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Vol 36. Ed 42.

Twilight Fete

Only Wet For Some who helped me on the Convict Stocks, especially our artist Carolyn Bushell who did such a lovely job of putting them together and to her husband Charlie who came along and helped. Thanks to Alan Murrell, Murray Aisbett and John Read whose cheeky faces helped inspire many successful shots!

Well we had a wonderful Twilight Fete on Friday, thanks to all the amazing people who contributed in so many ways! I think all those involved have been looking particularly exhausted all weekend and so my next challenge is to find a way to relieve our faithful stallholders so they can also have time to relax and enjoy the fete.

We not only had a worthwhile fundraiser but a very successful and creative community event enjoyed immensely by all who came along. The younger

Since 1977

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Wendy Gravolin

It was amazing to see so many cakes and slices, fancy goods, so much produce, so many plants, books and the list could go on. The Barbeque and Salads and Pancakes with Berries and Cream and the Devonshire Teas made a great contribution. As did the musical entertainment provided by Russell Holloway and his great band of talented helpers.


There were so many helpers who are not regular members of St Thomas to whom we are extremely grateful. Thanks to St John’s Bannockburn, The SES, Winch Community House and the Community Bank for allowing us to use their BBQ’s (Continued Page 3)

members of our church community even ran their own stall, painted faces, made toffees and ran a horseshoe toss as well as being the most willing helpers picking up sponges or bean bags for us on the convict stocks and our “Three little Foxes” Coconut Shy. My thanks again, to those from the local community

The Star will be published on December 4, 11, 18, 25 and commencing in the 2014 on January 22. Deadline for copy remains 4.00 pm on Sunday


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Letters The Winchelsea Star is a voluntary service to the town. Articles are most welcome from any group or organisation and must carry the name and address of the sender. The editorial team reserve the right to edit or not to publish any article. The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the editors. Copy / adverts can be emailed to or left at IGA Supermarket. Copies printed total 400 each week. © Winchelsea Star Org. Inc. All rights reserved.

Weekly deadline is 4pm Sunday. Winchelsea Star Organisation Inc. Reg. No. A1479 ABN: 57 207 411 958 Ph. 03 5294 0300 Po Box 5, Winchelsea, Vic, 3241

Editor/President: Stewart Mathison Email:

THANKYOU TO JOHN BUMFORD Joan Mackenzie, “ Kalimna”, Winchelsea What a joy and a blessing for all of us who heard our own wonderful concert pianist John Bumford play his grand piano at the Uniting Church on Saturday afternoon. Such a perfect setting to hear John perform J.S.Bach’s Prelude and Fuge “Blessing to God in the Solitude” Then a lovely rendition of Franz List’s no 3 in the

Our Big Family Shave Day will be held on 30th November 2013 @ 5.00pm @ Winchelsea Community Hub (Football/ Cricket Ground)

Neil McInnes Email:

Please feel free to leave some loose change in any of the donation boxes around the town.

Vice President: Vacant - volunteer welcome!

Treasurer: Mick O’Mara Email:

Committee: Linda Carter, Debbie Rowley, Lesley Mathison, Cathy Cheadle and Stuart Fountain. Printed by Birregurra General Store

Thankyou John so very much, your wonderful performance, the result of so much work and practice was very much appreciated by all of us music lovers from Geelong and Winchelsea

Ray’s wife Christine and Children Pauline, Belinda and Ray Jnr (along with other members of their families) will be shaving their hair (or colouring) in support of all those who are suffering from, have beaten and who have passed away from Cancer!


Tony Phelps and Stuart Fountain Email:

And finally Frederick Chopin’s Scherzo no 2 in B minor - well known - and so exciting to hear it played in our beautiful Church.

Shear for ‘The Big Red Steer’

Please come along and support us and help us raise funds for the Cancer Council and find a cure for this hideous disease!


series “Poetic and Religious Harmonies” with its interwoven melodies delighting us all.

Editorial Stewart Mathison

The group of volunteers who produce the Star each week are proud of the improvement achieved this year. The pride was further enhanced when the Star took out awards in each of the three categories entered at the recent CNAV conference as reported on the front page two weeks ago. This competition has been responsible for improving the standard of community newspapers across the state. The judges included people with extensive experience in the media such as The Age, Weekly Times etc.

At least come for a laugh as we lose our hair.

Raffles, auctions, BBQ tea and entertainment provided also.

This confirmation by our peers of the achievements over the year was a welcome boost to the committee but I am disappointed that the Editor has not received one letter or email in the past two weeks to congratulate us on the awards. In our instantly connected world it is easy to assume that something which has been appearing regularly for over 35 years will always be there. Volunteers do work in the community for a variety of reasons and their longevity in the role will always be helped by words of encouragement. Constructive criticism is also welcome as it confirms the paper is being read and may help to improve what we do.

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


(Continued from front page) and marquees and to the local Hardware store for their contribution that enabled us to have a jumping castle here for the kids. Thanks to Helen Bath, Peg Bone, Isabel Murfitt, Maureen and Ray King , Pat Crosby, and Carol Stanesby for coming along and helping wherever you were needed. Thanks to Phil and Julie Shirley who came and ran a Mainly Music display for the community. Thanks to Nellie White for donating her record

“Thankyou” to Golf Sponsors Charles Jones

On Sunday 17th November Winchelsea Golf Club held its annual Sponsor Day to show it’s appreciation for the support from the many companies and individuals who have provided sponsorship and support to the Club over the past year. A 9 hole Ambrose competition was play by those attending, which was won by Luke and Matt Tresize from TURF CARE & HIRE PTY LTD. During the presentation following the event Club President Charles Jones and Club Sponsorship coordinator Greg Rigby, expressed their thanks; on behalf off the club membership; for the generosity of the many sponsor of the Club.

