2023 Rheinblick Gold Course Season Guide

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Rheinblick Golf Course



Welcome to the Rheinblick Golf Course

Welcome to the 2023 Golf Season at the Rheinblick Golf Course. Just 20 minutes from Clay Kaserne, in the beautiful Frauenstein Forest, Rheinblick is one of the best kept secrets in U.S. Army Europe and 23rd in the top 100 courses in Germany. View our feature here or at https://www.top100golfcourses.com/golf-course/rhein-main.

This year’s Season Guide is full of everything you need to know to take part in golf course activities. One special change in this year’s guide is the theme! This year’s Season Guide theme is Etiquette and Pace of Play. Our goal here at Rheinblick is to ensure your golf experience is positive. We will use this year’s theme to educate and inform golfers on golf etiquette and pace of play. Please take a moment to review the guide and find those pages that include this important information.

We believe that enhancing our golfer’s knowledge of golf etiquette and pace of play will have a significantly positive effect on your golf experience. We will also produce other themed media during the season that you can find throughout our clubhouse and on the many other platforms serving our community.

The staff at the Rheinblick Golf Course welcomes you to beautiful Wiesbaden Germany, whether you are a seasoned player or someone who is contemplating taking up the game. Again, we hope you enjoy the Rheinblick Golf Course and Wiesbaden, your home in Germany.


Your Rheinblick Staff



Etiquette/Pace of Play

1. Repair Ball Marks and Replace Divots

Pace Play of

Pitch (Ball) mark on the green. Divot in the fairway. On the green you need to repair this mark and one other! In the fairway you would replace the divot and press down with your foot or fill with sand. Don’t know how? Ask the staff for assistance.

2023 Tournaments

March 1-31 Mo/Su Membership Drive - Free Golf All Day 25 Sa Saisoneröffnungsturnier 9-Scramble 12:00 SG April 01 Sa Monatsturnier 9:00–14:00 12 We Afterwork 16:00 SG 15 Sa 4-Person-Scramble 09:00 SG 17-18 Mo-Tu Aerifying greens (Tentative Date) All Day 21 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:00 SG 25 Tu Saisoneröffnung Damen 13:00–15:00 26 We Men´s Round 13:00–15:00 May 01 Mo Jürgen Grabowski-Turnier 9:00–14:00 04 Th Seniorenrunde 11:00–14:00 05 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG 06 Sa 2. AK50 DA 11:00 Uhr Heimspiel 11:00–12:50 07 Su Eröffnungstunrier Jugend 11:00–13:00 11 Th Afterwork Lite 16:00–18:00 13 Sa 4-Person-Scramble 09:00 SG 16 Tu Damen-Moatslöffel 13:00–15:00 19 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG 24 We Men´s Round 13:00–15:00 31 We Afterwork 18:00 SG June 02 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG 04 Su Monatsturnier 8:00–12:00 10 Sa 2. AK 50 HE 8:30 1. AK 50 HE 10:20 Heimspiel 8:30–12:30 11 Su DGL DA 9:00 Uhr HE 11:00 Uhr Heimspiel 9:00–14:00 15 Th Seniorenrunde 11:00–13:00 16 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG 20 Tu Damen-Moatslöffel 13:00–15:00 21 We Men´s Round 13:00–15:00 22 Th Afterwork Lite 16:00–18:00 24 Sa 3. Gatsro - Charity Turnier 10:00–16:00 30 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG 4

*SG designates “Shotgun”

*All tournaments in bold are US golf course tournaments.

