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Manufactured at our Denton factory, we are delighted to have introduced the Swarland range to our ever growing brick offering.

We have worked in partnership with Swarland Brick Co. Ltd, the original manufacturer, to produce what we are confident is the closest match to the original bricks available on the market today. The range has been specifically designed for the repair, maintenance and improvements (RMI) market, particularly across the North of England and the Midlands. Due to its close colour match, our range is perfect for extensions and refurbishments of existing buildings built from the original Swarland bricks. The seven products within the range, all available in both 65mm and 73mm, are the Swarland Black, Brown, Pink, Autumn Brown Sandfaced, Golden Thatch, Purple Sandfaced and Red Sandfaced.

Swarland Purple

Swarland Pink

Swarland Golden Thatch

Swarland Red

Swarland Black

Swarland Autumn Brown

Swarland Dark Brown


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