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“For God & Country”



Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

July 16, 2015 Vol. 92, No. 6

The mission of The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

DNR Board Votes to Allow Camp Expansion Lease Amendment to Take Place at Convention

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board voted on Wednesday, June 24th to restore 220 acres of land in the Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest to Camp American Legion. Camp American Legion’s origin can be traced to the inspiration of Jim Burns, the 1st Wisconsin American Legion Service Officer, who as early as 1920 would make arrangements for sick or disabled Veterans to go camping in northern Wisconsin to get their minds off their problems, regain health by exercise and live close to nature. In March 1925 the Legion entered into a contract to purchase “Camp Minnewawa”. The camp was put into operation in the summer of 1925 and renamed

Camp American Legion. Lands used in conjunction with the camp have been leased from the State of Wisconsin since 1927. At various times during the 90 year history of Camp, the Legion has controlled different sized parcels of State-owned land, the largest of which fell under a lease which ran from 1944 to 1964. In 1964 American Legion leadership relinquished substantial areas of land with the understanding that this land would again be available to the Department in the future. During negotiations for renewing the current Lease, which runs through 2024, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and American Legion representatives discussed restoring the relinquished lands to Department

Camp Goes “Back to the Future”

From the July 1944 Edition of the Badger Legionnaire

control. Because the land relinquished in 1964 had been available for Public Access, the DNR Master Land Use Plan (MLUP) for the forest needed to be formally amended before restoring the relinquished lands to Legion control. The decision by the Natural Resources Board at their June 24th now clears the way for the Camp to return again to the 1944 footprint. As Camp American Legion continues to grow in popularity with Wisconsin military service personnel, veterans and their families, new programs and activities are offered. The Department will continue to provide expanded opportunities to serve Wisconsin’s military community and veterans in fulfillment of our mission.

Wisconsin American Legion Joins the Army

Commander Bob Shappell, an Air Force veteran, is proud to announce that the Wisconsin American Legion and the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion in Milwaukee have joined together and formed a a partnership for mutual support. The formal relationship agreement was signed on Monday, June 15th, at the Peter Wollner Post No. 288 in Cedarburg. The relationship is based on the shared values of The American Legion and the Army Recruiting Battalion and their joint commitment to developing the academic and leadership potential of young people. Signing the document on behalf of the Department of Wisconsin was Commander Shappell, while Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Lima, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for Wisconsin, and Lt. Col. Daryl Collins, commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Milwaukee, signed on behalf of the Army. The document reads: The Milwaukee Army Recruiting Battalion and Wisconsin American Legion recognize the shared values and goals in supporting the Nation’s youth by raising awareness of education

and career options and developing the skills and leadership qualities necessary for a lifetime of service.

The Milwaukee Army Recruiting Battalion is committed to: • Supporting the Wisconsin American Legion in meeting its (Continued on Page 4)

2015 Membership Goal 100.66% District 12 1st PLACE

97.98% District 9 2nd PLACE

96.03% District 2 4th PLACE

96.03% District 3 5th PLACE

94.48% District 8 7th PLACE

94.14% District 6 8th PLACE

93.26% District 11 10th PLACE

90.99% District 4 11th PLACE


96.82% District 1 3rd PLACE

95.42% District 10 6th PLACE

93.86% District 7 9th PLACE

89.45% District 5 12th PLACE

July 9th Total: 57,863 • 97.09%

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JULY 16, 2015

DEPARTMENT COMMANDER This is my final article as your Department Commander. The past year has been a great year for the Wisconsin American Legion Bob Shappell Department Commander – a year of which I am very proud. We said we would start a new Legion post on a college campus, and we did that. Post No. 1881 at Concordia University in Mequon is alive and well, and will be the model for more college posts as we move into the future. We forged a partnership with the US Army Recruiting Battalion, creating a foundation to link up Army recruiters with local posts, especially aimed at joint efforts in youth education and activities in high schools. We completed a second straight motorcycle ride, the Spirit Run, raising nearly

