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The f ir'st issue of the sa'tnts' Gazette f or Lgg2 is f inally out! As you nay noticed, ve ater,earl)| this year round, thanks to,, the tireless work put in by the Gazette c r e u t h r o u g-h t h e M a r c h (especially vacation this over-rlorked Editor ) . .?:i; Featured in this issue, a subject every student in sto'-Andrev's is farnj.Iiar slgh Detention Class. Discover: Hov to, get to DC, P r e p a r a t i o n f o r D C r * F h a t ' .t o d o b e f o r e D C , l f h a t t o d o ' I ' during DC (read hov to make yourl-llffi:^ncre-*cbfifortable d u r i n q D C )' ; , t : ; 1 l: - ' " i : ' ' ' ' t i ? ' goes on" and the list . .. Do you have the 3Ar!ITS' sPlRrr?-Js the fanous'saints' spirit dying out? This and many other guestions ansvered in the itfrerl,fr main article of the issue. I l e a l s o h a v e t n o E x - s a i n t s . , ,v r i t i n g back ( r #on't think it "-+ vas voluntary anyvay) about thelr present lives a{fer leaving St.,gff Andrerr's, Plus an exclusive yrith intervieu M r l z _ I i i'_ o u r m o r e o.. ',$l r than-fanous Art teacher ' ' ' 6 u r ' " l a b o g r I r: So, redd'on and enjoy' the fru$ts of And good luck 161.your exans! ! (I knory I'Il need lots) Cbeers,



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: Detent i on Class

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Y e s , D . C ! T h e nost dreaded Saturday norning ECA i n Andrer',s School . tse ta/<e a guick pee* into the procedures i n and hav to exptoit tie loopholes in the systen.


Detention Class, the idg:l topic r me to rrrite oir siruply b e c a u s e r a m s o f u l l 0 f i t . ( r ' v e i " " n - fi o r n o t a i n i n g t o b r e a k a n y r e c o r d s t e r e- ip- i-ia" -i Jo e n " " r t y a d o z e n b u t r a m U"""r"e you pupils nitl h a v e i t h a n g i n g o v e r -yw o rur " t l i k e a s*rtr uaiting to be dropped on your heads. you read in archie conics is h.eaven. Hr weatherbee nilr get Archie tor one-h i m t o d e t e n t i o n a f t i r s c h o o r . a r c h i e - g o .fJoJr r r i s f o u r - u p s a n d s e n d to tne aeteiiion room, suitches on the fan and starts oraring aeropranes. tfhen you i J ; ; , a r e i n S t A n d r e v ' s . . . ., . . Pel1, firstly and nost inportantly, hov do you get you donrt have to try to DC? too hard,-tusi j"t.ttr.. uooiaurJ-off*o""r, ie act in an inperfect nanner on threi occasions and .h-rr""" ..., youfll get booked because the vhore prace ls cravring vith these B O Y Z2 l , t E N a c t s . H e ' l I draw his Uoienoof fron Hell (like John lfayne dravs his gr;n in the westernsir-."r y o u r f o r n a n e , c r ass and naybe index nunber and Hurray! you on your rray to Dc. Tro E o r e o f t h i s . . 1 9 y o u ' v e g o t a - t i i s i - " i Jare r" ttcket to rhe rrerr. Hole' To avoid all lnis aii.r"a, keep a lov profile, do ar.I your rrisecracking and Joking out of i"tooil rniu is definitely Nor the place to do.::. actua1ly, r could ,iiiu a n o t h e r a r t i cle on getting t o D C ( E d : A u g h! l l i t another roui-paee affair r ), so. I better stop nryself vhiie r can. (Ed: ''r,""iiNotr that you've nade it to DC t i ue can get dovn to the more interesting parts. ""giit"lationsl), T h e r e p o r t i n g t i m e is T:45am S H A R P ,s a t u r d a y . - T h e - p r a c e , L n . " o n " o u . i e i a r t n o u g t r y o u have to be there by 7z45an sni,ne, lry to be ere by ?::dan.'iirorr in, t a k e y o u r t i n e , g r a b a b i l e f i o n t t r e - " "t h iut".i". Get a drink, non_ gassy one rould be advisable(you uouldnii vant the Prefects) and y o u a r e p l a n n i n g- b t. o- e a t b i e a k f a s t t o i r r i t a t e i f in sctroorr get sonething light, por.ii] o"tor* r you vi11Dc is over. A c t u a l l y , a c u p o f- oM ilo or Horricks,ouiJ 6" fine- as foi attire, nothing too varm, a school shi,rt vith i"--""ur.ri"i"a badge. schoor pants and no pleats. of school shoes and . A-prop.r p"i, prain vhite socks- wouta you b er-iu"i-itJ-iit *.r"rr. rogo the size of your finsernair is alrivedr whai ;;'y;; b ring to Dc? NorHrNG but yourself - Remenber that, no warinan, nagazines, rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, (unnentioil;1;; d e leted)... I think g e t the idea. nenenber, if vou i t , t h e y n i rl. rf ! h ; ; ; ; i " x " h a v e to carrv " vou to ai"i at a frtend's house o r h i d e i t i n a . s a 9f e. g- ,- p J- t.iayc i o r y o u i ; ' - " ; ; vilr be rblitzedf by the prefects. Thorough scruliny vith iagni;;i;q grass and conb is a reverend practice at DC. - t-

"gi-qg--!r-a-s, After .*|1iis, the nost trying part starts, sitting dosn. This is no ordinary styre or sittini. rtfs the saintsr Detention class sitting D b - i r n s. ,t y l e ! T h i s s t y- 1t h6e v a s f irst observed by the convents and:as f a t e r a d o -pi t eu d4 g b Detention f uy. Class Crev vho hybridized it rrith Shaolin Here's hov it goes, feet toggller., knees togethEr, t i b - - g xu L r . i l g h t , bum on ress than half the''cha.ti, no reaning against' the cnair, arns crossed and face front. If you think that try it Founds easy, for z hours. Nov, here is a rife-si,vi,ng.qip; sit righi on lhe edge of the chair, it's n u c h e a s i e r a r i ' d on'b t f A s t i r i n g (itso decreases the risk of impotency). This is especia,lly inportant for the fat ones as they f.ind it hard or rather,i:,impossible to, keep thelr knees i :'and thighs together Nou here comes -the really cute part. some poor dumb or sickening or annoying prefect(nost havi all thervirtues') will start a sob story and tell us to think tmisdeeds' and of the rcrinestuhich have brought us to DC (sniff,.sniff). He'll say it vith so nuch conviction that your heart' ,rrenches and you wonder hov you could have gri.eved hin so much by cpmrnittinl so many ratrocitiesr.. It goes like this. "llhy are you here? Not because 'ie want you to be here but because you nanted to be here by cdnnitting those offences(did '.re?). lfe don't sant to,be here, it"; becaust of you that ve are vasting our tine.- (,sob, av\r, how could ve! ). Think about your offences. (2222.....), You are already nodding off nithout this fiery, vonderfully scurptured speech tut this is vorse than a ton of steeping pi11sl And they say they donrt vant to be here an)rnore than ve do and they are just vasting their tine (and it's tine rrerl-spent f or us presume). And here rre are, sitting r doun rike rre have starched arnpits, sveating, aching, irritated and sreepy! The prefects vill be rralking around and shouting things like Isit striightt', 'Feet together', rKnees together, ind so on. And they have got this demerit riJsten vhere they nill give you denerit points for f idgeting, lea-n1ng on your cniir and-so on. chalk up f ive points (hurrah!) and you're in for another fifteen ninutes oi pure unsurpassed pl-easure. During all the screaning, theyrll conduct checks on uniforn and appearance. r don't thini the pief,ects knos it but itrs heaven to stand up and" rralk after beiig crampeo up for so long. so itrs advisable to try your best to be told to stand up but not enough to be sent to inother DC. Nov, if',!you are a real snart gFy(like nel ). you might just ; usâ&#x201A;Ź a fev minutes of your p r e c i o u i t i n e a n d t h i nk up a fev 'f,: schenes to save yourself .a lot of pain. Try and get yourserf into , ' i { ;a h o n e v o r k . D C i f p o s s i b l e . D o i n g a c o n p o s i t i o n i i m u l t r easier and 1:'more interesting. You can have-a liveiy debate rrith the prefect '''i',about the'disci[linaty.systen in St Andrevfs and other controverrf you canrt sguirm your rray into a homenork DC, use .' :' '.i:tr s i ' a l t o p i c s . imagination. tour rt vould be easier to trick the prefects ,'r because they are prefects b u t t r i c k i r r g H r F o o i s n o t i trat easy. 'irn cases :i of g*gr,.gency, and onty if it is a real emergency, . ,r ' 1 ' ' ; l ! l q g , y, o u ' v e . g o t g.i ior a shov or neet your girlfriend, or ' r ' ' [ h i n g s l i k e t h a t . r{ 'da k t s i c k n e s s , f i r d t , act sick, ie]noaaing off , : ^ .lained expression etc. This should giab their attention. But if ':"; [t. doesnrt don't be disheartened. p u t u -py q iy o u r h a n d a n d s i mp - ly ' ' r ' -: i l 1 f o r . : a p r e f e c t . lthen he eomes, tltt-rrin atre siek. :le&enber, if youtve prepranned this, prepare yoursetf rye1l. Act iick throughout the episode. And to ieariy ualr up your story,


