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Hi, my name is ‘harriet’. I am new to the area and I’m full of interesting information about the people, places and businesses of my favourite place ... Northcote. I have been lovingly created by a bunch of people who are passionate about supporting our wonderfully diverse community through the promotion of local history, residents, talent, and business. 14,000 copies have been printed, of which 7,000 are hand delivered to homes in Northcote, the remainder distributed to businesses in Northcote and suburbs across town. I have 48 pages printed on 100% recycled stock with soy vegetable inks and will be published quarterly. I am interested in a variety of topics, so each edition will have a different theme that is relevant to the community we love. The focus of this edition is ‘everything local’. My contributors have made a massive effort to showcase local produce, design, fashion, business and much more. We love Northcote for it’s history, it’s creativity and it’s immense community spirit, we hope we have shown you this and that you love Northcote as much as we do.

.... Oh, yeah. My creators really wanted me to tell you that ‘harriet’ (me, he, he) is a collaborative work, and they greatly appreciate the efforts and support received from all of my contributors, from the local writers all the way to the NY based fashion photographer. Please take some time to enjoy me, and I am always looking for feedback and fresh ideas so contact me at info@whoisharriet.com.au


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words: LUCY ELLIOTT When asked where their favourite place to hang out at, eat at or buy from, many people are likely to pick a café, restaurant or shop from their area. Why is this? What is it that you like about a place in your neighbourhood? Is it the people that are genuinely happy to greet you, is it the quality of service, goods or food on offer, or is it the fact that it’s a stroll or a tram ride away from your home? Whatever it is there is something special about local people and their relationship with local business. Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve a trip to the ‘shops’, and as an adult I’ve enjoyed getting to know the faces and personalities of local business owners. There is nothing like the recommendation of a book, a CD or a meal to make you realise how much businesses help expand our consumer choices. In Melbourne we are lucky to have locations such as Northcote that foster a unique community spirit through the involvement of traders. These traders are people who contribute to making Northcote what it is today, a vibrant, eclectic and enviable place to live. Getting to and from High Street has never been easier with trains, trams and buses allowing easy access. Another fantastic way to experience the sights and sounds of Northcote is on bike. Bike paths from the City and from other suburbs make the ride enjoyable, relaxing and an excellent alternative to using the car. Once on the High Street strip there are 6

hundreds of shops to meander through, covering a myriad of retail needs, wants, lifestyle choices and speciality interests. The scene in Northcote is diverse and exciting, bringing together people from all walks of life, nationalities and ages. What unites this vibrant district are the many shop owners who want to keep the ‘feel’ of Northcote alive and the locals and visitors who come to experience the ‘vibe’ of the place. Northcote is also home to one of the most diverse communities in Victoria. Italian and Greek migrants since the 1950s have helped shape the High Street precinct into a welcoming village-like area. Amidst the multicultural population is the ever increasing mix of artists, musicians, young families and students. This blend of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ is what makes Northcote the dynamic area known to visitors far and wide.

To preserve the unique character of Northcote think about how you can support your locally owned businesses. The benefits are both immediate and long term. Think about what makes Northcote so special to you, and then think about how local businesses contribute to this. The survival of these businesses depends upon your patronage. Remember, the evolution of Northcote as a great place to live requires community energy. Someone who knows firsthand the importance of supporting local traders is Ben Mastwyk, president of Northcote Traders Association and owner of a clothing and jewellery boutique. I spoke to Ben about what Northcote means to him, the advantages of strip shopping, working on High Street and what lies ahead for Northcote traders.

One of the biggest factors that drew Ben to High Street was the creative atmosphere of the strip. In his role within the Northcote Traders Association Ben has been involved with High Vibes, Charity Bells, Niffty - Northcote’s Independent Fashion Festival, and Northern Exposure Visual Arts Festival, all of which provide a unique way of promoting strip shopping. Setting up an independent boutique with his partner continues to be a labour of love and one that relies heavily on regular clientele and sourcing There are other advantages to shopping locally of local designers. Customers in return get specialist - support for local jobs leads to a local economy service from people that know the designers, and and healthy ethics. This year over 20 High Street stock, inside out. Ben’s energy is infectious and he is Northcote traders joined a pilot sustainable business committed to supporting not only customers but also management program in a bid to reduce their other local businesses, musicians and artists. As environmental impact. Business owners endeavour Ben says, “Strip shopping is all about the experience. to use an array of supporting services from local There is that element of establishing a relationship people (such as accountants, architects, designers, with a customer, of learning about their tastes whilst and computer consultants) and thereby recirculate also being able to add to their choices with your money in the local economy. expertise”. Unlike online shopping or chain store The shopping on High Street mirrors the eclectic community with speciality stores and everyday retailers in abundance. One-of-a-kind businesses cultivate healthy competition and diversity leads to more choices. Think about your shopping needs, and then think about what is on your doorstep. To be able to meet these needs close to home is a convenient, as well as an environmentally friendly option.



