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Vizio is becoming number one producer of flat screen TVs in the USA. This is primarily because of: a) the high specification of some it's TVs versus competitors e.g. more HDMI ports b) high quality of manufacture and c) it's exceptional value when compared to rest of the marketplace. You will find a number of reasons to buy 1080p. The earlier model 1080i meant 1080 lines of vertical resolution interlaced. This produced 30 frames a second on TV. The alternative to this 1080i standard was 720p 720p meant 720 lives of progressive scan video where every frame of the signal is displayed in its entirety, giving an increased-quality, film-like appearance to the picture. Most manufacturers supported both standards. Few manufacturers supported the new 1080p standard. Broadcasters are reluctant to broadcast at 1080p because it requires significant bandwidth. It is only sports and action movies which look better on the progressive scan. Most movies and TV series look better on the 1080i than either the 720p or 1080p standards. LCD TVs offer a number of advantages: a) The don't experience a burn in as some plasma TVs do, b) They will use less energy than the usual plasma, c) They are thinner than a plasma, d) They weigh less than a plasma and therefore may be able to be hung on walls etc... Vizio has also developed integrated internet functionality into all it's TVs. Combined with 1080p this means that it is the ideal platform to watch High Definition Television.

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==== ==== Find the Best LCD TVs 1080P Here : ==== ====

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