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Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

May 7, 2015 Vol. 92, No. 4

The mission of The American Legion, Department Of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Appleton to Host 97th Annual Convention

The Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in downtown Appleton is slated to host the 97th Annual Department Convention July 17-19. The hotel itself is a popular destination with ample parking and features the legendary Vince Lombardi Steakhouse. Johnston – Blessman Post No. 38 of Appleton is proud to sponsor the convention and has planned a number of special activities to entertain visitors. Depart-

ment Headquarters will establish a presence at the convention site on Wednesday, July 15th. Initial meetings that day will include the Wisconsin American Legion Foundation Board of Directors. The various standing Department Committees will begin meetings at 7AM on Thursday, July 16th. The early starting times are necessary in order for the business of the sub-committees to be completed in

The American Legion Department of Wisconsin

97th Annual Department Convention REGISTRATION FORM

This is your registration form only, NOT your delegate form. Delegate forms are mailed to the post 30 days prior to Convention per the Constitution and Bylaws. First Name__________________ Last Name _____________________________ Member ID Number _________________________________________________ District ____________________________________________________________ AL Post # ________

Auxiliary Unit # ______

SAL Squadron # _________

Street Address _____________________________________________________ City ________________________________________Zip ___________________ Email _____________________________________________________________ Home Phone (__________ ) __________________________________________ Cell Phone (__________ ) ____________________________________________ ITEM




Registration Fee




Reg. Fee after July 13, 2015




Total Enclosed


Make check payable to The American Legion, Dept. of Wisconsin or enter credit card information below. Cash


Credit Card

Card Type__________________Card # __________________________________ Expiration Date ______________ Security Code _____________ Return to: The American Legion, Dept. of Wisconsin Attn: Chris Schmidt • P.O. Box 388 • Portage, WI 53901

advance of the Department Executive Committee meeting scheduled for 4 PM. The convention will begin in earnest on Friday, July 17th with District Caucuses at 7:30 AM and Opening Ceremonies at 9:00 AM. First time attendees will have a great opportunity to socialize and learn about the business of The American Legion first-hand. Convention Committee Meetings will take place at 2:00 PM and consider a number of Resolutions related to Legion business and veterans issues at the state and national levels. The ever popular “GNUTS” meeting will take place at 4:30 PM with a “TET” party to follow. Candidates for Department offices will be hosting Hospitality Suites at the Paper Valley later in the evening. Saturday will be a busy day at convention with the election of Department officers beginning at 8:30 AM. The convention will reconvene at 9:00 AM and many prominent speakers are expected. Department award winners will also be recognized for their accomplishments. The Past Commanders Club of Wisconsin will hold a party at Post No. 38 that evening. Please see the Convention Registration form for details. The 97th Annual Department Convention will wind up on Sunday. The Memorial Service will begin at 8:00 AM in the convention hall. Following the installation of the newly-elected officers and the closing ceremonies the Grand Prize winner of the Convention Sweepstakes will be drawn. The grand prize is the winner’s choice of either $20,000 or a new vehicle from the Boucher Automotive Group. All in all it is anticipated to be a busy and exciting weekend in Appleton. More details and a comprehensive schedule will appear in the next edition of the Badger Legionnaire.

2015 DEPARTMENT CONVENTION HOUSING HOLIDAY INN 150 Nicolet Rd., Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 735-9955 $99.00 Group name Legion State Convention BEST WESTERN FOX VALLEY INN 3033 W. College Avenue Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 731-4141 $99.00 - $119.99 10% Military Discount

SUPER 8 3624 W. College Avenue Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 731-0880 $79.00 10% discount if you mention The American Legion

LA QUINTA INNS & SUITES 3800 W. College Avenue Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 734-7777 Starting at $94.50

DAYS INN 210 Westhill Blvd. Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 733-5551 $45.00

