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2011 Block Island Race Week News

Allen Clark/

T U E S D AY • J U N E 2 1 , 2 0 1 1

Patience is Rewarded By late morning on Monday, it seemed likely that there wouldn’t be any sailing on the first day of Block Island Race Week XXIV presented by Rolex. During a prolonged postponement, plenty of jokes and sailing stories (some perhaps somewhat enhanced) were told on the docks. With spirits soaring but flags sagging, roving reporter Clete Vanger had plenty of time to chat it up with the J/44 fleet. The big questions of the morning were: 1) What new crew uniforms would the crew of Jim Bishop’s Gold Digger (Jamestown, RI) be modeling on the runway at Payne’s Dock; and 2) How many Don Raves are there? Rumors were also circulating about the crew of Jeff Willis’ Challenge IV’’s (Huntington, NY) new “svelte approach,” achieved though a rigorous off-season workout and spinning program (Spin harder, guys). Bill Ketcham’s Maxine (Greenwich, CT) wins the “best looking crew” category thanks to their cute female factor (wrist splints, bandages and ice packs included), but pink shirts on the guys…not sure about that Fairfield County look at such a manly event. The Resolute crew (Huntington Bay, NY) looked dapper in their new blue T-shirts, from Grandpa Rave down to little Ryan and 4-year-old Erin. The Glory crew (New London, CT) are the cleanest cut of the class, but what would you expect from our US Coasties?

As the wait for wind continued, one crew tied new lacing into forward lifelines while others whipped the ends of lines, played softball on the lawn at The Narragansett, swam or worked on their tans…one ambitious crew even headed out for some man overboard drills. As a breeze began to build, the Race Committee lowered the AP flag at 1230 and the prospect for at least one race was good. The crew aboard the Rolex media boat elected to spectate on the Red Circle, and the action did not disappoint as signals commenced promptly at 1330 in about 8 knots. The pin end appeared to be favored, and the IRC 1 class was up first. The U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Squadron’s J/V 52 Anema & Core (Annapolis, MD) had a spectacular start, with Richard Oland’s Southern Cross 52 Vela Veloce (St. John, NB) just to windward. The pin end looked good to most of the nine boats in IRC 2. Jack LeFort’s Tripp 41 After Midnight (Stuart, FL) was forced to pinch to make it, but soon found clear air on the left side. Heidi & Steve Benjamin’s Custom 41 High Noon (Norwalk, CT) chose the middle of the line, finding a fast lane on the right side. The breeze freshened as the Farr One-Design class (four Farr 30s and four Farr 40s) started, and there was plenty of jockeying for position in the Swan 42 class with three of 13 boats over early. In heavy traffic at the IRC 3 start, Brian Prinz’s Tripp 40 Mk2 Spectre (East Haven, CT) bore off down the line and hardened up right at the pin. This gutsy maneuver paid off, and Spectre had a great start in

Allen Clark/

clean air. The crew of Jamie Anderson’s Express 37 Troubador (New York, NY) must have been watching, because they pulled off a very similar move in IRC 4. By this time, the boats in IRC 1 and 2 had rounded the first windward mark and were charging downhill in about 12 knots. Lawrence Dickie’s new Ker 43 Ptarmigan (Greenwich, CT; IRC 2) had opened up a substantial lead at the leeward gate. The crew executed a flawless takedown, and Ptarmigan was flying upwind when High Noon arrived at the gate. Ptarmigan went right for the second beat, while Benj and his crew chose the left side. Jim Swartz’s TP 52 Vesper (Park City, UT) was the first IRC 1 boat to arrive at the leeward gate (the 52s sailed a longer course). The breeze began to wane by 1500, although the action at the leeward gate was getting interesting. As ever, the Swan 42s arrived in a tight pack, and Greg Manning’s X-41 Sarah (Warwick, RI) had a 10-second lead in IRC 3, although Andrew Skibo’s J/122 Plum Crazy II (Ocean City, NJ) appeared to be gaining. Chris Culver’s Blazer (New York, NY) won the Swan 42 race handily, followed by Wendy & Phil Lotz’s Arethusa (Newport, RI), John Hele’s Daring (Newport) and Brendan Brownyard’s Barleycorn (Bay Shore, NY). Vesper took line honors in IRC 1, with Sandra & David Askew’s TP 52 Flying Jenny 7 second and Peter Cunningham’s TP 52 PowerPlay (Grand Cayman, CAY) third. “It was a classic Block Island day,” said PowerPlay’s crew manager Tony Rey. “It was a question of executing maneuvers, and it’s keeping our class close. This week is going to be a game of inches, and we’re really excited about it.” “The guys that got good starts and stayed clean did well today,” said Bill Lynn, tactician on Gwen & Austin Fragomen’s J/V 52 Interlodge (Newport). “All seven 52s finished within two boatlengths, and the top three were overlapped. Racing these 52s is really cool. The boats are fast, but not so big that you need 25 of your closest friends to race. It’s great to see the class catching on in this country…it’s starting to get Med Cup-esque.” Tom Rich’s Peterson 42 Settler (Middletown, RI) took first in IRC 4, with Troubador close behind, followed by Charles Milligan’s Summit 35 Act One (Newport) and Adam Loory’s Express 37 Soulmates (New Rochelle, NY). “The Race Committee did a great job waiting for the wind to settle in,” Loory said. “Our division was