shopping, strip shopping supports the one-on-one experience where people are not categorised into consumer ‘types’ but rather are seen as consumers whose needs and tastes are constantly evolving. There is nothing quite like talking to a bookshop owner about their recommendations or having a friendly chat with your local fruiterer about your day. These are the sort of interactions that local shopping encourages, and in the process a sense of community evolves. According to Ben, High Street has a country town feel in which people recognise each other and interact on a daily basis. For Ben there is a certain ownership that the customers have in his shop, “It belongs to everyone”. In an environment of ever increasing rent it’s even more important to support local traders. As Ben states, there needs to be faith in High Street. It needs energy so that it can continue to fight against the chain store invasion. Northcote must retain its legacy as an interesting cultural place or else risk becoming like so many other strips – generic and lifeless. Traders have to fight to deal with increasing costs as well as focus on running a good business. Ben spoke to me about the developments that will hopefully add more energy and vitality to Northcote in the coming years. Darebin Council’s Northcote Streetscape Masterplan aims to increase the public’s enjoyment of High Street with an overall

improvement to the look of the street and increased seating and transportation. Enhancing public spaces and an emphasis on a greener entry point to Northcote are all fantastic ways of supporting the area. Stage one of the plan will commence next year. Local traders down High Street rely on the people who buy from them. This is their livelihood. Shopping locally is about much more than the end product. It’s about getting to know your neighbourhood, being an independent consumer and supporting the traders who invest in the community. I know where I’d rather put my hard earned dollars. 9



HIGGINS Caroline began her pet funeral service after years of research into the industry and realised there was a lack of genuine funeral rites for pets in Australia. We caught up with Caroline at her home in Northcote. Why did you start a pet funeral service? Because pet owners need to be able to feel at ease, knowing their loved one is individually cared for after death with respect and gentleness. What are the services of Paws & Reflect Pet Funerals? I collect your pet from home, or a vet clinic in my funeral car. I am able to arrange a cremation, and will return your pets ashes on the same day. I can also arrange a burial at the Pet Cemetery and perform a ceremony, including a personalised eulogy. Grief support is another essential service I provide. How have people responded to your service so far? I receive a multitude of calls a week. Pet owners are working out their options, and the affordability of having what they want for their pet. I’ve had very positive feedback from clients, thanking me for the service. Experiencing the death of a pet is a difficult process, how do you respond to the associated grief? Every pet is different, as are the circumstances of their passing on. I’ve learnt to adapt to each person, as people grieve differently. I have fantastic pamphlets written specifically about pet loss, pet euthanasia, and children and the death of a pet. Mostly though, I gauge the situation and act accordingly. 10

Why is it so important to have a pet funeral? It’s well documented that a meaningful ritual or ceremony can provide healing and a sense of acceptance. I’ve witnessed a person change after we have finished their pet’s funeral. I conducted a funeral for Jerry the cat, who shared 13 years with his young female owner. Her parents attended the funeral and told me they were given solace seeing how the funeral had helped their daughter and had given her strength to live without Jerry. May you live long, so you may remember long. How can we find you if we need to inquire about your service? You will find me driving down High Street with my beautiful logo on the back window or you can visit the website: pawsandreflect.org or call me anytime on 0408 366 341.

WESTGARTH Sitting on the No.86 tram before coasting over the hill at the south end of High Street you’ll spot the iconic Westgarth Cinema, the centre of the small commercial strip we know as Westgarth. Retaining a village feel, Westgarth’s arty flavour is communicated through street sculpture, eclectic shops and brightly painted buildings.

12 westgarth

Populated by a mixture of retail businesses including local fashion designers, unique jewelry, handcrafted home wares, and vintage furniture and fabrics, Westgarth is fantastic for shopping. There is no supermarket in Westgarth which helps to create that village feel. Your fresh and organic produce can be bought from Fruit Peddlers, the organic health food shop, and other grocery needs including homemade dips and falafel can be found at Boutique Wines. Want to grab a bite out? Choose from the many cafÊs and restaurants, ranging from the casual atmosphere of Alphabet City to more formal dining options such as Thai at Taxi Boat or Moroccan at Njala. Great coffee is easily found in Westgarth’s best coffee shops, including the new Gypsy Hideout, if you are after something stronger check out the boutique bars where live music can be appreciated most nights of the week. Quality hair and beauty salons make it easy for Westgarth residents to get their glamour on without leaving this lovely village. A new addition to the strip is the Transformation Wellness Centre, which has introduced new health services to Westgarth. The community vibe is evident with most shop owners working behind counters to give great service and advice. This shopping strip caters for all your needs in easy walking distance; see a movie, have a bite, buy a book to read, or just take your dog for a stroll and window shop.


