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CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ANSWERS RES 320 Final Exam 1). When the results of exploratory research are extremely positive, they can totally replace quantitative research and save a great deal of money. True or False? 2) The ideal focus group size is A. less than 5 people. B. 6-10 people. C. approximately 25 people. D. more than 100 people. 3). Before a questionnaire can be constructed, the researcher must consider A. the analytical techniques and data analysis to be used. B. the communication medium of data collection. C. the type of information needed. D. all of the above. E. none of the above. 4).With a technically proper random probability sample, statistical errors can be eliminated. True or False 5). When a decision must be made about a specific real-life problem, we would conduct ____ research A. exploratory B. descriptive C. causal D. associative E. applied 6). A Marketing research executive is performing an experiment to determine which of two client ads will draw consumers’ attention better. This is an example of: 7).Which of the following is an advantage of an in-depth interview? A. high degree of structure B. valuable insights into motivation C. need for a skilled interviewer D. inexpensive

E. quickly and easily completed. 8).Concerning data distributed by media, researchers should be aware that A. data are copyrighted and thus of limited use. B. they generally refer to product flows through retail outlets. C. data may cover only limited aspects of a topic. D. government regulations severely limit some forms of data. E. all of the above. 9). Consider the following question: “If you own your own home, what is its approximate value?” a) $30,000 - 50,000; b) $50,000 – 70,000; c) $70,000 – 100,000; d) $100,000 – 140,000 Which of the following is not a valid criticism? A. Categories are not mutually exclusive. B. List of alternatives is not collectively exhaustive. C. Two questions are being asked as one. D. All are valid criticisms. 10). If the research question is “will buyers purchase more of a product in a blue colored or silver package?” the most appropriate type of research would be Res/320 Week 5 Final A. exploratory B. descriptive C. causal D. associative E. none of the above 11). Although the observation method may be used to describe a wide variety of behaviors, cognitive phenomena such as attitudes, motivations, and preferences cannot be observed. True or False? 12). A measurement task that requires respondents to estimate the magnitude of a characteristic or quality that a brand, store, or object possesses is known as A. ranking B. rating C. sorting D. a choice technique 13). The extent to which a measurement is free from random error is a measurement of A. validity. B. reliability. C. predictive accuracy. D. degrees of freedom. E. systematic validation.

14). Experiments have independent and dependent variables. The independent variable is A. The response that is measured B. Is said the be the consequence C. The outcome in which the researcher is interested D. Is manipulated by the researcher when possible E. None of the above 15). Random sampling error A. is the difference between a survey that includes only those who responded and a survey that also includes those who failed to respond. RES/320 Final Exam B. does not occur in non-probability samples. C. results from the nature of a study’s design and the inappropriate or random administration of the sampling process. D. is a function of sample size. E. is a technical term that applies only to simple random sampling. 16). If an airline randomly selects 20 of its flights and selects passengers in the odd-numbered seats to participate in a survey, A. the passengers are the primary sampling unit. B. the flights are the primary sampling unit. C. the passengers are the tertiary sampling units. D. the flights are the tertiary sampling units. 17). If you wanted to display graphically the relationship of one variable to another, you might use a: A. Pie chart. B. Table. C. Line graph. D. Data matrix. E. Computer program such as SPSS. 18). If you wanted to present a great deal of numerical information, you might use a: A. Pie chart. B. Table. C. Descriptive statistical array D. Line Graph E. Bar Chart 19). Validity in research A. Estimates the consistency of measurement B. The degree to which your are measuring what you are supposed to C. Refers to sampling techniques

D. Is a term only used in business research E. None of the above 20). A literature review is important in research because A. Offers an overview of what has been published on a topic B. Gives you the opportunity to find samples of formats you can copy from C. Provides information that may impact how you approach your research problem D. Is an example of internal data mining RES 320 Final Exam

Res 320 final exam