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3.12.3 Town Square Edge Uses

• The uses and facades that form the built edges of the proposed Town Square at the northeast corner of Russell Avenue and Johnston Road should be especially active and transparent so as to animate the square.

3.12.4 Awnings & Canopies

• The design of awnings and canopies should be varied to • • •

reflect the required modulation of individual shop fronts. Commercial storefront awnings or canopies that are lightweight and constructed of glass, steel, fabric, etc., are encouraged. Awnings or canopies should extend out at least 1.5 m (5 ft.) from the building façade. Arcades shall not be permitted.

3.12.5 Commercial Streetwall Heights To differentiate the Town Centre shopping experience within a relatively high density mixed used context, a pedestrian-friendly building scale at the street is desirable. • A low scale building streetwall fronting onto Johnston Road shall be maintained, with a maximum 1 storey height (20 ft.) at or near the property line. • Buildings should step back at least 2.5 m (8 ft.) above the first storey, and then again above the fifth storey.

Town Square Edge

Johnston Road Low Street Wall

White Rock Town Centre Design Guidelines


Town Centre Design Guidelines  

City of White Rock Town Centre Design Guidelines

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