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3rd of Apr Tokyo to Kyoto by Narita Express and Hikari Shinkansen 05:53am

Depa at Shinjuku sta.



Arrive at Tokyo sta

Change into Shinkansen


Depa at Tokyo sta track No.15



Arrive at Kyoto station

Get out from the Central Exit (You're on the 2nd floor) - Turn right and little walk Turn right again before downstairs for outside - take elvator down into the 1st floor (ground level) You're in the middle of concourse area. Kyoto tower at the left, JR central exit for Local train.


Take Subway for Citadines

Take escalator down at the center of concourse. Take twice for the basment 2nd for Subway gate Buy One Day Pass for Subway & Bus (called Kyoto Kanko Ichi-Nichi-Ken) 1200yen At the round ticket counter. (nearby Karasuma-line subway gate). Get the transportations map called Bus Navi Map You can use this card for all day long, over and over.

from Kyoto station to Karasuma-Gojo station (1 stop) Drop the luggage at the hotel

Get in the gate, and the platform down is TRACK 2 (bound for Kokusai Kaikan) Get off at Gojo station. Get out of the gate and walk toward Exit 6 to take elevator onto the ground. At the ground level, turn left (walk north) → Cross the road for the right side (toward east) → Cross toward north again right away → Turn right (toward east) and a little walk for your hotel.

Start the Tour from your Hotel 11:00am

Take subway at Gojo (K10) Get off at Imadegawa (K06)

Take Subway again at Gojo at TRACK 2 (bound for Kokusai-kaikan) by One Day Pass * Insert the card into the gate machine and keep it for all day. Get off at Imadegawa station. Take Exit 3 to take city bus.

Take City Bus at Karasuma-Imadegawa

Right after onto the ground, turn left and take the bus at Karasuma-Imadegawa. (bound for Ginkakuji) City bus No. 102 or 203. * Get in the bus from the rear side of the door, the payment is when you get off.

Get off at Ginkakuji-michi

Show the card to the driver when you get off at Ginkakuji-michi After get off the bus, walk along the same direction with car lane and cross the road. You will find the beautiful stream at left side. It's canal, and street is named Philosopher's path. Enjoy walking straight through the Pink tunnel of the beautiful Cherry blossoms path.

Walk along until the end

Walk along the canal toward east for a few minutes, you'll be at the foot of the slope. If you turn right, it's main part of Philosopher's path (30mins walk) along the canal.

Philosopher's path and Ginkakuji sightseeing for Sakura Viewing 12:00pm

Go up on the slope for Ginkakuji temple

Recommend to enjoy Ginkakuji at first before walking Philosopher's path. Go up on the slope which is lined with dozen's of cozy souvenir shops. Ginkakuji entrance is at the end of the slope.


Ginkakuji sightseeing

500yen of admission fee. Around one hour tour both for temple and mountainous garden * The ticket is talisman which was prayed by the temple, so please keep and display in your room to protect your house.



Just before going through the Ginkakuji's entrance at the top of short slope lined by pine tree, There is a map of Ginkakuji premises. Cross the map, there is a traditional restaurant called 'Yotsugi-jaya'' (世継茶屋). You can enjoy wonderful soup of noodle or rice bowl food. They have English menu.


Philosopher's path walking

After lunch, going down on the foot of the slope, and turn left along the canal. Philosopher's path is just 30mins walking street. Walk as much as you like only for taking pictures. Get back to the foot again Turn left (to the opposite side of the slope) on Imadegawa street Passing by the bus stop of Ginkakuji-mae Keep walking until get to Shirakawa-dori street

Get to Cooking Class 16:00pm

Take City Bus at Ginkakuji-Michi

Cross Imadegawa Street toward north. Ginkakuji-michi stop is along the Shirakawa-dori street for the north.


Get off at Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokei Geidai Mae Cross the street, Kyoto Zokei Gei-Dai is on the east side of Shirakawa-dori.

Back to your hotel Take City Bus at Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokei Geidai Mae Take the bus at the same bus stop (but opposite direction). No. 204 Get Off at Kitaoji Bus Terminal Take Subway at Kitaoji (K04) Get Off at Gojo station (K10)

Get off the bus (B2F) and change into the subway of Karasuma line (B3F). Take subway at Kitaoji station, Platform is on Track 1 (bound for Takeda) Arrive at your hotel.

Model itinerary from on 3rd of Apr  

model itinerary

Model itinerary from on 3rd of Apr  

model itinerary