COUNTRY INN & SUITES 355 Fox River Dr. Appleton, WI 54913 (920) 830-3240 $90.00

Department Eagle Scout of the Year Jacob S. Kelley of Scout of the Year. Cottage Grove has He is very interestbeen in the forefront ed in all areas of enof the Scouting progineering and plans gram and best meets on attending college the qualifications to and double majorreceive the 2015 Deing in engineering partment Eagle Scout and mathematics. of the Year Award. He is also considJacob is a junior ering entering the at St. John’s - NorthUnited States miliwestern Military tary, already having Academy and carries been accepted to the Jacob S. Kelley a 4.41 Grade Point United States MiliAverage. He has competed in the tary Academy at West Point. past two American Legion OraJacob has earned a $1,000 torical Competitions and is very scholarship from The American active in his church, community Legion, Department of Wisconand school. In addition, Jacob is sin and his nomination has been involved in JROTC, drill team, forwarded to National Headcross country, track and field, the quarters to compete with other National Honor Society and choir. top-ranked individuals for the Jacob has been recognized with National American Legion Eagle numerous Eagle Palm awards, Scout of the Year Award. was received the 2012 Glenn A. He and his family will be and Melinda W. Adams National invited as distinguished guests Eagle Scout Service Project of to the Department Convention the Year award and was honored to be held in Appleton from as the 2015 Wisconsin Sons of Friday July 17th thru Sunday, the American Revolution Eagle July 19th.

2015 Membership Goal 98.36% District 12 1st PLACE

96.21% District 9 2nd PLACE

94.89% District 2 4th PLACE

94.42% District 3 5th PLACE

93.28% District 6 7th PLACE

92.80% District 7 8th PLACE

90.97% District 11 10th PLACE

89.89% District 4 11th PLACE


95.07% District 1 3rd PLACE

93.66% District 10 6th PLACE

92.80% District 8 9th PLACE

86.72% District 5 12th PLACE

April 30th Total: 57,073 • 95.76%

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American Legion Auxiliary Department of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 140 • Portage, WI 53901

Bonnie Dorniak, Editor Teresa Isensee, Department President Bonnie Dorniak, Exec. Secretary/Treasurer To change your address: Notify Unit Secretary Unit Secretary: Notify Department Headquarters on a Member Data Form The “Wisconsin” deadline for copy is 4 weeks before publication date.

Publication Schedule

All articles due to the Editor four weeks before publication date. Send all copy to


MAY 7, 2015

DEPARTMENT COMMANDER As Memorial Day nears, we take time to remember those who have gone before us. It is a time to honor the service of those Bob Shappell Department Commander who have served with honor. Like many of you, the true meaning of this day becomes even stronger when we have faces to put with the names of our departed comrades. Each Memorial Day I can see the face of one of my Air Force Academy roommates, Jim Simonitsch, who died in a C-130 crash after just a few short years of service. I can see my friend Steve Phyllis, who died over the skies of Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm when his A-10 was shot down while he was flying air cover to protect another pilot who had

been shot down. I can see Mike Butler, a friend who served his country for 20 years of active duty. He was killed near Tikrit, Iraq, when a rocket propelled grenade hit his vehicle while he was working as a government contractor. I can see Frank Birk, the man who hired me to work in the B-2 Stealth Bomber test program. At the time of his retirement, he was the most decorated pilot in the Air Force and had flown over 800 combat missions in Vietnam. He died less than four months after retirement due to injuries suffered as a civilian test pilot while ejecting from an aircraft. Memorial Day became intensely meaningful for me in 2009, the year my father died. A World War II veteran of four major Pacific campaigns and a recipient of the Silver Star, he typified to me all the members of the Greatest Generation.

Seeing his face is now my deepest reminder of the true meaning of Memorial Day. But what about the millions whose faces we cannot see? A few days ago I took the time to walk through two local cemeteries. Most of the veterans’ gravesites had flowers, special markers, or showed in other ways that they were frequently visited. Others stood out to me because I suspected that perhaps they were not as frequently visited. The grave of World War II Army Private Samuel Beck was marked by a simple, flat, Army-green marker showing a date of death of December 1968. The grave was separated from others, creating a feeling of loneliness. Likewise was the grave of Air Force SSgt James Formella, veteran of Korea, who died in June 1980. I also saluted the graves of John Luedtke, World War I Army Private,

and William Kraemer, also a WWI Private. These are just a few of the veterans I was honored to remember on these memorable visits. I don’t know what they looked like, and I never will. I will, however, pull out the sheets of paper on which I wrote down their information, and remember them again on Memorial Day. I have a few other cemeteries to visit as well, because this small action on my part helps me remember the huge contributions and sacrifices they made. When you have taken time to remember the faces of those that you knew, please join me and take a short walk in your own community through the final resting places of those whose faces you will never know, but whose lives have contributed so much to the liberty, freedoms, and opportunities we enjoy today.

