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Reunion Weekend a Success Members of the classes of 1957, 1977, 1982 and 1997 gathered at the Multnomah Athletic Club on Saturday, July 28, 2007, for a multiclass reception, followed by private sitdown dinners for each class. Members enjoyed beautiful weather, great music provided by a Salem-based trio led by Bill Hughes, and a lovely setting in which to gather and catch up with one another.

Class of 1957

From left: Richard W. Courtright JD’57; Richard Q. Quigley JD’57; Thomas J. Owens JD’57 and J. Wallace Gutzler BA’55, JD’57

Class of 1977

Seated, from left: Kaye R. Webb JD’77, Deborah S. Berg JD’77, Maureen E. Ryan L’77, Bonni C. Canary JD’77, Rebecca S. Weeks JD’77, Frank R. Gruber JD’77 and James W. McBride JD’77 Middle row, from left: Edwin E. Menteer JD’77; Gordon A. Woodley JD’77; John H. Draneas JD’77; Thomas A. Collins JD’77; Michael F. Higgins JD’77; Steven R. Reinisch BA’74, JD’77; Mary Ann Hutton BA’74, JD’77; Karen H. Green JD’77; Merri Souther Wyatt JD’77 and Professor Dean Richardson Back row, from left: Scott B. McLauthlin JD’77; Kenneth D. Canon JD’77; Michael J. Morris JD’77; Christopher J. Fox JD’77; Lance C. Dahl JD’77; William D. McCool JD’77; Marc H. Sussman JD’77; Richard F. Alway JD’77; Ted A. Miller BA’74, JD’77 and Dennis L. Bartoldus BA’74, JD’77

Class of 1982

Front row, from left: Julie E. Dickens JD’82; Elizabeth Pike Martin JD’82; Mary E. Cavanagh JD’82; Susan M. Roe JD’82; Barbara A. Jacobson JD’82; I. Terri Myzak BS’79, JD’82 and Martin M. Rall JD’82 Back row, from left: Edward S. McGlone III JD’82; Jeffrey G. Condit JD’82; Loren W. Collins BA’78, JD’82; June A. Smith JD’82; Vivian Raits Solomon JD’82; Donna M. (Parton) Garaventa JD’82; Professor Ross Runkel; John A. Holmes JD’82 and Ronald L. Bohy JD’82

Class of 1997

Front row, from left: Michelle D. Adams JD’97, Katheryn L. Yetter JD/C’97, Stephanie P. Dikeakos JD’97 and Beth D. Wicklund JD’97 Back row, from left: John M. Kreutzer JD’97, Professor Ross Runkel, Li Wei JD’97, John S.J. Marandas JD’97 and Paul L. Robson JD’97

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Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2007 • Vol. VII, No. 2  

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