words: CARRIE WEBSTER Walking down High Street in Northcote’s Westgarth precinct it’s difficult to miss Catherine Manuell Designs. Her extensive range of luggage, purses, handbags and pretty much anything that can be called an accessory bursts from the window with eye-popping colour and texture. Faux alligator and fur, geometric versus abstract patterns, French provincial, a multitude of bold florals, heck there’s even a print of tiny babushkas. There’s also a stunning series by a small group of indigenous female artists, but more about that later. As you peruse this vast and vivid array, reaching out to stroke a maroon croc travel case or fondle a poppy strewn coin purse, it’s difficult to believe all this has emerged from a humble home studio. Initially training and working as a teacher, Catherine Manuell made the switch to design after returning from a stint overseas. It was as simple as deciding to make a hat for herself. Not content to stop at one, and rather chuffed with her efforts, she took some samples to her favourite shops. They’d sold before she’d even come home from making the delivery, and the rest, as they say, is history. Working out of her home, designing a small range of bags and accessories, her fledgling business evolved into something much larger. With her family along for the ride Catherine Manuell has created, wholesaled and retailed from her beloved High Street shop for almost nine years, and now designs and manufactures more than 100 different products each season. She has over 100 stockists in Australasia, 50 more worldwide, and has three Melbourne based retail stores. 14 westgarth

When deciding on a suitable location for her business, Northcote seemed like a logical choice: a creative area with an active and thriving local shopping strip. While the volume of shoppers may be higher at a large shopping centre, Manuell much prefers the more personal nature of retail in a local strip, and the resulting connection with the wider community. Local retailers in High Street tend to know each other, support each others’ stores, and join forces to create an interesting and diverse shopping experience. When was the last time you saw a short film festival in the windows of a shopping mall? Or a band busking? The shops are beautifully and lovingly presented, the products on display tell a story and are often made locally. Visually it’s a stimulating place: she finds inspiration from watching passersby, noticing the way they have combined particular patterns. It is this kind of vibrancy that attracts her, and although her role has changed dramatically as she’s moved from a backyard business of one to managing a medium sized staff, she still pops into the Northcote store as often as possible to meet with customers. Without their support she knows it would have been impossible to remain in business, and she enjoys hearing their travel (and luggage) stories.

was interested the invitation was extended to Amy and Evelyn, and both were happy to participate. Also included in the project was Dianne Robinson from Iwantja Arts in Indulkana. Manuell purchased their artworks and from these created a range of luggage, wallets and travel accessories from their reproduced artwork. The fabric for each piece is unique as it is cut from varying sections of the reproduced painting. The artists receive a percentage of each sale for the life of the project, and their own story, and a little about the painting, is included on each piece in their own words. The artists own their complete range of luggage, and they and their families travel the world in great style.

More recently Manuell embarked on a collaboration with indigenous female artists. Her interest was sparked when her sister sent her a postcard featuring the art of Maureen Thompson from Ngukurr in Arnhem Land. After looking at it daily for a year or so, she realized she hadn’t tired of it and so decided to ask the artist if she would like to work on a range of luggage. Whilst waiting to hear back from her Manuell discovered artworks by Amy Johnson, also from Ngukurr, and Evelyn Pultara from Utopia. Once Maureen indicated she 15


chia seeds

cacao powder


These amazing little seeds contain a powerhouse of nutritional goodness. Not only are they the highest known plant source of vital omega 3 fats, they supply B and C vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and antioxidants. Great sprinkled over cereals and salads.

Raw cacao powder is cold pressed from the cacao bean and is packed full of antioxidants, minerals and protein. It enhances mood and mental clarity by extending the life of feel-good messengers in the brain. A worthy addition to any smoothie or sweet treat!

Originating in the Andes, quinoa is a versatile, delicious grain that is high in protein, iron and calcium. It is gluten free, so can be enjoyed by every one. The whole grain can be added to salads and soups, or used in any dish in place of rice or couscous.

16 westgarth

Part of life’s rich tapestry.