(Left to Right)Club Captain Russell Holmes Luke & Matt Tresize and Club President Charles Jones

collection and all the other wonderful background people who baked and preserved or donated items for the stalls or silent auction. Thanks to the local people who allowed me to place our Fete Advertisements on their fences and businesses! Now as we all know thanking people can be such a risky business as it is so easy to overlook some very wonderful people and I know I have not named any of the individuals

who are regular members of our church community or the fete committee including those who set up and packed away but I am extremely grateful to them all. So thanks to everyone and finally thanks to those who came along and spent your money to help us to keep St Thomas’ Church running in Winchelsea!

Councillor Column Heather Wellington

Last week Cr Margot Smith and I attended a community meeting in Moriac conducted by the Lock the Gate Alliance – a national coalition that mobilises communities against unconventional gas projects. The meeting heard that with advances in technology, large volumes of unconventional gas (coal seam, tight gas and shale gas) stored in complex onshore geological systems are becoming economically attractive for development. Extracting coal seam gas (CSG) involves drilling a well to the coal seam and pumping out water, which reduces pressure and releases the gas. The coal seam may be fractured (‘fracked’) to facilitate flow. Hydraulic fracturing involves pumping large volumes of fluid, usually water with added chemicals and sand, at high pressure down the well. There is a temporary ban on fracking in NSW and Victoria. However Mr Peter Reith, chair of the Victorian Gas Taskforce, has reportedly said that maintaining a ban on fracking in Victoria would be irrational and wrong. Many rural communities are concerned that fracking may damage groundwater aquifers. There are also concerns about

safe disposal of water generated during the extraction process. Attendees at the Moriac meeting were concerned to hear that exploration licenses have been issued in our Shire and that landowners have no legal right to prevent unconventional gas developments on their land. Clearly, there are significant gaps in community understanding of the risks of these developments. The concept of injection of chemicals and disruption of ancient underground geological structures is inherently concerning to many. Concern about the security of water resources together with a sense of powerlessness about what is done on and to farming land has stimulated significant resistance to these developments in many communities. Local government has an advocacy role in these circumstances. In August 2012 Council supported a moratorium on all new coal seam gas exploration and operations until there had been a comprehensive investigation into their likely effects. In my view, until this work is completed and the community has had the opportunity to consider its outcomes, the current moratorium should continue.


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Schroeter Bros Garage 7 Willis Street, Winchelsea Ph: 5267 2098

For all Mechanical Repairs and Services to Cars, 4 Wheel Drives and Commercial Vehicles Heavy tilt tray service for tractors, machinery, trucks and containers 24 hour accident towing and salvage

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


BLOCKBUSTER Give Golf a Tanks For The Memories - Part 2 Go You may recall last time, Block Buster was elongating his winch cable and organising his own car crash. The story is continued… After pulling the handbrake up two more notches, I was pressing the button again. And again. And again. Then, at the height of stress, the unthinkable happened. The tank was instantly crushed by the cable. No longer was it circular but more like a ring-barked hard-boiled egg that’s been hit by a hammer. Exasperated by what this meant, I collapsed a little on the inside. The dogs knew I needed some loving and offered comfort. You see a tank resembling a disfigured hard-boiled egg won’t roll easily when on its side and upending it to roll it out was part of that now utterly discredited original plan. Hmm. But perhaps there is a silver lining. Because it won’t roll, I don’t have to remove a rail of the fence to make an exit path for it! Camomile tea, massage and other herbal remedies later and I’m back out there. This is a problem which must be solved – we have no water! So I repositioned the car and attached the winch from a different angle and dragged my new enemy toward the yard fence. Here, I upended it and leaned it on the fence to tip it over and push it away with the tractor. Surprisingly, this sudden new plan actually worked

The second tank is removed in the same manner as the first, minus the car versus pedestrian accident, and the next disfigured hard-boiled egg joins the first. But I’m only halfway there. The new tanks must be installed. I roll the first into place outside the yard, confident it can be leant on the fence and tipped over as the others had been removed. I attach the necessary straps and nudge the top end over with the tractor’s front-end loader so the base will rest on the top rail. But, in your heart of hearts, you know by now that something is going to go wrong, don’t you? And it does. The two posts holding up that rail snapped under the weight of the tank. It seems the plastic tanks are about twice the weight of the metal ones. Some days you just need a hug from your mother. With the fence down and the horses and donkey suddenly seeing a new feed source in the yard, I start senselessly beeping horns and banging on the flapping metal of the old tanks to scare them away. Then I run off to get a bucket of feed, race back with it and use that as a lure to take them into the next paddock. This works. Then with crushed fence and spirit, I went about the business of getting the tank into position. This happened relatively easily. You won’t be surprised to learn that the second new tank was quite simple to get into place as I merely rolled it over the splintered fence and tipped it into place. Hallelujah! I performed the plumbing connections, told my water delivery mate I was ready and after he left went inside and had a bath with a home brew. Herbal remedies are good, but nothing cuts through like a pale ale.


As for the totalled tanks and forlorn fence, well… they are tomorrow’s entertainment.

Women’s Golf Clinics

Next Clinic will be held on SATURDAY 30th of November starting at 9:00am at the Winchelsea Golf Course. Anyone wanting to participate will be most welcome, cost $5-00. Equipment available if required. N.B. Change of day to the Saturday. Enquiries please phone; 0447672347 or 0407601010.

