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Sweet Dreams


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Michelle Marshall

Rebecca Lindon

Louise Gibbens Hannah Coates Ashlyn Gibson Miss Aniela


Image by Rebecca Lindon


Summer is finally showing it’s face for us in the UK and it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate some of the wonderful childrenswear that we’re loving this season. Wildling is all about creativity and parenting and we also wanted to speak to some of the mothers behind our favourite independent fashion brands, including Laia from The Animals Observatory, Kaija from Play Is Work and Vickie from the new start-up Lala + Zizo. Hearing about their experiences and approach to business is truly insightful. Our editorials were shot by wonderful photographers who each bring a completely diffferent perspective and vision to children’s fashion. We hope these will inspire you as you plan out your summer wardrobes. Enjoy! Rebecca Lindon Editor-in-Chief


REVISITED STYLE STANDARDS concept, photography and styling by Michelle Marshall hair by Bev Perrot, set and props by Beast & Burden models are Tilly from Bruce & Brown and Oliver from Kids London


Oliver wears Black Mesh Vest by Once, shorts by The Animals Observatory and Monkey Boots by Chapter 2 Kids. Tilly wears playsuit by Once, sweatshirt by Eastend Highlanders and Monkey Boots by Chapter 2 Kids. 6


Oliver wears vest by Once and trousers with braces by Zara Kids. Tilly wears vest by Once, vintage trousers by Rospo Indigo, sandals by Young Soles and belt bt Zara Kids.



Oliver wears white vest by The Animals Observatory, blue sweatshirt by Eastend Highlanders, vintage Levi’s jeans by Monster Vintage Kids and belt by Zara Kids. Tilly wears vintage jumpsuit by Rospo Indigo, navy top by Once and navy sandals by Salt Water Sandals.

Oliver wears jacket by Eastend Highlanders, vintage trousers by Rospo Indigo and belt by Zara Kids. Tilly wears vest by Once, vintage dungarees by Rospo Indigo, braces by Monster Vintage Kids and jacket by Eastend Highlanders.



Oliver wears top and numbered bib by Once, 1940s Japanese school uniform trousers by Rospo Indigo, belt by Zara Kids and monkey boots by Chapter 2 Kids.

Amy & Ivor



SWEET DREAMS photography and styling by Rebecca Lindon



Eve wears pyjamas by Dilli Grey.

Zeus and Eve wear organic casualwear by Minimalisma.



Eve wears smocked nightie by Willa & The Bear.



Zeus and Eve wear pyjamas by Tomi Kids. Blankets by Zillalila and Numero 74.


THE WORKSHOP photography and styling by Louise Gibbens

shot at Yalding Forge and Cowshed Studios in Kent


Jody wears leather trousers with braces by Play Is Work, top by Little Creative Factory, vest by Love My Smalls (overleaf ), boots by Bisgaard and socks by Collegien.





Linen shorts with braces by Little Creative Factory, muslin shirt by Numero 74, boots by Bisgaard and socks by Collegien.

Dungarees by Little Creative Factory, sweater by Gudrun & Gudrun, muslin scarf by Wayda, shoes by Chapter 2 Kids and socks by Collegien.



Coveralls and waistcoat by Red Creek Handmade and shoes by Chapter 2 Kids.




I started out as an art director at various advertising agencies. I set up my own design studio, Otto&Olaf in 2004, but in 2006, when I had my first son Pablo, I founded the children’s clothing brand Bobo Choses, for which I was creative director and designer until 2014. In that same year I founded THE ANIMALS OBSERVATORY, with my partner Jan Andreu. My partner, Jan Andreu, was a big fan of my creations for Bobo Choses. When he found out that I had left the brand, he suggested setting up a new one with him, with a different approach - one that was more mature, with a more developed world, where we could be open to collaborations with other designers and artists. He takes care of the management side and I look after the creative aspect. As an artist, my values are based on respect for children and childhood. What makes me excited about children is their mixture of curiosity about the world around them, imagination and thoroughness in their opinions and in their actions. It is wonderful, and they constantly inspire me. Moreover, as a brand, our clothes are produced based on a clear and unequivocal ethical commitment. That is very important to both Jan and me. Respect for the people who make our clothes comes above everything else. That is why we prefer to produce them in factories that we know well.

transformative power. Motherhood changes you, it somehow completes you as a person and you are taken out of yourself. Your centre is no longer you, but instead those little people you have given life to. For example, it’s a special feeling when your daughter tries to climb the stairs for the first time and you feel a mixture of pride and fear, something undefined that we could summarise as love. That happens all the time in your relationship with your children. Meanwhile, the truth is that combining personal and family life with professional life is not easy. Striking a balance between those two halves was one of the reasons why we decided to come and live in the country. Being surrounded by nature helps a lot. I could talk about that at length. The bigget challnge of motherhood is doing everything possible to make my children happy and for them to learn to be responsible while still being children. Teaching them to trust their instinct as much as their reason. Our brand’s philosophy can summarised in a phrase by D.H. Lawrence, which is also my own philosophy: ‘Be a good animal, true to your instincts.’ Motherhood has taught me that love exists and feeling it is a gift that never ends.