$50,000 on the ride for the Legacy Scholarship Fund. We recognized the need to expand our abilities to serve more veterans at Camp American Legion, and gained unanimous approval from the DNR to transfer 225 additional acres into the Camp. While in themselves these accomplishments are noteworthy, they are more important because of their focus on our future growth, strength, and capabilities. I stress the future, because we, the Legion Family, are becoming more and more important to veterans and their families. Within the past few months, you may have heard a radio message in which I said, “The American Legion changes lives.” I believe that with all my heart. Just think of all the people we touch each year. Think of the young man who attends Badger Boys State and goes on to become a respected business-

man, or senator, or governor. Think of the Boy Scout who earns his Eagle rank because of the support of a Legion Post that sponsors the troop. Think of the veteran who needs a little help to get back on track with life, and receives a timely grant from us. Think of the veteran who visits our Department Service Office and gets help receiving thousands of dollars in benefits. Think of the young man who spends the summer playing Legion baseball instead of becoming involved in less wholesome activities. Think of the veterans and spouses in our Wisconsin veterans homes who benefit from the care, attention, and love from our hundreds of Legion Family volunteers. Think of the many veterans who benefit from the healing environment of Camp American Legion – they will tell you that their lives have changed. Some will even say that Camp saved

their lives. Finally, think of the many communities around the state that are better communities because of the volunteerism, Americanism, and generosity of their local Legion posts. Over the past year, I have seen how important our Posts are to their communities. We are important because we care – because we are passionate about our causes – because we are united by our service to country. The things we do, and the way we do them, positively affect tens of thousands of lives each year. We are powerful in both our actions and our words. I thank all of you for the opportunity to have served as your Commander this year. I look forward to working with many of you in the future as we keep this organization growing in size, service, and spirit – yes, the Spirit of Wisconsin.

CAMP DIRECTOR Working with the Wisconsin Air National Guard, Camp American Legion recently conducted our “Strong Kevin Moshea Bonds” program. Camp Director It was done within a 128th Aerial Refueling Wing Air Terminal Reintegration Weekend. Camp had a good group of Airmen, spouses, families and children. Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Air Guard Family. The core mission of the Strong Bonds program is to increase individual Airman and Family member readiness through relationship education and skills train-

ing. Strong Bonds is conducted in an offsite retreat format in order to maximize the training effort. Camp American Legion was the perfect setting. The training “get away” provides a fun, safe and secure environment in which to address the impact of relocations, deployments and military lifestyle stressors. During the session, a very interesting demonstration took place based in part on a book by Steven Covey titled “First Things First”. The instructor took a large jar. He filled it with good sized rocks and asked, “Is the jar full?” Most everyone responded, “Yes”. But was the jar really full? The instructor then took some gravel and poured it in with the rocks, shaking the jar so that the gravel settled. Then he asked again, “is the jar full?” At that point most

people are catching on, so some of them responded, “Probably not”. Then he took out a bucket of sand and poured some in. As the sand filled in the spaces left, once more he asked, “Is the jar full?” Some said “No” but others weren’t sure. Finally the instructor took a pitcher of water and poured some into the jar filling it to the brim. Now the jar was full. The instructor then asked what people thought the point of the illustration was. Some would say that no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can always fit some more things into it. But the important point is; if you don’t put the big rocks in first, you will never get them in at all. In all of our lives we have big rocks, gravel, sand and water. The big rocks are the important things in our life that we don’t

do because we are always dealing with the little stuff, the gravel, sand and water. The natural tendency seems to favor the small things, leaving little space for the most important tasks. How many times have we said or heard someone else say; “Oh, I have no time for that” and it is a big rock in their life. What are the “big rocks” in our lives? A large project? Spending time with your family? Our health? Our finances? Our faith? Our personal development and dreams? Make a point to make a list of your big rocks. Then make a plan to ensure that your big rocks are put in your life jar first. Thanks for your continuous support of Camp American Legion and God bless! Kevin Moshea, Director

WDVA SECRETARY The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs has many great partners in taking care of Wisconsin veterans, John A. Scocos including many WDVA Secretary great veterans service organizations. Through Camp American Legion and other programs, The American Legion – Department of Wisconsin is one of those great partners. The American Legion has operated Camp American Legion since 1925 on land owned by the State of Wisconsin and managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Located in the town of

