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August 20, 2015 Vol. 92, No. 7

The mission of The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Dale Oatman of White Lake Post No. 524 Elected Department Commander

The Convention kicked off at 9:00AM on Friday, July 17th with the National Anthem performed by Isabel Atkinson, daughter of Department Chaplain Julia Atkinson. The Opening Ceremony featured the signing of an Amendment to the Camp American Legion lease with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The amendment adds an additional 225 acres of land to Camp. Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin was the featured speaker on Friday morning. Senator Baldwin addressed the delegates in attendance and provided details on the opiate prescription controversy at Tomah VA Medical Center, as well new legislative efforts. Appleton Mayor Tim Hannah brought greet-

ings to the delegates as did Major General Donald Dunbar and Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary John A. Scocos. On Friday afternoon, Convention Committees comprised of delegates representing each of the 12 Districts in the Department met to consider and debate important resolutions. A table appears in this edition of the Badger Legionnaire describing the resolutions considered and the actions taken by the convention. Saturday, July 17th, the second day of sessions, featured a presentation by Legionnaire Steve Conto on his project “The Final Bridge”. Mr. Conto has visited the final resting place of every Wisconsin service member killed during the

In Memorium PDC Martin T. Jansen Past Department Commander

Vietnam conflict. Legionnaires also heard a powerful presentation by Janine Sijan-Rozinga, sister of Medal of Honor recipient Lance Sijan of Milwaukee. Many other speakers as well as state and national level awards were featured during the course of the three day convention. Delegates and guests in attendance commented on the excellent service provided by staff from the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel and the quality of the venue and events. Most noteworthy were the efforts of volunteers from Johnston – Blessman Post No. 38 in Appleton who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event.

3/25/1929 – 7/15/2015 Martin T. Jansen was elected The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin Commander at the 49th Annual Convention. Marty was the first Korean era veteran to serve as Department Commander. He entered military service on June 22, 1948 at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and rose to rank of Technical Sergeant. He was an instructor at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois at the time of his discharge. His service in the Air Force included 3 years overseas in the Federal Republic of Germany. Jansen and his wife Marianne (Sue) lived in Little Chute where Marty was a partner of the Jansen Construction Company for 25 years and then worked for 14

Legion Partners With WDVA to Help Bury Indigent Veterans Not all those who have served our nation honorably have been afforded their full honors. Some veterans among us pass away without anyone claiming them or holding a funeral for them. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs and The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin are looking to change this and give all those who served the proper burial they deserve as military veterans. The recent interment of Terrence Sund, a soldier from Menomonee Falls who was killed in Vietnam in December 1967, highlighted the plight of veterans who die without next-of-kin or who did not have funds available to ensure proper burial. Terrence was just 20 years old when he drowned in a Viet Cong tunnel in Vietnam on December 6, 1967. Terrence’s remains were returned to Wisconsin in January of 1968 and interred in the north room of Wisconsin Memorial Park

Cemetery in Brookfield and kept all these years without proper funeral honors. The necessary funds to have Terry and his mother’s cremains moved to a niche in the veterans section on the grounds of Wisconsin Memorial Park were raised and a formal, military funeral ceremony took place on Saturday, August 8th. To ensure that no other Wisconsin veterans go neglected, the WDVA and the Wisconsin American Legion are working to reach out to the more than 450 funeral service providers in Wisconsin and reference any names of possible veterans against a United States Department of Defense list of veterans. “Of the many thousands of brave men and women who served our nation from World War II to the present day, sadly, some will pass on without a next-of-kin to arrange their funerals or without enough money to cover the costs associ-

Terrence Sund

ated with burial,” said WDVA Secretary John A. Scocos. “When these Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsman go off to serve our country, the very least we owe them is a dignified burial and final salute to them for their service.” The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin has created The Terrence Sund Memorial Fund, a Restricted Fund to receive donations so that when a veteran

years as the Street Commissioner for the Village of Little Chute. Sue proceeded him in death on May 6, 2004. Jansen was a member of the Jacob Coppus Post No. 258 in Little Chute since his discharge from the Air Force in September of 1953 and held numerous offices within the Post including Post Commander. He served as Vice Commander of the Outagamie County Council of The American Legion, was the 9th District Commander, a Department Vice Commander, and served on numerous Department and National Committees. In addition to his Legion activities, he was also a member of several other patriotic and civic organizations.

is located who died without a next-of-kin or without enough funds to cover burial, any incidental costs can be covered to ensure a dignified memorial service. Local American Legion posts regularly perform honors at the funerals across the state. Honor Guard members are encouraged to ask their local Funeral Service providers if they are aware of any unclaimed remains so that the names can be researched to determine if the individuals were military service members at some point in their life. Tax-deductible donations, payable to the Terrence Sund Memorial Fund should be directed to The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin, PO Box 388, Portage WI 53901.

