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Acting Out “Uncle Chick’s Last Wish”




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eaver Tale Wilton High School


March 18, 2010


Issue 7

DONT TEMPT F8…THAT TXT CAN W8 Students and Staff Raise Money for Haiti by Sakir Alimoski Texting has become an issue in America over the past few years. The death toll is beginning to add up and actions have been taken to stop texting while driving. “The bottom line is that we want our kids safe,” stated principal Ken Crawford, directed at the student body of Wilton High School. The danger of texting is on the rise and it has finally been brought to the attention of the student body. However, the message isn’t just for the school, it is for anyone who believes they are invincible while they text in a vehicle. From February 2123, the school watched a special episode of Oprah about the dangers of texting while behind the wheel. This was to be an eye opener for the students to realize that responding to a simple text message, while driving, could be a matter of life or death. The video shared many horror stories of what could happen if a person was using a cell phone. It stated that you are 8 times more likely to get in an accident if you are texting than a person who was not distracted at all. In a recent poll of our student body to see how many students text while driving, 35 out of the 40 students said that they texted all the time, while the other 5 didn’t at all. It is numbers like these that need to change. The school didn’t just have the kids watch the video for fun;

To stop the temptation to texting in the car, you should send a message like the one shown here.

they are concerned for our safety and felt this was needed. There is no way to stop something fully, but the hope is that it can be limited. “This is exactly what seminar is designed for; for us to give information to the students about important topics or issues,” said Mr. Crawford on why they decided to show it in seminars and

both. In the video, three people who thought they mastered the skill of texting and driving put their skills to the test. It turned out that they didn’t master the skills at all. The results were that the reaction time for a person who texts in the car increases about 20 feet than one who is not distracted.

“This is exactly what seminar is designed for; for us to give information to the students about important topics or issues.” -Mr. Crawford

not an assembly. “I learned that it’s not important enough to put yourself in danger for a simple text message,” said Travis Greenwald, ‘13. Travis only drives with his parents and said that he still texts. The outcome of this is that his parents take his phone and tell him that he can’t concentrate on

Congratulations Kyle! Wilton 2010 State Champion

“If the law is passed where you shouldn’t text and drive, it’s going to be a tough law to enforce because people are still going to do it,” said Raechel Mullen, ‘11. As Oprah said, “Don’t tempt fate; that text can wait.”

This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-1/

The Beaver Tale staff would like to congratulate Kyle Paulsen on his 2010 state championship and Nick Becker, 6th place.

by Nicole Jurgersen On February 19 students in grades 7- 12 gathered in the high school gym to watch the very anticipated game of dodge ball between selected students and staff. Members of the community service club REVIVE, with the help of Mr. Crawford, came up with the idea to have a dodgeball game in which selected students and staff would be chosen by the students through money donations. Teachers’ names were placed on jars and the top eight teachers with the most money were chosen to play. Students that played were also chosen by their fellow peers. The students filled out a ballot with the top four people they wanted to see play from their class. Once the students were chosen, they were also voted on by students placing money in the jar of the student they most wanted to see play in the dodgeball game. The students and staff that had the most money in their jar would be the ones to play in the dodge ball game. The staff members that played included: Mr. Hewitt, Mr. Black, Mr. Souhrada, Mr. Scott,

Top: The teachers trying to defeat the students during one of the dodgeball games played. Bottom: The students chosen to play get ready to take on the teachers before their first dodgeball game.

Mr. Kohl, Mr. Dohrmann, Mr. Castrey, and Ms. McKenzie. The students that took on the staff included: Jessica Becker, ‘13, Dylan Stepleton, ‘12, Drew Snyder, ‘11, Raechel Mullen, ‘11, Tom Henessee, ‘11, Dakota LaMaack, ‘10, and Kyle Paulsen, ‘10. With this fundraiser the students raised

$130.00 to help the people in Haiti. The money will be sent to the Red Cross. “I think it is good to get the students involved. It was a good short fundraiser, and also fun to watch,” said REVIVE member Mackenzie Holladay.

This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-2/

Wilton Band Traveling to Canada and New York On April 15, 2010, the Wilton High School Concert Band will be leaving for their North American Tour. The tour will include popular sites in Toronto, Canada, and New York City, New York, such as Niagra Falls, Medieval Times, the CN Tower, and the Today Show. During the week long period of the tour, content will be posted daily by band students and journalism staff members. To follow the band during their North American Tour, please visit the following website (please note that some content will be available before the tour begins and will remain posted after the conclusion of the trip): Good Luck next year Nick!