2 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday

really close except for Settler, who did really well. That boat’s a rocketship going upwind.” “We had an excellent start and good speed,” said Troubador’s bowman Wes Bemus. The difference between Settler and us was two seconds! We had a good day with a number of old and new competitors, and it’s gonna be a great week!” There was a general recall for the first start in PHRF 3 and on the second round, after John Lavin’s J/29 Dirty Harry (West Greenwich, RI) stuffed John & Tony Esposito’s J/29 Hustler (Mohegan Lake, NY) out at the start, Hustler cleared to the right and found a lift, nice pressure and some current relief...and went on to win the day. In PHRF 4, John Storck, Jr.’s J/80 Rumor (Huntington, NY) prevailed, with Barry Bessette’s S2 7.9 Club Car (South Chatham, MA) second and Paul Jennings’ Noe 27 En Charette (Branford, CT) third. “I’m glad the Race Committee brought us out today,” said Jennings. “They timed it well. Rumor was fast today – he’s a national champion and we look forward to sailing against him this week. “We didn’t do as great as we’d like, but it’s only the first day,” said Mike Atwell, swingman on Paul Milo’s J/109 Vento Solare (Leesburg, VA). “Our number one priority is to be on the line for the starts!” There are four new J/111s at Race Week sailing together for the first time in the Northeast. This could be a strong class before long. “Thirty boats are sailing around the country so far, and another 30 or so are on order,” said Rod Johnstone, who is sailing on Doug Curtiss’ Wicked (South Dartmouth, MA). “These four J/111s had a lot of fun today, testing their new boats against one another. Block Island Race Week is a great venue for one-designs to come together for great experiences.” During pre-race tuning with Wicked, the crew of MaryEllen & Dave Tortorello’s Partnership (Fairfield, CT) was a bit distracted. “We saw a big a$$ shark,” said Chris Johannesen of Westport, CT, sailing on Partnership for the first time. “It was pretty exciting!” Crews on all boats are looking forward to a lot more on-the-water excitement today.

Preliminary Race Results Sail Number

Yacht Name

Compiled 6/20/11 1800

Yacht Design



Finish Time

Elapsed Time

Corrected Time



BLUE Racing PHRF Division Cruising Non-spinnaker 1 USA 73113 Crackerjack USA 25742 Manitou 2 3 USA 257 Patience 4 USA 10625 Dreamcatcher 5 USA 106 Latitude

Cambria 40 C&C 110 C&C 36 Swan 48 Mason 43

Alan Krulisch Greg Slamowitz Jim Goldman Paul Pakos Brian Gillen

111.0 90.0 141.0 72.0 159.0

15:27:19 15:25:11 15:31:53 15:41:06 DNS

0:01:22:19 0:01:20:11 0:01:26:53 0:01:36:06

0:01:08:08 0:01:08:41 0:01:08:52 0:01:26:54

1 2 3 4 6

21 22 23 24 25

PHRF 3 1 USA 283 2 USA 83350 3 USA 50926 4 USA 32347 5 USA 269 6 USA 40561 7 USA 52358 8 USA 40253 9 USA 257 10 USA 40244

Hustler Incommunicado Rival Renegade Mighty Puffin Dirty Harry Pearl Orion Rift Dead Reckoning

J 29 MHOB Omega 36 Taylor 38 J 29 FRIB J 29 MH J 29 MHOB Morris M36 DS S2 10.3 J 29 MHOB Dehler DB2

John & Tony Esposito Tracey / Polk David Curtis M/n Timothy Weber Steve Thurston John Lavin Robert Lee Bryan Coon Maher / Latovitzki Ray Way

111.0 117.0 111.0 123.0 111.0 111.0 120.0 123.0 111.0 111.0

15:11:24 15:13:05 15:12:40 15:13:50 15:14:07 15:14:09 15:16:17 15:17:28 15:17:19 15:17:27

0:00:51:24 0:00:53:05 0:00:52:40 0:00:53:50 0:00:54:07 0:00:54:09 0:00:56:17 0:00:57:28 0:00:57:19 0:00:57:27

0:00:43:22 0:00:44:37 0:00:44:38 0:00:44:56 0:00:46:05 0:00:46:07 0:00:47:36 0:00:48:34 0:00:49:17 0:00:49:25

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 3 4 5 11 12 15 16 18 19

PHRF 4 1 USA 19 2 47 3 USA 14514 4 USA 30524 5 USA 20201

Rumor Club Car En Charette Stealth Brer Rabbit III

J 80 S2 7.9 Noe 27 Evelyn 26 FD C&C 33

John Storck Jr Barry Bessette Paul Jennings Jay Greenfield William Loweth

126.0 177.0 141.0 174.0 156.0

15:18:33 15:22:51 15:20:38 15:23:04 15:21:58

0:00:53:33 0:00:57:51 0:00:55:38 0:00:58:04 0:00:56:58

0:00:44:26 0:00:45:02 0:00:45:26 0:00:45:28 0:00:45:40

1 2 3 4 5

2 6 7 8 9

2011 Block Island Race Week Presented by Rolex Sponsors

Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 3

Sail Number

Yacht Name

Yacht Design



Finish Time

Elapsed Time

Corrected Time



PHRF 4 (continued) 6 USA 15379 Air Express USA 83214 Project Mayhem 7 8 USA 51362 Cymothoe 9 USA 50324 Pirate Speedway Boogie 10 USA 165

San Juan 30 Santana 30/30 Sabre 36 Abbott 33 Colgate 26

Chris Fesenmeyer Doug & Amy Stryker David Alldian William Baxter Chris Brady

171.0 120.0 132.0 129.0 159.0

15:23:05 15:20:16 15:21:11 15:22:54 15:26:17

0:00:58:05 0:00:55:16 0:00:56:11 0:00:57:54 0:01:01:17

0:00:45:42 0:00:46:35 0:00:46:38 0:00:48:34 0:00:49:46

6 7 8 9 10

10 13 14 17 20

RED Racing IRC Division IRC 1 1 USA 52007 2 ESP 75521 3 CAY 52 4 USA 38008 5 USA 5206 6 CAN 84248 7 USA 60331

Vesper Flying Jenny 7 PowerPlay Anema & Core Interlodge Vela Veloce Invictus

TP 52 TP 52 TP 52 JV 52 JV 52 Southern Cross 52 TP 52

Jim Swartz 1.383 David & Sandra Askew 1.377 Peter Cunningham 1.380 Ennio Staffini 1.371 Austin & Gwen Fragomen 1.377 Richard Oland 1.375 Louis Henry 1.378

