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Digital Labs 7" Portable Digital LCD TV - Black (DT191SA)

Watch TV anywhere, anytime. Digital Labs 7" Portable Digital TV allows you to do just that. How many times have you been stuck somewhere else while your favorite team is playing to clinch the playoffs or you want to watch your favorite television show from the comfort of your patio? This TV will give you access to free digital television channels with a flip of the remote's channel button. Don't worry about the battery dying during the crucial play of the game since it lasts up to 2.5 hours and includes backup wall and vehicle chargers. Whether you want to listen to the television with your friends or listen in private, this portable television has 2 built-in speakers and earphones, allowing you to hear all of the commentary and dialogue-no matter where you are.

Products Feature 1. Check your signal strength 2. The digital television transition only applies to stations that use the public airwaves to transmit their programming signals 3. Must be stationary to receive broadcast signal 4. The use of a regular or amplified indoor antenna may enhance the reception quality and number of channels received 5. Television Features:High Contrast and Brightness 6. Maximum Resolution: 480 x 234 7. Electronic Display Features: Spanish Language On-Screen Display, French Language On-Screen Display, LCD Screen, Closed Caption 8. Aspect Ratio:16:9 9. Audio Features:Built-In Speakers 10. Speakers: 2 11. Tuner Type: ATSC, NTSC 12. Mounting Features:Table Top Stand 13. Input Type: Coaxial 14. Output Type: Audio, Video 15. Includes: Headphones, Car Adapter, Remote Control 16. Finish: Glossy 17. Warranty Description:90 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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Digital Labs 7 Portable Digital LCD TV - Black (DT191SA)  

Digital Labs 7" Portable Digital LCD TV - Black (DT191SA) Similar Products 1. Digix PDTV10 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV Bag (Black) 2. Small Displ...

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