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College of Law Welcomes Class of 2012 On Aug.19, 2009, the College of Law welcomed the Class of 2012 to campus with a three-day orientation program designed to help the 1Ls successfully transition to law school life. In addition to a two-day course on Legal Research and Writing, their introduction to law school included a professionalism program led by law faculty and alumni, a special orientation for students’ spouses and families, and a barbecue with faculty and staff. The Class of 2012 is comprised of 149 students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Women make up 45 percent of the class, and about half of the students come from out of state. The class represents 78 undergraduate institutions and about 39 undergraduate majors, including journalism, business administration, biochemistry, engineering, philosophy, sociology, environmental policy, international relations and accounting. The chart on the right shows a breakdown of the new first-year class.

149 26 45% 15% 80 78 39 14

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Undergraduate Institutions

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Professor Robin Morris Collin Named 2009 Civic Engagement Award Winner “This award appropriately recognizes Robin’s early vision of Willamette Law Professor sustainability — well before the term entered the public Robin Morris Collin was lexicon — and her leadership role since then,” said Dean named a 2009 Oregon Civic Engagement Award Winner by Symeon C. Symeonides in congratulating Morris Collin. Oregon Campus Compact, a In 1993, Morris Collin became the first law professor to teach statewide organization that sustainability at an American law school. She joined the promotes civic engagement Willamette law faculty in the fall of 2003 and later helped and community partnerships develop the Certificate Program in Sustainability Law, which with higher education. Morris she now directs. She also was a founding member of Oregon Collin received the Judith Lawyers for a Sustainable Future. A descendant of a long line Ramaley Faculty Award for of African-American civil rights activists, Morris Collin is a engagement in sustainability writer, speaker and advocate for environmental justice. Her at the organization’s fourth most recent work, a three-volume encyclopedia of annual award ceremony in Portland last April. The award sustainability, is scheduled for release this fall. recognizes excellence in faculty leadership on sustainability issues both on campus and in the community.

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Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2009 • Vol. IX, No. 2  
Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2009 • Vol. IX, No. 2  

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