DEPARTMEN SERVICE OFFICER All of us served with someone who was known as the “Barracks Lawyer”, otherwise known as the “Cliff Clavin” James Fialkowski know-it-all. They Service Officer were the one person who always seemed to have the answer on what to do in any given situation. Unfortunately they had a way of mixing urban myths in with the facts. Some of the mixed facts that we hear in the Service Office from time to time can be pretty amusing, except when they have a detrimental effect on someone’s veterans benefits. See if you can tell which of the following are facts and which are fiction. VA FACT OR FICTION QUIZ: 1) The VA denies all claims the first time you submit. 2) All veterans are eligible to receive a VA Pension. 3) All Vietnam era and earlier veteran’s

records were destroyed in the fire at the National Personnel Records Center. 4) The VA is composed of three separate divisions. 5) If you have a problem at a VA Hospital or Clinic you should go immediately to the Regional Office and file a complaint. 6) Your CVSO only helps you with County Veterans Benefits. 7) Planning ahead doesn’t help the ones you leave behind. 8) Your American Legion Service Office assists veterans in Wisconsin in obtaining benefits equaling approximately $13 million dollars a month. 9) Reservists and National Guard members are not eligible for VA Compensation. 10) Veterans are divided into eight enrollment priority groups for healthcare enrollment. 11) You may now hire an attorney to prepare, present and prosecute your claim for benefits before the VA. 12) Your American Legion Service Office will charge the same fee as an attorney to represent you before the VA.

ANSWERS: 1) Fiction - Most claims, when wellgrounded, are approved in the first attempt. 2) Fiction - only veterans with the required amount of wartime service with a qualifying discharge and who meet the needs basis criteria are eligible for pensions. 3) Fiction On July 12, 1973, a disastrous fire at the National Personnel Records Center destroyed approximately 16-18 million Official Military Personnel Files. Approximately 80% of Army records for those discharged November 1, 1912 to January 1, 1960 and 75% of Air Force records for those discharged September 25, 1947 to January 1, 1964 were affected. 4) Fact - The VA is composed of the Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits Administration and the National Cemetery Administration. 5) Fiction - The best place to go with complaints is the Patient Advocate at that medical facility. 6) Fiction - your CVSO also assists with

State and Federal Veterans Benefits. 7) Fiction - You should get organized and have a plan to assist those left behind in finalizing your affairs. The Wisconsin American Legion Essential Planning Guide is a great tool to accomplish this mission. Contact Department Headquarters for a free copy. 8) Fact - In the last twelve months, your Service Office assisted in obtaining over $162 million in Federal Benefits. 9) Fiction - Reserve and National Guard personnel are eligible for VA Compensation for injuries sustained in the Line of Duty. 10) Fact - Priority groups 1-8 (Sub-priority: a – d) are enrolled. Priority Group 8 (Sub-priority: e and f) veterans are not enrolled. 11) Fact – Accredited Attorneys are allowed and can charge for their services. 12) Fiction – Trained American Legion Claims Representatives will represent you for free before the VA. Get the Facts, don’t be a Barracks Lawyer.

WDVA SECRETARY May 8, 1945 was “Victory in Europe” Day. With it came the end of six years of total war that left virtually no John A. Scocos person or place WDVA Secretary in the world untouched. There was widespread misery and suffering as the war raged and communities on both sides sacrificed for their cause. There was also courage and fortitude across the world in the actions of the millions of men and

women who joined the Allies to defeat the evil that was Nazi Germany. Though the end of the war was anticipated for several months, this day officially marked the end of hostilities in Europe and brought bittersweet joy to the millions who suffered and sacrificed so much. More than 16 million men and women served in uniform in the United States Armed Forces. Their goal was nothing short of wiping tyranny and evil off the face of the earth. Seventy years ago, they achieved that goal in Europe with the downfall of the Nazi regime.

On May 8, 1945, the remnants of the Nazi regime surrendered to allied forces. Victory was achieved. This day was immediately proclaimed “Victory in Europe Day” or “VE Day.” The day was marked with both celebration and quiet reflection, but nothing would be quite the same again. What does that victory in Europe mean 70 years later? To those few still alive who fought that war, it carries deep meaning, likely known only to them. To those too young to serve, but old enough to remember, they may very well remember the

news of VE Day much the same way they remember the many other significant world events throughout their lives. Many others only know the day as history. That history includes more than 332,000 Wisconsin men and women served in WWII. More than 8,100 died in the war. Those who lived this history should be honored and treasured, as the day will too soon come where there is no more “living history” to be shared; only what we were told by that great generation.