15:15:17 15:15:49 15:15:54 15:17:18 15:17:31 15:18:29 15:18:26

0:01:10:17 0:01:10:49 0:01:10:54 0:01:12:18 0:01:12:31 0:01:13:29 0:01:13:26

0:01:37:12 0:01:37:30 0:01:37:50 0:01:39:07 0:01:39:51 0:01:41:02 0:01:41:11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

33 34 35 36 37 38 39

IRC 2 1 USA 79 2 USA 60432 3 USA 52496 4 USA 1200 5 USA 50974 6 USA 4212 7 USA 51850 8 USA 1201 9 USA 60053

Ptarmigan Cool Breeze Convictus Maximus High Noon AFRICA The Cat Came Back Morpheus After Midnight Bacci

Ker 43 Mills 43 Custom Farr 42 IRC CTM 41 Taylor 44 Swan 42 Schumacher 50 Tripp 41 Swan 53

Lawrence Dickie 1.259 John Cooper 1.183 Donald Nicholson 1.153 Steve & Heidi Benjamin 1.205 Jud Smith 1.176 Lincoln Mossop 1.169 Jim Gregory 1.198 Jack LeFort 1.218 Lorenzo Vascotto 1.128

15:01:16 15:05:18 15:07:32 15:05:13 15:07:23 15:07:45 15:07:37 15:06:41 15:22:18

0:00:51:16 0:00:55:18 0:00:57:32 0:00:55:13 0:00:57:23 0:00:57:45 0:00:57:37 0:00:56:41 0:01:12:18

0:01:04:32 0:01:05:25 0:01:06:20 0:01:06:32 0:01:07:28 0:01:07:30 0:01:09:01 0:01:09:02 0:01:21:33

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

5 14 19 21 2 27 28 29 32

IRC 3 1 USA 53581 2 USA 39516 3 USA 39505 4 USA 93586 5 USA 39506 6 USA 52756 7 USA 12241 8 USA 9393 9 USA 39532 10 USA 60140 11 USA 52354 12 USA 52835 13 USA 28990

Plum Crazy II Avalanche Talisman DownTime Coyote Sarah Wings Katabatic Old School American Girl Indra Georgetown III Spectre

J 122 Farr 395 Farr 395 Summit 40 Farr 395 X 41 J 122 IMX 40 Farr 395 King 40 Beneteau Farr 44.7 J 122 Tripp 40 MK2

Andrew D. Skibo 1.091 Craig Albrecht 1.107 John Bailey 1.109 Ed Freitag / Molly Haley 1.122 Bill Clemens 1.111 Gregory Manning 1.123 Bruno / Boyle / Callahan 1.095 Gordon Hall 1.099 Ganson Evans 1.109 Daniel Galyon 1.126 Thomas Linkas 1.119 George Marks 1.093 Brian Prinz 1.094

15:22:55 15:22:50 15:23:13 15:22:37 15:23:16 15:22:39 15:24:12 15:24:07 15:24:03 15:24:04 15:24:42 15:26:10 15:26:27

0:00:57:55 0:00:57:50 0:00:58:13 0:00:57:37 0:00:58:16 0:00:57:39 0:00:59:12 0:00:59:07 0:00:59:03 0:00:59:04 0:00:59:42 0:01:01:10 0:01:01:27

0:01:03:11 0:01:04:01 0:01:04:33 0:01:04:38 0:01:04:44 0:01:04:44 0:01:04:49 0:01:04:58 0:01:05:29 0:01:06:30 0:01:06:48 0:01:06:51 0:01:07:13

1 2 3 4 5.5 5.5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 4 7 8 9 10 11 12 15 20 23 24 25

IRC 4 1 USA 31200 2 USA 51072 3 USA 60351 4 USA 18321 5 USA 156 6 USA 51518 7 USA 25279 8 USA 52173 9 USA 63396 10 USA 50316

Settler Troubador ACT ONE Soulmates Out of Reach III Lapin Shamrock Sensation Panacea Draco Ricochet

Peterson 42 Thomas Rich Express 37 Jamie Anderson Summit 35 Charles Milligan Express 37 Adam Loory X-35 Louis Nees Beneteau First 40.7 Chris Clark N/M 40 Ralph DiMattia Beneteau First 36.7 Paul Hewitt Express 37 Robert Behringer J 120 Jason LeBlanc

15:29:15 15:31:42 15:30:06 15:33:21 15:33:23 15:32:09 15:31:49 15:34:33 15:38:49 15:36:46

0:00:59:15 0:01:01:42 0:01:00:06 0:01:03:21 0:01:03:23 0:01:02:09 0:01:01:49 0:01:04:33 0:01:08:49 0:01:06:46

0:01:03:45 0:01:03:47 0:01:04:32 0:01:05:18 0:01:06:02 0:01:06:18 0:01:06:19 0:01:06:33 0:01:10:56 0:01:12:10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

2 3 6 13 16 17 18 22 30 31

One Design Division Swan 42 1 USA 4243 Blazer 2 USA 4216 Arethusa 3 USA 4224 Barleycorn

Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42

4 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday

Chris Culver Philip Lotz Brendan Brownyard

1.076 1.034 1.074 1.031 1.042 1.067 1.073 1.031 1.031 1.081

1 2 3

Sail Number

Yacht Name

Yacht Design


Swan 42 (continued) 4 USA 4214 Daring 5 USA 4235 Apparition USA 4210 Quintessence 6 7 USA 4221 Celeritas 8 USA 4204 Mutiny USA 4240 Vitesse 9 10 USA 4208 Bandit 11 USA 4206 Impetuous 12 USA 18 Better Than... 13 USA 4223 Tiburon

Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42 Swan 42

John Hele Kenneth Colburn Roger Widmann Malcolm Gefter Gibb Kane / Drew Shea Jon Halbert Andrew Fisher Paul Zabetakis Gosia Rojek M/n Derrick Cherico

PHRF Division Farr OD 1 USA 5095 2 USA 65 3 USA 40076 4 USA 320 5 USA 21 6 USA 92 7 USA 888 8 USA 47

Farr 40 OD Farr 30 Farr 40 OD Farr 30 Farr 30 Farr 40 OD Farr 40 OD Farr 30

Ostberg/Olds/ Dailey -6.0 James Richardson 51.0 Kevin McNeil -6.0 William Markel 51.0 Norm Dean 51.0 Bulman/Scholz Syndicate -6.0 Rowe Ben -6.0 Bob Zannetti 51.0

J 44 J 44 J 44

Jeffrey W. Willis William Ketcham James D. Bishop Sr.