Add a little extra colour to your world with Catherine Manuell Design’s wonderful array of fabrics and prints. 59 High Street, Northcote, 189 Grange Road, Fairfield, and 273 Little Lonsdale Street. www.catherinemanuelldesign.com



DESIGN AS A REFLECTION OF PLACE Lupa is an independent clothing design store located in Westgarth. Our bright-pink-convertedsupermarket, complete with faux jungle, houses a diverse collection of strictly Melbourne made designs, including womens clothes, jewelry and accessories. Our ethos is simple, design as a reflection of place. Lupa is Latin for she-wolf. The defiant independence that such an image evoked was consistent with the concept we were developing in 2001 as the idea for Lupa seeded. The question was, how can you reconcile sustainability with business? By localising industry. In response to the increasing availability of disposable fashion, the so-called fruits of a global economy in surplus, we were concerned that this clothing not only resulted in excessive energy disposal from mass production and distribution but an eerie homogenisation of design. 18 westgarth

We want to live with a lighter step but we also desire that clothes represent who we are. The way the light falls, the colour and shapes on our streets, right down to the ideas that move us in any specific location enter design. Clothing found in Lupa is not only designed but manufactured in a 3 km (in some cases 200m) radius from our store, reviving a long tradition of quality Melbourne textiles, for which this city has been famous in the past.

a million times without it falling apart, professional people who don’t want to compromise on their identity in the workplace, and many older women who pop in ‘for their daughters’ and leave with beautiful pieces they feel wonderfully comfortable in, it’s truly diverse.

There is ample room to peruse and try. Our staff are relaxed, helpful and understand that screeching ‘where did you get your shoes’? Or pressuring to buy does not create a positive shopping experience. As with any exciting place there The couches are comfortable and is diversity. Lupa carries over 30 come with newspapers attached, original labels from emerging and and we have toys to occupy the established designers representing small and restless. a diverse yet cohesive aesthetic. The Lupa philosophy is creative Lupa is also the patron Saint of and logical. Designs range from Head Quarters, a cross-disciplinary impeccably modern to re-stitched art space housed in the same vintage, from sleek midnight frocks building, an explosion of an eight to utilitarian day wear, and we year desire to create a platform for stock size 6 to 18. not only Melbourne designers but artists also. headquarters.org.au The customers? Women engaged words: DAVINA ADAMSON in creative industries, students, (owner of LUPA) Mums who want to wash things


Glittery Tapping Wonderland The Northcote Glittery Tapping Wonderland Studio has been open since mid 2010. They have wonderful, caring and creative teachers, Miss Lollipop and Miss Fairy Floss, who love what they do. Miss Lollipop runs the school and is the head teacher, she is an experienced dancer and brings so much knowledge of dance to the school. The studios are found upstairs on High Street and parents are able to watch the class as the children dance. The littlies are free to wear their favourite fairy dresses and the older kids can wear something comfortable and fitting. There are no set uniforms, exams or competitions! All classes are taught with correct techniques, but taught with fun and the fairy classes are especially magical and creative. 264a High Street, Northcote Ph: 0414 719 515

Transformation Transformation wellness and rejuvenation centre provide a magnificent facility devoted to your well-being and beauty. Services include facials, massages and beauty treatments, a clinical pilates room, and a medical cosmetic room, all using the latest equipment and finest products to fulfil all guests needs. Transformation’s team are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience and training. Transformation was created by brother and sister team Nick and Evie Pappas and officially opened on 20 December 2010. Nick has a background in fitness and has qualifications in weight loss training and exercise, Evie has a keen interest in nutritional medicine, specifically weight management, diabetes and cancer prevention and is currently studying to be a dietician. 74 High Street, Northcote Ph: 9489 7563 20



Obüs founder Kylie Zerbst and partner Simon Murray recently opened their third store on High Street, an immaculate new shop with streamlined contours, soft hues and wooden features. Obüs produce practical, high quality garments for the modern woman. Based in Melbourne they have been around for over nine years, sourcing fabrics from around the world to produce beautiful clothing designed for longevity. Obüs represents a small, but dedicated team of people who work hard to create clothing that is environmentally conscious and produced right here in Melbourne. When you buy Obüs clothing you are not only buying quality fashion, you are supporting local industry, local economy and of course local craftspeople and designers. 285 High Street, Northcote Ph: 9482 3330

Leonard St. Independent fashion label Leonard St. launched it’s first collection in 2005. Now with three Melbourne inner-city boutiques, stockists in three states as well as in Japan, the USA and Spain we are excited to welcome them to Northcote. Leonard St. designer and founder Amanda McCarthy uses her background in sculpture and fine art to inspire the design and fabrication of each piece. Focusing on silhouette, with an emphasis on flattering lines, each season combines a fresh colour palette and original prints. The unique prints are predominantly created by Amanda and are inspired from real life. There is a playful edge to the pieces with the use of bold colour and interesting patterns. Pop in to the new store to check out the latest collection of clothes, and handcrafted leather handbags and shoes. 205 High Street, Northcote Ph: 9489 5109 21

Looking for a local to drown your thirst? In need of a hearty meal? Or maybe it’s Friday night and you want to shake, sweat, scream and dance until you forget about the mundane and your bum falls off. The Northcote Social Club (NSC) is the place you need.





