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Stone Age Fusion Stone Age Fusion is a Yarra Valley based small artisan business specializing in the creation and production of unique, pure and vitalistic whole foods that nourish mind, body, spirit, including the planet. Founded by Lisa Elks; her philosophy is a fusion of Stone Age simplicity and upbeat vibe; a constant seeker and creator of ethical foods where powerful nutrition and super foods are packed into every bite, so that small changes can work towards making a bigger effect.


All Stone Age Fusion combinations are a powerhouse of freshly sourced organic [where possible] plant based nature ingredients; mindfully hand crafted, bursting with nutrition to liven your vibration. Delight in their authenticity and be enticed as a conscious foody.

These scrumptious morsels are not topped up with cheap fillers such as starch, vegetable gums, sugars, artificial sweeteners or GMO’s. They ensure great value for money without compromising nutritional content. Stone Age Fusion emphasizes wholistic body strength; aligning with individuals to achieve their goals through unique and purposeful free from allergy/ intolerance causing ingredients and their derivatives: It is food that supports and feels good in your body and brings a smile to your face!

Why choose Stone Age Fusion? High in anti- oxidants to zap harmful free radicals. High in beneficial healthy fats as a concentrated source of energy, brain health and building blocks for cell membranes and hormones. Promote metabolic function from MCT oils. High in phytochemicals such as polyphenols acting like anti-oxidants by protecting the body against damage and risk of disease. Good source of iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus with anti-inflammatory properties. Organically sourced from ethical producers. A micro managed business with a strong focus on personal attention. Up to 90% Australian sourced ingredients where every piece is individually crafted by hand. High Vibrational and delicious. High in protein, fibre, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6.



Fusions Nutrient dense power packed bundles full of real food intelligence! Great for hot or cold take away, mindful sit-down meals accompanied with fresh salads and relishes or in burger buns and served with veggie chips – pre or post workout! All Fusions are Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Corn, Soy, Egg, Nut and Yeast Free - have no added preservatives, additives, sweeteners or cheap fillers, no added refined sugars, and are made using locally sourced quality organic/ethical ingredients where possible. [5-day shelf life refrigerated/3 months frozen].


Sprouted Curried Quinoa & Coconut Fusion @ $7.10 each -min 160g

Activated Green Goddess Fusion -min 160g @ $7.10 each

Happy Harvest Paleo Fusion - min 150g @ $7.10 each

Sprouted Buckwheat Garden Banquet 8

@ $7.10 each – min 160g - Low FODMAP



Grain-Free Pizza Bott-Botts All the wonder without the belly aches and inflammation. Light, thin, crunchy perfection lavishly spread with S.A.F’s own handcrafted dairy and nut free pesto and topped with fresh vitalistic goodness! What’s not to love! All Bott-Botts are made using locally sourced quality organic/ ethical ingredients where possible. They are totally Grain Free, Vegan, Paleo, Dairy Free, Corn, Soy, Egg & Nut Free- have no added preservatives, additives, sweeteners or cheap fillers, and have no added refined sugars. [5day shelf life refrigerated/3 months frozen].


Mediterranean – min 110g @ $8.60 each

Sweet Potato & Kale - min 110g @ $8.60 each

Pumpkin & Pea Curry with Thyme oil - @ $8.60 each Onion/Garlic free - min 110g

Bounce into Spring 12

– Onion/Garlic Free - min 110g @ $8.60 each



Winter Warming Soups [May-October] Vegan, G.F, D.F, Gr.F, Corn, Soy and Egg Free, no commercially bought stocks, sauces or seasonings used – all soups are prepared using locally sourced fresh quality organic/ethical ingredients, herbs and spices where possible, along with Stone Age Fusions own handcrafted vegetable stock bases and pesto’s. There have been no preservatives, additives, sweeteners, cheap fillers or refined sugars in the making of these deliciously nourishing soups. Shelf life 5 days refrigerated/All freeze well. Due to storage and transportation logistics all soups are cold packed into BPA free sealed plastic containers.


Persian Red Lentil – 1 litre @ $17.10 Retail

Creamy Celeriac, Kohlrabi & Cauliflower With Pepita & Parsley Pesto [Paleo] -1 litre @ $18.15 Retail

Spiced Pumpkin, Pea & Coconut with Turmeric & Ginger - 1 litre @ $17.10 Retail 16



A space of Possibility and Wonder

My GratefulHeart.