Ifhen it is nearly 7:4s prefects irr the vill herd the victins up like sheep to the slaughter, For one vho is a first timer and is about to lose his- 'Dc virginity', you cannot inaglne the horrendous lfellos tortures thought of bi'these students'. Ilhat goes on during DC behind those crEany, plnk varls is at best you'll an untold horror story. then be aiviaea into trro groups. one for the one-and-half-hour and the other for the tvo hour Dc. rt may sound rike a heel of a difference but half an hour is a world of difference i n t h e p l a c e y o u r r e g- foi vi neg t o . A s y o u l i n e u p , yourlL have to stand there for about ninutes before the first screan of the your11 remain day shrieks out. in this position for a mininum of fifteen ninutes. During this time, there'r1 be a ro11 call to ensure that no one $as going to niss out on aII the fun. Theretll be sone lateconers rrhose excuses for being late viLl be promptly and cordly refused. chances ale, 'free'ticket to the next DC for coning late. !h!v'11 be given a unless there is a major catastrophe like an earthquake, you vill be guilty of coning rate to DC. you nill be scoided,-huniliated .n9 thoroughly shaned by the teacher-in-charge. you ir are unknovn, lucky you. If you are fanous (read noiorious), y o u a re tkenar. so be srnart, sure to donrt be late. By this stage, you begin to get uncomfortable frorn standing so long. iThe Narih,. At about rrltl start 8:15, they The prefects vill read you up and dorrn the stairs till they find a suitable classroom to be your torture chanber for th; day. This will probabry be about after five to ten minutes of marlhing. During the March, the prefects vilL shout, beg, plead, denand y6u not to shuffle your feet, to walk in tno'striigirt rovs and not to talk. Keep your hands by the side and folloe instructions you vant if an easy DC. No use attracting the attention of the predltor or you'lI be eaten up. you'll be told to line up in lvo straight 'boudoir'. The prefects,rill ihen ask you to go foys outside your into the room one by one, pick op . chair each and march out. you'}l Then, have to do the sane to the tables. And finally, your1l be asked to bring in a chair each, in an orderly manner, and arrange them in some duurb pattern they fancy Like dis :-

t-i r u l*d irH

lil L l [

Lr I


nJ L


n t t





T l

Yourll then have to go up to a chair each and stand next to it. Try to get one next to the uindov or next to the fan tf you can. rt'Ll make life easier for you later on. Then, the really dunb part starts. The prefects uilr nake you sit down and get up until there is a mininun anount of noise. r vould understand if

- 5-


I o.=,''


i3 . -



,S!-, t:.:4:,, bring a impressive collection of so- inpressive that you can pass for a drug pusher. rf you .do brr thisr yol are guarlnteed success, and if-ii.t real1y doesn't sork, go thE toiret with a prefect folrouing you. Go to a. cubicle yourse-lf to ana force puke. Try to drin'k:. some water before you do this. rtrs much easier to regurgltate vafer and it alsb nakes sone impressive splashes. rf all this doesnrt uork, take a jump (off the westin stamford). Another (and testedl nethod sure-proof is saylng you have a back-ache and itts hell to sit in that position. rniyirt probabry ask you to lean back and if you are realry convincing, theyrll even Iet you go home. you'can arso try the fainting act yorj'lr probably but only if you are a practice or they'Il spot the fake a rnile off. t{B: Atl these are onl,! to be put to slou-l,d be used spazingly. Dontt i t. frust ne, I k'nov.



use in case of energency and o v e r d o i t o r y- o u v i r l regret r 1


Although this is a trro-hour oc, you;.l:L prouably be there for a b o u t three and a half hours. you,I,L be disnissed at eleven J orclock or sor depending on horr good"you are during DC", rn betveen DC, the prefects give. you a short vilr break,. Take p.,. .._ advantage of this break'vhere you _ tk{ can go to the toilet. At,the 'Lr ti end of DC, the prefects vill send you off the vay you came in^ amarching. You vi11 probably be reliev6d to have survived another point in getting :!r 1Ec but there 's not out of ' ttie f rying pan and . into the fire. So try to keep out of trouble. For all those vho rDo .-'n.,sihiilycanf t renenberl renernuir this, it rs. my notto in life: y o u like, Vhat&'ver Just don't get caught!',, : ' .t: , : l i r . . y ep r o b a b r y enrightened majorlty of the student body on the':hard facts of Dc. This'not neant for the eyei of just learn the .'prefects. Theytlr q,Ll rthese tricks and lry to counter them. They night even make an,issue out of this duiing one of their meetings ind of course, r dontt vant to get ny face nutilated.(Ed: Hon nuch vorse can it get? Refer gossips) Well prefects, body has as a repry to ,-dop't. This is aLl the student the shame, boredon and huniliation rre suffer during DC. Fairfs fair. Also, I tn probably too hard on the prefects. In fact, they are just as eguarly victimized by the disciplinary systen in st Andrevts. Rej.ected by their fellov students, many indulge in their Booking,Books to escape reality. I rnight even ieel soiry if I had a brain''and heart transplant. Prefects are not all so bad, but it taiies onry one rotten appLe to spoil the vhole barrel. r night have done a fair bit of prefect-bashing here but I'm not apologizing. r.nstcad, 'r trr give the prefects, every single one of then, a chance to reply through the Saints' Gazetti. As you nill have probabry real-ized, . r fn not an ardent fan (ardent participator, yes) of DC. I suggest a sinple solution for this problen of Detention Class. A









