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BRICK STYLES There are several types of bricks made in different ways each with differing characteristics. Handmade

Stock (also known as softmud)

Wirecut (also known as extruded)

Made by a very traditional process as used for centuries, where individual bricks are hand thrown into moulds. The method gives an attractive, gentle creased texture in the face of the bricks. They have an indent in the top of the brick known as a ‘frog’.

Created using an automated process where the clay is placed into moulds by a machine. Stock bricks tend to have softer, more varied edges. Like handmade bricks, stock bricks also often have a frog.

Produced by extruding a column of clay through a brick shaped die and then cutting the column into individual bricks using a wire. Wirecut bricks tend to have very precise edges and also have perforations through the bricks. The perforation pattern can be in many different forms depending on where the bricks are manufactured. They can also be produced as solid bricks.

St Johns Red Handmade

Warnham Red


Engineering bricks

Made using a similar process to stock bricks but the bricks are released from the moulds using water. This process, along with a wetter clay mix, gives waterstruck bricks a distinctive texture. They are often solid bricks although some waterstruck bricks do have frogs.

Made using the same process as wirecut bricks. Engineering bricks are selected for their enhanced technical performance rather than their appearance. Engineering bricks have high compressive strength and low water absorption properties. They can be either perforated or solid and tend to be either smooth red or smooth blue.

Mellowed Red Sovereign Stock


Staffordshire Smooth Blue

Sandown Red

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