Andrew Mansfield and associates, with a strong background in Melbourne’s live music scene, decided six years ago that the inner north needed a new Rock and Roll venue. At 301 High Street, Northcote they found a pub, took over the lease and NSC was born. After working at the infamous Punters club on Brunswick Street, before opening the NSC, Andrew told me “… at the beginning it felt like I was living on the other side of the moon. People

who used to rent in Fitzroy were moving further out and buying houses, so they needed a place to drink…. Six years ago Northcote was a bit barren, but the culture was there and people re-connected.” In many ways the NSC is your average local. Beer flows regularly from the fonts as tradies sit and drink their liquid lunch. While I was in the public bar Andrew stood, arms folded, talking politics and arguing sports. On the open deck people eat reasonably priced meals or catch up with old mates. But the NSC has another side. After the sun sets, bulky Marshall amplifiers are heaved from dinted panel vans and the air is electrified with the sounds that have made Melbourne a music Mecca. “… history dictates the people who you’ll get along with, … the core ethics are still the same.” Andrew said as he talked about where Melbourne’s music scene is heading and where it comes from. I always find it inspiring to watch as the Punks, Rockers, Hippies, B-boys, Goths and countless other sub cultures sit and socialise. They keep the Melbourne scene alive and evolving year after year. The NSC is a place where this hive of creativity comes together, and new ideas spawn.

With starters ranging from five to eighteen dollars and mains at seventeen to twenty two you should find something in your budget. The menu at the NSC holds most pub classics, but when you sit on the open deck of the NSC take time to look deeper into the menu. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available for those in need. The NSC kitchen has stepped over pub boundaries and offers a few dishes that you might not expect. Spanish style Paella, oven baked with chorizo, chicken, prawns and vegetables, is one of these. Children are welcome to dine on the deck, which is fully heated for those cold nights. You’ll find a small section under the title, “Have You Checked The Children”. Rohan Sforcina of Oh Mercy, one of the countless acts that can be found on the NSC stage says, “We generally eat there before a gig, due to being early to sound check. [The] Food area is a strong point of the NSC. Slightly up market twist. Decent size. It’s not super cheap but the food is definitely better than your average pub.” “They’ve always been great, always looked after us...”

With many music venues cashing in on ‘throw away culture’, the NSC happily stands alone. It has heart and is old school while being progressive. It is one of the many reasons why High Street is alive, thriving with energy and excitement. If you happen to drive down High Street and see a scattering of Melbourne’s greatest misfits, stop and drop in for a shandy, or better still park you car round the back of the pub and catch the tram home. Then you can spend a night in an icon of the northern suburbs. 23


Where are you on High St? TITLE Northcote is located at 384 High St, just near the corner of Separation and High. How did TITLE begin? TITLE was conceived from the realisation that there is a world of great music, film and literature that people are seeking. TITLE is a unique lifestyle store, stocking a broad range of items from rare books, to reissued classic albums on vinyl, to new music from around the world. TITLE aims to fill this niche market in a way that major retailers have refused, a store like TITLE is exactly what has been missing from Australia for years. What were you doing before TITLE? I had been working in the record industry for a number of years prior to TITLE, and I continue to work as a musician in a variety of contexts. TITLE’s philosophy is? Walking into a TITLE store is an experience in itself. The philosophy is to create a lifestyle store where staff know their stuff and provide a personalised service to the enquiring customer. Seeking out some classic surf photography? Craving some krautrock? 24

What does the shop stock? New releases, reissues and everything in between early classical and contemporary punk, to surf culture and back again. It’s part of TITLE’s philosophy to stock a gamut of quirky and interesting recordings, films, books and even fashion. If we don’t have it, we can get it! What makes your shop unique? That’s simple: there is nothing else that comes even close to what we are doing! TITLE is unique in that each TITLE store feels like a welcoming introduction into the depths and diversity of amazing culture, whatever the medium. What are your most popular item/s? At the moment? That would have to be ‘Afrocubism’ - a new release from World Circuit where the musicians from Buena Vista Social Club have teamed up with the master Mali musicians to create a truly sublime world music experience. Do ‘harriet’ readers get a discount? Absolutely! Mention ‘harriet’ in any TITLE for the month of February and get 20% off your purchase!


This fashion shoot features labels which are easily found on High Street, Northcote. The focus of the shoot was to document and highlight the beauty of some of our best local fashion. Apart from the vintage clothing, all of the items used in the shoot are from local independent designers. 25

Previous Page: Alexi Freeman Tartan skirt & singlet from LUPA, Starstruck scarf from Catherine Manuell This Page: Blue swallow print sail top & Floral print hammock shorts from Leonard St. Fiction resin & silver triangle necklace from LUPA


Gaye abandon draw string top, button shorts & Angus handmade porcelain necklace from I dream a highway


Quirky printed onesie and awesome FabergÊ 70’s mini shorts from Dear Gladys Rizzo leather jacket from Leonard St.


