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Clinical Law Program

Climbing mountains at willamette university

I have always loved climbing mountains. Part of it is the challenge: An engaging challenge can focus one’s mind, body and energy to the point of transcendence. There also is the risk: One can fail, and failure could be life altering, or worse. There is the humility: Humility is born from confronting one’s weaknesses, limitations and errors, as well as the power of elements that surround us over which we have no control. And then of course, there is the view — the view of the world from thousands of feet above the sea while one’s legs are numb from seemingly endless steps and one’s throat is parched from the cold and the thirst and the sharpness of gulping air that is barely there. But, oh, what a view from the top of the world when seen by the power of one’s effort. These last three years I have learned that renovating the Clinical Law Program is a lot like climbing mountains. We chose our summit goals. We surveyed both the faculty and student body to determine which mountains they wanted to climb. We learned that many of our students want clinical experiences to be part of their legal education, and they are hungry for a greater variety of clinical offerings. Faculty indicated that they want the Clinical Law Program to complement and further strengthen the school’s innovative programs of study. Therefore, a decision was made to work toward launching a clinic for the certificate programs in business law, sustainability law, law and government, dispute resolution, and international and comparative law.

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Willamette Lawyer | Spring 2008 • Vol. VIII, No. 1  

Recent Law Faculty Publications: Willamette’s law professors prove they are accomplished and productive members of the academic community.

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