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EDITORIAL Time to reflect on a year of news By Katherine Lanzer JagRoar Staff Adviser ! We have almost completed our first full year of newspaper club at Windham! What an accomplishment, and what an amazing year of news. Ms. Gaudet and I are very proud of the several editions that the dedicated JagRoar staff has produced this year. That being said, it is now time to reflect on the year we have had, and what we can do to make it better for our readers in the future. There are a few requests that we would like to send out to the Jag community:

1.We want your feedback. What do you like about the newspaper, and what do you think we should change in the coming editions? 2.Suggestions for the last 2013 edition. What would you like to see in the June newspaper? More opinion, senior profiles, senior memories, graduation... give us your suggestions! 3. Your help next year. Our goal for the 2013-14 school year is to come out with one edition every month. We will need reporters, photographers, editors, and business and PR managers to help accomplish this. If you are interested, email us!

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General News Bombings rock Boston

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By Casey Brennan and Ariana Mandra JagRoar Staff BOSTON - On Patriots Day, Monday, April 15, at approximately 2:50 p.m., two pressure cooker bombs filled with metal ball bearings, nails, and explosives exploded at the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street, just west of Copley Square. Thirteen seconds after the first bomb went off, another one exploded one block away from the first explosion. The bombs killed three people and injured over 250 people. On April 18, the FBI released pictures and video footage from surveillance cameras at department stores near the crime scene. The suspects were identified as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Russian brothers who had been living in the United States for 10 years.

Later that night, the suspects carjacked a Mercedes and were caught up in an over 200-round shootout with two cops in Watertown, Massachusetts. Eventually, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed, as was an MIT officer. The other suspect, although extremely wounded, managed to escape. On April 19, police and FBI highly suggested that all citizens of Watertown and surrounding towns stay indoors until they said otherwise. During the day, police officers went through people’s homes in search of the escaped Dzhokhar Tsarneav. At 6 p.m. that night, Governor Deval Patrick announced during a press conference that Watertown residents were allowed to leave their homes. According to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, once the “shelter-in-place” had been lifted, a resident in Watertown called the police saying that there was a bloody person hiding in his boat. The Watertown resident who called the police, David Henneberry, initially just felt as though he should check outside with a gut feeling when he saw blood on the side of his shed. Police immediately started circling the area. For the next hour and forty five minutes, police sent helicopters with specialized cameras to look from above at the boat and the person inside. During that time, police shot several rounds of gunfire at the boat in an attempt to initiate a response from the suspect. At 8:45 p.m., police approached the boat and found an


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unresponsive Tsarneav, arrested him, and he was sent to Beth Israel Medical Center. ! Almost immediately after the suspect was taken into custody, the Boston Police Department tweeted, “CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody." Initially, the suspect was not read his Miranda rights because of public safety concerns. When he was read his rights, he stopped talking to police. ! During interrogation at the hospital, the suspect claimed that his brother, Tamerlan, was the one behind it. He also alleged that they were motivated by extremist Islamist beliefs, as well as Photo courtesy Dzhokhar Tsarneav

Photo courtesy Tamerlan Tsarneav

the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but unconnected to any outside terrorist groups. He also told officials that they were planning to bomb Times Square in New York City after the bombings in Boston. ! Dzhokhar was charged with “use of a weapon of mass destruction and malicious

destruction of property resulting in death” on April 22, while still recovering in the hospital. Renowned attorney Judy Clarke has joined the suspect’s defense team. One of her goals is to ensure Dzhokhar does not receive the death penalty. ! On May 1, authorities released to the press that three additional suspects were in custody. The three men are believed to have helped hide any evidence from Dzhokhar’s dormitory and the suspects themselves. Two of the men were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice while the other was charged with lying to investigators. ! Dzhokhar was born in Kyrgystan but became a naturalized American citizen on September 11, 2012. He attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and graduated in 2011 with a $2,500 scholarship from the city of Cambridge. He is a student at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. His classmates described him as a normal guy who recently quit smoking marijuana. ! Tamerlan was born in Chechnya, but had been living in the United States for years. He was 26 years old when he died during a firefight between police officers on April 19. Tamerlan was an amateur boxer who competed in various competitions. He had an American wife, Katherine Russel, who converted to Muslim religion after being with him, and the couple have one daughter together, Zahara, who is three years old.


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Photo courtesy (From le" to right) Martin Richard, Sean Co$ier, Krystle Campbe$, and Lingzi Lu

Martin Richard: Martin was an 8 year old from Dorchester who went to the race with his family, including his 7 year old sister who sustained great injuries as well. He was a huge Boston Red Sox fan and played little league for baseball. He will be forever remembered as a cheerful little boy who wanted peace. Last year, he drew a picture during school saying, “No more hurting people. Peace” after hearing about the Trayvon Martin death. A foundation has been created in his name.

Sean Co$ier: Sean was a 27 year old MIT officer who was fatally shot during the firefight between the Tsarneav brothers and police. Ever since he was a child, he was a generous, loyal person who was extremely patriotic. Throughout his life, he put others before himself. At one point in time when he was in the police academy, he scraped together $1,000 to get to a family in need even though he barely had the money to support himself. The Sean Collier Memorial Scholarship has been established in his name.