Lake Tomahawk, 22 miles north of Rhinelander, the camp conducts programs free of charge to honorably discharged Wisconsin veterans of all ages and all wars, active duty, Reserve and National Guard military personnel and their respective families. Camp American Legion provides a peaceful, fun stay at a camp on the lake, serving those who have a physical or psychological medical condition, any and all types of service and non-service related illnesses, injuries or disabilities. Our current and most recent wars have brought veterans issues and needs again to the forefront of our minds, but thankfully we have had in place programs like Camp American Legion to help our vet-

erans as they return home. The camp has lakefront cabins dedicated exclusively for the use of veterans who have returned from Iraq and/or Afghanistan. These private cabins are designed to allow families to reunite and spend quality time together to reunify as a family. Veterans returning to Wisconsin from service in Iraq and Afghanistan are not alone in restoring their lives to normalcy. Combat veterans from all eras deal with stresses that effect their family and professional lives. Camp American Legion hosts weekly peer group counseling sessions to assist veterans deal with posttraumatic and combat operational stress. In addition, there are many

programs at the camp to assist veterans: homeless veterans, wounded warriors, women veterans, among others. The American Legion is looking to further partner with the DNR and WDVA to make new substantial improvements to the camp. Planned and potential improvements include new structures and hunting blinds for disabled hunters to better serve veterans. The Legion is actively seeking partnerships with the UW and its hospitals to further the Camp’s central mission of rehabilitation. The WDVA is proud to be a partner of the Legion in serving our veterans and looks forward to a continuing relationship that serves our veterans.


JULY 16, 2015



New Legion Post at Concordia University Seeks to Serve Veterans By Gary Achterberg – Special to the Badger Legionnaire On a chilly, early April evening, veterans and others filled a room at Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) to celebrate a new relationship. The group of about 100 witnessed the birth of Wisconsin’s newest American Legion Post, which is calling the Mequon campus home. “For us, being a Christian-based institution of higher learning, ‘For God and Country’ pretty much says it all,” said Eduardo Garza, who was elected the first commander of Post No. 1881. He is also the newly appointed director of Veteran Services for CUW. “When we enter the service, we thank God for what we’ve been able to do to protect our country,” said Garza, who spent six years on active duty in the U.S. Navy. “Here at Concordia, it’s the same mission—we serve others.” Post No. 1881 bears added significance because that is the year that CUW, formerly Concordia College, was founded in Milwaukee. The installation ceremony for the new post attracted veterans from all over Wisconsin, including The American Legion’s state commander and the assistant secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. Other nearby posts, particularly the Peter Wollner American Legion Post No. 288 in Cedarburg, welcomed their new brother with open arms. “I can’t see a better fit for a post than Concordia University,” said Bob Shappell, The American Legion’s state commander, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy who served more than a quarter century on active duty. He has been in The American Legion since his retirement in 2001.

Shappell said CUW is one of the best supporters of veterans in institutional higher learning. “The association with the campus will create a special situation where the Post’s boundaries extend to the hometowns of its students,” he said. Garza said an initial goal for the new post is to establish a veterans resource center that will give veterans a place to visit, call their own, and serve as a welcome center for their families. “The term ‘resource center’ is key because we want to be a resource to help veterans and their families get in contact with the people who can help them,” he said. “We have established some very good partnerships here at Concordia with the VA Medical Center, the Vet Center, and all those different facilities that are designed to help veterans and their families.” “Should a veteran or family come to us and need assistance, we know exactly who to call and how to help them,” he said. Another way CUW reached out to veterans was a recent outing that connected the University and others in the community with veterans. Andrew Locke, CUW’s senior director of donor relations, worked with Garza to organize a “Take a Vet Hunting” event at the Highlands Sportsmen’s Club in Cascade, about 35 minutes from campus. The club is owned by T.J. and Anne Sommer, who recently established a scholarship endowment for CUW and are strong supporters of the University in many other ways. The group of 12 vets and 12 supporters spent a day hunting upland birds, including quail, pheasant, and grouse. Locke said it gave University backers an op-