Laser cut leather jacket,Tux shorts and House Of Baulch classic bling necklace from Ob端s Blue sisal straw trillby hat from Catherine Manuell, Infinite colours love brooch from I dream a highway


Alexi Freeman black & white top & Lull Swimwear from LUPA Running Springwater personal shell case from Catherine Manuell Lipstick killer bracelet & firebird necklace from Attica


Hexagon long leggings, Teal bustier & Too late rubber watch from Ob端s STOCKISTS: Ob端s - 285 High St. 9482 3330 Lupa - 55 High St. 9481 1614 Leonard St. - 178 High St. 9663 1529 Dear Gladys - 296 High St. 9489 4793 Catherine Manuell - 59 High St. 9481 8034 I dream a highway - 259 High St. 9481 8858 Attica - atticafashion.com



Established in 2001 as a cafe, bar and lounge, Stuzzi aimed to provide a quality dining experience. Ten years on and Stuzzi has established a strong reputation for their consistent delivery of outstanding food, and friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere.

The cafe provides parking at the rear of the building, and is fully licensed and able to accommodate groups large or small. At Stuzzi you can always find something to satisfy those hunger pains or allow yourself an indulgence.

Stuzzi is a solid family affair, with head chef and owner Serge Ieraci captain of the good ship. At his side, taking care of front of house, is his daughter the lovely bright-eyed Simona, and Daniel his charming son. Serge loves food and has a strong appreciation for all things culinary. His journey began as a boy in a large Italian family and continues with over 30 years of industry experience. The philosophy at Stuzzi is to produce excellent meals (and coffee) with quality local and seasonal ingredients. The extensive menu offers a multicultural experience (though the Italian influence is deliciously evident) with no daunting menu items. Being open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s easy to find something that satisfies anytime of the day or night, be it a veggie breakfast, a BLT or fish of the day. The restaurant is large but welcoming with plenty of indoor seating. Alfresco dining areas face both north and south making it a great place to enjoy the morning light or the setting sun. 32

Located at 319-325 High St Northcote Ph: 9486 3399

SYNERGY GALLERY The Marvellous Misty Mystics - Leith Walton

Opening 6:30pm, 29th March running till 10th April 2011 Accompanied by a mysterious steamy ceremony during the show, ‘The Marvellous Misty Mystics’ will take us back down the rabbit-hole for a cup of flying tea or a cheeky gin and tonic. Walton has created a series of whimsical illustrations of modern mythical characters in tender water-colour. ‘’There’s a ‘steam-punk’ element to Walton’s style which can be accounted for by his love of “old rusted things like pipes, drains and fantasy novels” - Dina Mattis. Synergy Gallery is a non-profit, community contemporary art space welcoming new members, volunteers and exhibitions. 253 High St, Northcote synergygallery.blogspot.com, leithwalton.com





is more than chocolate Last week was my birthday and my vision was to have 12 close friends join me for exotic cocktails and uplifting food, somewhere unique. An experience my guests would remember instead of how old I turned. A famous bar in the city that we went to was so contrary to my vision. No exotic cocktails and no yummy food. It was a disaster; suffice to say I know better for next year. However this review isn’t about me. This review is about what could’ve been a memorable evening, had we made that short journey to Coco Loco in my own neighbourhood. The owner and chef of Coco Loco, Khaled Sherbini, would have accommodated my salubrious vision, injecting it with the true substance I was seeking for my 12 guests. Khaled really is the alchemist of earthly delights. Coco Loco has expanded the menu to further reveal Khaled’s culinary magic. With friends, I shared a Moroccan inspired dish with spices I have never succumbed to before. The accompanying Tasmanian Kate Hill Riesling, 2009, touched my taste buds with a subtle kiss. Together, the perfect prelude to a light mushroom, roast potato and Gruyere cheese, (spelt flour) thin-based pizza, dribbled with 12 yr old balsamic and truffle syrup. Coco Loco by name, so we went the whole way, 100% certified organic chocolate mousse with real cherries, and luscious thick cashew mylk gelato. It’s not just the arousing tastes in Coco Loco’s all

organic vegetarian food, nor the exciting beverage menu that hooks you in. There is something else going on- a revolution of the senses happens. Smooth jazz and an eclectic mix of tunes transport you to another place and time, as do the large photographs of Khaled’s ancestors from the 1930’s. Craftsmanship surrounds you. A walnut wood bar, designed and made exclusively for Coco Loco exudes warmth, passion and artistry. Coco Loco is a world faraway from the melee of contemporised office workers on a hip roof top in town. Coco Loco is the place of melting moments that linger in your mouth and your imagination. I’ve redeemed my birthday wish, what about yours? Located at 219 High St Northcote Ph: 9482 7033 35