Krystle Campbe$: Krystle was a 29 year old resident of Medford who went to the race with a friend. She worked as a restaurant manager and her co-workers have said that she was less of a boss and more of a friend. Krystle graduated from MassBay Community College in 2005 with a degree in business administration. Her family and friends say that she was a sweet, caring person whose bright smile was her trademark. A Boston local college has created a scholarship in her name.

Lingzi Luo: Lingzi was a 23 year old Boston University graduate student from China who was pursuing her masters in statistics. Fellow students at BU described her as a very enthusiastic and bubbly person. Boston University is already in the process of creating a memorial scholarship fund in her name and trustees have pledged more than half a million dollars to it. By Ariana Mandra


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SKATE PARK CLOSES Windham Selectmen close Griffin for good By Casey Brennan JagRoar Staff WINDHAM After months of controversy, the Board of Selectman voted to close the skateboard park at Griffin Park due to constant vandalism, refusal to wear Photo by Casey Brennan helmets, and littering. The town has ordered the recreation coordinator, The skate park had recently shut down in Cheryl Haas and the Recreation Department to September because of the town’s constant struggle to disassemble the park right away. keep the skate park clean and a safe place for residents Charlie McMahon, a Windham resident and of all ages to skate. former board of Selectman, stated that he visits that In the past, Windham representatives increased skate park almost every day and has noticed that the the amount of rules for the skaters to reduce these majority of the skaters follow the park’s rules. He said problems. They would close the skate park very early in he thinks it would be unfair to punish the majority for the evening and lock it every night. the minor amount of skaters that misuse the park. He There were also no bikes, scooters, or rollerblades also noted it cost $52, 000 to build the skateboard allowed in the park. However, this was not enough to park. keep the skate park open any longer. The town has “Don’t punish the majority for the minority,” repeatedly tried to let the skaters skate without getting McMahon added. the police involved. Although the Windham officials claim no one Over the past few years, the police were constantly follows the rules of the skate park and there is too going to the skateboard park enforcing helmet rules much vandalism, it seems many skaters, bystanders, and finding trash everywhere. The police department and Mr. McMahon think that is not the case. has concluded that they are spending too much time The board is considering reassembling the skate there and it needs to stop. park one day in an alternative location. The parts and Many of the skaters were not even residents of equipment will be stored in the police department for Windham and would not respect the rules that town the time being. has set for the skate park.


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CLASSIC GAME GETS BANNED Dodgeba$ no longer a$owed By Ariana Mandra JagRoar Staff WINDHAM – On March 19th, 2013, the Windham School District officially banned dodgeball in addition to nine other human target games. It has created a roar throughout the town. Many students and even some teachers in all grades will miss the classic gym class game. A new commonplace in gym classes is students complaining that they want to play dodgeball, but cannot. The reasoning behind the ban was that dodgeball had been shown to be an outlet for bullying. The dodgeball ban stemmed from a Windham parent’s complaint that her daughter was being targeted for bullying in gym class. Petitions have been signed by Windham students in order to bring back the well-known game. One made by School Board member Dennis Senibali’s sons has about 400 “signatures” on their website with people even outside of Windham. “(Dodgeball) been blown out of proportion,” says Windham parent Melissa Doucette, “It should have been handled at the lowest level, which I don’t think it was. That should have been the parent contacting the teacher and I’m sure they [the Windham School board] have things they could be doing other than worrying about a game.”

Games throughout the district have been banned, including those games played at Windham Center and Golden Brook School, like Prison ball and Rescue 911. Second grader Carlyn Doucette “loves Prison Ball. It’s so much fun!” Many students of all ages will miss playing games like these during their gym classes,

Photo courtesy

especially younger children who do not know about the ban. Human Performance teacher Mr. Byrne said, “Any area of school with teenagers can be an outlet for bullying.” If a teacher is not paying attention and connecting with the students in order to truly know what is going on, bullying can occur.


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Dodgeball: WHS students Ban of dodgeba$ causes uproar By Allison Bench WINDHAM – The Windham New Hampshire school district has banned dodgeball along with other “human target” games after a middle school parent thought his child was being targeted by her peers. The school board voted 4-1 to remove dodgeball from school activities. Human targeting and violence will never stop by banning this game. As horrible as it is, bullying will never end. As this news became more and more frustrating, Windham High School students have shown their anger on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Students at WHS spoke about how it made them feel after they heard radio stations talking about their school. Lindsay Hillyer, junior at WHS says, “I think it’s embarrassing. My brother said one of his friends’ dad was in South Korea and it was on the news there. I feel bad for the girl who thinks she is being targeted, but I think this is a little too much.” It amazed many students how quickly this event made news, and how it spread worldwide. Kurt Jolicoeur, sophomore at WHS, told reporters, “I’m pretty

pissed because it was a really fun game. Targeting a peer is part of the game. If you don’t want to play, sit out. Don’t take away the fun for the rest of us.” Jill Bartlett, girls lacrosse coach and wellness teacher at WHS, says, “I think it is absolutely ridiculous. I think it is so dumb.” Mary Garside, a junior at WHS, says, “It makes me feel like a little kid. We should be able to play these types of games in school without any problem. It’s a high school gym class.” Dodgeball is a human target activity; that is the point of the game. Bullying will never stop, even when authorities try to take such games away from kids. To many students, this is a way to deal with anger, by being able to take it out in a childish game, such as dodgeball, or other harmless gym class games. Dennis Senibaldi, school board member, stated, "We have rules that are set in place to deal with bullying. We don't need to ban an entire round of games just to enforce those rules." Rules are set in place to deal with bullying in schools; fun activities should not have to be banned in order to keep kids from feeling like they are being targeted. If a child does not feel safe playing a game like that, they should not play. By one child complaining about being “targeted”, it should not take away the fun for the rest of the students who love the game.