portunity to say thank you to the veterans, and forge new relationships as they walked and hunted together. The event also helped show support for Concordia’s new veteran initiatives. The formation of the Legion Post—one of just 10 in the nation on a college campus— underscores CUW’s commitment to veterans, which also includes the Veterans Services office that Garza leads. “The University is prepared to help veterans apply credits toward their military transcripts so they can make the most of the 36 months of tuition provided under the GI Bill,” he said. “How do you get a four-year degree with three years of tuition?” Garza asked. “By being able to utilize the credits they do have and apply those to their program. We’re better serving the veteran and helping them accomplish their goal of getting a degree.” While the charter members of the Post span a wide age range, Garza said he is honored to have a World War II veteran as one of the Post’s 36 charter members. Eugene “Lefty” Ferry, the  father of CUW’s president, is part   of the Post.   Garza said that the Rev. Dr. Patrick Ferry could not have   been more supportive and helpful in   the process of getting the Post started on campus. During the   ceremony, Ferry said he  is honored to be associated with the armed services and The  American Legion.   “I can’t tell you how grateful I   have am to be your colleague and the privilege of serving alongside   you,” he told the students, fac  ulty, and others at the ceremony. “You are among the great  heroes in my life.”   Ferry said the new Post not only   pays tribute to the University’s    

veterans, but also will allow the student population to grow in their appreciation for all that service members have done on their behalf. “You serve us in order to protect

Department Commander Robert Shappell of Peter Wollner Post No. 288 of Cedarburg administered to oath of off to the new officer of Concordia University Post No. 1881 at their installation ceremony held at the Mequon campus. The post commander is Eduardo M Garza, Jr. and the post adjutant is James Eichelberger.

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Reverse Mortgages REVERSE MORTGAGES Also, in the same period of time, almost $1 billion dollars in claim benefits have been paid to Legionnaires and their families through the LIT; and over $71 million in allocations have been paid to participating Legion Departments. The first Trust insurance plan to be offered was the Hospital Income Call for a free consumer Protection plan, a program designed to pay fixed dollar amounts for guide and personal quote. periods of hospital confinement. Over the years, other insurance coverage -- Must beTravel 62 Accident, or older. offered included: Cancer, Accidental Death, Critical Illness, Disability Income, Emergency Assistance, Long Care, -- Never make a Term monthly Medicare Supplement, Discount Cards, Dental, Whole Life, Auto, mortgage payment again. Homeowners, Identity Theft, and Home Health Care.


-- Receive a lump sum of



our freedoms,” Ferry said. “Because of your service, places like Concordia University Wisconsin are able to do what we do and fulfill our role in Christian higher education.”


Since its creation, AGIA has cash, worked closely withline the Trust develop credit ortomonthly insurance programs especially designed for Department members and their payments. families. We are proud to serve you through the Trust and invite your -- Income and credit not inquiries and suggestions on any aspect of our activities.

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Jason Simcakoski Memorial Safety Act

By Senator Tammy Baldwin

America’s veterans have served our nation through two, decadelong wars, making many sacrifices along the way. Sadly, a large number of our service members are coming home to face the difficult challenge of physical injuries, addiction, PTSD and other mental illnesses. These problems were tragically illustrated last year with the death of Wisconsin native, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Jason Simcakoski. On August 30, 2014, Jason died at the Tomah VA Medical Center as a result of what was medically deemed, “mixed drug toxicity.” At the time of his death, Jason was on 14 different prescription drugs. Jason’s story is a devastating example of the destruction caused by overmedication and addiction, the roots of which are regrettably at the VA. That is why I have worked across the aisle in the United

States Senate, alongside Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, to introduce bipartisan VA reform legislation called the Jason Simcakoski Memorial Opioid Safety Act. This bill takes steps to address the problem of overprescribing practices at the VA and to provide safer and more effective pain management services to our

nation’s veterans. It will give veterans and their families a stronger voice in their care, strengthen opioid prescribing guidelines, and enhance provider education and training. It also works to improve coordination and communication throughout the VA and puts in place stronger oversight and accountability for the quality of care we provide our veterans. I am grateful to The American Legion for your support of this legislation, which also has the support of several other veterans service organizations, medical professionals, Senators, and the Simcakoski family. My hope is that by enacting these reforms, we will prevent tragedies like Jason’s from occurring to other veterans and their families by getting them help, instead of getting them hooked. Learn more about the Jason Simcakoski Memorial Opioid Safety Act by visiting

JULY 16, 2015

Oconto Post No. 74 Donates Flag

Oconto Post No. 74 recently donated a POW MIA flag to the Bond Community Center. Connie Parkovich, Executive Director, and John Hubacker, Team Facilitator, receive the donated flag from Oconto Post No. 74 Service Officer Richard Pinkart.