9TH ANNUAL RIDE FOR PEANUTS SATURDAY JUNE 6, 2015 Bikes or Cars • Rain or Shine AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF WISCONSIN DISTRICT 11 Registration: Northwoods Harley Davidson in Arbor Vitae from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. $10 Donation per sheet. For information call Dick McCarthy (715) 453-8253

MAY 7, 2015



Wisconsin Veterans Home at King Receives Medicare Certification

The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King has now been accepted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to participate as a skilled nursing facility in the Medicare program, effective March 1, 2015. Medicare Part A certification will mean that eligible veterans, their spouses, widows, and also Gold Star Parents will have the option of utilizing their Medicare benefits at the King Home. “Wisconsin has the very best veteran’s benefits in the entire nation and our veteran’s homes are a shining example of how we care for those who served and sacrificed in our military,” said WDVA

Secretary John A. Scocos. “We are continuously evaluating how we serve our veterans and working to improve our homes – which we have done for the past four years. Our Wisconsin Veterans Home at King participating in Medicare Part A has been a long time in the works and is yet another great benefit for those veterans making their home at one of our great facilities.” WDVA, as well as the US Department of Veterans Affairs, offers a range of benefits for veterans of all eras and needs. The King Home participating in the Medicare program serves as an additional benefit offered to those who have served our great state and na-

tion. All three of WDVA’s veterans homes, at Chippewa Falls, Union Grove and King, are now Medicare

Part A certified. Anyone interested in more information on the Wisconsin Veterans

Home at King is encouraged to contact the Admissions Department at (715) 258-5586 ext. 2270.

2015 OPEN HOUSE Sunday, May 17, 2015 | 10am - 3pm N2665 County Road QQ | King, WI 715.258.5586 | 888.458.5586





Open House will feature our magnificent location, facilities, physical resources and numerous activities to entertain all ages! ENTERTAINMENT by the Charlie Justmann Band - 10am - 3pm King Singers - 12pm FREE RIDES On Clear Water Harbor’s “Chief Waupaca” 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm GIFT & CRAFT SHOP Beautiful handmade items by members of the Veterans Home. BAKE SALE, FOOD STANDS, COFFEE SHOP, ALLEY 5 BAR OLD CAR SHOW VINTAGE MILITARY & VEHICLE DISPLAY MINI GOLF, FACE PAINTING, CHILDREN’S INFLATABLE, DIZZY D. CLOWN, 4H. Lots of games for kids. TOURS Bus, Admissions, Dementia Unit in Ainsworth Hall and Medical Bureau. VETERAN SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS, WAUPACA AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, ALZHEIMER’S ASSN. WDVA OUTREACH, AND MANY MORE ORGANIZATIONS. Learn about burial benefits. NEW ON-GROUNDS ENCAMPMENT, WOMAN’S RELIEF CORPS AND SONS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The main chapel will be open and will feature a historical overview of King and its founding organizations. NEW HEALTH CARE SCREENINGS AND NUMEROUS EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES WITH ADRC, MOBILE VET, THEDA CARE, CVSO AND MORE IN THE MARDEN CENTER. Advanced Care Directives, Guardianship, “Consider the Conversation” viewing, PTSD discussions, palliative care services, medicare briefing, healthy lifestyles and much more. NEW MEET AND GREET THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS IN THE MAIN HALLS W E N TICKET BOOTH. For food and boat rides.

Home Depot

(continued from cover page)

What Project Would NOT Qualify · Roof repair · HVAC · Structural changes · Electrical and/or plumbing work · Anything requiring permits How do you get started? 1. Determine the three to five Team Depot- friendly projects for which you would like to request funding. 2. Gather your paperwork – You’ll need your 501c19 letter or most recent Form 990 and a copy of your general liability insurance. 3. Visit your local Home Depot store and ask to speak to a Team Depot Captain or member of the

management team about your proposed project. 4. Pending support from your Team Depot Captain, work with your store team to complete a grant application online. 5. Be patient –Team Depot Captains are store associates who volunteer on their time off and cannot always schedule an immediate site visit. It can take two to three months from the time you start the process to the time you receive funding approval to begin your project. For more information, Legion members can also visit on the web.