THE ESTELLE At night when the lights are dim it’s like sunset. The highly respected bar and restaurant The Estelle has always been a strikingly unique experience, on the strikingly unique High Street. At night knitted meats hang in a gently peachy glow reminiscent of the Northcote sunset. But The Estelle was not always the classy but quirky bar and kitchen it is today. Did you know that in 1889 Melbourne went through an ecstatic but short-lived oyster craze? Within two years 60 oyster saloons were thriving, making them (briefly) more popular than hotels! Mrs B. Thrapeous was the local woman who dared to offer the excitement. And today we all delight in The Estelle’s first menu suggestion: Coffin Bay oysters served “au naturale”. I love knowing this little piece of local history, it’s what being part of a community is all about. I feel like the sensual colours and textures of oysters could have inspired co-owner Joshua Davidson in his creation of The Estelle’s magnificent aesthetic. Although Joshua tells me that the pink, grey, white and black floor-to-ceiling tiling was actually inspired by a Brunswick butcher’s shop. The stunning Castlemaine slate feature wall was hand-cut and crafted by Joshua himself and encircles the heart of The Estelle, the kitchen. And those artfully knitted sausages? They represent

an age old culinary philosophy that The Estelle embraces - to waste nothing by creating an innovative menu that uses the whole animal. Next time you are inside the beautiful “sunset” atmosphere of The Estelle I recommend that you imagine the history that has taken place within it. And while you’re at it share a plate of oysters and a citrus and mint-muddled Pimm’s Cocktail Jug. Mr James Pimm himself loved the accompaniment, he even opened a chain of oyster houses in London in 1887! Located at 243 High Street, Northcote Ph: 9489 4609

DRINKS LIST Cider consumption has grown enormously recently, and isn’t slowing. Mitchell Macleod of Harvest Wine and Liquor says there’s more to cider than you may think. Here are a few recommendations: Bress Bon Bon - Harcourt Valley, Victoria Modelled on a French style, this cider uses true cider apple varieties...a rare thing in Australia. These provide not only sugars, but also tannins & acid, to create a more complex cider, which may be sweet & dry simultaneously. This one’s texturally dry but has a pleasingly restrained note of appley good sweetness...its strong too! $19.99 per 750ml bottle Napoleone & Co - Yarra Valley, Victoria This isn’t made from cider apple varieties, but the makers do use several types to achieve some complexity. Particularly at this price, I find this to be one of the better Aussie ciders around. Its dry, but not too overtly so: there’s still some pure fruit flavours there! A nice mouthfeel and good overall balance completes the picture. $13.50 per 4-Pack (330ml bottles) Famille Dupont Bouche - France This has a subtle barnyardy pungent note, due to indigenous yeasts & oak influence. It’s made from a blend of tannic, acidic & sweet apples, providing depth of flavour, body & freshness. The pungency combines with sweet apple & stone fruits, cleansing acidity & a softly frothy palate. An eminently approachable even to a cider novice! $18.50 per 750ml bottle 38

A place like home... With porcelain collectables, trinkets and artwork tastefully decorating the walls, Palomino feels like an extension of your lounge room. And with the vast array of homemade treats and great meals on the menu you are sure to feel at home. A recent expansion of the existing space has allowed for a larger kitchen, and new cosy middle room decked out with comfy leather couches and an open fireplace. The brand new kitchen is now pumping out loads of yummy house made treats such as tarts, cakes and sausage rolls topped with special homemade chutney. With so many seating options, deciding where to sit it can be hard. I personally don’t mind where I sit, as long as I get to have my favourite pancetta wrapped eggs and one of their excellent lattes.

Palomino is owned by local residents Emily and Adam Wright and is open just about every day of the year: Mon–Sat 8am–4.30pm and Sun and Public holidays 9am–4.30pm.


I’m super glad I went because I was pleasantly surprised at how much variety there was but also how unique a lot of the things were. Unfortunately, I now have a list of things that I am desperate to own, but that’s ok because now you do too.


To write this piece the editor told me to go down to High St in Northcote and find great local things worth buying, and I was like ‘Cool, no probs’ not expecting it to surprise me or offer anything that I couldn’t find in the CBD.


Think of all the cool things that have ‘local’ in them. Local restaurants, the local bar, local anaesthetic, the local milk bar that sells lollies that only exist there and in 1989, local music, the local coffee shop where you don’t even have to order, the barista just gives you a smile and pours you what you want. It’s the human contact equivalent of comfort food. It makes you feel that everything is right in the world.