t t

Ilraltee Ferix Silyester Aft Justine (ISAI (Ed: I

Just love hls

nare, -4-

so do the




" TIolt$u





ll,r s27nru, 0 ArtTeachw Ertrsdinsire

(Ed: Ifhy Mr Azni is an Art teacher in saint Andreurs school. j o i n e d in JuIy s c h o o f t h e hin) He else would ,ee rrant to interviev and, n o n e x i s t e n t , v i r t u a l l y vas Art scene here 1989, uhen the r r h e r e s o n e of s t a t e a i n t o f l o u r i s h e d ' . under his care, it has nov b est t h e t o c o n p a r a b l e l e v e L o f a a r e artuork pieces of the (secondary level) in the RepubIic. I 'lith a f ev schools Bef ore j oining St Andrlv s Schootr', he uas ' h i s trainee days (1967 D u r i n g for their standard of Art. reputed af ter i m a ry School, P r , ^ r a s E s t a t e w i t h O p e r a he rrhereabouts ) r T e c h nical A t j u n i e d . U p p e r H i 1 1 , B a l e s t i e r t o vhich he moved on S A S . School and finallY, to bring students to establish No one can ioubt his ability uith Art, as he graduated fron the Institute a close relationship in Art Education' of Education Uith an ldvance certificate h is innedlale, aim l'as to s c h o q l r , t h e t o c a n e When he first so Art . could be the upper' secondaxYt class for set uf'- a" lit j o b r r a s he set out to do a a taken as an ,Or Level subject. This the knoving that he rrould only be able to reap long time ago, f i r s t t h e v a t c h i n g v h i l e y e a r s later, reyards of his perseverance c o m b i n a, o , s u b j e c t t h e i r i n s i t h A r t l,ivel students of batch ' ' r i t h g r a d e s g o o d A r t i n tions leavc school part, and is vell on his way to He has achieved his airn in the batch of ' r i t n 'O' Art grades: students pass out seeing his be ones to f i r s t t h e Art are ana 5 doing sec I students in ' o r t a s t e o n l y s h a l l h e s o s u b j e c t , Level it as an for sitting t h a t f e e l s h e t h o u g h , y e a r . S a d l y n e x t of success the sneet fruit o n a s t a k e n b e t o A r t a l l o v n o t d o s t i l l the subject courbinations g e t s o n l y h e that ,Ot Level subject, and he is quite disappointed to experience students fron the Nurma1 SErJam, as he ,rould tike h e r e ' teaching the students in the Express Stream he has ever the naterials support, he hls all In terns of school's t h e o f a p p r e c i a t i v e i s a n d sctroot, the needed from happy a l s o i s H e c l a s s e s . h i s A r t t o contributions significant supH o r a l school. Art roons in the that he has the use of the r r h o have f a m i l y , h i s port, he feels, has been provided uholly by j u s t c o uld h e g o w h e n o n t o encouraging hirn been very supportive, a v h i l e . have stopped teaching Art for the standards of in terns of Mr Azni measurJs his success he has been extremely In this, he feels that his studentsf,rork. to that contribution and acknouledges his students' successful, Art scene in St Andrer*ts School. in his Art lesson, No one can doubt the leve1 of interaction ' r i 1 1 s u r e lY appreciate his b Y h i m r r h o t a u g h t b e e n has as everyone a nonotointo s e t t l i n g f r o n l e s s o n s A r t p r e v e n t h i s effortS to - 5-

nous routine. This is in part due to his having taught'MLa, as he has had rnore exposure to students and knons hon to alleviate boredom in lessons. Moving off Art, it has been runoured that Mr Azmi \ras to coach the Upper Secondary school soccer team in the Inter-SchooL soccer Tournament this year. To this question, Mr Azni replied in affirnative but unfortunatery, the school dec'ided not to iarticipate in the schoors' tournament this year. As to his aims- fbr the school tean this.year, he hopes to get the team to the semifinals of the East Zone Tournament. As to his hobbies, besides Art, he also finds time to play tennis. He is an ardent fan of the outdoors:going on camping or trekking trips frequenLly. He has also traverled abroad to Art exhibitions in Malaysia, rndonesia and Europe, occasionally dropping in on Art galleries here and there. This in itself can be cited as proof of his commitment to Art, and he thinks that the numerous exhibitions being held in singapore all year provide valuable round exposure to singaporeans, as it helps to aestheticalry deverop the individual.

Harveen Srngft (JSII Sudhir ft,amas |JSAI ,Amran

PositiveThouqhtsof Feoce


To think of peace for just one ninute is like holding Lhe world in your hands and seelng it as a rrhole. As one hunan family. To is is an

have positive thoughts of peace to appreciate al1 the rrork that being done to urake the 'rorld easier place to live.

To be positive about peace is to understand that although I nay not be able Lo stop var or terrorisn, I can change my odn thoughts - as I see that peace "ld feelings also begins with me. To think positive about peace ii to fill ny attitude, and actions'rith peace and share that rrith others lNith our of peace together peace f ul

conbined positive thoughts ue can then actively uork torrards a united and rror ld . Author

- 6-


,.n'Il3l' A11rcli1


oJ lsupea ,ErI.!._drc loruX rarg bne >losoglrrUAe..trriea_ij 'a[of

ivib.egol Juoue neJJiruJ


>fnignidJiv "1iJ'


:.I8, 6ettjng cross-eyed rbadirg the title and captjons? Have no ::r.' featl Boztov your teacheris corapact or it she/he does not avn ' ane. borrov thejr exit pass and run to the nearest tollet.

Tififf;' 4#i

anazing. f'n hitting 21 soon, -ltf.. finished ny stint vith the buefness ol belng a Saint for alnost three years(that's 1095 days, give or take 24 presently servtng tn the I::T" ) -and t{ational Servlce BUT still e n d u p aoing ' artlcles for the Salntsr Cazette. Cai ? C a n A N Y O N Eb e a t t h a t , ? Ioo Pg.t'that yqu-. young nen out there vho just Lo l t cl :a, tn, n sait to end school and start the next excltlng chapter of your life, be prepared, for you never knov v h e n t h a t 'EoEar recall exerclse I vould be activated. Ohe flne night yhile sitting _ at hone"on :,your favourlte sofa ratchlng a 'Honey I rerun of Shot the iid",, suddenLy, the tetevlslon screen flzzles and an announceuent rAll blares: S al n t s I

Ittentlon all S a t n t st

,, rather) rRr?E an "rtr"il"""iilt


Sailtr G a z e t t et Dateltner -. thi; l ;eone$dayt' .Do .rlot say I did not varn , Io9f.-.Anyuay, here I an. ttriting. flriting vhat exatJly, I really Ao n6i '. , ,f al t9i yf re I . t h i n k i t v o u t d b e p r o b a b t y


afrer pink r{atls'. ihi;;--i be lll yoo+g. tons_avaiteir'. !:::i. t o ' L t f-e plnk |latlsl ,.:.qy:l vithin

i g' o Iu4-LSten about. three years 2 r1 that"s 1 0 9 ! , . . d a 1 r . s ,g l v e o r t a k e , , hours). , : . : , I l{y nane is ' . Abdul Razak and ny ,: i. . I 5 l e n d h e r e , q e - x t t o D â&#x201A;Ź, l s p r e i , . ':, , ;{, "JTo"l :n. t _ r l i t nakes this articte a effort. Especially if you .fact that he got ne f nto .-, : . F 9 l s r i t 'enretshser this Iri the first place. Soth of us nere from the lrls faculty (strean ls too lorr_class ), vay Uaci -'1.

and boYs vere Yhen boYs :hen v â&#x201A;Źr e *trcn ha qolWetYiih gun5 T h e r e l l n d . never ylrls...vell and 4AI then anl bct*tt" ' .r^classes l"fy Z lrt qw! rearlY iit-. Thc Arts scene sas not stlIl Y e n o v e v e n I r e a n :hrlvtng. iArts? 6ra Boyrs vho 9or ii". donrt I klddlng? no teally, " vc vhat Ye dld so Even :ecall. . . . rblastr dolng a h a d r e a l l Y lld and rccal'l tt. ExaettY vc dld, I canrt serll let bYgones be :ither. felI, tlecg rosqultocs. BY the nurber of I tlPr You reallY' PoPs [he vord on l l a r b l g g e s t t h e I ' a alght thlnk u n l v e r s c ' g l d e t h e o f this guys YG lrts sPeaklng, SerlouslY Yhlch of fun stuff fot DID do I R e a l l Y ( g r o a nl ) ' lenorable. ,ere the dld so lt, of Cone to thlnk t J o e s r . Sclence debates, had rldiculous fe drara outlandlsh borlng qulzzes, Blvls nentlon Jnd not to eventi Yas lt of best Part PresleYir The rlsg I tlhat uP. settlng thE actual v e r e t h e l a t e n i g h t s l n s c h o o l d o l n g u p o r r e h c a r s l n gfor a p l atgtubr y. ' to trre ?-11 Not to rentlon nranight trlpsvere thcn Thc guys and I back t{o vay. Soundg Arty-farty? r c J qctsi iocrctyrs 11sser--to.tha Lost u n d e r l l n g s , the notorlous. No Joke, for boys. And boy, vere vc lost vhia lt carc to studles' even lf college, a to get rc ty aggregate "ooiO not the preLlrs, you P r c r r s , v t t h r l n e y o u i a a c a Ui-tt6. lnd _1f you dtvldcd tt bad' Trust rc' fe vere that could buy " ""t(iZOO"" thc leasl). a lllss. Ed: Unfortunately, Even Hlss Llr(f rondcr lf stfll teacher gave up on us' Physlcs our Phua) llrs lnto "fti n"" turned Burger Everybody