Wisconsin Represented at National Oratorical Finals The National American Legion Oratorical Competition was held in Indianapolis, IN on April 11th and 12th. Saafia Masoom of Platteville represented Wisconsin, having placed first during the Department Competition in early February. She competed in the quarter finals against students from Idaho, Maine, Indiana, Louisiana and Vermont. Pictured here with Saafia and her family are Department Oratorical Chairman Robert Stone, his wife Betty, PDVC Jim Hying and Grant County Commander Jerry Letcher.

Sheboygan County Youth Government Day Held

Students from Cedar Grove/ Belgium and Plymouth High Schools participated in County Youth Government Day at the Sheboygan County Court House on April 22nd. Students visited many departments and met department heads at the Court

House and County Administrative Building. Posts escorting students were Sheboygan Post No. 83, Greenbush Post No. 261 and Plymouth Post No. 243. Youth Government Day was led by CoChairmen Jim Risenberg and Mike Liebelt along with County

Commander Greg Eirich. For more information on American Legion County Youth Government Day consult the Department Administrative Manual or contact Dawn Brauner at (608) 745-1090 or by email at



MAY 7, 2015

Legion. Camp Director Kevin Moshea was also on hand for the presentation. Commander Shappell was also on hand at the 2nd District Spring Conference to honor Legionnaires Jim Kell of Horicon Post No. 157, Steve Shock of Grafton Post No. 355 and Paul Tutas of Port Washington Post No. 82. The “Spirit of Wisconsin” pin is a special, limited edition award presented to Legionnaires, SAL, Auxiliary Members, and Riders in recognition of special achievements in all aspects of the Legion





Commander Bob Shappell continues to recognize Legion Family members for their work on behalf of Wisconsin veterans, their families and their communities by presenting them with the “Spirit of Wisconsin” award. The Department Commander recently paid a visit to Tanner-Paull Post No. 120 in West Allis to recognize 4 post members. Gary Heyel was recognized for his volunteer work at the Zablocki VA hospital, while Gary Pochert, James Gable, and Kinthy Pourheydarian were honored for their work at Camp American



Legionnaires Show the Spirit of Wisconsin

and our many programs. Anyone can recommend someone for the award, but District, County, and Post Commanders are especially encouraged to identify deserving individuals for this recognition. Simply submit the deserving individuals name to Commander Bob. This special edition pin is only presented to recognize the efforts as Legion Family members. It is not randomly handed out and whenever possible, the Department Commander will personally present the pin.




Bronsted-Searl Post No. 93 of Tomahawk presented WWII veteran Dean Berghammer with a certificate commemorating his 70 years as a member of The American Legion. Pictured left to right are Department Vice Commander Dale Oatman, Dean Berghammer, and Post No. 93 Commander Joe Story Budford “Bud” Curry of Horicon Post No. 157 was recently recognized for 70 continuous years of membership in The American Legion. Bud is 90 years young and attended Badger Boys State in 1941.

Spirit Run Shaping Up for June 18th to 21st Statewide Fundraiser to Benefit Children of KIA’s

Preparations continue for Commander Bob Shappells’ motorcycle fundraising effort scheduled June 18-21. Representatives of the Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin have completed a preliminary “dry run” to verify times and distances for each portion of the trip as well as to judge road conditions. Department Commander Bob Shappell has dubbed this three day, 700 mile motorcycling event the “Spirit Run”. The fundraising ride will begin in Mequon, circle the state, and conclude at the 2015 American Legion Day Celebration at the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King, Wisconsin. Cities along the event route include: Mequon, Germantown, West Bend, Beaver Dam, Columbus, Lodi, Prairie du Sac, Spring Green, Muscoda, Boscobel, Prairie Du Chien, Genoa, Coon Valley, West Salem, Onalaska, Alma, Pepin, Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, Cadott, Merrill, Antigo, Wittenberg, Clintonville, New London and Waupaca. The money raised by the event will be used to fund scholarships for children of military personnel who died while on active

Friday June 19th – 8:00 AM – Depart from West Bend Home Depot 700 W. Paradise Dr.


