2006 Wisconsin Film Festival Film Guide

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FILM PROGRAMS Jim and Joe’s Experimental Shorts Program SUN, APR 2 • 5:30-7 PM Cinematheque


* Altitude Zero Experimental Short, USA, 2004, color, 16mm • 5 min. DIRECTOR: Lauren Cook

(MADISON PREMIERE) “In order to function on a daily basis in our society, women must succumb to sexual inequities, so we get used to it and eventually learn to love it. This is Altitude Zero.” — Lauren Cook. Winner, Best Experimental Film, Next Frame Film Festival. Cook was part of Kodak’s Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

* Cats and Pants Experimental Short, Canada, 2005, color, miniDV • 1 min. DIRECTOR: Jennifer Matotek

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) Cats, pants, cats with pants, pants without cats, breathless narration, intermission, cats and pants and pants and cats.

* Hand Eye Coordination Experimental Short, USA, 2002, color, 16mm • 11 min. DIRECTOR: Naomi Uman; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Adrian Garcia, Greta Snider; EDITOR: Naomi Uman

(MADISON PREMIERE) Images of hands

altered by the direct manipulation of the film strip allow this film to tell the story of its own making.

* Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine Experimental Short, Austria, 2005, B&W, 35mm • 17 min. DIRECTOR: Peter Tscherkassky; MUSIC: Dirk Schaefer; PRODUCTION CO: Sixpack Film

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) Tscherkassky has crafted a visceral filmscape reworking of images from Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In the filmmaker’s words, the film “is an attempt to transform a Roman Western into a Greek tragedy.” “These could be the most thrilling 17 minutes in the whole damn festival.” — Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly. Official selection, Sundance Film Festival. (JOE BERES)

Journey From The Fall chronicles the end of Saigon from the Vietnamese perspective.

* Mirror Experimental Short, Germany, 2003, color, 35mm • 8 min. DIRECTOR: Christoph Girardet, Matthias Mueller; CAST: Elisabeth Masé, Nedzad Mrkulic

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) A woman, a man, guests at an evening party. Settings, which are gradually abandoned; the remains of an event, gazes that have lost their object. In Mirror, frozen tableaux are animated by light alone, which creates connections but also isolates the figures and separates them from the surrounding space. Like the axis of a mirror, a tear runs through the center of the image, separating the halves but uniting them at the same time. Mirror creates an atmospheric image of the “in between,” the nameless sphere between belonging and isolation. (JAMES KREUL)

* Mouse Heaven Experimental Short, USA, 2005, color, DVCam • 10 min. DIRECTOR: Kenneth Anger; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Doug Henry

Kenneth Anger focuses on a collection of Mickey Mouse ephemera, set to an eclectic mix of pop music, reminiscent of Scorpio Rising. Though in many ways a departure from his past work, Mouse Heaven is an Anger film through and through: nostalgic and beautiful with a hint of the sinister. (JOE BERES)

* Pornographic Apathetic Experimental Short, USA, 2004, color, miniDV • 6 min. DIRECTOR: T. Arthur Cottam; PRODUCER: T. Arthur Cottam, Jim Eshom; CINEMATOGRAPHER: T. Arthur Cottam; EDITOR: Jim Eshom, T. Arthur Cottam; MUSIC: Dick-N-Jayne; CAST:


Shape Shift explores spatial tension. SSHTOORRTY is by renowned Canadian artist Michael Snow. Jim Lightfoot, Jenna Leigh, Annie Teegardin, John Falchi; PRODUCTION CO: Caught ‘Em Productions

(MADISON PREMIERE) Two girls, two guys: sex like you’ve never seen. A deadpan reading of a very explicit porn script. Winner of five international awards, including Best Short Film, Milano Film Festival. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. (JAMES KREUL)

* Shape Shift Experimental Short, USA, 2004, color, Digibeta • 10 min. DIRECTOR: Scott Stark ; PRODUCTION CO: Scott Stark

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) Rapidly alternating

views from two opposing cameras that explore the tension between the screen space of the image and the physical space of the body. (JAMES KREUL)

* SSHTOORRTY Experimental Short, Canada, 2005, color, BetaSP • 20 min. DIRECTOR: Michael Snow ; PRODUCTION CO: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre


image of a staged event which has been

Mirror: Creates the ‘in between’. divided into halves, each superimposed (sound and picture) on top of the other. The title is the word SHORT superimposed on the word STORY. It’s a “painting” about a painting in which before and after become transparent. Arrival and departure are unified. Michael Snow’s work was featured in the 2003 Wisconsin Film Festival. (JAMES KREUL)


Kill Your Idols paints a portrait of the “art-punk” movement.


Joe: Body Electric

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