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Alberta, Detroit (Friday @ Cinematheque)

Beverly & Roger

WORLD PREMIERE · narrative · USA, 2009, color, digital video · 12 MIN DIRECTOR: RANDY CASPERSEN

Writer: Randy Caspersen; director of photography: Julie Bucek; editor: Ryan Knight; original music: Duncan Blickenstaff; production designer: Caity Birmingham; producer: Randy Caspersen; cast: Eileen Vorbach, Joe Vorbach; Assistant Director: Laura Klein SERIES: WISCONSIN’S OWN

A lovely tender story of a couple who have settled into comfortable habits and patterns which keep them from truly seeing each other. Beverly dotes on a stray neighborhood cat, and Roger’s pride and joy is his 1954 Chevy. A drive in the country opens up some secrets, O Henry-style. Filmmaker Randy Caspersen is a Wisconsin native and graduate of UW-Milwaukee’s film program.

The Egg Timer

WISCONSIN PREMIERE · narrative · USA, 2009, color, digital video · 17 MIN DIRECTOR: EMILY HADDAD

Writer: Emily Haddad; director of photography: Gregory R. Winter; editor: Joe Martin and Emily Haddad; executive producer: IFP Minnesota; producer: Mike Tabor, Matt Ehling, Emily Haddad; cast: Stacia Rice, Charles Brin, Linda Kelsey SERIES: WISCONSIN’S OWN

Make A Mate

WISCONSIN PREMIERE · animated · USA, 2009, color, digital video · 4 MIN DIRECTOR: JENNIFER JORDAN DAY

Original music: Printz Board, Tim “Izo” Orindgreff

Wire, string, and trinkets make up this animation of the magic store where you can assemble all the parts for your perfect mate.

Moon, Stars, Earth, Horse

WORLD PREMIERE · narrative · USA, 2008, color, digital video · 10 MIN DIRECTOR: SAMUEL TOMFOHR

Writer: Samuel Tomfohr; cinematographer: Eunah Lee; editor: Lauren Wolkstein, Samuel Tomfohr; producer: Jacob Kader, Ambarish Manepalli, Samuel Tomfohr; cast: Jan Uckowski, Wendy Baron, Randy Harmon, Rose Goodman SERIES: WISCONSIN’S OWN

A father’s homecoming from military service should be a joyous occasion, but to his wife and two young children who have become accustomed to his absence, his arrival is jarring and

Morning Echo

MIDWEST PREMIERE · narrative · United Kingdom, 2009, color, digital video · 15 MIN DIRECTOR: HOPE DICKSON LEACH

Writer: Hope Dickson Leach; cinematographer: Ole Bratt Birkeland; editor: Miikka Leskinen; original music: Hutch Demouilpied; art director: Oli van der Vijver; production designer: Steven Blundell; costume designer: Tess Loe; producer: Geraldine Pattern; co-producer: Andrew T. Surry; cast: Kerry Fox, Peter Sullivan, Amelia Foster, Tristram Foster, Nieve Stenton

It’s Christmas day in England, but no one in the Moffatt household is allowed to celebrate. They already had their Christmas, in October, to perk up sick young daughter Franny’s final days. It worked, and she’s recovering. But now the loopy family, stuck in the ruse and stressed to the edge, is comically falling apart. Dad cannot compose a tune, little brother Neil eats out of a dog bowl, big sister Veronica crashes the neighbors’ holiday parties, and Mother (Kerry Cox, An Angel at My Table) has given up all decorum. By Franny’s calculations, it is the day of another holiday — one that the family does not have the heart for. 2009 Woodstock, Mill Valley, Austin, Cucalorus film festivals.