Image courtesy

Classic game not so classic anymore By Kaylie Apkarian WINDHAM – Gym class consists of fun, competitive games that everybody loves! The Windham School District has banned many of these classic gym games due to bullying, games including the ever-favorite dodgeball. Many people are against this decision and think target games are of no harm to anybody and that there is a simpler solution to this problem besides banning them. Mr. Blair, an assistant at Windham High School, says he thinks a high school setting should have some sort of “rule or requirement” to allow these types of games, but can see how the lower grades have difficulties with this subject.


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react to district decision The rules of dodgeball are that if you get hit in the face you can stay in the game and if you catch someone else’s ball then the person who threw the ball is out. Pretty simple and harmless. Taia Tailand, a junior at WHS says, “It’s stupid and doesn’t make sense. It’s unfair.” This is true for many kids. Some kids have a deeper strategy of the game, though, and purposely try to get either the really good players or the really bad players out first. This way they have a chance of getting a lot of people out on the opposing team early in the match or they get the really good players out early. Most kids just throw the ball if it comes to them and dodge the ones flying through the air. Hence the name dodgeba$. There is no danger to this game whatsoever. “Absolutely ridiculous. I think it’s so dumb,” says WHS teacher and coach Mrs. Bartlett. Kids play with a soft nerf ball that barely leaves a red mark when one is hit with it. Not to mention there is plenty of distance between the players that no one is too close to get hit with the ball and get hurt. Many teachers and other staff members do keep a close eye out for any sign of bullying throughout the school day. Even kids stick up for each other against bullies. And most bullying these days does not happen face to face. With all of the technology kids have available to them, cyber bullying is the most common source of bullying over the past few years.

Statistics have shown that over the past year, half of all teenagers come in contact with cyber bullying. This is just teenagers. For younger kids, the percentages are higher. This just goes to show that bullying is happening at home. Therefore, target games are not a huge problem in schools.

instantly comes to mind when someone says “Physical Education.” According to WMUR news, Superintendent Henry LaBranche said, “We talked about it in light of our antibullying campaign,” and then raised the question “Are we consistent with what we're trying to say in regard to being respectful of one another and creating an environment where we're not opening up for bullying activity?” The superintendent needs to realize that students in the By Matt Howard Windham School District are not WINDHAM – Dodgeball has in school all the time and cannot been played in gym classes for decades now and is something that be sheltered by these rules when they exit the doors of Windham many students look forward to. schools. If the plan of school The simple idea of throwing nerf balls at each other has allowed gym officials is to constantly baby students and shelter them, then teachers to come up with several they are not getting them ready variations of the game that for the real world. They are doing students around the country, or the complete opposite, making even world, look forward to playing everyday. However, as years kids think that someone will be there to stick up for them all the have passed parents and school time, when in reality, they have to officials have questioned whether stick up for themselves. dodgeball and other human target Windham High student games are appropriate for gym Brandon Dreyfuss said, class. The issue has been raised “Dodgeball was one of my that these games could cause children to become upset and have favorite gym activities, and kids who do not want to play should hurt feelings from being targeted just sit out,” when asked about by other players. the ban. Every gym class has Normally, contracting the students, who just stand around activities of physical education is an issue that schools raise to make as much as possible and clearly do not want to be in gym. budget cuts, though not in the The School Board could make Windham School District. Instead physical education optional for of creating more games that most students enjoy at the school, they decided to take out a game that Continued on next page

A$-American game is not bu$ying


THE JAGROAR!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAY OPINION 15, 2013 while in the classroom. Although the studies conducted by the school district claim that students are not constantly moving and being active, which is the purpose of gym class in the first place. Many students do feel tired after playing games during gym. According to Carlyn Doucette, she is tired after playing Prison Ball and Rescue 911. Games during gym class allow for exercise during the school day. One argument that has been made is that dodgeball doesn’t allow enough physical activity for gym class. Dodgeball is not an outlet for bullying and is a good way for students to get their energy out. If students do want to play, they can organize a tournament for after school in order to do so. In addition, students throughout the school district have become fired up, which is ridiculous in itself. People must keep in mind it is just a game. Dodgeball is just banned during gym, not to mention it is just a game, so it is not a big deal. In the long run, it will not be detrimental to a student’s life experiences by not playing dodgeball.