Outstanding Senior Boy Award

SPIRIT RUN NEARS $50,000 MARK! Funds to Benefit Children of KIA’s The 2015 “Spirit Run”, Commander Bob Shappells’ motorcycle fundraising effort to benefit the Legacy Scholarship Fund, roared to a climax at the Wisconsin Veteran’s Home at King on Sunday, June 21st at the 2015 American Legion Day Celebration. The Spirit Run began in Mequon on Thursday, June 18th and circled the state with stops in Germantown, West Bend, Beaver Dam, Columbus, Lodi, Prairie du Sac, Spring Green, Muscoda, Boscobel, Prairie Du Chien, Genoa, Coon Valley, West Salem, Onalaska, Alma, Pepin, Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, Cadott, Merrill, Antigo, Wittenberg, Clintonville, New London and Waupaca. The money raised by the event will be used to fund scholarships for children of military personnel who died while on active duty. Since September 2001, some 11,000 children have lost a




parent in service to our country. “These children are the innocent casualties of war”, said Department Commander Bob Shappell. “The American Legion’s Legacy Scholarship Fund was created to ease their burden and we’re anxious to do our part.” The total survivor benefit for children of military personnel killed on active duty is slightly more than $26,000, to be used for a college education. In today’s dollars, this benefit will pay about half of what a college education costs in the most affordable situation. This gap widens when projecting future college costs.

Conservative estimates call for an increase by 5 percent per year, meaning that in 16 years, the most affordable college education will be $94,332. Military compensation will not keep up with these dramatic increases. The American Legion’s Legacy Scholarship Fund is designed to help fill the financial gap for these children. “Providing an education for the children our military personnel leave behind is a civic duty and a powerful way to show our thanks”, Shappell concluded. Legion Family members in posts, units and squadrons across Wisconsin participated by raising funds locally and presenting the proceeds to Commander Shappell and the Riders at stops along the way. Individuals still interested in supporting with their tax-deductible donations can contact Department Headquarters at (608) 745-1090.

Post No. 93 Commander Lowell Liberty recently presented the Outstanding Senior Boy Award to Jacob McGuire. This award is based on scholarship, athleticism and volunteerism. The award also includes a $250 scholarship. (Continued from page 1)

mission to develop leadership, foster personal growth and enable career success in students. • Providing support to American Legion events as mission allows. • Looking for opportunities to increase collaboration, develop additional programming and heighten awareness of the benefits of Army service and officership among American Legion family representatives. The Wisconsin American Legion is committed to: • Emphasizing education, service to nation and leadership as pathways to success via Army service.

• Providing opportunities for US Army personnel to participate as subject matter experts during American Legion events, workshops and seminars to speak about Army education, career opportunities, teamwork, advanced skills training and leadership. This partnership helps solidify local ties between Legion Posts across the state and local Army recruiters. Legionnaires are encouraged to reach out to local recruiting offices and assist Army personnel. For more information, contact Department Headquarters at (608) 745-1090.

Legion Riders from across the state took part in the 2015 Spirit Run to raise funds for the Legacy Scholarship Fund which benefits the children of service members who have died while on active duty since the advent of the Global War on Terrorism. The “Spirit of Wisconsin Run” traversed 700 miles, passing through 28 Wisconsin counties, and culminated at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King on Fathers’ Day, Sunday June 21st.

JULY 16, 2015


WisCAR Raises Funds for Camp

Joseph Morouney of Darien, WI is the President of Wisconsin Children of the American Revolution (WisCAR). Joseph raised over $1,500 for Camp American Legion. To be part of this group the young person must have a documented ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War. Joseph contacted American Legion and VFW posts in the area, as well as other veterans organizations such as Vietnam Veterans of America and the Wisconsin Daughters of the American Revolution as donors to his project. Joseph, who is 14 years old, chose Camp American Legion as his project because both his father and grandfather are now or have been

Post commanders of American Legion Post No. 440 in Clinton WI. Joseph’s father Michael is



a Desert Storm veteran and his grandfather, James Schumacher, is a Vietnam veteran.