Tsunami Barking Mad Nightshift Standard Deviation Just Plain Nutz Yellow Jacket Seawolf Venturesome

WHITE Racing One Design Division J 44 1 USA 4402 Challenge IV 2 USA 4410 Maxine 3 USA 4412 Gold Digger


Finish Time

Elapsed Time

Corrected Time



4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

15:08:17 15:14:17 15:09:15 15:14:57 15:15:10 15:10:06 15:10:14 15:19:47

0:00:53:17 0:00:59:17 0:00:54:15 0:00:59:57 0:01:00:10 0:00:55:06 0:00:55:14 0:01:04:47

0:00:53:49 0:00:54:41 0:00:54:47 0:00:55:21 0:00:55:34 0:00:55:38 0:00:55:46 0:01:00:11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3

Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 5

Sail Number

Yacht Name

Yacht Design


J 44 (continued) 4 USA 4411 5 USA 4413

Resolute Glory

J 44 J 44

Don and Rick Rave Jack Neades

4 5

J 109 1 USA 369 USA 51 2 3 USA 243 4 USA 256 5 USA 146 6 USA 201 7 USA 52202 8 USA 267 9 USA 72 10 USA 125 11 USA 286 12 USA 140 13 USA 334 14 USA 160 15 USA 266

Skoot Rush Instant Karma Shearwater Storm Dragonfly Caminos Nordlys Gut Feeling Loki Ceol na Mara Troublemaker Sanibel Ariel Vento Solare

J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109 J 109

Jim Vos Bill Sweetser David Betts Hugh McLean Rick Lyall Skip Young Donald Filippelli Bob Schwartz Ted Herlihy David Rosow David Frizell Eric Gordon Gerry Keeler Jeffrey Warren Paul Milo

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

J 105 1 USA 50 2 USA 39 3 USA 323 4 USA 220 5 USA 488 6 USA 389

Eclipse Jouster Stratos Bat IV Shakedown Morning Glory

J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105

Damian Emery Bruce Stone Julian Croxall Marcus Wunderlich Andrew Kennedy Jordan Mindich Carl Olsson

1 2 3 4 5 6

6 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday


Finish Time

Elapsed Time

Corrected Time



Sail Number

Yacht Name

Yacht Design


J 105 (continued) 7 USA 493 8 USA 344 USA 300 9 10 USA 448 11 USA 627 12 USA 657 13 USA 51245

Tonto Two Feathers Kima Cush Tolo Vixen Bottle Rocket

J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105 J 105

Fred Darlington Mark & Jolene Masur Nelson Weiderman Gardner Horan Norman Kilarjian Christopher Beane Glenn Marck

PHRF Division PHRF 1 1 USA 200 2 USA 16 3 USA 26 4 USA 30 5 USA 114 6 USA 60909 7 USA 1

Jammy Beggar Partnership Andiamo Wicked 2.0 Varekai Bravo Surette

Melges 32 J 111 J 111 J 111 J 120 J 111 MD35

Tom Lee Tortorello Paul Strauch Douglas Curtiss Peter Hein Sedgwick Ward Carroll / Carabetta

PHRF 2 1 USA 8001 2 NA 11 3 USA 52134 4 USA 40320 5 USA 41810 6 USA 51799 7 USA 40926 8 USA 41522 9 USA 32573

XLR8 Swift Whirlwind Scorpion Deviation Jabberwocky Freightrain Indigo Mo'Mojoe

Carrera 280 Brad Porter Navy 44 Graham Tyson Beneteau First 36.7 William Purdy Evelyn 32 Larry Hennessy Soverel/Tartan Iris Vogel C&C 99 Jonathan Bier Frers 36 Dick Hyde Jonmeri 40 Jeffrey Huseman Peterson 37 Joe Naroski


Finish Time

Elapsed Time

Corrected Time



7 8 9 10 11 12 13

24.0 39.0 36.0 36.0 51.0 39.0 45.0

15:14:23 15:17:16 15:17:04 15:18:29 15:19:58 15:20:20 15:22:55

0:00:54:23 0:00:57:16 0:00:57:04 0:00:58:29 0:00:59:58 0:01:00:20 0:01:02:55

0:00:52:02 0:00:53:27 0:00:53:33 0:00:54:58 0:00:54:59 0:00:56:31 0:00:58:31

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 8

96.0 93.0 84.0 99.0 90.0 99.0 90.0 99.0 93.0

15:32:52 15:33:08 15:32:38 15:34:12 15:33:28 15:36:29 15:36:26 15:39:13 15:38:51

0:01:07:52 0:01:08:08 0:01:07:38 0:01:09:12 0:01:08:28 0:01:11:29 0:01:11:26 0:01:14:13 0:01:13:51

0:00:58:30 0:00:59:03 0:00:59:26 0:00:59:32 0:00:59:41 0:01:01:49 0:01:02:39 0:01:04:33 0:01:04:46

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 7

Preliminary Schedule of Events Tuesday, June 21 0900 1030 1800 - 2000

Harbor Signals Racing Awards Presentation & Evening Party vineyard vines Race Day Clarion Partner Official Party Sponsor