10:00 AM – Sauk City Kwik Trip for fuel. Sauk Prairie Harley-Davidson to collect donations.



duty. Commander Shappell has set an initial fundraising goal of $59,000 and is seeking ways to ensure that funds will specifically benefit children of Wisconsin service members. Posts, units and squadrons are encouraged to participate by raising funds locally and presenting the proceeds to Commander Shappell and the Riders at stops along the way. Individuals interested2015 in supporting with their tax-deductible SPIRIT RIDE donations or taking part in the 2015 Spirit Run can register online at All registered will receive a patch, pin and commemorative booklet, whether or not they participate on the “Run”. 2015


Thursday June 18th – Opening ceremonies at Mequon Post No. 457 at 7:00 PM

Spirit Ride

The Miller-Justman-Guelig Post No. 270 of Theresa recently recognized Clarence Steger for 70 years of continuous membership in The American Legion. Clarence is a WW2 veteran of the US Navy. The award was presented by Post Commander Gary Erdmann. Several members of the post traveled to Fond du Lac to meet Clarence and present the certificate at his home.


12:30 PM - Wauzeka SPIRIT– lunch at RIDE Century Hall and collect2015 donations 4:40 PM - Coon Valley Post No. 116 - dinner and collect donations Saturday June 20th – 8:00 AM – Depart from Onalaska Woodman’s Grocery 9515 Hwy 16 9:30 AM – Bay City for fuel 11:45 AM - Menomonie Veteran’s Ctr. - lunch and collect donations 14:15 PM - Cadott Cenex for fuel and collect donations.

SPIRIT 17:15 PM - MerrillRIDE Community 2015 Center–dinnerand collectdonations

NMLS ID #283509

Call for a free consumer guide and personal quote. -- Must be 62 or older. -- Never make a monthly mortgage payment again. -- Receive a lump sum of cash, credit line or monthly payments. -- Income and credit not -- See how much you could required. qualify for today. Let a retired active duty veteran you can trust show you how you may benefit from a Reverse Mortgage.

Sunday June 21st – 7:30 AM – Depart from Merrill – Wal-Mart – 505 S Pine St. 9:30 AM - Shiocton River Rail Bar & Grill for donations


11:00 AM - Arrive at the King Vet2015 eran’s Home for donations, meal and parade. 2015

Mike Kraus 7365 Kirkwood Court North, Suite 300 1-800-707-4859 Maple Grove, MN 55369 763-355-8540


MAY 7, 2015

60th Annual American Legion King Pilgrimage

National Commander Announces Private Reception for Membership Achievers The 60th Annual American Legion King Day Pilgrimage set for Sunday, June 21st at the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King will feature an exclusive reception for National Commander Mike Helm and all Legionnaires who earn a “Stay the Course” pin. Any Legion Family member who recruits three (3) new members, or renews five (5) members will be invited to attend the reception and personally meet the National Commander. “I am looking forward to my visit to the great state of Wisconsin and personally meeting all those that “Stay The Course” and have earned my incentive pin this Spring”, commented Commander Helm. The Annual American Legion Day at King draws American Legion, Legion Riders, Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion members from across the state, as well as their guests, every year. Participants will visit the Home and participate in a picnic with

members of the Veterans Home. The 40 et 8 will also participate and the general public is invited and encouraged to attend. Musical entertainment will be provided from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. A delicious charcoal broiled chicken dinner will be served by American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 161 with service to begin at 10:30 AM and continuing until sold out. Cost per meal is $8.00 for adults and $4.00 per child 12 and under. Meal tickets can be purchased on the day of the event. Immediately following lunch will be the traditional King Day parade consisting of Legion Riders, District and Department officers, 40 et 8 Voiture Locomotives, the Marathon High School Drum and Bugle Corps, Color Guards, Honor Guards, and Drill Teams. Following the parade will be a formal program featuring National Commander Mike Helm of Nebraska, Department Commander Robert L.

Shappell and National Executive Committeeman Steve Krueger. “We hope you can join us and help make this a wonderful day for the members of the Wisconsin Veterans Home,” said Committee Chairman and 8th District Commander Jerome Krofta. “I’m hoping American Legion members will make a special effort to represent their posts at the 60th Annual King Day and I encourage all Legion Family and community members to join us for this spectacular day.” he added. A table will be set up in the park where volunteers can receive assignments to assist members of the Veterans Home to join the outside festivities. “This is an excellent way to make a new friend and meet new people.” said Krofta. If you have any questions about the annual American Legion Pilgrimage on Sunday, June 21st, please call Chairman Krofta at (715) 424-6260.