Members of Brackett Post No. 550 and Fall Creek Post No. 376 leading the Fall Creek Fun Fest Parade. The event attracts hundreds of visitors to the small Western Wisconsin community each year.


Past Dept. Sergeant of Arms Meeting

12th District Celebrates 100% Membership Achievement

Sydney Olsen, shown with dad, rides her “Princess” bike; one of 25 donated to Camp American Legion by Post No. 375 of Mukwonago. The post also donated bike helmets and a new golf cart. A big thanks to Community Post No. 375 from the land of the Bear! Seeing the smile on this little camper’s face says it all on how much appreciated this donation is. Camp continues to put in place activities and play things for the kids. In just the first three weeks of Camp from May 4 - 24 we have had 56 children. The 12th District celebrated reaching 100% of their 2015 Membership Goal at their Spring Conference held at Cable Post No. 487 over the weekend of May 30th. In attendance were Department Commander Bob Shappell, 12th District Auxiliary President Barb McDaniel, Past Department Commander and National Commander candidate Denise Rohan, 12th District Commander Jim Chapin and Congressman Sean Duffy, who received recognition as the 12th District Legislator of the Year. Photo by Julie Friermood



Saturday, September 19th • 12:00 Noon Pig Roast and Corn Boil $10 DONATION PER MEAL, PLEASE

Two week old Savannah Olson enjoys a meal in the Camp Dining Hall. Savannah and family attended Camp during the 128th Air Refueling Wing Air Terminal Reintegration Weekend.


All funds raised should be brought to Camp on September 19th for a special presentation event. Rooms at Camp may be reserved for September 17th, 18th and 19th. A donation of $30.00 per bed per night is requested. Continental breakfast is included with stay. Reservations requested for overnight stay can be made with Camp Director Kevin Moshea at (715) 277-2510

Milwaukee Police Post No. 415 was honored to present our Nation’s Colors at the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game in Appleton on June 29th. Pictured on the field from left to right are; Wayne Jensen, Bruce Jensen, Darrell Malmarowski and Kendel D. Feilen.



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89 Minocqua Leroy Depies K 93 Tomahawk Ernest Reese II Kaarlo Hinsa II 95 Delavan Brian Johnston V 97 Dodgeville Raymond Brennan K 118 Thorp Robert Zukowski K Donald Izydorek K Edward Jasinski II 121 River Falls Edwin Olson PG 123 Owen Charles Pribbernow II 127 Hilbert Raymond Baumgarten II 141 New Glarus Dwight Elmer II 142 Blanchardville Ronald Cleary V 143 St Croix Falls Eugene Lodermeier II 148 Bloomington Donald Metcalf K 153 Pittsville Richard Fredette K William Hahm II 164 Jefferson Duane Lehman K 170 Mineral Point Thomas Pilling V 183 Genoa City Ernst Kloppstein K 189 Watertown Lyle Allen V Donald Buss K Glen Lemacher V Norbert Willing K 190 Reeseville Ralph Gibson V 200 Black River Falls Wayne Marshall II 205 Janesville Ernest Muenchow II Richard Siefkes II Richard Schenker II 209 Orfordville Elgee Marshall II Norman Geister II 210 Waupun Robert Pownell II 214 Darlington Charles Clayton II Rodney Rowe V Gerald Coffey II 217 Bonduel Roland Bloedorn K 219 Milwaukee David Rhode V 220 Soldiers Grove Wilford Holliday V 233 Waterloo Wayne Essmann K 244 Westfield Raymond Desrvisseaux II 255 Luck Walter Balcom II 258 Little Chute Henry Tolliver V Dale Marquardt V 263 New London Dale Reese II Ronald Tschurwald K 270 Theresa Clarence Steger II 278 Balsam Lake William Hoehne V Wendle Johnson K 280 Coleman Joseph Polster K 282 Markesan Stanley Jezeski V 293 Silver Lake Louis Locascio V