“It is important to us to ensure those who served their nation are afforded the final respect they have earned – a final rifle volley, playing of ‘Taps,’ and folding the U.S. flag.,” said Commander Dale Oatman of the Anderson – Sather Post No. 524 in White Lake. “No veteran should go unrecognized, especially in regard to their final honors.” Funeral service providers and cemeteries are asked to contact either the WDVA at 1- (800) WIS-VETS (947-8387 or The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin at (608) 745-1090 for further details on providing names of the deceased for determination of their veteran status.

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11th PLACE






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District 8



DEPARTMENT COMMANDER Take P.R.I.D.E. in The American Legion Family

“Badger Legionnaire” & “Wisconsin” The Badger Legionnaire & Wisconsin are the official publications of the Wisconsin American Legion Family and are published ten times annually, once every five weeks, by The American Legion, Dept. of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 388, Portage, WI 53901. Periodicals Postage Paid at Portage, WI and additional mailing offices. USPS ID Number 010-135 ISSN: 2154-2627 Post Master: Send address changes to Badger Legionnaire and Wisconsin, P.O. Box 388, Portage, WI 53901

“Badger Legionnaire” The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 388 • Portage, WI 53901 Phone: (608) 745-1090 E-mail:

2015-16 Department Officers Commander Dale H. Oatman Vice Commanders Dan Seehafer Jeff Puddy Ed Cooper Jerome Krofta Adjutant David A. Kurtz Sergeant-at Arms Jeremy Nordie Dave Wischer Service Officer James Fialkowski NECman Steve Krueger Alternate NECman Ken Rynes District Commanders 1st – Tom Strey 2nd – Jim Lee 3rd – Mary Lloyd 4th – Mark Sandow 5th – Ensley Brown 6th – Todd Braun 7th – Mark Lesko 8th – Jim Young 9th – Laurel Clewell 10th – John Miller 11th – Frank Kostka 12th – Chris Sower Change of Address & Other Information: Subscribers: To report any upcoming changes of address, please ask your Post Adjutant to fill out a Membership Data Form and forward it to Wisconsin American Legion Headquarters. The change of address form that will be completed by the Post Adjutant should not be confused with the change of address card filled out at the Post Office. Department financial statements are available to Legionnaires in good standing upon written request through their District Commanders.

“Wisconsin” American Legion Auxiliary Department of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 140 • Portage, WI 53901 Bonnie Dorniak, Editor Teresa Isensee, Department President Bonnie Dorniak, Exec. Secretary/Treasurer To change your address: Notify Unit Secretary Unit Secretary: Notify Department Headquarters on a Member Data Form The “Wisconsin” deadline for copy is 4 weeks before publication date.

Publication Schedule All articles due to the Editor four weeks before publication date. Send all copy to

This was followed immediately with a visit to Department Headquarters on Thursday for administrative issues, committee appointments, membership planning, discussion about travels to Indianapolis, Baltimore and more. On Friday I was off to Milwaukee for the Army Recruiting Battalion change of command ceremony. Then on Saturday I was at the Wabeno Weiner Fest and the Crandon Kraut Fest in Forest County. I was finally able to rest at home on Sunday. The second week was a little better with a meeting with WDVA Secretary John Scocos in Madison, Legion baseball tournament finals in West Salem and a 9th District Executive Committee meeting in ApROUD too be R be a M Mem Me Member em of The American Legion em pleton. The third week found me back at HeadESPECT quarters with more paperwork to sign, a photo NTEGRITY op and more discussions EDICATION with Adjutant Kurtz and Department staff. This DUCATION was followed by a trip

I would like to extend my thanks for the high honor extended to me at the Department Convention by Dale Oatman Department Commander the delegates who elected me as your Commander. I will cherish the position with honor and I fully expect to live up to your expectations. My first three weeks has been non-stop with a dedication speech in Wausaukee on Monday following my inauguration. The next day I attended the funeral of PDC Marty Jansen and then visited Camp American Legion on Wednesday.