whilaI bl d?nl aal

rfu'9QcottlZ /ttl+ch./ 'da rc,aivll... ( blhor,, g lr",ft





up rorltlng


f.:'il: a c t uii"ii; litn,l".nln3"5'il allY' tecth, our of skln

lssue real getttng back to the f a lls' a f t e r Ptnk iropet [r,rr. totallY have I vhlch ielirbcr?! forgotten); neglected(and honeatly, after sccondarY school Yas a llie us' of both fol changc real the that fact thc Constdcrlng 'a rno t a n g l b l e r e a l , nia college Jokest Arts gcene. ranaggStcg! stage got lnto I ethnlc dalcs thls' and evan, gâ&#x201A;Źt totally vas choreograirri(sfrf crr to ny left t'oot chlch ttff"tl6us-due and rY rlght rlght a s ltf thlnlrs obsessed corPletelY uho ls ioot a left vas that lt ulth thc notlon Even ' l l f e ) grevlous tts ln nanage lf fun be You can t{ational tgood-fora bunch of fl.nd to

- 8-


pren got into nothlngr rockers. the debates and actlng(a funny conbinatlon if you happen to be the neanest scrun-hali on the Salnts rugger tean). He even oanaged to pult of a Vlctorlan era 'Prince 'charningt character in a Ylshun rrc Theatre productlon at the Drana:':centre(he even sang!), God forbld, tf he aies it again. out vhat the Arts society had Jn a uay rrii vere all Just cirrying b:gyl(that group of people vho-happened to be on the endangered wlldlife, nearly extihct iria it not been for tlnely interventlons from tine to tine). Ife all. acted as lf ve hated !t, of_ course, due to the idea that the arts vere onry for rsissiesr' Deep doun rre did not regret our cholces. rf you ask Pren about the stnging part, he wouia probably svear that he vas sabotaged by the yishun creu. r get to say these things and enbarrass him because I am doing thi typing. after nourning the ross of Freddil-Meicury, one of the great regends that ever lived, ue continued yith our lives. Hore Godfearing (not to nentlon Atrds-fearlng) than before as the realization of hov fragile our"lives ,eri davned upon us. Ile soon caught u[i:rvith the arny or rather the arny caught up

fq:nq tgo++,tcd*

oroun/1r ll '?nto "uituTants q anl 4owl


o. wall, {urncl irrfoPrelYr, ( $nXlI allal, \rir7) Cit?q' ncxi to vqqcvi Yp,{hara GV,t-.. rvith us. rt vas, at the sane tine that Miss Mathi catre back fron an overseas training stint to reign terror and fear in st Andrevfs once Eore(ny slapathies). Both of us net ug vith our former dictator at a pub to talk old tines, r agreed 6eeause she paid the birl(ny neager Arny pay vasnrt even enough to buy ue a cuppa beer). It reas here that l, ooBs, ye (sorry pien) found out that the Arts society vas in troubli(again?), ana there vere no tzouble-shooters like us to bring fire and spice to canpus life. lfhatrs you rel thts hapiena ilhat _happening guys? ilov couta happened to the age old Saints' --irrat tradition o f s p i r i t n eve! say die/ rcanr means rcanr charaeter. The fr donft care vhat peopre say, ve're better than Rr and l,cs put together' ideology. Don't let st Andrevts dvlndle to becone another-school-on-thelist kind of institution, D o S O H E T H T N GD t onrt Just bury yourself in your books. Do souething vorthvhile for the schooll irr iln saying is add some rife back into the good olf pink walls. look back to your saints days you !91eday, you vill and ieallze didnft do anything. No spark, no splrit. Just a prace of


-l I


vhat do you see?r tff' you close. you! eyes rlght' learnlng. shat i ata'' scary lsnf t lt? Nothlng. rf,ell ti;t's to the Gazette, do us a Before ve end thls "ottliiuotl0n ln the nornlng or io schoot early favour. It you happcn to core to i"i"" tn the evenlng' lrsten' p*t"oi happen to be the ilst L i g t e n v e r y v e r y ( t l n e s t e n t o t hto e p ne o u ea l o f e l gSatnt' h t ) c a ryou e f u nlght l l y . I f just true and haPp"t . " t o " . enough yourre luctry -hear Past. rf yourre true ot tt,e"dJtl-rl"a3nts the farnt of t]rese echoes' ttre-rairks then aone part of yourself -nfg[t--i:i"i r ( y e t a g a l n ) a n d o n l y l f v o u r "-t"i,ii". to be heard u'"i"iii=-f snoring at the catch Prem and l you tu" sharpr really ears are back of the classroof,' UP and on, guYst Take care'

-$isb Pereet

6rtl'l'l' \





.tr,r.r v,l qcluarty, \ftof*t#.: ;i;ayorrE Abdul Razak {{A2l Prem Kumar {lAZl Batchof 1988

- l o -

The saints have heen around for over 120 years. From a private lnstitution to the present day st Andrevrs schoor. Throughout this time, it has proven itlelf to be unlike other schools' The family spirit is strong, vith dedicated teachers and ,a, christian background. so much so-ihat the boys stick together ' through thick and thin. And because of its reputation, it has become the envy of schools everyvhere. H o v e v e r , it :.r:.,. seems that over the past f ev years, the saints have,been r o s i n g t h a t s e n s e . o f u- rn"iiti yn i v i n t t re sitrool. The right thab,- ,held us Logether had been fading a v a y . l ,lany felt thatr-deterioration probably started afier the split-up of the Junior and secondary schooll rrre saints Gazette ..1" . l r r r r r"y on this topic to find out'rhat is ,uuiiv goirrg on in the hearts of the student body I najority of the students had no sense nith the s c h o o r ' T h e y u e r e l i m i t e d o n l y t o t h e i r - . - i a " u n aot fe s b o n d i n g and had I ittle opportunity to nix iout"iO. around ,ritfr the vorld, . OnIy a handful uere optirnistic and claimed tnat ihey rrere one team. ,'hen asked about the prefector:-ai system, many found that prefects abuse their potrer and thus aiive a uedge betveen student-prefect rerationships: To_ them, the b oys in vhite are nonarchs vho scord, shout ind or "our!", book studenis. They prayed no other role than that of a disciplinarian. ttoo strict, A; guoted, , too inflexible | . An inage of an ideal saint vas acguired from the survey and naturally, saints should bc humble, "oii"bl"r good in alr things .fJ..t they do, deternined, in other words, saintry! .But is that the image ue are- currently.. projecting? Have ,E made a good impression on peopre beyond tne scnooi---iates? No, according to the students imige is c o n t r a-r9y6 i n g t o all 'rrequirenentsfr. -gur the a b o ve The scnoJr spiri! i, a n o i f n o t h i n g done, it nilI be gone. yet one ,sould ask the guestion trHov?rr, is the arrsuer begins, in you_and your attitude beeause no natter uhat



survey statistics 1. 2. 3. {. 5. 5,



n o l c h a n s eu n r e s sy o u , r h e s a i n r s , r r u l y


? guestions

have been risted. *Y/ N/ NC

Are ve, the Saints, united? Are you haBpy you are here? Are you proud of your school? Do you respect yogT school, generally? Have ue lost our identity? Do you think the cheers rrork? Do you think school cerebrations are getting