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Basically, dodgeball is a game in which students get each other students when the game is being out by hitting one another with played, though when it comes gator balls. Gator balls are soft, down to it, all games could be foam balls that are used in gym cited for “bullying.” Every gym class. Once a student is hit, he or class has students, who are more she is out. It is quite a simple athletic, or students who actually game. Unfortunately, one person play the game that is occurring, in the Windham School District and in some ways that should has made it so no other children make dodgeball a level playing may play dodgeball. field. Not many students play Games throughout the district dodgeball outside of school giving have been banned, including those no one a clear advantage of having games played at Windham Center strategy and extra skill. This game and Golden Brook School, like should not be considered a prison ball and rescue 911. Second bullying outlet because each child grader Carlyn Doucette “loves has the same opportunity to do Prison Ball. It’s so much fun!” well. Many students of all ages will miss playing games like these during their gym classes, especially younger children who do not know about the ban. Most students at Windham High School are very saddened by By Ariana Mandra this decision by the school board WINDHAM – Dodgeball is a because dodgeball has been a classic game to play in gym class classic game to play during gym throughout one’s school years. But class. In addition games like fourit, along with nine other human corner bombardment and target games, has been banned in slaughter have also been banned. the Windham School District as of However, the bottom line is March 19, 2013. The reasoning dodgeball is a game. It is not vital behind the ban was that dodgeball to a child’s life experiences, but at was an outlet for bullying. The the same time the reasoning dodgeball ban stemmed from a behind banning it in the school Windham parent’s complaint that system is foolish. Like Human her daughter was being targeted Performance teacher Mr. Byrne for bullying in gym class. said, “Any area of school with “(Dodgeball) been blown out teenagers can be an outlet for of proportion,” says Windham bullying.” If a teacher is not paying parent Melissa Doucette. “It attention and connecting with the should have been handled at the students in order to truly know lowest level, which I don’t think it what is going on, bullying can was. That should have been the occur. parent contacting the teacher and Studies have shown that I’m sure (Windham School Board students who are able to be members) have things they could physically active for a period of be doing other than worrying the school day are more about a game.” concentrated on their schoolwork

Banning childhood games is foolish

No grounds to ditch playground game


By Mike Donovan WINDHAM – Dodgeball has been banned in Windham High School due to the fact that human target games somehow “promote”


THE JAGROAR!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAY OPINION 15, 2013 bullying. The ban proves that schools do not know the underlying causes of bullying, and look to provide quick, easy, but harmful solutions to problems they are confronted with. With the banning of dodgeball in Windham, it is clear that the actions taken to “prevent” bullying today are kneejerk overreactions, and not helpful to the encouragement of equality in schools. Dodgeball was banned due to complaints that it “promoted bullying” by targeting the less athletic. But anyone who has played dodgeball knows that it’s not the weakest players that are targeted, it is the strongest. In my experience of playing so-called “human target games,” players aim for the strongest opponent first. The logic behind this strategy is that the better an opponent is, the more likely chance they have of getting you and your teammates out. Therefore, one wants to remove the strongest player from the game, since that will increase your team’s chances of winning more than if a weaker opponent was hit. And the majority of students use this tactic. When asked which players are the most important to get out first, Windham High School senior Steve Goulas quipped that “It’s certainly not the player that is sitting in the back and hasn’t thrown a ball yet.” “You want to go for the best player. Not only due to the fact that they are the ones that are actively gunning for you, but also because you kind of feel good about yourself when you get them out. You know that you have just knocked out a skilled player, and your team thanks you. It comes with a sense of

accomplishment that you only get when you hit the best player.” Another major argument for the removal of dodgeball was the potential of concussions arising from being hit. However, the dodgeballs that are used are not the big red playground balls that people envision when they think of dodgeball. They are actually nerf balls. In other words, they are about as soft and cushioned as a rolled up sweatshirt, except much lighter. Junior Porter Carelli noted that he’d “never been hurt due to being hit in any dodgeball game in our school system. The balls we use are very safe and padded. People that say the impact of the balls can cause a concussion are completely off base. You have a better chance of getting hurt from a pillow fight.” He weighed in on the banning as well, saying that “dodgeball should be back. There is no sense in coddling students, especially those that are in high school and are only a few years away from being adults. They have to learn sometimes (that) you get out. Sometimes you lose. If everyone won everything that they played, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. The lows make the highs so much sweeter”. The unfortunate banning of dodgeball means that a fun game, one that promotes teamwork and hard work, is gone. In dodgeball, teamwork is a large part of the game. A sense of camaraderie accompanies you and your teammates, as you encourage one another to push forward for a common goal. That sense of being a team will vanish along with dodgeball. “Dodgeball was (and still is) a fun team game that was one of the joys of gym class,” said

8th grader Daniel Donovan. “It’s a shame that it’s gone. I really enjoyed it, and so did everyone else.” Students throughout Windham hope that the ban will be lifted. And if the ban stays in effect, physical education classes just won’t be the same without the laughter and enjoyment that comes with dodgeball.