David A. Kurtz, Executive Editor 2015-2016 Communications Committee Kendel D. Feilen, Chairman Phil Ingwell, Vice Chairman Jim Young, DEC Liaison Bernard Olson Harold Rhign Rory Burns Dan Osero George Buchanan, Historian Loretta Shellman, Auxiliary Liaison Bonnie Dorniak, Auxiliary Liaison

AUGUST 20, 2015


to Indianapolis for the membership workshop and discussions with National staff. On Saturday, August 8th I was back in Milwaukee for the committal services of Terrance Sund, a soldier from Menomonee Falls who died in Vietnam in 1967 and was finally laid to rest with proper military honors. Later that day, I attended the Legion Baseball All-star banquet and spent Sunday at Miller Park for the Brewers and Legion All-star games. Will things ever slow down? My theme for the coming year is PRIDE. The entire Legion Family should be proud that we are members of the largest veteran’s organization in the world. Pride should be encouraged at each post, unit, squadron and riders district. A proud post is a productive post. R is respect. Legion Family members must be treated with respect, especially if they are in elected or appointed position. I is for integrity. We must possess sound moral principles and be honest, upright

and sincere with the entire Legion Family. D is dedication. Each Legion Family member must be dedicated, ready and willing to give of themselves for the cause of the Legion Family. E is education. We must constantly update ourselves with the many changes that occur throughout the Legion Family. I challenge everyone to live by my theme of PRIDE. Membership will be at the forefront of discussions as we move forward in the 2016 Membership year. Dale Barnett, leading candidate for National Commander, set Wisconsin’s goal for membership at 59,000. We will have to work hard to achieve this figure but I know we can do it. Revitalizations are already in the planning stages for some Districts and Counties. If you are thinking about a revitalization, get those requests in to the Headquarters now. I expect to have a year filled with excitement and fun. Please join me in helping make this happen.

DEPARTMENT SERVICE OFFICER Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Update The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced important informaJames Fialkowski tion for Marine Service Officer Corps veterans and their family members who were exposed to chemicals in drinking water at Camp Lejeune. The announcement indicates that the VA will start the process of amending its regulations to establish presumptions of service connection for certain conditions resulting from exposure to contaminated drinking water at the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The diseases that are currently being reviewed for potential presumptive service connection include kidney cancer, angiosarcoma of the liver, and acute myelogenous leuke-

mia, which are known to be related to long-term exposure to the chemicals that were in the water at Lejeune from the 1950s through 1987. The chemicals are Benzene, Vinyl Chloride, Trichloroethylene and Perchloroethylene, which are known as volatile organic compounds, used in industrial solvents and components of fuels. The VA will work with the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and potentially the National Academy of Sciences to evaluate the body of scientific knowledge and research related to exposure to these chemicals and the subsequent development of other diseases. The VA indicated that they will carefully consider all public comments received when determining the final scope of any presumptions. Veterans with health problems

they believe are related to exposure to the water at Camp Lejeune may file a claim for disability compensation. Although this may be done online at, or call 1–800–827–1000, we urge you to use your local County Veteran Service Officer or our Veteran Service Office for assistance. Locate your CVSO online at - locate-your-cvso/ or call our Service office at 414-902-5722. This process is in addition to the healthcare VA already provides for 15 conditions to eligible Veterans who were stationed at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days between August 1, 1953 and December 31, 1987 as a result of the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012. VA also provides reimbursement of healthcare expenses for those 15

conditions to eligible family members who resided at Camp Lejeune during that time period. For more information, Veterans and family members should contact the nearest VA healthcare facility by calling 1–877–222–VETS (8387) or visit exposures/camp-lejeune. For further information on Camp Lejeune: VHA Office of Public Health has a Website on Camp Lejeune historical water contamination at: The U.S. Marine Corps encourages all those who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune before 1987 to register for notifications regarding Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water at

WDVA SECRETARY 70th Anniversary of VJ Day and the End of WWII “The day for which people of the world have prayed is here at last.” Those John A. Scocos words from ElWDVA Secretary eanor Roosevelt echoed on “Victory over Japan Day,” or “V-J Day,” August 15, 1945. It was 70 years ago that people the world over breathed a collective sigh of relief. A defining moment in the last century had been reached — an epochal day when the Second World War finally ended. It is still the date that people celebrate today. Securing Japan’s surrender and concluding World War II came at the price of many. More than 332,000 Wisconsinites served in

World War II. More than 8,400 of those were killed in action, with an additional 13,500 wounded. That’s just a small fraction compared to the total number of U.S. residents who served, died and were wounded. Combining those numbers with the number of Allied soldiers and the hundreds of thousands of Japanese who died in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, more than fifty-three million people died during World War II, many in conditions of prolonged and horrible cruelty. On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima by the B-29 bomber Enola Gay, searing the center of the city for a fraction of a second with a heat of 300,000 degrees centigrade.

Three days later, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. On August 10th, Tokyo announced that Japan was willing to surrender. World War II was over. Meanwhile, as the news of the Japanese surrender swept the Allied countries, swarms of exuberant people flooded the streets staging impromptu celebrations all over the world. These festivities lasted for days and have been forever captured in pictures such as the famous Alfred Eisenstaedt picture for Life Magazine of a uniformed sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square. Japanese Emperor Hirohito, accepting the Allies’ Potsdam ultimatum, declared an official end to the fighting on August 14, 1945.