56/ 4L/3 6 9/ 3 L 8 7/ L 3 59/3L 7 9/ 2 L L3/87 7 e/ L 8 / 3

* Yes/No/No connent Flgures ds a percentage of total

t t_

Samuel Sudhesh {3SA! Guo Jinhao $SAl Joshua Goh {3SA}

Caulfield Exc lF nge Programme -


lsland of slnga?:30pm, a gloony atmosphere hung over the yel ttre loorning clouds overhead held an air of expectancy' pore, forever be sornething that vould Somelnfng uas about io'happen, that sill m o m e n t T h e p e o p l e . c t r o s e n o f i ? l i v e s engraved in the p e o p l e , tonightr o f . t h e s e s t o r e i n o f e v e n t s a c h a i n o f f spJrf school blazdressed in their lia of June 1991. L7 individuals, the Changi Internatowards a common destination, ers, converge shinnered under the c r e s t s s c h o o l Their metallic tional Airport. vould recognlze as a l L t h a ' t a e r e s t l l g h t , o f veak concintratlon l St Andrevfs...... scenario set for the boys vho enbarked on the This rras the third CauIf ield,/St Andrett's Exchange. To sone, this seemed like a it vas more than a but as the 1? have found out, vaste of tlme, surge of o v e r ' thelning a n g u e s s e x p e r i e n c e d everyone I holiday. exposure b f h o u r s p l a n e . E l g h t t h e b o a r d l n g a f t e r o n t y exclteient us down b r o u g h t f i n a l l y e n g i n e s d r o n i n g p l a n e r s c o n s t a n t l y to the on foreign soi1. our exlt through the,.autoraatlc doors was greeted Ehat face beanilg yith--a snilc by a g,tsf, ot cool, dry air and a vas i t Y e s , l i n i t . t h e t o vrinkles t i t e r a i t y - t h es t r e t c h e d t h e 1 g u i d e C a u l f i e l d o f t h e t o u r c u m c o n p a n i o n constant Arthur, h i s b y c o r n p l e t e m a d e s a s A d e l a i d e i n e x p e r l e n c i O u r 3 . through path that trould ue treaded the guiding us through as pruseic", vas so1ely ieaa us t6 ttelbourne. The Adelaide experlence iinal1y the tlme f o r g e t c h o c o u l d trip, infornative and an entlrtaining u p o n to rep a r l l a r n e n t c a l l e d u e r e u s o f A I I H o u s e ? ue had in the Austrao f j u d i c i a t o l d d a y s L h e i n a d v e r s a r y o f d a y s enact the Iia. The skl trip Hovever, all good things nust cone to an end. r r hlch wrapped ' J e r e e l e n e n t s t h e anong to the ulnery and the visit vay to MeI-t h e p a v e d g r a d u a l l y and the Adelalde experienci ;; a b o a rd a trai4r c o n f o r t c l a s s f i r i t g u y s i n trlveLIed bourne. Our | ?he Overlandi . The hours passed slovly, sleeping Yas among the nost popular thtngs to do, ueals were served by a guy Yho, clalmed Train Conductor (no kidding! ). After an Ui i feenage Mutant to arrived at our long finally ride, ve auusing (and bieath-taking) aualted destination. officials ve vere greeted by fron the traln, upon atightlng Rone, the M r G r a â&#x201A;Źn e n a r e l y G r a n n a r S c h o o i , c a u t f i e l d itt. fron teachers t h e sparked off betueen conversatlon headnaster. A brief of both countries. All of us vere rounded up and placed on board a bus. First left se There canPus. all-Loys Campus, the CauIfieId stop, t o tbe p r o c e e d e d r e t h e n g u y s . F r o n C a u l â&#x201A;Źi e l d , t h e o f nal|iity q u l c k l y a nd Wheelerlr Hllf Canpus, which rras co-ed' Ife allghted c o n c r e t e t h e a c r o s s Luggage rarnbling rushed to neet our- bil1ets.

l 2 -

d=iveway "tT-:11:g arrival 0f the st Andrew's boys. A sudden f l u r r y o f m o v e n e n t -liha.lgt t r e s n a l l . o . , i i n e s f the art centre ended with the large crorrd.of students and.rpii""to " dispersing. Ife said o u r g o o d b y e s a n d t h a n k y o u s t o o u r t i ' o- n o n u iu."hers, Mrs rvanfy and Mrs Ong cheov Foon, for vithout them, o f u s c o uld have nade it to this point. we got our flrst r"ir"na free to unrind and get to knov our bilLetst fanily *"rb"i".-rn" n e x t t v o y e e k s v' ;e; :r e packed vith experiences thal one ."n nur", ;;I;;-"";;;i. un'forgettabre outings and g9,t together ieurain cleft deep in our minds. Anongthese-yas a.ii'sit i;- ;;" - i J r r " j u n c t i o n ,' a k i n d o f outnard bound school eutn f orn"a lv caur f h e r er v â&#x201A;Ź rearnt t h e f u n d a n e n t a l s o f n ii ll tk. i n g c o c s - i n d i ; ; - ; ; ;i :-eo}rd- ". q T u."zing. through a pitch dark cave. None of us got out of that place clean! sone 'lucky'guys got_!9- stay tt.t" rest of us carried out-noirnalities ii ""frooffor a seeks vhire the -*"t . During the tvo rreeks, arr of us n"* peopre. Ney ties uere forned and the relationship between i r r * st Andrey's teachers and students strengthened. As the relationsnip grew, so did the feeling of having io leave. parting ras-an extrenely h a r d b u si_ ness that had to be done. soon enough, ve found ourselves attend_ ing the farerrelr dinner and in no iir. it arl, assembled at the airport ts Departure tounge. on board plane, evelyone had sonething to talk about. s o m e r e f l e c t e d - t h eo n v h a t t h e y s h o u r d h a v e d o n e d u r i n g the trro veeks- The return Journey seeied " f e w h o u r s , ne had so much to sdy, so tirtte tine. ihi";; renained dormant in singapore until our Australian friends .u,i" orr"r this January. From the of itr they rearry--"nioy"a thenselves i p o l " here. The only thing that was of inteiest to ,o"i ot then was shopping. The singapore guys rearly l.earnt so - -n ' vebt "h" ri :n g tLh t ri' s p u Lt ., h o u t o tLirnr ueE (or u bUdget OUf aIlOUanCe ! f h e s o c c e r r e s u t r t s s e e m e da r i t t r e brighter for this year. st andreu's drev the natch in Austraria a n d con it in singapore. The sA boys in caulfierd rrt uere nore ruthless shen it cones to soccer than the-other groups r pru"u*".--cautfield Grannar did beat us in something ""vt.v, the orange race during the farewell party. as ee expected, the tine carne again for us to go to the airport. This time round, the p:v: "na-6iiis could no ronger hold bl"f their ignorance tosards thiir i;.;i;;. This tine it sas for r â&#x201A;Źa l , u e v e r e n o t g u i n g t o s e e n _t h e n a n y r o i " , not at reast for a very long tine. I f o u l d y- ootut ab e r i e v e , " - - - i " n h a r f u a y round the airport just to see then uo matter, "*ift ptans have already been nade to return to Melbourne. No rrorries on our sides! I could like to urge all Caulfield-iv-nen Uers (and consecu_ tive groups) to treasur6 the rnonents t h a t y o u will encounter. r, for one, have rhe knosrease-t;;;-il;.;"iiri o" no orher rime or opportunity to experience Juch a fulfilii;; chance of a r.ifetine a g ai n Prior to ending this overviev of the exchange, r sourd Like to thank the principits, teachers, niiti"ipints a n a a l r those ,,ho have nade possibre ihi.' r.roi"ure' eicrr;;;;-; successfu] one.