I did not always see my life from a space of possibility or wonder.

In the discovery and uncovering of ‘self’ these past 20 years came the first stirrings of questions, feverish interest and constant deep diving into wellness, energetic, nutritional and spiritual sustenance, and self-awareness - always driven by this deep yearning to know more, learn more, be more, experience more. From the age of 19, I started experiencing numerous flu like symptoms, colds, anxiety, excessive period pain for most days of the month, constant nausea, headaches, back and joint pain and was always just so tired – which as a newly engaged young lady about to embark on my new life with my beautiful man really should have catapulted me into blissful heaven. Six years later and as the mamma of my then gorgeous 5 and 3 year old bubbas, dealing with grief and trying to understanding the very new and raw experience of my first passing of two incredibly dear relatives, along with the very sad ending of a close friendship without any emotional or logical closure, gradually plunged me deeper into an incredibly challenging and what was to become ongoing, health crisis for quite some years to follow. Life for me became near impossible to function as a normal woman, wife and mother. Not knowing what I didn’t know about how poorly I had been eating and living for a very long time, and trusting in the only form of medical doctor and help I grew up knowing, just led me deeper and deeper into an abyss of anti-biotics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, pain killers and many arguments with doctors as I pleaded to feel better. Not surprisingly I never got any better 18and over time gradually worsened.

After many times of being made to feel neurotic, weak and worthless, I was to receive my greatest gift and major turning point as I sat crying yet again in the chair of my GP’s consulting room. He condescendingly said to me “Well Mrs Elks as a mother of two small children, what else can you expect. Life is hard, and you probably just need to change your lifestyle.” Did I see this as an immediate gift and say, Oh thank you very much, that’s so helpful – I’ll get right on it, even though I’ve got no idea where to even start! Hell no! I ranted and raved and got angry just like the best of them. But from somewhere deep inside I felt my spirit ignite a small but incredibly strong spark – and that was to be my gift! I felt for the very first time, that there was actually life inside me; and it was offering me a whole lot more possibility than the sub existence I was experiencing. My gift had come in the form of what I saw as a challenge to seek, experiment and change. I realised just had appallingly I had been treating my body – in more ways than one. Everything I had been putting in my mouth I chose for convenience and clearly from a highly refined sugar and carb addictive state, which meant highly refined and processed, void of nourishment and life and usually full of chemical, preservative and additive numbers – pretty much test tube created, which I had absolutely no awareness of because these foods are all on the supermarket shelves as fit for human consumption, right. I ate predominantly with my eyes, and over time I had developed bioaccumulating toxins, which is a situation many of us may find ourselves in: to eat one or two bad things may have no adverse effect but eat poorly over long periods of time and these toxins have to accumulate before you actually see a result, usually by then in the form of dis-ease. I now know and feel within every cell in my vital being now, what I was experiencing, and feeling was not the norm as I had believed it to be, and definitely no way to sustain a long and well lived life.

Before having children, I sat at a desk at work, never exercised or moved my body, never walked or connected with nature. I went to work, ate a bag of lollies most days to stay awake, came home, sat down, ate poor quality meats with small amounts of conventional vegetables or take away, snacked while watching TV, then fell into bed exhausted, only to press repeat after a breakfast of some highly processed and sugared cereal. But because I was never overweight from all of this, I never saw it as a problem; so, it made itself known in ways that I just simply could not ignore – Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Severe Endometriosis, IBS, Candida, Insulin resistance, and one the highest bio markers for developing cancer. I was eventually guided to an amazing man and G.P who practiced functional Integrative medicine – Dr. Fred Spittel. Having only been familiar with the usual 8-minute consult I was completely blown away with my 3 hour totally comprehensive consultation. That feeling that I was seen and heard as a worthy human being alone lifted my spirits beyond belief, and that little spark deep inside began to flutter and stir again with the anticipation of what felt like great potential. But then my mind went into overdrive when given my extensive list of foods to avoid and what I’d perceived then to be my painfully short list of foods I could eat; some of which I’d never even heard of. This is the funny thing about the mind – it loves to believe it’s in control and running the show, and most of us without even realising it, give our power over to it. But the strength of the heart and our intuition is always offering us unharnessed power for the taking. It’s in the listening trusting in our internal wisdom and the knowing of our how our individual bodies operate, where we are set to gain the most.