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Acting Out “Uncle Chick’s Last Wish”

Wilton Track: The Next Generation

by Nicole Jurgersen The Wilton High School drama department competed at state on February 6, 2010. The play “Uncle Chick’s Last Wish” received a division two rating in the category of One Act play. This was a disappointment for the cast as they had received I’s in districts and were hoping for the same at state. “I was disappointed because I knew we could have done better, it wasn’t our best performance” said Tyler Hartley, ‘11. Zach Sperstad, ‘11, and Jenna Dugan, ‘10,

by Sam Skelley Track and Field has seen some of the most amazing athletes in the world throughout the years it has been around from Usain Bolt who recently inherited the worlds fastest man title in the 2008 summer Olympics to Randy Barnes who has held the World record in shot put since May 1990. Here in Wilton we have seen some of our own athletes show their own brilliance for many years but with teams getting smaller and smaller the Wilton runners and throwers are forced to step it up to return to the level of dominance once held by the very accomplished program. Last year the Wilton boys track team managed to return some very talented individuals from the year before. This year, they aren’t quite as lucky especially in the area of field events. The boys only managed to return 4 throwers, 1 high jump-

was flawless. I thought we did so well and it was a great way to end my senior year,” said Jenna Dugan. Although both casts didn’t make it on to All- State, they accomplished some great performances and made it to state, which is a feat of its own. “I agree with the ratings the cast of “Uncle Chick’s Last Wish” received, I just wish we could have had more energy,” said Mrs. Miller, the drama teacher.

also performed a skit titled “Funeral Parlor” in the category of Ensemble Acting. They received a Division I rating which qualified them to attend All-State if they received two judges’ recommendations. They were both happy with the ratings, “I was pretty excited because they were straight ones and not a single two” said Zach Sperstad. Jenna and Zach didn’t receive the judges’ recommendations, so they didn’t make it to state like they had hoped. “The last time Zach and I performed it

This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-3/

er and are questionable in the area of long jump after graduating a state qualifier in that event. The other area drastically affected is the long distance and middle distance runners. They too graduated a state qualifier and some other very talented individuals but hope that some younger and less experienced guys can step up and fill most of the holes left by last years senior class. This year the throwers are lead by senior Sam Skelley and juniors Zane Brewer and Wes Moeller. Sophomore John Brammeier is also returning from last season. Skelley and Brewer will be the anchors of the throwers each with there own specialty in shot put and discus. “The biggest problem we are facing this season is that we don’t have very many people and not very many freshmen want to throw” said junior Wes Moeller. There is as far as the

throwers know only one freshman coming out to throw in Grant Maurer. The throwers are coached by Mark Patterson or Coach Patterson who is in his second year of coaching track at Wilton. The long distance boys aren’t necessarily in as much trouble as the throwers are. This year the distance boys have some new recruits in junior Kurt Paulsen and senior Grant Wakefield. The distance boys will also have a new but familiar face as their assistant coach in Jacob Kaufmann. Many track fans remember Kaufmann as part of the 4x800 team that qualified for state his senior year. The boys will have the same schedule as they competed in last year. Their meet schedule will not begin until the first week of April.

This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-4/

Spring Break or Bust? The cast of “Uncle Chick’s Last Wish” performing before districts. The cast included Tyler Hartley, ‘11, Zach Sperstad, ‘11, Kim Maxwell, ‘10, Katie Linder, ‘10, and Jenna Dugan, ‘10.

Student Spring Break Destinations Close To Home

Hannah WerremeyerGoing to Fun City in Burlington Jessica CaskeyGoing to Des Moines Amanda MohrGoing to Ames

Fritz Accounting Service

Globe Trotters Emily HayesMexico Katie MaxwellArizona Jordan LattaJamaica

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LorLen Candles

by Jenna Dugan MTV airs the spring break party in Florida every year emphasizing that spring break is a time for partying and craziness. Wilton students, however, have plans that are a little milder. The week off gives students plenty of time to watch TV, catch up on their homework, and see with their relatives that they can’t visit with all the time. Senior Mindy Noggle plans on visiting the family of her fiancé, Todd Sherwood. “We don’t get to see his dad’s side of his family so we planned to go,” said Mindy Noggle, ’10. Some students don’t plan to go anywhere for spring break because sometimes planning for travel is more effort than it’s worth. “I want to use that time to just relax, vacation is more

Beaver’s Den 563-732-5808

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James Morrison, 11’, poses with his spring break buddy.

work than it is relaxing,” said Rose Couch, ‘12. Some of the simplest plans for spring break are no plans at all. Some students like freshman, DJ Linder, don’t make plans at all. “I’ll just stay at home and watch TV…just stay at home really,” said DJ Linder, ‘13. The party and hype of going to somewhere for break just doesn’t

appeal to most students in Wilton. They can find a way to spend spring break that is simpler and fits them best. They don’t have to party like the college students going to Florida or Cancun. “I guess they can do what they want but you don’t have to go out and party to have fun.” said Nick Becker, ‘11.