The first official day without war in Japan, August 15th, was quickly dubbed “V-J Day” at home in the U.S. to celebrate the victory over Japan. The official surrender ceremony took place on September 2, 1945 aboard the American battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, presided over by General Douglas MacArthur. The 70th Anniversary of V-J Day is not only a celebration of the end of the most destructive war in human history, but is also an opportunity to remember the debt of gratitude we owe to our veterans for the price they paid for our freedom. To this day, we enjoy the benefits brought about by the service and sacrifices of our veterans.

AUGUST 20, 2015



CAMP AMERICAN LEGION SEASON HITS HALF-WAY MARK It seems like Camp just started but here we are half-way through the season. Not much time to catch our breath as individual campers and groups come and go seamlessly. Weeks start off, end and start all over again. We welcome campers, then wish them well as they leave. It is all part of the constant ebb and flow of Camp American Legion. Like last year it all started with the US Coast Guard Team Building Week. The most noticeable difference this year over last was the beautiful spring weather with green grass, open lakes and mild temps. They enjoyed Camp to the fullest and left renewed and energized for their demanding summer season. We had our biggest group ever this year which included 31 kids. The next group we welcomed was the 128th Air Refueling Wing based in Milwaukee. This was first time to camp for this Wisconsin Air National Guard group. This Small Air Terminal Reintegration Week was coordinated and lead by the Unit Chaplain. Besides enjoying all Camp has to offer, they all participated in a two day “Strong Bonds” program, a program building resiliency by strengthening military families. Guardsmen, spouses, families and children all came together to support each other and grow strong. For the second year the Wisconsin National Guard Prevention Response Outreach Program conducted an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) program. ASIST teaches the Suicide Intervention Model; a practical guide to doing suicide intervention. Camp American Legion is taking a proactive position in

helping to heal our military brothers and sisters dealing with the pain and thoughts of suicide. Following the start of our core camp season on Memorial Day we moved quickly into our fourth Operation Home Front – Working together to Eliminate Veteran Homelessness Week for homeless, displaced and transitional veterans. Our attendance doubled this year as we reach out and helped to heal more of these veterans who we care for deeply. We welcomed them all with a gift of a beautiful blanket made by ALA Unit No. 428 of Amberg and a toiletry gift bag. The gifts and time spent here truly touch their hearts. Our thoughts and well wishes go with them. Our Vietnam Veterans Week was an observance of the 50th Anniversary of that conflict. Camp collaborated with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, the Wisconsin National Guard, Vietnam Veteran organizations and others to make it a very meaningful, enjoyable and heart-felt week of camaraderie, storytelling and sharing. In addition to week-long campers, many Vietnam Veterans stopped in as day visitors. A special thanks to the 11th District Chapter of the Legion Riders for coordinating and donating the Trillium singing group. The vets and all enjoyed their performance. Then we went right into Women Veterans Week. This marked the 5th year for this very special time reserved exclusively for women veterans. This week is a very special time for our women and Camp makes them feel safe, secure and cared for. The most special thing to me was the ladies planted a Five year anniversary tree. A beautiful flowering snow crab. To me personally and Camp American Legion it will be

a meaningful, lasting symbol for all Wisconsin women veterans. I give a special thanks to ALA Unit No. 11 of Green Bay, Unit No. 41 of Kaukauna, Unit No. 60 of Kimberly and Unit No. 106 of Seymour for coming to Camp, donating gift bags and handing them out personally. This week, right now, Camp is a buzz of action with the 829th Engineering Company Reintegration Week. This is the Company that built our new Boat Landing two years ago. This group just returned from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. Seeing these families reunited and enjoying Camp is great to see. Our weekly chapel service was packed as we came together for some spiritual healing. I finish writing this article in the office listening to the screams and laughter of the children playing a water balloon toss game. These are the modern-day sounds of Camp American Legion. The camp fire is going with marshmallows being roasted and s’mores being made. It is recreational healing fun all around. Within these special weeks Camp had four weeks of general campers. Vets, families, old and young, guys and gals, big and small. Each Camper has a personal story to tell and it’s great to see peers supporting each other in a healing way. The second half of the season will be just as exciting as the first and we look forward to it. All of us in the Wisconsin American Legion Family working together are making this excitement happen. We are making a positive change in the lives of veterans, service members and their families. All your support, commitment and prayers make it possible. –Thanks and God Bless, Kevin Moshea, Director Camp American Legion

Delores Mueller, who is 94, served in the USMC during 1943 and 1944 is pictured here with 91 year old Anita Powers, who served in the US Navy in 1944 to 1946. Both enjoyed Women Veterans Week at Camp American Legion. They enjoyed it so that they said “we look forward to coming back next year”.