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310 Racine Leonard Boehler V Charles Poulson II 318 Lake Tomahawk Richard Fagan K 324 Osseo Floyd Tomter II 331 Shorewood Joseph Larsheid K 351 Montello Richard Wheaton II 360 Waunakee Ted Pertzborn K 368 Hixton Harold Ludeman II 375 Mukwonago Joseph Cavalluzzi K 376 Fall Creek Paul Welke K 382 Menomonee Falls Dean Kramer K Ward Wentworth II

SEPTEMBER JULY 16, 25, 2015 2014

393 Edgar Gerald Kafka II 401 Cambria Leroy Hughes K Thomas Williams II 406 Milwaukee Richard Bugalski V 431 Three Lakes Edward Starrett K 440 Clinton John Borowski V 450 Darien Richard Morris II 451 Boulder Junction Raynard Darnstadt II 454 Mt Calvary Alphonse Schneider II Edward Schneider II 473 Potosi James Patzner K 476 Loomis Harold Race K Lyle Fuller V

05/31/15 06/20/15 06/11/15 05/24/15 02/16/14 06/26/15 05/25/15 06/08/15 06/15/15 06/17/15 06/17/15 06/20/15


483 Allenton 05/28/15 William Joers 486 Jackson 06/09/15 Thomas Leitheiser 06/18/15 501 Madison William Heine 03/22/15 Robert Hastert 509 Rosholt 06/13/15 Richard Domask 522 Hubertus 02/18/15 James Wiedmeyer 532 Fifield 12/14/13 Louis Lobermeier Royce Putnam 06/02/15 534 McFarland Arthur Ptaszynski 05/28/15 537 Milwaukee 06/06/15 Melvin Reese Frank Thekan 05/29/15 541 Northfield Neil Humphrey 06/08/15 2930 Portage 06/10/15 John Schaller






12/04/13 05/13/15






02/07/15 03/10/15




04/09/15 12/25/14






What if you were Bob?

06/15/15 06/20/15 06/16/15 04/14/15

George and Bob both go on a solo fishing trip to a beautiful, but remote, town in Alaska every summer. While enjoying the idyllic scenery, they both notice chest pains — they are having a heart attack!

What happens next?

10/05/14 06/03/15 05/29/15 06/19/15 04/13/15 05/07/15

They call 9-1-1 and are admitted to the hospital

George has Emergency Assistance Plus

Bob does not

Both require

05/29/15 06/20/15

George pays $0

Bob pays $16,000 Medical evacuation to a facility that is able to properly treat their condition

05/28/15 06/12/15 06/24/15 04/21/15 06/06/15 05/30/15

George pays $0

11/12/14 06/25/14 10/18/14

Medical specialists to monitor their care

George pays $0

Bob pays $400

Bob pays $1,100

05/25/15 Travel assistance to bring a loved one to their bedside

06/18/15 05/29/15

George pays $0


05/31/15 06/18/15

George’s Total:

A driver to drive their car/ RV back home since they are unable to drive


Bob’s Total:



02/04/15 05/25/15 06/23/15

Bob pays $1,800

Emergency Assistance Plus is an emergency medical transportation service that goes beyond health and travel insurance. It covers expenses for medical transportation, medical evacuation and travel and companion assistance — services that your insurance usually does NOT pay for. You must call EA+ during your emergency so EA+ can make the arrangements for you. **This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Please read your Member Benefit Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions and limitations.

07/02/15 06/30/15 05/30/15

Learn more about how you can be protected by EA+. Call today to speak with a customer service representative at 1-888-310-1547. Or to apply online, visit 37640 LT19915 Ad.indd 1

02/10/15 08/12/14

From Your American Legion Department

Emergency Assistance Plus® Program

3/31/15 10:15 AM

1. Log onto and click on “Renew Online” 2. Enter your name and member ID number 3. Pay with MasterCard, Visa or Discover

11/01/14 06/10/15 06/23/15


IT’S AS EASY AS 1 2 3 !

That’s it! You’re done. You will receive your new membership card in the mail. No more renewal notices. No more stamps.