Winchelsea Transfer Station Opening Hours Monday Closed Tuesday 2pm-4pm Wednesday Closed Thursday 2pm - 4pm Friday Closed Saturday 1.30pm - 3.30pm Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm 55 Cressy Road, Winchelsea. Accepts household garbage, mixed commercial & industrial waste, mixed construction & demolition waste. Accepts recyclable materials. Accepts one recycle bin two waste bins. Does NOT accept clean fill.


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star

Who, what, when, where


Advertise your event in the Winchelsea Star who, what, where and when for FREE. Please be brief. The Editor’s decision whether to publish a who, what, where and when notice request is final.

Recent November ‘Groundswell’ Calendar Wrong

Please Note that the Carols by Candlelight - Winchelsea will be held on SAT 7th at Barwon Park Mansion

Winchelsea Farmers market Sunday 1st Dec, 10 Willis St

Fresh fruit & veg, baked goods, preserves roses and other produce.all undercover $5 a stall. Time 10-4pm. Call Belinda 0413417671

Winchelsea IGA

Now stocking “Irrewarra Sourdough Bread” available daily.

Winchelsea Community Directory

The new Winchelsea Community Directory has finally arrived and is now available for purchase. This must have booklet is just $2.00 per copy and is now available at various outlets around Winchelsea.

Cricket Training, Juniors & Seniors

Junior Training for U/11, U/13, U/15 and U/17’s at 4.45p.m. at Eastern Reserve. All enquiries contact James Stephenson 0409232926. Senior Training Tuesday and Thursday 5.00 pm at Eastern Reserve. All newcomers welcome.

Free Community Boxing for Fitness

At the Winchelsea Footy Ground. Session will run for 45 minutes. Open to all age groups over the age of 15 and all fitness levels. Boxing is great exercise and these classes will be a lot of fun, so come along and give it a go. This will run every Wednesday night at 5.30pm till Xmas and depending on the interest we might start it up again next year after the school holidays. If you would like to know more information please contact Tracey on 0439351795

Helen Mary Kininmonth Enrolments

Morning Melodies - Helen Menzel

The next in the monthly successful local initiative on Thursday December 5th, Winchelsea Morning Melodies will feature a young lady who spent her formative years right here in Winchelsea, moving on to carve out a career in music. Helen’s program will include popular arias by Handel, Bach, and Mozart, including the exhilarating, “Allelujah”, “Ave Maria”, and on the lighter side, songs from “Phantom of the Opera” and “Kismet”. Make your booking with Joan MacKenzie on 5267 2075 or 0407 506119

Enrolments remain open for both prekinder (3 yr old) and kinder (4 yr old) groups in 2014. Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate to the centre at 32 Hesse Street, Winchelsea to complete your enrolment.

Drolkar Buddhist Centre

625 Nortons Road, Paraparap Ph. 03 5266 1788 Buddhist Philosophy Mondays 7.30pm8.30pm Tuesdays 11-12pm. Healing Meditation Tuesdays 1-2pm. Meditation 11-12pm Fridays. Geshe Doga Teaching Sunday 11-12.30 Bookings Essential, All Welcome

Winchelsea Trading—agents for:

In the bar at the Barwon Hotel Mondays—Free Pool Wednesday—Pot and Parmi nights $18 Thursday—Steak nights $15 Lunch and dinner 7 days per week

Sunday 24th November Brian Fraser playing from 2:30 PM in the bar For enquiries please phone 5267 2046


For all your sharpening needs Rural—Domestic– Industrial    

Hand tools TCT Blades Chainsaws Kitchen tools

   

Garden tools Brobos Firewood saws Bandsaws

 Chipper & planer blades  Drill and router bits  Dog & horse clipping blades

5248 2061 ‘We give you the edge you need’


The Winchelsea Star


Daryl Hecker

Domestic & Commercial Renovations & Repairs Modern Architectural Suspended Ceilings Dustless Sanding New Homes Extensions Ph 0419 197 799 A/H 5247 155

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


Church News St Thomas Church

Wednesday 27th November: 9:15 am Inter-church prayer meeting at the Vicarage. 11am Hymn singing worship service at Hesse Lodge. Sunday December 1st. Combined Worship service at the Uniting Church. Monday 2nd December 10 am Mainly Music at St Thomas Hall. Advance notice Winchelsea Anglican Parish Christmas services: Wednesday 11th Hesse Lodge Christmas service combining our regular Sing-along and Communion at 11am. Sunday December 15th 11am St Paul’s Deans Marsh 9 Lessons and Carols. December 22nd 9am Holy Communion at St Thomas. 7pm Holy Trinity Barrabool Hills 9 Lessons and Carols by Candlelight with children’s talk and Nativity costumes. Christmas Eve. 7pm Deans Marsh Holy Communion. 9pm 9 Lessons and Carols by Candlelight at St Thomas’ with supper afterwards and Children dressed in Nativity costumes. All little Angels and Shepherds welcome! This will be a Child friendly service at a not too unfriendly hour! God bless, Rev’d Wendy Gravolin

A Remarkable Coincidence Stewart Mathison

Last Thursday the Geelong Advertiser was celebrating 173 years of publication since 1840. The Founder of the advertiser was John Pascoe Fawkner who had founded the Melbourne advertiser in 1838 which was the first newspaper in what was to become Victoria. James Harrison was the founding editor and soon owner of the paper although he is better known outside Geelong