July 11th Shooting Sports Event for Camp Viking Rod & Gun Club in Manitowoc County will host the 1st Annual Stars & Stripes Shoot to support Camp American Legion. Legionnaires and the general public are encouraged to enjoy a day of shooting sports and test their skills on the rifle range, pistol range, trap range, and an indoor archery range. Military veterans, active duty personnel, police officers, as well as everyday shooting enthusiasts are all expected to attend and support a great cause, Camp American Legion! Events include; Rifle Shoot* 100 yard and 300 yard “3 shot group” challenge No .50 BMG caliber firearms allowed Pistol Shoot* 10 yard and 20 yard “3 shot group” challenge Trap Shoot* 25 clays challenge *NO automatic firearms nor

modified semi-automatic firearms designed to simulate an automatic action in any way, shape or form allowed. Also, no .50 BMG caliber firearms allowed. 3D Indoor Archery Shoot 12 target, 24 arrow challenge Shoot one discipline, all four, or any combination. Shoot them as many times as you would like. • Prizes for top shooters in each discipline and overall • Raffles (tickets sold only at event) • Authentic Southern BBQ Lunch • Security personnel on hand • Secure check-in / check-out of firearms brought into clubhouse

Please visit the event’s page on the Department website or the Stars & Stripes Shoot Facebook page to learn more details about the event.

National Commander Michael D. Helm will be coming to Wisconsin June 18-22, 2015 to attend Badger Boys State and the Annual King Day Celebration on Sunday, June 21, 2015. Prior to the King Day Parade, Commander Helm will personally present his incentive pin to

all of those who have earned it between March 28th and June 8th at a special invitation only reception. Recruit three (3) new members, or renew five (5) members and be invited to attend and personally meet National Commander Helm. .

Greetings, I am looking forward to my visit to the great state of Wisconsin and personally meeting all those that “Stay The Course” and have earned my incentive pin this Spring. Thank you very much for your dedication to The American Legion and for “Still Serving America!” Sincerely,

Michael D. Helm National Commander

Waunakee Post Promotes Americanism

Looking forward to seeing you on July 11th! Viking Bow and Gun Club 13431 Rusch Road Valders, Wisconsin Club House Phone: (920) 758-2247

Event Schedule 8:30AM: Commencement Ceremony 9:00AM: Ranges open 5:00PM: Ranges close 5:30PM: Closing Ceremony

about your options and preferences for future medical decisions, like Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). It is important to learn about your options before there is any medical emergency. This will better prepare everyone for the future and make it easier for you and your loved ones in emergency situations. Call if you would like assistance in: - Learning about your options

National Commander Michael Helm to Attend King Day

For additional information or to make a donation please contact Event Coordinator David Potter at (920) 905-0077 or

William Lansing Post No. 360 recently presented 70 American Flags to the Village of Waunakee. Main Street in Waunakee was completely upgraded in 2014 and to beautify the downtown area the post donated flags to fly over

the Memorial Day weekend, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and “Waunafest”. The flags were presented to Bill Frederick, Village Public Works/Parks superintendent, at the March membership meeting.

2015 Convention Sweepstakes Kicks Off! TOP PRIZE - $20,000 or NEW CAR

Madison VA Launches Program Honoring Veterans Wishes

The Madison Veterans Hospital has a new service called Honoring Veteran Wishes. The service helps veterans do Advance Care Planning. What is Advance Care Planning? It is a service that will help all veterans who are eligible for care at the VA complete Advance Directives for free. The service will also discuss with you what your goals are for medical care. Most importantly they will talk with you and your loved ones


for medical care in emergency situations. - Talking to your family members ahead of time so they understand what you want. - Creating advance directives, such as the Power of Attorney for Health Care. This program is currently exclusive to the Madison Veterans Hospital. To ask a question or make an appointment, call (608) 256-1901 ext. 15072

Hawaiian Vacation!

$10,000 Vehicle Allowance NEW 2015 OR $20,000 CASH! VEHICLE from Boucher!

Excitement is starting to build for the 2015 Department Convention Sweepstakes. Top prize in the drawing is the option of $20,000 cash or a car from Boucher Automotive Group. Sweepstakes forms are in the mail. For questions or to order additional forms, contact Sandy Ryce at (608) 745-1090 or

55” BIG Screen TV! New Hunting Rifle!

By supporting the 2015 Department Convention Sweepstakes, you make it possible to continue the programs of The American Legion. The drawing will be held on Sunday, July 19th at the 97th Annual Department Convention being held at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, 333 W. College Avenue in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. You need not be present to win.