Vietnam Veterans Week commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam Conflict. The veterans who attended are a great bunch who each had deeply personal stories to tell. They are a very special brotherhood with deep heartfelt feelings of what they went through. They all served in-country and much of what went on could only be understood by them. The atmosphere all week at Camp was almost indescribable and yes; they did have fun.

The 829th Engineering Company attended Camp American Legion for their Reintegration activities. This Company just returned from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. The week at Camp was their time to reintegrate back into their family lives. It was time of sharing, bonding, rebuilding friendships, reconnecting soldier with spouse, with their children and with other families.

RESOLUTIONS The Department Convention Committees met on Friday, July 17, 2015 to consider Resolutions. Delegates to the Convention adopted the Reports of each committee the following day. As a result, the following actions were taken on the Resolutions; Resolution 1.2015 2.2015 3.2015 4.2015 5.2015 6.2015 – 7.2015 – 8.2015 –

Spouses to receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation - Approved District Vice Commanders as Convention Delegates-at-Large - Rejected Sons of The American Legion, Detachment Constitution and Bylaws - Approved Improving Veterans’ Access to Hearing Healthcare - Approved Supporting Veteran’s Day as a Legal Holiday in Wisconsin - Approved Thanks to Host Post – Post No. 38 - Approved Thanks to Host City – City of Appleton - Approved Thanks to Host Hotel – Radisson Paper Valley Hotel - Approved



AUGUST 20, 2015

Wisconsin American Legion Baseball Wraps Up the 2015 Campaign The 90th season of American Legion Baseball in Wisconsin came to an end with the annual All Star Weekend at Miller Park in Milwaukee. This season saw 215 teams participate in the five classes. In the 44th Annual All Star Game played August 9th, the

North team defeated the South for the second year in a row. The final score was 8-4. Former Major League umpire Tim Tschida of Turtle Lake was the featured speaker at the banquet held on Saturday evening, August 8th. Tim entertained the crowd of nearly 300 attendees

with stories from his long career. Department Commander Dale Oatman of White Lake split the dish with the ceremonial first pitch before the Brewers game. The pregame ceremony prior to the Milwaukee Brewers contest against the St. Louis Cardinals included introductions of both the North

and South teams. Five champions were crowned this past season. Madison Impact won the Class AAA championship, River Falls prevailed in Class AA and Wisconsin Dells was the Class A titlist. Eau Claire won the 17-U title while River Falls claimed the 16-U championship.

Department Commander Bob Shappell shows his form and delivers a strike with his first pitch. Department Commander Dale Oatman of Anderson-Sather Post No. 524 in White Commander Oatman appears larger than life on the “Jumbotron� as he approached the mound. Lake delivers the ceremonial 1st pitch prior to the Brewers vs. Cardinals game.

Players and Coaches of the 2015 All-Star South Team; also pictured are Ken Larsen, All-Star Day Chairman; Roger Mathison, WALBA Commissioner; and Dale Oatman, Department Commander.

Bernie Brewer reviews the signs with Commander Oatman.

Players and Coaches of the 2015 All-Star North Team; also pictured are Ken Larsen, All-Star Day Chairman; Roger Mathison, WALBA Commissioner; and Dale Oatman, Department Commander.

Commander Oatman, former Major League umpire Tim Tschida and Baseball Commissioner Roger Mathison at the All-star Banquet.

AUGUST 20, 2015


Samsung National Finalist Selected Eric Hess has been selected as the 2015 Samsung American Legion Scholarship National Finalist by the Director of Badger Boys State. Each year, delegates that attend Badger Boys State are eligible to apply for the Samsung Scholarship if they are a direct descendant of a military war veteran. Academic success, community involvement and other criteria are used in the selection process. As a National Finalist, he will compete against

approximately 98 other students for one of nine $20,000 scholarships. The remaining students will each receive a $1,100 scholarship. Eric plans to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering as well to conduct research. He is from Suamico, Wisconsin. We wish Eric the best in his endeavors and good luck as he competes for this prestigious National Scholarship.


Women Veterans Luncheon The annual Women Veterans luncheon to commemorate Veterans Day is set for Saturday October 31, 2015. It will be held from 11:00AM to 1:30PM at Meyers Restaurant, 4260 S. 76th St, Greenfield, WI and is hosted by Milwaukee Women’s Post No. 448. All women veterans from all branches of service who served during any era are invited to at-

tend. PDC Denise Rohan will be the guest speaker. Cost is $20 with the meal being served family style. Contact Julia Atkinson at (262) 993-1230 or Louise Stack at (414) 764-0365 for details. Reservation deadline is October 1, 2015. Please mail your payment to: Milwaukee Women’s Post 448, PO Box 371311, Milwaukee, WI 53237.