Wednesday, June 22 0900 1030 1800 - 2000

Harbor Signals Racing Awards Presentation & Evening Party Rolex Race Day Gowrie Group & Sailing World Official Party Sponsors

Thursday, June 23 0900 1030 1800 - 2000 1930

Harbor Signals Racing Awards Presentation & Evening Party Storm Trysail Raffle Drawing Mount Gay Rum Race Day & Official Party Sponsors

Friday, June 24

Harbor Signals Racing Final Awards Presentation & Evening Party Prestige Toyota Race Day UK-Halsey Official Party Sponsors

0900 1030 1700 - 2000

Round the Island Race Starting Sequence CLASSES IRC 1 & 2 Farr OD & Swan 42 IRC 3 & 4 J-44 & PHRF 1 J-109 J-105 PHRF 2 & 3 PHRF 4, Cruising Non-Spin


NOTE: Backstay Class pennants, per Sailing Instruction 6.2 do not change for the Round Block Island Race

Amendments NOTICE OF RACE AMENDMENT #1 2. RULES 2.3: Is amended as follows: All boats are strongly encouraged to follow the Safety Recommendations and Emergency Procedures available via . A copy of these recommendations and procedures, signed by the Owner /Skipper shall be kept aboard during Race Week. Clarification: “Safety Guidelines and Guidelines for Rendering Assistance” are changed to “Safety Recommendations and Emergency Procedures”. NOTICE OF RACE AMENDMENT #2 NoR 2.2 is changed: In addition to the US Prescriptions to rule 68 (Damages) and rules 76.1 and 76.3 (Exclusion of boats and competitors), the US Prescription to Appendix F (Procedures for Appeals and Requests) will also apply. These prescriptions will be on the Block Island Race Week website ( as an attachment to the sailing instructions. NoR 10.7 is changed: After the first sentence of NoR 10.7, add the following sentence: Decisions of a national jury are subject to appeal. NOTICE OF RACE AMENDMENT #3 4. ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY 4.1 (b) is amended as follows: Racing will be conducted in PHRF classes for boats with PHRF handicaps up to a maximum of 175. Clarification: To allow boats with PHRF Certificates of less than 90 to enter. NOTICE OF RACE AMENDMENT #4 NOR 2 is amended as follows: Add 2.4 2.4 For the J-122 Class only: (a) This regatta will be the J-122 Class North American Championship (b) All J-122 boats and sails may be inspected and measured at any time during the regatta at the discretion of the Class. (c) J-122 Class Rule 7.2 shall apply: Maximum aggregate crew weight, regardless of the number of crew and excluding the driver, shall not exceed 726

8 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday

kilos (1,600 pounds). Rule 7.1 does not apply. (d) Crew weighing will take place as follows: Saturday, June 18: 1500-1700 at the Narragansett Inn Sunday, June 19: 0900-1500 at the Narragansett Inn Monday, June 20-Friday June 24: 0730-0830 Substitute crew weighing at Race Headquarters. NOTICE OF RACE AMENDMENT #5 For the J-122 Class only: Crew weighing will NOT be required. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS AMENDMENT #1 APPENDIX 2 A2.2 Marks: Description of Mark “I” is revised to: “I” Red R”2” FL R 2.5s Whis at Southwest Ledge Clarification: The Southwest Ledge buoy has changed from a Bell to a Whistle buoy. APPENDIX 3 A3.6 Course “A” marks are revised as follows: Course “A” Counter Clockwise Round The Island Race: The Race Committee may set windward marks for different classes, windward marks will be yellow tetrahedrons, to be left to port. The Race Committee Signal Boat will display the approximate bearing (magnetic) and range (in nautical miles) to each of the windward marks. After the first mark, if used, the following are the marks of the course that must be left to port: a. Red Bell “6” approx. 0.3 miles W of Southwest Point. b. Red Whistle “4” approx. 1.0 mile SW of Southwest Point. c. Red Nun “2” approx. 0.4 miles SSW of Black Rock Point. d. Special Mark “A”, a yellow inflatable positioned at approximately: 41° 8.50’N 071° 34.00’W e. Special Mark “B”, an orange inflatable positioned at approximately: 41° 09.10’N 071° 32.50’W f. Special Mark “C”, a yellow inflatable positioned at approximately: 41°10.00’N 071° 32.00’W g. Green Bell “1” N off Old Harbor. h. Green Can “7” N off Old Britton Rock. i. Green Bell “1BI “off North Reef. The Finish will be in the vicinity of The Start and will be between staffs displaying blue flags on Race Committee Boats at each end of the Finish Line or between a staff displaying a blue flag on a Race Committee Boat and a nearby mark. Clarification: The Green cans off Southwest Light have been removed. We have added a new drop mark (Special Mark “B”) to replace the green cans.

Be Sure to Enter the Block Island Race Week Raffle! Enter to win: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Timepiece Trip from the Bitter End Yacht Club And additional prizes from: Mount Gay Rum, Gill, vineyard vines, Heineken, Lewmar, Soundview Millworks and SailorMade Bracelets Raffle benefits the Block Island Rescue Squad, The Early Learning Center and the BI Maritime Institute Winners will be drawn at Thursday night’s Mount Gay Rum Party under the tent. Stop by the Duty Office to enter! $10 each or $90 for a book of ten tickets

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS AMENDMENT # 2 APPENDIX 2 A2.4 is amended to: Will be in accordance with APPENDIX 1 Clarification: Appendix reference was incorrect. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS AMENDMENT # 3 APPENDIX 2 BLUE FLEET A2.1 The last sentence is amended as follows: The Finish Line for the Cruising Non-Spinnaker Class will be at the starting area and will be between a staff displaying a blue flag on the Signal Boat and a nearby mark, on the opposite side of the Signal Boat from the Starting Line. Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 9