This is easily the best hummus I have ever tasted. It’s handmade by a local nonna, it’s fresh, it’s preservative free and the recipe is older than I am. When I found out that she also makes tzatziki and falafels it made me want to swap mums.

Some things transcend cool and become classic almost instantly. This stool is one of those items. Goes well with a gothic house or in a warehouse apartment and creates a nice juxtaposition be it under the bum of a lumberjack or a MacBook Air.


When I was a kid I wanted something stable in my life. This doesn’t tip, is of sturdy construction, you choose which colour it comes in and it’s well priced and locally made. If they made them for adults I would like to own one.

STOCKISTS 1 Boutique Wines & Grocery Ph 9481 3228 2 Bug Design Ph 9489 3711 3 Small Dreams Ph 9486 4688 4

My girlfriend from the future wears this. She says it keeps her warm and allows the mobility needed to escape from the hoards of zombies that roam the earth. I like it because it looks fantastic.


Have you ever seen raw silver? It’s a rock. To make said rock into something as beautiful as this jewelry is far beyond my sphere of reference. My mind has been officially blown.


Shaving is a chore, to get around that I like to make it an event. I throw on some jazz, wear high pants and use shaving soap with a brush. It makes me feel debonair.

4 Manque Design Ph 9486 6701 5 Black Finch Ph 9077 1319 6 N’cote Natural Therapies Ph 9481 1166 7 I dream a highway Ph 9481 8858 8 Catherine Manuell Ph 9481 8034


Find us on facebook ‘Harriet of Northcote’ and fill out a quick survey to go in to the draw to WIN Catherine Manuell luggage valued at up to $420 Don’t use facebook? Then email us at info@whoisharriet.com.au for the survey. People like to say that there is no such thing as a free lunch but no one mentioned amazing luggage.


When I carried a backpack I knew that if I needed to parkour up a wall or mime stuff with my hands I could, but then I discovered satchels and all their beauty. Now I just elegantly walk around obstacles and gesture with my cane.


I have stuff and some of that stuff is very nice. My travel bag is an old backpack that I bought in my late teens, no doubt the logo contains a surfer or a wave or something like that. Now that I am older I’d like a bag to reflect my personality and not something that says, ‘In here there is a box of goon and some surf shorts’. These Airport Trolley sets say, ‘In here is a ticket to freedom and a life of extravagance’ and no one will ever guess that all they contain is a box of goon and some surf shorts. 41


Deb Tribuzio opened Ruckers Hill Food Store (RHFS) on the 10th November 2010. She has a passion for beautiful food, loves to cook, is inspired by the memory of her mother’s cooking and an amazing deli she found in Tuscany 25 years ago. Before Deb’s recent arrival Northcote was lacking a food store that stocked quality, essential deli and pantry items. This along with the area’s changing demographics, diversity and evolving culture, made High Street the ideal location for the store. Finally discerning residents who love good food are being catered for by the RHFS, which is filled with wonderful, fresh, locally sourced food and international classics such as French cheese. This is a brand new business that needs local support, why not wander down and have a look at what’s on offer? You won’t be disappointed. And with the convenience of a large car park at the rear of the building, with access straight into RHFS nothing could be easier. vvv 42





Buying, Selling, Leasing…


We know that people want to deal with Real Estate Agents that have local knowledge, expertise and are honest. Our consultants at Harcourts Northcote will give you straight forward practical advice that you will appreciate and value… It’s the refreshing difference we offer to all our customers, It doesn’t matter if you are a Seller, Buyer or Tenant, John Bisignano & his team have the skill and motivation to help you with all your future Real Estate needs. Call the Team at Harcourts Northcote to help you achieve your goals this year…

HARCOURTS NORTHCOTE 406 High Street, Northcote Ph. 9489 1030 Email northcote@harcourts.com.au

www.northcote.harcourts.com.au 43




STORE What appears to be an old milk bar tucked away in the back streets of Northcote is in fact a buzzing breakfast and lunch destination. Located on the corner of Andrew and Mitchell Streets, the red door corner store boasts a sizeable breakfast and lunch menu with produce from Melbourne’s most reputable suppliers. Everything on the menu is made on site, including owner Shannon Toleman’s sinful array of cupcakes, slices and other sweet treats. From 7am Monday to Friday, and 8am on weekends coffee addicts are in for a treat, with skillfully prepared organic fairtrade coffee. The red door corner store can whip up a simple or sumptuous menu to suit your occasion and need, be it sophisticated fare for corporate clientele, or a home-made feast for a local get together. The store proudly displays it’s range of homemade jams and sauces, muesli, coffee and tea that are available for individual sale, along with traditional milk bar items. The red door corner store is one of Northcote’s many treasures and has won numerous awards in Melbourne’s food and coffee guides. It is a unique and remarkable example of why Northcote is the place to be. 45

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