Eric Hess

Legion Riders Lead New Berlin 4th of July Parade

2015 Department Convention Sweepstakes Winners

Past Dept. Sergeant of Arms Meeting Over

30 American Legion Riders from the 1st, 4th and 5th Districts gathered prior to participating in the annual New Berlin 4th of July Parade. The Riders are also shown leading the parade.


Terry Stiner • Mondovi, WI $20,000 Cash or 2015 Vehicle from Boucher


Saturday, September 19th • 12:00 Noon Pig Roast and Corn Boil

2ND PRIZE $10,000 Vehicle Allowance from Boucher Darlene Bohlmann Chippewa Falls, WI

4TH PRIZE $2,500 Cash or A Hunting Ri le Lloyd Krueger Cazenovia, WI

3RD PRIZE $5,000 Cash or Hawaiian Vacation Bill Weston Muscoda, WI

5TH PRIZE $1,000 Cash or A Big Screen TV Scott Markle Duluth, MN

Waukesha Flag Pole Dedication


All funds raised should be brought to Camp on September 19th for a special presentation event. Rooms at Camp may be reserved for September 17th, 18th and 19th. A donation of $30.00 per bed per night is requested. Continental breakfast is included with stay. Reservations requested for overnight stay can be made with Camp Director Kevin Moshea at (715) 277-2510

On July 1, 2015, the American Legion Post No. 71, Pewaukee, Wisconsin dedicated a new 50 foot flag pole at the American Bank of Waukesha. The flag was presented to Dick Hensley by Gary Delayney. The other members of color guard are, l – r, Ron Dehart, John Wallenfang, Joe Bromley and Pat Quinn. Standing at the flag pole are Rollie Crandall and Larry Willms. (Photo as submitted)



The Last


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77 Chippewa Falls Louis Hebert K Louis Rineck II 85 Muscoda Gloria Schwingel V 87 Rice Lake Arnold Widdes K Donald Veit II 88 Manitowoc James Groh II 93 Tomahawk Raymond Frank V 95 Delavan Orlo Brown II Gene Moede V 97 Dodgeville Lowell Terrill K 103 Galesville Gerald Valley V 110 New Lisbon Daniel Kallies 131 Colfax David Erickson K 134 Boscobel Frederick Staskal II 148 Bloomington Jerry Cromwell K 149 Sheboygan Falls Anton Del Bianco II 152 Menasha Robert Norlander K 153 Pittsville Betty Capling II 154 Mondovi Ronald Odegard K 157 Horicon Darvin Mann K James Firehammer V Robert Sharkey K Norman Kiesow II Wilfred Boelter K Martin Berk II Edward Kruel V Arville Tesch K 161 King Allan Gorski V 167 Sauk City Mary O’Brien K 170 Mineral Point Rudy Lindholm V 173 Whitewater Alfred Kolmos II 175 Loyal Donald Kauffman II 180 Milwaukee Harry Kostecki K Raymond Lenz K 181 Durnad Sidney Lunderville II Charles Falkner K Galen Fox K Thomas Weisenbeck V 182 Park Falls John Schloer K Joseph Novak II 191 Whitehall Elmer Ryan K 200 Black River Falls Elmer Simonson Dale Seely V Wayne Marsh II 201 Tomah Robert Hascek II Ross Arthus II 204 Ellsworth Gary Williams V 205 Janesville Roger Stewart V 207 Elmwood Duwayne King K 210 Waupun Gordon Duer II 215 Pardeeville Sherm Vandrisse K 217 Bonduel Roger Habeck K 218 Hayward Walter Pydo II

07/02/15 05/19/15 07/31/15 07/04/15 07/22/15 07/20/15 07/02/15 07/11/15 08/01/15 07/21/15 07/30/15 06/26/15 06/23/15 07/27/15 07/07/15 07/16/15 12/17/14 07/16/15 05/12/15 02/03/15 03/28/15 12/17/14 02/14/15 05/18/15 09/07/14 02/10/15 09/25/14 07/15/15 07/14/15 05/14/15 07/26/15 06/15/15 07/13/15 07/20/15 06/19/15 04/21/15 03/21/15 04/04/15 06/11/15 07/04/15 06/06/15 11/25/14 07/07/15 06/20/15 04/26/15 06/27/15 06/06/15 07/11/15 06/29/15 07/19/15 07/07/15 06/30/15 06/01/15

219 Milwaukee Anthony Caravella Richard Becker 224 Alma Owen Wanek 233 Waterloo Ron Thomas 237 Footville Arlene Schaffner 238 Greenwood Edward Bayuk 239 Tigerton Francis Murphy 243 Plymouth Melvin Blanke Roy Bohnhoff Gregory Ziegler 244 Westfield Donald Buchholz 258 Little Chute Martin Jansen 269 Cushing William Rivard 270 Theresa Clarence Steger 274 Rib Lake Russell Wudi Claire Obenhoffer 280 Coleman Leonard Jashinsky 291 Augusta Robert Philips Gerald Arndt 293 Silver Lake Paul Buntrock 294 Hartland Robert Crum David Ordway Albert Mueller