St John’s Church

Next Sunday December 1st, two of our young parishioners from Winchelsea will receive the sacrament of Confirmation along with 21 young people from Bannockburn and surrounds. To Eli and Emma our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. Thank you to Julie and Mary for their guidance. The following week Jessie and Thomas will be attending the National Catholic Youth Festival in Melbourne along with Michael who will participate as a leader. A fund raiser will be conducted throughout the parish to assist in the registration of our participants. Nuts, pretzels and Christmas lollies from Salfood Bannockburn are available for order at great prices. Order forms will be available. Please give generously to support the Caritas Appeal for the Philippines, envelopes are available at St John’s. If you would like to help with the preparations for the Advent and Christmas Masses, please come along to share ideas and hear some suggestions from the Advent Liturgy workshops that were conducted in Melbourne. This coming Thursday November 28th at 1pm a workshop will take place in Bannockburn. Parishioners from Winchelsea are welcome. Until next time, God Bless. Marg Bushell.

for his pioneering work on refrigeration. A facsimile of the very first front page was printed last Thursday and makes fascinating reading of how things were in Geelong in 1840. One item under the heading of Amateur Concert reads ……. At a numerously attended meeting held at the Adelphi Hotel on Tuesday 17th November 1840, F. Dutton Esq. in the Chair. The committee having reported that objections had been raised

by several members of the Episcopalian Church to an amateur concert being given in aid of the funds of that church unless nothing but sacred music was performed and finding the impossibility of obtaining sufficient assistance for that purpose. That this meeting should be reported in the Geelong paper 173 years ago in the same week that, in the Star, our own Wendy Gravolin was expressing concern about our own amateur theatre is,to me, a remarkable coincidence.

Winchelsea Uniting Church

Inter-church Prayer Meeting – Wednesday at 9.15am at St. Thomas’s Vicarage. Music Group practise – Thursday at 7.00pm in the Hall “And The Angel Said...” rehearsal – Thursday 7.30-8.30pm combined choir in the Hall. Worship next Sunday December 1st at 9.30am – John Bumford (including a special presentation by Jacqui Calleja) – St. Thomas’s will join us for worship. John Bumford Co-ordinator Winchelsea Uniting Church 035267 2062 or 0419 535490

Drolkar Buddhist Centre

625 Nortons Road Paraparap ph. 03 5266 1788 November Calendar Buddhist Philosophy Mondays 7.30pm8.30pm Tuesdays 11-12pm Healing Meditation Tuesdays 1-2pm Meditation 11-12pm Fridays Mindfulness November 16th 9.304.30pm Geshe Doga Teaching Sunday 11-12.30 Bookings Essential Blessing of the Animals 30th November All Welcome


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star

Bunyips Cave I hope you had fun making the Christmas puppets last week. This week I have included a picture for you to colour in. Maybe you could send it to me when you have finished it. My mailbox is still empty! So please send in your pictures, stories, puzzles, jokes etc. and put them in my mailboxes. Don’t forget they are at the Winchelsea School Office and the IGA supermarket.

Jokes of the Week

Q: What do Santa’s elves do after school? A: Their gnomework! Q: What is a parent’s favourite Christmas carol? A: Silent Night?


Bunyip’s Tip of the Week

It is a busy time of the year for families, so remember to help mum and dad when you can!

No table should be empty this Christmas Surf Coast Shire Council is calling for donations of non-perishable food items for its Surf Coast Christmas Table appeal. Council is collecting donations at its Torquay office for distribution to relief agencies in Torquay, Anglesea, Winchelsea and Lorne to help ensure more local families can put food on their Christmas tables. Mayor, Cr Rose Hodge, encouraged residents to help make a difference to a local family in need. “We know there are people in our own backyard who are doing it tough and there is no better time than the festive season for our community to pitch in and help,” Cr Hodge said. “Small donations of non-perishable food can make a big difference. Collecting these donations is a small but important way Council can assist local food relief organisations that are experiencing increasing demand for their services.” Donations can be delivered to Council’s Torquay office before Friday 6 December; in time for distribution via local food relief services. “These organisations all do a great job on behalf of the community. Together, we can ensure that more Surf Coast residents can enjoy this Christmas.”


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013


Sheek Phone: 5267 2444

Open times: Tuesday—Saturday 9am—6pm Sunday and Monday– closed Renu provides fantastic hair dressing Renu is experienced hair dresser and enjoys all aspects of hair dressing including:

Adult cuts, Kids cuts, Tints, Semi’s, Foils, Blow wave, Hair ups, Perms, Treatments, Sets and more





Group bookings welcome OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 am—4:30 pm

5267 2577 0427 809 988

2645 Princes Highway Winchelsea

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star





Br i


I M A RY S P R To Life C H e


Writers of the week


from Winchelsea Primary School




Emily Caldicott - Grade 1 On the holiday I went to the Melbourne Show and I saw Jude there with his cousins. My favourite ride was the big rollercoaster. My brother thought he was going to fall off. When we went down the big hills we went really fast. When we went up the big hill we could nearly see the whole town. On another day I cut my thumb when I was cutting my apple. It was a really sharp knife. On another day I met a new friend. Her name is Phoebe. She lives on my street. She lives three houses away. I went bike riding with her all day. On Thursday we have a play date at my house.

Yesterday my father went horse riding on the farm. Grace Dendle - Prep


Spencer Stones - Grade 2 On Friday we went home and packed up our camping stuff. On Saturday morning we drove to Mt Buller. When we got there we made our campfire and set up the tents.