Transatlantic Race Starts This Week Some of the best sailors at Race Week aren’t on the Block this year because they’re competing in the Transatlantic Race 2011 (TR2011), a 2,975 nautical mile run from Newport, RI to Lizard Point, South Cornwall, UK. The centerpiece of seven events comprising the new Atlantic Ocean Racing Series, the TR2011 has three separate starts (June 26, June 29 and July 3) that will stagger the yachts of different sizes so they’ll arrive in England in proximity to one another. There are 30 boats on the provisional scratch sheet, ranging from 40-footers to the 289-foot, three-masted Perini Navi clipper Maltese Falcon. The first boat to finish will establish a new speed record from Newport to The Lizard. Contenders include the 100-foot Farr-designed ICAP Leopard, holder of the current record from Ambrose Light to Lizard Point for monohulls using powered sailing systems; the 100-foot maxi Rambler 100, which claimed line honors in the Pineapple Cup - Montego Bay Race and set a new record in the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Caribbean 600 in February; and the newest boat in the race, Newportbased PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG Propulsion’s Volvo Open 70 Mar Mostro. Among this Saturday’s starters is Carina, the winner of the 2010 Newport Bermuda Race. A 48-foot McCurdy & Rhodes sloop launched in 1969, Carina won her first Bermuda Race in 1970. Carina’s owner, Rives Potts of Essex, CT, believes in familyand-friend racing, which perfectly describes all ten of Carina’s crew for the TR2011. “We have four fathers and five sons and a daughter, so we’re hoping to have nice bonding trip,” said Potts, the Rear Commodore of the New York Yacht Club. Potts’ crew includes his son Walker Potts and his nephew Rives Sutherland,

Sutherland’s father Bud Sutherland, Dirk Johnson and his 16-year-old son Dirk, Johnson, Jr., Cyane Crump, Rich du Moulin and his sons Ed and Mark. Potts and the elder du Moulin are America’s Cup veterans who, along with the elder Sutherland, won the infamous 1979 Fastnet Race on Storm Trysail Club member Ted Turner’s Tenacious. “Rives and I met crossing Front Street in Bermuda after the 1970 Bermuda Race and have been friends since,” said Rich du Moulin, a Past Commodore of the Storm Trysail Club and founder of the club’s Junior Safety at Sea program. “Rives was a winch grinder on Freedom in 1980. My dad [the late Ed du Moulin] managed the Freedom campaign while I was helping out part-time on Enterprise (my full time Cup sailing was over).” Ed du Moulin (age 26) and Mark du Moulin (23) are both Storm Trysail junior members. “They got their blue water junior qualifications last year, racing to Bermuda on Storm Trysail members Tony Parker and Peter Driscoll’s Morris 47 Reindeer…I believe the Carina schedule will turn them in to ‘full’ Storm Trysail members,” du Moulin explained. “This junior membership is a great opportunity to bring in young members who have sailed 1,000 miles of blue water events, but are not yet fully qualified. There are probably hundreds of young sailors at Race Week who should be pestering members for letters!” The TR2011 will be scored under IRC. “We all would like to win the Transatlantic, but we plan on enjoying the experience regardless,” said du Moulin. “We hope the big boys starting June 29 and July 3 plan a course to pass close aboard to leeward of us for some good photo ops. The adventure will not be over after the Fastnet Race: Walker Potts, Rives Sutherland and Mark du Moulin are sailing Carina to Sydney, Australia where we will all reunite for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. By then, all crew members will be full Storm Trysail members…and we hope we can keep that little sail in its bag!”

Today’s Weather

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The front will have pushed further to the S and SE and be down to southern North Carolina. The low will be out in the Atlantic. High pressure is expected to stay in Canada and nose to the SE We may see a weak front across southern Maine to central NY state that will be trying to edge S and SE. Expect a mix of clouds and sun with the most cloudiness in the afternoon. Light W flow, 5-8kts early in the morning, then SW to SSW 10-15kts mid-day and 12-17kts during the afternoon. Prepared 0630edt Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday

Another boat that many folks back home will be following via Yellowbrick Tracking is Vanquish, an IRC 65 sailed by the Oakcliff All-American Offshore Team (AAOT). The TR2011 is the first long distance offshore event for the AAOT, an extension of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Sailing Foundation in partnership with Oakcliff Sailing Center (Oyster Bay, NY) and the Storm Trysail Club. The AAOT’s mission is to provide “high-performance offshore training opportunities for an up and coming generation of American ocean racing leaders.” “The team is shaping up quite well,” said AAOT Sailing Team Manager Charlie Enright of Bristol, RI. “We have been working very hard and things are coming together better than we could have ever imagined. When you talk about ocean races of this length, it’s all about the weather you’re given to work with relative to the speed of your boat. We are the statistical outlier of the July 3 start. If it turns into a small-boat race, we have an opportunity to do well.” “My primary role during the Transat will be moding the boat – making sure it’s going as fast as possible at all times, and with the help of our Navigator Chris Branning, making sure it’s going fast in the proper direction!” Enright continued. “Every member of the crew needs to be able to perform every task on the boat because offshore sailing is for all-around sailors, not specialists. If you can drive and trim, go out to the end of the prod in 40 knots, fix the engine when it inevitably acts up and use Expedition…you’re a very valuable commodity. Having said that, certain people do certain things well, and it’s wise to play to strengths.” Describing the watch rotation for the TR2011, Enright said, “We have 16 people on the boat. Chris Branning and our Media Crewmember, Amory Ross, will float; that leaves 14 people to stand watch. We will do four hours on and four hours off, switching two crew members for their opposites every hour, and one Watch Captain for the other Watch Captain every four hours. I hate standby and direct swaps, and this system eliminates both and helps the boat keep its speed and

