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The Inkwell Spring 2008

Volume 2

Issue 4

The Inkwell Staff Faculty Advisors: Dr. Marcia Farrell & Dr. Maria Hebert-Leiter Managing Editors: Melissa Bugdal & Lauren Carey Copy Editors: Elizabeth Clark, Virginia Hults, & Kacy Muir Layout & Design Editor: Stefanie McHugh Staff Writers: Sam Chiarelli, Geoff Forman Justin Jones, Amy Kaspriskie, Matt Kogoy, & David Lewis

Senior Capstones—Spring 2008 Compiled by Matt Kogoy The name in parentheses indicates the faculty advisor for the capstone. While the order remains the same, the specific time of the presentations may vary. Monday April 28, 2008: 4:30pm—Geoffrey Forman (Dr. Chad Stanley) 5:00pm—Kacy Muir (Dr. Chad Stanley) 5:30pm—Alisha Cain (Dr. Chad Stanley) Wednesday April 30, 2008: 4:00pm—Lauren Carey (Dr. Mischelle Anthony) 4:30pm—Dana Zlotucha (Dr. Marcia Farrell) 5:00pm—Amy Kaspriskie (Dr. Mischelle Anthony) 5:30pm—Henry Hunsinger (Dr. Thomas Hamill) Thursday May 1, 2008: 3:00pm—Angelina Teutonico (Dr. Marcia Farrell) 3:30pm—Kate Baas (Dr. Larry Kuhar) 4:00pm—Marissa Phillips (Bernie Kovacs) 4:30pm—Sam Chiarelli (Dr. Marcia Farrell)

Faculty Updates Compiled by Justin Jones Dr. Mischelle Anthony‟s essay, “„Innumerable Judgments’: P.D. Manvill’s Lucinda; Or The Mountain Mourner,” will appear in Literature in the Early American Republic later this year.

If you are interested in joining The Inkwell staff, please contact: Dr. Marcia Farrell ( for more details.

Dr. Kathleen Kemmerer formed a faculty group called Works in Progress. Kemmerer, along with Drs. Mischelle Anthony, Marcia Farrell, Maria Hebert-Leiter, Chad Stanley, and Janet Starner meets several times each semester to workshop pieces for publication. The professors utilize the peer review process of their classroom pedagogies while enjoying 18th-century style tea and biscuits.

The Heaman Scholarship The Patricia Boyle Heaman and Robert J. Heaman Scholarship is awarded annually to an individual who will be a junior or senior English Literature major as of Fall 2008. The recipient of this supplementary award is selected by a committee of English faculty members based on demonstrated excellence in English studies, potential for advanced study in English, scholarship, and financial need. Preference will be given to students from the Wyoming Valley. Applications should be sent to Dr. Larry Kuhar, Humanities Division Chairperson, by May 2, 2008. 1

The Inkwell

Volume 2

Issue 4

Club and Student Updates Compiled by Justin Jones

The Manuscript Society will unveil the Spring 2008 edition of The Manuscript, on Tuesday, April 29, 2008, from 11:00am to 12:30pm, in the Sordoni Art Gallery. Light refreshments will be served. All are invited to attend.

Wilkes in the World hosted Humanitarian Weekend from April 11 to 13, 2008. The weekend included a Create-a-Thon, film festival, open forum, craft sale, poetry reading, and memorial service for the victims of genocidal violence. All proceeds will be donated to Save Darfur, Heifer International, American Care for Sudan, and Keep a Child Alive, which are organizations working to stop violence, hunger, and the spread of disease. The band, The SilenTreatment, with senior English major Sam Chiarelli, Wilkes student Michael Sharkey, Anthony Giamusso, Stephen Martin, and Mark Lieback, will be releasing their debut album entitled Sinful Acts of Audio, on June 17, 2008. The album will be available in stores, from the band, and from all online retailers, including iTunes. The SilenTreatment will be playing a CD release party at Tink‟s in Scranton on the same day the album debuts. For more information, go to or

The Thelma K. and Samuel Bosch Scholarship The Thelma K. and Samuel Bosch Scholarship Award Fund of the Luzerne Foundation will present its second annual scholarship this spring to a graduating senior from Wilkes University. Applicants must have a major in English through the Division of Humanities and/or a major in Political Science through the Division of Social Sciences. First priority in the selection process is academic merit, with financial need being a second priority. Applicants must submit 250 - 500 word essays on why they should receive this award. The essay should include information about the applicant‟s future goals and aspirations after graduation. See Pamela Hoffman in Financial Aid for additional information regarding this scholarship.

Senior Citizens By Lauren Carey Match the baby picture with the name and future plans of these graduating Inkwell staff members. 1.






Future Plans:

A. Geoff Forman

a. Playing in the mud and inhaling noxious fumes.

B. Sam Chiarelli

b. Mainly graduate studies and beyond…writing, and hopefully one day having a book published and see a person‟s outlook change for the better from reading it.

C. Kacy Muir D. Amy Kaspriskie E. Lauren Carey


Applying for the Wilkes University Creative Writing Program.

d. Bringing peace and unity amongst the red and gray squirrels of the world. e. Touring the world and making music my career. Seriously.

Find an extended version of this game at The Inkwell Online. 2

Answers to the Previous Game: 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. G 5. I 6. E 7. - 9. C, F, or H

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