BIGGEST TSUNAMI HITS AMERICA Attn: Winchelsea Primary School Details: School Crest Repair Colours: Pantone Reflex BlueC Pantone 123C Pantone 400C Pantone 403C Type: Arial Bold

Oscar Stones - Grade 3/4

Pantone 411C/412C Pantone 465C/467C Pantone 7518C/7519C Black / White

On 9th of November, the biggest Tsunami hit America. This event destroyed over 500 buildings and people. After this event happened they called the Tsunami ‘Tsunami Mania’. Dylan Cross, David Tennant, Josh Luck and Eli Simpson was affected by this cause. This event almost drowned the famous Barack Obama. Now the National Government have decided that there will be a building that is water and wind proof, as a safe house.

We went four wheel driving up to the hut. The tracks were very bumpy. It snowed! The car was very dirty when we got home.

Moratorium on fracking welcome, time now for sensible wind energy laws Yes 2 Renewables welcomes the Napthine government’s extension to the moritorium on fracking. The measure is a good first step toward a total ban that will protect farming communities, agricultilural land and our environment. “Now that the Napthine government is making energy policy in the interest of the community, it can take another look at its anti-wind farm laws,” said Leigh Ewbank, Yes 2 Renewables coordinator. Planning amendments made by Premier Baillieu and endorsed by Dr Napthine ban wind farms in the windiest parts of the state. Friends of the Earth estimate the Victorian government’s

anti-wind farm laws have cost the state: •

488 MW of clean renewable energy generation capacity.

Over $2.4 million of drought-proof income for farmers each year.

540 construction jobs and 69 ongoing jobs.

Scrapped or stalled projects worth up to $966 million.

“There’s huge potential for wind energy in Victoria. The sector promises jobs and drought-proof income for farming communities. It’s time for Napthine to restore fair laws for wind farms and lock in these benefits.”


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea

Men’s Shed Winchelsea Supermarket Trading Hours Monday to Saturday—

Open Hours: Tues & wed from 9:30am Thurs from 12:30pm Every 2nd Sat from 9:3am

8:30 am to 7:30 pm Sunday— 10 am to 7:30 pm

Ph: 5267 2676 29 Main Street, Winchelsea

Winchelsea Post Office and Newsagency Alan and Gillian Murrell

Magazines Stationary Newspapers Dry Cleaning Greeting Cards Bill Paying Service Gifts for all Occasions Photocopy and Fax Facility Batteries and Printer Cartridges

Pre-paid re-charge available for phone and internet

Agency for major banks Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30 am—5 pm Sat: 6 am—12 midday

For more details ring: John Bader (co-ordinator) 5267 3030 Colin Mayman (Treasurer) 5267 2164 David Kellas (Secretary) 5266 1549

Ph: 5267 2105 Fax: 5267 2920

at 51 Hesse Street

New members welcome

TheBooks Pty Ltd

Registered Tax Agent

MOBILE ACCOUNTANT AND BOOKKEEPER Tax Returns: Individual, Business, & SMSF Financial Statements GST & BAS Returns MYOB & Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services PICK UP / DROP OFF SERVICE: WE COME TO YOU

Ph: 0481 324 802 E:

Matthew Partridge

p 0418 672 334 e

Welding Service

- Onsite welding - Farm maintenance - Farm machinery & equipment repairs - Cattle & sheep yards - Custom built trailers - Supply & install gates

fast@showers Splashbacks and Mirrors 10mm Frameless from $350 Glass Kitchen Splashbacks from $199 m2 All available in 48 hours Showroom at 128 Wood St. South Geelong call 5222 1332 or 0400 200 073

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


Star Classifieds

Winchelsea Star classified ads are FREE for personal entries. Please be brief, and be sure to include a contact name and phone number. One photo may be included if appropriate. The Editor’s decision whether to publish a classified ad request is final.

For Sale

Your Classified here

1982 Franklin Caravan

Got something to buy or sell ? Advertise it for FREE here ! Email:

19 feet long. 4/5 berth including bunks. New upholstery, annex in great condition. Many extras, great family van. $9000 ono. Phone Stuart on 0417 160 559

Helen Menzel Ling to sing at Carols by Candlelight Sat 7th Dec at Barwon Park

Patrons at this event in the past have been thrilled by the artists performing on the night and this will be no exception. Helen grew up at the Menzel family farm ‘Armytage’ outside Winchelsea before moving to live and work in Melbourne as a science graduate. Studying piano whilst at school, Helen took up singing as an adult during a long illness as a type of therapy. Thus began her transformational journey of self-expression that sees her now studying Classical voice at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University and sharing her love of beautiful music with others. Helen teaches piano and singing at Overnewton Angican Community College and enjoys performing at university, church, weddings, functions, Musical Society concerts, competitions and Christmas productions. Helen loves to encourage and connect especially with shy students and see them blossom in their confidence and self-expression. She hopes to sing in more Oratorio

and chamber projects and Opera productions in the future and to join in fundraising projects whilst continuing to learn and pass on all she can about her craft.

We look forward to hearing Helen on the night, and also Anna Babare, the School choir, the Kinder children and the Geelong Pipes and Drums and the Guides. This year we have had a request for more community singing so tone up your voices and come along to be prepared to make a joyful sound and be heard in Winchelsea! 5pm the house will be open at ½ price for inspection ie $5 adults $2.50 chn 6pm BBQ at reasonable prices 6.30pm Santa will arrive to thrill the chn and give out lollies 7.30pm Carols (free) will commence with the Kinder children We are grateful to our generous sponsors the Bendigo Community Bank and the Winchelsea and District Business and Tourism Association whose support is necessary to cover running costs. Enquires contact Y. Orchard ph 52672630 or R. Black 0409176765


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


Senior Citizens News Seniors Christmas Luncheon

We are having our Christmas Luncheon at the Barwon Hotel on Wednesday the 4th of December. The cost will be $20 per head for a 2 course meal.