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06/09/15 06/20/15 07/03/15

SEPTEMBER AUGUST 25, 20, 2014 2015

324 Osseo Arnold Hanson K 329 Briggsville Leo Cottine II Edmund Hilliard K 333 Sun Prairie Jack Phelps II 339 Almond Jerome Balthazor V 350 Reedsburg Dale Corwith K William Gade K 354 Ettrick James Thompson II 355 Grafton Marceline Paulin II 371 Saxon Arlen Halvorson V 377 Elcho David Froland V 382 Menomonee Falls John Anstett II 385 Verona Ronald Sargent K Roger Rotar V 387 Franklin Milton Meinnert K 393 Edgar Don Wisnewski K 406 Milwaukee Louis Turner II 425 Exeland Robert Clark K 440 Clinton Norman Hofstrom K 442 Wisconsin Rapids Gregory Owen V Terry Hargett II

449 Brookfield 07/16/15 Don Clark II 451 Boulder Junction 04/25/15 Colman Findlay II 07/22/15 457 Mequon -Thiensville Ned Parker II 07/19/15 Richard Hoppe V Gary Dellenbach V 07/26/15 464 Land O Lakes Brannon Mayer K 07/16/15 480 Presque Isle 07/12/15 Bernard Grosso II 488 New Berlin 06/27/15 Leonard Gigowski II 491 Cazenovia II 11/19/14 Eugene Bauer Donald Marshall II 07/25/15 501 Madison Lee Henry II 07/16/15 509 Rosholt Ronald Kedrowicz K 04/29/15 521 Fox Lake Richard Williams V K 05/23/15 Elmer Smits 07/25/15 522 Hubertus David Kempfer K 07/27/15 531 Port Wing Chester Berggren II 06/29/15 534 McFarland Kenneth Steinhofer K 07/22/15 Harold Jennings II 540 Haugen II 07/11/15 Amos Konop 541 Northfield 06/26/15 Maynard Hakes K 547 Lublin II 07/13/15 Joseph Sweda 07/27/15 553 Madison Roth Watson K

06/17/15 06/11/15 02/22/15 07/01/15 07/14/15 06/30/15 07/08/15 07/20/15 07/15/15 06/20/15 06/28/15 07/25/15 06/29/15 06/01/15 07/09/15 07/04/15 02/13/15 07/15/15 07/31/15 07/18/15 04/01/15 07/16/15

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AUGUST 20, 2015




to Achieve 2016 Membership Goals Commander Dale Oatman incentives for membership renewals “Get One” Bounty remains at $1,000

Renew 100% of those 2015 members who renewed after January 1st by Veterans Day and your post will be eligible to win $500 in a drawing to be held at the 2016 Midwinter Conference at the Ho-Chunk Hotel, Casino and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells. Every post that renews 100% of those members who paid their 2015 dues after January 1, 2015 will qualify! Three categories will be awarded; Posts under 50 members; Posts from 50 to 99 members; Posts over 100 members ATTENTION: Post Commanders – Qualify to Win a custom Jacket, Baseball cap or cash prizes! Reach 100% of your 2016 goal by Vet-

DOUBLE DALE DARE NO. 2 Individual Membership Awards To grow at the local level, each post needs to rely on their members being active recruiters. For the individual Legionnaire, membership recruiting can lead to a big reward! Legion members can simply sign up a new member, or renew any former member who has not paid for two years (since 2013) and their name will be entered in a drawing. Those that qualify have a chance to win $1,000 at the 2016 Midwinter Conference at the Ho-Chunk Hotel, Casino and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells. There is no limit to the number of times an individual can qualify – recruiters get one chance for every new member they re-

Renew 3 members for 2016 and Recruit 2 new members and join Commander Dale Oatman’s “Pride Patrol”. Every member of the Pride Patrol will receive a special limited edition pin to mark the achievement. BADGER “BIG 10” Recruit 10 new members – The Badger Big 10 recognition award can be earned by signing up ten (10) new members. Join this exclusive group of Legionnaires! Badger Big 10 recruiters receive a pin and a patch to wear with pride. The National American Legion is also encouraging recruitment with the Silver Brigade (25 new members) and Gold Brigade (50 new members) awards for Legionnaires who recruit 25 and 50 new members respectively. We can reach new heights in Membership for 2016. Contact Chris Schmidt at chris@wilegion. org or call headquarters at 608745-1090 with any questions.