*All tournaments listed are open for US ID card holders except DGL

*Most of these events do not close the course all day. Please call the Pro Shop for details

05 We Afterwork 18:00 SG 07 Fr Lady´s Night 15:00–17:00 09 Su Monatsturnier 8:00–14:00 14 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG 15 Sa Jugendturnier 11:00 19 We Men´s Round 14:00–15:00 22 Sa 4-Person-Scramble 09:00 SG 28 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:30 SG August 02 We AK 65 DA 10:00 AK 65 HE 11:30 10:00–13:30 04 Fr Rheinblick Open Game Day All Day 05-06 Sa-Su Rheinblick Open 09:00–14:00 10 Th Afterwork Lite 16:00 –18:00 11 Fr Hickory Scramble 14:00 12 Sa AK50 Ladies 8:00–9:30 12-13 Sa-Su Hickory Championship 10:00 14-15 Mo-Tu Aerify Greens (Tentative Date) All Day 18 Fr Friday Night Scramble 18:00 SG 26 Sa Monatsturnier 8:00–12:00 30 We Afterwork 18:00 SG 31 Th Seniorenrunde 11:00–13:00 September 01 Fr Friday Night Scramble 17:30 SG 02-03 Sa/Su Clubmeisteschaften 09:30-15:00 09-10 Sa/Su Club Championship Rheinblick GC 08:00-09:30 12 Tu Damen-Monatslöffel 13:00–15:00 13 We Men´s Round 13:00–15:00 14 Th Afterwork Lite 16:00–18:00 15 Fr Friday Night Scramble 17:30 SG 16 Sa Vierer Clubmeisterschaft 9:00–14:00 23 Sa Scramble of the Year, 18 hole 09:00 SG 6

*SG designates “Shotgun”

*All tournaments in bold are US golf course tournaments.

*All tournaments listed are open for US ID card holders except DGL

*Most of these events do not close the course all day. Please call the Pro Shop for details

October 3 Tu HGV Challenge und FD Tour 9:00–14:00 07 Sa Monatsturnier 8:00–14:00 10 Tu Damen Abschlussturnier 13:00–15:00 14 Sa Oktoberfest Turnier 14:00 SG 15 Su Jürgen Grabwoski Abschlussturnier Jugend 12:00–14:00 28 Sa Halloween 9 Hole Scramble 16:00-18:00 November 04 Sa Martinsgans-Turnier, 9 Loch 13:30 SG December 10 Su Nikolas Turnier 13:00 SG 7


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Daily Green Fees

Annual Green Fees

E1–E5 $430 $690

Youth (17 & Under) $430 N/A

All Remaining Authorized Users $765 $1,205 USGA (GHIN) Handicap Service $35 per person

Professional Lessons

Lessons with Rheinblick Teaching Professional, Derek Hammett. Authorized for all ID card holders and all ability levels. Hourly lessons and series packages available. Special program development for individuals and groups.

Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. (by appointment only).

Look for seasonal clinics during the year. Existing programs include:

» Spice Up Your Game: Adults

» Rheinblick Youth Golf Academy: Youth 7–17

» CYS Sports Golf Camp: Youth (contact CYS for details)

Miscellaneous Fees

*Members of U.S. Military Courses in Germany receive 50% off daily price.

*Local National guests and partnered clubs must call Pro Shop for pricing.

*Annual fees must be purchased based on the sponsor’s rank/grade.

Week Weekend
(17 & Under) 9 Holes $10 $13 18 Holes $15 $21 All Remaining Authorized Users 9 Holes $18 $24 18 Holes $25 $32 US Guest 9 Holes $22 $26 18 Holes $33 $37
Range Balls - 1 Small Basket $2 Range Balls - 10 Small Baskets $18 Range Balls - 20 Small Baskets $30 Range Balls - 50 Small Baskets $70 Club Rental $10 VIP Club Rental $26 Pull Cart $5 Club Storage (Small) $85 Club Storage (Large with Electricity) $165 Club Storage (Jumbo with Electricity) $215 Golf Cart (9 Holes) per seat $10 Golf Cart (18 Holes) per seat $15 9

Etiquette/Pace of Play

2. Keep It Moving!

Play Ready Golf! Play when you are ready and don’t wait for others when appropriate.

Double par max score!

When you reach double the par on any hole, it’s time to move to the next hole.

FYI: A swing and a miss counts as a stroke!

Pace Play of

Play Ready Golf!