GIen Ong ,{lAZl - |3-




Th" ?he 'aints Gazette takes a iook at one of t,'e pre sti gi ou s socce r events outsid" oi tr ," iiiti' cil"Footbal-l cianpi onship, Sveden this year.

to be


f rom

June I a

vorTd's nost the European to J u n e 2 6 i n

soecer, as nost of us knotr, is one sports in the vorld. This played of the nost popular by alr, amateurg and professionals aIike. rhe pai i'ir"'Je i " ni l i r ; ; ; ' tJq-teams ,of eldven players each. The iuration gane is g0,ninuEes excludins extra tine. rhe objecrive or:eil-;.r;-;; iL .."t,., tean to score more goars than thi ;th.; i . " i l r r , e t e a m v ho scores rhe greater nunber of goars at the e r . l do f i t r e g 0 n i n u t e " , i n i . rn the early 20th century, soccer sas ingly p o p u l a r s p o r t . r t r e s u r i l a - i ; - ; ; . - i o r r n a t i obne c o n i n g a n i n c r e a s t i o n o f I n t e r n a t i o n a l F o o t b i l , r A s s o c i " t i o n ( F r F A ) o f p tahrei s F e d e r a in on the 2Lst of xav, rn 1e5{, trr" ;-=i;;;';;r"pean f o o t b a r l r s 0 : . a ssoci'ttions decided to forn the united European Football Association (UEFA). The European Footbarl ct"rpi.iJtip ,"" earliest idea. rt vas a conperition ior tt"-.iuiki;: one of uEFA,s ii ,u.op.. It vas not until 1957 that-a ; f ' E F A , s , e r u e.s gave their support. rt. vas originat_ r yn a j ocr iat rt i e a - t n e E u r o p e a n N a t i o n s , . . cup. The prize is the uenri Delauney the first secretarv of UEFA-. T!. chanpionship' cup, naned after is-pr"y.;-.;;;--. iro year period folloving the tforld cup and the finals take prace every 4 years, that is, in betceen 16rra c u p s . -i ta' rv"a"y originarry prayed on a knock-out basls, uith honre ina f u t ures during the qualifving rounds. rodav, the13 ".. "e"e.-eilriiyi.n-n.lln", each vith four or five countiies. The teans i n , J a c n g l o u p p l a y a g a inst one another in hone and avay natctrbs-i"a.rrr. * i ; ; ' - o s ts i n n e r - o i e i c n g r o u p goes through to the quartei f inars. country qualif ies autonatically u p e i g- hg tr o ucposu n t r i e s . r n t h e g u a r t e r l : n r : f inars, the teans are divided into o f f o o r . E a c h t e a m i n , gloup a prays against the other teans in that group once., I f t v o teans are Lever on points, soar difference ;;-;;. ;;"i'crifference is the sane; the tean sitn-[rre d;"i;;;: ;i;;;; nunber of accumurated goals goes through... The top tvo teans-of e ach group enters the seni finals. From the seilt-?rnats, the vinners enter the finars to fiqht it out for the Cup. ifr" norr_rirrrr"r" il.osers sounds acful) of the seni-finals ,iii' .i.t"=a each other for the e i " y third and fourth. placing. it tr,. f inal, serni-flnals or third and fourth placing matlhes aie iiea artei-60 irnutes, tvo 15_nlnute - 14-

renains the score sti1l be given. If of extfa time sill halves tfea, the outcome vi11 be determined by a penalty shootout' has been called, The European Nations' cup, as it vas first on p o p u l a r E u r o p e a n c o m p e t i t ions a n d p r e s t i g i o u s the nost one of games at attendaic?â&#x201A;Ź.;: croud by popul.arity is shovn gloue. The itre For exanple, nhen the nov d$-f*+nct USSR viettershlp. and lelevision cup European.Hl!io3s' the first in against Yugoslavia played des t h e , P a r c a t p e o p l e u p t u r n e d 1950, a meager 1?.995 Finals in f o l l o w i n g t h e B u t a t r n a t c h . w a t c h t h e t o P a r i s princes Stadiun in t he a t u p p e o p l e t u r n e d 1 2 0 0 0 0 a r e c o r d M a d r i d , a t i n linat :1964 t h 'e u s s R the betneen spain anQ ussR! Incidentally, f inals -von T e l e v i s i o n Y u g o s l a v i a : ' 2 L QuPr beating Eurosean ualions' iiiit renai4.ed 1 luxury iten not that hiS! as television vierrership-gas an f feonr dt aarbl el es,. c h e a p a ' cdo m m a d e v a s t e l e v i s i o n b e f o r e to many. Even n a t c h f o r r a d i o s t o l i s t e n t o u s e d E u r o p e a n s the over the' years and got cheaper television tne price of But as vieuership t e l evision comgetition getting more popular vorldvide, fast as a s p r e a d a s t h e c o m p e t i t i o n of The popularityr soared. c u r e . disease and had no Eugroup'of-e1ite conpetition uas tough as only an elite I t ith t i t l e ' p r e s t i g i o u s natlons could vie for the ropean soccer to I r e l a n d a n d B e l g i u n of Czechoslovakia, Ho1land, the addition t e a m s, s o c c e r w o r l d c l a s s a s s o r l d the adp of the footb.rlling a r d u o u s a n o r e n a d e b e e n h a s q u a l i f y i-neg. t " i t a i c h a m p i o n s h i p ',tthhet i n C U P N a t i o n s ' E u r o p e a n f i r s t t h e v o n U S S R " i n c e . iasf at seven the trophy countries have captured other 1960, six 1 980)r A ll.Gernany(L972 Italy(1958), They are: conpetitions. t e a n ' has N o H o l l a n d ( 1 9 8 8 ) ' a n d C z e e h o s l o v a k i a ( 1 9 ? 6 ) , F r a n c e t f - S e n) and U S S R T h e t i t l e s . c h a n p i o n s h i p yet to obtain tyo consecutive but p r e v i o u s a t t e n p t s , i t i n a c h i e v e t o t r i e d h a s it.Ge.rany level, played at a professional is Although football failed. agong nations. and unity transfigured there is alio iriendship to play p o l i t i c a l d i f f e r e n ces their leave behind These nations g o o d o f s o c c e r . i n a g e and preserve ttie football as The European Football Chanpionship brought fierce-rivalry It also brought the discovery of well as unity anong each nation. For exanple, Czechoslgya!ia shocked pronising teaus ani ptayers, This the rrhole vorld vhen.thiy beat T. Gernany in the l9?5 final' they v h e n v o r l d t h e o f n a p put Czechoslovakia on thl footballing b e c ame I r e l a n d a n d N e t h e r l a n d s T h e f i n a l s . 1980 the reached ' r i t h f o r m er t h e c h a n p i o n s h i p , L 9 8 8 t h e q u a l i f y i n g f o r famous by taking the Cup that Year. players also becane stars and heroes fron Blaying Football Van Basten Tvo such players are Harco superbly in a lourletition. fron l i n e l i g ht t h e s t o l e v h o l e of Xetnezlands, and Ruud GuIIit 1988 t h e i n v i c t o r y t o t e a m t h e i r s t e e r i n g the other stars, vhlle to p r o n i s e s C h a n p i o n l h i p F o o t b . r l l E u r o p e a n 1 9 9 2 T h ; competition. in 2 6 J u n e i,i}I be held fron June 1O to It be very exciting. a r e c h a n p l o n s h l p the vying for countries The eiifrt Sveden. ( C I S , f o r n e r l y S t a t e s C6unonueatth of Indepindent Scotland, the Gernany, England, France Netherlands, sveden, the soviet union), the France as predict y u E o s l a v i a . p e o p l e n a n y A l t h o u g i r and As b o o k n a k e r s ' b y t h e r r e r e f a v o u r i t e s v o t e d t h e G e r n a n s chanpion, t h e t o e n t e r four favourites I believe the ny prediction, for M y t h e N e t h e r l a n d s ' a n d England are France, Gernany, seni-finals s e e t o h o p e I a n d N e t h e r l a n d s a n d teans are France tvo favourite soccer teans have the best These tno finals. in the then neet have still a nd Ruud Gullit B a s t e n v a n M a r c o E u r o p e . in strikers

- t5-

Harco van Basten (right) and Ruud Gurlit - Dutch heroes of the 1988 European Football Chanpionship the form they produced in the 19gg conpetition. And as Marco van Basten is the leading scorer in the lt-a.lian soccer league, JeanPierre-Papin i.s the leading scorer of the -Frb-irch roccir league. His preenrptive styre of pray frustrates his opponents and his opportunisn and confidence in front of the goal posts make hin rperfectr the archetypal. striker. England niy have a chance to vin but rith tradltion against then ind a Iac[ of luck, I donft see -them going far. The Gernans' vere not so fornidable as they uscd to be and r do not see then as the chanpion as well. The European Football chanpionshig is the nost prestigious soccer conpetition after the llorld cup. rt provides a spectacle of tournanent and is popurar conpetition a in vorld of the sports. Ever since its beginning in J.960, the popularity of this conpetition has grovn and nill gtou even more in the future.