TEAM WISCONSIN Team Wisconsin would like to thank everyone who participated in campaign fund raising activities during the Department Convention in Appleton. Special thanks to the Convention Corporation and Appleton Post No. 38 for making room for us and your hospitality. Thanks to Past National President Jan Pulvermacher-Ryan and Past Department President Joyce Endres and their team for conducting the Poker Run and several raffles over the weekend. Thank you to those who donated baskets and items to be raffled. Thank you to the Fourth District for hosting a Fund Raising Hospitality Room, Sergeant-at-Arms Dave Wischer and Jeremy Nordie for their donation and to the Past Commander’s Club for donating the proceeds from their Saturday night party. Thank you to the eleven District Commanders who lost the membership bet to the 12th District with the proceeds collected going to the campaign. We know you all worked hard toward your goals and appreciate the donations. The drawing for the 100th Anniversary Pistol took place at con-

vention. The winner was from LaFarge. We are sure he will give this collector pistol a good home. Thank you to everyone who took part in this fundraising opportunity – both those who purchased tickets and those who sold them. Special thanks to Stan & Barb Erlandson who coordinated the ticket sales and returns. The next scheduled fundraising opportunity is the McFarland Post No. 534 Sportsman Banquet on September 12. The post is located at 4911 Burma Road in McFarland. A $40.00 ticket must be purchased in advance. The price includes dinner and a chance to


cruit. Anyone who recruits a new member qualifies! Legionnaires who renew and recruit multiple Legionnaires can earn several individual membership awards. THE 3/5 PRIDE PATROL

win several prizes with more prize options available the day of the event. You do not have to be present to win. Tickets can be purchased by contacting Chris Ogden at (608) 2565125 - email at ckogden898@; Geoffrey Shields at (608) 206-3877 – email at or Mike Rohan (608) 837-9763 – email at We are looking forward to the National Convention in Baltimore where a very special announcement will be made regarding the campaign during the Post Convention National Executive Committee Meeting. Please watch this column next month for the exciting news. As the campaign moves into another phase, we ask for your continued support of Wisconsin’s Candidate for National Commander - Denise Rohan. Please consider hosting a fundraising event or sending a donation made payable to “Denise Rohan for National Commander” to PO Box 930100, Verona, WI 535930100.



DOUBLE DALE DARE NO. 1 Post Membership Incentives and Awards

erans Day on Tuesday, November 11th and you’ll qualify for a drawing to determine the winner. A customized jacket with the winner’s name and post along with a baseball cap featuring branch of service will be awarded. County Commanders - Win cash or a custom American Legion Commander Shirt! ALL County Commanders who achieve 100% of their 2016 goal by December 31st will receive a custom County Commander Uniform Shirt embroidered with your name!



Department Commander Dale Oatman of the Anderson – Sather Post No. 524 in White Lake is “Double Dale” daring Legionnaires across Wisconsin to get out and renew their 2016 membership before Veteran’s Day 2015. Every post’s first goal should be last year’s total membership PLUS 1. Each post that achieves growth and becomes eligible for the National Post Excellence Award in 2016 will be recognized in the Badger Legionnaire.




Past Department tment Commander Bob Shappell presented a 70 year continuous membership award to Richard Shilts, a WWII Veteran. Richard joined Victory Post No. 112 in Stanley while on leave in 1945. He received a Purple Heart with two oak leaf clusters for wounds during the European Campaign.


Legio Post No. American Legion 324 member Pete Oftedahl received his 70 Year Continuous Membership Certificate at the Cabin-in-the Pines in Osseo, WI. Pete is a US Army veteran of WWII. He served in North Africa and Italy during the war.

Legion Honor Guard Recognized

Larry Stoffel of Trier-Puddy Post No. 75 was recently recognized for his participation on the post Honor Guard. Larry has participated at Funeral services, as well as Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances since 1975. Larry served with C Company, 1/12 Cavalry in Vietnam as an RTO. He was severely wounded

in an aerial assault. Despite his wounds, which still affect his daily routine, he continues to serve and honor his fellow veterans. Rain or shine, heat or cold, Larry can be counted on to attend a Honor Guard functions. Pictured (L to R) are Legionnaires; Jim Guell, Larry Stoffel and Dan Dahlke. (edited photo)

If you were exposed to ASBESTOS, and you SMOKED or have any of the following symptoms, see your doctor and perhaps an attorney.

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Persistent coughing or wheezing Chest pain Shortness of breath Coughing up blood Weight loss with no known cause

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Michael P. Cascino, Esq.


1110 N. Old World Third St., Milwaukee 53203

Serving Wisconsin’s Asbestos Victims for over 25 years. Ad



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veterans serving veterans scholarships

August 2015 pages 1 7  

veterans serving veterans scholarships