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ounded in 1819, Wienerberger has grown into a world-class provider of wall, roof and landscaping solutions with a global reach.

With 226 plants in 30 countries – 14 of them in the UK – we lead the way in new build and renovation markets, offering more than 1,000 products encompassing the complete building envelope.

Wienerberger; Single focus, thousands of products

Our product innovation is measured against three key benchmarks: quality of construction, perfection in performance and sustainability. All three are fundamental to every brick in this book, and every product we produce. 2

© Wienerberger Ltd 01/14. All rights reserved. N.B. Due to the limitations of the printing process, you are advised to obtain product samples prior to purchase. All information contained in this book is believed to be correct at the time of going to press. Wienerberger reserve the right to add, delete or alter products without notice and recommend you contact us to obtain the latest information.

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