Inspiration comes with a mixture of hard work and a predisposition to beauty. Everything around me can be a source of inspiration. A Bergman or Pixar film, a painting by Joan Miró, a piece of furniture by Enzo Mari... But above all, life itself, the life that goes on around me, walks in the woods, playing with my kids. My life is quite distant from the world of fashion. The truth is that I can’t muster up much interest in it. My curiosity deals above all with beauty and with the effects it has on you. I really believe in art - the art of life, the art of narrative - as a



Modern patch work products made in East London.


SPRING BRIGHTS photography and styling by Rebecca Lindon


Brooke wears romper by Nico Nico at Yellow Lolly and Mia wears striped jumpsuit by Bobo Choses at Smallable.



Pink and grey leopard dress by Beau Loves at Yellow Lolly and Aqua skirt by I Love Gorgeous.

Brooke wears green dress by Bene Bene ar Greenberry Kids and Mia wears top and pants by Scotch R’Belle.



Vest and sunglasses by Mini Rodini, shorts by Tootsa MacGinty and wellies by Muddy Puddles.

Jumpsuit by Bang Bang Copenhagen.



photography by Hannah Coates, styling by Ashlyn Gibson and MUAH Natasha Sheridan photo assistant Eveline Ludlow and model is Lorelei from Tiny Angels shot at The Clapton Laundry


Socks by Collegien, red shoes by Native and sandals by Salt Water Sandals at Olive Loves Alfie.

All clothing by Play Is Work. Plants from Olive Loves Alfie East



All clothing by Play Is Work, sandals by Salt Water Sandals at Olive Loves Alfie and melamine cups from Olive Loves Alfie East.



All clothing by Play Is Work and plants from Olive Loves Alfie East.


PLAY IS WORK ARTISAN PROFILE words by Kaija Vogel and photography by Play Is Work and Heiko Prigge

As a creative director and production designer, I worked across the landscape of feature films to interior design; from narrative installations for the V&A and the Imperial War Museum, experience design and branding for high profile hotels, to scenography as well as sculptural works and costume design. Becoming a mother gave me the opportunity to construct a place for my family to grow, be curious and thrive – a scenography for everyday life. This is when I decided to formalise the practice that is Play is Work. I learned to walk, run, climb and ride a bike in ‘70s Finland, wearing the original Play is Work overalls, as made by my mom. With her keen design eye, my mom often made her own clothes and, as a mother in Scandinavia, she believed in freedom, nature and discovery through play. Which was exactly how I grew up - in a pair of leather overalls I wore for years. When my daughter was born, my mother made a new pair in the softest leather, which were handed down to my son. As I watched the kids play — free and unencumbered — I saw how perfectly a maternal instinct to both guard and set children free had been realised. This reaIisation, coupled with the fact that I could see a gap in the market for high quality, functional, yet iconic, everyday objects fuelled me to start Play is Work.


I have a genuine need to make things; I find my hands get itchy very quickly and I need to release this energy by making things. It’s my own kind of meditation. I’m inspired by history; the stories behind objects, how things are made. I love finding out about why and how something has been made, I love seeing the signs of the “maker’s” hands and their process, like a sketchbook, or a faint finger print in moulds or needle work. My children inspire me even as they sleep. I’m inspired by their boundless power and decisiveness to define themselves through action, through doing. But most inspiring is their ability to use reality to inspire fantasy - isn’t this just magic for the soul! Motherhood has definitely made me stronger and more ambitious. I am always looking for new tools and methodologies that provide a framework to express my ideas, views and self. I feel I have been very lucky to have the possibility and opportunity to apply these tools to many different media, projects and situations. Motherhood has given me the space to turn these tools inwards, to concepts and needs that are much more personal and ultimately universal at the same time. The biggest challenge of motherhood has been letting go. Another major challenge but also

liberation has been defining my own terms; terms of work and play, terms that help me achieve the life balance I need and we all deserve – to Do and to Be. Becoming a mother has taught me about a certain kind of sustainability; self-sustainability in my work and my play – for every day. At the same time, it has taught me to the importance of reaching out. Becoming a mother has also taught me the importance of knowing where I am from and who has stood behind me and with me to allow me to be where I am today – a thankfulness.