Anti-bu$ying move only leads to anger By Corey Alberico WINDHAM – School systems all across the country are trying to keep up with the evolution of curriculum, facilities, and supplies. With this high demand of change, some curriculums are forced to add and deduct certain subjects and topics from their curriculum. When most schools agree that physical education doesn’t need require evolution as much as a humanity or science course would, The Windham School district swims against the current. Just recently The Windham School Board voted to ban all “human target” games from the physical education curriculum in all of its schools. The board went into the meeting open minded; however, they left with a 4 to 1 vote to ban the games. Windham’s selectman Dennis Senabaldi put up a solid argument for the games to be left alone, but did not succeed. Windham clearly has some internal issues going on. With the production of the new high school, it has been made very Continued on next page


THE JAGROAR!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAY OPINION 15, 2013 Continued from previous page

clear that all the board members want is their names out there. Being the first, newest, and best thing to be going on is what the board strives for. The high school cost the townspeople millions, yet they did not get an all-purpose turf field with a track, but instead, they got an architectural award. Are you kidding me? The next big thing to be known for in the eyes of Windham’s board members will be the “school who started an antibullying movement by thinking outside the box and banning all human target games.” The only movement they created was a melting pot of angry students eager to petition against the ban. This makes me so flustered due to the fact all the board members want is Windham on the map, and even though this time it hasn’t cost us money, it has cost us our dignity.

Create programs, don’t ban games By Deirdre Sanders WINDHAM – Across the nation, bullying has been a major issue in school systems. It is essential that adults enforce good behavior upon their children to reduce bullying and harassment, so that classic recreational games like dodgeball can still be enjoyed and not forbidden. Windham School District has decided to ban Dodgeball as it contributes to the idea of targeting children and bullying. This controversial decision has

gained a significant amount of media attention.! Several Windham students are outraged about this ban, as it is a game that brings back childhood memories. Petitions have already been circulating so that students can potentially bring back the game of dodgeball. However, it will be no easy task to try and convince The Windham School District to lift this ban. Bullying has been of a major concern in the eyes of administrators, so it is important that they do whatever they can to reduce this problem. Eliminating dodgeball was a step in the right direction in the eyes of the Windham School District members, as they consider it a violent game that targets certain students. However, School Board member Dennis Senibaldi discussed, “It’s almost turning into a nanny state, what happens when they replace that game with something different that another group doesn’t want to play. Do we eliminate that group of games?” Senibaldi states a very valid point. It is essential that adults do what is best for their children; however, eliminating dodgeball is the catalyst to ending every other competitive game and recreational activity. Banning the game of dodgeball creates an opportunity for parents to seek flaws in other recreational activities. It allows them to think, “If dodgeball is a target game linked to bullying, then so is football.” It is not acceptable that classic playground games are vanishing because of the supposed “bad message” that they evoke. Gina Lanouette, a Windham parent, explained, “You can see how most kids would enjoy it, but

you can see how some children are targeted more than others.” Instead of blaming recreational sports and activities, adults should look further into creating programs to help children and teenagers who are being bullied or create alternative activities for them to participate in if they feel uncomfortable playing dodgeball or any other activity. Banning games will not solve the problem of bullying and harassment. It is up to adults and students to promote peace and equality through their actions. This cannot be possible if games are being banned left and right, as it will evoke the message of “this should be good enough.” Jeff Peterson, a junior at WHS, expressed his anger by saying, “You should not ban a game because one person cannot handle getting hit. Should we ban hockey because there are too many hits?” It is essential that the town of Windham reconsider its motives behind banning dodgeball, as it will potentially give parents the opportunity to eliminate other non-harmful and entertaining activities.

Dodgeba$ smarts By Bob Parsons WINDHAM – Dodgeball has long been a staple at schools in the United States, recently dodgeball has become the centerpoint of a national conversation concerning bullying in schools. Dodgeball was recently banned in the Windham School district following a complaint filed by a concerned parent. While the parents concerns shouldn’t have been


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Photo courtesy ignored, the response by the School Board is simply ridiculous. Instead of taking a measured and appropriate response, the school Board choose, not unanimously, to ban all Dodgeball games within the district. The parent’s concerns were raised when the child felt that they were the target of bullying while playing a dodgeball game. The school board needs to learn that bullying is a pervasive endemic that has been a mainstay of school culture for at least the last half century. And while limiting the environment in which bullying may occur certainly helps, all social events carry some inherent risk. Dodgeball quickly became a scapegoat for a real problem and

getting rid of it does little to solve the real issues behind bullying. Gun enthusiasts have a wellrehearsed argument, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” well, dodgeballs don’t bully kids, kids bully kids. Why in the world the school board chose not to punish those responsible is simply beyond reason. If an individual breaks the law we punish the individual, we send them to prisons to get rehabilitated, so that they an be reintroduced to society and act responsibly. Bullying is a significant problem in America’s schools and it is important for the school board to take a proactive approach in dealing with these issues. However, if kids essential social

interactions are robbed from them they will fail to learn important skills. Sometimes kids are going to be picked on, singled out and made fun of, but it is important that they have the skillsets mentally to shrug it off and get on with their lives, if they don’t learn how to do this as a child, how can they hope to cope as an adult in todays world? An important part of school is to teach kids valuable social skills that allow them to relate and interact with others. And people can at times be downright nasty, it is important for children to learn how to deal with these situations reasonably, and it seems that some of the school board members need to learn these lessons as well.


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Paws Up... Paws Down By Sophie Samuels and Ariana Mandra

Paws up to... Paws down to...

Spring athletics, like tennis.

The pollen that makes my allergies go crazy.