Ward Three

MADISON PREMIERE · narrative · USA, 2009, color, digital video · 14 MIN DIRECTOR: JASON SATTERFIELD

Writer: Natalie Mullins; director of photography: Jimmy Sammarco; associate editor: Jerry Riedel; producer: Mark Metcalf; first assistant director: Susan Kerns; production manager: Nicholas Langholff; cast: Lee Ernst, Balen Essak, Kim D’Eon, Carol Dolphin, Neil Willenson, Tom Lodewyck, Jeremy Tardy, Rachel Lau, Emily Newmark, Courtney Jones, Emma Satterfield SERIES: WISCONSIN’S OWN

A young boy with no regard for the people around him is sentenced to a life in a mental institution. Through an innovative score, we hear the discordance that sprinkles his thoughts when he is child, and later when he is an adult, drowns out all other sounds. A visit by a charming little girl inspires him to tune his perceptions and pursue harmony. After the script won the 2009 Milwaukee Film Screenwriting Contest, the film was shot in Milwaukee as part of the Collaborative Cinema project. Writer Natalie Mullins attends West High School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and filmmaker Jason Satterfield works

Martha (Saturday Morning @ Play Circle) as a director in Wisconsin. 2009 Milwaukee Film Festival.

Shorts: Saturday Morning @ Play Circle SAT, APR 17 • 11:00 AM Play Circle 84 MIN + POST-FILM Q&A FILMMAKERS SCHEDULED TO ATTEND.


MIDWEST PREMIERE · narrative · USA, 2009, color, digital video · 14 MIN DIRECTOR: IAN CHRISTIAN BLANCHE

Writer: Ian Dickinson; cinematographer: Sean Conaty; editor: Andrew L Koyama; sound Editor: Amy Reynolds; original music: Trey DeCamp; producer: Colin Hudak; special effects: Joseph Souza; cast: John Bain, Sam Rabon, Malik Anthony, Sein Gay

Dylan and Alex have been best friends for as long as they can remember. When their visit to a dangerous neighborhood goes wrong, Alex is shot at close range, but his wounds heal miraculously. Alex reveals that he’s been hiding an extraordinary ability from his best friend. Director Ian Christian Blanche is a student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Ward Three (Friday @ Monona Terrace)

Twelve-year-old Martha is embarrassed by her family, especially her goofy dad, who is fulfilling his dream of opening a diner. “You’re not a real Gallucci unless you can decapitate your egg,” he says at the breakfast table. She wishes she wasn’t a real Gallucci, think-


The first short film produced under IFP Minnesota’s Fresh Filmmakers Production grant program, this beautifully constructed story follows a doctor seeking relief from the torment of her brother’s childhood death. After finding a cure for the disease that caused her brother’s illness, she still finds herself consumed with grief, and seeks refuge in her childhood home. What she discovers there finally gives her release and closure. Filmmaker Emily Haddad grew up in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

confusing. Feelings of neglect and loneliness taint the welcome home signs and celebratory dinner. This nuanced story of a working-class family finding its bearings during a difficult time is truly touching. Filmmaker Samuel Tomfohr was born in Menomonie, Wisconsin. 2008 Columbia University Film Festival.




WORLD PREMIERE · animated · USA, 2009, color, digital video · 5 MIN + POST-FILM Q&A DIRECTOR: GREY GERLING

Music: Sulek and the Hamster Alliance SERIES: WISCONSIN’S OWN

A sandbox accident unlocks an abandoned laboratory filled with forgotten genetic horrors. Grey Gerling created this animation at his home in Milwaukee.


MIDWEST PREMIERE · narrative · USA, 2008, color, digital video · 15 MIN DIRECTOR: KATJA STRAUB

Writer: Katja Straub; director of photography: Naiti Gamez; editor: Johanna Witherby; sound Designer: Steven DeGennaro; composer: Bill Baird, Otiskuri; producer: Ajae Clearway, Charles Mulford; cast: Christine Cheney, Ken Bradley, Cyndi Williams, James Mayberry, Campbell Westmoreland, Amy McAndrew, Tom Chamberlain

Moon, Stars, Earth, Horse (Friday @ Monona Terrace)

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