This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-5/


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The Beaver Tale - March 18, 2010 - Page 3 DO Throw an informal “potluck” style party for you and your friends on prom night. Have everyone who comes bring their favorite party food, movie, video or board game, CD or more to share. Party the night away by mixing it up – you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget prom ever existed.

DON’T Get all dressed up and ready as if you were going to prom and then camp outside the dance hall, dancing in the parking lot to the echoes of the music coming from the building.

DON’T Go home and sulk about not being invited to prom then watch the movies “Prom Night” and “Carrie” back-to-back.

DON’T Desperately beg somebody to take you to prom by getting on your hands and knees and screaming, pleading for them to take you along.

DO If you’re looking for something more intimate and relaxed, you can also call up a few of your closest friends and have a sleepover. Think of it as the most exclusive party in town – only the best get in!


Underclassmen’s Guide to Prom Night

by Kimberly Sloan If you’re a freshman or sophomore, then unfortunately you’re not allowed to go to prom unless you’ve been invited by an upperclassman. However, there’s no reason for you to miss out on having some fun on this special night. Here are some ideas on what to do, and what not to do, if you weren’t invited to prom.

DON’T Throw a party without talking to your parents first. That is, unless you never want to have another party ever again.

DON’T Sit around and do nothing. Get up and do something – anything – and do something you enjoy. Just because you’re not invited to prom by an upperclassmen doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on this weekend!

Students share their worst experiences on their big day Tyler Budding, ‘10: “Last year when they played music at prom that wasn’t really dancing music. It was still fun but different music would have made a more enjoyable experience. If they had more popular and current music this year it would make a prom a lot more memorable.” Ryan Waack, ‘10: “Not having a date wasn’t really a bad experience it was kind of an interesting experience. I just stayed home and ate frozen pizza and watched TV until the dance started then I left and danced my pants off, but before that it was boring.” Kaite Reynolds, ‘11: “Last year two days before prom my date ditched me and I had purchased a $500 dress, so that was nice. Thankfully my friend Nicole Bailey allowed me to go with her and her group so it wasn’t a terrible situation just not what I had hoped.”

DO If you’re going to be alone on prom night, make that night your night. Do something you enjoy but don’t have the chance to do much. Hog the couch and ransack the fridge while watching DVDs of your favorite TV show back-to-back, sing along with that karaoke video game you’re too embarrassed to play with others present, or move some furniture around and jam out to your favorite tunes. Who cares whether you look silly or not? Tonight’s all about you, so bask in the glory of your awesomeness.


DO If you’re going to be at home on prom night, you could also spend some quality time with your family. With our busy lives, family can unfortunately get bypassed so sometimes taking a break to just talk or spend time with your relatives can feel very refreshing and give you a chance to reconnect. For a timely idea, why not ask your parents about their prom experiences?

Hair Wax Makeup


Prom Must Do’s!!


Make sure to do these things before and the day of the dance.

Buy dinner


Tux with matching Corsage

Accessories Tan Nails Dress



Austin Maine, ‘10: “I got Mono last year during prom. During the dance I started feeling all sick and terrible. So within the next few days I went to the doctor and found out I got Mono. Great experience”

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563-732-3933 Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

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Page 4 - March 18, 2010 - The Beaver Tale

Ask Betty Get fit before spring!

Spring Awakening by Mitch Ingstad I know I talked about it last year in one of my articles, but I’m glad winter is almost over. I’ve grown sick of the snow covered roads and temperatures below 40 degrees. I never mind snow early in the winter like during the holidays but once February comes around I can’t stand the cold or snow and once March gets here (which is now) I hate it. The main reason I dislike cold weather so much is because it’s uncomfortable. My hands get cold easily and I can’t use them after half an hour or so outside, gloves or not. Beside that very large personal reason I also just dislike the fact that winter brings more danger than any other season. The amount of car accidents multiply because the roads are always in poorer conditions and pipes risk of freezing over, causing malfunctions from the indoor heating system in houses which can also risk an increase in carbon monoxide levels. Also inconveniences such as scraping off frost

from windows and running out of the house early to start your car (unless of course you have once of those fancy remote starters) then running back inside to continue the rest of your morning preparations before you have to run back out in the freezing cold. Now granted once you get in your car it should be warm but it is a lot of inconvenient procedures to do before being comfortable in your car during your drive to work or in the cases of many students, our drive to school. I know it is just one of the side effects of living in Iowa and many people enjoy the snow that comes with the cold of the winter. Winter sports are very popular like skiing and snowboarding. I have tremendous respect for those people who can withstand the freezing weather and manage to find something productive and joyful to do under the unfortunate circumstances, unfortunate from my point of view. To the par-