I do believe however that you must want to make these changes for YOU not for your children or anybody else. I know that sounds selfish, but I knew I was already taking brilliant care of my children, putting them first in everything with the last fibres of my being, utilising what energy stores I had. This must be the gift you give to yourself, and only to yourself. To feel well and vital is our body’s natural state and our birthright in this human life; it is then from this space of vital overflow that we then can give and serve others. It is no one else’s responsibility but our own; however, we do all need a little guidance and support along the way. As incredibly difficult as it was adapting into my lifestyle change, the more I learned the more I yearned to learn, fuelled by exuberant days of wellness, and the more I healed on many levels other than the physical. I found a deep solace in my kitchen gleefully working with then unheard-of ingredients, and creating recipes from a whole range of living, organic, highly nutritional and vibrational foods not yet labelled or recognised as the latest superfood or in the realm of the many buzz words and diets we have exposure to now. Fifty years ago, there were no such things as corn syrup, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and chemical toxins in our food, and no such thing as cows and hens who ate corn. As a result, our soil has become so depleted and void of the microbial life that should be feeding us all our nutrients and minerals. Sadly though, this is now where the bulk of our food is coming from.


There are so many diverse stories of people’s spiralling health challenges being the catalyst that eventually leads them onto the path of self-discovery, leading edge research, creators, inspirational world speakers and thought leaders and business owners in the health and wellness arena – and it is exactly within these life experiences where their passion and skill is discovered, fuelling them to go on to share in unique and supportive ways that sets their heart on fire in the service of helping others. I am one such story. I sensed and intuited my way through thoughtful food combinations which on later research were found to not only be complimentary to each other but synergistically healing to our bodies own internal intelligence. Combined and infused within this vibrational framework was the joyful energy I felt in creating a regenerated yet refreshing approach to a clean, conscious way of sustaining and promoting health on an emotional, mindful, spirit energetic and physical level – truly vitalistic! It became crucial for me to interact with and actually know where my food was coming from; where was it farmed; was it cage free, free range, pasture fed and not factory farmed; organic or biodynamic, locally grown or sourced, ethically famed, grown or produced? These burning questions are what helped shape and influence me to excitedly discovering what was to become my skill and gift to not only nourish my family but to eventually share with others – and so Stone Age Fusion began.

In a world where Governments and the food industry did not yet recognise the numerous research studies of leading scientists into the importance of eating an abundance of fresh living foods, unprocessed, unrefined sugars and carbs, with plenty of high- quality fats to activate the body’s natural ability to burn fat as it’s primary source of fuel as opposed to glucose, the challenges I faced were indeed great. We are now as a nation fortunate to have a much wider variety of options available to us. There is no one size fits all approach to anything in our lives, especially nutrition and wellness. As we are ever evolving and changes to our hormones, environment and age are continuously in motion, a lifelong dogmatic pattern to eating is not sustainable either. We are all so beautifully diverse in health, emotion and beliefs. Yet we all do have the power of conscious choice inside each and every one of us. My motivation is spurred purely from this gratifying opportunity to create a choice; one that is healthfully supportive and ethical, high vibrational and synergistic to our body’s own natural intelligence, a boost for our spirit and guilt free for our mind. We are after all, Human Biochemistry and Energy - absolutely every thought and emotion we experience engages the perfect flowing dance of neurotransmitters, hormones and cellular responses. This in turn creates a dynamic effect on our physical bodies, both negative and positive. And in reverse the physical conditions some of us face impact heavily upon our moods, clarity and function in life. Any small effort toward better self care, nourishment, conscious mindfulness or movement to the body really does make a difference. It increases the entire signal and vibration of the body system – 3 different systems - our triune nature of body, mind and spirit, all working in perfect synchronicity.



Fudge Delight

& Allure Range Fudge Delight. Go forth and have no fear! The perfect guilt free decadent antioxidant pick-me-up; no nasties and a super generous serving means sharing is caring; or some for later! Thoughtfully inspired and handcrafted fudgy yumminess, topped with SAF’s own rich homemade chocolate from raw basic ingredients. Totally delicious 3 serving styles – for traditional gentle softness, cover and refrigerate; for a firmer crunchier texture like a biscuit, cut into slices then refrigerate uncovered; or indulge straight from the freezer - so cooling, firm and icy – oh my, so much deliciousness and versatility! Vegan, Grain-Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Corn, Soy, Egg Free -no added preservatives, additives, sweeteners or cheap fillers, no added refined sugars and are made using locally sourced quality organic/ethical ingredients where possible. [4week shelf life refrigerated/totally delicious served frozen as well/6 months frozen].