SUN DAY photography and styling by Miss Aniela



Lillith wears Summer Suit by Tiny Cottons and Starfish Sunsuit by Misha + Puff at MamaOwl.

Smock Suit by Serendipity Organics at MamaOwl.



Collar by Pierrot La Lune at MamaOwl.

Beach Jacket by Misha + Puff at MamaOwl and trousers by Baby Boden.


MODERN BOHO photography and styling by Rebecca Lindon


Caia and Eve wear clothing by Feather Drum.



Jayan wears harems and kurta by Lala + Zizo.

Eve and Jayan wear clothing by Lala + Zizo and Caia wears top by Dilli Grey.






LALA + ZIZO ARTISAN PROFILE words by Vickie El-Rayyes and photography by Rebecca Lindon

I have been working as a womenswear fashion buyer for the last 20 years for some amazing high street brands. I have creatively and commercially led talented teams in creative and entrepreurial businesses which have really influenced my naturally inquisitive and informal style to business and design. I adore the business of fashion and design.

have helped me bring my vision to life for Lala + Zizo. My kids also inspire me every day, they are 8 and 6 now and I love their fresh take on the world and life in general. They constantly amaze me with their innocent observations and make me see things anew.

My brand takes its name from my beloved two children (Lala and Zizo are their nicknames) as they are the absolute inspiration behind the whole endeavour. My love for fashion was completely re-energised when I discovered baby clothes! I mean how cute and adorable are kids’ clothes and no worrying about your hips looking too wide ‘etc... A seed was sown and the idea took a little while to grow until I felt that it was time to take a leap of faith.

Motherhood has definitely grounded me and made me evaluate the really important things in my life. I have always been passionate about the career I chose and am lucky enough to really love what I do, it feels like an extension of me as a person. So the decision to create my own brand felt very natural, I’m just applying all my expertise and experience to my own endeavour rather than working for someone else. I’m hoping to focus work around my family rather than the other way around, although this is not always possible when I wanted to create a collection of beautiful you’re in start up mode! treasures that were not disposable fashion. I love and appreciate great design and I wanted to As a working mum I have struggled with guilt a create an intricately designed collection which great deal. As a child of the 70’s I was empowered celebrates embroidery and print - inspired by my by my parents that I could do anything and that travels all over the world. I wanted each piece to we could have it all. This is a powerful affirmation be a little treasure; something you would want but the reality of that is not all roses. I felt guilty to keep after your little one has grown up or pass for leaving my babies and guilty for not being on, little heirlooms. I’m definitely a free spirited as career hungry at work. I’m over that now and idealist and really wanted this to come across in realise that my kids have a balanced mother and, the bohemian feel of the collection. I hope, a good role model. Having children made me fully appreciate how I don’t know if I would call myself an artist but I amazing my Moma is. It isn’t until you have your am definitely a creator. I visualise ideas really easily own kids that you can fully reflect on their love and love seeing an idea come to life, whether that for you and you begin to understand the bonds of be a pattern I have seen on a fresco in India or family. It’s also taught me that it is always better an embroidery I find on Portobello Road. I see to laugh and take all of the crazy highs and lows creative opportunities everywhere. I am a huge of parenting with a sense of humour. And finally, collaborator and love bringing creatives together don’t judge, everyone makes their choices, love, to enrich ideas and projects. I’ve had the pleasure always love, love more than you think you can of working with some very talented people who because it is the true essence which gives life meaning. 60




photography and styling by Rebecca Lindon


Travellers by Amy & Ivor.

Booties by Donsje.





Espadrilles by Tootsa MacGinty.

Pumps by Yosi Samra.


STOCKISTS Amy & Ivor Bang Bang Copenhagen

Beau Loves Bene Bene Bisgaard Bobo Choses Chapter 2 Collegien Dilli Grey Donsje Eastend Highlanders Feather Drum Greenberry Kids Gudrun & Gudrun I Love Gorgeous Lala + Zizo Little Creative Factory

Love My Smalls MamaOwl Minimalisma Mini Rodini Monster Kids Vintage Muddy Puddles Nico Nico Clothing Numero 74 Once Olive Loves Alfie / East

Play Is Work Redcreek Handmade


Rospo Indigo Salt Water Sandals Scotch R’Belle Smallable The Animals Observatory

Tomi Kids Tootsa MacGinty Wayda Wila & The Bear Yellow Lolly Yosi Samra Young Soles Zara Kids Zilalila



Wildling Summer Fashion Supplement - May 2016  

A series of fashion editorials and artisan profiles featuring some of our favourite childrenswear brands.