Beat yolk of egg and then add flour with a little of the milk. Put butter and brown sugar in a saucepan with the rest of the milk ( about 4 tablespoons) and bring to the boil. Add egg and flour mixture, cook for 5 minutes stirring till thick then turn into cooked pastry case. Make a meringue of egg white and icing sugar beaten together. Spread over top of the pie and bake till golden brown Natural Gas Extension Program






Gas Mains Reticulation





































































Thank you.




Payment for this event can now be made to our Treasurer Leila Forster.

1 Cooked pastry case 1 Egg 1 Tablespoon plain flour 1 Cup milk 1 Tablespoon butter 1 Cup brown sugar 1 Teaspoon icing sugar


Arrival time will be 11-30 for 12 noon. A list is on the wall in the hallway, so please put your name down to come and join us. You never know SANTA may come along and surprise us if he’s not too busy. Ho Ho Ho.

There was an old lady whose folly Induced her to sit on a holly Whereupon by a thorn Her dress being torn She quickly became melancholy.


Craft Ladies please note December meeting is now on Tuesday the 3rd. Competition - Xmas cooking

Butterscotch Pie


Members please note there will be no Committee Meeting on Wednesday 27th of November. A later date to be advised


Bowls Vida Bath and Lesley Hunter

Limerick of the Week


Wednesdays results were

Recipe of the Week


As usual we are having plenty of crazy spring weather. Hot, cold and plenty of rain in between.












































































Natural Gas Pipe Plans Released E

More than 600 homes are expected to be



At the announcement,the representative of SP AusNet said that anybody with questions about the reticulation map should contact the company.



It has now appeared on the website of SP AusNet, the company doing the connection along with construction expected from August 2014 to March 2016.



When the premier came to town to announce that Winchelsea will be connected to natural gas,this map was made available to those attending.




given the option to connect to a natural gas supply.

SP Ausnet recommend householders put in early applications for natural gas in the new town projects, as the natural

gas rollout for new towns is going to be guided by the number of applications received from the energy retailers for given streets. Therefore where possible they will prioritise those streets with the most gas applications.


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Scrap Metal Bought Firewood Timber Slabs for sale Call Peter on 0448 343 105


Dr. Emily McDonald (Chiropractor) will be available at the Winchelsea Medical Clinic—Open Saturdays Monday & Thursday: 6:00—8:30 PM Wednesday: 8:30—11:00 AM & 2:00—6:00 PM Saturday: 8:30—11:00 AM Please call the clinic on 52671268 for an appointment


Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


Bus to the Hub Train Services Bus Services WCC Bistro Thursday Nights Free Bus Pick up from your home and Drop off (Winchelsea) if you are: • Over 65 • have a disability

Trains to Geelong/Melbourne

Bus From Geelong to Colac

Mon-Fri 07:22 13:18 19:03 Sat 08:19 13:28 19:12 Sun 08:57 14:35(bus) 19:12

Mon-Fri Geelong Rail Station Deakin Uni Winchelsea Station Terminates Colac Rail Station

17.35 17.57 18.24 19.05

Sunday Geelong Rail Station Winchelsea PO Winchelsea PO Geelong Rail Station

17.10 17.40 14.35 15.20

Sunday bus service departs from Winchelsea Post Office

• Or find yourself socially isolated Free Complimentary Main Meal for “Bus to the Hub” Users (1st Time Users) To book your seat phone: Annie Ph: 0427 840 280 or Michelle: Ph: 0437 783 551

Trains from Geelong/Melbourne Mon-Fri 08:55 14:27 20:15 Sat 09:30 14:32 20:32 Sun 10:30 20:32

Surf Coast Mobile Library

Proudly supported and sponsored by: Winchelsea Cricket Club and Working With Winchelsea

Old Shire Hall (tea rooms), Hesse St, Fridays, 2pm-5pm

Winchelsea Gym Hours

Water Delivery


5267 2336

Stainless Tanker Up to 22,000 ltr loads Barwon Water Registered Domestic & Rural Water Supplies 122563 22563 25663

Call Wazza Mob: 0428 877 260 Email:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

6-11am & 5-8pm 9am-Midday & 5-8pm 6-11am & 5-8pm 9am-Midday & 5-8pm 6-11am & 5-7pm

Submissions to The Star

The Winchelsea Star welcomes YOUR news, information, articles and items for publication. This newspaper aims to reflect its own community. Naturally, any article submitted for printing must comply with legal requirements such as for libel, discrimination, racism etc. Ideally, submissions fit within one page (allowing for adverts) and at most two pages. With a photo or two, this is around 700-800 words per page. Photos make for a much better article - please do not edit, crop or retouch photos, the Star team will do this as required. If you are able to ‘resize’ the photo(s), aim for around 1000 pixels (px) for the longest side. Many phones and computers can automatically resize photos when being emailed, be sure NOT to choose the small (or “email”) size as this is too small to use in a printed page.Note also that there is no need to submit carefully formatted and laid out

documents, as all formatting is stripped out when the article is imported into The Star. Please also note that any submissions in hard copy (ie. printed or hand-written) or ‘locked’ formats will incur delays as they have to be typed and/or scanned - the Sunday deadline applies to material that can be readily copied-and-pasted.Please send the article wordage separately from the article photos and images. In other words, when submitting an article, attach a document of words only and then also attach the associated images. Include image captions at the end of the article. Send to

