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Markus Bock rocks... by Stefan Glowacz

by Stefan Glowacz



The Elder States Man 9a / 9a + 2011 Blindtext >> The Man That Follows Hell 9a+ 2009 Trubachtal >> Pantera 9a 2009 Ailsbachtal Life‘s Blood For The Downtodden 9a 2008 Betzenstein The Essential 9a 2008 Burggrub >> Corona 9a+ 2006 Ailsbachtal Matador 9a 2007 Krottensee >> Zugzwang 9a 2007 Krottensee Heiliger Gral 9a 2005 Kollosseum Unplugged 9a 2003 Ailsbachtal

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O R E N O A R B C A L H VE 4+5

Red Chili

6+ 7

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After countless cool problems and a stack of hard routes we’ve given the Matador a slick overhaul; tuning up the midsole to uprate the toe power and widening the straps for maximum control. Highly rated and now even more highly evolved. Synthetic.

S p irit Lady V C R

An advanced all-rounder, for the more technical climber or boulderer, it’s stylish, versatile and one of Chili’s most popular shoes. A true thoroughbred, the VCR produces a pedigree performance across such a wide range climbing styles that it’s hard to fault. Synthetic and with our Impact Zone heel.

Subtly enhanced inside and out, this is still the sharp, stylish shoe it’s always been, but with just a bit more bite. Built for the performance orientated female climber with a true women’s last, the beautifully balanced Spirit Lady gets even better. Synthetic.




Spir it V C R

H abane ro VCR

Our living legend stays true to itself. Refined, with simple, considered tweaks to give a even more rewarding fit, it retains its renowned comfortable, edging orientated performance. Perfect from first steps to alpine adventures. Now with our Impact Zone heel.

S pi r it S p e e d

Sharp and sensitive, this is a VCR version of the very successful lace up shoe. Built with Chili’s proven three strap closure system it’s awesomely adjustable and fits fast and firm. Softer, but still precise, there’s an instant, ‘out of the box’ performance and features that will be appreciated maybe most by the boulderer. So with KÜRZEN

Highly evolved! The super classic Spirit gets a makeover and we’re pretty confident that this new smooth running, speed laced version will bring more followers to our ‘Spirit community’ and go down a bomb with those already onboard. Known as the ‘all-round shoe for almost everybody’ the Spirit retains its classic, easy fit and with a new one piece KÜRZEN


Sharp, stylish and with plenty of bite the Corona has a tried and tested fit that gives this distinctive and hardcore VCR plenty of fans. A low stretch synthetic upper, super snug heel and rubber toe patches combine to make this a perfect bouldering and sport shoe. Synthetic.

Matador Lac e Toe down, stiffened and sharp the super tensioned Matador Lace is built for power; for unerring, accurate placements that provide a perfect platform for the hardest sends. With an awesome heel and bonus toe rubber it’s complete control in a shoe! The speed-lace system keeps the foot perfectly anchored while allowing quick and precise adjustments. A sensitive midsole gives amazing feedback without sacrificing power.

D U RAN G O The Durango is a confidence inspiring all-rounder with a performance and a price that belies its remarkable comfort. And the easy fit heel and to the toe lacing both work great. A great starter boot that’s equally at home for all day outdoor or indoor use. Synthetic.

10 + 11


Coron a VCR

An accuracy that breeds total confidence this is a face climbers dream and killer for sport or trad. Precision is the key to this new asymmetric lacing-shoe; featuring a sharp low-profile toe, a soft toedown design, a tensioned slingshot heel, bonus toe rubber and a really sensitive midsole. Apart from the tech specs the Habanero is also one of the most stylish shoes we have ever come up with.

S ession

Starting out, indoor climbers or training monsters - the new Session offers a smart performance level combined with extra durability for anyone racking up endless stints at the wall. Built for longevity the toe features a double layer rand while our new RX3 sole grips great but is way more hard wearing. Designed to be less aggressive, the classic toe profile and two wide VCR closures mean it’s a quick fit that’s still secure, while a tough leather upper means easy resoling and minimal odor two indoor essentials!

D U RA N G O V C R Cool, clean and very adaptable the Durango VCR is a great all-rounder. Featuring a double VCR closure, it gives an excellent alternative to its lace up twin. A solid all rounder, the VCR is equally at home moving through the grades indoors, outdoors or bouldering. Synthetic.

D U RA N G O N A N O V C R Our new kid’s shoe – your first shoes for the first vertical steps and maybe the first sends too! This is a mini version of the Durango VCR matching the junior climber’s need for a cool shoe but in smaller shoe sizes.

Red Chi 12 + 13

Red Chili 2012 Catalogue  

Red Chili produce some of the sharpest shoes around and their 2012 range has some fantastic new models as well as classic bestsellers. Great...

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