JULY 16, 2015


Post No. 55 • Hortonville Dennis Capelle

Post No. 295 • Bloomer Jim Conrad

Post No. 82 - Port Washington James Schmidt

Post No. 370• Wild Rose Emil Zak

Post No. 87 • Rice Lake Bill Coleman

Post No. 385• Verona Carl Syftestad

Post No. 294 - Hartland Tom Lay

Post No. 391• Fremont Michael Budaj

Post No. 470 - Saukville John L. Staton

Post No. 457 • Mequon Bill Prahl






Post No. 171- Union Grove Frank Knoieska











Post No. 131 • Colfax Tom Dunbar





100 %

THANK YOU I continue to be honored by your support and gifts to my campaign for National Commander of The American Legion. Last month we had a golf tournament hosted by Past Department Commander Ted DeMicchi at the Reedsburg Country Club. There were over 100 golfers and volunteers who helped us raise needed funds for the campaign. A special thank you to those who volunteered and made special donations during the event. They are: Ted and Sue DeMicchi, Wayne and Donna Jensen, Roy and Nancy Helms, Al Richards, Jim Schmidt, Ron Hessil, Donna Gough, Leo Endres, Barb and Stan Erlandson, Jim Hying, Tom Strey, Russ Hanseter, Art and Joanne Biesek, Mark and Marianne Lesko, Tim Dobson, 3rd District Riders, First District, Pearl Douglas Trust, and District leadership for basket raffle donations. Thank you to the 80 hole sponsors from around the state. And,

finally, thank you to Boucher Auto Group for the Ford F150 Hole-in-One sponsorship and their continued support of my campaign. The outing was such a great success PDC Ted is thinking about hosting another tournament next year to benefit the campaign for National Commander. We are looking forward to several events during state convention to include the Auxiliary fundraising team hosting a Poker Run, 4th District hosting

a National Campaign hospitality room, the Past Commanders Club Party and visiting with members about the campaign. The Appleton Convention Corporation has been very generous helping with tables and support for the campaign. The Iowa County Council sold brats in the lot on July 3rd to benefit the campaign and Verona Post No. 385 donated proceeds from their Hometown Days event. Thank you to all of you for your support. As my travels begin to expand it may become difficult for me to attend fundraising events. Please continue to include me in your planning, I would love to attend your events to personally thank you and your participants for your efforts. Meanwhile, if you would like to make a personal donation to my campaign you can make your check payable to and send to: Denise Rohan for National Commander, PO Box 930100, Verona, WI 53590-0100.


Post No. 412 - Belgium Don Tuhy




Chapter 1 of the American Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin was honored to provide a funeral escort for Air Force veteran Peter Tillema, Sr. in Racine on May 14th. The Legion Riders are an association of American Legion Family Members who participate in parades and other ceremonies that are in keeping with the aims and purposes of The American Legion. The American Legion Riders Association of Wisconsin promotes motorcycle safety and provides a social atmosphere for Legion Family members who share the same interests. The Association supports the programs of The American Legion and communities across the state.

Advertising Material (Continued from front cover)

of never forgetting those who perished in various wars, because of their commitments we are a free nation. Young people should also make an effort to be leaders in the community and country, because they will help preserve these freedoms. At the cemetery each name on the monument was read with a brief biography and a red poppy was dropped in their memory. The ceremony included, in addition to Secretary Boland, Pastor Brian Campbell, Post No. 238 Commander Mike Klump, Honor Guard Commander Harry Johnson, and Master of Ceremonies Dick Adler. Taps was performed at the conclusion of the ceremony by Kirkland Johnson. The Greenwood Legion wishes to thank the Wuethrich Foundation for its generous financial support toward the cost of the monument, as well as Jamie Tuinstra and the City of Greenwood for site preparation.

If you were exposed to ASBESTOS, and you SMOKED or have any of the following symptoms, see your doctor and perhaps an attorney.

    

Persistent coughing or wheezing Chest pain Shortness of breath Coughing up blood Weight loss with no known cause

Cascino Vaughan Law Offices, Ltd. Allen D. Vaughan, Esq.

Michael P. Cascino, Esq.


1110 N. Old World Third St., Milwaukee 53203

Serving Wisconsin’s Asbestos Victims for over 25 years. Advertising Material

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