Wednedsay 27 November Chris Burns Margaret Carmichael

Friday 29 November


Monday 02 December Robert Armstrong Ken Dunn

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The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Winchelsea Historical Society

Cathy Heckers 1901 Index of the Geelong Advertiser. As provided by Laurene Lloyd of the Winchelsea and District Historical Society to sell Warrington’s Hotel and Store in Black Thursday. Three boys lost their 5/1/1901 Dr Cook of Birregurra reported that with the exception of a few cases of measles, the health of his district in the previous month had been good. Dr Eddie of Winchelsea reported one case of measles. Catering and other privileges in connection to the Leigh Rd races to be held on 23/1/1901 said to have been sold to Mr W. Holahan of the Emu Hotel for £ 40.


A count for the revision of the Winchelsea East and Winchelsea West divisions of the electorate of Polwarth was held on the 21/1/1901. A recent race meeting held at Winchelsea for the Winchelsea Turf Club returned a profit of about £ 40and the result is considered highly encouraging by the Committee.


The funeral of the late Alfred Howes of Winchelsea who was accidentally killed on 21/1/1901 was held on the 23/1/1901. The remains being interred at the Inverleigh Cemetery.


Immense havoc said to have been wrought by the bushfire at Birregurra which marked the 50th anniversary of

lives. While walking home from school they became trapped in the fire. Five buildings were completely destroyed. Horses and vehicles belonging to Messers George Hardy, Bicket, Baum, Farrar and John Darcy were destroyed. The fire is said to have started through a spark from the engine on the morning train from Colac to Geelong. Fire also broke out in Beech Forrest . Mr John O’Brien, a well known selector who was riding on horseback was severely burned around the face and arms.


Mr J.R. Talbot’s homestead at Yeo Vale was destroyed in the recent calamitous fires at Birregurra.


Six deaths said to have resulted so far from the recent Birregurra fires.


Preliminary notice by Neil Campbell, auctioneer, to sell by auction the well known Inverleigh Hotel and Store in March.


Neil Campbell, auctioneer, has received instructions from the trustees in the estate of the late Hannah Warrington

Inverleigh, 18 miles from Geelong on 7/3/1901 at 12 o’clock.


The resignation of Councillor Montague H Smith was received and accepted with regret by the Winchelsea Shire Council. It is Mr Smiths’ intention to go back to the old country and he leaves on the R.M.S Austral on the 19/3/1901.


The nomination of Mr A.T. Moran has been lodged for the vacancy in the Winchelsea Shire Council occasioned by the recent resignation of Mr M.H. Smith.


Reference to the grave condition of Mrs Austin, wife of the Hon. Sydney Austin M.L.C is lying at “Larneuk” between life and death after undergoing a critical operation.


Reference to the death of Mrs Sydney Austin (daughter-in-law of the late Thomas Austin of Barwon Park) 18/3/1901 Reference to the receipt of a pamphlet entitled “A White Man’s Land”. Being articles reprinted from the “Age” by the Protectionist Association of Victoria.

Australia Post provides assurances for Corangamite mail delivery Sarah Henderson MP Since I first launched my petition on problems at the Torquay Post Office, I have been a strong, local voice for better postal services across Corangamite. I have taken a very strong stand on a proposal by Australia Post to move its letter sorting operations from Geelong Mail Centre to Dandenong. If implemented, this would lead to delays in the delivery of local mail in many parts

of the Corangamite electorate including Winchelsea, Colac and Bannockburn. The plan as outlined to me by Australia Post management would put it in breach of one of its Performance Standards under its Community Service Obligations, requiring that mail lodged in any regional city or town, for local delivery within that city or town, must be delivered the next day. I met with Australia Post CEO,

Ahmed Fahour, who provided me with assurances that any plan implemented by Australia Post would comply with all of its Performance Standards. In providing this assurance, Australia Post has made it clear that it will continue to comply with its mandated “next day delivery obligation” for local mail posted in country towns and cities across my electorate. Mail delivery is a vital service.

FREE Bushfire Planning Workshop Plan for bushfire step-by-step in a small group setting. Tea and coffee provided.

2:00pm, Sunday 8 December 2013.

Let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Need assistance to access the venue?

Require an AUSLAN interpreter?

Don’t understand English?

Contact: Niki Habibis on 5240 2717 or 0408 571 914 to find out more.


Where: Winchelsea Fire Station Harding Street, Winchelsea


Main Street Winchelsea Saturday 30th November 2013 at 10:00

Where: When:

Let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Need assistance to access the venue?

Require an AUSLAN interpreter?

Don’t understand English?

For more information visit or contact District 7 on 5240 2700.

Find out: Must-have information for this fire season

Free Bushfire Information Meeting


Wednesday, 27th November, 2013 The Winchelsea Star



The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Adult Education Courses Winchelsea Community House

28 Hesse Street, Winchelsea 3241. Ph: 5267 2028 Fax 5267 2753 Email:

Winchelsea Community House is running a shuttle bus service for the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ service on Saturday 7th December. The BBQ and Santa’s visit begins at 5.00 PM and the service is expected to be finished at around 9.30 PM.

the Mansion and then return to the next pick up point. The bus will resume its service to take people home from the mansion at 9.15PM


The bus will pick up at the following spots in WinchelWINCHELSEA COMMUNITY sea.  Primary School HOUSE. Ph: 52672028  Winchelsea Community House  The Eastern Reserve (footy oval) The cost for the service is a gold coin donation.  Senior Citizens (36 Harding St) At the following times:  4.45pm,  5.15pm,  5.45pm,  6.15pm,  6.45pm, (possibly a 7.15pm stop if required).