The Beaver Tale

ticipants in the winter sports it is probably not unfortunate in anyway. They are very happy to see the ground covered in snow come December 21st. I understand that many people find enjoyment just in the season of winter; I’m not one of them. On the bright side spring is coming and that marks the last few months of school. I’m not saying that I dread school but it is nice to think about the final semester of school getting closer and closer to being over. Therefore, I was optimistic this winter I think I was just passing the time to get it over with. In the next few days we will be through another winter and on to my favorite season, reason (rhyme) being the amount of degrees measure in the air is tremendously higher than the thermometer readings of the last few months. It’s time for a warmer season. Spring symbolizes birth and a new beginning. I cannot wait for March 21 st to get here and find

out what new things the spring will bring (another rhyme). I’m convinced the spring is my favorite season because the weather is good enough and we see people at school that we might not see as much during the summer. Summer as a favorite season is cliché to me because everybody likes it, the reason being they have nothing else to do. Days are devoted entirely to leisure which is fun but not “real.” Spring you are still busy but everyone is just as laid back as they are in the summer because school is winding down and the sun starts to come out. It’s also the first opportunity in 4 months for me to be able to roll my windows down while driving and I enjoy that. I enjoy the entire atmosphere of spring, it’s definitely refreshing and after this winter I think that’s a feeling everyone could take to liking.

This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-6/

Newspaper Advisor....................................Mrs. Margot Day

An Official Publication of Wilton High School

The Beaver Tale is an official, monthly publication of Wilton High School. Our staff is responsible for every aspect of production, including researching, reporting, advertising, design, photography, pagination, and anything else necessary to serve our readers. The mission of The Beaver Tale is to accurately, truthfully, and professionally report on events and issues that are important to our readers and present them in a way that is informative and entertaining, while upholding professional standards of English and journalism.

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Letters to the editor within our publication critria are welcomed. Letters should not exceed 250 words; however, longer submissions may be considered as a guest column. No material will be printed where content is obscene, invasive of other’s privacy, encouraging physical disruption of school activities, and/or implies libel. The editor reserves the right to edit for grammar, length, punctuation, and clarity. If editing is required, the letter will be sent to the author for consent. All letters the editor will be verified by a member of the staff to determine the authenticity of the writer. All letters to the editor become the property of the school newspaper and will not be returned. Unsigned letters will not be published as a general rule. Letters to the editor may be submitted to Mrs. Day’s room or e-mailed to

Assistant Editor/Advice Columnist.....Kirsten Rabedeaux

Everybody wants to look good on prom day so what better way to do it than work out and get healthy at the same time! Plus once prom arrives summer is just around the corner and swimsuit season comes up fast. And there is always the underlying fact that staying fit and healthy makes you feel better about yourself. The best way to stay in shape is the healthy way. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to get fit. To begin to get fit and healthy make a fitness goal for yourself, writing down exactly what you want to accomplish and in what period of time. You’re more likely to complete a goal if you write it down rather than just tell yourself you will. Working out: There are many types of ways to work out. You can work out to lose weight, body fat, or gain muscle. Even a combination of the three can be a way to work out. But knowing the “right” way to work out is essential in accomplishing your fitness goal. So research the workout you want with either professionals or someone you know like a coach that can help you set up a workout plan. Healthy Diet: Working out in the gym helps nobody if you don’t accompany your workout with a healthy diet. Try to limit the amount of greasy and fatty foods in your diet. Also eliminate the casual snacking. Eat a meal until you’re full and then wait to eat again until your next meal. Many teens think that the best way to lose weight is to cease eating altogether. But in reality, starving yourself actually slows down your metabolism in turn making you heavier. Plus if you begin to starve yourself people will binge eat once they reach their breaking point, gorging on fatty foods which are empty calories. Good luck!

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This article is also available online by following the link below: 2010/03/march-issue-article-7/

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March Beaver Tale  

The March 18, 2010, issue of Wilton High School's official student publication, The Beaver Tale.

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