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x-Hen *t? This for a sLrigle issue of the history of conic books? In the early 1930s, after the Great Depression, sprouted and conic books sLarted. Jobs . J p " " i l The very first couric books (1933-1934), r r e r e u o o i s w h!ioc h i o t r e c t e o The first book.sith an original .neuspaper.strips. story.i*"-o,rt in 1935. rt took 3 years before the period knovn as the rGolden Ager to comic book collectors. This period rasted for a u oui r0 y e a r ( 1 9 3 g _ r - 9 4 g) . Durins this tine, lharacters Batman, the Flash and many other superheroes uere 1 ri rn. .- i 1 1 g " ; ; ; ; bo Wtrat foiloved after the Golden " series of

particurar'issue sord over

g;? rilii;n "int.u! The highesr ever a comic b ook. so-rrl, far have se cone in


science ficri;;,-

A cornic book publishing

::;":t'l;..:ndoi3"ri'=pu"ii""rv the late 1950s and early 1950s, there t as a slump in the eonic industry. Due to th is, the publ i sher a E Atlas,/Timely allosed Stan to do rlhatever he rranted rrith what uas left of the company. Stan re introduced the superhero genre, ui th spectacular results. Stan cocreated superheroes like the Fantastic Four, Anazing Spiderman and many others nith artisti like Jack Kirby. It vas a huge success

;;;"nce and horror conic

conpany known as Atlas

and Timely

i a d ' * u n - r n o i n ' " s r a n L e e w o r k ii nn s

and pulred the conpany out of^ duindling sales. Atlas,/Timely arso changedit nane to-'ulrvel'. o n e J a c k v a s ' T h e x - M e n r , m e a n i n g p "o"fp isut-ai lno,lln c r e a t i o n s n i t h a r t i s t rrith rX-trar povers. yas later "n"nf"O--to ,lhe The title U n c a n n y l X _Men,. tfhich brings us to the o."na-nJJ--i"ir, o t f r r u x_Men srmpry tltted 'x-Men'. The first iisue as firsi-aiffu."nt versions, The f i r s t f o u r e a c h h a v e " A i t i . r e n t - nc o ver, rrhich joins from end to end to form a picture and a dirterenl centrefold picture. The flfth one has a double g.i"lofA "o.r"i-rfri"n is conposed frorn the earlier four covers. rt a l s o c- io" = r ireJc- i-si " arl four previous centrefold oictures. The first rrritten by chris crarenont, tie person who made the i:;;; so popular uith hip in_ depth characterlzation or_tn" x-Men. Not to nention arr those tares rrith arti:t"John niyng., crafting beautifur stories and sonetlnes very conprex plotsl pencilling the n e t r x - M e ' nb o o k i s . J i r n L i e , o n . f i e a r t i " i ' i u = r u n t l y a l s o c o - p r o t s w i t h c h r i s . T i l " po af i rt h e h o t i e s t a r t i s t s a r o u n d . J i n of then, arong vith the rest


.crerr had produced l|illians, inker Scott like the creatlve of b a c k ' n h i l e a in the Uncanny title stories Ji""ii"nt in lived are shovn,'ifagneto vho opens and ,ri n o s s t o r y The r e c l u s e o n a n - ' t . ' o i a o r b i t t i n g t h e E a r t h . T vhaiss' H rar hgenn ehteo ri rsaas a n X once harder, colder person than the man he rrhen magneto shattered v a s p e a c e r e l a t i v e i t . Man hirnself . S H T ELD (suprene b y p u r s u e d nutanis of a g=o;p rescued Division) L a ' E n f o r c e n e n t etptonige iil!=""iion"i. Headquarters u a n t i n g him to M a g n e t o , o f s l a r c h i n came The mutants agents. e v e nts sere B u t Magneto refused. lead mutanLkinJ inbo salvvation. eere E a r t h o n b e l o w sup'eipowers hirn as the happening around ' l i n e o f o u t 'iniliating ptolo"of u, f earf uI he "rould step injured o f t h e s H T E L Da g e n t s Then aboard the asteroidr---on" see blood t o u n v i l l l n g M a g n e t o , deregation. the nutant one of agent' Yet' it vas clear tne sirer'o in nis arrg.t fiifea spi1led, a s c r y s t a l t h a t t h e s t r o n g a n d f i e r c e f a c a d e M a g n e t o r r a s h o l da i ns a gd and Magnetg Y":. Instead' ""iV' flaking vas sloving onto ' o c c c p t e d Ehe mutants Magneto anguiStr, In his person. loneIy 'Acolytesr ' The t h e m n J m e d a n d leadership his for thirst d u b i o u s' appeared rvhose notives leader, Fabian cortex' acolytes' s u n k ed a f r o m nissiles nuclear steal to uagneio convinced s u b n a r i n e , I t w a s d u r l n g t h e n o n e n t } , l a g n e t o ' | ' a SIaf i ct hq udri isna sg ttr h o ues by the X-Men' vhen he uas confronted nissiles, of course. : thenselves uere 'r,e "s,u. t t s , the.x-Men in X-Men f1l. even thought Yet uas story the star: of the iLself, the storyiine involvud in m e ant t h a t d e c i s i o n s -cith l.lagneto. Ile are shot^'i how he grappled d e e ds h i s . p a s t h o w a r s o , A19 ot ii"i". life and death to millions d a n g e r o u s M a g n e t o m a d e $ h a t his present life. ;;;-";tions.ptagued 'ras doing uas ' l h a t h e b e l i e v e d he vehenently vas the fact, th;t vhen it Tas obviously not' right; utterly . E v e n i f y o u h a v e n e v e l h e a r d o f x - u e n , . X - l . cl oepny * ar ti s caogmri ce ab to o k pick up a bebk to start reading.r You can still mes ssYr 'croyez:noi, s o uld storc. Nu doubtm thi x-Han Ganbit , B â&#x201A;Ź1 i e v e m e , m y m e a n s , F r e n c h i n Which amis. Clest formidable!'. t fiiend. It's srcell! '

Dg lou l(Not THIT' t ' t Action Conics *1' cvonic books - printed' One of the earliest by the is listed' s u p e r n a n o f appearance vhich featured the first I l o t'ever' ' nint condition U S $ 5 5 '0 0 0 i n a fantastic at overstreet thebookvhichBatmanfirstapp"areain,.DetectiveConics*2'|'Ls ! vorth US$1' 000 rnore than Action Coltics *l, A n a z i n g a . bout 80 issues ahead of i s s p i a " i * i n ' The title Spiderman S1 uas retreased in rUncanny X-Menr, even tfrough-Arlizing t . t a r c h l g S s a n d U n c a n n y x - M e n * l c a n e o u t i n - . l h g . ist e 'pv taes r nbbe e c ar uo sf e well, qip. surprised? a 3 year 1953. This is gave t ' h i s a n d title M a r v e l p u b l i s h e d u n c a n n y x - f i ; ; a s a b i r n o n t h l yp u b l i s h e d u n c a n n y XMarvel later Amazing Spiderman an edge ' ;;' Men on a monthlY basis.