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SEPTEMBER MAY25, 7, 2015 2014

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Prepared and confident

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Choose the medical alert service that has saved more lives than any other There’s a Lifeline medical alert solution for you Whether you need the go-anywhere protection of GoSafe* or the peace of mind offered by HomeSafe, Lifeline has you covered. Special offer for Legionnaires Save up to $70 with free activation and free shipping


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© 2015. Button signal range may vary due to environmental factors. For new customers only. Not to be combined with any other offer and subject to change without notice. Monthly fees and applicable taxes apply. Other fees may apply. Minimum stay on service may be required. *Coverage outside the home provided where AT&T wireless network coverage is available.

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MAY 7, 2015














Post No. 363 • Denmark Terry Rueckert

O ST C MMAN O P No. 116 • Coon Valley Post Gary Hess THE


Post No. 161 • King Will Pope



100 %

Post No. 485 • Rudolph Ray Haas



Post No. 15 • Juneau Julie Muhle

Post No. 488 • New Berlin Kenneth Albrecht

Post No. 189 - Watertown Ken Zindars

Post No. 192 • Franklin Dennis Amaturo

Post No. 206 • Wonewoc John Jurkowski

Post No. 315 • Stoddard John Ross Sr.

Post No. 416 • Greendale Tim Baranzyk

Post No. 518 • Green Bay Harold J. Pfotenhauer

Post No. 11 • Green Bay Dennis Counard

Post No. 118 • Thorp Richard Szymanski

Post No. 160 • Brooklyn Lyle Wanless

Post No. 539 • Green Bay Betty Allen

Post No. 332 • Pulaski Commander: Frank Lindsley Recruiter: Pat Nachtwey


• GOLF OUTING - National Our team is so very grateful for the support we have received Candidate Benefit Golf Event is across Wisconsin. Our campaign scheduled at the Reedsburg Counfundraising committee has set try Club on Saturday, June 27th four goals for us to meet and we with a shotgun start at 9:00 AM. are happy to report we have ex- Contact your Post, County or Disceeded our 1st goal. We know that trict Commander for more inforeach goal becomes progressively mation or call PDC Ted DeMicchi harder to meet, but with the enthu- at (262) 945-1496 or by email at siasm each of you have brought All memto this campaign we are confident bers of the Legion Family or the we will meet each one in due time. General Public can participate. Here are a few ways in which Everyone is welcome and invited! you can help Denise Rohan in her Your Post/Unit/Squadron/Riders efforts to serve as your National or local business can sponsor a Hole for only $50.00 and a speCommander; Advertising Material

If you were exposed to ASBESTOS, and you SMOKED or have any of the following symptoms, see your doctor and perhaps an attorney.

    

Persistent coughing or wheezing Chest pain Shortness of breath Coughing up blood Weight loss with no known cause

Cascino Vaughan Law Offices, Ltd. Allen D. Vaughan, Esq.

Michael P. Cascino, Esq.


1110 N. Old World Third St., Milwaukee 53203

Serving Wisconsin’s Asbestos Victims for over 25 years. Advertising Material


cially designed “Team Wisconsin” sign with your name will appear on the sponsored hole. • PERSONAL DONATIONS - You can make a personal donation to Denise Rohan for National Commander and mail it to PO Box 930100, Verona, WI 535930100. We can accept checks or credit cards. If using a credit card please provide card number, CVV number and expiration date along with your name and address. • SPORTSMAN’S BANQUET – Verona Post No. 385, McFar-

land Post No. 534 and other Dane County American Legion posts are teaming up to sponsor a Sportsman’s Banquet at the McFarland post on September 12, 2015 starting at 4:00 PM. Tickets are $40.00 each and include dinner. The 1st prize is a Ruger® Gunsite Scout .308 Bolt-Action Rifle, 2nd Prize is a Diamond Necklace. 3rd, 4th, and 5th Prizes are $100.00 each. There will be additional raffles during the evening with many more guns and other sporting equipment. You can contact Mike Rohan for tickets and more infor-

mation at or by calling (608) 837-9763. As always, Wisconsin’s Candidate For National Commander Denise Rohan is available to attend fundraising events in your area. You can find scheduled campaign events and details listed on the website under “Post Events” listed as “Wisconsin’s National Commander Campaign”. Please contact our campaign manager Mike Rohan at or call him at (608) 837-9763 for availability.

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