- Brighid White, Grade 9

-Erin Preble, Grade 11

Paws down to... The fact that the weather only started to get nice at the END of April.

Paws up to... The nice weather

- Ceirra Cowan, Grade 9

-Robert Parsons- Grade 12

What students are thinking!

Paws up to...

Paws up to...

Being able to wear dresses to school

The smell after a rainstorm.

-Anonymous -Rachel Morris, Grade 11

Paws down to... Mosquitoes. -Caitlin Pierson, grade 11


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Arts & Entertainment WHS artwork in state, national exhibitions By Hannah Cole, Art Teacher and Nancy Gaudet, JagROAR Staff Adviser WHS students have been engaged in creating work for two juried competitions: The Congressional Arts Competition, and the Sharon Arts Center Inaugural New Hampshire High School Exhibition. WHS is well represented at the Sharon Art Center Inaugural Exhibition. This is a prestigious competition and less

than 50 percent of the submissions typically get chosen to hang in the gallery to compete for scholarship prizes. The following students will have their work on display: Randi Abyazi, Thomas Anderson, Connor Bermingham, Jacob Estevez, Kelsey Piazza, Anne Lin, Zachary Nardini, Elizabeth Pope, and Jeffrey Trovato. The Sharon Arts Center Inaugural Exhibition will be on display at the Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough, NH, May 17 - June 1. The opening reception is Friday, May 17th, 5 to 7 pm.

Each year the Congressional Arts Competition is held in each District throughout the country. This year, senior Rebecca Lane’s “Abstract with Orange” and junior Kelsey Piazza’s “The World is Yours” were the two pieces chosen to represent Windham High School in this prestigious completion. The work was on display at the Kimball Jenkins Art School and Estate in Concord, NH on May 2. “It is an honor to be on display alongside some of the strongest high school art pieces created in Annie Kuster’s district,” said WHS art teacher Hannah Cole. Kelsey and Rebecca’s drawings will be on display at the Windham School District Arts Festival at Windham High School on May 18th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Above: ”Abstract with Orange” by Becca Lane (Graphite Sketch) Left: “The World is Yours” by Kelsey Piazza (Pencil Sketch)


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Concert Band scores high in Chicago

By Nancy Gaudet, JagRoar Staff Adviser and Jared Cassedy, WHS Band Director

a performance at the Encore Concert the last evening of festival. In a statement by band director, Jared Cassedy, The Windham High School Concert Band “There were some outstanding performed at the Heritage Festival of Gold in bands, choirs, and orchestras that participated Chicago from March 22 to 26. The band received nationwide, and Windham High School [band the highest score from the adjudicators in this students] represented our community and state national competition, which opened an invitation for extremely well.”


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Concert Band selected for music conference By Jared Cassedy, WHS Band Director and Nancy Gaudet, JagRoar Staff Adviser The Windham High School Concert Band was selected to perform at the National Association for Music Education, Eastern Division Conference in Hartford, Conn., on Friday, April 5, 2013. Only two concert bands were selected to perform in the entire Eastern Division and Europe. The ensemble performed for an audience including some of the nation’s most renowned music educators, conductors, and musicians as well as members of both the state and national executive boards. Hannah Cole remarked, “This is an extremely prestigious honor for our program, community, and state. Congratulations on an outstanding performance!” On Wednesday, April 10, the Concert Band put on their annual Above: WHS students perform at the N.A.M.E. Easter Division Conference Spring Concert in the WHS Auditorium.  The concert featured the WHS Jazz Ensemble, Chambers Ensembles, and the WHS Concert Top: Percussion section Band. Bottom: Horn section

WHS students perform at Classical All State Festival By Jared Cassedy, WHS Band Director and Nancy Gaudet, JagRoar Staff Adviser Congratulations to the WHS students who were selected to participate in this year’s NHMEA Classical All State in Concord, NH. These students rehearsed and performed with the state’s highest achieving high school musicians. The festival culminated in the All State Festival Concert on Saturday, April 13 at the Capitol Center for the Arts.


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Concert Choir, Honors Choir, and A’ Capella events By Sheila Cuneo, Choir Director and Nancy Gaudet, JagRoar Staff Adviser On April 16, the WHS Choir put on their annual Spring Concert, featuring the WHS Concert Choir, Honors Choir, and A Cappella Club. The Concert Choir sang “Flying Free” and the combined choirs sang “Hero” as a dedication to those who were killed and injured in the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. “All the choirs have been progressing well this year!” says Sheila Cuneo. The next concert will feature both the WHS Band and Choir on Wednesday, May 22, at 7 p.m. This concert will consist of lighter literature as a nice ending to a wonderful and productive school year!