consistency through changes.” “Our expectations are high but attainable,” said Kaity Storck of Huntington, NY, who is one of two women on the 2011 AAOT. (Storck steered her father John Storck, Jr.’s J/80 Rumor to victory in PHRF 3 at Block Island Race Week in 2009.) “We want to do as well as we can and finish at the top. It would be great to beat the German youth team for sure. I think the higher goal is that everyone comes out of this with the capabilities and enthusiasm for ocean racing to do it again and to do it better and, of course, to have a really great time sailing across the ocean!” “We would like to thank all of our supporters,” Enright concluded. “Oakcliff Sailing Center, the USMMA Sailing Foundation, Gill, the Newport Shipyard, Jamestown Distributors, Narragansett Beer, Newport Vineyards and everyone else who has helped us along the way. We could not do it without your support!” The Atlantic Ocean Racing Series was created by the New York Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Squadron, Royal Ocean Racing Club and Storm Trysail Club in concert with Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Annapolis Yacht Club, the U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Squadron, Jamaica Yachting Association, Montego Bay Yacht Club, Antigua Yacht Club, Royal Malta Yacht Club and Real Club Nautico de Sanxenxo.

The other races in the Atlantic Ocean Racing Series 2011 are the Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race, the Caribbean 600, the Annapolis to Newport Race, the Rolex Fastnet Race, the inaugural Biscay Race (Cowes, UK to Galicia, Spain) and the Rolex Middle Sea Race. The TR2011 is sponsored by Rolex, Thomson Reuters, Newport Shipyard, Perini Navi and Peters & May, and the sponsor affiliate is Masterpiece International Ltd. For more information, visit

DONATE WITH PEACE OF MIND Your donations will help build the sailors of tomorrow!


Oakcliff All American Offshore Team • United States Merchant Marine Academy • New York City Harbor School USMMA SAILING FOUNDATION, INC

Contact Ralf Steitz • 516-204-7860 • Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 11

The Storm Trysail Foundation

Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminar dates set for ’11

Founded by a group of hardy sailors after an extremely rough Newport to Bermuda Race in 1936, the Storm Trysail Club was established to promote the sport of ocean racing. Prospective members “must have set a storm trysail under storm conditions, offshore, or have weathered a storm at sea under greatly reduced canvas. They must also be experienced bluewater sailors, capable of taking command of a sailing vessel offshore under any or all conditions.”

The Storm Trysail Foundation has announced four Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminars to be held in 2011. Since 1996, the Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminars have trained more than 3,000 teens in essential safety skills on offshore-capable boats. In partnership with US SAILING and inspired by safety programs for ocean racers, the Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminars are carefully designed for a younger audience.

The desire to help young sailors become equally capable was the impetus for the Storm Trysail Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in 2008 “to support the education of young sailors, junior safety at sea, and intercollegiate big boat racing.” “With the help and dedication of many great volunteer members of the Storm Trysail Club, we held four Junior Safety-at-Sea seminars and the largest ever Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta [in 2010],” said Foundation Chairman John Fisher. “These events help define the mission of the Foundation – education and events to bridge the gap for young dinghy sailors to become active, safe blue water seamen.” Since the first Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminar, hosted by Larchmont Yacht Club in Larchmont, NY in 1997, the rescues of two young sailors who fell overboard during races on Long Island Sound have been documented. The owner of the boat involved in one of those MOB incidents attributed the successful rescue to what he learned while allowing his boat to be used in a Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminar. “This type of training has proven to be effective, and is not available to junior sailors through other venues,” Fisher continued. “We seek to expand these educational initiatives to all Storm Trysail stations across the country, to help define certificate level curriculum, and publish necessary and appropriate teaching materials.” Visit

The one-day program stresses fun, hands-on practice, communication, teamwork, and the anticipation of trouble before it happens. While the program varies from location to location, all programs include classroom sessions dedicated to crew organization, storm preparation and response, and crew overboard avoidance and recovery, as well as dockside demonstrations of shortening sail and use of safety equipment. Additional topics vary by location, but include fire suppression, life raft deployment, medical emergencies, navigation and other essential skills. In contrast to most adult programs, more than half of the day is spent on the water practicing the skills learned. The 2011 Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminar dates and locations are: Friday, July 22 Friday, July 29 Wednesday, August 17 Wednesday, August 17

Larchmont Yacht Club, Larchmont, NY Raritan Yacht Club, Perth Amboy, NJ Sail Newport Sailing Center, Newport, RI Annapolis Yacht Club, Annapolis, MD

Eligible juniors should be between 13 and 17 years of age, except for the Perth Amboy program, which is open to sailors up to age 20. In addition to being a fun and educational program, this is a great introduction to the excitement of big boat sailing for juniors whose sailing experience may previously be limited to dinghies. The Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminars are sponsored by the Jamie Boeckel Memorial Fund for Safety at Sea. For more information and registration materials, visit

Jack’s the Luckiest Guy on the Island! Not only is he lounging in the arms of the ladies, he is decked out in the finest gear. Gill Women’s Fleece Jacket - $115 Gill Micro-Fleece Grey ¾ Zip - $100 vineyard vines Shep Shirt - $70 Gill Inshore Vests - $95 Gill Escape Shorts - $70 vineyard vines Belt - $36

See all the Official BIRW XXIV Gill and vineyard vines clothing under the tent! 12 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday

This year’s Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta will be the biggest yet Organized by the Storm Trysail Foundation and Larchmont Yacht Club and presented by Prestige BMW, the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta has enjoyed tremendous growth since its inception in 2001, when eight boats participated. In 2010, more than 300 collegiate sailors from 30 schools raced 38 boats in this Columbus Day weekend event, which is now the largest collegiate regatta in North America. “These sailors gain important big boat experience generally available to only a few junior sailors at the military and merchant marine academies,” said STC Past Commodore John Fisher. “The high expenses of this type of regatta cannot always be covered by sponsors, especially in heavy air with risks of breakage or collisions. We are very grateful to the boat owners who make their boats available to the Foundation for our junior sailors. In the future, we expect to provide boat donors with a tax-deductible receipt for their generous donation.”