Should we have older residents that require a door to door service we can look at accommodating that as well but bookings are essential.

If the bus is full at any particular pick up point, it will run express to

Occasional Child Care 1

place available for children under 3 yrs on Mondays place available for children over 3 yrs on Mondays 2 places available for children over 3 yrs on Wednesday’s 1

Last minute vacancies sometimes available—please enquire and put your name down for casual positions. Renee is now taking bookings for next year. Most days are still available for places in 2014

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

The Winchelsea Star


Winchelsea Bowling Club

By Kitty ‘n Jack

On Tuesday 19th November Division 1 travelled to Colac City while Division 2 played at home in good conditions for bowling. Division 1 Winchelsea were def by City 1 winning 1/3 rinks, 50 shots to 86 shots. Division 2 Winchelsea were def by Skipton, 56 shots to 73 shots.

SATURDAY PENNANT Divisions 1 & 3 travelled to Simpson and it was raining so steadily we left after waiting for 3 hours with no play commenced. Division 4 at home to Cressy, won 2/3 rinks, retained the “Knuckey Cup and won overall 98 shots to 48 shots. On Sunday the 24th the Men’s Pairs semi finals and final were played.

Geoff Orchard & Steve Fanelli def Jason Armstrong & Stewart Williams, Jay & Tony Hawker def David Stephenson & Alan Salmon. The final between Geoff & Steve, Jay and Tony was completed late in the afternoon resulting in a win for Geoff Orchard & Steve Fanelli, congratulations, great bowling and a good win.



Women’s Pairs Final 27th November, Men’s 2 bowl triples. 28th November Ladies Singles commence 9-30 a.m. First week of December the new green should go down which we are all looking forward to seeing this finally eventuate and hope that this new top should be a far more consistent playing surface for

Winchelsea Golf Club Sat 23/11/13 - 2 Person Ambrose - K Stanesby Strophy

1st - S Cole & C Parke 71-10-61 2nd - K Boddington & R Homes 69-7 3/461 1/4 3rd - S Reyland & M Hedger 67-5-62 4th - M Bubb & S Humphries 71-8 1/2 62 1/2 NTP - D Cutler Golden Hole - S Humphries

Midweek - 9 hole Stableford 1st- M Bubb 17 pts 2nd - T Sauni 16pts 3rd - N Hickman 15 pts Next Sat - A Read Trophy - Stroke Working Bee - Midweek - Wed 27th Nov commencing 9.00

New members are always welcome and any person interested in a roll is able to contact David Yandell our club secretary, 52672140 to arrange a convenient time. Please take advantage of this if you would like to try your hand at lawn bowls. Until next week, MAY THE BOWLS BE WITH YOU!!!

Beeac Golf Club Beeac Bandit 23/11/2013

1st Round Summer Cup Winner R/up Nst Pins

William Facey A. Coles Bill Boddington Chris Worden Birdie Balls D. Lewis B. Boddington W. Facey Chicken Run Sponsor Deborah Hall Winner Dusty Drayton Golding Hole Terry Norman Next Week

Do You Know Your Town? • This year, the WWW Group formed. What does that stand for and what do they do? “Working With Winchelsea” A group of community-minded volunteers in an umbrella organisation offering to coordinate and facilitate community projects • Winchelsea has a town website sponsored by the Winchelsea Business & Tourism Association. Do you know the website address?

2 Man Ambrose

Pop quiz on Winchelsea... ANSWERS

• What would be the easiest and best publication to use to find local businesses and organisation? Winchelsea Community Directory • The National Trust run one of the country’s finest period homes here. Which one? Barwon Park Mansion • How many local non-profit organisations are there in the Winchelsea area (to the nearest 10)? Around 80!

• What’s the population of Winchelsea, approximately? 2,000 (2011 census) • Name Winchelsea’s most famous son? Daughter? Albert Jacka Marjorie Lawrence


The Winchelsea Star

Wednesday, 27th November, 2013

Toilets On The Move!

Replacement Toilet Block Design Takes Shape A draft design for the new toilet block has been released, showing plans for the public amenities that will replace the existing toilets on the north side of Winchelsea’s bridge. A tender is yet to be let for the construction of a new bridge, the toilet block and Princes Highway duplication from Austin Street through to the Deans Marsh turn-off. However, an architect has been engaged to draw up a design for the new toilet facilities. Described as an interpretation of a country shed, the construction will feature major walls filled with the old

toilet-block’s bricks, steel mesh screens, and a disability toilet with a baby change table. Peter McLean (Manager Engineering Services, Surf Coast Shire) outlined how the materials chosen needed to be suitable to a public building and will be graffiti

and vandal resistant.

Standing on the proposed site of the new toilet block, to run from here up to the highway (19m x 6m)

Representatives of VicRoads, Surf Coast Shire, the Winchelsea Business & Tourism Association and Working With Winchelsea Group were in attendance along with interested members of the public and Winchelsea Ward Councillor Rod Nockles. Construction is anticipated to begin around March 2014, taking around 3-4 months.

Concept drawing of the new toilet block - brick walls, steel mesh screens, diagonal ridge for polycarbonate roof

Winchelsea Star Vol.36 Ed.42 27-Nov-2013  

Winchelsea Star for the week of 27 November 2013 - Twilight Fete, Councillor Column, Blockbuster column, Carols by Candlelight to feature He...