Our 2013 yearbook design is complete, and currently at the print house. There are still many students who have not ordered, and there are only 50 copies remaining. Once these are gone, they will be SOLD OUT and no more will be available. Order on line at: or see Ms. Gaudet in E218 for more info. PAGE 18

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The many lessons of retail Se$ing out, date-like interviews and nasty bosses a$ part of the debacle By Mark Lawrence JagRoar Staff Greetings fellow Jaguars, As senior year comes to a close, I’ve begun contemplating my future and evaluating my past. As I formulate an idea of what I want to be when I grow up, I’ve considered the steps I need to take in order to get there and I recall some of the steps I’ve taken to get where I am today... Let’s rewind to May of 2012: at this point I had been employed at Hollister Co. for about ten months and was thoroughly dissatisfied. At Hollister, I found myself being sold out by a massive international corporation, most likely run by Satan himself, in order to sell ridiculously overpriced clothing to obnoxious tweens and their mothers. In any case, I decided that I would leave my friends at Hollister and make an attempt at other minimum-wage retail pursuits. In August I had directed my full attention to finding a new part-time job, so I set up an interview at J.Crew with the store manager: a suave, GQ-esque man named Sandy. He was a vision--like a model directly out of a catalog. Shortly after meeting, the two of us shared lunch and talked about several open job positions. To be honest, it felt like more of a date than an interview, but I was reluctant to turn down the job even in the wake of his underlying tones of pedophilia. In a weird way it was incredibly flattering, and I truly thought I had found my niche. I think it goes without saying that I was given the job soon after. In September I began the J.Crew training program called “Nice To Meet You.” To my extreme disappointment, I learned that Sandy had been fired (...I can only guess why...) and that a new store manager had been hired: Rich. Rich was nice enough, but lacked Sandy’s charm, charisma, and enthusiasm for younger male employees. After meeting Rich, I was introduced to a cold and unwelcoming associate named Emily with a multi-

Mark Lawrence photo illustration colored weave and a perpetually pursed upper lip that made her look like she had a hard time breathing. Emily was in charge of training me and she made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of Sandy or his young protégés. Her ultra-conservative philosophy was that an associate’s moral position was their most important feature--something that she preached to me for several hours while inadvertently insulting me and putting down the preppy 90’s country club look I was sporting. As you might have guessed, I had decided from the second I met Emily that I thoroughly hated her. I had come to the conclusion that Sandy’s charms had led me down a road that I didn’t want to go down and I needed to do something about it. Two days later I came into the store in an ironic t-shirt and cut off jean shorts, a conveniently proverbial middle finger in Emily’s pinched-up face, and declared my immediate resignation. I gathered my paperwork from the back room and left with a sassy strut and my nose in the air. Long story short, I ended up back at Hollister within a week and received a check worth $300 from J.Crew soon after. I hope that you can find some kind of lesson in there somewhere because I’m still not sure that I understand what I should learn from the whole debacle... I guess we should all be weary of romantic interviews with older men named Sandy. Until next time JagNation, Marky Mark


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Rise Above Poem takes a stand against bu$ying, makes impact in schools By Caitlin Pierson This is for the ridiculed; The teased; The intimidated; The kid who always gets picked last. This is for the “chickens” And the “fatsos” And the kids with no more lunch money left to give. This is for the suicide contemplators, The all-day eaters, And the late-night readers Trying to get away; But just because you turn a page Doesn’t mean your life will change; Believe me, I’ve tried. But that certainly doesn’t mean You can give up. Rise above. This is for the misunderstood tormenter Who throws blows; The abused that becomes the abuser Because that’s all he knows; And for the stereotypical playground bully. Rise above. But it’s also for the gossipers, And, of course, the listeners. Because the words that are spread Can hurt just as much. And I will tell you— From experience—that I would rather take A physical fist to the stomach rather than A figurative slap across the face because That punch only reminds me that I am still alive, but The stinging slap imprints forever on my self-esteem And makes me question why I am living.

This is for the kids who have pulled a curtain Over their window to the outside world

So that every emotion that may flicker across their face Can be shielded by the bully trying to break the glass. Be strong. Open the curtain because the stronger you are, The harder it is for that glass to break. I stand before you as someone who has been bullied Her whole life, I stand before you as someone who is stronger for it. Because my glass, though it has shattered before, will never Crack again because each time I re-glue the pieces, I change the shape so that it represents who I am, Not who everyone else wants me to be. And that, my friends, that is the key. This is for the kids who have stayed silent And watched the defeated shrink away Because they are afraid of Becoming the next target. Rise above and speak up. Your voice, though you may be but one, Can be loud enough to Win this ongoing war of words. So this is for the nerds, The rebels; And the conformers; The gym class heroes And their easy targets; It’s for the judgers and the haters, The beaters, the pleaders, the bleeders; The leaders and the cheaters; The keepers, the “something more” seekers, And the dreamers. This is for you—all of you. Whether you are the perpetrator Or the victim, or the bystander, So take a stand And rise above all of it Because you can.


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SPORTS Girl’s Lacrosse: Round two? By Kelsey Federico JagRoar Staff It is incredible that Windham High School is coming on its fourth year of being in the school district and we have experienced numerous state championships that take other high schools decades to accomplish. With girls field hockey becoming state finalists, individual champions in golf, boys soccer winning the state championship, and girls lacrosse with an undefeated season, you’d think that it had taken years as a high school to achieve such a distinguished and honorable reputation in the athletic world. In fact, for the girl’s lacrosse team, it did take several years. The high school may have started four years ago, but most girls who now play have had a lacrosse stick in hand since before they were ten, providing a solid foundation of players that would increase their skill and finally prove their abilities at the high school level, bringing home WHS a state championship. But the question is, will they pull it off this year? After losing several seniors who played a significant role in girls lacrosse — including fouryear varsity starter and three-year

Photos courtesy 2012 WHS captain Kayla Breton celebrates with her teammates. captain, Kayla Breton, who has gone on to play at the collegiate level — people wonder if the team is prepared for what is to come this 2013 season. “In losing our seniors, we did lose key assets to girls lacrosse, but the addition of talented freshman and the solid group we have this year gives us extremely high hopes for this season,” says junior starter Melissa Cino. Starting off their season with a 20-2 win over Merrimack Valley seems to have proven that even due to the loss of seniors, this team can tackle any obstacle as long as the vision of a state championship is clear.