Rheinblick Membership Drive


Free Golf

March 1–31

This is our annual Membership drive where all US ID card holders receive free Green fees from the 1st through the 31st of March 2023.

All memberships include unlimited golf, tournament entry fee discount, coupon book and reciprocal agreements with other military courses. See pricing on the fees page (pg. 8).

Free Golf Membership Drive also includes free rental clubs for E1–E5 active duty U.S. military.



Cem Klein
for Holiday Specials at Cem Klein Restaurant & Bistro! Visit www.cemklein.de. Reservations required. Call 0611-7102-8072 or email cem@cemklein.de from 11 a.m.
6 p.m. to make reservations. 12
Bistro April–Oct 10 a.m.–10 p.m.
9 a.m.–10 p.m.
*Closed on Mondays in Oct. Nov.–March 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Tue–Fri 10 a.m.–9 p.m.
Holidays Closed
24 11 a.m.–9 p.m.
25–26 TBA (Dinner & Party) Dec. 31 Look

Friday Night Scrambles

April ....................21

May ................5, 19

June .........2, 16, 30

July ..............14, 28

Aug. ...................18

Sept. .............1, 15

9-hole scramble tournament in which you make your own 4-person team. Register up to one week in advance. Shotgun start and you must be present 30 minutes prior for registration and payment.

Shotgun starts: April at 18:00, May–July at 18:30, August at 18:00, September at 17:30

Rheinblick/Rhein-Main Members | $15
Card Holders | $25 Non ID Card Holders | $40

Etiquette/Pace of Play

3. Lost Ball or Out of Bounds

In casual play, use our local rule for a lost ball not in a penalty area or out of bounds.

You may take a drop under penalty of 2 strokes in an area designated as an alternative to stroke and distance relief.

Pace Play of

This will speed up play. For clarification, ask a staff member or use the USGA Rules App.

Pace Play
Rheinblick & Rhein-Main Members | $25 All Others | $25 (plus applicable green fee) 9 a.m. Shotgun Start April ............. 15 May ............. 13 July ............. 22
Register up to one week in advance. Shotgun start and you must be present 30 minutes prior for registration and payment. Prizes will be awarded for Gross team scored based on participation.
4 Person Scrambles

Rheinblick Open

Aug. 4

Golf Games

Aug. 5

Dinner | Live DJ | Putting Contest

Aug. 5–6

Competition with 8 a.m. Tee Times

A 36-hole individual stroke play championship held over two days. Open to all eligible users with a verifiable golf handicap. Players are flighted by handicap and all places will be awarded using your gross score with one net place awarded (final flight will be all net with one gross place awarded).

Sign up begins June 1. Must pay in advance. Entry deadline is July 31.

Rheinblick & Rhein-Main Members | $100 All Others | $100 (plus applicable green fee)


Etiquette/Pace of Play

4. Golf Carts On The Path

TRACKS! Stay on the cart path as much as possible.

The 90 degree rule is always in effect. This means stay on the cart path until you are even with your ball and then drive in at a 90 degree angle to reach your ball. Continue in this manner through the Green. Remember to keep your carts 30ft/10m from the Greens.

Pace Play of

We realize there will be exceptions but all efforts to reduce turf traffic will improve the playing conditions for all.


2023 Club Championship

Pace Play



Tee Times Starting at 8 a.m.

36-hole Individual Stroke Play Championship held over two days. Open to all eligible users with a verifiable golf handicap. All players are eligible to win gross and net prizes, based on participation. Only Rheinblick Members will be eligible to win the Club Championship Trophies.

Must pay in advance. Entry deadline is Sept. 6.

Rheinblick & Rhein-Main Members | $25

All Others | $25 (plus applicable green fee)

Paid Ad. No Official DoD, U.S. Army or Federal Endorsement Implied. 19

Scramble Of The Year

Sept. 23

9 a.m. Shotgun Start

An 18-hole, 4-person Scramble format event in which you make your own team. Shotgun start at 9 a.m. Open to all eligible users with a verifiable golf handicap. Prizes will be awarded for gross and net, based on participation. Ties for first place will be decided by a sudden death playoff starting on hole 18 and will continue to hole 10 until a winner is determined. All other ties will be by scorecard playoff.

