also was named the Chippewa County Business of the Year by the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation at their annual meeting May 21, 2009.

On May 12, 2009, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle presented his annual Wisconsin Export Achievement Awards. The award recognizes, “Wisconsin firms and organizations that have achieved extraordinary results in international sales or have contributed to Wisconsin’s increased ability to compete in a global market.” Criteria for the award include degree of export-related growth; innovative techniques and approaches that resulted in the company’s success; and demonstration of extra effort in capturing worldwide markets. With less than 500 employees, W.S. Darley & Co., with manufacturing operations in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, won the small manufacturing exporter category. Jeff Darley humbly accepted the award on behalf of the company stating, “We are proud to create high quality jobs in Wisconsin, while serving our world’s fire and emergency services.” At the award ceremony in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Governor Doyle stated, “W.S. Darley has had manufacturing operations in the state since 1933. They have been exporting for over 70 years and currently sell to over 95 countries. During the past three years, the firm has averaged over $16 million in export sales. In 2008, W.S. Darley & Co. added 20 new jobs in Wisconsin; invested over $4.2 million in machinery and equipment; and constructed a $1.2 million building addition at its Chippewa Falls manufacturing plant in order to handle some of those growing exports.” Partially based on these investments,

Secretary of Commerce Dick Leinenkugel (left) and Governor Doyle (right) present Jeff & Patti Darley the Wisconsin Export Achievement Award

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Annual Meeting Events BUSINESS SPEAKER

The business speaker for the FEMSA/FAMA joint session in Washington, D.C. on Friday, October 9th, 2009, is the multi-faceted Dr. Joseph L. Mancusi, PhD., president of the Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc., Sterling, VA. Dr. Mancusi is an inspirational speaker, psychologist, author and management consultant who has appeared six times at the White House, in all 50 states and 19 countries. Mancusi is a well-experienced and versatile presenter with a special focus on corporate culture…understanding why stagnant corporate cultures produce poor results. “One of the things we know is that hope makes a difference,” said Mancusi. “People with high hopes sell twice as much.”

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP: WHY IQ IS ONLY 20% OF SUCCESS Psychologist Dr Joseph Mancusi knows that hiring “the best and the brightest” may be a big mistake. IQ accounts for less than twenty percent of success in life, the rest is due to your EQ, your Emotional Quotient. We all know people who “have it” but don’t “get it” He will discuss 5 factors to consider when hiring, motivating, and promoting people. One factor alone, if not present, almost guarantees failure. Hint; are there people who when they come into a room turn your stomach or make you want to leave? Ever wonder “why?” This funny, fast paced, fact filled talk will lead you to make changes in your life. He will show you how to take your organization from “Existing to Excelling.” You may have seen him talk about stress on the NBC Today show or heard about his work on CNN, CBS or MSNBC Hardball. We are pretty sure you didn’t see him during his 6 presentations at the White House. Audiences in all 50 states, 19 countries and at thousands of companies and associations have heard him speak. Now it is our turn. See you there.

Dr. Joseph L. Mancusi, PhD.

Chief Brown on the Economy

On behalf of the IAFC Economic Task Force, Chief Rob Brown will offer insight on the latest economic picture for fire and emergency services across the nation. The discussion will be held on Friday, 10/9, from 1-1:30 during the FEMSA/FAMA – Joint Session The goal of the task force is to help fire chiefs weather the current economic storm through courses of action and best practices. This program was inspired by IAFC Executive Director Mark Light’s popular Fire Drill topic last year on the state of the economy as it relates to fire departments. Chief Rob Brown oversees 650 career and volunteer personnel in an all-hazards response agency that responds to over 23,000 fire and EMS incidents and transports over 15,000 people to area hospitals each year. Stafford County, a suburban Washington, DC community on the banks of the Potomac River, is home to the FBI Academy, FBI National Laboratory, DEA Academy and Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Chief J. Robert Brown, Jr.,

CFO, Stafford County, VA Chairman, IAFC Economic Task Force


What’s goes on inside Buyers’ minds when they create an RFP? What’s the deal-breaker even when the price is right? How much does brand recognition play in the decision?

Bill Webb, CFSI, Moderator

Presenting the ever-popular FEMSA/FAMA “Buyers’ Roundtable” Moderator: Bill Webb, CFSI Panelists include: Chief Tim Beckett - Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Chief Joseph S. Chornock - Germanton (MD) Volunteer Fire Chief Robert Creecy - Richmond Fire & Emergency Services Deputy Chief Ronald Gill, Jr. - D.C. Fire & EMS Department Chief Jeff Johnson - Tualatin Valley Fire Rescue Chief Adam Thiel - Alexandria Fire Rescue Got questions you’d like to ask the Roundtable? To jumpstart the program, send your questions to:

26 || || Fall 2009

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