THE JAGROAR!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAY SPORTS 15, 2013 By Kelsey Federico JagRoar Staff So, you want to get recruited to play a college sport? It’s something that you love to do and if you can play it beyond high school and potentially earn some money doing it, then why not go for it? But whether you decide to go Division I, II, or III, it is crucial that you expand your horizons, and expand your experience as a player and join a club team. That is the first critical step towards college recruiting. You cannot just play on a high school team and expect to be recruited by a college coach. College coaches are extremely busy especially during the season in which the sport they coach is; they recruit year-round, run and schedule practices and games, and are responsible for the state of each and every one of his/her players.

Recruiting Tip of the Month: Expanding Your Horizons

Reality is, it’s almost impossible for a college coach to come and see you play during the actual season, let alone to watch a high school team play. Not to belittle high school programs, but club teams are specifically for student-athletes who have the desire to reach that next level that is college athletics. Competing for a club team will help an athlete gain two things: skill and EXPOSURE. College coaches don’t come to you, you must go to them and be persistent. They get hundreds of emails from average players, but it takes someone who is unique to catch their eye in order to be verbally committed to a college team. Check in next edition, Jags, to learn more about being proactive and seeing what a small world recruiting can be!

When a player is diagnosed with a concussion, they are advised to remove themselves from any contact sports that they are involved in due to the By Kelsey Federico immediate yet reversible JagRoar Staff traumatic paralysis of the nervous It is estimated that between function of the brain. 1.6 and 3.8 million sports-related If one person endures up to concussions occur in the United three concussions, it can lead to States every year; high school short and long term memory loss. athletes sustaining 300,000 per High school athletes, coaches, and year. trainers take concussions very Athletes who participate in seriously because once an athlete football, field hockey, soccer and has three concussions, they are other contact sports are at risk for suspended from sports for the concussions. It has become so remainder of their time in high harmful that there have been school. suggestions in requiring helmets Concussions are basically for girl’s lacrosse, which would cancer to an athlete’s career, change it from being extremely especially if they are interested in based on agility and speed to playing in college. Having a promoting more contact within concussion limits an athlete to the sport. their exposure to coaches because

The dangers of concussions

of the duration of the healing process, especially if they have more than one concussion. “It’s literally the worst injury” says Junior lacrosse player, Kaylie Apkarian. “Not only are you out of sports, but it effects school and academics as well.” Apkarian has had two concussions thus far and is now sentenced to wear a concussion band during game play. It’s impossible to prevent it, but it is possible to be aware of the dangers that could potentially save that head of yours.


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Murphy shares lasting thoughts about Windham By Sophie Samuels JagRoar Staff Many people were upset over the fact that Mr. Murphy, the principal of Windham High School, announced that he would be leaving next year to go to Billerica High School in Massachusetts. Mr. Murphy says that he has his reasons. The only way he would ever think to leave Windham is if a position opened up at the school in Massachusetts, and Billerica is his hometown. He said that he lived there for many years, went to high school there, and taught there. To lead his former high school would be an honor. When asked what his favorite memory about Windham High School was, he replied, “Just one? There were so many.” He told me that there were too many great memories to choose from. “Not only did we try to create a relationship within the community of Windham in the school, but also the community at large.” He continued to praise the school and how much he loved attending sports games, concerts, plays, contests, and more, and how proud he is of his students. One distinct memory he shared was when he met the freshman and sophomore classes in 2009 when the school first opened. They were discussing the new school opening time, which had previously been 7:24. Mr. Murphy said the conversation they had was very interesting and he was glad that he could learn the opinions of the teenagers who would become the students in his school.

He told me that it was very intimidating coming here. In his previous school where he taught, there was already a foundation of trust, but in a new school, Mr. Murphy had to build up that trust. He succeeded, though, and said he has a very strong connection with his staff and students, although it took a little while to get everyone used to him. I asked Mr. Murphy where he sees Windham High School going in the future. He thinks believes “it is moving in the right direction

already, and it will only get better from here.” When asked about his overall experience as the principal of WHS, he said his ultimate goal was to create a place where kids are happy to be here-and he thinks that goal has been accomplished. “I have, without hesitation, absolutely no regrets about coming to Windham.” He said it was a great opportunity to improve his skill sets, and if he had not gone to Windham, he probably would not be able to go back to his hometown in the same administrative position.



MAY 15, 2013

The JagRoar - May 2013  

Windham (NH) High School's fourth edition of its student-run newspaper, The JagRoar.

The JagRoar - May 2013  

Windham (NH) High School's fourth edition of its student-run newspaper, The JagRoar.