Sign-ups begin September 1 and end Sept. 21. Male and Female Scramble players of the year will be awarded.

Rheinblick/Rhein-Main Members | $25 All Others | $25 (plus applicable green fee)


Paid Ad. No Official DoD, U.S. Army or Federal Endorsement Implied. 20

Etiquette/Pace of Play

5. Pace of Play

Pace Play of

Slow play. When you have faster players waiting on you, allow them to pass and then pick up your pace! If other groups are catching up with you, then find who in your group is slow and help them to speed up.

For future play, it may be best to find a better time of day to play when there is less traffic.

Unit Tournament Packages

April 1 - Oct. 31

Rheinblick Golf Course

For Military Units & Approved Private Organizations

Specially-Priced Tournament Packages

Tournament Packages

Prices are per person. Includes green fee, cart fee, range token, rental clubs, hamburger, fries, small drink and $10 per person towards Golf Pro Shop gift certificates for tournament prizes ($5 for 9-Hole package).

18-Hole Monday–Thursday Package $45

18-Hole Friday Package $50

9-Hole Monday–Thursday Package $30

9-Hole Friday Package $35

Team Building Golf Clinic $10/hr

Includes range balls and lessons from professional golf staff. Minimum of 10 people.

**All prices are per person. All Unit tournaments are scramble format and morning shotgun starts.


Conference Rooms & Banquet Facilities

Book your next meeting or party with us!

We offer two state of the art conference rooms with fully equipped HD Projection and High End Sound. Our large conference room can accommodate 40 people and our smaller room, 15 people.

Our large 80-person dining room upstairs can also be rented for conferences and has a great view of the course and the Rhein river. Audio-visual equipment is also available for the dining room.

Call DSN 314-548-5482 or CIV 0611-143-548-5482 for availability.


Etiquette/Pace of Play

6. Tee Time Management

Think about when the best time for you and your group is to play.

Do you have children or new adult golfers in your group?

Would you rather play in a twosome with your best friend or spouse?

It may be best to play in the evening when there is light traffic and it is easier to let faster players play through.

Unsure? Just ask the Staff to help you with when to make a tee time.

Pace Play of

Pace Play

& Nightlite Putting Contest

Oct. 28

3:30 p.m. Shotgun Start

Make your own team for this Halloween 4-personteam 9-hole scramble. At sunset, join us for the 9-hole nightlite putting contest on the practice green.

Wear your costume and receive two range tokens. Halloween costume contest following play. Prizes awarded based on participation.

Rheinblick/Rhein-Main Members | $25 All Others | $25 (plus applicable green fee)

Paid Ad. No Official DoD, U.S. Army or Federal Endorsement Implied. 25

Take A66 towards Wiesbaden/Rüdesheim

Exit at WI-Frauenstein

At exit, turn left (towards Frauenstein)

Follow main road through Frauenstein

Continue up hill until golf course sign on left is visible and turn left

Turn at first left (sign posted)

Follow road to golf course

& Address Directions Commercial DSN Address 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0611.143.548.5485 548.5485 Weisser Weg, 65201 Wiesbaden
Contact Information Phone

Pro Shop Hours

March 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Daily April 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Daily May 7 a.m.–8 p.m. Daily June–Aug. 7 a.m.–8 p.m. Weekdays 6 a.m.–8 p.m. Weekends Sept. 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Daily Oct. 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Daily Nov. 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Daily Dec.–Jan. 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Weekdays 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Weekends Feb. 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Weekdays 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Weekends 27
Rheinblick Golf Course
Weg, 65201 Wiesbaden 0611.143.548.5485 | 548.5485
wiesbaden.armymwr.com facebook.com/wiesbadenarmymwr
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