Radio Waves Sailors apparently hadn’t gotten their fill of competition, as the R/C action was as heated and exciting from the lawn of The Oar as was with the big boats on the racecourse earlier in the day. Dave Ramos from Chesapeake Performance Models rigged several CR-914 radio controlled sailboats and people’s thumbs started twitching. Cheering and jeering abounded as racers set up for the start, jockeyed for position and made their way around the course, followed by “I’m next!, I’m next!” Relax people – Ramos and his fleet will be here and the real action will start today after racing concludes. Join in for the single elimination racing from 1700-1830. Are you good enough? The big winner will walk away with a CR-914 kit of their own!

Forty-four teams from colleges around the U.S are scheduled to compete in this year’s Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta, which will be sailed October 8 & 9 at Larchmont YC. For more information, email Adam Loory at or visit The Foundation also hosts an annual golf tournament and an annual dinner. The 2011 Storm Trysail Foundation Fundraiser Golf Tourney will be held on Monday, August 29 at Newport National Golf Club in Newport, RI. This year’s Foundation Dinner will honor George S. Coumantaros, who has completed 26 Newport Bermuda Races, and will be held at the New York Yacht Club in New York, NY on Saturday, September 10. For more information about the STF visit,.

Today’s Race Day & Party Sponsors Race Day Sponsor: vineyard vines Shep and Ian Murray left the corporate world in 1998 to start a company on Martha’s Vineyard, selling their neckties one at a time out of backpacks in bars, on boats and at the beach. A proud sponsor of the Figawi Race Weekend, Bermuda International Race Week, Charleston Race Week and the Fishermen’s Conservation Association’s Manhattan Cup, a catch and release striped bass and bluefish tournament, vineyard vines are also strong supporters of independent recording artists. Visit Party Sponsor: Clarion Capital Partners, LLC Clarion focuses on investments in companies in which there is demonstrable revenue growth potential driven by compelling economic, demographic, or industry trends or company-specific characteristics. In particular, Clarion seeks opportunities in which there is significant, untapped value in the company’s intangibles, such as its brands, technology, management, or systems. Visit

Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 13

Race Week Rental Specials $45 Bike Rentals for the Entire Week

Question of the Day What did you do during yesterday’s postponement? “Just hung out and talked to some beautiful ladies!” Ed Bahen, Annapolis, MD, sailing on Andiamo “Sat around, did little jobs around the boat and kept putting suntan lotion on.” Joe Gonzalez, Stamford, CT, sailing on Troubador “Slept in the v-berth.” Ian Skinner, Boston, MA, sailing on Indra “I looked at reception places for my wedding on October 8, 2011.” Pam Morris, Warwick, RI, sailing on Eclipse.

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401-466-5811 Come See Us at Block Island Boat Basin

Special thanks to the Block Island Race Week volunteers who come from all over the U.S. to make this a top notch event. 14 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday



Cliff Payne Everyone at Race Week ends up on Payne’s Dock at one point or another. Whether you keep your boat there for the week, visit the Coastal Queen (a Race Week fixture and unofficial headquarters of the J/44 Class), or as most do, enjoy a mudslide and the music of Walter McDonough at Mahogany Shoals, you’ve certainly been greeted by Cliff Payne. Cliff has been described as the “Sure, No Problem Guy.” His team of dock personnel, including his son Sands, handles yachts of all sizes with ease – all the while ensuring that the equipment for Race Week has a spot on the dock, competitor and sponsor trailers have room, and every other need is met. Nick Langone, the Storm Trysail Club’s Race Week On-the-Water Chairman, has spent a lot of time running RC logistics from Payne’s. “There’s not one thing I ever asked for that he couldn’t accommodate,” Nick said. “He’s been an amazing friend to the Storm Trysail Club.” Race Week boats have stayed at Payne’s Dock since 1965 and Cliff’s father Frank, Cliff and Sands have had a hand in making their stay relaxed and memorable. The Storck family has been at every Race Week since 1967 and, during the years that John Storck, Jr. was Chairman of Race Week, even used Payne’s as a combined RC headquarters and crew accommodations aboard Tonic, Charlie Terry’s 50-foot Hatteras. “Cliff has been so supportive of Block Island Race Week, no matter what,” noted John. “He and Sands are very, very gracious people and when they say they’ll do something, you can count on them.”

S P O T L I G H T Over the years, the Storm Trysail Club has counted on Cliff to provide space and support for Race Week headquarters, large fleets of race boats and support vessels, thousands of crew, as well as the vast equipment requirements of the Race Committee logistics center as the event has grown – he’s even provided shuttle service to and from the ferry terminal. Before the Storm Trysail Club managed to bring large trucks onto the ferry to ship over all of the necessary equipment for Race Week, Cliff would run back and forth to the ferry dock with his pick-up truck until everything had its proper place on the dock or aboard a specific boat. Storck’s son, Erik, has been visiting Block with his dad since age three, and his only memories are of staying at Payne’s. “When we pulled up this year – without calling or radioing ahead – Cliff was there to greet us and was sure to let us know that we had plenty of water where we were docking,” said Erik. “He made sure of it because two years ago we’d run aground. I was blown away that with all the boats he deals with, he’d remembered that.” “One of the best things about Cliff is that he’s laid back and comfortable around everyone and always makes everyone feel comfortable too,” said Erik. “My father mentioned that I was doing an Olympic trial, which I would never have thought to tell him as we tied up our boat this year. As I tossed a tangled line to Cliff, he said, ‘And he’s good at macramé, too, John!’” Cliff does business the old fashioned way. If you need something – and the needs of Race Week are many – just call. You’ll surely hear “No Problem.”



Block Island Race Week Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday 15

16 Storm Trysail Club 2011 Block Island Race Week News • Tuesday

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Block Island Race Week News Tuesday  

Block Island Race Week News reports for Tuesday June 21, 2011.

Block Island Race Week News Tuesday  

Block Island Race Week News reports for Tuesday June 21, 2011.

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