Super Cacao Fudge Delight - min 110g @ $7.10

Salted Coconut Fudge Delight - min 110g @ $7.10

Cheeky Chai Fudge Delight - min 110g @ $7.10

Christmas Spice Fudge Delight – min 110g @ $7.10

Lemon Myrtle & Lavender Allure Range – min 110g @ $7.40

Rich Toffee Latte Allure Range - min 110g @ $7.40

Luscious Rose Allure Range 24

- min 110g (red rose petals) @ $7.40



CHAKRA RAW AMAZE-balls Far beyond just a protein ball – these are a mindful combination directly related to support the seven body systems on a physical, emotional and fun level, synergistically linked in with our chakra vibrations. Vegan, Grain-Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Corn, Soy, Egg Free, Paleo -no added preservatives, additives, sweeteners or cheap fillers, no added refined sugars and are made using locally sourced quality organic/ethical ingredients where possible. [3week shelf life refrigerated/totally delicious served frozen as well/6 months frozen].



Pear, Coconut & Tahini - Crown “Awaken the Wonder” - min 50g @ $4.40 each

Blueberry lavender & Cranberry - Third Eye

“Dance your inner Wisdom” - min 50g @ $4.40 each

Spirulina & Lemongrass - The Throat

Chlorella, Mint & Cacao– the Love/Heart

Lemon Turmeric & Cacao –the Solar Plexus

Tangerine, Orange & Cacao– the Sacral

Beetroot, Ginger & Cayenne–the Root

“Express your Truth” -min 50g @ $4.40 each

“Expansion of Love” - min 50g @ $4.40 each

“Soul on Fire” - min 50g @ $4.40 each

“No force, more flow” -min 50g @ $4.40 each

“Nurture the root of being” - min 50g @ $4.40 each



Super Inca Bars Where does the nutritional wonder of Super Inca Berries end, oh my gosh! An excellent source of antioxidant vitamin C, A, bioflavonoids, high in B1, B2, B6, calcium, phosphorous, fibre and cleansing pectin. AND‌a fruit protein, who would have thought! All brought together in a high vibrational RAW bar of power and yumminess! Raw, Vegan, Paleo, GrF, GF, DF, Corn, Nut, Egg & Soy Free, NRS, no preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners or cheap fillers, no added refined sugars and are made using locally sourced quality organic/ethical ingredients where possible. [3-week shelf life refrigerated/totally delicious served frozen as well/6 months frozen].


Native Strawberry & Cacao min 60g @ $4.65 each

Lucuma & Lemongrass min 60g @ $4.65 each

Coconut Lime min 60g @ $4.65 each




Canoodles Who doesn’t need a little more loving – self-care ritual or gifted? These pretty little guilt free biscuits are a pure sensory delight, rich in love, playful and all worry free! Vegan, Grain-Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Corn, Soy, Egg Free -no added preservatives, additives, sweeteners or cheap fillers, no added refined sugars and are made using locally sourced quality organic/ethical ingredients where possible. [2-week shelf life refrigerated /6 months frozen].


Berry Ripe

- min 80g @ $4.95 each [Rich Cacao biscuits with a Berry Coconut Cream filling]

Salted Coconut and Peanut Butter Cream – min 80g @ $4.95 each

Espresso with Coconut Vanilla Cream – min 80g @ $4.95 each




Tea Cakes The most scrumptious revival of an ageless tradition. These pretty little teacakes with their delicate soft peaks of frosting and toppings are reminiscent of afternoon tea with Silky and Moonface in the Magic Faraway Tree - chock full of cranberries, currants, goji berries, dates, pomegranate ariels and chia seeds with infusions of rose dust and green tea. All 100% no grains, dairy, corn, soy, egg, added sugars,


Pomegranate & Persian Rose Teacakes - Blush frosting & Rosedust - min 95g @ $5.70 each

Lemon Cranberry Currant Teacakes - Lemon Turmeric frosting. – min 95g @ $5.70 each



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