Koh Ya SIng {filfl - >o-

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Across the CDoteF A drifter f am, Everyvhere ny Iand., Born not to settle, life for me is J u s t d o n r t a s k . , , m et b s t a y , For it vill be.,ithe end of my days.




Truly, I love you dearly. Yet, even nofe'sincerely, I To see every corner and be free. Donrt ever try tog,t;e ne dovn, For it vould on a gypsy you have Our paths shoul And your beart Hy heart vouldn Ifith the guilt For in ny heart Of vhich to roa

; â&#x201A;ŹV â&#x201A;Źf


rld- hav e b e e n l o s t . , be bur d e n e d , gross , ere i s this burning, s the y e a r n i n g .

Fill my heart, f i,ll uy soul, flith tenderness;, 0n1y Nature fills ny Ionellness. So, please forgi:fe me, and, release To attain ny vis\.

-+1 'l


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In that distant thnd, out there, Someday, sonewherii-, tet the noon be ny torch, May everytine'vhen I halt, you vould be ln ny thoughts. Make the stars ny guide, Yfhen every vind I ride, your nane I bide. It's You yould be.nissed, Hy love, this I pronise.



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So, uith ny heart I sigh, Irn gLad for all the good tines, You have brought.,Bg so nuch .sunshlne, please bd*t'in Stil1, nind, f tm a born vandqp.t6r| , Destined to roveifrou border to border, A lone drifter, Across the wa'ier.

Koh FrA

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SociolFnessut.e It is that feeting of breathleFsness Fron the tonnes of burdens Society places on our backs Social tlressure cones fron having to Live up to the expectations of others Often we do not have nuch choice Or back out and henceforth be labelled a conard and a failure. Society has no heart for the less endoyed. A typical Singapore schoolboy is pressurized. His parents rant hirn to be betterThan lheir neighbour's sonl .' tsant hin to be in an elite school, and Want hin to score full narks for all his tests. eeBagers feel the need to be in vogue, o. oun a pair of Reebok high-cut shoes, Skateboards and branded ctottring forking adults act it up, fn an office full of Schening colleagues vying for proootlon Buzzing round the boss sith honeyed lips. Perhaps the vorst lot befalts vomen. Fhen they are blissfully happy in their Friends and relatives vill kerp Probing and asking llhen they vould tie the knot? Finally the join the Matrinonial CIub, And the new guestion cones. trflhen ale you going to stazt a fanily?'



Learning to cope vith pressure is an IuXrortant aspect in coping with tife. There vil.l always be comparisons And soneone better than us.

Do not take success and failure too seriously Nor be too conscious about nhat Beople think of us. cause ce need not live for. Itrs all a natter of attitude,

Eoh {lNIl i.i.

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) srnrrcs crrr;ilDtn Yorrris:ile flies rp tbe trilgipc of r ttig figitrr, ignitingr brll of fire. A strrded plnreof srorr grstesolt frrir tle *n,i.o planeas it noses oyarlor its fiml derent,fle :cenopy Uragi rrry folloredbyrn ejertingpitot... IHEpt0t sllus,.. lfter rn econorircollrpsron lpril Za, 2007tthr UnitedStrter begin: breatingcp into scprrrtenrtiom rnd rrjor corporrtions strrt derlaring their independence. Ihr US becoresr brtilâ&#x201A;Ź grorndfor terrorisls,lercemriesrnd rggressire trr aditors, Iepanrnd 0P[Crre thamjor rorld porirs aod rultimtionrl rorporations brr: rrplrcedcountries 15suprerc entities. .There is rlso r ligl dmnd for rarcnariesrlo, benusrof $e prire rd tlirst for prericus oil rndotberrry mterirls, rre hrrpr:ferredstrih forcesof thr ngr-rorpsrnd city strtes. lnto ilis rhos flics thest:rnts lildtrts, anerite sqrrdron of rercanrry pilots trying to fly stniglt into I rorld of deceit rnd riol leo(!. In grm, youpilot four different typcs of figlters, . .ttris -Frlroo inclding plrneslilc thc lhrrirr Jup-Jetrnl'il" F-16 rgrinstrore tlrn ti typesof eneryeirrrrfi, fror Ciinool helirrnegndrtlird uortd :lplrrs to F-tSs.Engrgrrilrl squrdrons, dirtrtors, nco-irrisrndrrries of th drerded ilst ,g{.q$teeitl rnd rgimt cbrnrtersyitl distinrtirr prrsonrlitis irriiiing throrgl r corplling storyline.personrlity:. ihsle, htnyrli rnd lorr rll plry r prrt in Strile Comdcr dnm. SYSTEII TIOIIITilETIS: Yoruill nt{ r 286,3S or brder, 2 ilb nfi, r lrrd dirl, V6f grapiirs,rndprrfurrblyr :ornd;nrd(Adtib,flotrnd,Sorndihster), r mrsaor a joystirl. flE 6rff SY9IEi: Togrt thr lrll lertrrrs, yor rill nredr ffi or brtkr. Stritr Corrrndwiill lirtrrc lulsprre Syster, r fteribte corprter enriromtntutiliziog rerl-tim bitnpprdimgrs, tertrra_npprd plygonrl objerts,fraclrnl lernin rndrtroaphrir hriog to prodrct_rirurls of rnprrrlhl rerlisr! Hwerer,0rigin rill itip 2 rrrsiom of Stritr Comnder;tlc Higl Snsg336,33 lllz rnd rlore rill rtilire t|: bitnpprd rereioR,rnd,h: lou gpr lgf, 12 .lltrr rill rsâ&#x201A;Źthr plygonrl rorsionrlicl rill drop :orrrri fertrres. interestingdo*nft it? ,Somds,


Gas Rongke Awtg Kva* H7o





4 * Mr Phua vas cast as Guy Smiley on Sesane Street but rejected as Bill Cosby needed him for comic relief. Mr. Michae-l Lin organised a klte-flying expedition at Harina Bay folhis class, 4 Science B. Mr Tan Eeeus be be obsessed vith Satanic Attacks. tle are, af ter all, f rom St Andrevts. (Ed: For'lhose of you vho donrt get it, look at the initials) Mr Toh nobnlights at the Sax bar as a saxophonist and is accoapanied by Hr Boonyadi on the piano. The AM teachers have social dancing lessons on Friday l afternoons. Ftree anyone ??

trhisnerin<rs around the School The lforld lttldlife Fund has cone to our school to clean out the gond. The flags were floun upside dovn and at a/t of the nast. Down and OuE ?? * At SAS, IfaltrnaniiLets do v-a-l-k !! * COLOUREDSOCK'S*i*e AtLOtlED, IF they are IfHITE. ,r Looking for repertition, try the school cafeteria. ' : . : l


t Cloak

l : .

and Daqaer Gares

t Ratish Bala crf 4 Arts 2 vaE offered the role of the HUilK but had connitnents vith DunhiIl. * Nothing ever _happens in 3 Science B. * The Vlce Captaln of the School uses a blos torch to shave. r 3 Science E t'hene for the'year is Food. One group has come up vlth a nev rgcipe for neatbAlls in ice-crean cones. They hope to narket iti,the Echool cafeteria. t After going through reconstructive plastic surgery during the December holidays last year, Walter Ferlx of 4 Science A nov looks uorse than before and has insured his face for an undisclosed sum of noney with Hichael Jackson as his benef ieciary. lnd


saved the





t Reninder to parents ! 90t of accldents produce people. * In 1982, the PSLE boys ran enthusiastically across the quadrangle to Join the secondary school. They failed. They ran back.


- : . 4 -


Gerald Lee

Artist. .

Koh I{o Sing



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I{alter Fer ix Ratish Bala H a n l { e1 f e n g Koh tto Sing Glen Ong Harveen Singh Sudhir Thomas Anran SanueI Sudhesh Guo Jinhao Joshua Goh Gao Rongke Aung Kvav Myo


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Saints Gazette April 1992  
Saints Gazette April 1992  

The Saints Gazette, Published for St Andrew's Secondary School. April 1992